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Tom: Coast to the coast and floorboards for shingles, that is The Cash Pit Residence Improvement Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

Tom: What do you do on this excellent winter day? In case you are your home, you’re in the best place. We're here that will help you with your own home enchancment tasks, your DIY issues, your interior challenges. I gave Leslie in the present day an inside problem to her mom's home. We are wanting for new flooring foam for the home.

And Leslie, I want to ask you because many individuals assume that when you have a small room, you must do all the light: a light-weight layer, mild walls, mild cables, mild ceilings. But you then gained't get the contrast. Wouldn't it look better and larger if, for example, you used a darker flooring or a darker highlighting wall and did every little thing else pop?

LESLIE: I imply I personally love the look of a darkish wooden flooring or a darkish laminate or one thing that replicates from a dark perspective to the floor and then keeps every little thing else mild.

TOM: Proper

I really feel that it’s just a good illusion, so I feel it really is determined by what the colour of your closet is – do you make a change to a cupboard to suit on a darker flooring? You really have to take a look at all the opposite things. And I can't wait to dive into the photographs you've despatched me out of your mother's place.

TOM: Hey, in case you have any questions, just send them to our group on . You may also decide up the telephone and name us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

As we speak on the show we’ll speak about many house house owners who scale back smaller houses and face a simple challenge: where do they put all their inventory? We’ve some good ideas which were pulled together in some places in the house that you may not have thought you would use hidden storage.

LESLIE: Plus, when you’ve got been wanting for methods to scale back your electricity bill, there’s really nothing higher than getting it nearly free. And that is what happens in case you set up a photo voltaic power system.

Now’s a challenge that you are able to do yourself and you can save some huge cash within the process. So we’ve a couple of tips on it simply before.

TOM: And in the winter round midnight behind us, it's time to assume that outside timber are blooming within the spring. So we've acquired tips on the right way to maintain your timber alive and make them flourish by means of the winter.

LESLIE: In addition, this hour we’ll give away Arrow PT Pneumatic Staple Gun and supply staples. Now this can be a software that is good for numerous repairs. I all the time use it for interior design, such as the manufacture of upholstery or upholstery furnishings or the manufacture of seat cushions. You’ll be able to even use it to carry stairs. A lot you can do, and naturally Arrow will all the time aid you get these tasks by supplying you with step by step. So this can be a massive prize this hour.

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Let's go there. Leslie, who's first?

LESLIE: In Mass Massachusetts, Loretta is seemingly dangerous for so chilly and snowy winter in Massachusetts and wishes help with heating.

What can we do for you, Loretta? : Nicely, I want to know if it is cost-effective for me to vary my heating system, which is now oil. I have no fuel in my road. And I want to make an condominium out of my basement, the place the boiler and all that – the tank and all this – is.


LORETTA: So I’m wondering, Have you learnt if – Can I – is this something I can do? I have two layers. There can be a third in the basement. I don't know when you might have multiple pellet stove or how it works. Is it clear?

TOM: First, you need to add warmth to the basement room. Do you ask us about it?

LORETTA: Right. I need to eliminate the mess there: burner and oil (extraordinary).

Tom: Properly, how are you going to heat the rest of the house?

LORETTA: Nicely, I was – an enormous question. Can I warmth the entire home with a pellet range?

TOM: No.


Tom: No until there’s a small cabin within the forest. You want a central heating system. It will be silly to take away it. Your home would lose dramatic amounts of worth.

If you want to enhance its power efficiency, you could possibly substitute the gasoline oil or exchange the boiler yourself and take loads of effectivity.

Now In this condo, if it’s a boiler, that is, a scorching water heating system, it’s straightforward so as to add a further zone and get that zone just to heat the basement. It might be probably the most cost-effective strategy to do it, and it’s one great benefit of having a scorching water heating system. As a result of the zone valve and since the piping is there, you’ll be able to easily add an additional zone and warmth the basement in your zone. So it’ll only heat it when the thermostat needs it. But maintain the pot. You want it in another home.

