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Battle Back "Lealand Neverland" |

Battle Back "Lealand Neverland" |

Up to now you all know concerning the shameful documentary "Leaving Neverland" about 2 individuals who shouldn't be named and their lies about Michael Jackson. has been designed to be screened for a couple of days on the Sundance Film Pageant after which broadcast at HBO (USA) and Channel four (UK).

In MJVib we have now decided to not promote any type of this disgusting "document" and tried the hardest to think about MJVibe mild as joyful and hopeful when fans take pleasure in Michael and his music (but, as you’re, we’ve taken action and moved to social media) Leaving Neverland ”). At the moment, nevertheless, we’ve decided to share with you the following things, because we expect it is very important Michael Jackson's heritage and to ensure that the public is aware of the reality!

The followers and the Jackson household have been very loud about this "documentary" they usually have started to storm the social media of these involved.

Even US followers are planning an indication at the Sundance Film Pageant. ]

Taj Jackson, nephew of Michael Jackson, son of Tito Jackson and a part of 3T, have been talking for a couple of days to make a battle doc on Michael Jackson's allegations as a result of now it’s clear that the HBO / C4 doc will proceed regardless that fans try to shut it

Taj can also be it swear to seek out Michael Jackson Property answer [unknown to what the result is]. But it is clear that Michael Jackson's innocence documentary is just not what the media needs to pay for!

Now we – the followers – can sponsor the Taji documentary collection to ensure the truth is ideal and


For extra info on Taj's documentary collection and his request for cash:


Michael Jackson was undoubtedly the best musical entertainer of all time. His success and influence felt everywhere in the world, from the USA to the UK, from India to Egypt. He broke the race-related obstacles and altered culture perpetually. He was one of the famous individuals who ever lived. Over the past 15 years of his life, he was subjected to false, dangerous claims about baby abuse. He succeeded in defending himself towards these allegations and died of an innocent and liberated man, however they took notice.

Years after his physician had died, two males who had resolutely defended Michael's innocence in life, tried and failed to beat financial solutions in his after-care actual estate. When the courtroom has rejected its wrongful abusive conduct (quite a lot of weakening of the evidence on the contrary), they have now turned to HBO, the UK Channel four and the Sundance Film Pageant. Sadly, these three reputable organizations have jeopardized Model's integrity by saying that they supply a platform for a "documentary film" that may help these two prosecutors – who’ve amassed giant legal money owed on the property they tried and haven’t demolished – proceed to seek revenue

Michael Jackson died harmless vindicated man. The world must understand this most necessary and elementary factor. The world should also perceive the injury induced to the lawful victims of abuses, when self-proclaimed liars should not only benefit from false claims, but are provided a forum to sanctify fraudulent claims.
this injustice – and create a historic Tome, a useful resource for anybody and prepared to study THE TRUTH from Michael Jackson's indisputable innocence – will create a documentary collection that may blow myths once and endlessly.


MJ fam – here we’re in 2019, the 10th anniversary of my uncle. We all knew that this might be a troublesome yr for therefore many of us worldwide. As an alternative of with the ability to mourn and properly rejoice and honor Michael Jackson, we are pressured to coach the media and most of the people concerning the evidence-based fact about him.
Once again, we have now to defend Michael Jackson's identify and legacy of evil and calculated lies. We will not sit and watch for the "right thing" to be introduced or another person to step in and defend the trigger. That is for us – followers, friends and family. I know that the unanimous fees and the FBI's 10-year research (which led to Uncle's complete release) ought to have been enough. The worst thing we will do is to permit this fixed cruelty undeniably.
I know that as a gaggle we are united, we are unstoppable.
So I want your assist


This explosive documentary collection undoubtedly destroys many years of harsh myths advised and bought by Michael Jackson advert nauseam. On this case, we shine mild on corruption within the media and leisure business, which created and continued them.

“I heard Michael Jackson paid for the solution to avoid child abuse” Fallacious.

“I heard the boy described Michael Jackson's genitals exactly” Fallacious.

“I heard Michael Jackson having paid over 200 million up to 20 victims” Mistaken.

Virtually everybody in the audience thinks Michael Jackson is mistaken.

