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America's Got Talent 2019 Refresh: Quarterfinals 1

America's Got Talent semifinals begin tonight, LIVE at the Los Angeles Dolby Theater. Twelve contestants will seem earlier than judges Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell. Terry Crews hosts. Be a part of us as we stay the blog in all shows.

The profitable act receives one million dollars and names their very own Vegas program. Only SEVEN screenings advance to the semi-finals. FIVE acts can be eliminated by the top of tomorrow's present.

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GForce – Teen Woman Group – These tween women are from Canada. They dream of being the subsequent huge woman group. Operation begins within the area manicure store. Hm. There's rap. That is again very Petty Kidz Bop. But do I feel the kiddos need it? They perform unique songs that cowl every little thing GIRL POWER y. “We're going to do our own thing! They cried. The efficiency additionally consists of vital choreography. Howie thanks for his or her power. "I am full of girl power, which is a strange middle-aged bald types." Gabrielle is proud: "You rokotit it." Julianne loves their individuality. Simon calls them fearless, although he didn't like the track. He warns them to convey a better track if they do. Gabrielle reminds her that she informed them they had to be in control. I do not know. What number of 12 yr previous women truly watch AGT?

Greg Morton – Comic / Impressionist – In his video package deal, Greg talks about going to the films as a child and mimicking sounds. "I'm pretty good at it!" He says the street has been a troublesome one. He begins the efficiency with a lion lord, followed by a lot of extra familiar voices. Greg is a one-man nostalgic machine that makes sounds from well-known movies of different eras. All I can do is smile right here! Oh God. He even nails Marlon Brando to Godfather. He yells at Simon, "He gives me the money." And ends with Schwarzenegger's track "I'll be back". Gabrielle says she is going to return every part to her childhood. Julianne is on the edge of her seat. "You're activating our imagination … a true artist." Simon fearful if he might own the stage – he confirmed him the mistaken factor. It's a step up, Simon says. "I hope audiences show money with voices."

Carmen Carter – Diva Belter – Carmen's mother and father speak about how she liked entertaining individuals, whilst a toddler. They are so pleased with him! He presents the artistic cover of Think about Dragons' "Believer". Presenting at present's music at this stage is dangerous and sensible. She performs a really leather-clad Tina Turner sort singer. He actually has a swag to go together with these robust songs. This music is really easy to bombard, so props him. He is easy at present, punching loopy notes flawlessly. I’m actually impressed the primary time. Is that so. Howie's not standing. Simon was bought mid-song. "You made us all believe," says Gabrielle. "Unforgettable." Julianne appreciated the danger, "You put your Carmen cycle in it." Howie didn't like the track selection. He's flawed.

Emerald Belles – Teenage Kick Dance Staff – These Gals are from Texas. We see them getting an American Idol, like a return residence. The mayor or anyone is mocking Howie for dissolving the group (he compares them unfavorably to the Rockettes). Ha. They do their dance very accurately. The excessive kick will never cease. The women end the routine by dropping right into a painful-looking crack. "You poured it!" Says Gabrielle. Howie says production raised their efficiency: "You blew the roof … awesome." Julianne thinks they strengthened it. "You're better together," Simon says of defining the aim of AGT – arduous work and ambition. He apologizes to Howie. He will get up and worships.

Sophie Peccora – Young Singer / Youtube Star – Simon returns to his seat when Terry introduces Sophie. Quit smoking Simon, and you're not late! Sophie even sings the unique music in her video package deal – complete with flashing lyrics. What's never mentioned is that a 15-year-old has a Youtube channel that has about as many followers. On stage, she sings heartfelt misery that she feels good on her own pores and skin. He is sort of a trendy teen poet, dropping a big proportion of teenagers in angly proportion. No marvel he is in style. Enjoyable reality: He was Brad Paisley's Golden Buzzer. Julianne received the tea throughout her video package deal. "You speak the truth," he says. Howie calls him "the most important thing at this point so far." Gabrielle calls her burning and necessary. "You're such a rock star," he says. Simon loves simplicity, 'impeccable performances … I'm somewhat afraid of you. "

Messoudi Brothers – balanced hand – Uh oh. When they were rehearsing live performances, they had an accident. One of the brothers owns a cane. Yikes. The brothers start stripping right away. They know what the audience wants. OFF T-SHIRTS. They immerse Antea at a glance. Even though I don't quite understand it? Yet they once again witness the superpower of man, forming different configurations. The injured brother seems to be screaming in pain. Gabrielle calls them "attractive … good workshops." Julianne feels anxious watching them. He loves danger and risk. Simon wants something even more dangerous. "A tank filled with piranhas." That would be stupid.