Loretta, thank you for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Alright. Jeff in Michigan is consistent with the freezing drawback. How can we allow you to?

JEFF: What we have now – we now have a home built 20 years in the past. It 's Cape Cod. And on the entrance of the home in the course of the cold season, once we get snow and ice, it appears to be constructing ice covers in front. Upstairs is, in all probability, 18 inches of insulation. So I'm making an attempt to even the electrical reservoir try to minimize it back and it nonetheless appears to be. So I'm simply making an attempt to figure out what I can do to unravel this drawback.

TOM: OK. So insulation, is such a compression immediately hooked up to the roof construction? Or do you permit ventilation to exceed the top of the insulation?

JEFF: What it has as a result of it has styrofoam channels right down to the entrance.

TOM: Are there ventilation areas the place air can travel over it? Because the problem is here, good: the warmth passes by means of this insulation and warms up the roof immediately above it. And in consequence, the excess remains very chilly, so it freezes and causes the construct up of this dam. In case you have the proper air flow, the place the air enters the sofas, it runs underneath the roof and out on a ridge that protects the ice cowl. That is all you are able to do, actually, inside.

Would you like – have you ever made any repairs because of these de-icing?

JEFF: No, we aren’t.

Tom: Because in the event you do, the excellent news is that the house insurance covers them. And if that have been the case, I might have that a part of my roof and ensure I’ve ice and water safety put in, up to 3 and four meters from the edge of the roof.


TOM: So I take a look at the insulation, be sure to get good ventilation above it. And if it happens once more and you’ve got ever leaked, name the home insurance coverage agent, get the garment and then depart the ice and water defend in order that it never occurs once more, Jeff.

JEFF: OK. Superb. I recognize it.

Tom: You're welcome. Congratulations in your undertaking. Thank you very a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Deborah in Missouri is about power. What can we do for you?

DEBORAH: I have a home of 1450 sq. ft and it's a shared degree. And our power payments are like $ 350 a month. Looking for out principally where the gap is and how you can fix it.

Tom: Is it consistent all yr spherical? Or is it winter excessive or excessive in summer time or what?

DEBORAH: It seems to be nicely, definitely summer time excessive. We simply acquired the summer time. We’re fairly constant over these three months. Within the winter, we've often been around 250-300 in most years.

TOM: You understand that your question is sweet because many individuals try to determine where their home is utilizing probably the most power. So I have a couple of recommendations for you. Certainly one of them is to contact your local helpdesk and discover out if they’ve the power to do an power audit for your house.

Some utility corporations supply such providers as a small charge, or typically free, as a part of their licensing necessities, the place they’ve an power viewer coming residence and taking a look at all the methods your property makes use of power and supplying you with advice on where it is best to focus on your improvements.

we will all the time – simply speak about it usually. However the number-one place that you need to try to enhance can be the attic as a result of most houses wouldn’t have sufficient insulation. And should you punched your head in the attic, we wish you to see 15-20 inches of fluffy insulation. When you don't see it, it's the primary place you waste lots of power.

DEBORAH: Yeah, it sounds good. Thanks for the assets.

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TOM: The craze of a small house has created an exciting and artistic motion to stay a small life. Nevertheless, the décor and décor of those small flats require artistic considering. We share some good ideas that work with other small households to make this occur after this.

Making good houses better, this is The Cash Pit House Enchancment Show. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

TOM: Carry the telephone, call us right now, with your own home enchancment query. We want to help. The quantity is 1-888-MONEY-PIT, which HomeAdvisor will current, a fast and straightforward approach to find the fitting answer for any house venture, be it a small restore or a serious upgrade.

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Plus, I really like this function, Leslie, as a result of I do know you're doing numerous upholstery and your hand really sore. This ignites the hearth. For many who don't know what the hearth is, speak about it.

