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4 secrets to lush green lawn

TOM: Coastal Shoreline and Floorboards for Shingles
That is The Cash Pit Residence Improvement Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

Tom: What are you engaged on? I'm so psychic
Spring is here, and we're all out to strengthen our houses and cleaning
really get in and luxuriate in this heat climate. I imply, that is
You realize? One undertaking after one other. Stack them by means of
in winter and now we begin getting them at a time. So what do you do
on? If it's a undertaking that may assist you, call us
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And One Of The Most Fashionable Tasks
You’re doing this season working in a non-resident area. That is
a good way to add value to your home, so we're going to provide help to
Started with five straightforward methods to construct this good outside dwelling

LESLIE: It additionally adds value to your current life.

TOM: Definitely

LESLIE: It's a lot fun to take pleasure in your outside area.

Although there’s a lot
Spring cleaning takes place right now, sharing some ideas a
a crucial pair that wants your personal cleaning: yours
washer and dryer. They need cleaning and upkeep providers in order that they don't just work
floods and fires. So an important spring undertaking

Tom: And are you ready to see the grass grow
brilliant and green? Properly, this happens if the soil is about
season. We’re going to inform you how to check and modify your ground to make certain it’s
provides a lush green lawn that is envy of the neighborhood.

LESLIE: And for those who do your share in the spring
Purification, we are going to offer you a superb device that may assist with explosion
the stain. It is the new Greenworks 1800-PSI electrical strain washer. Its
obtainable at Lowe $ 169, however we now have one that now provides one
a lucky listener who calls your own home for improvement.

So name us at 888-MONEY-PIT. Are

TOM: 888-666-3974. Let's go to it. Who's awake

LESLIE: Okay. We're going out to Ohio
where Kevin has dealt with some tree roots in the cash pit. What

KEVIN: I’ve a tree in entrance. It's fairly
massive tree. I'm not likely good at identifying them. But I have a very huge tree
roots that move by way of my front yard and it's exhausting to get around with me
mower. And I questioned how a flowerbed or a mould is made. I am
asked a couple of individuals I know and what they advised. However I've additionally heard
doing one thing over them can rob the roots. So I really don't know
what can be an excellent answer.

TOM: First you need to maintain
tree, proper?

KEVIN: Right.

Tom: It is best to understand that the roots of the tree are
a part of the wooden material and you may't minimize them off.

KEVIN: Right.
natural materials comparable to mould, or additional soil
they haven’t any impact – no damaging impact. Nevertheless, I feel once you get
In conditions the place the roots of a tree are coated – typically individuals have
concrete terraces over them or such a thing or brick terrace. And then,
Yeah, it may have some additional water, however I feel any a
landscaping is the easiest way to work. You're just going
to cope with the problems it spins by way of the lawn and only
Take pleasure in it so long as you’ve gotten it.

Yeah, we had a stupendous maple that I favored
eliminate about two years ago. And it broke my coronary heart because it was a tree
Cover the house aspect with numerous good shade. And we had a hammock
which was permanently hooked up to it and the adjacent tree. And we misplaced it because
it was just that which started to die from the inside and we couldn’t save
it. So we had to take it down. So I say I take pleasure in it as long as it exists and use it
The pure answer is making an attempt to keep away from grass rising in a troublesome place

You may as well consider terrestrial crops,
like ivy or something like that. It will grow nicely within the shade. Solely
Take into account that it isn’t going to respect the bounds, so you’re
in all probability all the time have to reduce it back.

KEVIN: Proper. Properly, thank you, guys.

Tom: Okay. You're welcome, Kevin. Congratulations
venture. Thank you again for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Now we've received Gwen within the Virginia line that needs it
Helps shield the kitchen wall. How can we make it easier to?

GWEN: I have truly seen this product presentation: an invention –
An exhibition of female inventors that had appeared – was taped in Chicago. And
this lady, she had the product you’re taking it and it simply matures
the wall. He had it in several colors to mix into the kitchen
Wall or if you would like to be chrome steel – however it was just a piece
the material that was behind the trash that you simply hit – once you want
step up, it will hit this space and not harm

After which once you decided you needed to either transfer
trash to one other home space or you have been uninterested in it
pattern, you’ll be able to just detach it. It didn't destroy the paint, however it did

LESLIE: It was like a sticker.

