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Congress clans want to go "hybrid": Comelec change of line: 7 Duterte nominations to hold 2022 elections

Congress clans want to go "hybrid": Comelec change of line: 7 Duterte nominations to hold 2022 elections

by Malou Mangahas and Karol Ilagan. will seem in Might 2022.

The Election Committee (Comelec) as such has already faced major back-and-forth points: unspecified deficient provide contracts and weak venture management methods, which marked the Might 2019 elections; 5 of the seven Commissioners and its CEO will retire from January to February 2022; and the seemingly coordinated efforts of politicians to put an end to its automated electoral system or AES.

Behind Voting in Elections 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. PCIJ

Demanding Fraud Triggered False Voting – By counting machines, politicians from previous political clans, led a minimum of by President Rodrigo R. Duterte, have urged Comelec and Congress to rub AES. and as an alternative return to a hybrid election system or system that is partly guide and partly automated. However election observers are involved that this hybrid system provides opportunities to fill and intercept ballot bins, and the dagdag-bawas system, pushed by previous weapons, goons and gold. To complicate matters, the push for "hybrid elections is about to start as Comelec prepares for future major modifications amongst commissioners. In truth, the subsequent synchronized presidential, parliamentary and local elections in Might 2022 will face a serious upheaval. Even worse, switching guards

Comelec's present Rules of Process are made up of the dazzling of denominators who come, go, or serve beneath absolutely the phrases of passing or upward transfer. The seven current Commissioners are:

  • Sheriff M. Abas. April 19, 2018;
  • Luie Tito F. Guia, appointed April 20, 2013;
  • Rowena Amelia V. Guanzon, appointed April 28, 2015;
  • Al A. Parreño, appointed April 19, 2013;
  • Socorro B. Inting, appointed 17th. April 2018;
  • Marlon S. Casquejo, Appointed June 18, 2018; and
  • Antonio T. Kho Jr., appointed August 16, 2018. Also,


Beginning subsequent yr and thru Might 2022, Comelec will see successive pensions, leaving solely two of the current seven still within the Constitutional Office on the end of that period.

However first, on January 1, 2020, Jose M. Tolentino Jr., CEO of Comelec, celebrated his 65th birthday and bowed to his service. Tolentino has served as Managing Director of Comelec since 2004 and has later headed the executive providers department of the inquiry service. In all, he has helped coordinate a minimum of six national elections, together with the last one final Might.

Then, on February 2, 2020, Commissioners Guia and Parreño will retire from the voting physique. Their departure will depart only one Commissioner, Guanzon, for the appointment of former President Benigno S. Aquino III.

Three others will retire on February 2, 2022, or just over three months earlier than Election Day: President Abas and Commissioners Guanzon and Kho.

The remaining two Commissioners – Inting and Casquejo, both appointed by Duterte – will continue in workplace till 2 February 2025.

By regulation, a Comelec commissioner can run for seven years.

All 4 of Mindanao

The resignation of 5 commissioners opens the door for 2 new commissioners subsequent February and another three commissioners in February 2022, all appointed by Duterte. Because of this by 2022 Comelec might be run totally by Duterte's manually elected commissioners. In addition, by 2022, Comelec, ruled by novices with little or no expertise of holding nationwide automated elections, will handle the vote of the subsequent President of the Republic.

Since 2018, Duterte has been busy filling out cleared slots in the physique. has thus far appointed a brand new chairman of Comelec and three Commissioners – all of them from Mindanao.

Two of the four come from his hometown, Davao; one is his brother's brother. 4 of the three had no expertise of operating the elections till Duterte despatched them to the polling station.

Commissioner Inting, formerly an affiliate on the Courtroom of Attraction, is from the town of Davao. He has additionally served as a decide in Manila and Makati, as a prosecutor and a lawyer. (On Might 27, Duterte additionally named Inting's youthful brother, Henri Jean Paul Inting, as an adjudicator of the Supreme Courtroom. Henri Inting had additionally served underneath CA's ancillary regulation.)

Kho is a Lex Taleonis from Sulun Jolo. member of the fraternity as Duterte and resigned as Minister of Justice Vitaliano Aguirre II. Kho had also served as Aguirre's Beneath-Secretary of State. When Abas was appointed chairman of Comelec in November 2017, Duterte later appointed Khoa to fill Abas's publish as Commissioner.