LESLIE: So there is a hearth if you hold the trigger pulled again and then put your venture on the highest of the staple gun repeatedly. So it simply pushes down the safety mechanism that causes the stapler gun to fireside, which is absolutely useful for those who're in a troublesome place otherwise you're just making an attempt to move alongside a straight edge, similar to a settee. Not one thing I like to recommend all the time, but for the best software, it really helps rather a lot.

TOM: Now here is a challenge that you are able to do with that current gun and pit mechanism: you’ll be able to worm some stairs. And you realize what? This is likely one of the tasks has on its website. Go there – – Click on Tasks. I like to have step by step footage, materials, all the things you need for that venture and for many others. So test it out at

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LESLIE: Pat in South Dakota, you've acquired a money hour. What can we do for you as we speak?

PAT: Yeah. I’ve a question concerning the flooring. Our flooring is about 25 years previous. We’ve a carpet and vinyl laminate of about 800 sq. meters. And I do know the underlay is sweet, but I need to pull the previous carpets and set up the floor. And I noticed some vinyls – some from a new vinyl bank.

Now, I have set a laminate flooring, towards a background of mounting and which was not too dangerous. And I was just curious – on the primary flooring, I need to do every thing collectively because every thing goes together. Nevertheless it has a toilet. It has a quarter-bath and kitchen, as well as a eating and household room and descent into the hall. So there are many corners and such. And I'm just curious, what do you consider the brand new vinyl coating. Is it easier to put in, more durable?

TOM: Yeah. I feel you're speaking a few technical vinyl bar. RETIRED?

LESLIE: It's like rubberized vinyl. It seems like a board. A few of them glue together with an overlapping tab that already has an adhesive. A few of them, you your self put the glue down, virtually like a mastic, and then spread it like a tile. Thus, it is dependent upon what you’re looking for, because one among them is far thicker than the opposite, and each have a special prep and totally different adhesion process. So I feel you actually have to take a look at what it’s.

PAT: Mm-hmm. Now, what I noticed right here in my house present was – it was – it was vinyl. You possibly can bend it and it appeared like a wooden grain, however it was a sort of click-through set up. However it didn't maintain a strong, strong laminate flooring that snaps together. It was not smooth. You’ll be able to't bend it, however this vinyl jacket that you possibly can bend. And it seemed good.

TOM: Yeah, Pat. You speak about a product referred to as EVP or an engineered vinyl beam. This is another sort of vinyl coating that is a lot newer to the market. However from what I've seen, it is 100 per cent waterproof. Collectively, it clicks loads of other varieties of laminate flooring and its end is extraordinarily sturdy. Lumber Liquidators makes it a 30-year end, and it seems to be identical to a tree. So it’s undoubtedly an alternative choice for you.

PAT: Now – have you ever already executed issues. Combined laminate? It has help. Now, if one thing like this occurs, do you place it immediately on the liner and linoleum so long as it is clean and good?

TOM: Yeah. Actually, this can be a floating flooring, like a daily laminate flooring. So it's not stuck on the previous flooring; it's over it. So, as you say, so long as the floor is flat and has no massive droplets or bumps or bumps, it simply locks in and lies proper there and you're going to chop it towards the edge.

PAT: OK. Thanks for assist.

Tom: You're welcome. Congratulations on this challenge.

LESLIE: At present, many shoppers are choosing a smaller house and making life simpler. However finding space for storing options requires some type of artistic considering. Now, listed here are some nice ideas that work for other small households.

First, you need to attempt to draw it first when you can. It doesn't should be an entire drawing. It may be any drawing: mechanical, hand-drawn, computerized, no matter what it’s, nevertheless it only feels snug with that sort of communication. In case you can draw a house in your first room and pencil in your furnishings listing, you will notice precisely how you should use it before the transition date.

