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TOM: Coastal Shoreline and Floorboards for Shingles
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Coming to the show in the present day when the weather is
Warming up is an effective time to ensure your home windows are clean so you possibly can
See all of the sunshine that’s coming via now. We will provide you with
some DIY window cleaning tips, together with the number most steadily requested for within the recipe
an answer that may aid you mix gadgets from your home
Make them sparkling clean.

rest room might use pick-me-up? Nicely, tile cleaning between tiles can
actually do wonders for that area. Tom Silva, the primary contractor of this previous house on TV, stops telling
how you do it.

Tom: And now that spring is in full swing, you might
notice that you may be – between lawn mowers and youngsters's bicycles
just a little tight outdoors storage. So building is an effective answer. Are
explaining what it is advisable know to plan a challenge and what you need
knows that a local metropolis planner gained't make you tear

LESLIE: Oh, it will be the worst.

No matter you do, guys, we are here
help. We need to know what's on your activity record within the spring. Tell us. Very
offer you a hand. We'll make it easier to do it for the primary time, provide you with it
Have fun concepts and make it straightforward to try to make your self or assist you to
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Let's go there. Leslie, who's first?

LESLIE: Laurie in Missouri is on line and
wants some assist. What is occurring?

LAURIE: Nicely, I’ve – it's principally it
popcorn ceiling.

TOM: Yep.

LAURIE: And I want to know a simple approach
not so messy to take away it. I need to get a flat roof.

TOM: Unfortunately, you’ll be able to't do it without it
mess as a result of it's a reasonably messy undertaking. There are a couple
Trading tips that may aid you but permit me to stroll

The first thing it’s essential do is check it
asbestos because you need to make sure that it does not include asbestos
popcorn material. You’ll be able to decide up the asbestos testing package deal at house
centers and enormous hardware shops or you need to use an external laboratory. It isn’t

Once we comprehend it's not asbestos, you then
the first choice is what we call "wet wax." And what you do is you
begin with a 1 gallon backyard sprayer that may be a garden pump injector and also you
spray the popcorn materials very calmly. You don't need to overdo it, but
you need to saturate it and let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes. After which
You must have the ability to take a edging knife or a knife and simply scraping
the ceiling. Go sluggish, start in a small space and ensure it is
absorbed water. And once you've sketched the whole roof, you’ll be able to kindly
to take on the work, because I’m positive that you simply misplaced some locations.

And of course an alternative choice is to do it, however
make it dry. And it is utterly feasible, which suggests it has been completed, but differently
levels of success. It's not totally encouraging as a result of in case you do, in fact
You don't have asbestos, in fact you’ll be able to't do it. When you’ve got a lead paint it is
drawback. It is a lot simpler for items to enter the air. So it's very, nicely
dusty solution to go.

Now there’s a device like this
help this. And one known as "popcorn roof scraper." It's truly a
vacuum fastening. It attaches to a purchasing trolley or a wet / dry vacuum. And such as you
type of pull it over that floor and scrape it off, it goes proper
vacuum. And then there’s another one that Homax does just that
very, very extensive scraper, like – give it some thought 10 or 12 inches large
blade. And it could additionally provide help to with the venture.

However should you needed to attempt it in a means
it was much less messy, it just didn't happen. Better of all, it’s
can be very messy

in all probability not a totally clean roof as much as you’d
if it was model new. However I feel you must do it earlier than portray
it, right?

LESLIE: Oh, absolutely. And I’ll say
If you find yourself scraping, attempt to be too deep. You don't need to harm it
no extra course of higher restrict to get extra things to fix. But a
priming is admittedly vital. You already know that latex primers are available.
You will get those that are oil-based. You get B-I-N or Zinsser. You
actually need to type the sealed surface.

After which all the time go together with flat paint
to the ceiling and ensure you get a painting for the painting as a result of it's just going
Maintain the roof extra superbly as it’s above the top. And it’s
slightly thicker than regular wall paint. However then I feel
You’ll be very comfortable.

LAURIE: Okay. I recognize it. And my husband
chuckle at me.

Tom: He laughs as a result of he isn’t going to do

LESLIE: Jeff Nebraska is working on greens
backyard. How can we assist you to?

