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Tom: Coast to the coast and floorboards for shingles, that is The
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Coming to the present in the present day if you've been to
Just lately, you might have been seemingly harmless
atypical home items which will put your property at nice danger. Are
telling you a few easy storage error with some homes
within the flames, just a bit.

LESLIE: And you might know that wooden floors are
very fashionable. But in the present day the flooring market has been flooded with the appearance of wooden
merchandise and it's exhausting to know if you buy them
genuine factor. We’ll discover out the fakes of the actual gives, just earlier than.

TOM: Plus if you're ready to dig in the spring
Cleaning your property exterior – perhaps your siding, walkways, yours
The driveway – and eliminate all winter dust, the strain washer is
is certainly some of the convenient tools you can use to get round this process
along. We're going to take a look at the very reasonably priced new Greenworks works
electrical strain washer which is simply in the Lowe area.

LESLIE: First we would like to assist you
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LESLIE: Tony Florida is according to some noisy piping. Tell us what occurs

TONY: It's in the partitions. It seems to be like leaping is going
walls. And I can't get into the pipes as a result of they’re hidden – they are
All cowl partitions. So every time I placed on the tap, scorching or chilly, Bang,
it's one slam and that's it. That's what I get. And I simply marvel, is
right here is something straightforward, fast fix

TOM: Yeah. That's what occurs, Tony, when you open and
shut the faucets?

TONY: Proper.

Tom: Okay. It is referred to as "water hammer". And what water
the hammer is – you have to keep in mind that the water could be very heavy; it truly weighs
eight pounds per gallon. And as the water passes via the pipeline
line and open or close the faucet, its water inertia solely stays
cellular. And it shakes the tube and makes a swelling sound. And
In fact, the tubes will transmit the sounds crazy and you will get such

So, what can you do? You are able to do two issues. All
the tubes you might use – so it might be like
cellar or crawl area or attic. Anywhere where you can see the pipe
You’ll be able to add some additional straps to the wall in order that it takes a number of the bouncing

Another factor you can do is install – or
you have a plumber set up – something referred to as a "water fire detector" that’s
primarily a shock absorber for the sanitary system. And it will final
Inertia from water and suck it slowly in order that it does not fall into the tube.

However what you are describing could be very typical, very normal
okay in an older house. Often, until it's actually dangerous, it's not
trigger injury. But it’s extra annoying than another.

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LESLIE: Bonnie in California, Welcome to the Cash Maintain. In what approach
Can We Help You Right now?

BONNIE: We’ve got an house that we have now rented for 12 individuals
years. And when the tenants moved out, we're going to promote it. And we noticed
stains on the carpet and we thought, "Properly, we pull the carpet up, we modify
It and just paint and clean it and put it on sale. ”

TOM: Right.

BONNIE: Properly, once we pulled the carpet again, cement
tile – it is a cement board, one-level condominium, 1600 – virtually 1700 square meters
ft on the cement slab flooring. And once we pulled the carpet again, we found it
that it was very moist and had a white, fuzzy glow
what they call cement.

Tom: Flowering. Mm-hmm.

BONNIE: Much of it. We tore all the floors and
I assumed, “Properly, we go forward and hire a contractor and get all of it fastened
Put on new stuff. “And it didn't dry; it was just moist

But in any case, this drawback is just not solved. We now have
– We don't know where to go from right here. We would like to find out if there are some
a means to seal the floor that may hold its carpet
tree again and get it for sale. However repair it so that it – so we will say it

Tom: Okay. Properly, right here's what I feel is occurring
in the description. If you have a lot water supply that’s shut by
concrete slab – concrete could be very hydroscopic. I imply, it really sucks
water like crazy. And if the surface nation is saturated, it is clearly
drawing from concrete to the interior and subsequently on the ground
was so moist. My concern is that this might develop if it isn’t yet

The dangerous news of an affiliate is that if they are
the structure of the building, which includes the floor,
This is their drawback repair, no drawback repair. And if I had endorsed
they might inform them that they might stop checking contractors for leaking ponds and
Start by inviting skilled engineers who can analyze the constructing and the picture
exactly what happens and determine the right fix. They have to assume
nice right here, don't assume small. Because I feel they have plenty of duty,
because it's in all probability not you; you occur to be the one who discovered it. But
In case your neighbors start to retire, they’ll in all probability discover

Every thing you can do inside is mostly a cease. You
Can clear flowers, you can put on the floor masonry. But
The drawback is that the concrete in question continues moist, continues
moisten and eventually pull again into the system. So I feel it is
You have got to be very critical sitting down with that condominium affiliation.