And if you would like more technical info, I imply there are such a lot of totally different kinds of software you should use. There are simple, easy-to-use or pill solutions for the iPad or iPhone, the place you possibly can simply place the room's dimensions and place it in area and pull and drop the furnishings and modify its measurements. Or you possibly can go for more high-tech know-how the place you do one thing more in SketchUp or AutoCAD. This stuff are actually useful, not so troublesome to use. There are such a lot of great tutorials on-line, so don't be afraid to attempt the extra technically acutely aware aspect.

TOM: Yeah. If one thing doesn't fit your room, it's a very good time to seek out out.

LESLIE: Earlier than you really move it.

TOM: Before you move it precisely.

One other factor you want to concentrate on is choosing furniture in a hidden space for storing. There are plenty of cool furniture that do that. We are speaking about funny and distinctive ottomans and finish tables and occasional tables. Some have a pop-up deck with some space for storing. Because you recognize what? In case you don't see it, the house doesn't look just as messy.

LESLIE: One other huge various is cubes. Cubes are an excellent type because you see them in Ottoman and see them in some storage models. So why not type each? You can find an ottoman that’s cubic and opens and it can save you issues in.

Yow will discover cube-style recording. I've seen them pews, I have seen them in shallow, that is perhaps one cubic high three on the disc you could retailer boots or cardigans and hats, and maintain it within the hallway. I've even seen them, who have three, four, five cubic meters in width, however many cubes high, you could type and then build a number of the large-sized stores or even a few of these ornament products.

TOM: Yes.

LESLIE: I've seen them all over the place.

TOM: Tarjay.

LESLIE: Precisely. It's the very trendy aspect of Tarjay.

However there are various totally different options in terms of a cube-style storage unit you could go huge or go small and put issues away in a pretty and hidden means.

Tom: And eventually, here's what we use and meaning area beneath the beds. But not simply shifting items there, no.

First, we’ve beds on our beds that provide slightly extra – about 4 inches more – under the room. And then you will get some of these very useful, sliding Rubbermaid trays. They have covers, and you may put the knitwear there, you possibly can put the footwear there. They usually have wheels. And I'll inform you what there’s plenty of room beneath Queen's measurement to store such issues. Or in case you have a double bed or a king bed, the higher. But put the beds up within the risers. You really don't feel it four inches whenever you try to leap on the mattress. And it's not that massive. However the area under will enable you to save numerous stuff out of sight and out of mind.

So just some concepts. We have now an excellent mailing on-line about how you can find storage in smaller houses. Determine on because there are various more tips.

888-666-3974. Standing that will help you with hints for your subsequent house enchancment undertaking. Name us right now.

LESLIE: In case you have been wanting for ways to scale back your electricity invoice, there’s actually nothing higher than getting it for free. And it's really achievable. It may truly occur in the event you set up a photovoltaic system. Now it's a challenge that you can do your self, which may seem shocking. And so that you save some huge cash in the course of.

TOM: Making Good Houses Better, Welcome again to the Cash-Pit House Improvement Exhibition. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

TOM: If in case you have been wanting for ways to scale back your electricity bill, there's nothing higher than getting it nearly free. And that’s what can happen in the event you set up a photo voltaic power system.

LESLIE: Yes. However when you've stored the sun, however thought it was too expensive, we've received news for you. It's really reasonably priced when you do it your self. It’s potential to do that with the help of our next guest. He's Zach Stevens. And Zach is an skilled wholesaler for Solar.

Welcome, Zach.

ZACH: Thanks for taking me, guys. Excited to be right here.

TOM: So, Zach, I feel it isn’t even potential for many people to make their very own photo voltaic system set up. You’ve been selling at Photo voltaic for years for direct sales to DIYers. How troublesome is it to put the system collectively?

ZACH: For most owners who’re fairly useful and have already got crucial tools within the garage, it's not too troublesome. I mean, in case you are snug, say that you simply put a scorching tub or perhaps a water heater or construct a deck, then the solar will probably be as straightforward if not easier than doing any of those tasks. It's not likely that troublesome

LESLIE: I feel that there are lots of totally different photo voltaic techniques for residential buildings. So, how have you learnt where to start out looking and what could be greatest for you?

