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How a dirty mortar disappears

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that mortar, I feel it by no means appears to be as clean because the day it’s placed on
down. We’ll inform you some professional options to restore it
sparkling clear, simply a little.

LESLIE: Plus, because the saying goes,
nice fences make good neighbors. However simple errors in the appearance of the fence can damage it
that pleasant relationship and forcing you to remove otherwise properly installed ones
a fence. We’re going to go over the most typical fencing errors.

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Cindy in North Carolina is on the line and has some issues with epoxy

happened, Cindy?

my husband and I personal a city condo and it was owned by many others. from
as far as i can understand, the previous house owners fastened automobiles within the garage, so – that's it
two automotive garage. There are not any cracks on the ground, however it is nice
granular surface to it and it seems horrible. I really don't know what I can do.
At first I assumed, "Well, maybe I can" – I’ve some paint
I can paint over it or perhaps – or is it one thing I have to do another
epoxy on epoxy? Is it one thing a typical home-owner can work with?

Mm-hmm. So, Cindy, the floor that's now there, is it tight
concrete? Does it peel in any method or does it look like fairly shallow
there and fairly durable?

it appears prefer it's pretty good there.

So what you must do is clear it and then apply a new coat of epoxy
on prime of it – one or two layers on prime of it. And I feel it will possibly brighten it.
With so many decisions and colors in the present day and you have manufacturers like QUIKRETE,
who make good merchandise that may go there. There are several types of texturing
material you possibly can add, or flakes you possibly can add to provide it character
making an attempt to take this off wouldn't make sense. I don't assume it truly is
buy you anything. Though it has texture to it, I might paint it
after cleansing and preparation.

Can I ask how troublesome it is to deal with epoxy paint?

Tom: That's it
not troublesome. The best way it really works is chemically cured. So once you buy epoxy
paint, you really get two cans.


Tom: So
you get one that is a gallon of butter, but whenever you open it, it just goes
fill three-quarters of the street. And you then get another can that’s
Quart can and it’s a hardener. So the very first thing you do once you open
a gallon can and a four-jar can combine them up. And it’ll
the paint you’re employed with.

keep in mind, nevertheless, that if you begin mixing, the clock begins ticking. And you’re
I in all probability only have two, three hours to use it. But
it won’t take that lengthy because you’ll brush it
first on the outer ring and then on the roller. And then the kind of work
knew out of the storage. And if you use it moist and often – they arrive
offer you these flakes of shade that you simply shake it to get it
character they usually stay there and you simply hold shifting.


TOM: Yeah
I might do a Four-foot tape – extensive tape – all the best way down, then put it on
flakes in. Then I might do one other Four ft and another 4 ft and delightful
soon you may be proper outdoors. They actually aren't that tough to do. Key
you simply have to arrange and prepare it correctly so that once you really combine it up
to the end, you’re good to go.

And then don't paint yourself in the corner.


Do I want multiple can in a two automotive garage, so far as you recognize?

would examine the can cover to see what number of sq. ft it covers.

Yeah. A gallon is often 400 sq. ft, so…

So realistically it's one thing I can do in a few hours or…?

TOM: Oh,

Certainly. Definitely.

Yeah. Yeah. Mm-hmm.

ALRIGHT. Alright. Nicely, that sounds good. I used to be really afraid to be
much more durable than that.

TOM: Dive
inside, Debbie. The water is ok.

ALRIGHT. Alright. Thank you.

Alright? Congratulations on the venture. Thank you a lot for calling us

Thank you. Bye.

TOM: Yeah
when Debbie will get involved, who knows where she's going, doesn't she? I simply imply it
take one sort of undertaking to get your confidence up and out.

Shane in Illinois, you might have The Cash Pit. You want us that will help you
terrace undertaking? What can we do?

In relation to the ft of the deck, is it a widespread apply to have one strong
a column that lowers your bottom or can solely dig 36 inches throws a
6-inch base on the bottom and put your message on prime and proper
pack it with filth or cowl it with concrete?

TOM: You
do you imply masking the submit as it is – pouring concrete around the submit? Is
that what do you say?


