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TOM: Coastal Shoreline and Floorboards for Shingles
This is The Money Pit Home Improvement Show. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

Tom: And we're right here that will help you at residence
enchancment tasks, which right now mean some spring tasks
Make your own home extra engaging, easier to stay, manage higher, add
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Now we love this season as a result of it is so
There are numerous enjoyable tasks you can take inside and out of doors the home. But
Typically the challenge types, even if you don’t anticipate it, as whenever you get
a very dangerous spring storm and waving pendulum round your home. It could
Do some fairly critical injury. We have now some DIY inspection ideas
that can provide help to detect these minor fixes before they grow up giant,
leaky, messy issues.

straightforward weekend make-it-yourself venture that provides to outside actions. And it
can save the grass a ton of foot visitors. We're speaking to you

Tom: And we're going to convey some
Our favourite, country-friendly residence enchancment ideas during this time will aid you
save power, water and money

LESLIE: First we need to know what you’re
this spring weekend. What do you need to know? What we might help
with? Are you planning one thing? Are you decorating one thing? Are you
Think of an ideal outside makeover? I am considering of having an enormous one
pine. You marvel how much it prices. Properly, we will help you
What it is, as you’re employed.

TOM: Name us right now. The quantity is
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Let's go to those tasks. Leslie, who's first?

LESLIE: In Brenda Kansas, you have got cash
Pit. What's happening in your home?

BRAND: Hey. Up to now, it's getting in.

LESLIE: Oh no. What is occurring?

BRENDA: Nicely, we have now – the home is built
around 1908. And the basement partitions have been poured into concrete they usually began
crumb. I mean considerably, like 2 to four inches in some locations.

The issue is that we will't carry the home as a result of
product of Haydite blocks with a decorative front. So, measurement
the factor is blocked and we will't – it's too onerous to raise. So, I'm making an attempt
Learn how to repair partitions or exchange them or add structural ones
them. I do not know.

TOM: OK. So this is not something you possibly can
type out. You haven’t any experience or 90%
contractors asking you to ask these questions. In case you have partitions
In that dangerous type you need to go to the structural designer. It’s actually

First, the structural designer goes
is aware of precisely what kind of correction and the amount of the correction
intimately, with words and drawings, what this correction seems to be like. Once you
you get this specification so you’ll be able to speak to contractors who do it
design. However most significantly, when dealing with a serious structural problem
so that you additionally need a structural designer to return after repair
has been completed and it’s stated: “Sure, it was completed proper and there’s no more purpose
Because you are sooner or later, you need to promote this home and
this technical report and subsequent checks shall be such

So I've seen these repairs badly greater than
They’re properly achieved and are often resulting from individuals making an attempt to bypass this stage.
It’s really essential that you’ve a design professional when you have got walls
As you might have described a couple of inches because you are outdoors
what contractors must be trusted to design themselves

BRENDA: OK. Nicely, it makes me feel better.
As one individual stated, they might are available and spray the concrete
they should drill some aids. And I like…

Tom: Yeah. No, your antenna should go up


Tom: Because the guy hasn't even seen the home but
yes, you understand…

BRENDA: No. Right.

Tom: Yeah, you must get the design
skilled. Get these – don't let those contractors get to the door because they are
Try to benefit from you and impose all types of loopy ideas.


Tom: They usually haven’t any coaching
that, OK?

BRAND: Okay. Properly, thank you very a lot. I actually
recognize it.

Tom: You’re welcome. Congratulations on your undertaking.
Thank you once more for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Van Georgia, you’ve got the money.
What can we do for you as we speak?

VAN: I need to inform you that I really like you all
we thought concerning the change…

TOM: Properly, thank you.

LESLIE: Thank you.

VAN: No, no drawback. But we simply bought this
house in October and my wife stated: “Noticed, the place you possibly can change the color
vinyl siding. “So I looked at a couple of things. There’s not a lot much to do
On the internet, telling about it, and there aren't many merchandise
select. So I just needed your advice. Would you do this? In case you
would you want what you employ and what would you employ it for?