BONIE: Mm-hmm.

Tom: Okay? Congratulations, Bonnie.

BONNIE: Thank you very a lot.

TOM: Thank you for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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Tom: And simply before, all of the issues that transfer
or there’s one surprisingly widespread object around our trash that can be mirrored
and inflicting an enormous home hearth. We’ll inform you what it is after this.

Therapeutic a very good house, welcome again
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LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

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LESLIE: Joe in Texas is on the lookout for rainwater.
Inform us what occurs in your cash switch.

JOE: Okay. Nicely, we have now a ranch near Stephenville
an hour and a half hour southwest of Dallas / Fort Value. And it might get pretty dry
here outdoors. So, we’ve some rain drums – or one thing black, massive barrels – hooked
even rainwater. And we're making an attempt to get it the place it's actual consuming
water that we will use and drink – solely in our on a regular basis, on a regular basis life. So we
was such a marvel how the filtering system is to be used
by way of the water and in addition how to maintain spam from our gutter blowing there.

TOM: Nicely, rainwater assortment actually is
for centuries. And there are trendy methods which might be out there
You each acquire rainwater and clear it because it's the key and you
need to be sure it’s protected.

A great place to begin at RainHarvest.com. It's an internet site
an organization that makes a speciality of this space for many years. They usually
all from small, home-sized techniques to industrial-sized techniques.
They usually also have the particular filters you ask for gunk protecting
of water. There are special filters that retain leaves and wood

So it feels like you're on your approach, but what
You need to decide up a cleansing system. And it's a great place
Start by: RainHarvest.com

LESLIE: You know one other good website that’s there
HarvestH2O.com. Numerous articles on filtering, cleaning, some
Production. An excellent listing of assets and inventors, together with there

JOE: Alright. Thank you.

Tom: Okay. Congratulations on your challenge. thanks rather a lot
call us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: It's Frieda Ohio
line up with Cash Pit. How can we help you immediately?

FRIEDA: Hey. Your Amana Radarange
microwave oven, it is installed above the range. And down, down mild
the oven shines, the burning bulbs are lit. And I
they have to get replaced about once a month and grow to be costly.

Tom: What sort of lamp is there?
do you use? Just a regular mild bulb?

FRIEDA: It's like R11
little gadget lamps? Forty watts

Tom: And this is pretty new
drawback, this once a month burned or it has been happening for an extended, very long time

FRIEDA: It will get worse. Are
there was a microwave here – it's in all probability about 16 years previous or – give or take.

Tom: Yeah, it's not likely a debt
you cash. That is pretty previous in the microwave. You're just about
finish of the traditional life cycle. The truth is, I’m stunned
it took so long because it has been my experience that microwave ovens do it
to be put in within the above areas, do not final virtually so long as the worktop.
As a result of the heat generated by the heat of all this meals appears sort

Sometimes when you get a lamp
it burns shortly, either because you have a unfastened connection, you
you have a unfastened floor or you have issues with the voltage

Typically relying on what
with a power plant, you might give you the option to say over 120
volts. Chances are you’ll typically get 125 or 130 volts because it might be
one thing that is dangerous down the road with power provide high quality
power supply. So if you have additional volts going into these lights, it's one
the first things that show it. It's like the Canary Islands
coal mine. When the lights start to go – typically return – so
might be an issue with voltage

So have you thought a
new microwave?

FRIEDA: Not likely.