ZACH: In case you are a typical house, you’re tied to a serving to hand. On this state of affairs, it is just smart to get a networked system, which primarily means returning the electrical panel to the solar panels. And all the additional forces which are shaped from the panels stream back into the grid by crediting the meter.

TOM: Does it mean that you simply sell your electrical energy that you simply made in your personal residence, back

ZACH: It's quite uncommon to promote it back. There are some packages where you possibly can promote back.

Tom: We name it "merchandise".

ZACH: Definitely. It really works, yeah. It’s the preferred system. In case you are building homes in the midst of the night time, in the woods and there’s no use to the interfaces or it is actually expensive to convey utility energy to the property, then the off-grid sun is the answer for you. It incorporates batteries and storage.

Tom: I obtained it. So, for probably the most half, for those who're already on power, you feed it again, we get credit, and it's a lot electrical energy that you simply don't should pay from the utility.

When you attempt to determine how a lot system you want – by measurement and what works greatest in your home and whether or not you’ve the suitable course, perhaps you must think about chopping giant, crossing timber, making such selections – might you also be by means of a wholesale sunscreen driver?

ZACH, we will definitely. Grid-bound sun is pretty primary. That's actually three issues. Electricity use per 30 days. So let's say you employ a mean of 1,000 kilowatt-hours per thirty days. Nicely, we will put collectively a system that produces a mean of 1,000 kilowatt hours per thirty days and replaces the invoice utterly. You realize, then it comes down, can you match enough of the panels to supply a lot power in your roof? So we’ve got to rise up there or the condo ought to go up and measure the roof to ensure they match into many panels. After which, in fact, the price range also comes up.

LESLIE: What impact do you assume the solar would have on the property of somebody? Do you see it as an advantage or is it really depending on the place you’re within the nation?

ZACH: Generally it is useful, yeah. It provides worth to the house. It's like setting an adjunct, reminiscent of a scorching tub or a pleasant patio within the backyard, which provides value to the property. Many individuals see the photo voltaic system in the home and say, “Geez, sure, there isn’t a electrical energy bill in the house. I pay just a little more for that house, definitely. “

So, yes, I might say it definitely, typically it provides value.

Tom: What savings are we talking about once you make your personal system? Sometimes you’d call a photo voltaic power contractor and they might come out and offer you a quick one. And I feel – it additionally seems to be fairly confusing as a result of they all the time speak about renewal credits and tax breaks and leases and energy buy plans. Plainly the system is just too troublesome to buy lately. I like that you’ve a type of damaged and made it very easy. But what sort of savings would an condominium owner expertise in the event that they made the venture themselves, quite than renting various things, soup for nuts?

ZACH: Sometimes, what I've seen, would you’ve gotten hired a photo voltaic contractor, it’ll in all probability value you double the worth. So, in the event you purchase $ 10,000 photovoltaic units which may put your home in, it will in all probability value you $ 20,000 so someone might come out and put it in.

TOM: What for those who bought the system however just needed to put in it? Are there contractors who accept such work with out supplying the gear? You simply need to lease them for the workforce?

ZACH: Absolutely, yeah. Lots of our clients are doing so. So I might say that the majority of our clients obtain, I don't know, in all probability 80 % of the work. Shelves and the right set up of panels usually are not very arduous for most people, be it on the bottom or on the roof. From here, all it’s essential do is to run a cable between the panels and the position of the drive, which is usually next to the electrical panel. And naturally, there is a real physical tying to the electrical panel that most individuals employ an electrician. However sometimes for a medium-sized job, there are just a few hours of labor for an electrician.

TOM: Wow. So, it's a lot simpler than individuals assume.

We're talking with Zach Stevens. He is an professional in wholesale. This can be a company that has been selling solar energy merchandise directly to the public for a few years. It's fascinating because I feel it's not what individuals assume – they don't like solar as a DIY undertaking.

Zach, how do you get right here? And what's your background?