JEFF: I need to make and use a raised backyard layer
picket beams. But I do not know what – one of the best wooden to be used, so I am
no need – so it doesn't eat off and i want to make use of it once more or do it again

LESLIE: So once you say picket logs, you want
something that looks extra natural

JEFF: Yeah. I imply, what I need to do is increase

LESLIE: Right, I've obtained it. However you want
Something extra decorative than mere pressurized lumber: boards it

JEFF: One thing a bit of bit ornamental.

TOM: Do you need to cope with wood first. Because
In case you have untreated wooden, it rotates. For options
treated wood, the most typical choice can be to use a strain treated knot.

Now bindings can be found in both 4 × 4 or 6 × 6 and
They appear fairly rustic. And once you put them down, they'll be pleasant
greenish they usually look unnatural. But give it a couple of months, it begins
Gray and blends.

LESLIE: Mm-hmm. And dry, even.

Tom: And dry, yes, and merge
surrounding space. It is the best and most value effective means
go. And you may decide up these ties in the house centers they usually really aren't excellent
costly because they’re designed to be decorative and sit on the bottom.
They're not – it's not the same type of pressurized timber you may use
in case you are building a help wall or something. It's principally
Simply designed to be a border area for a backyard or swimming pool or one thing else

JEFF: OK. Once I put it down, I will
… to say if I’ve two or three stacked up, I'm going to drill
by way of them and spike something to the bottom?

TOM: Good question. Now, in case you're going
Two or three of them are stacked up, you're going – whatever you want
To do that is in fact alternating joints so that you’ve one long trip
two smaller, have you learnt what i mean?

JEFF: Yeah.

Tom: And when every thing is completed, you’ll be able to advance
and placed on for a very long time – they have 12-inch spikes that you simply drill via.
So you get an extended drill bit, pre-rain it and then put a couple of spikes and
that keeps it nice and tidy on a regular basis. But additionally, you will discover that
Their weight – their weight and power – is sort of sturdy
itself. But when you really need to meet it, you can do it
lengthy peaks. Or you possibly can tip it in a nook with the widespread nails of quantity 12
just to maintain all the things in place.

JEFF: OK. So, in the event you just nail them collectively and
Then add dust to them, they shouldn't go anyplace?

Tom: That's right. They're fairly supportive.

JEFF: OK. Properly, it solutions all my questions.
Many thanks.

TOM: You’re very welcome. thanks quite a bit
call us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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a natural window cleaner you could mix with gear
is already at house – cabinets, cupboards, yours
cabinets where you possibly can maintain your supplies – after that.

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LESLIE: Carol in
Arkansas is in a row with a septic system. How can we assist you to
right now?

Septic system and we have now had loads of rain here. Perhaps the final one
Three months or it has been a variety of rain. And I’m in a rice
The land of Arkansas. It's a really wet nation. ALRIGHT.

So, I was in any case
strike a nasty patch. Once I rinse the command, it – now, it never runs,
I am very grateful. But the water didn't go down, OK? And I mean it
would ultimately go down however perhaps 20 minutes or more.

TOM: OK. makes
some other house in your throat normally? Is it simply the house you’re
is a problem?


Tom: However we
have you learnt it's a septic system? There may be obstacles within the drain
and that’s the very first thing I take a look at.

CAROL: OK. I did
there are some scholars and – a reputable firm – they usually pumped 120

Tom: Properly, that's it
– However you all the time have 120 liters. Septic tank fills
water, it flows into the sector. So pumping 120 gallons is actually not
Inform me anything. I would like you to ensure the strains are checked as a result of I do
you observed there’s nothing fallacious together with your septic tank that you’ll have

I need to inform you
a story a few pal who had a rest room with a sluggish operating drawback. This
The guy was a party and made this great cleaning – most of all
kin appeared the subsequent day. And so the bathroom backs up and so he observed
that he thought it was only a drawback.

And so he acquired up
early the subsequent morning and digging this large hole within the ground to get to this
the tube and then wrapped it in a method, ran away in one other approach, discovered nothing
roots. We returned to the toilet, decided that there was a blockage
be a hole he had dug into the bottom and backside
TOILET. And so he took the toilet off the floor and seemed down
and tried to snake it out and located no drawback. However in the process
Take the bathroom off the floor, he happened to take a look at the bottom
rest room and observed there was something blue.