Tom: It's fascinating. I’ve some concepts for you

First, you don't need an invention; You possibly can simply
Put a small piece of clear plexiglas on the wall with double-sided tape. Or
One other factor you would do, which is even simpler, is to add a buffer
at the prime of the trash, in order that when it comes out, it's not complicated
the wall. You need to use a felt tip bumper.

LESLIE: Or even in case you're going to youngster safety –
The child-proofing section of each child's movement, you will notice that the rubber is flipping it
You possibly can put coffee tables and things. And you may put that
on the edge of the trash can

GWEN: OK. Thank you.

TOM: Gwen, good luck with the venture. Thanks so
lots by calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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Tom: And also you're ready to comply with extra time
outdoors? We’ve five straightforward ways to create an ideal outside dwelling

Therapeutic a superb house, welcome again
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LESLIE: Subsequent, we've obtained David on the line that’s
obtained a query concerning the water heater. How can we assist?

DAVID: Sure, Leslie. I have a water heater
who’ve apparently reached their age restrict and are beginning to leak from the underside.
In all probability rusted. And so I assumed I might put in a tank-free water
however I stay in Tennessee. And you realize that the nation's temperature is
really cool and I've heard that in case you are in Florida, perhaps it’s
just a little higher state of affairs. But in the winter months I assumed perhaps
can be too expensive to use.

Tom: First, what kind of gasoline do you’ve got?
Are you with natural fuel?

DAVID: I’ve access to pure fuel, however actually
Scorching water heater I’ve now’s electric

TOM: First, electric heater
on – An electrical tankless water heater won’t be value effective. In what means
Is your home heated, David?

DAVID: Central heating and air.

TOM: Is it a heat pump?

DAVID: Yes, sir.

TOM: OK. So you converse to use a
down to earth warmth pump. It's a brand new, new settlement. I imply it is – it is
good know-how for those who can't get into the fuel. But I might say nicely
the primary selection can be if I used to be going to upgrade my HVAC system and I had entry
fuel, I might get it in my home as a result of it is going to be much less
expensive to put in this kind of system.
In case you are utilizing a heat pump, you will have to bear the price
drilling a deep coil deep into the ground, which isn’t advantageous. So it is

Now just the water heater itself if
the undertaking is restricted and also you simply need to exchange it
heater, because it is previous, I might say both bizarre electric water
however put it on a 240 volt timer so it doesn't work 24/7. water
Heaters are so foolish in the sense that they – set any temperature
you want the water and it is going to be in order that it’s at 7.00
in the morning and solely take your morning cleansing or at 13.00 in a single day
if you really don’t need it heated to 120 levels or anyplace
for. So, in the event you put the timer on it, you narrow the number of hours
in truth, it have to be executed. It saves money

And if you’d like to do something that is just extra
efficient, you should use the heat pump water heater. You might have – as you will have
warmth pump for heating system right now. Nicely, there's a heat pump
know-how that only applies to water heaters. These heat pumps are again –
Water heaters are quite costly, but additionally they typically have discounts.
Tax credit are also utilized. So these are two options
Electric: You should use both the warmth pump water heater or you need to use the standard
Electrical heater, however put it in a 240 volt timer to get monetary savings. ALRIGHT?

DAVID: Gotcha, Gotcha. Nicely, I respect you

Tom: You're welcome, sir. Good luck with it
challenge. Thank you a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Properly, it's formally a spring cleansing
season and it's time to destroy all of the filth and dust that has discovered it
a method to build pretty much all the things outdoor within the winter season. So
we offer you a superb software only for this. It's the new Greenworks
1800-PSI electric strain washer. It is obtainable at Lowen and 169
bucks. However it might be yours totally free.

TOM: Yep. It is rather handy to use. There’s
a lot of very useful features, numerous cleaning energy. It has a 13-amp engine
which provides 1.1 liters of water per minute and has five
quick connection nozzles that keep on board so you by no means lose them,

LESLIE: It's really easy to lose them, but no
here. It also has a soap plate so it's really easy
provides detergent. It is useful for therefore many cleansing tasks like yours
driveway and deck, terraces, walkway, siding, even wash your automotive in case you are

Now you will discover Greenworks 1800-PSI Electric
A strain washer that costs just $ 169 at the native Lowe house
improvement enterprise. However now we give one, one to the listener
at random. Do you guys. You!