Yeah. Properly, it actually doesn't enable you to as a result of it provides you nothing
help. The thought behind the stand is to get it down under the freezing line. So
yes, when you dig down 36 inches and place any type of small concrete cushion
at that backside, you’d be good at putting the bottom – turning the mail on
about it and going up.

One other thing you’ll be able to think of doing – and I like these – is there
sidewalks in entrance which are virtually pyramid shaped.
They are very tall. No pyramid, more like a tower. And they are about 36
inches long, perhaps 40 inches lengthy. They usually have a bolt that tightens the top
of them so you’ll be able to put your message proper in it. And you may dig your hole
and drop this straight into the opening.

What am I
As you do, you’ll have to place a shovel full of stone within the backside of the opening to do
Be certain that it is thumbed up rather well, then drop my foot on it. And this
approach, Postini ends up above the grade. I don't like the thought, though it is
strain treated to immerse wooden in the floor.

Yeah, I agree.

As a result of ultimately it’ll rot. So I need to maintain it above floor. it is
why i exploit such messages.

After which
The third approach you are able to do that is one thing referred to as Sonotube. You realize
what is it?


Sure, it's like – it seems to be like a paper towel roll, however it's 12 inches
diameter. And sure, minimize it to about 40 inches, insert it into the opening.
You possibly can go forward and fill it up, put a small rock within the backside and
then fill it with concrete.

Now you
might combine – something like a QUIKRETE in a purple bag is sweet for this. You’ll be able to
mix it and drop it on it Sonotube. Inside an hour it is troublesome. And
you can start development instantly.

Properly, nice. Properly, thanks in your help.

Sure, you’re welcome. Congratulations on the undertaking. Are you going to make it occur
and then quickly enough to take pleasure in it this summer time?

Probably. We'll see.

Alright. Properly, good luck on the best way. Thank you a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

Thank you.

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Have you ever ever questioned if it's potential to get your mortar as clear as a day
was put down? Properly, a skilled may help you do exactly that. We’ll share ideas at this time
Subsequently, introduced the Pro undertaking.

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LESLIE: You understand, it's a great tool
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But it’s a must to use glue weapons
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Larry in Texas is in search of help finding a new roof. What
to be continued?

Properly, we have now a 15-year-old ceiling. We put on a 30 yr previous Timberline shingle
initially. About 15 years ago we had a hail. I had insurance coverage
the mediator came out to take a look at it and he stated, “Yes, you must change
"He says we’ve about 35 squares to tear and 39 to switch.


an estimated £ 15 blanket for many, a £ 30 blanket for 12/12 pitch. He
proposed roofing firm A, which proposed a shingle mark.


And I've been working roofer with B, who stated no, we should always in all probability go underneath
shingles mark 2.

TOM: Are
do they each nickname shingles?

Sure, I can identify them if you need.

Yeah. Are they dimensioning shingles, in order that they seem like Timberline
did you mention that you simply had before or…?

Yeah. They might be very similar to the Timberline dimension.

TOM: Yeah
do they each have the identical guarantee?

I feel they each are 30 years previous regardless that I haven't seen a written copy
whichever. And certainly one of them said that after 10 years the guarantee can

Tom: Everyone
these roofers, all these contractors, they all have their very own attitudes
and practices, they usually like each other. However let me inform you one thing,
the ceiling mount separator just isn’t as much a shingle as it is
being a guy doing shingles – shingles, so to talk – because that's all
comes right down to work on the job. And until the machining is rock-solid, it isn't
Regardless of how good this shingles are, you still have issues.


TOM: Yeah
So I might make a choice based mostly on which roofing regulation I used to be most assured about
might do a good job. And what product she likes to work with, so do I
would simply settle for that product and never try to drive him to use one other. But
the satan is within the details. It applies, for example, to flashing and
underlays and ice and water shields and the like. For those who get
a roofer who does a actually good job with these particulars, so that you don't
you could have problems.

The regulator observed one skylight in its score. He additionally observed one roof structure
and he stated, "Oh, we can pick it up when the Catholic does his job."
that widespread industrial policy?

I don't know what he means when he says he can choose it. If he missed it
after his evaluation, I feel you must ask him to return back and verify
estimate so as to add parts that he missed. Because after you have this
the man's consideration and when he's at work and you guys speak
often, I might simply – ask him to check it out. It shouldn't be massive
cope with it happen. We are not looking for this to enter installation and then
there’s a dispute concerning the cost, three months after that or something and no one
keep in mind what was stated to whom and when.