It’s now
nothing that ought to be blue in the toilet. It's clear that
his pricey son had fallen to the playground rest room and it was
slows down the entire thing. So this man had dug his entire yard, took him
rest room aside, all making an attempt to figure out what causes this drawback and hurried
Do it before all of the family members have been seen. And it turned out a
a toy that was caught in the toilet itself.

I might say so
The guy was a real idiot, and this guy was me.

CAROL: Oh, okay.

LESLIE: I like, ”I’m
I heard this story before. "I like:" Why do I feel this was you, Tom? ”

TOM: I was
totally incorrect why i assumed i used to be smarter than
the typical home-owner and knew it – thought it was a willow tree that was
clogged pipes. It had nothing to do with it.

CAROL: Alright.

Tom: It was just
a easy toy that was stuck on the bathroom that I couldn't see. And we
finally obtained it off, put the whole thing back collectively, threw the filth back
gap and then went away to organize for the social gathering. So you never know why
The toilet is clogged.


Tom: And I wouldn't
All the time assume it's the costliest factor that is your septic tank


Tom: Who knows?
And perhaps you can find something that is caught there.

CAROL: Alright.
Many thanks.

Tom: You're welcome. Thank you a lot for calling us
at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Now that the climate is warming up
It's an excellent time to brighten your windows and provides it the sunshine
This lengthy and cold and moist and snowy winter, a lot of filth and filth and flat
salt and sand in the driveway and the road can construct up on them

Tom: Yeah. Now it's a simple option to get them
The home windows are clear and glowing. All it’s a must to do is mix 1 part white
vinegar with 10 elements water. It is an amazingly effective answer

You possibly can then wipe the previous cotton socks
the windows are clear. Socks can go to your right hand to get all the things
these tight corners and grooves. And it leaves the glass shiny and

And if you end up with the glass that is
you observed, properly, comply with one other wipe, but use only
this time. The newspaper works properly by swiping these home windows as nicely.

LESLIE: Bob in
Washington is in keeping with a roof question. How can we help
at present?

BOB: I'm waiting
By placing a roof house and yellow page advertisements, there’s one
Advertise towards one other. There are two; they’re greater contractors here. And
One suggests that he’s higher off using hand-nailed know-how
air-mechanical. And I would really like your ideas on it.

Tom: Properly, I feel
it doesn’t matter whether the roof product is nailed by hand or nailed
air gun. Both are perfectly acceptable ways of fixing roofing merchandise

I feel what it does
The difference between one professional or another is basically their job. So I
would not be confused with competing claims about how the roof is nailed. I can see
someone uses it – as it is hand-cut, hand-finished,
hand-nailed. You will have such a imaginative and prescient of what high quality is
professional participation, proper? But I actually don't assume it is

However what does all of it
The distinction if you rent a roof is the quality of labor and the way properly
The roof is assembled, especially relating to crossings
must blink. So, if the whole lot else seems to be good with these two roofers, I'd wish to
do deeper dive referrals and perhaps verify your web pages
ServiceMagic or Angie's Record, websites that simply double what their
popularity, speak with earlier clients.

Final time I had to
To hire a contractor I didn't know I received an inventory of references. And I’m
I stated the contractor was quite upset once I played the participant myself
these individuals. So get their referrals and name them and you will discover individuals
often very prepared to speak to you about their experiences
contractor. So I feel it's one of the simplest ways to go. High quality of work does all the things

roof materials of, northwest, where I’m now, it will be – is – and I'm
taking a look at a standard, trilingual, asphalt combination. Is there
higher material or something that i should search for? As you possibly can
inform me that is my first time, so…

TOM: Are you a
excessive wind space?

BOB: We get
quite a little bit of wind, the place i’m, up – one up the hill.

TOM: I would really like
contemplate the wind resistance, but a product like Owens Corning
wonderful. But I might undoubtedly contemplate wind resistance and purchase a
weighted product – rated for wind. A few of them – I do know
some of these OC shingles are categorised as over 100 miles per hour.

LESLIE: I feel it’s
up to 150.

TOM: Yeah.
the good news is that the roof is there;

BOB: Nicely, thank you
you a lot. It has been enlightening to listen to what you must say.

Tom: You're positive
Welcome. Thanks very a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Diane in Arizona wants help with air
In Arizona, you want air con.
How can we allow you to?