Tom: What I might recommend is
At this level you actually have to be
tested voltage. So I might call a utility firm and ask them to measure
the voltage goes to the house and see if it is – let's remove it a

If it's okay, I'd like to –
The other factor I verify is the plug it’s related to. I'll examine my outlet to be certain that it’s
correctly grounded. And if it's correctly grounded, I feel you're exhausted
two issues which are easiest to fix, and at that point you may want to
Consider a alternative microwave oven.

FRIEDA: Alright. This sounds good.

TOM: Thank you a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

Properly, we've all carried out it: we're making an attempt to clear it
home, take the stuff out of sight, we’ve got moved it into packing containers and cabinets. But
It’s potential that when you straighten, you are additionally setting your own home and

LESLIE: That's right. You know too typically
issues have been sitting round your home that would go to the flames if it descended
in the fallacious place, as too close to heat sources. But listed here are some things and don't
which can assist you keep in mind that everyone is protected at residence.

First, never use a house oven
water heater area for extra storage. These rooms are usually small and retain
What they have just isn’t really desirable.

TOM: Now, the National Hearth Safety Affiliation
give a suggestion. They are saying there ought to be no flammable within three
ft from all heating units. Now it accommodates rags, half empty cans,
wet the garments you've dried and all of the random issues you may need saved
close to the recent water platform right now.

LESLIE: Yeah. And I'm talking about flammable there
There have also been many reviews of home fires when 9 volt batteries are operating
in touch with everyday metallic objects resembling a paper clip or a
pin. Even the battery you may need thought was lifeless or unsure
so you simply thrown it on this trash, it's a horrible concept.

TOM: If the battery connectors are cross-linked
– like, for example, you have scissors within the trash or paper clip –
If the battery comes into contact with each side, it might probably be
spark. And of course, if there's some paper, you've received the ignition and
Nicely, you can work out the remaining. It isn’t good.

So be protected earlier than you throw away the batteries
The field you can do is put the tape on the battery connectors.
A small electric tape works nicely. And this retains these electronic

LESLIE: Diane in New Jersey, You've Acquired a Cash Hour. In what method
Can We Assist You As we speak?

DIANE: We reside in New Jersey. And my father was
Pennsylvania Dutch all the time come to New Jersey. They usually set lovely


DIANE: However I observed that there is a small sled
edge. And even if they’ve little holes, they fly yearly
there and i have lots of, all lifeless, at the finish of summer time. And I'm not
know what I might do to forestall this drawback.

Tom: Yeah, you have – this can be a barn that has, and it is
pretty open barn? I imply, you're not gonna have to fly out of the barn.
You possibly can't make it tight, because the character of the constructing makes it lovely

DIANE: Properly, my dad – we never had animals
close to the stops, but he – it's utterly closed on a regular basis. It has two electrics
doorways at each ends and the door, so it is closed. The solely method they’re
will get in – beneath the roof edges – is – it seems
a – I don't know. Do you know the gutters, sort of? It seems to be like the gutters – the gutter
state of affairs. And there is a gap and sunlight and air
I feel I need animals. However
we don't use it for animals.

TOM: So at the fringe of the room
sled, is it an ideal soffi? Is it built to have you
flat, ventilated area under it? Or is it just open?

inside the precincts of. They've checked out it rigorously. And it appears to be – and it is
small holes in it for giant flies.

Tom: To allow them to't
on this sofit space the place you are suspected.

DIANE: I don't know. I
thought they got here by means of these holes

Tom: Yeah. But if they’re
That little, they don't are available. See, sometimes, soffit air flow too
small for insects to enter. So they’re probably to come in several ways.
Do you have a ridge ventilation at the prime?

DIANE: Truly it's just
plainly once I – is a staircase that rises to the top of the stage
and there are not any gaps in the roof.