TOM: Why do you hate the colour of the vinyl web page to the correct
now? Is it pale or simply need to change it?

VAN: No, it gained't hassle me, shade, however mine
The wife simply needs, I feel – like portray the partitions, she needs to paint vinyl

TOM: OK. I don't assume…

LESLIE: Cause on your spouse. I understood. Its

Tom: Yeah, yeah. I don't assume it's good
sufficient cause. Because of this, as a result of – however painted vinyl siding when it’s
You’ll be able to open your self – you understand what is going to happen
paint, right? Paint. Open yourself so far.

There are paints for vinyl. And
in the event you work with an enormous manufacturer like Sherwin-Williams, you will have
options in colours and such. However it doesn't just final as long as vinyl
As a result of, let's face, vinyl is colour all the time. In case you place a layer
not only does it begin to peel sooner or later and it comes
look nasty. And it’s a must to do it many times.

If he doesn't actually like vinyl,
inform you – why not change the color and work of the shutter or minimize
around it? It's like getting someone who is basically previous
rest room with 1970s colors, nevertheless it's a superbly made strong tile, however you
in all probability not potential to do as we speak. Typically we are saying, "Nicely, reside ugly,
yellow tile, but all the things else around it. “And typically it's sufficient.

So let me inform you that you simply change colors
shutters or upholstery to make the accent really rise. Perhaps assume
substitute your door. The brand new front door can make dramatic modifications
your house. It seems to be a lot cooler from the road. However I
wouldn't paint vinyl siding until there was really good purpose for it. And simply
altering the colour to me isn’t robust sufficient.

VAN: Sure. Properly, I'm glad to listen to it, because I
Don't actually need to do it.

Tom: Properly, we could be a dangerous guy. We'll take it
hit you. However that's a superb purpose, as a result of I just don't want you
opens an entire collection that needs to be painted each 5 years every 5 years
seven years. Vinyl expands as crazy and only – I get a portray stand
till then? It's an actual problem.

VAN: Yeah, I assumed it was 5–15
Years have been all they guaranteed to color or stain.

Tom: I'd assume nearer to five. I might be effective
Stunned if in case you have more than 5 or 6 or seven years of it.

VAN: Hey, I respect it.

Tom: You’re welcome. Properly, good luck to you
spouse and speak to her about this challenge. However perhaps he'll discover it should you do
Substitute the ending and shutters it does
that she needs, OK?

VAN: Mm-hmm. ALRIGHT. Cool. Thank you.

TOM: You’re welcome

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Tom: And just in entrance, all the gorgeous characters
In the spring, the second is all those spring storms that may ship a department
or some other capturing that flies via your glass windows in your home. Are
easy window restore ideas that will help you get this repair right,

Making good houses higher, welcome again
Money Pit Home Improvement Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

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LESLIE: Barbara from Rhode Island is on the line.

With rest room. What is occurring?

BARBARA: There's half a toilet upstairs. It
Consists of a rest room and a small sink. And in current months, once we did
Rinse the bathroom – we get a bubble sound. And it rinses, nevertheless it's not
take the paper to it. We seemed within the tank and it is just degree
of water. The chain is true when the flap opens after which closes
and it fills. So it is that we’ve to rinse it twice as a way to
really get the paper to go down.

Tom: So you get this gurgle for me
feels like ventilation is blocked. There the air returns
system. A vertical pipe runs from the back of the pipeline
connection by way of the roof. And when it's ravenous within the air, you get it
the sort that happens. So there could possibly be a partial obstacle there
somewhere within the sewer itself.

Have you tried to seek out out that the toilet is protected
that nothing was there?

BARBARA: Sure. My husband took the piston and he
used it. And it didn't appear to help.