You need to get it in writing. You’re right. If he mixes the quantity, in the event you
add six skylights and he wrote five, you then let him change it. it’s
no huge deal. You can do it now.

ALRIGHT. Properly, I did a lot of borrowing whereas I used to be still in work and
sure, portions are essential.

TOM: Yep.
That's his job.

One fast word. My spouse needed a fishing tank in entrance of the house and received it
one contractor dug it and it didn't hold water. I had one other contractor
stated: "I can do that." So I’ve referred to as to apologize rahakaukaloni

Properly, that's OK. We’ll lend it to you for this function. You say fishing
tank. Is that like a goldfish pond?

No, it was a pond about ¾ acres.

Tom: Oh my
goodness. Wow.

However right here in Texas they are referred to as "tanks."

Nicely, properly. Does this fish tank have something alive right now?

No, it doesn't maintain water. So I'm going so as to add extra money to it and fill it
again inside.

TOM: Oh,
son. Alright. Nicely, pay attention, no matter makes your spouse completely happy, right?

Undoubtedly (ph). That's what …

Tom: Good
congratulations. Thank you so much for calling us, Larry, for the 888-MONEY PIT.

Nicely, a tile flooring or wall with
complementary mortar colour is a lovely addition to your house, little question. However
if the tile and mortar aren’t correctly cleaned, they will grow to be dirty. And dirty
injection grout may even turn out to be dangerous to well being and a breeding floor for bacteria.

LESLIE: In the event you've tried and
You tried to wash the mortar your self without a lot success, you may assume
The truth that you’ve gotten a skilled do it for you. We’ve ideas for what you must know
to finish this venture in at this time's Pro undertaking on

Tom: First you actually should first
perceive what this mortar is all about. Because it's primarily a mixture
cement, sand and water, which are crammed with flooring tiles between them
installation. The problem is that the mortar is substantially porous. And since it is
porous, it easily absorbs virtually something that strikes it, like
grease and filth in addition to mould and disease. And they are often actually robust
clear up. And when all that filth and rubbish often accumulates, so do you
can get bacterial progress, which may also make it probably unhealthy.

LESLIE: Yeah. And that's why it costs
hire a professional for this undertaking as cleaning the mortar requires
special cleaners that elbow grease simply can’t do.

Now one of the simplest ways to wash your tile and
Steam effectively with a steam cleaner fitted for correct cleaning
solutions and chemical compounds. And despite the fact that you could possibly lease all this and do it
This job itself, you in all probability won’t get the identical results as a skilled.
You realize that using a professional can appear to be extra money forward of you. However with them
the experience and gear they’ve when fascinated with renting issues
and figuring out the fee, you'll find yourself paying the same, if no more
Do it your self than just investing in a skilled who is going to do it effectively
and effectively for the primary time.

Tom: Now the very best single worth
In fact, the worth issue for tile and mortar cleansing is square
materials concerning the area it’s essential clear and in addition how dirty it truly is.
Most professionals will possible cost a worth per square foot which includes
time and materials. However the nation's common is about 450 jobs. So,
yours could possibly be less, yours might be more, but the results definitely are
value it.

LESLIE: And that's immediately's Professional
Undertaking introduced by HomeScript allows you to get a match
examine your rates, read verified as you’ve gotten probably the most respected residence service professionals in your space
critiques and bookings online, all without spending a dime.

TOM: No matter the type of work,
HomeAdvisor makes it fast and straightforward to hire one of the best native professionals.

Caitlin in Iowa is on the line and wishes assist restoring an previous toilet. Inform
to us what happens.

Hey. My husband and I moved into our 1917 farmhouse about a yr in the past. And ours
the primary toilet has only a threshold foot and we wish a bathe for it. So I
I’m wondering in case you have any ideas for restoration
threshold foot and installation
Bathe collection.

Tom: So
you need to take a tub, don't you? You don’t want to put a separate shower. You
you simply need to principally pour the shower head on it, proper?