TOM: Diane, if you attempt
Hold these barns flying from the barn, there are actually two ways to strategy
This. Mechanical, what we are speaking about to guarantee
that you have a screening the place it’s wanted. This would come with all vents,
vents, domes, vents and the like. And of course you
talked about that it has giant doors, which often remain closed. I feel there’s

But one other method is
chemical. And there are skilled pesticides which are specifically designed
cope with these flights. There’s often some pyrethrin there
mainly injected inside the barn to management these insect populations. And
Actually, in some instances the place you actually have cattle, there’s
formulations that can be utilized to cattle without damaging them.

So I might do two things: me
I'll be sure that I take a look at the bar very rigorously for additional
the openings that these flying can reach; after which i might hear a
a pesticide skilled who makes use of pesticides appropriately, t
because you have such a significant issue. I don't assume that is anything
can handle a extra natural, smaller strategy, for instance
as i might give you your home. On this case, I feel you have to choose
the proper product and use it appropriately. And when it's accomplished
I feel all the entries are relatively protected.

I hope it helps you.
Thank you very a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Jennifer in Texas is on the road and wishes assist
flooring challenge. Tell us about it.

JENNIFER: We’re planning to make hardwood residence. We now have
two storey house and i would like to know whether it is higher to place each plank
in the identical path, upstairs and downstairs, or can we modify it?

TOM: Basically, you need to go a great distance
room. In other phrases, you want the disks to be parallel
longest wall. I'm not – I wouldn't change it as a result of it appears like
unusual, don't you assume?

LESLIE: Sure. It makes the room greater.

JENNIFER: Oh, okay.

TOM: What kind of parquet flooring do you put down

JENNIFER: Yes, it's a snap-and-lock.

TOM: OK. So it's designed
flooring. So make sure that they’re parallel to the longest wall. And keep in mind
There’s nothing across the sq. in the house.


TOM: Measure room middle as decided
middle level between walls. And understand it so you don't find yourself with a

JENNIFER: OK. Thank you.

TOM: You’re very welcome. thanks rather a lot
name us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: The new research says that
two-thirds of People want wooden floors. However at this time the ground market is
flooded with wood-looking merchandise and it will probably make it very troublesome to know
do you purchase the suitable thing or not. We're going to find out

TOM: Enhancing an excellent house, this is money
Pit Residence Improvement Show. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

TOM: Nicely, according to a new research
A nationwide wooden floors association, two-thirds of US householders say
choose wooden floors for their dream residence. However the flooring market is
flooded with wood-looking products, so it's arduous to know if you have been

LESLIE: That's proper. NWFA has a new one
"Real Wood. Real Life." Finds confusion with us
speak about it by Brett Miller, Schooling and Government Vice President

Welcome, Brett.

BRETT: Hey. I respect that I’m.

TOM: So there are lots of options
real wooden flooring at the moment. And there are causes for that. A few of them are cheaper,
simpler to install. But for many who actually need an actual wood look,
What assets they’ve obtainable to make certain they choose
one of the best floors for their special way of life?

BRETT: As you stated, there are numerous products
are there at this time to imitate the look of wood. They usually do – rather a lot
These merchandise do such an excellent job that it is troublesome – even for wood

As you talked about, we now have lately launched a real one
Wooden. Actual Life. “A campaign to attain and permit the buyer
the buyer can choose and determine what the wood flooring works
special state of affairs

Tom: What sort of issues do you have to think about
when you choose a picket flooring? There are, for example, totally different hardnesses
Totally different Forms of Wooden

BRETT: That is right. And each way of life is a
just a little totally different. Each house is just a little totally different. And all of the rooms
There’s wood may even be a bit of totally different.

So, as you stated, tree species are great. Hardness
The measurement of the wooden varies across the board, over deciduous timber and conifers
puulattiatuotannossa. Wood slicing – the best way it is reduce
wood may also affect sturdiness and hardness and the way it reacts
regular, on a regular basis life and wooden finishes

At the moment we see a whole lot of pure, translucent
oils that really take in wooden fibers and remedy from the within.
Straightforward to keep however with a unique look. And the people who use the plastic sort
a coating, corresponding to a prime urethane coating, has been somewhat studying
Curve how to reside in these flooring varieties, contemplating how sturdy they are often
to be and the way they react to on a regular basis life.