On July 13, 2018, BusinessWorld Newspaper reported that Kho's nomination document was partially read: "In accordance with the provisions of this section, Section 16, Article VII of the 1987 Constitution and applicable laws will appoint you as Electoral Commissioner for the term ending February 2, 2020 ( sic), varaherra M. Abbas. "

Abbas, nephew. The Moro Islamic Liberation Entrance (MILF), Mohagher Iqbal, comes from Cotabato Metropolis. Abas is the primary Mindanao and the youngest on the age of 40 to be appointed Chief of Comelec. Abas was a lawyer and deputy director of the Former Autonomous Region Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) when he was appointed Comelec Commissioner by President Aquino in 2015.

In November 2017, Duterte elected Abas Comelec as President and Juan Andres D. Bautista, who resigned 11. October 2017, for an unpaid term of office as a result of of his wife Patricia's allegations of inexplicable wealth and threats of jail trial within the Senate. Aquino appointed Bautista as chairman of Comelec in April 2015.

Of the present seven Comelec commissioners, only Casquejo has acquired educational coaching in info know-how and the only one selected from the commissioners. Nevertheless, his appointment has raised some eyebrows among his colleagues. He had jumped at the head of senior career colleagues and regional leaders when he turned Commissioner; when he was appointed by Duterte, Casquejo was Deputy Chief of the Davao Region.

Du30 doesn't like

If some politicians had their means, Casquejo's info know-how background would give him little sports activities privilege over others. Member of the Commission. It’s because these politicians were not totally glad with the technical failure of the Might 2019 elections and have referred to as for a return to guide polls.

Two weeks after the Might 13 poll day in Tokyo, Duterte himself had introduced a seemingly pressing proposal to remotely elect automated elections: complaints about alleged anomalies he made to Comelec's know-how reporter Sensible659 guilt, which at the time was just one of Comelec's suppliers. A report from the Philippine Communications Office (PCOO) quoted the president as saying, “I would really like to advise Comelec now – hindi ko na lang hintay (I can’t wait) – hand over to that intelligent and search for a new one that is deceptive. "

He then promised to handle the difficulty at his nation's state tackle, scheduled two months later." I assure you, "PCOO quoted the President as saying," I'll bring this to the nation. Sabi ko sa kanila will stop it because you are creating a problem na puputok talaga (I tell them, stop it because you are creating a problem that really explodes). "

PCOO stated that Duterte continued," Kasi ang Liberal… Sabi Nila nadaya sila. Ako Sabi Nila nadaya rin. And you already know that it creates a hostile angle towards this clever one. You could have three years. Opening of elections. Palitan na ninyo kasi, it’s not acceptable to me, to the individuals right here and even to the congressmen. (It's because of the liberal [Party] … They stated they have been deceived. They have been additionally deceived. Additionally they know that it creates an atmosphere of hostility with that Smartmat. You’ve gotten three years. The election had simply occurred. A change as a result of it didn't not acceptable to me, to the individuals right here, and even to the congressmen.)

The PCOO chap additionally stated: "The president says the government should eliminate anything that promotes cheating. Therefore, he recommends replacing Smartmatic with Comelec's technology provider."

Comelec has used Smartmatic Vocal Counting Machines (VCMs), previously generally known as Observer Optical Scanners (PCOS), for its first yr in the first yr, and has since used its potential to buy Smartmatic machines and purchased models used within the 2016 election.

Might 201i several Smartmatic and other distributors' Secure Digital Memory Cards (SD Playing cards), pens and Voter Registration Verifiers (VRVMs) that have been found to be malfunctioning or not used in any respect.

Explosion of Bills

By June and July, a number of legislators rushed to submit payments in largely comparable ways and content, all proposing a transition to the hybrid voting system in the Might 2022 synchronized election. t Vicente Sotto III submitted Senate Invoice 7 on the day the 18th Congress opened final June 30. The bill proposes hybrid types of election via guide voting and counting on the nationwide degree and automated transmission and mapping of outcomes.

It wasn't the first time Sotto had left such a invoice. In June 2018, the Senator submitted Senate Bill 1858, entitled "Hybrid National, Local, and ARMM Elections by Manual Voting and Counting at Precinct Level, as well as Automatic Transmission and Painting, and Other Purposes."