Because it's a threshold foot, in the event you disconnect the piping, you’ll
that out of the home. As the easiest way to finalize or restore it
is to ship it to the corporate that does it. As a result of in the event you do it
in the home itself, they will come with acids they usually can corrode the previous surface and
they will add a new surface and then they will convey in the warmth and bake it
on. However I have observed that it does not work almost in addition to to ship it
out to a place set as much as enamel again
bathtub. And then you’ve one that basically takes the long haul.

And after that
that installing a bathe set is sort of a lot of the plumbing challenge. a lot
locations like Restoration Hardware have packages or yow will discover them online
the place you’ll be able to principally ditch the incoming pipe and then bend
bathe over. And also you need a round bathe curtain – above the bathe bar
it's a veil – and it's all straightforward. However the exhausting part is getting a tub

ALRIGHT. And the way expensive it’s to enamel new ones

Tom: That's it
in all probability not as costly as buying a new tub and it’ll final
until kingdom come.

ALRIGHT. Properly, thanks on your advice.

Alright. Thanks so much for calling The Money Pit.

Comprehend it
you’ll be able to attain us at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with your own home restore service or
Your House Enchancment Query at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.


Are you making an attempt to keep pets and youngsters or noise and visitors, a
The fence around your yard can definitely assist. We’ll train you ways
Get monetary savings by constructing one after this.

house solutions reside, that is The Money Pit Residence Improvement Present. I'm Tom

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LESLIE: Joan in Massachusetts is
on the road with a mysterious radio cracker that can be related to an LED
mild. What happens to your money pit?

JOAN: Oh, I'm so glad to be able to converse
each of you. You study so much by listening to your display each week, hoping
you’ll be able to reply my question.

Tom: Nicely, thanks.

by the best way, and I had an electrician install a Lotus Super
Thin LED lights on my ceilings, in 4 rooms – five in truth. And then they are
sure to Ariadni C • L 150 W Lutron Dimmer Switches. And once I flip
radios in every room that has – and an AM station so I can pay attention
to your show, I turn into static. And so the electrician had by no means heard of it
before and so I'm in search of some helpful info to right

Tom: What kind of radio do you employ
use? Is it a moveable radio? Or is it – or your stereo or…?

JOAN: I have one laptop
I'm solely concerned for my part, affected by the difficulty, and so can also be offered. But
then I have simply the sort of AM / FM radio in several rooms because I like it
Take heed to AM radio most of the time.

Tom: Often when you have static
resembling interference or interference with any system, it’s often
down. Often there’s something outdoors the earthing system
the electrical panel or the circuits themselves, so that may be the first thing
to reconsider.

JOAN: OK. So it will probably have an effect on everyone
room if the earth is away from the panel?

Tom: Sure, no or if by some means it is
disconnected. And it actually might probably – be probably harmful, like
Properly, so I'll begin by wanting on the land.

JOAN: And take a look at the land strains
also in every room, or…?

Tom: Sure. And proper – and one factor
what you can do really easy is you could examine the socket tester
all retailers in these rooms. And it's a actually simple strategy to tell if it is
grounded or unearthed because there’s a collection of lights. And
If it isn’t grounded, you will notice it immediately.

JOAN: Yeah. So it could possibly be
has something to do with dimmer switches?

Tom: No, I don't assume it is
change myself because all of these are made constant and I don't have one
nobody else in the nation complaining about this unusual thing

JOAN: Hmm, and that's…

TOM: However I recommend that you simply
verify the ground and make sure it’s virtually all the time finished. If it's a metallic field, it
may be protected if not grounded. So it really has to have it
factor checked. Okay?

JOAN: Sure, because if I went
in the basement – I acquired him to install a couple of these fluorescent lamps and that
happens there too.

Tom: It's not just where you’re
these dimmable products.

JOAN: Right. ALRIGHT. Alright. Very,

Tom: One other factor you do
You would do, you would get an exterior AM antenna and make the radios work
the antenna as an alternative of the built-in, so there’s an alternative choice.

Okay. Good luck with it
undertaking. Thank you a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Nicely, as the saying goes,
nice fences make good neighbors. But simple design errors can destroy it
friendly relationship and drive you to remove otherwise properly installed
a fence. Listed here are some tips that could a profitable fencing challenge.