DIANE: I had insurance insurance coverage
as a result of we had a storm here and received – my air conditioner was broken
and it was 10 years previous. And it is essential air. I have electrical energy for the air
air con and heat, we have now fuel. And when – I don't have a computer
I hear from totally different models like York, Goodman, Trane, Lennox. I have no idea
which are good, what are the dangerous ones that last more.

Tom: Have you ever first changed it
outdoors the condenser or change the oven and air


TOM: All. ALRIGHT. As a result of it will be important
The utmost effectivity that what you set out corresponds to what you set in
house. Because they should work collectively or do not get the same effectivity.

I feel Trane is a very good model to start out with
With -T-r-a-n-e. Good quality. A lot of good options and nicely

It's really essential, Diane
choose ENERGY STAR rated. I’m positive that each one of them are Traneilla, but even
when you go to a special model in case you examine towards ENERGY STAR-rated models
other ENERGY STAR-rated models, a minimum of you’ve a foundation for comparability. at
a minimum of you already know that you simply get the identical power efficiency.

But Trane is a superb place to start out and now’s
an excellent time to get this undertaking before it will get too scorching.

DIANE: It's great to know as a result of it exists

Tom: Okay. Congratulations in your challenge. thank you
a lot that you simply referred to as us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Hey, is there a toilet look
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LESLIE: Rick in North Dakota is in line
driveway restore problem. How can we allow you to in the present day?

RICK: I’ve a concrete driveway through the years
began to get small bumps in some areas. It seems to be virtually like it
where the stones have popped out of the concrete over time and there are others
areas which are small – small, small scale, or concrete slabs indifferent.
And I'm just wondering what sort of product I can use to restore these mines. I
I know that I've seen at totally different occasions, when individuals have set themselves regularly of concrete
There isn’t any tendency to stay properly.

TOM: So what you need to do is use a concrete fix
product. And it's not simply regular concrete or common cement as a result of it's not
Closed. It’s often epoxy based mostly. And I do know QUIKRETE has designed the product
specifically for this and you may go to their web site at it is
written on Epoxy-based products stay previous

Now I just need to point out that in the north
Dakota, I’m positive that you’ll get a number of street salt to the driveway and doubtless
participates in this. But in the event you make any salt your self, ensure you are
utilizing potassium chloride, not calcium chloride. Because potassium chloride is
much less corrosion on the concrete surface and does not cause injury
that you are now witnessing.

alright. Does it show you how to?

RICK: Yep. It’s. Many thanks

Tom: You're welcome. Congratulations in your venture. Thanks so
so much by calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Nicely, soldering is the material you employ to fill
between areas. And when it seems to be dirty or drab, it will possibly pull down
general room format.

TOM: Nicely, the excellent news is to wash or substitute the weathered
Mortar has an equally powerful impact on area. Right here, tell us the best way to do it
the suitable approach is Tom Silva, the primary contractor of this previous home on TV.

Welcome, Tom.

TOM SILVA: Thanks. It's nice to be right here.

TOM: So begin by figuring out should you ought to clean it
or exchange it utterly. Is it ever attainable that the mortar is true
so dirty is it not value it?

TOM SILVA: Absolutely. Many occasions you need to substitute
mortar. You will notice signs if it falls into areas that get rather a lot

TOM: Right.

TOM SILVA: It starts to loosen there as a result of
totally different enlargement and contraction.

TOM: So, structurally, it might additionally break down. However
if you want to clear the choice of cleaning agent really relies upon

TOM SILVA: It definitely does. Let's say, for example, that glazed
tile – nicely, glazed tile, you might need to select a business cleaning agent and a

TOM: Proper.

TOM SILVA: Put the cleaner there and you're simply gonna

LESLIE: As a result of this tile can really rise to it.

TOM SILVA: Yeah, precisely. It's a troublesome factor. Uncooked tile,
If it’s a pure cleanser, there is a higher strategy to go because the tile is just not
exhausting. You need to use baking soda and water, combine it into pasta and put it on
there. Clean it and then use a softer brush.

After which there’s pure stone. You don't need to use it
no acid cleaners. They will injury the marble surface
granite or travertine or one thing surrounding it, so you must be

TOM: So with all these, a good idea to start out small
and see the way it goes before you begin using a cleaner cleaner

LESLIE: Any Place?