Previously, 2018 In a bill he filed, Sotto claimed that there were "numerous unresolved issues and abuses in the conduct of previous national and local elections." The regulation concerned a collection of early postponement of voting. Comelec logs on Might 8, 2016 and Might 9, 2016] [1965900]. The purpose of this bill is presumably to tackle the problems reported as being in a totally automated electoral system.

In accordance to Sotto's bill, " is an unobstructed view of the real-time (sic) input of votes, and the total number of valid ballot rounds used and the results reflected in both manual and digital elections. In the event of a conflict, priority shall prevail. The digital election bounce prediction is predicted while recording in real time (sic) for the benefit of viewers. Voters can check the accuracy between the actual required (sic) voices and electronically transmitted voices. "

Nevertheless, Sotton's 2018 invoice was placed on hold by the Senate Committee on Election Reform and Individuals's Participation. His 2019 invoice – nearly a literal model of his first bill, mistakes and the whole lot – is designed for public consultation in the identical committee, chaired right now by a new-style senator and feminine figure from the previous political clan, Maria Imelda Josefa. R. Marcos.

Senator Aquilino & # 39; Measurement & # 39; In the meantime, Pimentel III, who chairs the JCOC-AES Joint Supervisory Committee, has repeated Sotto's declare that he also prefers a hybrid election system in 2022.

"Good thing," Pimentel stated in a text message to Duterten . "I've also been thinking about this line. We need a new system in 2022. Better if the calculation can be proven in the areas. "

Similar title, system

Within the House of Representatives on July 1, 9, and July 29, a number of legislators separately filed four payments for a single objective: conducting a number of elections.

All 4 bills had the absolutely equivalent full title: "A law that provides for the conduct of hybrid national and local elections by manual voting and counting at national level, and Automated broadcasting and painting, and for other purposes." All 4 payments also proposed the same hybrid system.

It’s fascinating that four of the three authors of the bill come from three .family political households, each with a sibling or a father or mother or husband, who simultaneously sit in other 19 optionally available positions9. Four bills have been despatched to the Parliamentary Voting and Electoral Fee – Reforms now led by Stage 2 Consultant Juliet Marie de Leon Ferrer (Step 4, Negros Occ.) Juliet Ferrer first ran as a congressman in 2016, succeeding her husband Jeffrey, who had also served as congressional spokesman for the same county. Beforehand, Jeffrey Ferrer was additionally elected Mayor of La Carlota City by Eduardo & Diling & # 39; Defender of Cojuangco Jr.

The 4 bills looking for to cross the hybrid election in Might 2022 are: Home Regulation 125, by Dan S. Fernandez (Step 1, Laguna), Editor-in-Chief, July 1, 2019; House Act No. 483, by Cheryl P. Deloso-Montalla (Second Dist., Zambales), filed July 1, 2019;

  • House Act 1784, by Espino, Jumel Anthony I. Espino (Step 2, Pangasinan), filed July 9, 2019; and
  • House Act 2265, by Pantaleon D. Alvarez (First Step, Davao del Norte), filed July 29, 2019.
  • Alvarez of the Partido Democratic Pilipino-Laban (PDP-Laban) Celebration was the Chairman of the 17th Congress, but was changed by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who spoke of the progress of the president's daughter and Mayor of Davao, Sara Duterte.

    Fernandez, former mayor of Stain. Rosa, Laguna, was candidate for the Liberal Social gathering in 2016; and in Might 2019, ran and gained as a congressman beneath PDP-Laban.

    Lawyer Deloso-Montalla served as LP candidate, however has since joined an administrative coalition led by PDP-Laban and Hugpong ng Pagbabago. Final Might, his father, Amor D. Deloso, lost his bid for the re-election of the Governor of Zambales to his predecessor, retired police officer Hermogenes Ebdane Jr.

    Jumel Espino, who also came from a political family. He had served as mayor of Pangasinan Bugallon, then ran and gained the congressional seat underneath the PDP-Laban flag. His spouse, Priscilla, is now the mayor of Bugallon. Jumel's father, a retired police officer and former Pangasinan Governor, Amado T. Espino Jr., was a biennial congressman for Pangasinan's fifth District. Elder Espino misplaced his bid for his third term, but his eldest son, Amado Espino III, was re-elected governor of Pangasinan within the last election.