Tom: Barbara, it is good that he tried the piston
but it might not work whether it is blocked. It could occur – it could actually work
if it’s a bigger mass. But when it's something that received there
something that was dropped into the toilet or one thing that has worked in its method
Another drain you need to do is try to use something

The bathroom screw is like 2-foot
rest room snake. And what it does, it really goes into the lure
rest room, which is often when a lot of the obstacles are. And that's fantastic
a reasonable device. And you can purchase a house middle, as I'm positive
in all probability $ 10 or $ 20. And when you're using a rest room screw, you're positive to go
Clear it everywhere in the bowl and the lure related to it. Because
The lure is simply that: it is a slender part the place waste has to movement up and down
over empty. And should you get the waste that’s being built there

BARBAR: OK. Alright. So let's attempt. And if
Who doesn't work, did you point out a pipe that comes out of the roof?

Tom: Yeah, a fan. If this doesn't work, I'd wish to
Contact – I ended up in the pipeline at the moment or into the sewer
service as a result of you’ve gotten executed as much as you possibly can.

BARBAR: OK. Nicely, thanks very a lot. Hopefully,
screw solves the problem

TOM: Alright. Congratulations on your undertaking. thanks
a lot invite us to 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Nicely, it's the spring-storm season and
it might mean that plenty of things can fly by way of the window:
perhaps some branches, perhaps an enormous a part of the tree, perhaps one other half a
home. However it might be something on the idea of those storm seasons. And hopefully
we aren’t going to get this dangerous this yr, but you never know.

In case you have lost a window storm or
Perhaps some youngsters within the neighborhood have played the ball, it's actually
It is very important know tips on how to clean this mess safely because it could possibly be so much
broken glass and may trigger damage. And then we’ll
share some options to repair these damaged home windows.

First, don't attempt to cease something
the remaining glass is left within the frame. You need to put on protecting gloves
after which take away the eliminated items and the glass items which have settled. Now
Clear small particles, try to use plenty of thickness
paper towels. And you then're going to throw them away, but you want
moisten this paper towel and type of pat down that basically fantastic, broken glass.
Don't rub. Simply be careful together with your palms. Subsequently, these protecting gloves
are really essential. And that wet paper towel – which is their thickness – will come
enable you to decide up all those small pieces of glass

And for those who use any towel or
with a sponge or mop, don’t use them again. As a result of they are small,
small glass items – those small particles – can keep there eternally.
And you may harm, you possibly can injury the floor. Just be sensible,

Tom: Yeah, it's a very good thing.

it actually depends upon the kind of window. Whether it is previous
A single window window, they are fairly straightforward and such a glass alternative
stands out as the process itself. However right now it is much more likely that the window
is made with insulated glass, multi-layered – two or three
squares – and additionally it is a vacuum closed and crammed with insulating fuel reminiscent of
very. Argon is usually positioned between glasses because it is an insulator.

Now, relating to home windows, it’s attainable
You’ve a alternative window, it’s often the most cost effective simply to order
another arm from the manufacturer. And half is a window
across the fast frame. Because it's simply more economical
And simpler and you already know it matches properly every time.

LESLIE: Joanne at Illinois is according to The
Money Pit and it has a query concerning the skylight. What is occurring? You’ve got some
leakage happens?

JOANNE: Nicely, sure. I'd say a
one and a half months ago, I had a leak in the skylight. It is an older skylight
Quite huge. It's virtually three ft 2½. And my neighbor got here to the roof and he
stated, “Oh, we discovered a place. It was a small break within the seal. “And he asked
me alcohol. He cleaned it and had to have some kind of stain
or one thing.


JOANNE: Nevertheless it's previous and I don't know what to do

TOM: Right.

JOANNE: Is there a shower or one thing I might placed on
seal? I feel it's too previous to get one other seal to fit.

TOM: So that is how the skylights wear out.
You recognize, they're simply – they’re the window, identical to the home windows
you go up and down the pages of your home until this happens
roof. And it is often in place until it may be used. And with all that
publicity to UV radiation through the years and all its put on and tear
weather, they break down. What he did was the best factor.
And if he used good high quality – like a silicone sealant – it might offer you
a few years of performance.