TOM SILVA: It's all the time a good idea to attempt an area that isn’t

TOM: Yeah.

LESLIE: There are tips for profitable cleaning
Job? Because typically you need to make a paste and let it sit there
pull off filth. Is this a very good scam on this store?

TOM SILVA: I feel the one trick I can say is to take
Ensure you use the correct material. And in case you are not sure, ask someone.

TOM: Yeah. Since you don't need to do it twice or destroy it

TOM SILVA: Yeah, yeah. Or break it. And then you definitely're going

Tom: Now, if the mortar pulls by itself and
disintegration and we’ve got to switch that mortar, it feels prefer it
might be a problem to get all the previous issues out. How do you strategy it

TOM SILVA: Properly, there are a couple of alternative ways to do it.


TOM SILVA: You need to be careful as a result of you are not
need to minimize the tile.

Tom: Is it a hand software, a noticed? Or it is power

TOM SILVA: It's an electrical device. They’ve battery operated


TOM SILVA: One other device is a vibrating saw. You possibly can
actually hit it together with your finger and you don't reduce, nevertheless it cuts

Tom: Oh, fascinating.

TOM SILVA: Fairly fascinating. Then additionally they have little


TOM SILVA: And you pull it forwards and backwards with a mortar.

LESLIE: It seems like plenty of work

TOM SILVA: A whole lot of work.

TOM: Yeah. Properly, it might in all probability be good in case you are
you get the dolls and crannies you already know towards the wall

TOM SILVA: So, hard-to-buy places and issues like that.

TOM: Yeah.

TOM SILVA: However you’ll be able to pull it. Additionally they have one
just hook and get there and pull the mortar. But it’s a must to be
watch out to not injury the tile in any of these.

LESLIE: This all seems like dental floss.

TOM SILVA: Oh sure. It's another chore in itself.

TOM: If you’ll return, it’s a must to determine
Now what kind of mortar do you need to return to. And you may select to grind
or rejected.

TOM SILVA: In line with the thickness of the milling line


TOM SILVA: Thinner soldering line, the more durable it goes
be getting a cultured mortar into it. So, whenever you need to select

LESLIE: Because sand is sort of a filler. And I
Often think of the ground when you have got a much bigger tile

TOM SILVA: Exactly. And all you want is
it's actually peanut butter;

TOM: Proper.

TOM SILVA: And it fills this connection nicely.

LESLIE: All of the tips if you retrieve that plaster? So
Typically you get frosted whenever you clean all of the remnants of the residue.
And it will blur again. Do you handle it immediately? You give it
sort of set up somewhat? Because I've seen the fog doesn’t disappear.

TOM SILVA: Sure, you simply wiped it. Main
The problem is that you simply use soiled sponge and soiled water. The little trick I am
through the years you employ the gadget, let it set barely. do not
let it set too lengthy. Wipe it with a clean sponge, change the water pair
Then get a bit of the track and wipe the whole wall down
sack bag. After which it simply drops proper.

Tom: Oh, good advice.

Tom: After which clean the sponge once more, a couple of occasions and you’re

LESLIE: It's great.

TOM: Now that you simply've accomplished every part, Would you advocate sealing

TOM SILVA: You possibly can close the mortar. Is dependent upon the place it is
an area to be sealed, resembling behind a furnace or area
the place it could get dirty. Nevertheless it's tough. You need to be sure that the seals only
mortar and tile.

TOM: Good recommendation. Tom Silva, the primary contractor of this previous home on TV, thank you very much

TOM SILVA: All the time a pleasure.

LESLIE: Alright. Request the present season for this previous house and request this previous house with PBS. Local listings and step by step
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Tom: And this
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LESLIE: Tim in Illinois is on the road and needs to tilt
rest room. How can we allow you to together with your venture?

TIM: Change a toilet in a 100-year-old home. And we are
wanting down on the floor tiles, probably underneath the warmth underneath the tiles. And I
questioned what – the easiest way to do it. By placing the tile on, you want it
go straight to the bottom flooring or need some type of concrete slab
Beneath the tile with doing heat underneath the ground?