For many years, the media have handled sensationalized stories of the King of Pop. Might you blame them? He’s merely the greatest world the world has ever recognized. These sensationalized tales gave billions of dollars to the media.

But what's on the expense?

Michael has died for almost a decade now, however most of the most damaging tales in the story are a part of public consciousness, inflicting fixed injury to his heritage – to not mention his youngsters who’ve had to develop up watching the world embrace and sustain these horrible lies. Reprocessed by HBO, Channel 4, and the Sundance Film Pageant, who’ve been in business with two proven liars and entrepreneurs who’re personally in search of to profit from counterfeit misconduct.

It's time to take motion and officially fix the report – before it's too late. Historic books have already been written and lots of of them read as gloomy fairy tales. Probably lies are recycled and re-circulated in truth. Keep in mind, we only know Mozart, Bach, Debussy, or Beethoven about what we've read about obtainable assets. Lots of of years ago, individuals have been on the lookout for Michael Jackson's identify and music. We owe future generations to offer assets based mostly on evidence-based information that endure the check of time.

This documentary collection is the last word historical report of Michael Jackson's personal life conversations. controversial tales underneath the microscope, tracing their origin and spreading how and why the media report was totally different from the truth. In contrast to the many years of terrible tabloid tales that the previous pals and staff of the laundered individuals supported in the media-based fat premiums, this documentary collection has distinctive interviews with first-hand witnesses who have by no means spoken publicly prior to now and now merely need to set a document instantly, not as a result of someone has provided them $ 50,000 to say one thing controversial. The collection additionally makes use of hundreds of official, legal paperwork that tell a totally totally different story than the one introduced in tabloid magazines "

. He skilled loads of physical and emotional pain and was sad. Little question it might be just as dishonest because the media's sensationalist version of events.

Equally, this collection just isn’t ashamed of pointing a finger at lots of Michael's darkest hours through which it really belongs, revealing how Michael was deceived, closed, tortured and misused all through his life> You hear stories that the media by no means did bothered to inform you as a result of they’re obsessive about bullying and mock.

What’s the real story of the 1994 answer? demand and who’re behind Wade Robson? and Jimmy Safechuck?

And most of all, how – and why – the media disturbed you at every turn?

The answers to those questions shock you. Actually, this collection might prove to be probably the most surprising presentation of media and showbiz corruption that the world has ever seen.


”Why Should I Donate? Can't you financial that? "

funding efforts, I have studied a variety of various prospects and situations. Sadly, all companies and / or retailers with out there funding would in all probability wish to make a artistic and editorial effort. The purpose of this challenge is to current precise occasions from individuals who lived and knew it – together with me.

Sadly, experience has given me a mistrust of exterior influences and I know most of you are feeling the same. Michael Jackson's actual history have to be advised without any manipulation and constraints. We’d like to be able to inform the story of a free and clear with out the biased media


I am the oldest of Michael Jackson's nephew. I had the privilege of being very near my uncle and all the time being a loyal pal and ally throughout his life. I also had the privilege of using the unfavourable media and allegations. I lived with him throughout the 2005 trial.

As a sufferer of sexual abuse (my father Chuck on my mother's aspect) I know what it means to be a family. I also know what kind of injury is left to the victims of sexual abuse. This unique position makes me even more determined and competent to make the reality, the entire fact is understood to my uncle Michael's false allegations.

My Uncle's Final Words For Me …
"After that, we make movies." 19659002] WHEN THIS IS APPLIED:

My plan is to start out immediately and get the collection ready as quickly as potential. This can be a great company for me, especially with a 2 month previous baby woman. Nevertheless, I even have my absolute honor, and I feel obliged to document the 2019 document straight to this collection.


As lots of you realize, the document

– Hiring Key Actors to the Production Staff
– interviews and appointments described.
. stories and new info.
– Securing licenses and video clips.
– Video and audio information.
– A Comprehensive Worldwide Advertising and Public Relations Marketing campaign (Stay and Digital) That Can't Ignore Target Audiences, Non-Targeted or Different
– Distribution at Local and Worldwide Levels

MJFam waiting and the time is now. Be a part of me on this crusade to deliver Michael Jackson's legacy to life.

”Lies Drives Sprints, however Fact Runs Marathons.”

—Michael Jackson

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