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Dance season 3 Duels 4 Recap, Live blog and videos

This is for the duel. Tonight, the highest teams compete for the rest of the remainder of the surgery. Once again, the upper scoring perform progresses when the deleted action is waiting to see if their factors have earned them at the end of the present.

At present we begin with Fuego Dance Crew, who sues Siudy Flamenco
Fuego needs to be the only representative of Latin America. Siudy knows they’ve to make use of extra footwork. Fuego is as assured as ever and conceited. They are saying that ladies usually are not constructed to compete on a twin mannequin platform

Fuego Dance Crew
Good routine. Enjoyable to observe and separate charisma. Nevertheless, when these dudes had to be tested, I waited slightly extra. Some of these shops, though good to take a look at, are fairly pedestrians. It virtually hides the boy's band, which makes a music video. But they have been undoubtedly synchronized and capable of deliver the audience out.

Derek feels that the track stayed in one pocket and didn't go anyplace. Ne-Yo notes choreography. Ne-Yo believes that trust is legitimate. Jennifer believes she is a robust crew, despite having no tips. He feels clear.

Siudy Flamenco
YES. Fabulous. They actually paid attention to footwork. This was a star routine that was slowly beginning, perked up in the center and sizzled then in the direction of the top. It had great moments, and all the ladies labored really arduous there. I'll give it to them, however we'll see how the judges react.

Derek thanks them for doing extra footwork. Ne-Yo loves that it was simply sufficient – prop strengthened performance. Jennifer says the costume they wear is suitable for dueling. He loves flamenco work, but common choreography is just too primary.


Siudy Flamenco
] Derek-90
Winner: Fuego Dance Crew

Meh. That was the mistaken selection. And with just 89.7, I think that Siudy will stay in redemption. Disgrace actually. They brought something unique to this, and I don't assume Fuego would actually match their dance tonight.

Shifting, Unity LA Challenges Fashion & Grace
Unity admits they went with a smaller scoring group that is straightforward to beat. Fashion needs to redeem itself and it feels that Unity took an affordable shot by choosing them for their points. There are ten pieces of integrity ready. The type needs to overlook the small injury of the qualifying round and they gained't do any tips tonight.

Unity LA
Nicely, rattling it. It was one horrible modern piece. So onerous to hit. It was a stop shop with so much happening. But never an excessive amount of the place you have no idea the place to look. It was managed by chaos. And so clear. These guys didn't come to play.

Ne-Yo calls it the absolute best approach. He says he doesn't get goosies, but when he did, he would get what he simply noticed. Jennifer thought it was a tremendous routine. He feels that each one members of the group are superb. Nevertheless, he didn't take pleasure in music. Derek invitations them to the facility they should consider.

Fashion and Grace
Yeah, it's not going to cut it. To start with, my eyes noticed too many synchronization occasions. If you’ll make a hard-hit hip-hop routine, everybody has to hit the identical actions on the similar time. Nobody can seem to be just a bit back or forward. It was a typical dance with no distinctive or surprise. I don't assume they did something here to offer Unity a cause to worry.

Ne-Yo calls it enjoyable and had power. He didn't see them giving him a full chew. Jennifer denies and thought that the power of the movement was robust. The place he struggled is that every part he saw has seen before. Derek appears to have lived for too long.

Unity LA


Fashion & Grace
Ne -Yo- 88
Winner: Unity LA

Yeah, in all probability probably the most scattered duel we've seen this season. Unity simply broke them. Jennifer tells Unity about her ideas and songs within the next spherical, because you need more than simply nice dance.

Tonight the third duel between The Heima and Exiles
Heima has added technical tips this time and be clean. Exiles remembers how Jennifer advised them to regulate their power, which they hope to do.

Very entertaining. Fairly a couple of cool tips on the market that made me snicker. They definitely managed the loopy power that they had the last time we saw them. Nevertheless, is that this competitive sufficient to win one other workforce that could be technically higher? I do not know. Nevertheless it was a crowd pleasantly.

Ne-Yo was afraid of them, however he's not after that. Jennifer beloved the struggle. He found it clear and felt that everyone was as much as the problem. Derek believes this can be a a lot better efficiency than qualifying. She enjoys having a personality. Ne-Yo calls it very tight and very clear.

It was unrealistic and beautiful. It was fascinating from the start. They picked up the right music with a quiet start that started so properly in duel and just grew exponentially as it handed. And the dance also works. So impressive that they did all the things, even when they have been so clean and technical.

Ne-Yo is pleasantly confused about what he just noticed. He can't consider how they did it with masks. He calls them trendy breakers. He calls it virtually good. Jennifer seems like they're breaking the B-boys mould. He admired so many moments. Derek beloved the hole.