Tom: Call us right now, to your house
The query of enchancment, the inside challenge, the transforming query, yours
outside area difficulty 1-888-MONEY-PIT

LESLIE: Jeff Nebraska is engaged on vegetables
garden. How can we assist you to?

JEFF: I would like to make and use a raised garden layer
picket beams. But I don't know what – one of the best wood to use, so I'm
no need – so it gained't eat off and i want to use it again or do it again

LESLIE: So once you say picket logs, you need
one thing that looks more natural

JEFF: Yeah. What I would like to do is raise the mattress up

LESLIE: Proper, I've obtained it. However you want
One thing more ornamental than mere pressurized lumber: boards it

JEFF: Something somewhat decorative.

TOM: Would you like to cope with wood first. Because
If in case you have untreated wooden, it rotates. For options
treated wooden, the most typical choice can be to use a strain handled knot.

Now the ties can be found both 4 × 4 or 6 × 6 they usually
Seems pretty rustic. And if you put them down, they'll be like that
greenish they usually look unnatural. However give it a number of months, it starts
Grey and blends.

LESLIE: Mm-hmm. And dry, even.

Tom: And dry, sure, and merge
surrounding area. It’s the best and most cost-effective means
go. And you may decide up these ties within the house facilities they usually actually aren't excellent
expensive as a result of they’re designed to be ornamental and sit on the ground.
They're not – it's not the same type of pressurized timber you may use
in case you are building a help wall or one thing. It's principally
Simply designed to be a border area for a backyard or swimming pool or something else

JEFF: OK. Once I put it down, I will
… to say if I’ve two or three stacked up, I'm going to drill
via them and spike something to the ground?

TOM: Good query. Now, should you're going
Two or three of them are stacked up, you're going – what are you going to do
To do that is in fact alternating joints so that you’ve one long journey
two smaller, have you learnt what I imply?

JEFF: Yeah.

Tom: And when all the things is completed, you possibly can advance
and placed on for a long time – they’ve 12-inch spikes that you simply drill by way of.
So you get an extended drill bit, pre-rain it and then put a few spikes and
that retains it nice and tidy all the time. But you will also discover that
Their weight – their weight and power – is sort of sturdy
itself. But when you actually need to meet it, you can do it
lengthy peaks. Or you possibly can tip it in a nook with the widespread nails of quantity 12
in the direction of the underside, just to hold every thing in place

JEFF: OK. So, in case you simply nail them collectively after which
add filth to them, they shouldn't go anyplace?

Tom: That's right. They're fairly supportive.

JEFF: OK. Properly, it solutions all my questions.
Many thanks.

Tom: Are you ready to spend extra time
outdoors? You want to create area for a soothing and heat
climate ahead? So, outside areas will shortly grow to be one
cozy house features and add worth to the home. In order to be eliminated, it is
shouldn’t be a very troublesome residence undertaking. We've acquired five ideas to enable you to get began.

First, you want to remove and clear. That’s
truly the first step that raises this outside area. You need to save
lawn gear, youngsters's toys, pet toys. Take them out of sight
and store all the space with good rubbing, sweeping away
mud and particles type a really type of clean material on which you’ll be able to

Next, contemplate what we use as "living"
I imply, nothing says welcome at residence identical to a phenomenal life
landscape with flowering shrubs and timber and flowers and others
vegetation. You can even destroy the family within the yard by crying and
Mulching and planting flower beds and even pots of colourful flowers and properly
lovely crops. So, six up, clear after which sit lovely

LESLIE: Next, you want to create a comfortable session
areas. The objective now’s to easily create a stream of visitors across its territory
Outside front room, however provides a number of locations the place individuals can sit
table, across the hearth chamber, in a comfortable chair configuration. Assume additionally
presents shade. You should use umbrellas, outer blinds. You need
Minimizes sunshine and maximizes the enjoyment of outside views

Subsequent, you want to invite friends out.
Now you possibly can mix indoor and outside spaces. It really is
to assist the surface area feel extra about residence enlargement and not
afterwards. You possibly can depart blinds and curtains open for this yard, so you
can emphasize that you’ve this lovely outside area. You can do that
interior and exterior decor complement each other and use the identical colours
supplies, types – each in and out – so it becomes really unified

And eventually soften this mode. You’ll be able to deliver
some mushy features like outside rugs, pillows, padded
furnishings. Create a very cozy feeling. Simply ensure that every thing is
categorized as outside use, so it should put on very properly. Consider the hearth, perhaps
even water function, candles, crops, recent flowers. All this stuff
actually creates an outside area that you’ve dreamed of all winter
season. So make it a reality.