TOM: Yeah. So let's speak first
the preparation. You really need to plan ahead. Assume what
the aim is the fence. Is it noise reduction? Is it for pets? Is it aesthetics?
There are totally different models to suit your needs. So,
first, why are you doing this job?

LESLIE: Yes. Next you need to hold
in your thoughts that you’ve neighbors and you need to assume local
laws. You could decide if this fence fills this
zoning requirements and if your village or city you live in requires a

Now that you’re unsure, you should contact
these design / development departments no matter what they’ve within the constructing
the local municipal department will determine what’s required. Because
it could actually result in you not having the correct paperwork once you take down that fence.

You also need to ask
neighbors. It only is sensible. Knock on the door and be like, “Hey, I know we are
good associates and all except i will construct a fence. “Individuals have the incorrect concept
all the time and also you don't need to trigger a drawback just since you need to put it
one thing to make your yard a little extra personal. tell them
you still like them and you're still buddies, but you're simply establishing a fence.

And by doing so, make sure you placed on
good aspect – the charming aspect of the fence – dealing with your neighbor. Its
what benefits they get if in case you have a fence.

Tom: Now, eventually, it’s a must to select
the perfect materials. We speak a lot about wood vs. vinyl or chain
hyperlink. You recognize that wooden turns into the most cost effective. It seems rustic,
appears type of cool, however you're in all probability going to exchange it from seven to eight
years. Vinyl can final quite a while, however you will clear it
it as a result of moss and mould love to develop in it. And then in fact
there's a chain hyperlink that's fairly timeless.

And if it's a pool fence,
Nicely, the pool fences are particular. They have to be at the least 48 inches
high. The latches should have a safety mechanism that’s about 60 inches high.
They have to be spring-loaded and the fence itself cannot be climbed. So do
Certainly if it is a pool fence, you’ll select it very rigorously.

However I feel that when all is claimed and executed
ready, a fence made with a fence has many advantages. It could maintain
relationships and add value to your own home all on the similar time.

LESLIE: Keep in mind you possibly can all the time
attain us by correcting or enhancing your question 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week here at 888-MONEY PIT.

Just ahead when you really feel your self
a bit cramped at residence, then lookup, look down, go searching. Because you guys,
the bonus area is more than likely hidden immediately in the eyes. We’re going to
listed here are some ideas for greatest results.

Tom: Make good houses higher
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Tony in Florida deals with some less power environment friendly units. Inform
to us what occurs.

Yeah. I have a Trane 19-SEER, a three ton unit. It has a dual compressor. I
can also be a Pentair variable velocity swimming pool pump and one of the heat pumps – GE


minusta huolimatta nämä ovat kaksi laitetta, jotka olisivat vastuussa
suurelle energialaskulleni.


Asennettuaani nämä laitteet, tarkastelen edelleen energialaskua, joka vaihtelee
välillä 180-2.

TOM: Vau.
Se on kallista.


TOM: Joten
anna minun kysyä jotain lämmöstä – Trane-yksiköstä, jonka olet asettanut. Milloin
laitoit sen, vaihdoitko useless kompressorin ulkopuolella vai vaihdoitko myös
korvataan jokin sisäisistä osista?

Koko yksikkö korvattiin ja johdettiin uudelleen.

pari asiaa, jotka voit tarkistaa. Yksi niistä on LVI
urakoitsija – tai jos osaat tehdä tämän, tarkista ampeeripiiri
kompressori, kun se toimii. Tämä voidaan tehdä sähköpaneelista
vahvistinanturi. Katso, vedämmekö liiallista ampeeria. Ihmettelen jos
mitään on rikki kompressoreissa tai tuuletinjärjestelmässä, joka aiheuttaa sen
vedä enemmän voimaa kuin pitäisi. Joten, voit tarkistaa sen valmistajan ohjeiden mukaan
eritelmä molemmille lämpöpumppuille, rehellisesti sanottuna. Lämpöpumppu, se on lämpöpumppu
vedenlämmitin, eikö?


TOM: Joten
tarkista tasapeli. Secondly, is there some other main consuming equipment in the
home? How are you cooking? Are you cooking with electric heat – with
electrical energy, I ought to say?

Yes. I’m cooking with a heat-induction range.

