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Nick Townsend - The Voice 12

American Idol 2019 presents at TONIGHT ABC at 20.00 ET / PT The panel consists of veteran R&B champion, Lionel Richie, pop star Katy Perry and singer Luke Bryan. Ryan Seacrest returns to the host.

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The performance sometimes starts as desired. Hopefuls writes his dream for the hearth lamps they left in the night time sky. The second chapter in American Idol historical past begins, says Ryan Host with a voice. Hopes to rage the standard daytime work. One young lady listens to her mother and EGG DONOR. Properly, then.

First cease… Louisville. They have spectacular views of the OHIO River.

Walker Burroughs – 20 – Birmingham, AL – Love Like This love by Ben Rector – Walker's mother and father are backed by him – helps maintain your nerves in place. His mom – so many mothers – LOVES Lionel. At present, Walker is a physician of the College of Belmont. She is sitting together with her baby in a candy and sincere voice. Are you questioning concerning the songs? He’s a pleasant guy on his obvious musicality. Katy calls the presentation natural and effortless. He compares him to Ben Fold and Billy Joel and declares him "top 10 material." Luke namechecks Randy Newman. He thinks that people who stay at house "conquer" him. "You have a super profile," says Katy. He wonders if Walker is aware of something about Lionel Richie? He does. He sits in the piano and plays somewhat "Hey." Lionel is proud and captivated with her. Walker is on his method to Hollywood. Mom will meet her, Lionel! – three yes

Before the business break, they tempted the singer who closes the emotional story of the exhibition – Nick Townsend.

Now I used to be in lovely North Idaho. B52's obligatory "Private Idaho" plays.

Johanna Jones – 23 – Las Vegas NV – I'm not Sam Smith's only – Johanna hasn't had an incredible background. She loves potato chips. That's it! He also loves Katy Perry and believes they are often BFF. In all probability not. Johanna mentions that she is popping hamburgers to In and Out and Katy freaks. She loves hamburgers. He tells his story to satisfy his fiancé Orlando Bloom after he had stolen from the burgers he had on the celebration. Also once you mention potato chips, Katy pulls out the bag. Katy has approached Heimlich within the potato chips competitors. That is fairly foolish. I feel the judges are drunk. Allen, a good friend of Johanna's musician, comes with him. It’s obvious that he is engaged on his phrase – it is cautious. But his presentation is a bit too backward. I was expecting one thing to occur. Lionel calls her a "package". Lionel already pulled out her favourite phrases. Katy thinks it's time to cease hamburger union. – three yes

Subsequent, the judges tell a gaggle of rivals. Tears. "It's okay every year next year," one young feminine singer says. "Sometimes their purpose is not American Idol," says Katy.

Kai Singer – 19 – Kingstree SC – Ed Sheeran's Poetry – Kai stops his story. His family was homeless for a while. They struggled. There are still. The house is house to 8 individuals. There isn’t a furnishings. Three siblings are sleeping on an air mattress. She sleeps on the ground. She's uninterested in seeing her household battle, “If this could explode, it would be nice.” So sad to see a young man who thinks he have to be a household savior. Unfortunately he went to Considering Out Loud very properly. So dangerous, Luke tells us to cease guitar ripping. It's still dangerous. Lionel suggests a deep breath. AND THESE IMPORTANT TWO HANDLING OF THE FUTURE. See you after a business break. We're again. He makes his second music on The Temptations “My Girl” piano and it's higher. He can sing – he has a reasonably tone – however wants a variety of work on his subject. Can he hear himself? Katy felt she was creating for piano. He reworked the lyrical "girl" into "music" that the judges beloved. His church paid Idol. Katy cries. He was also poor as a toddler – his church paid a guitar. The judges are so confused that they will't say no – although it will be better if he returned extra after the expertise. 3 yes

New York City is Next!

Judges mentioned that both Catie Turner and Maddie Poppe listened to NYC final yr.

Tyler Mitchell – 26 – Florien LA – Vince Gillin – Tyler gets a full "haystack in the big city" remedy on the southern slope "big dumb". Tyler fights pushing hair hair off his forehead. He's all "all these Dang cameras and lights! I'm not used to it." His household has informed him that he has a "God-given talent" that needs to be shared, he’s 6 ft four and has a twin brother. It’s his first visit to New York and it's a "blast of mind." He repeats the "God-given talent" bit. And as it turns out, he can really sing. Luke sings somewhat concord together with her, she admits some uncertainties. ”Katy assures her that“ the star was born. – 3 yes Oh, hey country radio character Bobby Bones! He's an Idol mentor this season. "From one small town to another" he tells Tyler throughout a pep discussion

VoKillz – 24 – Buffalo NY – American Creature (Unique) – Right here's a joke about how Vokie is only a good man round (we see him tied to a mom on the farm), who occurs to sing as if he have been in the satan's possession. Har-dee-har-har. Vokillz insists that he is not a serial killer or something. He had just invented a brand new genre referred to as "Mystic Death Trap Metal." Vokillz enters the room with a black masks and requires Katy to take the black bag. “REBUS YOUR SATAN!” Katie screams. This particular breeding is handy. Contained in the bag – necklace. Katie waited for lifeless rats. He hides underneath his desk as he shouts via his presentation. Lionel joins him. Luke was there. This presentation is definitely fairly tame compared to dying. Lionel politely states that American Idol isn’t his lane. – Lionel says NO Katy says YES, but Luke, who appeared to take pleasure in himself, says NO

Right here we are at LOS ANGELES

Margie Mays – 25 – Wilmington DE – shot by Lawrence – when he will get nervous, he unloads. All of the boy. During her childhood, Margie's whole household adopted American Idol. He comes from a family of docs. Ugh. He has set this "I'm NUROUS I NEED SCREAM" perform too thick. This is not charming. Peace, woman. He brings plenty of power to the efficiency. He has a Broadway-like voice that may be higher if he realized that there was less. Katy says, "You are literally a star," where Margie begins to soften. Uhhh. Katy advises her to give attention to herself. – Lionel says NO (right answer) Katy and Luke say YES.