Tom: Dwelling outdoors begins with us once we pull
out of fireside pit. We’d like it.

LESLIE: This must be all yr spherical, Tom.

TOM: Hearth comes first. Nicely, we’ve a
moveable hearth pit. So we’ve got nobody built; we’ve got such that we
Due to the nice and cozy weather. And as soon as it hits, man
outside season. It doesn't matter.

Actually, I have to inform you, we actually took it
during holidays – throughout Christmas – this yr because of my son
there have been associates on the university. They usually all simply needed to sit round it
hearth. So you possibly can literally do it all yr round. However that's our key. Once
That fireplace pit out, we're good to go.

888-666-3974. Give us a name right now

LESLIE: Twyla in Nebraska is on a rug
question. How can we make it easier to as we speak?

TWYLA: Nicely, I’ve a cement-tile home and I have to
Exchange the carpet in what is – in the intervening time I’ve a carpet in all bedrooms and aisle.
And I questioned if I should go together with a laminate or ought to I’m going
forward and stay on the carpet.

TOM: For those who just like the comfort of your carpet beneath your ft,
You already know, the exhausting thing to cope with when it comes to these concrete slabs is
they are very chilly. So when you possibly can exchange them on a laminate flooring,
The issue with laminate is that it can be a bit chillier. You have to
in all probability use the world rugs. So in case you are glad with the carpet, there isn’t any
there isn’t a purpose to exchange it with a new carpet

Nevertheless, it is a compromise because the carpet, in fact, needs a bit of more
upkeep like laminate. However it
Certainly there’s a lot warmer underneath your ft. Does it make sense, Twyla?

TWYLA: However you’ve to put something under
laminate, right?

LESLIE: You see. Relying on the laminate flooring you’ve chosen, it’s totally different
the bottom layer advisable by the manufacturer. And
from the beginning, often it is a skinny foam roller. Typically the start is
hooked up instantly to the back of the laminate flooring. It varies
per manufacturer. But there's one thing you set in
concrete and flooring itself

TWYLA: OK. Have a suggestion on the brand

Tom: There are many good signs. I might anticipate
identify of the notice. You can take a look at Lumber Likvidators, you possibly can take a look at
Armstrong. These are all good locations to start. And just verify them out
web sites. Get a feel for the options and you may slender it down.
OK, Twyla?

TWYLA: OK. Thank you very a lot.

Tom: You’re welcome. Thank you very a lot for calling us

LESLIE: Come on, don't give a clean scent
the laundry turns into a odor of smoke. It's a scary thought, nevertheless it happens
more typically than you assume. We’ve got some essential things
Washer / Dryer Security Instructions When The Cash Pit Continue.
Cash Pit Residence Enchancment Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

TOM: Name us proper now. We wish to speak
your subsequent residence improvement venture. We offer you ideas, advice
easier, perhaps the fee a little less and come better. The quantity is
1-888-MONEY-PIT and it was introduced by HomeAdvisor. You’ll find out what it is
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E-book certainly one of HomeAdvisor's greatest professionals free of charge.

LESLIE: The 2 most working units
House may also cause vital injury if they don’t seem to be right

Tom: That's proper. The washer and dryer might clear
clothes, however they will additionally trigger nice leaks and even fires if they’re
does not work safely. In this hints to hold them humming fortunately along is that this previous home with plumbing and heating

Welcome, Richard.

RICHARD: Good to be here again, guys.

Tom: We're not talking about what a washer is
catastrophes that occur once you invite a shirt or add to your bleach

RICHARD: No, it's true. Actually, it considerations leaks and fires
and it’s rather more critical.

In accordance to the Nationwide Hearth Preventing Association
virtually 17,000 washing machines and tumble dryers happen yearly. And it causes
about $ 200 million in injury. It isn’t a small object.

TOM: And most of this happens because of the tumble dryer
on the aspect of. Washing machine motors can burn, however the tumble dryer is on
actually an issue, primarily due to ventilation?

RICHARD: Absolutely. The hearth within the dryer is especially due to this
The dryer is dirty. Cleaning the dryer lure shouldn’t be close
sufficient to shield towards hearth. The tape have to be faraway from the dryer
exhaust pipe and outlet that goes outdoors the home

LESLIE: Yeah. However I can't understand. I am continually
Tumble Dryer: A small basket there if you would like. How
the pile gets beneath it, behind it after which into the primary valve itself when
are you principally in that kidnapping?