If it’s a fixed drawback,
I just need to inform you a alternative skylight because they have life
as anticipated. And one other good thing to switch these previous skylights is
Newer ones are rather more power environment friendly, in order that they don't give as much warmth
summer time. And it could make it rather more snug for you.

JOANNE: I don't actually have anybody to do

Tom: Nicely, it’s a must to rent knowledgeable who does it and
there are a whole lot of corporations doing such work

JOANNE: OK. Is there any sort
a skylight that is higher than another?

TOM: Yeah. Yeah. I take a look at the skylights
Andersen continues. And the rationale I say is that – either Andersen or VELUX –
V-E-L-U-X. I'm actually unsure if Andersen continues to be doing them – they will
has stopped – but I know VELUX is. And why I like them, each
The skylights have an integrated flashing design that installs the case
the shingles then blink above the roof. And
then there’s the other piece that closes it from prime to bottom. So
Enlargement and contraction don’t affect how it’s designed
Through the years. It’s principally – the flashing system that is the sealing system
goes with the roof as it moves.

JOAN: Uh-huh. Do you will have any concept what prices
they are – they could be?

TOM: Yeah. I imply, the skylight itself might be
there can be a number of hundred thousand. As well as, it is determined by how complicated it is


TOM: In case you are fortunate sufficient to get one
pretty near measurement – and lots of occasions, you will discover them; they are fantastic
comparable. Then there’s not so much work for me to do the sunshine axis
is the part of the roof of your room's flat roof the place it is
The skylight is. If it is significantly totally different then you’ve got carpentry work

JOANNE: You assume I’ll not have too much
years left in this mild – in this skylight?

TOM: No. I feel so long as it doesn’t leak.
The fact that it leaks once does not mean that it is a constant drawback. You
know that it happened. I might identical to to comply with it. And if all the things else
is sweet with it, just stay with it.

LESLIE: Robert in Texas is in line The
Money Pit. What's happening in your home?

ROBERT: I’ve a faucet – wall faucet – that I do
modified. It's new. And each time you connect a scorching water heater – or scorching water
It seems like a trumpet goes away.

Tom: Oh, boy.

LESLIE: It's music.

TOM: Yeah. It feels like there could also be an issue
with it. There is a washer inside it that typically expands
It’s because scorching water, it begins to type. And I might attempt
this begins: I might take the aerator off the faucet and see


TOM: And if this occurs –


Tom: Because I don't assume there's something there
it can hurt you from utilizing it. It's just annoying spirits of you.
However to start with, I might do a simple thing, which would be to remove the ventilator
Make certain it's not an impediment. Because typically you get garbage
a line that forestalls it.


Tom: Although it’s water, you assume it will be
Be trashy, however I’ve to inform you whenever you pull loads of them out
You see plenty of sand and sand through the years and typically small items
metallic in it. So attempt first. And if this doesn't work, I feel it is

ROBERT: OK. As I stated, just – new. But I
Guess that doesn't matter, right?

TOM: Yes. Nicely, at the very least if it's brand new, you
Take it again and substitute it or get one other one. Get a special model.

ROBERT: Yeah. ALRIGHT. Nicely, I'll give it a shot and
see if it really works

LESLIE: Alright. Thanks so much for calling The
Money Pit.

Setting the longer term stone path is ahead
A simple weekend-do-it-yourself undertaking that enhances outside activities.
And it also saves grass a ton of foot visitors. Have been going
undergo this venture when The Money Pit continues.

TOM: Welcome back to Money Pit Home
Enhancement display. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

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LESLIE: Now we've obtained Roland in North Carolina on the road
who need some assist to remove rust. What can we do for you at the moment?

ROLAND: In my basement there are some bare I beams that
above the above-mentioned landfill storage. And, in fact, throughout development they’re
experienced rust. And they are 20 meters lengthy, 12 inches high, so I've obtained
about 400 sq. meters of chrome steel. And I need to paint

And I looked at Rust-Oleum merchandise and observed that
would undergo 15 or 20 cans to cover only that amount. So I was wondering
when you had a better concept and the way much i should do. Ought to I just –
they don’t seem to be rusted because the home is completed but has a
rust coating there. Is there a greater means? And the way should I be involved
getting ready them earlier than portray?