    More Defenders

    A lot earlier, in June 2018, former Cebu spokesman Gwendolyn F. Garcia had additionally filed a invoice like Sotto. House Regulation 313, written by Garcia and five different lawmakers, instructed that hybrid elections be organized by guide voting and counting at a restricted degree, followed by automated knowledge transfer and utilization of results.

    The regulation said that automated elections have been the outcome of a want to "clean up the process for some decades-old problems" affected by elections akin to "soft voter registers, voter inactivity, general slow and laborious manual counting, results generation, fraud, and a creeping lack of faith in the entire electoral system. "

    Nevertheless, operating the final three elections showed" disappointment more than its implementation, "Garcia stated in his invoice. He claimed that R.A. No. 9369 defined automated voting as "a system that utilizes the appropriate technology demonstrated in the voting, counting, validation, aggregation and transmission of election results, and in other electoral processes." However Comelec in 2010, 2013 and Garcia wrote that the 2016 election did not adjust to this rule. He stated the machines used in the previous election have been "mere calculating and transferring machines", in contrast to the statutory voting machine, which offers for automated voting on the fabric.

    Garcia wrote that Comelec had failed to implement. So, Congress needs to find a workable, cheaper, easier and extra acceptable various to the upcoming Might 2016 election, he stated. According to Garcia, this feature ought to "strike a balance between the recognized interests and timeliness of electronic technology and the proven acceptability of manual elections".

    Just lately, Lito Atienza, the get together's minority chief. Record Buhay has supported the revised hybrid system necessities.

    "We have manual voting, manual counting, but the data transfer should be electronic," Atienza stated, in accordance to information stories.

    Two opposition lawmakers – a representative of Akbayan. Gary Alejano, spokesman for Tom Villar and Magdala – expressed the identical view.

    Alejano needed to return to the guide election system.

    "I suggest we return to manual computing for border purposes so that we can remove faulty VCMs and SD cards and possible code manipulation on SD cards," Alejano advised information studies. " This supplies a approach for voters at the national degree to verify the nation's votes. Transmission to the municipal and national levels will continue to be accomplished electronically to ensure speedy processing. ”

    Clamor from individuals?

    Seasoned election observers such as the Nationwide Civic Movement for Free Elections NAMFREL and the Regulation Network for True Elections or LENTE have offered. broader, though more studied, views.

    Eric Alvia, Secretary-Basic of NAMFREL, on the one hand, Comelec needs reform to tackle its electoral issues. He stated Comelec may give you the option to change suppliers, however it wouldn't make much difference if the traditional working procedures have been the same.

    NAMFREL's concept of ​​reorganizing Comelec includes three bodies, every focusing on a selected process. : determination making, determination making and election management. Alvia stated it’s because Comelec spends half its time listening to instances.

    It is certain that NAMFREL has long been a supporter of the hybrid concept of ​​elections. In accordance to NAMFREL, nevertheless, this process includes:

    • guide voting with a clean area through which the voter writes the poll packing containers and the drop-down ballot field;
    • computer-assisted ballot counting utilizing laptops and liquid crystal projectors to show publicly the progress of the voting process, thereby eradicating tables hooked up to all 4 partitions of the voting lecture rooms;
    • Digital Era of Election Restoration Based mostly on Pc Assisted Voting. rely and print election returns. The content of the arduous copy of the election knowledge might be compared to the digital equal displayed by means of its LCD projector; and
    • automated aggregation and consolidation of election results by means of a ladderized material hierarchy.

    Ona Caritos, a lawyer for LENTE, stated she didn’t see individuals being requested to return to guide voting. As an alternative, he stated he solely saw the attraction for combined or guide elections for political figures who’ve misplaced or had close options in automated polls.

    LENTE is a component of a committee that carried out a Random Guide Inspection (RMA) on Might 13th. election. RMA is the method by which auditors manually rely sounds that VCMs have already dropped in pattern areas. This is carried out to make sure that the VCMs dropped the sound appropriately.

    According to Caritos, academics in their RMA experience don’t want to return to guide elections.

    "Nasaan nanggaling" Yung-klamor (Where does the clip come from))? "he asked. "Our legislators maintain saying that folks want to, however who are these individuals?"

    Caritos stated that machines are needed to scale back the number of votes to reduce individuals. He pointed out that human interventions and demonstrations are of great concern as a result of they make elections last more than traditional.

    Caritos then positioned this. Problem: “Want to attempt the presidential election? That's our opinion on it. "- PCIJ, August 2019



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