Warmth-induction stove, OK. So, you’re using fairly a little bit of power for that. What
I would like is to get to the point the place we’re breaking this down on a case-by-case
foundation, to try to determine this out.

what I need to inform you to do, OK? You’ve acquired a lot happening in that house.
This is able to be a really good case for an power audit. There are power auditors
that you may often find via your native utility company or you’ll find
them independently. And in many areas of the nation, there are rebates for
these or they’re even free.

auditors can are available and take a look at every source of power that’s being consumed
in that home, in addition to insulation, windows and doors, things like this. And
the great thing about an power auditor is that they’re not there to promote you stuff,
you recognize? Typically, once you call a contractor and say, “I would like an environment friendly
heating system,” they promote you what they need to sell you. Power auditors are
sort of like residence inspectors however they concentrate on power efficiency. They usually
can do an unbiased evaluation of all the parts in the home and help
you very precisely pin down the place that power is going.

it’s free because it’s paid for by the utility corporations. In reality, some utility
corporations, as a situation of licensing, are required to offer power auditors
or low-cost auditors. Discover a good one. Analysis them rigorously and get an
power audit carried out of your home. And I feel that that may enable you to cease
speculating on the place the facility – the place the power is getting used and the place it’s
not and get some actual, factual knowledge that would provide help to make some clever
selections on the way to minimize these prices. Does that make sense?

yeah, that makes good sense.

TOM: Good
luck with that venture. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Nicely, if your own home is
beginning to feel a little bit cramped and perhaps you need to discover some extra
area however you don’t exactly know the place to look, you may need to take a extra
careful look concerning the area as a result of your property probably already incorporates a spot
that’s prepared for conversion to a comfort zone, space for storing and even a
recreation area.

TOM: Yeah. Properly, these are the
places that we call “bonus spaces.” They’re the type of typically underutilized
real estate in your house. When you consider it, plenty of houses have basements
and attics with the identical amount of square footage as the flooring above or under
them. And fixing a type of spaces up is type of the least expensive
addition, so to speak, you can do. I mean it’s not likely an addition; it’s
more of a conversion. However you’re pretty much probably doubling the area
that it’s a must to use in your home.

LESLIE: Yeah. And there are a lot of
makes use of for these bonus areas. It actually is determined by the dimensions of the world that you simply
uncover, like additional bedrooms, workshops, interest rooms, a teen hangout, a residence
workplace. A lot of various things that you need to use and a lot of them may have a
totally different set of necessities for entry, finishes, installations and even

Now, bonus-space conversions, they
differ in scale, structural necessities and elegance. So if you set your price range,
start with an trustworthy evaluation of your present area. And keep in mind the 20-percent
reserve rule. You need to price range an extra 20 % for any of the surprises
that pop up. When you start digging into partitions and flooring, something’s going to
happen. So that you’d better hold a little additional cash apart, because you’re going to
need it.

TOM: Going to happen.

LESLIE: It’s going to occur. And
even it might happen if – simply by going, “Hmm. I really want this tile,” or “I
actually need this wall overlaying.” You by no means know the place that 20 % goes
however trust me, you’re going to wish it.

Now, in case you solely want a little bit
more room, there are a lot of hidden spots which you can think about, too, like
the world beneath your stairs, inside wall cavities or utilizing storage effectively,
like including storage drawers beneath beds or shelving in the rest room, above the
bogs. These are the little issues that you can do to get simply back a little
bit of area.

TOM: Now, one advantage of those
tasks is you can construct in the direction of adding area over time as assets
develop into obtainable. Because the areas we’re talking about are really additional spaces
round your property, every thing you do is, properly, type of bonus area you didn’t
have before. So it’s a fun undertaking because you might take it on, over time, as
you have got time and assets to get it completed.

If you need more recommendations on converting
bonus spaces, we’ve obtained numerous those on

LESLIE: You’re tuned to The Cash
Pit. Give us a name with your house repair or your own home improvement query 24
hours a day, 7 days a week right right here at 888-MONEY-PIT.

Arising, are you able to tackle
a below-grade flooring challenge? Nicely, not any flooring goes to do the job. We’re
going to share the dos and don’ts of finished-basement flooring, arising
after this.