Tom: You're simply cleansing the pile-trap.

RICHARD: Right, right.

I'll clear the lure. However it’s still there

RICHARD: But the pile is in the air. The tape is in the air and
that exhaust gases have to depart, so not everyone comes to it
lure. And now – in the previous days when the dryer was all the time there
the outer wall was relatively brief. That pile went via

However now that we've moved the washer and dryer inside
a bit extra, now you have got longer use. Now you exit, turn around
elbow, turn up, flip – every certainly one of these places works like a

LESLIE: Proper.

RICHARD: And now the dummy settles anyplace
horizontal channel and it starts to build. And eventually it is sufficient to trigger
and should cause a really dangerous hearth.

TOM: Now…

LESLIE: So you could have to clear this entire drive.

RICHARD: Right. Nicely, if the run is short, I'm not likely
apprehensive about it.

Now you can even help yourself with the channel sort

Tom: Yeah, I needed to ask you about it. As a result of many
years, you have got bought a dryer, you could have one in every of these vinyl piping
It looks like it will be unattainable to cleanse.

RICHARD: That's right. One of the best channels are made from metallic

TOM: Proper

RICHARD: Vinyl is just not a slippery floor. It's type of
needs to suck it and maintain it within the doll. So I have all the time chosen the metallic. Even

TOM: And doubtless a good idea if in case you have an older dryer,

RICHARD: Right. And the place the place it is going to be most
the cease is true behind the dryer. You look
Behind it, you endure from a dryer, you see this one huge band that holds it
metallic or vinyl flex. You launch it, pull it out, you go typically
Discover a huge pit lint. You could have to get it out and convey it in then

What you do not understand is that it is just inside the discharge


RICHARD: And for those who've seen it, it's an extended, fuel flame that
If this one goes out via your again, you’ll be able to ignite this doll

Tom: Now, when talking concerning the different channel, I do know
There are totally different brushes which are obtainable. I bought a number of years in the past
it was like a brush with a flexible glass fiber arm with partitions added
its time. And I’ve to inform you, Richard, I used to be amazed at how much
The pile came out of what I regarded as a relatively clear exhaust channel.

RICHARD: That's proper. It additionally bakes, hardens there.
And so it builds like a plaque inside the vein. It's time
you take a look at this channel and say, "It makes far more sense for me to substitute
It’s a brand new metallic than making an attempt to clear. “If you attempt
Clear it, typically it's simply easier, until it's constructed on a wall.

LESLIE: OK. Now, together with your washing machines, in fact, yours
there is a great hazard of leaking.


LESLIE: I really feel that a lot can go improper so fast that
washing machine.

RICHARD: Properly, crucial offender is these two choices
tubing. Every washing machine has flexible equipment. They’re about 6 years previous
leg long. Those who have been all the time commonplace have been rubber.

Now the rubber can break down over time and start to come
fragile. And also you simply don't know when it is going to leak, and I all the time prefer it
These chrome steel braided washer hoses. For those who're going
Stick with rubber machines, you need to really verify them out. I are not looking for to be
Loopy about it, however every year you need to take a look at it and only see if it is
damaged or crushed. As a result of if it begins to break or loopy, it could actually simply popa
like aneurysm. And instantly, now you’ve gotten full urban and water strain


RICHARD: I keep in mind my family's home that I keep in mind my dad actually
needed to get a washer upstairs for my mom. So we moved it up and
then we had the worst factor: the hose goes off. That water fell
by way of the home. It literally – we had water injury in that building
in all probability appeared for an additional two years…

LESLIE: Oh, wow.

RICHARD: And now the water is insidious in the event you get
it's in the incorrect place.

LESLIE: Properly, ought to you’ve a closure
a valve from the wall to these braided hoses? On / off each time?

RICHARD: There are some – yes, some actually, really
cool appliances now. And when individuals find out about such a attainable disaster
Water injury may cause love for this gadget.

One is electric. And so you set it in the correct place with the closures
who come out of the wall before the hoses. And now you connect
the washing machine on this unit after which join the system to the wall.
Now it occurs when the washing machine doesn’t name, it stops
hose strain. So long as you don't wash,
You don't have to fear concerning the metropolis being water strain.

Tom: Oh, what a fantastic concept.