Tom: Properly, mild grinding can be essential to remove the whole lot
That unfastened rust – that unfastened floor rust. And it's not deep; it's just over

ROLAND: That's proper.

TOM: And then using the Rust-Oleum primer can be the next
step. No topcoat however primer. Now as an alternative of using a person
spray bottles why not purchase a Rust-Oleum gallon and lease a syringe if
it’s a must to – paint a syringe from the rental yard? It might do it

ROLAND: Right. Is this the easiest way to go?

LESLIE: Yeah. Plus, you're inside. And using a sprig can
Paint shouldn’t be going to make you are feeling good and it’ll undoubtedly do
The home sinks in a storm. Though the appliance is definitely straightforward, it isn’t
really one of the best strategy to inside design. For those who use regular
paint via the syringe – so long as you shield every part and canopy up
upper limit from upper shower and flooring, you cetera – you're going nicely

TOM: I need to attempt to pressurize the room when
The syringe in it. So how do you do it? Very simply. Open a
window, attach a window fan to it, ensure it factors and opens it
another window or door on the opposite aspect of the room and also you get some
cross ventilation. This manner you all the time move the air outdoors the home,
substitute it with recent air.

ROLAND: Sounds good. Is rust nervous

Tom: No should you start it. In the event you don't start it, it may possibly
undoubtedly come straight via. But in case you begin it, particularly a
An anti-rust primer comparable to Rust-Oleum is such that it locks
place. And as long as you don't have any critical leaks or anything
so no, I don't anticipate it to return again.

ROLAND: Super. Thank you a lot.

TOM: You’re very welcome. thanks so much
name us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Nicely, for those who flip the garden or the backyard
Journal, you've definitely met landscapes with planers and
Pergolas. These picket yard buildings are so lovely and nicely within most
The dimension of DIYers.

Tom: That's right. And listed here are ideas for constructing each
welcome to this previous house common
Contractor Tom Silva.

Welcome, Tom.

TOM SILVA: Actually here, guys.

Tom: I feel this venture is so much
all in favour of dwelling outdoors is so necessary in the present day. We need to get
outside and really enjoy the state of being treated like our enlargement
your personal front room or kitchen or place that makes us snug. These are
the kind of additions that can make it. Let's start by speaking about what
the distinction is between the arbor and pergola. So what’s a foliage?

TOM SILVA: Assume the arbor is like an accent
a bit that may get you to the front of your home or perhaps a backyard.
It's like a door outdoors the backyard, stroll by way of this infant

TOM: It's only a nice, architectural function

TOM SILVA: Proper.

Tom: So what’s pergola?

TOM SILVA: Pergola is sort of a freestanding construction,
often 4 ft, perhaps six ft, relying on your design. And it is
a place to take a seat and entertain.

Tom: Does it have a permanent roof?

TOM SILVA: It has no everlasting roof. Typically,
You’ve got crops that grow over the roof or its roof. Its
because the roof structure is in lots of instances picket blocks or lattice and
which permits crops to develop.

Tom: Now it's a reasonably large structure
it has some weight on it, some on it. Have to be correctly hooked up
on the ground, identical to any deck, for instance?

TOM SILVA: Nicely, it needs to be fastened to the ground
proper, so that you in all probability should go to the bottom a minimum of
frost since you don't need it to return up and down. However I assume
The most important thing you need to take into consideration with pergola is that you simply need it
constructing allow for its development. Since you don't need to build this thing
After which find out that you’re too close to numerous strains or you must go down a
a sure depth at your ft. And you need to be sure to've finished every thing

Tom: What concerning the foliage? It sounds quite a bit
easier challenge

TOM SILVA: Arbor is far easier. Arbor is the doorway
garden or anyplace. And you set it on the grid and you're on
obtained a pleasant, small place to grow some crops.