TOM: Properly, typically the heat is actually put Beneath the
subfloor itself, that’s, one other approach to do it from the back aspect of it.
Will depend on your access points. However there’s a particular sort of subfloor that’s
designed for radiant heat or sub-slab warmth,
the Piping runs by way of a subfloor itself. So there’s no probability
it might get crushed or anything like that. It’s kind of a channeled-out piece
of underlayment

After which as soon as that's executed, you’ll be able to put your tile adhesive
proper on prime of that and glue the tile to that underlayment

TIM: OK. This is an upstairs rest room, so we gained

TOM: What kind of a heating system are you eager about
placing in? Is it going to be electrical?

TIM: It'll be electrical. We have now geothermal in the house
itself, so we've acquired forced-air warmth. So it would have to be – I feel they
have some type of electrical under-mat or one thing like that. And in addition, I was
wondering is the perfect visitors areas? You
don't have to do the entire flooring. Is that right?

Tom: Nicely, you don’t have it. It definitely is good. You don't
need to go around the toilet, for instance. So, yeah, for those who went in entrance of
the sink, in entrance of the bathroom and wherever you step out in the bathe, then
that ought to be positive.

And sure, some of these electrical heating techniques are really
nice. They don’t use as much electricity as they used to. You’ll be able to set them up
on timers in order that they warmth up right earlier than you go within the rest room and then time-out
after that.

TIM: OK. So if I get this right, you’ll be able to just put a
thinset concrete and then put tile proper down onto the subfloor? Is that proper?
With the heating mat beneath?

TOM: Right. If it’s good and clean, you are able to do that. If it’s
uneven, then there’s quite a lot of ways to clean that out, either via an
further subflooring materials or by setting mud beneath it.

TIM: I respect your show. Thanks.

TOM: Good luck with that challenge, Tim. Thanks so much for
calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Nicely, now that spring is in full swing,
you is perhaps finding that between the lawn mowers and more, you’re simply operating
out of area on that outdoors storage. Properly, sheds is usually a great answer and
they will truly be a DIY or a professional undertaking. But before you begin, there are
four essential things to think about. We’ve received these tips in right now’s Pro Undertaking
introduced by

TOM: Now, first, contemplate the typical value to
construct a shed is between about 800 bucks and 4,000. Now, that’s a wide range but
it depends upon the supplies you choose and whether you’re going to do it
yourself or hire a professional.

But whichever method you go, there are several primary
questions it’s essential to ask yourself earlier than you get began with all that

LESLIE: That’s proper. To start with, you’ll want to
really take into consideration – “Do I need a permit?” Properly, you may, truly. So examine
together with your native constructing codes and determine in the event you want a permit to construct a
shed by yourself property.

Now, you don’t need to find out after you completed
the challenge that it’s obtained to return down because it violated some building code
or zoning ordinance. And consider me, they may make you’re taking it down; it’s not
just an idle menace, guys.

You additionally want to consider what measurement and what
fashion is the shed going to be. Do you need something easy and utilitarian? Do
you need something that’s more ornamental? There are a number of totally different types
and sizes on the market, so make sure to evaluate your own home and your property and
determine what’s one of the best fashion in your needs.

TOM: Now, the subsequent thing you must think about
is: where are you going to place this factor? I imply depending on the dimensions of your
property, you’ve received so many various choices for placement.

Now, some fairly in style decisions could be to build
it near the home, which makes operating power and water strains straightforward. Or you
can tuck it into the aspect or again of your property in order that it’s less intrusive.

The opposite thing to consider is your price range. Jos
you’ve acquired a decent price range, you’ll be able to construct a easy shed that type of gets the
job executed with out lots of frills. But should you’ve obtained some wiggle room, look to
add options like built-in shelving inside or ornamental trim on the
exterior. Or you’ll be able to go all out man cave or she shed and add electricity, warmth,
water, plumbing, the whole lot.

LESLIE: Alright. For those who do go professional, guys, we
advocate that you simply get a bunch of estimates, from no less than two or three
totally different contractors, before you choose the one professional that’s going that will help you
with the venture.

And that’s immediately’s Professional Venture introduced by With HomeAdvisor, you will get matched with top-rated house
service execs in your space, learn verified evaluations and e-book appointments on-line,
all at no cost.

TOM: That’s

LESLIE: Still ahead, is your laminate countertop
wanting previous and worn and dinged up? We’re going to inform you how you can deliver
new life to it, after this.