RICHARD: Yeah. And there’s one other one that is more guide
the place you come to it and there is a small attacker and also you simply press
striker from left to right. And it's a timer – a timer – that goes
discover, find, find, find, discover, find, discover. And it keeps water strain a
fastened interval – 45 minutes or half an hour, depending on which…

LESLIE: Any cycle

RICHARD: Yeah, yeah. So it – both are nice,
because many individuals have a washer valve with a lever

LESLIE: Right.

RICHARD: No one does it.

TOM: Proper.

RICHARD: No one.

RICHARD: No. No one

Tom: They overlook.

RICHARD: You're incredibly distinctive, Leslie, as you understand.

LESLIE: Bah. Thanks.

TOM: As We Know

LESLIE: No. But I all the time do.



RICHARD: Yeah, yeah.

LESLIE: And I press the button to start filling and that is
click, click, click on, click on, i know i’ve it.

RICHARD: Yeah, yeah. You had to leak

LESLIE: I've all the time had one.

Tom: Properly, that's proper.

RICHARD: Okay, sure.

Tom: They are the individuals who all the time keep in mind to exit

RICHARD: That's right.

TOM: Someone has brought the chest to the chest.

RICHARD: Yeah, yeah, sure, absolutely.

TOM: Yeah. What about highly effective washers or dryers?
Nothing distinctive about them? They work much quicker than the usual

RICHARD: Properly, I say it got here from Europe
market the place power is costlier. So all of those models
People right here have copied have this incredibly high-speed turbo rotation
the dryer spin cycle, so you really wring out the load.
And so these are terrific. But the one factor you've received to ensure to do is to
degree that unit completely. Whether it is out of degree, it becomes a nasty wheel on a

TOM: Yeah. Wobbles along.

RICHARD: So that you’ve acquired to do it. And you then may want them
rubber ft. But the hot button is to get it degree because it – when it begins
spinning, it – the entire home will shake

LESLIE: They go.

TOM: Good recommendation. Richard Trethewey, the Plumbing-and-heating
contractor on TV’s This Previous Home
Thank you a lot for stopping by The Cash Pit. I’m positive you’ve saved a

RICHARD: I hope so

LESLIE: Alright. This Previous House is in the PBS.

TOM: And This
Previous House is brought to you by PBS

Simply forward, are you prepared to grow a lush lawn this
spring? Properly, it all starts with a soil check. We'll inform you what you need to

Making good houses higher, welcome back to The
Money Pit House Enchancment Show. Tom Kraeutler

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segrete

TOM: Give us a call, right now, with your own home
enchancment query at 1-888-MONEY-PIT, 888-666-3974. For those who do, we're going
to offer you a very cool software that would undoubtedly assist together with your outside
spring cleansing.

LESLIE: That’s right. It truly is the
spring-cleaning time of yr. Therefore the identify spring cleansing. And we’ve acquired a
useful gizmo that’s going to assist you to blast away the dust and grime that has
constructed up all the winter season. Up for grabs is the brand new Greenworks 1,800-PSI
Electric Strain Washer. You’ll find it at Lowe’s for $169.

TOM: It’s super convenient to use. It’s acquired so much
of very useful options. It’s received lots of cleaning power. It’s obtained 1.1
gallons of water a minute. It delivers that. You’ll be able to just about do all types
of cleaning tasks round your home. It’s acquired five quick-connect nozzles.
They retailer on board so you also by no means lose them.

LESLIE: Yeah. Also on board is a cleaning soap tank so it
actually makes it straightforward to add the detergent, which is actually helpful if you’re
cleansing things just like the driveway and the deck, the patio, the walkways, the
siding, even washing your automotive.

Now, you’re going to discover the Greenworks 1,800-PSI
Electric Strain Washer, for the everyday worth of simply $169, at your native
Lowe’s house enchancment retailer. But we are freely giving one, proper now, to one
listener drawn at random. Let’s make that you simply.

TOM: Yep. All you’ve obtained to do is decide up the
telephone and call us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT, 888-666-3974.

And I would like to say that it doesn’t matter whenever you’re
hearing this program. We’re all the time freely giving prizes identical to this. So if
you’re hearing this by podcast, when you’re listening to this every week or two delayed or
six months delayed, you’ll be able to nonetheless decide up the telephone and call us. If we take
your query on the air, we’ll toss your identify in that Cash Pit onerous hat for
the product that we’re gifting away on that specific program.