TOM: Let's speak about supplies now. There's rather a lot
decisions there of weatherproof supplies. In the event you simply need to deal
the venture itself, you are a DIYer, would you identical to to start out

TOM SILVA: Pressurized is an effective method to begin; I mean
It’s a reasonable tree. Or you possibly can go to the subsequent route: you’ll be able to go to the cassette.
The purple cedar is inferior to the white cedar, nevertheless it retains you and provides you
life. When you needed to use the highlighted wooden, akin to oak, I'd miss out
pink oak as a result of it does not stand up to the climate. White oak holds on
But you really need to deal with this tree and ensure you really
handle the half that goes to the bottom.

Tom: Now it happens to me that this may be the only one
You can do actually, really good work by finalizing this tree construction
As a result of, particularly if you will put vines, you will never go

TOM SILVA: Proper.

Tom: You’ll be able to't cowl the ivy.

TOM SILVA: Right, Proper. these
before you start planting?

TOM SILVA: If you will use pressure-treated, you’re
had to consider how you will cease it in the event you don't just like the pure one
appearance. And it can be an actual drawback later when the crops start

Tom: Great Place. Tom Silva from the Previous House of TV, thanks very much for protecting your cash.
Can't wait to get began. Perhaps you’ll be able to handle it this weekend too.

TOM SILVA: Thanks, guys. It's all the time nice to be right here.

LESLIE: Okay. Request the current season for this previous home and request this previous home with PBS. Local lists and step-by-step
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Tom: And this
The previous house is delivered to you in PBS by Marvin Home windows and Doorways.

And we are going to deliver out some
Our favorite, planet pleasant therapeutic ideas that goal that will help you
save power, water and money

If house solutions stay, that is The Money Pit
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LESLIE: Dorothy in California is on the line and she or he needs
help with wall structure. Inform us what you're doing.

DOROTHY: Properly, what we had – we have now a wall and it was
heater there. We took out the heater; it might sit in the hallway. After which we
The whole lot is prepared and now we’re looking for a means for such a match

Tom: And what sort of structure would you be – how would you be
describe this composition, Dorothy?

DOROTHY: Properly, it might be – as some of them are
round shape and non-oval shape. After which they might
little, small circles. After which in some instances you’d have – as they did
over a brush or one thing. So they’re a type of shape
and round or oval form sizes.

TOM: OK. So one of the things you are able to do is you
– When all this has been fastened and repaired – are you able to decide up a sack
Plasterboard floor, as before, when it was the Plaster of Paris?


Tom: And then you possibly can take the background brush – that's what
huge, heavy, brushed brush – and turn your brush together with your hand. Rotate it and
it makes the circles in that moist press. And if it's an enormous circle, use a much bigger one
brush. If it’s a smaller Circle, use a smaller brush. And you may Twist it and
try to kind of match
earlier than. And then just the identical factor and the identical shade
Blend in pretty nicely.

DOROTHY: Alright. Thank you so much on your assist. Thank

TOM: Properly, would you want to save lots of yourself a bit of power
money at the similar time? You’ll be able to should you take some Earth-friendly residence

LESLIE: Alright. To begin with, let's begin with some straightforward
water-saving ideas in your lawn and backyard. Now, the quantity of water that a backyard
needs actually, how nicely as how

So, for instance right here, I'm speaking about your garden. Now,
Deeply because you need to be sure to are soaking the basis
zone quite than that entire yard. So I'm actually talking about targeted watering

Now, in relation to Landscaping, the things that
you choose to place in the yard truly rely fairly a bit. So you need to select
native crops. This manner, you're going to seek out that they're extra tailored to the
space that you simply stay in. So that you may need a little bit of water

Now, mulch is a large helper as a result of it truly
can lock in the soil. And that’s going to scale back the frequency of
watering. And then drip irrigation is one other good way which you can save
vettä. In case you use drip irrigation or even soaker hoses, you possibly can scale back
evaporation by directing that water proper at the crops’ roots. And that’s
really where it needs it, so I’m speaking about targeted watering.

TOM: That makes a number of sense.