– 95
Jennifer 93
Score 93
Winner: Heima

Both and a very strong duel. Fashion & Grace has now been eliminated, and Exiles has taken the place to redeem.

Next night time, the primary winners will meet Radiance
Principal Guys need to go very exhausting this time for added tips which might be dangerous. They drive themselves. Radiance is going to convey up the story and go inside every little thing. They need to present everyone how robust a gaggle of girls might be.

The right selection for the music and they undoubtedly had a story and a transparent story. I beloved the woman explode within the air over the others. It was sick. It started a bit slowly and in the fundamentals, however it picked up properly as it continued. I feel their power is that they showed that they might truly put together intelligent choreography to finish the dance. It wasn't a tremendous routine, nevertheless it served them nicely.

Jennifer feels that there have been so many great issues. He had geese in all places. Ne-Yo liked the theme of lady power. Derek loved being a modern beast. He loves power. Jennifer says the stunts blown him away.

Major Guys
You’ll be able to tell that these guys have been preventing in such situations earlier than. They arrive with the dog to eat the power of the canine and their dance. All in all, this lacked the unity that Radiance was. Nor did they bring about as much originality as I had expected, despite the fact that the ultimate trick on the strap was cool and deserves them factors. I didn't leap out of my seat to Radiance, however that they had a clearly stronger duel performance. Ne-Yo says he is aware of the class he'd wish to take. He says they’ve fascinating decisions for movement. Jennifer feels that it took me to really feel clean and not as clean as qualifying.

Head Guards
Level 89.3

Rating 93.7
Winner: Radiance

The purpose made by the Fundamental Points just isn’t enough for them to carry the redemption. So Exiles is mechanically redeemed with one duel from which there is left.

Tonight in the ultimate duel before redemption, The Kings chose Motiv Crew
The kings had the very best score. They know they’ve to seek out one thing new to satisfy their expectations. Motiv simply obtained his level in order that they know properly that they should transcend what they did before.

Motiv Crew
It was nice to observe. Very down and dirty. It was something you’d have expected of a hip hop crew. I recognize musicality and intelligent choreographies here. These guys wanted to deliver it as a result of they encounter beasts and they did, but I'm unsure if that's sufficient.

Jennifer appears to be within the zone. She feels very clear and professional. He liked swag and angle. Derek hopes that power will flip to us at residence. He says they danced like super employees. Ne-Yo thinks they have been dealing with the challenge. He says he needed some room to breathe in choreography

The Kings
DAMN. WHAT? It was critically loopy. I am amazed at how properly the Bollywood dance hip provides the Hopi. Or a minimum of, how properly these guys mix types to work. Simply as in their qualifying routine, they only do superb issues after one other. Flying round, shifting round, and so forth … You name it, they do it. So memorable. They obtained this duel simply although Motiv brought them their greatest when it was shot.

Jennifer calls it crazy. He says it was like a five-course meal. He didn't need to flash. Derek can't consider acrobatics. He loves cultural integration. Ne-Yo thanks for having more dance.

Ne-Yo-100 (Yikes)

] Motiv Crew
Ne-Yo -90
Winner: The Kings

WOW. Wonderful rating for Kings. And Motiv Crew is certainly in redemption as a result of it is aware of Siudy Flamenco. Redemption takes place between Motiv Crew and Exiles.


Exiles is happy that they nonetheless have one shot to show every little thing. Motiv Crew says that victory can be a change of life. Exiles knows it's a battle. Jennifer behind the top speak to two groups and give a bit pep dialogue. He tells each groups who deserve it, so each need solely deliver it up.

Motiv Crew
Strong. Good music use. I really like the way it felt to them. Barely early at first, but extra uniform in the middle and end. The right selection for a music for them (though I know they don't select it). You need to love the wrestle on your life.

Properly, it was also strong. Again, a pleasant feeling introduced it. It was virtually similar to the music Motiv with just some variations within the tips. This is exhausting. I'd wish to look again at their unique duel to assist me select the winner. I do not envy the judges here as a result of I didn’t see any clear winner who would dance one other.

The judges decided by a majority that the winner of the redemption is Exiles

who transfer from upper groups to
The Kings
Unity LA
The crew of Fuego dance

and Exiles

The twins are prepared. The creatures reduce subsequent week. Mentoring begins and only half of the actions do it. Hopefully the blokes will take pleasure in watching tonight and enjoy the shackles as an entire, which was very properly edited as the season passed. We’ve got to see every duel and the redemption round was a sensible choice. See yesterday subsequent week. : D