But this time, we’re gifting away the very
spectacular Greenworks 1,800-PSI Electric Strain Washer. So give us a call,
right now, and we’ll toss your identify into that tough hat, 888-666-3974.

LESLIE: Now we’ve received Jackie in Colorado on the road with a wood-paneling question. How can we assist you to at this time?

JACKIE: Properly, I’ve acquired this previous, medium-colored, wood
paneling, which is admittedly mild, that was put over concrete partitions. It’s one
that’s obtained the black stripe in it.


JACKIE: I just need to understand how one of the simplest ways to clean it.
Years ago, I used Murphen (ph) Oil.

TOM: You imply Murphy’s Oil?

JACKIE: Uh-huh.

TOM: Yeah, Murphy’s Oil Cleaning soap is the greatest means to clear wooden. Have you used
that again?

JACKIE: Nicely, I simply used perhaps a tablespoon with a bucket
of warm water. Would that be OK?

TOM: Yeah, I feel you possibly can truly use a bit greater than
that. Comply with the label directions. However if you’re making an attempt to clean previous, wooden paneling like that, Murphy’s Oil Soap is absolutely
the easiest way to go as a result of it’s not going to dry out the wood and injury it. It’s
very, very mild. Just comply with the instructions but I feel that’s the most effective
product to use for that state of affairs.

JACKIE: OK. I really take pleasure in your program. It’s just very
enlightening for me and I’m not – you understand, if I want to discover something else, I’ll
just name you guys.

TOM: Alright, Jackie. Thanks a lot for calling
us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Properly, when you’ve been making an attempt to create a
lush lawn around your property but really feel like you’re always dropping the battle to
bald spots and weeds, you may be wondering what it is best to do to get your
lawn back in shape. Properly, listed here are four keys to bringing on that green lawn.

TOM: Now, first, you want to get a soil check. It’s
really the perfect place to begin. This’ll determine if the soil pH or acidity
needs adjusting. It’s essential to know because the soil pH tells you the level
of nutrients which are obtainable for the crops, as well as the exercise of soil
microorganisms. You’re primarily measuring the acidity or on the other
end, the alkalinity of the soil.

Now, the size is going to run from zero to 14 however
the perfect pH for many lawns is around 6½ to 7. So, if the check reveals that the
acidity is just too high, you then’d merely add lime to scale back it. But when your soil
check signifies there’s too much alkalinity, then you definitely’d add sulfur to improve
the soil acidity to reach that focus on. So, a bit little bit of lawn chemistry there
nevertheless it’s not arduous to do.

LESLIE: Alright. It’s a simple science experiment
that’s undoubtedly value taking over.

Now, in case your lawn is wanting slightly thin, it
might be time to reseed, so it’s greatest to rototill the soil. Now, this is going
to mix in any fertilizer that you simply may need applied. And it often kills off
most annual weeds, which is why it’s greatest to do this earlier than the weeds go to

Now, perennial weeds, then again, have
roots that remain in the soil year-round. So tilling the soil is simply going to
break the basis into pieces, which might end in more weeds. The fast approach to
control those weeds is by making use of a post-emergent herbicide, so you’ve received to
wait till it’s already beginning to bloom.

Right, Tom?

TOM: Absolutely.

Now timing, nevertheless, is necessary. The most effective time
to plant grass seed is late April via Might after which late August to early
September. So, any weekend now, you will get out there and begin planting that
seed. You also need to use a fertilizer spread. Apply about half the amount in
one course after which half on the other course, kind of at proper angles.
This’ll ensure you get complete coverage on your lawn.

And most necessary: water. It’s essential. For those who’re
going to plant a lawn, you’ve received to have it watered. You need to sprinkle it
frivolously several occasions a day to hold that soil moist and funky. And because the grass
begins to develop, you possibly can water less typically. But let it soak into the soil more
each single time.

So, there you will have it: some ideas to make it easier to convey
out that brilliant, green lawn which is mendacity slightly below that slightly uninteresting, green
kind of filth shade that you simply’re taking a look at proper now.

888-666-3974 is our telephone number. In the event you’ve received a
query about your property improvement challenge, inside or out, give us a name
right now.

LESLIE: You’re tuned to The Cash Pit House
Improvement Radio Show on air and on-line at Once we come again, we’re
going to assist a listener who’s accomplished all the correct things by going with
energy-efficient bulbs however the hassle is that they don’t appear to activate. So stick
round. We’re going to get to the bottom of that.