Now, if you wish to save power, here’s a couple of
things that you can do to accomplish that. To begin with, let’s speak about your
air-conditioning compressor. Now, the hotter it gets where that A/C unit is
truly situated outdoors your home, the more durable it has to work and the extra it’s
going to value. So that you need to ensure that it’s at the least 12 inches away from
the compressor.

Now, typically people will try to shade these
compressors with landscaping and that’s OK. However once more, that landscaping has to
also be stored a foot or extra away from the compressor. If it’s too shut, it’s
going to have the inverse effect and truly drive up those prices.

The other thing that you are able to do, when it comes to
shade, is to think about planting some shade timber. You recognize, the Division of
Power has reported on the consequences of shade timber for a few years. Ja
usually, they are saying that you would be able to save 15 % to 50 % on cooling prices
or anyplace from about 50 bucks and on up if in case you have a strategically positioned
shade tree that’s preserving, particularly those southern and western sides of your
residence, cooler. Plus, you get a wonderful, new tree within the process.

And eventually, storm windows. Now, you may say, “Nicely,
why are you talking about storm home windows? It’s not winter.” Properly, for a very
good purpose. Because when you’ve obtained them, the same approach they hold the cold drafts
out in the winter, guess what? They hold the recent drafts out in the summer. Don’t
assume you’ve gotten them? Take a look at these cooling bills; you absolutely do. If
cold air is getting in within the winter, you possibly can relaxation assured that scorching air is
getting in the summer. And that’s not as straightforward to feel, as a result of it doesn’t make
you uncomfortable, however it does drive up your air-conditioning costs. So put
them down to stop these drafts from getting in.

Altogether, these few concepts can actually add up to
some pretty vital financial savings.

LESLIE: Now we’ve obtained Ron in Virginia on the road who’s received
a flooring query.

Quantity-one matter on The Money Pit, my good friend. How can we
assist you?

RON: I have a ceramic-tile flooring that’s been down for nearly
20 years. Put it down myself. The tiles are all intact. None of them are unfastened
but I have some tiles which might be cracked. And I was questioning, moderately than take
the tiles up, if I might put a laminate flooring over prime of it.

TOM: Completely. The great factor about laminate flooring is
that they’re floating flooring. And so that you definitely might put a brand new laminate
flooring together. Most of them are lock-together boards lately. And you may
lay that proper on prime of the tile flooring under so long as it’s strong, which it
seems like it’s.

Now, in fact, it’s going to make that flooring that a lot thicker.
I don’t know if that’s a problem.

RON: No, I don’t assume that may be a problem. Do I still
have to put down that skinny layer of the foam? Put that proper over prime of the

TOM: I feel it’s a good idea because it cushions the ground
and it also quiets the ground. It’s not quite as click-y, you understand what I imply,
once you walk on it? Now, needless to say a few of the totally different
laminate-floor producers have the underlayment hooked up to the underside of
the actual floorboard. It’s type of like a sponge on the bottom of it. Mutta sinä
undoubtedly need to comply with their directions.

However to reply your real question – can you set it on tile? –
yes, you possibly can.

RON: Oh, great. Properly, that would definitely save loads of
time and headache making an attempt to take that tile flooring up.

LESLIE: Alright. Thanks a lot for calling The Money Pit.

Hey, are you eager about shopping for a brand new house quickly? Hyvin,
getting the appropriate inspections may help ensure it doesn’t turn right into a
real-life cash pit. We’re going to answer a query about what kind of
inspection you want and whether you or the house seller is the one which has to
pay for them, after this.

TOM: Making good houses better, that is The Money Pit Home
Improvement Present. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Decide up the telephone and provides us a call, right now, with
your house enchancment query at 1-888-MONEY-PIT, 888-666-3974.

LESLIE: Give us a call. Let us know what you’re
working on. But don’t overlook, you can too submit your questions online, right
right here at, within the Group section.

Alright. Now I’ve obtained a publish right here from Sharon who
writes: “Is it the owner’s duty to wash out the septic tank and have
it inspected earlier than the sale of a house?”