TOM: Making good houses higher,
welcome again to The Money Pit House Enchancment Present. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Give us a name, right now, with
your own home enchancment question at 1-888-MONEY-PIT introduced by HomeAdvisor,
where you’ll find top-rated house service execs and ebook appointments online, all
totally free.

LESLIE: And keep in mind, you’ll be able to all the time
publish your questions in the Group part, identical to Adam did. Now, he
writes: “Hey, guys. I take pleasure in listening to your present and I’m on the lookout for some
assist with basement flooring. There’s a lumberyard simply down the street they usually
can reduce recent planks that I’m desirous about laying down over some underlayment
after which sanding, sealing and marking the plank on prime. Any thoughts or ideas?”

TOM: You recognize, I really like the considered
recent wooden planks as a flooring however I do know it’s undoubtedly not going to work in
the basement. As a result of, Adam, regardless of how dry your basement is, it’s not dry
sufficient for solid-wood flooring because that floor moisture is simply going to be
saturating down there. It’s going to turn into very damp. It’s going to trigger mould
and mildew. It’s going to warp those planks. So, placing these wooden planks down
within the basement is absolutely never a good concept, even if the area seems to be
dry. If you consider it, concrete inevitably is going to carry moisture and
humidity, so they’ll rot, they may decay.

Now, in case you are in search of a wood
flooring for the basement, one of the best sort – and actually the one sort of really wooden
flooring – is engineered hardwood. It appears like regular hardwood from the
outdoors, besides that it’s laminated. It’s many layers of hardwood glued
collectively at 90-degree angles, so it’s dimensionally secure.

Now, for those who’re not completely bought on
wooden flooring but perhaps you need one thing that looks like wooden, there are
many, many, many kinds of flooring on the market which are just amazingly just like
wooden. Can hardly inform the distinction.

I imply I put down considered one of these
vinyl-plank floors in my mom’s kitchen. She absolutely loves it. It’s super
sturdy however it’s a vinyl plank. If you say vinyl, you think of the tiles that
we grew up with. No, no. This actually seems like wood, straight by means of to the
staining and the texture on the floor.

So, a lot of options …

LESLIE: Yeah, even the form and the
install course of sort of is identical.

TOM: Yeah. Plenty of choices on the market
but slabs of fresh-cut wooden, not so much.

LESLIE: Alright. Subsequent up, we’ve received
a submit right here from Brielle (sp) who writes: “My 1984 Colonial residence has no
exterior door or window surrounds. I’d like to add surrounds to both. Must some
of the clapboards need to be removed to install these surrounds or are there
merchandise to keep away from this step?”

TOM: Properly, a company referred to as Fypon
truly gives precisely what you’re in search of. There’s a broad number of
both polyurethane and PVC exterior surrounds.

Now, the benefit of the urethane
is that you simply by no means danger the rot or the warp that’s going to be related to
wooden. But to answer your query, you shouldn’t need to remove the clapboard
to put in the surrounds. They stunning a lot connect kind of on prime of the prevailing
siding, preventing any water intrusion that would incur from those attachment

So, if they’re correctly put in
and if it’s the proper of material, they will actually look implausible they usually
can really add some type and some worth, especially if we’re speaking about a
front door. It’s the first thing that folks see and I inform you, the studies
have proven that when you do add some décor to your front door – if it’s a
good-looking door – it might actually drive up the perceived value of your home.
Individuals make a huge judgment based mostly on that.

LESLIE: And it looks like such a
small addition or a element to that space of that residence however once it’s in, it
really does end the area and create such a lovely look for the home. I
assume should you deal with this venture, you’ll be so glad you probably did.

TOM: This is The Money Pit Residence
Improvement Present on air and on-line at

Hey, we hope that we’ve given you a
few ideas and concepts, in at this time’s show, that will help you move along these residence
improvement tasks. But keep in mind, whether you’re engaged on a job inside or
out – whether that job is the kitchen, the toilet, the bed room or the
basement – we can be found that will help you take the proper steps to get that job
achieved as soon as, finished right so you don’t need to do it once more. You will get about
having fun with your property.

For right now, although, that’s all the
time we do have. The present does proceed online.

I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you are able to do it
your self …

LESLIE: But you don’t need to do it


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may be reproduced in any format without the categorical written permission of
Squeaky Door Productions, Inc.)

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