ZACH: I obtained a job for solar work. So, once I was installing professionally, geez, it was about eight years, I by no means thought or stored individuals doing the sun in their own means earlier than I started working right here. However wholesale Photo voltaic began as an installation firm after which began to design methods on-line and promote directly to clients. In 2012, it was bought to staff, so we are an employee-owned firm and it's really enjoyable to work here.

LESLIE: Now that you simply go ahead and put the photo voltaic system residence, you’re clearly seeing the benefits of saving your power. However what about tax credits? I feel that the government will in all probability give plenty of incentives. How have you learnt the place to look to make sure that you’re in the suitable place or do it proper, on time? You don't need to miss. So, how do you miss?

TOM: There’s a 30% federal tax credit score for photo voltaic methods, so it applies to the gear you purchase. And should you bang the electrician's tie, you possibly can take their bills and get a 30% tax credit

. We're not likely tax specialists right here. Often, we just inform our clients to say, "Hey, talk to your accountant and help you fill out the forms." Or say you employ TurboTax or one among these online tax websites and you can even go on the route. There is a 30% federal tax credit score.

Tom: Zach, what if the house just isn’t dealing with south? Is it attainable to sunbathe should you don't have the optimum roof angle you need?

ZACH: Absolutely. There are many techniques with panels to the east-facing ceiling or west dealing with ceiling. It's just a bit sun, where you get a little less. If you want to exchange the whole use, you solely want extra panels to get additional energy and not attain the south-facing ceiling. So you simply need a number of panels, all. However yes, it still works.

TOM: And will you give the house an concept of ​​what they should anticipate, for instance, utilizing Google Earth to take a look at their home from the sky

ZACH: Yes. You can too view different websites. Principally you hit the numbers or say, "OK. You’ll have a 10 kilowat system in your home. If the course is west of 270 degrees, solar panels produce this much energy yearly. “So it's fairly straightforward to seek out out.

TOM: Nicely, it's nice time to add sun to your own home. It's not as troublesome as you assume. Individuals in the wholesale photo voltaic system will help you propose and define the system primarily. After which you should purchase it for a few third or more of what you pay for the normal sun – that there isn’t any thriller to it.

You step-by-step – I watched, I feel 20-minute video is there, how the panel set up is definitely completed. It was very informative and properly finished. So good work. So, thank you for the work you might have put into it as a result of I feel it affects shoppers. And I'm positive that it’ll additionally assist the enterprise.

ZACH: Yes, sure, for positive. Thanks.

Tom: Zach Stevens, thank you so much, again, for some time to teach us right now

ZACH: Not a problem. It was fun to be here.

LESLIE: Alright. Still ahead, will the timber in your yard survive winter’s chill? We’re going to have the steps to ensure that the reply is sure, they may, after this.

TOM: Making good houses better, welcome again to The Cash Pit House Improvement Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

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You’ve used this software on fairly a number of tasks, Leslie. You prefer it?

LESLIE: I mean I actually do. A staple gun, I discover, is so useful for so many various issues. And a pneumatic staple gun is tremendous useful for a lot more different things, from molding tasks to upholstery tasks to décor tasks. There’s a lot that you can do that nearly makes you are feeling type of superhero-like in your talents, as a result of the device simply helps you to do so.

And what’s so nice about Arrow is should you go to their web site, which is, there’s an entire number of tasks that you can do. They usually give you the step-by-step they usually really do build your confidence that you simply’ll be tackling tasks very quickly, that you simply just merely didn’t assume you can do. So, it’s an amazing company and it’s an ideal software.

TOM: And in addition taking over numerous tasks with that specific device. They usually’re all laid out for you, step-by-step, on’s website, including this week’s featured venture which is tips on how to carpet stair treads. All the data step-by-step, pictures, illustrations proper there at Just click on Tasks.

That Arrow PT50 Pneumatic Staple Gun and a provide of staples going out to at least one listener. Make it you. Call us, right now, at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Now we’ve acquired Cody in Kansas on the line who has a sheetrock query. What can we do for you right now?