LESLIE: And I feel sustainability is one thing
it is really essential to speak because many individuals assume, 'Oh, if
I get a real wooden flooring, so much maintenance. How sturdy it’s
be? I have a really busy household. We’ve great pets. "How are you
clarify the confusion about what the extent of endurance is in the actual tree

BRETT: And that's an enormous question and I feel
the fact that – we have been recognized, we have been just lately within the Builders & # 39; Present Show. And one in every of them
Our banners we've set out to come out of this marketing campaign confirmed
The canine is sitting on a picket flooring. And one of many keys is that pets are nice on the tree
floors. And from the attitude that when the ground scratches, it's a nasty thing
One that our business and certainly, every flooring business deals with
with. Consumption and sustainability

One of the things we actually needed
This marketing campaign focuses on getting a dog out of nothing or
Even when you get some sort of wear on the wood flooring, it's part
flooring story. Wooden floors can last for lots of of years. And in
Actually, there are over 500 years previous floors in Europe which are unique
floors of their premises. When they’re held correctly and when
it was understood that wood flooring wear is basically patina and age and
The great thing about wood flooring is a part of the best way we attempt

TOM: Each scratch tells the story. It's part

LESLIE: No, I mean that I agree with.

Tom: Brett, when you speak about wooden, are we
speaking about strong wood? What about deliberate hardwood? Is it also
What are you considering wood flooring in this campaign?

BRETT: A few yr ago there were some merchandise
Those that came to the market developed wooden floors once they all
they could have contained wood pulp or wooden composites, however that they had
nothing to do with real wood. So it pressured us to grow to be an business, and
Define what’s an actual wooden flooring. And as silly as we thought it was in entrance
it turned out to be a very troublesome process. And we pulled together

And that definition is clear
strong wood flooring. It's a bit of wooden from the bottom up
by way of a standard ¾ inch strong wood flooring. Technical tree
The flooring can also be a real wooden flooring. Technical wooden floors are actual from the highest
bottom, but manufactured from a number of veneer. So the top flooring can be something
The species are and then the core and bottom are additionally manufactured from wood. After which we
came in third grade, which helps to distinguish those products that could be
the precise wooden is on, however it can be comprised of the composite material under. So the core and
help – who is aware of? – 10, 15 years could be product of titanium or
something fun. But on the finish of the day, if it’s a real tree

LESLIE: Do you assume somebody who is
Need to purchase a house, whether the home has a better noticed worth
actual wood flooring?

BRETT: Actually, in some studies
that we have now made both real property and virtually 80 %
Householders consider that wooden floors will add residence value to some other sort
flooring overlaying. It has been confirmed that picket flooring stay
quicker and extra money than houses without. Real property agents report it
An identical residence with picket floors can promote up to 10 % greater than a

LESLIE: It's a lot of money.

BRETT: It's. It may be. And one of many biggest values
Wood flooring – and this can be a actual wooden flooring – is that its lifetime is
Flooring can simply surpass even residence life in lots of situations.

Tom: We're speaking with Brett Miller. He is the vice chairman
Director of Nationwide Wood Flooring Training and Certification

Brett, earlier than we let go, one of the questions
we’re asked very often right here at the show to do with flooring cleaning. If you
You’ve gotten an actual wood flooring and you are apprehensive that it’ll not harm what it’s
one of the simplest ways to clean a wood flooring? What kind of materials do you use? Are you
be careful about how a lot moisture is concerned? Inform us.

BRETT: Sure. In all probability one of the difficult
The issues the business is coping with are correct maintenance of wooden floors. Greatest
The wood flooring is supposed to hold filth and filth off the floor. And
it could actually solely occur with sweeping, mud removing or vacuuming but using
The vacuum cleaner is on a bare flooring.

We see lots of people using products
add gloss or polish or something to the wooden flooring and it may
ultimately injury it. And it additionally scratches and scratches simply. Its
shouldn’t be the same as wood flooring finishing.