TOM: Making good houses higher, this is The Money
Pit House Improvement Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Give us a call, proper now, together with your spring
house enchancment venture. We’ll take it from your to-do record and slide it on
over to ours. The quantity is 1-888-MONEY-PIT. And that’s introduced by
HomeAdvisor, where it’s straightforward to discover top-rated, local house enchancment execs for
any house venture. Go to

LESLIE: Alright. But when you’re online, ensure
to submit your questions on The Cash Pit website, within the Group part, simply
like Kathy did. Now, Kathy writes: “We installed LED bulbs all through our house
to save power. It all went nicely till we obtained to our chandeliers. For these, we
put in the smaller, candelabra-styled LED bulbs but observed that the bulbs
glow barely, even when the facility is turned off. It’s slightly scary and we’re
wondering what could also be inflicting this.”

TOM: That was a very good query that you simply
posted, Kathy. And I think that it was being brought on by some kind of present
leakage but I wasn’t precisely positive how that may happen. So I reached out to
our pal, Jay Sherman. He’s an electrical skilled with lighting producer
Leviton in Long Island, New York. And he had an excellent rationalization. He says
the situation that we’re describing is just not unusual with LED bulbs. And it’s,
actually, brought on by present leakage.

But where it comes from, I feel, is most
fascinating. He suspects that the switches that management your chandelier are illuminated
switches: the type that glow once they’re off. Because for these switches,
power flows to make that illumination happen to the change’s neon bulb when the
change is in the off place. So if that’s the case, the straightforward fix is to
substitute these illuminated switches with the standard selection – the
not-illuminated ones – and that may clear up the issue.

But when those switches controlling the LED usually are not illuminated,
then you definitely’ve acquired a more critical concern. Then there’s present leakage someplace
else in the circuit and also you’re going to have to have a licensed electrical
contractor examine that out. So, that, I assumed, was a very fascinating query
and those illuminated mild switches are actually releasing a trickle of power.

And since LEDs want such little power, Leslie, it
was just enough to make them glow and totally freak out Kathy. So …

LESLIE: I mean I can perceive why. It appears a
little off-putting, you recognize?

TOM: Yeah. And I just want to say, too, that
hopefully this can be a quite simple switch-replacement answer. But with any
electrical undertaking, you shouldn’t be doing this your self, Kathy, until you
know exactly what you’re doing. Which, in fact, consists of turning that energy
off before you get started.

LESLIE: Alright. Subsequent up, we’ve received a question
right here from Lisa who writes: “We’ve got a two-story tall exterior natural-rock
hearth. Each wet season, water comes inside the house. It’s been checked
by totally different contractors, roofer, painter, concrete, et cetera through the years
and none of the suggestions have labored. Is there a product on the market that would
put a robust seal on it?”

TOM: Properly, yeah. I don’t know what the painter is
going to do for you there however the answer is most certainly – it’s principally being
brought about in one in every of two places. To start with, at the very prime of this masonry
chimney, there’s going to be a concrete cap that goes from the surface of that
stone to the flue liner. So, the very first thing to examine is that cap and ensure
that there are not any cracks in it. There virtually all the time are, by the best way. They’re
going to want to be sealed up.

Second is you want to verify that flashing, which
is between the roof and the chimney itself. As a result of, sometimes, in newer
years, roofers have failed to find out how exactly to do flashing and
counterflashing towards a masonry structure. And so they have a tendency to use plenty of
sealants, which draw back.

And eventually, for just the whole floor, I might
apply a masonry sealer. Sealers at present are breathable, in order that they don’t maintain water
into the rock and trigger it to crack and break prefer it used to. And that’s going
to stop plenty of the absorption that’s occurring in that stone chimney right

LESLIE: Hopefully that helps. It feels like such
a stunning hearth, so let’s get all the things working right.

TOM: This is The Money Pit House Improvement Show.
Hey, thanks so much for spending this part of your spring day with us. We
hope we’ve given you some ideas, some concepts, some inspiration to keep away from the
perspiration as you tackle tasks round your home.

Keep in mind, we’re out there, 24/7, at 888-MONEY-PIT.
You may also subscribe to our podcast and get this episode delivered to you
personally every single week.

I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you are able to do it your self …

LESLIE: But you don’t have to do it alone.


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