CODY: Properly, we’re truly renovating our kitchen and – first renovation; we’ve by no means executed this. We now have wood-paneling partitions and I’m wondering, can you sheetrock over the wooden paneling? Do we have to do an entire teardown and tear it out before we sheetrock?

TOM: You possibly can drywall on prime of that however I don’t assume it’s a good suggestion. I feel you’re better off taking that previous – those previous, wooden partitions down. You’re going to get a much cleaner look if you’re carried out and I just don’t assume it’s a good idea to have all that additional materials in your wall.

CODY: OK. Is there – ought to I’m going with ¼-inch drywall? Ought to I’m going with ½-inch?

TOM: Is this regular paneling that’s like an 1/8- or ¼-inch thick?

CODY: Yes.

TOM: Yeah, that ought to come down fairly shortly. Once you pull all the electrical cowl plates off the packing containers, it is best to have the ability to get that going on the seams and pull that right off. After which just frivolously sand the walls, if there’s any imperfections there, after which you’ll be able to apply new drywall on that.

You might use in all probability – if in case you have present drywall there, you would use three/8-inch drywall as your second coat. And for those who glued it, ensure you can – you’ll want fewer fasteners however be sure to overlap the seams. So don’t use the identical actual seams as exists within the unique wall. Does that make sense?

CODY: Yes. And the unique wall, I consider, is the – it’s lath and plaster; it’s not precise drywall.

TOM: Oh, plaster lath? Yeah. I might undoubtedly go on prime of that. I might not pull down the plaster lath. I’ve finished that job both methods and it’s quite a bit cleaner when you just go over it. But remember you’re going to have to increase the electrical bins and perhaps trim around windows and doors and that kind of thing to compensate for the extra thickness.

CODY: OK. Alright. I respect it.

TOM: Alright. Good luck with that undertaking. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

Nicely, with look, what, about half the winter behind us now, it’s an excellent time to consider ensuring your outside timber are going to bloom this spring. And there are a few things that you are able to do, right now, that’s going to make it possible for your timber do survive the colder climate, proper?

LESLIE: Yeah. I feel first you’ve really obtained to keep in mind that despite the fact that it seems to be just like the timber aren’t doing anything, they’re truly doing numerous stuff. They’re rising, despite the fact that it seems like they’re just laying still. They’ve obtained to conserve their meals and power. They usually’re defending all their growing elements beneath those buds that you simply may see. And those are super weak, so that you’ve received to guard the tree.

TOM: Now, you possibly can assist hold these timber warmer in the winter simply by adding a thin layer of composted natural mulch to the tree’s root floor. So, if it’s starting to present, in case you perhaps added some mulch and it’s worn away, put some extra down as a result of it helps defend those roots from extreme temperatures, which are nonetheless solely potential.

LESLIE: Yeah. Now, additionally remember if the tree is young or perhaps a sapling otherwise you haven’t had it planted very lengthy or it hasn’t developed a corky bark just but, you’ve received to wrap it. And try to hold those pets and animals away that may do loads of harm.

TOM: And resist the urge to prune too many lifeless branches. I do know that that’s onerous for me as a result of as soon as I get going with pruning, I wish to maintain going. But these cuts ought to undoubtedly be made selectively till the weather warms up. It provides the tree only a higher probability to survive.

LESLIE: Arising, breaking the principles is allowed typically. We’re going to inform you when you’ll be able to push the boundaries to get massive outcomes and compliments, once we return.

TOM: Making good houses better, welcome again to The Money Pit. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

Give us a name at 888-MONEY-PIT introduced by HomeAdvisor. They really have the most effective local execs for any residence service.

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LESLIE: And there’s no membership fees. It’s 100-percent free to use,

TOM: You’ll be able to publish your property enchancment question to’s Group page, like Kyra did. She says, “I’ve seen a bathtub made completely of tile and wondering how that tile holds water. I love the design and really want to make one of these tiled bathtubs on my own but wonder how it can be waterproof.”