We additionally see problems with steam customers
clear flooring and even previous, traditional deck towels or moist mops

TOM: Right

BRETT: So there's really no need for moisture.
The greatest cleaning is just to hold the filth and particles from wiping off the ground overlaying.
As a result of as soon as you walk over this dust, it modifications principally

TOM: Is sensible.

Brett Miller, Director of Schooling and Coaching
Nationwide Wood Flooring Affiliation certification, thank you a lot

For extra info, please go to
on their website at NWFA.org.

BRETT: And thanks, guys, a lot for me
on. I really recognize it.

LESLIE: Hey, are you questioning what the facility device is
probably the most helpful spring cleaning? We will definitely be voting
strain washer. We're going to share ideas for a brand new mannequin that's reasonably priced
and efficient, next.

TOM: Making a very good house higher, welcome again
Cash Pit House Enchancment Show. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

TOM: Name us proper now
enchancment venture. We would like to hear concerning the venture you are engaged on
inside or outdoors your house. Are you planning a deck or patio? Are you
Do you plan to enhance your lawn and panorama? Perhaps you're constructing a rock
Due to the wall behind the home, maintain on to one thing, do extra
Area, eliminates some perhaps some soggy places. Perhaps you make a kitchen or
rest room. Perhaps you need to organize these cupboards. No matter you are
Work, Liu & # 39; s on the duty listing. We’ll help you

And 888-MONEY-PIT presents HomeAdvisor. You
can discover out what it costs to do a home venture earlier than you hire knowledgeable and
guide immediately among the best greatest professionals without spending a dime.

LESLIE: Now we've acquired Sparky in Georgia,
suitably, digital query. What can we do for you?

SPARKY: Hey. I’ve a house pre-treated with a coaxial RG59
cable in every room. I have to substitute it now with RG6, which is a
thicker coaxial cable. What’s one of the simplest ways to undergo to substitute every thing

Tom: Properly, often when you need to renew anything
The home does not all the time make sense to remove what is there. What's normally
Minimize it back. And you are good – you're going to drive a brand new one
cable as if you put it for the primary time. In fact, because
The house is already prepared, it's onerous to make it run it by means of walls and items
but you use snakes to do that. And typically, if the cable is unfastened
In the wall you can join the brand new cable to the previous cable and pull it

Typically you can get away with that however it principally takes
plenty of talent to run a home that is already up. And that’s pretty
much the best way you do it. The answer is: any means you can. So, if your cable is
Unfastened and you can pull one find yourself and do the opposite end to it in order that you
type of pulling it throughout, you do this. If you can't do this
because it is nailed in place, then what may you do exactly kind of snip off
the ends, tuck it away within the wall and run a brand new cable next to it. But

SPARKY: I Gotcha, principally, it's a little bit of a difficult job. Excellent. You've been useful. Thank you
very a lot.

TOM: Alright. Good luck with that undertaking. Thanks

LESLIE: Nicely, we're shortly approaching the
spring-cleaning season. I mean we’re in it. You may be just diving into your
spring-cleaning season or you could possibly be spreading it out over all the season.
Whatever you are doing, let’s speak about a very useful software to have and that
is the strain washer. It definitely can velocity up that course of very, very

Now, Greenworks has a brand new, 1,800-PSI electric
strain washer available on the market now. It’s super convenient to use and it’s obtained a
lot of very helpful options.

TOM: Yep. It’s received a 13-amp motor and it delivers
1.1 gallons of water a minute. In order that’s truly various cleansing
power. It also comes with 5 quick-connect nozzles, together with the Turbo
Nozzle. I’ve this product and that is my go-to for just about all the roles
around my house, whether I’m cleaning the sidewalk or blasting some paint off
perhaps an previous radiator or even cleaning my automotive. I really like having all of these
nozzles on the prepared, as a result of they’re just so easy to change in and out of every
one to do exactly precisely what you need to do.

