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America's Got Talent 2019 Recap: Judge Cuts 1 Results

Tonight, America's Got Talent 2019 decide will start. Eighteen works are carried out by judges Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell, but solely SEVEN works on stay performances. This week's special visitor decide is rural star Brad Paisley. He has the Golden Buzzer and the power to go straight to life by the UN. Hosts of Terry Crews

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Lukas & Falco – Canine Regulation – Doggo Falco Loves Individuals! She is a cutie but turns 10 occasions and is able to retire. Aw. Lukas is 23 years previous. Well, he decides to go round routine around Simon's favourite film The Biggest Showman. Lukas is wearing a circus lingerie, he has sugar cans and large colourful balls and barrels for tips. Lukas has his personal tips! He Juggles and Spins. Simon can't hold his face out. He provides them a everlasting ovation. Tips are widespread, however the Dang pupper is fantastic. Brad states that it was affordable to adapt the act to Simon. Howie mentions how Lucas additionally had a lot of tips. Gabrielle believes she has improved for the primary time. Gabrielle calls her essence "special" and she or he deserves to be here. Simon thinks that the Biggest Showman 2 must be completed with the canine, that Lukas couldn’t do more.

Andy Rowell – Viral "Tequila" karaoke man – This time the track is "Turn Down for What" and it's incredibly flat. Why does he waste time?

Jecko – Loud Annoying Comedian – He's the Gonzo Dude. Onerous, props. Was Gallagher so in the 80s? No marvel we didn't see her hearing. Simon calls it "annoying" and "I hate every minute."

Orange Magician – He was also not present. Brad asks, "How's my music?" Hardy har har. He first makes modifications shortly. He’s annoying however not with out expertise. I don't care about broad expertise, but he’s artistic. Youngsters would love this. "I love the act, but you're so annoying when you talk," says Simon. Brad calls it allegory in Thrones. Ha ha. "My little children are turning over this," he says. Howie needs her to fit into many categories.

Berywam – the French beatboxing quartet – has labored exhausting to create a recreation. They're going to take all of the "nightclub". Completely imitate the club's DJ, and it's actually rough? Where's the turntable? Don't want it. They make intelligent rapia AGT. This group creates inhuman sounds. It's spectacular. The audience is on their ft. Howie reminds individuals at residence there isn’t a monitor. Brad says their doorways. Simon thought the act had solely an excellent end. "I'm not sure … would go viral as they could." Gabrielle and Julianne disagree. They each assume they should have a chance to go through.

Dylan – Ten years previous rapper – Dylan was not seen throughout interrogations. He tore Kendrick Lamar. It's very brief. Brad mentions that he heard one thing at the age of 10 and was terrible. Dylan says, "You showed them wrong and won 3 Grams." He doesn’t contribute to this efficiency.

Emerald Belles – High kick precision dance group – They’re university academics from Texas. Final time, Howie compared them to Rockettes. It wasn't actually a good comparability. Women are ready to show her improper. There are such a lot of of them they usually can stay in sync. It is itself impressive. They include a bit of ballet into the routine after which give up distribution. "Somebody will win it!" Says Simon. Julianne is impressed, however it feels that it still has a bit "high school element". Simon Meows. Julianne knows what she's speaking about. He advises them on fame. Gabrielle believes they should battle. Howie still doesn't assume it's enough to maneuver to the subsequent degree. Simon encourages the audience. Women all get giggly in front of Brad. "Howie can suck it," he says. Simon thought that their character made a presentation. He fights with them with Gabrielle.

Finally, the judges combine it slightly.

Sentimentalists – Mentalists – Howie didn’t maintain this work both. However they satisfied Simon concerning the final trick. Steffie thinks Brad selected the purple marble out of the box. He might be a volunteer tonight. Brad thinks of a photo on his telephone. She thinks it's a photo of guitar and she or he's proper. Brad is given a bit of paper that not solely guesses the colours of the marbles of the judges, but in addition the Brad's guitar. Brad guarantees he didn't know something: "You're not going near any of my wallets." Howie continues to be not impressed, he doesn't care concerning the efficiency.

Duo Togni – Acrobatic Duo from Budapest – We didn't see their full check efficiency, however apparently Howie stated no, calling it "unbeatable". and handles. Ltd. She grabs the woman's hair and drops her. She descends like a cat. Yeah, they needed to do it. The lady needs to keep Howie in her tooth. He pulls him high in the air. She's lousy. Heh. Howie fights for them in the event that they promise not to use them in their own actions. Brad calls it "amazing." Simon beloved the danger.