TOM: Making good houses better, welcome back to The
Money Pit House Enchancment Present. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Decide up the telephone and give us a call, right
now, with your property enchancment question at 1-888-MONEY-PIT introduced by
HomeAdvisor, where you’ll discover top-rated house service execs and you may ebook
appointments online, all totally free.

And when you’d like to listen to The Money Pit once you
need to hear The Cash Pit, you may as well subscribe to our podcast. Sen
out there on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

LESLIE: And keep in mind, when you’re online all the time
head on over to and submit your questions, the place we’re going to
reply all the issues that you simply’ve received in your mind with your property enchancment
to-do listing.

Now, Robin in Florida writes: “I have a burn on my
laminate countertop close to the top and close to a seam. Due to the situation, I
determine this may be fastened however I’m simply unsure how.”

TOM: It’s an excellent query.

Now, in case you have laminate countertop, you do have
some choices for repair. But that repair is all the time going to be seen. They do
have fillers for laminate tops and often, you’re not going to seek out the exact
proper colour however you’ll discover two colors which are comparable and you mix them
together to sort of get the most effective match. That stated, it is going to all the time seem like a

I’ve obtained a a lot better answer. Since lots of
these burns are near the stove, what I’ve typically advised is that this creates an
alternative for a drop-in chopping board. Now, it doesn’t need to be wooden. It
might be granite, it could possibly be any sort of cutting-board material. However you
principally might, with a little bit of carpentry talent, minimize into that countertop and
drop in a slicing board so it’s all the time proper there, very handy, right next
to where you prepare dinner.

LESLIE: Hmm. That’s a superb concept. I really like the
– I actually do like the look of that and it does look like a fun answer. And
you possibly can all the time drop in a marble countertop – or a marble slicing board, I
ought to say – into your countertop in case you’re an enormous baker.

TOM: You recognize what’s enjoyable? That folks will see
this they usually’ll be like, “Oh, that’s such a great idea.” They usually’ll by no means
know you probably did it to fix a burn. By no means ever.

LESLIE: You’re overlaying up one thing.

Alright. Subsequent up, Nancy in Illinois has obtained a
query. She writes: “There’s water stepping into my garage as a result of the garage
is lower than the world surrounding it and water runs into it. I’d wish to know
what to do to repair this drawback.”

TOM: Grading, grading, grading. You understand, each time
you could have a garage that’s slightly under grade, you will have the identical issues that
you’d have in the event you had a basement, Nancy. And to fix that, you’ve received to be
very careful to handle the drainage outdoors that wall. So, we’re talking about
grading, ensuring the soil slopes away from that partially submerged
basement-like basis wall that’s received the garage on the other aspect.

And most significantly, it is advisable to make it possible for
the gutter system A) exists, B) is clean and C) is extending all of that roof
water nicely away from that basis. I can’t inform you how many occasions I’ve
been referred to as upon to diagnose a water drawback around the house and found a very
easy cause with downspouts just dropping water proper there. It’d even be
the one which’s slightly uphill from it and the water runs down.

However should you have been to manage that grading and that
drainage and all of that water on the surface of those walls, you aren’t going
to have problems with water stepping into the storage space and saturating those
partitions and perhaps even operating throughout the floor, which in a garage is even more
dangerous than the basement because it may well freeze, right? You step out of the
automotive and you may slip. So you’ve received to be tremendous careful.

LESLIE: Oh, yeah.

TOM: It’s obtained a simple answer, Nancy.

LESLIE: Yeah. However Nancy, Tom is true. It really
is a simple answer to repair and one that when you determine what’s happening,
you’ll have the ability to monitor it, keep it, maintain the whole lot nice and dry for the
remainder of the season.

TOM: That is The Money Pit Residence Improvement Show.
Thanks so much for stopping by as we speak. Hey, we hope that we have been capable of help
you with some recommendation in your spring house improvement tasks. Whether it’s a
pergola or a roof or a kitchen or a toilet, whatever is on that to-do record,
in the event you’ve obtained questions you’ll be able to all the time reach us, 24/7, at 1-888-MONEY-PIT or
publish your question to The Money Pit’s Group page at

I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you can do it yourself …

LESLIE: However you don’t should do it alone.


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