Service Sounds – Military Singing Group – This singing group is all veteran / active military members who sing to their military. In their video package, they visit a military cemetery, waxing poems about flag and patriotism. They sing Gavin DeGraw's "Hearth," and they are backed by a gospel choir – a military choir. I don't like production. Their four voices are enough. I miss the simplicity of their previous presentations. Howie congratulated them on their service and talent. Simon calls them inspirational. "I consider that residents will vote for you in the subsequent spherical." Gabrielle calls her voice a blessing to the traumatized people. Julianne says after cutting off the line from the paragraph, "We are one tribe." Now he's back as a wildcard. Will Simon get to sing the THIRD time again? Hm. His first outing was soul songs. Now she's chattering with the classic country song "Swinging." She is only 12 years old and performs the same way she hopes to win the bill in a beauty interview. He has pitch problems! In a few years he might be ready, but not now. Simon said the Internet hated him when he was cutting him. He admits that he didn't like the song, but he thinks he has a good voice and personality. He calls him "the little fighter." Julianne says, "Never cease believing in yourself." Howie is excited that he's back, "you make the world smile." In the Czech Republic he studied street art. Blacklight art was the next step. Tonight she paints world history, starting with Big Bang and dinosaurs. And monkeys! Obvs is not a creationist. It ends with an offer from Stephen Hawking. Simon said he seemed to be in the science museum too much. He didn't feel it emotionally. Gabrielle disagrees. “It was humanity, it was beautiful. “If Banksy and Darwin had a baby, you are you. Julianne calls her description of time history "magical."

Luke Islam – Young Singer – This 12 year old performer is Julianne Hough's Golden Buzzer. After the presentation, waitress creator Sara Bareilles tweeted her congratulations. He caught up with Broadway to perform the beloved Evan Hansen's "You'll Be Found." He has a very pleasant voice and a lot of potential. He has to work on a few vocals, but he's only 12. Julianne is so proud. "That voice is plain," he says. Simon thanks for his confidence and courtesy. "You will have made your self really proud," he says. Howie predicts that she will star in the Broadway stage.

Bir Khalsa – Danger Act – After the judge cut one of the members left a triangle (!!!). Now there's a new guy telling you about a video package. Har har is that he is a new guy who can mess and crush his head instead of watermelon. This time the group is working on fire. Salt in the eyes and eyes. Looks painful. At least it's not a new guy. No weeks this week – a chainsaw and a giant throat held by a giant guy. The surgery starts right down to the mouth. Next, the visual guy hacked the giant's body, which was placed on the giant's chest. The routine ends with a hammer and a watermelon. Nobody's gonna die! Simon calls it "extremely loopy … harmful." Howie says, "This is all I really like about this present." Gabrielle says, "You lock it out of the park." Gabrielle says, "You crushed it out of the park." [19659002] . Soon after, he was diagnosed with autism. Music was the thing that made him really happy. The home is Gabrielle's Golden Buzzer. His audition appearance has been nearly half a million views online. His mother sits on her piano and makes sure she's okay before Kodi performs in "Bridge Over Troubled Water." Oh boy. This presentation really pulls the heart. He doesn't have a great voice – he's a better pianist. But his deliveries are moving. No chance, Kodi will not advance to the next round. He can win the whole thing. Gabrielle says, "You changed the world … we’ve got to cease setting boundaries for our youngsters." Simon says, "You continually amaze me. We’re nothing with out individuals like you. “Paul Simon specifically gave Kodi permission to sing the music. Nevertheless, it isn’t true that a track is hardly sung in music performances.

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