What do you assume? Tom, critically, that is
in all probability an enormous thing. A septic tank is a large, very delicate system that’s
imperative to the operation of a home. So, you might want to know how it’s working.

TOM: Completely.

LESLIE: So what do you do once you’re taking a look at a
house with a septic system?

TOM: Nicely, undoubtedly the home-owner ought to be
maintaining it. And if it was lately cleaned, that must be disclosed
because that would …

LESLIE: You might have a report of that.

TOM: Yeah, you must have a report of it. Mutta
also, if I used to be a septic inspector, I might need to know that I’m dealing with
an empty tank and never a full tank which will have – because if the tank is full,
proper, if it hasn’t crammed up but, it won’t truly overflow into the
septic area. And it’d seem like the septic subject is definitely draining
properly when, the truth is, it’s not. So that can truly work towards you if it
was just lately pumped because, keep in mind, these are large tanks. And the best way they
work is that they refill and then they overflow into the sector. And so if the tank
is simply an empty pit and say, it’s drained the day earlier than your inspection, you
might not see what you anticipate to see.

When it comes to the inspection, I feel it’s your
duty to try this since you need to decide the inspector. You need to
have the contractual relationship together with your septic inspector. You don’t need to
take the word of someone that’s not working for you immediately. And you need to
ensure you discover a really good, thorough inspector. As a result of in the event you …

LESLIE: Now, is that part of a daily house
inspection or is that a separate inspector?

TOM: That’s a great point, because it’s not part of
a daily house inspection; it’s in addition to that. The standards of apply
for the essential residence inspection are dictated by the American Society of Home
Inspectors. And it’s necessary because it does create consistency throughout the
business. But that sort of inspection is specialized as a result of not all houses have
septic techniques. And doing a very good, thorough septic inspection, you understand, can
absorb some instances virtually so long as a home inspection. So, you need to make
positive that you simply do rent a pro to try this that works solely for you and
completely checks the system, because it could possibly be a really, very costly repair
if it needs to be replaced.

Now, the other inspections which may fall in that
class, type of outdoors the home inspection: radon inspection. That’s
undoubtedly one thing that should be achieved for those who’re in an area that’s
prevalent to having radon. Pest inspections. Now, with pest inspections, most
banks will not be going to loan on a home – they gained’t give you the mortgage
until you’ve gotten a clear inspection for wood-destroying insects, like termites
and carpenter ants. But when your inspector finds an issue, then the home-owner
is the one that pays for it. As a result of frankly, they will’t promote the house to
anybody till they eliminate the bugs and cope with any of the injury that
they could have induced.

However an important inspection of the whole lot,
because it covers a lot, is that residence inspection. So in case you needed to start out
in a single place after which – so that you simply’re not spending all this cash on
inspections the identical day, start with a home inspection and see how the house
seems within the eyes of the home inspector. You’re going to have a reasonably good
concept of what you’re coping with after that.

You go to the home inspectors’ affiliation
website, the American Society of Home Inspectors. I feel it’s Ja
discover a house inspector via that group, as a result of they’re all certified and
skilled and real professionals in comparison with a number of different guys which are out
there. And you’ll you’ll want to know, then, exactly what you’re moving into when
you purchase that house.

LESLIE: Yeah. I imply that’s really tremendous
necessary. And don’t overlook, that can be an enormous negotiating device. If
one thing is admittedly in disrepair or in need of plenty of work, you need to use that
to say, “Hey, I’ve got to do X, Y and Z. So you should adjust your price by X.”

Take a look at ASHI – A-S-H-I ­– .org.

TOM: That is The Money Pit Home Improvement Present.
Hey, thanks so much for spending a part of this lovely spring day with us.
We hope we’ve been informative and given you some ideas and concepts on ways to get
tasks carried out around your home. Keep in mind, you possibly can all the time attain out to us at and publish your property enchancment questions on the Group page.

Till then, I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you are able to do it your self …

LESLIE: But you don’t need to do it alone.


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without the categorical written permission of Squeaky Door Productions, Inc.)

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