Sophie Pecora – Teen Youtube Star – Fifteen years previous calls herself "buzzing", but she's truly an enormous Youtube-influencing issue. He writes his own songs. Throughout his listening, he influenced the judges with a talky rap. He calls the music he's going to sing from "the most personal". It's a want to be involved, "Everybody makes me so angry sometimes." TEEN ANGST. He ripped a number of the track again. His vibe reminds me of American Idol's Catie Turner. but not so good, truthfully. He gets a everlasting ovation. It was clever to destroy his soul. "You just came to our heat and seized it," Gabrielle says. Simon thinks that the music should have ended "I don't think about you anymore." Oh hey Simon. Mansplain's feelings about why you didn't. He claims to have been a father and he means properly. But still. Brad liked the road "Misfits have forces that are quite radial." Brad thinks he has educated so many people in the mean time, and OH HECK SHE is his goldsmith. Sophie is speechless. Father wipes tears.

Dakota and Nadia – Duo of Modern Dance – They have been Golden Buzzer movies at French Got Talent 2018. Julianne feels they didn't do enough. He can't imagine them as Vegas.

Kevin Schwartz – Shy comic – He's lifeless with Stephen Wright. We see some of his jokes, however he's installed. Simon thinks he's gifted, but not Vegas.

Loki Alohikea – son of Hoo. We just see a whip. Howie thinks she is an excellent singer, however not enough to be the primary character in Vegas.

Matthew Richardson – Hoop Aerialist – He first appeared. This time, he cared for his father's inspired routine that supported his goals. While staying at Dream Catcher, he dreamed of his father's dying. Then he discovered his father's pancreatic cancer. He died a month later. She works as a boast that is elegantly designed. His father's voice about recordings tells the work. That is totally different. His performance, like final time, is elegant and inventive. It isn’t shocking that Matthew gets a everlasting ovation. Brad calls it shifting and galvanizing. Gabrielle says we take a look at her actually to make her goals come true. Simon admits that he is nonetheless speaking to his late mom and father. He believes that the act supports the primary present.

Damiyr – Subway Busker – We didn't see his first check experiment. Simon advised him that he wanted a danger. He starts with "Say Something," a cappella. He sings virtually the first verse with out instruments. Truthfully, the bare efficiency reveals her thin tones. He's just OK. She cries on the finish. Brad calls it brilliantly. Simon feels passionate and highly effective. Hm.

Chris Klafford – Former Swedish Idol Winner. – He knows his appearance is "strange". Is that so. This time he sings the original. It's referred to as "something like me." It's because individuals criticize him for the look. It's a great tuning, he's singing with ardour. This track exhibits his position. He's higher than the singer who precedes him. He also cries because the audience provides him a everlasting ovation. Brad calls him inspiring. Howie thinks that he raised it by singing the original track. Julianne urges her to remain who she is. Simon was less excited when he appeared again at his listening. The original singing modifications all the things, he says.

Messoudi Brothers – Hunky Dumbbells. Their flight from Beirut misplaced their luggage. They haven't slept or eaten. Their father is within the audience. Aw. The trio is so robust. Balancing pictures appear unattainable. They waste just a little time eradicating their shirt. They know what the public needs. heh. Good regulation. One brother is literally hooked up to the muscle tissue of one other calf. Yikes. Terry agrees that it's exhausting to do it! Brothers call their father on stage. His shirt is coming out. Ha ha. One last routine with all four. One brother stands within the different **. They type a crazy household. CRAZY. Gabrielle thanks the airways for dropping their shirts. “You aren’t disillusioned. You raised your recreation by 100%. “Brad says he couldn't do it together with his sons once they have been 2 and four. Simon by no means seems to take heed to his son Eric. He’s impressed by the fact that they acquired up in a difficult state of affairs

NDLOVU Youth Choir – African Youth Choir – The group consists of disadvantaged young individuals from South Africa. They love their leader who has made them consider. They love America lots! They love scorching canine! The White Chief states that they might have been arrested in apartheid in South Africa. This is among the greatest choirs ever to seem in AGT. They sing and choreography is overwhelming. And their power is so contagious. Julianne is impressed by their unity and collectivity. Brad calls it lovely and effortless. Gabrielle loves all the things they characterize. "Pure magic," he says. If Simon might bottle them, he would drink it daily. "I don't think you could have done more."

TIME OF RESULTS. Judges "are considering." All the time a favourite, staged, pretend conversation. Every act is known as a stage the place they study their destiny.

American Got Talent Judge Cuts 1 Results Part 1

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Shifting to the Next Round

Sophie Pecora – Brad Paisley's Golden Buzzer
Emerald Belles
Messoudi Brothers
Lukas & Falco
NDLOVU Young Choir
Chris Klafford
Chris Klafford

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