That’s an awesome question and you recognize what? The tile isn’t going to hold water however the material beneath the tile will. Once you construct a tile bathtub, you’ve obtained to construct the tub first, then line it with a water-proof materials, like fiberglass, after which adhere the tile to the tub. It’s principally what’s achieved whenever you assemble a shower pan but on this case, you’re doing it on the bath.

Nicely, for all the cutting-edge, high-end design ideas out there, most of us still comply with some fairly unwritten design rules: you already know, those issues that someone sooner or later decided we should always by no means, ever do. Nicely, typically breaking these rules is required. And Leslie has received ideas for shaking up the established order and making massive design statements, in as we speak’s version of Leslie’s Final Word.

Leslie? You’re going to shake it up?

LESLIE: I’m going to attempt. Typically you inherit those design rules from your mother and father or perhaps you just know one thing to be a rule and by no means considered breaking them. Nicely, it’s time to go rogue on those previous design guidelines. You need to start with considered one of my favourite ones to break: neutral colors solely in small areas. That isn’t true, you guys. Even when daring colours do make areas look smaller, the phantasm is well worth the added eye sweet. And it doesn’t all the time make the area feel smaller. You possibly can go neutral on the wall and tremendous bold on the furnishings. I imply there’s a approach to usher in those colors that really make that room pop, so don’t be afraid to try this.

Now, also, somewhere alongside this design timeline, anyone determined that grasp bedrooms ought to be critical. Properly, toss that rule away, too. Fun décor provides you one thing exciting and galvanizing to get up to. And it could deliver out the child in all of us. You simply don’t need to make it too, too thrilling or too much of a brilliant colour that it provides you a tough time going to sleep at night time.

Now, here’s another factor with paintings. Are you kind of within the mindset that the whole lot needs to be hung precisely at eye degree? Mieti uudelleen. Now, you’ll be able to lean frames and canvases on the ground to offer you type of an art-studio really feel. And then you’ll be able to play around with the peak for a distinctly memorable look. It’s something that’s really distinctive and you may put a huge canvas on the ground or a very massive piece of framed paintings or something more sculptural. Mix up the sizes, mix up the degrees. Give yourself that gallery impact at house.

And here’s another one that I really love to interrupt: matching chairs. You don’t have to try this should you don’t need to. Mismatched chairs in dining rooms, that’s type of the new tackle formal. Chairs and benches? I’m completely cool with that. Mismatched chairs in dwelling rooms? It’s actually a good way to point out your character, perhaps show some of your travels, spotlight a favorite material that you simply perhaps have. There’s so some ways that you would be able to kind of break these guidelines however nonetheless type of stay inside specific design tips that make a space unbelievable but finally your personal.

So, don’t be afraid to attempt one thing new. Go ahead. Push the comfort zone, guys.

TOM: We have been away earlier this – truly, later last yr, I should say. I went to a restaurant that we simply sort of discovered by way of some associates of ours. And all the tables and chairs have been utterly mismatched and it was the good area. That they had furniture that had in all probability spanned 40, 50 years: all the things from the 1950s kind of stainless-steel metallic tables and chairs up to the early American of the perhaps 70s and 80s and up to at present. And it was type of cool, because every part was actually totally different and simply really fun. So that’s a terrific concept.

LESLIE: And it makes these areas memorable.

TOM: It actually did. Katso? I remembered it.


TOM: Nicely, that is The Cash Pit House Enchancment Present. And arising subsequent time on the program, we’re going to talk a few sort of lighting referred to as a “pendant.” Pendant lights are a very in style selection nowadays, especially for kitchens. So we’re going to offer you some tips on how you can simply add modern and very trendy pendants to your house lighting plan, on the very subsequent edition of The Cash Pit.

I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you are able to do it yourself …

LESLIE: But you don’t need to do it alone.


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