Next, it is a montage of very dangerous singers. Egregious. Lionel suggests that one woman "Find some notes you can hit." Luke tells the other that his largest impediment is his voice. Wow. That's Simon Cowell's degree. And Luke! Desperate competitor takes off his shirt. Katy says sure.

Back to Idaho…

Myra Tran – 19 – Lengthy Xuyen, Vietnam – One night time solely from Dreamgirl – She moved to america to comply with her dream of turning into a singer. Within the sixth grade Whitney Houston blew his mind. He has saved American Idol from all his life. ETA: Maya competed and gained X Think about Vietnam in 2016. Luke starts laughing at what's strange. She is somewhat woman with an ideal deep voice. Has he ever skilled it earlier than? He must get more. Lionel is a rapt. Myra beats all the good Whitney notes that she undoubtedly does eternally. "I loved it," says Katy. Myra has been within the states for less than a yr. Luke compares him to Kelly Clarkson. "Music crosses language barriers and she just showed us," says Katy. "Set your Zone!" Lionel advises. "You're going to places." – 3 sure

Uché – 24 – Sugarland, TX – Christina Aguilera has no other individuals – Uche is a brief version of a very long African identify with "Walter" grabbing it in the center. curriculum vitae, his mother stated, "no one is going to hire you if your name is 70 000 letters!". he says: "I am the kind of person … you do not stop you are looking at me before I'm done." Uche loves the Church, and he’s positive there’s a place for his bisexual self, he needs the LGBTQ youngsters to know that God also loves them. suggests she stays in place and sings. She provides up the gospel that she should have accomplished first. Katy calls her "spicy "Uche says she has started with an exquisite track to point out her character. Luke thinks he won’t be prepared. Uche namechecks set of cool artists comparable to George Clinton, Prince and Rick James, who’re shifting Lionel's thoughts – three sure

We've come to Denver!

Laci Kaye Booth – 23 – Livingston TX – Mama Tried Merle Haggard – She started singing on the age of 3. Painter, he grew up with Shania Twain, Dixie Chicks. His father and mom have been 15 and 17 once they acquired pregnant. The younger relationship broke down shortly. Although his father had been chasing his musical goals, Laci questioned why he was not in his life. Dad is filled with repentance. At the age of 15, he took a visit with him to Arkansas. They grew very close to the trip. “We were supposed to play music together,” Father says. Laci supplies the previous basic to the throat. It's a hassle-free performance. Katy calls her "diamond rough" and "different sounding." Luke loves wood in his voice. Sure, it is extremely unique. He calls him "world class". – three sure – Dad joins him in a room the place Katy calls Lac "timeless." Father says, "I live my dream through him," Hm.

Nick Rogers – 17 – Highlands Ranch CO – Mining Bazzi – Does he sing as an alternative of a string or stay instrument? So he's a rapper. "Love the flow!", Katy says. He claims the consequences of Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and Lionel Rich. But when Katy asks her to name a Lionel Rich, she will't. LIAR. (I’m wondering if the producer produced it?). Lionel goes to all faux assaults. "I don't even know how I feel about this!" Lionel says. “I still don't like you. But I'm going to my gut. ”- 3 yes

Tiffanne LeMay – 20 – The Greatest Half by h.e.r. and Daniel Caesar – However, Tiffanee is basically and actually a Lionel Richie fan. So is his mom. She brings an 80's period album to be signed and the judges snigger at the cheesy photograph in the middle. For sure, Tiffanne is able to identify a number of Lionel Wealthy songs. He's going to Alicia Keys vibe. It is a pretty casual type – snug vibrato and tone and never too many riffs. Good. Katy appreciates her "sunny attitude." Luke suggests she opens her mouth more when she sings, however she additionally likes her. In fact, Lionel has discovered her favourite competitor! three sure – Mom will meet Lionel. A small tongue in his cheek, he thanks the mom "to awaken to him the right values."

Nick Townsend – 25 – Tekamah, NE – Let it go through James Bay – we'll end the present with an actual jerker. Presently, Nick lives in Los Angeles. He admired his older brother, Zach, who joined the Air Drive. He worked in LA when he discovered that Zach took his own life. "There's no such pain … I remember I could breathe," Nick shares and admits that it's the first time he really opened a painful subject. He then had the opportunity to do and train in Japan. He took it. There he discovered that his younger brother Matt also took his life. The rationale Nick felt he was going residence and wasn't there when his brother was big. His mom, father, and sister participate in the check help. Nick's singing voice is so pure. She has a lovely tone, however she doesn’t make the music her personal. Lionel believes he's getting a "natural cry … in our business we call it money." Katy loves her dynamics. Luke appreciates his little simplicity. At this point, Luke shared that he also misplaced two siblings. (brother in a automotive accident and sister in a sudden sickness). The supportive Luke provides Nick a heartfelt hug. The singer's household connects him to the room. Luke reminds them "Remember the fun, happy happy good days." Nick says at first that he needs his brother to be here, but he understands that they really are with him – within the spirit. The card that incorporates the suicide telephone info is adopted by a check – three yes –

FYI: Some might keep in mind Nick because it isn’t an interactive interrogation in The Voice 12 in the spring of 2017. He introduced Sam Smith's "Writing & # 39's It's also heard in season 13, presumably. Take a look at the episode display! Coach Alicia Keys referred to as her Broadway Type. There were some rising points, nevertheless it earned at the least one round.