LESLIE: You know, what we additionally like is that when
this complete strain washer was designed, it’s been designed so that all the things
you need is saved on board, just like the spray gun, the facility twine, all the
ideas. So it’s obtained every thing you need proper within reach and you never have to
run back to the shed or the garage. And it also has an on-board soap tank,
also, which makes it very easy to add the detergent.

TOM: Yep. And it’s especially useful for tasks
like cleaning your driveway or your deck or your walkways or your siding or
even your automotive.

I was studying some critiques, too, and individuals are
simply loving this product. You’re going to find it for the everyday worth of
just 169 at your local Lowe’s house improvement retailer. So, if you’d like
something that can actually spruce up your spring cleansing, take a look at the brand new
Greenworks 1,800-PSI Electric Strain Washer at Lowe’s.

LESLIE: Now we’re heading over to Virginia the place Margaret
has a question a few bathtub. Tell us what’s happening.

MARGARET: We have now an previous, cast-iron tub and it’s actual rusty
in spots. And I’m questioning what we might do to restore it.

LESLIE: Now, when you say actual rusty in spots, are we
speaking about massive spots or are we talking about small, little ones from a chip
here and there?

MARGARET: No. We’re talking about massive spots because the water
– it was not good water once we first moved right here. And so it had lots of put on
and tear on it about 40 years earlier than we moved here. And we’ve been dwelling right here,
in all probability, about 45 years, so …

TOM: So your tub is nearly 100 years previous, huh?

MARGARET: Precisely.

TOM: Yeah. Properly, look, it served the house properly. It’s not
going to last eternally. It needs to be reglazed at this point. And I’ve had some
experience with people that have tried to reglaze these tubs inside the house.
And it may be achieved however it’s an
awfully messy and intensive job. And until it’s achieved professionally, it doesn’t
seem to last very long. There are residence reglazing kits. Rust-Oleum makes one that’s for tub and tile but
I wouldn’t anticipate it to final all that lengthy.

The greatest means to do that is to have the tub taken out and
reglazed. But when you’re going to do all that, you may as properly exchange it and
not simply have that – not simply not have that reglazed until it’s notably
lovely. I feel these are your choices. It’s not straightforward to do a touch-up to
one thing like this when it’s just received so – it’s acquired virtually 100 years of wear and tear
and tear on it.

MARGARET: Oh. Sure, sure. OK. That was my query. minä
respect that.

TOM: Unfortunately, Margaret, there’s no straightforward method to remove
100 years of wear and tear and tear on that bath and so you’re in all probability higher off just
replacing it.

LESLIE: Hey, are you on the lookout for some new bedding?
Properly, you is perhaps stunned at the costs. Before you drop a boatload of greenbacks
on costly sheets, make certain you know which sheets are value the additional money
for these additional Zs. We’re going to tell you how, after this.

TOM: Making good houses higher, welcome back to The
Cash Pit House Enchancment Present. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Here to assist you with your own home enchancment
tasks. Assist yourself first by calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT introduced by
HomeAdvisor.com. By no means worry about overpaying for a job. Use the HomeAdvisor
True Value Guide to see what others paid for a similar undertaking, all without spending a dime at

LESLIE: Whereas you’re on-line, submit your questions
to The Money Pit and Tom and I’ll get back to you actual fast. Right right here, we’ve
obtained one from Marie who writes: “A neighbor’s child wrote on my fence with
everlasting marker and I would like to eliminate the mess before the nicer climate
hits. Any ideas for eradicating it?”

Properly, if you’ve acquired a vinyl fence, I say Magic
Eraser. And you’re fortunate; you get off straightforward.

TOM: Yeah. Or WD-40 will break down those markers
and take them off. Just make sure that you rinse it real good. But pay attention, if it’s a
wood fence, there’s no means you’re going to get it off; it’s soaked into the
wooden. So, what you need to do is prime it and paint it. Not just paint but put
primer on it first. Otherwise, that marker will kind of bleed proper by means of and
you’ll be reminded of that rotten child all summer time long.

LESLIE: Hopefully, it doesn’t say something too

TOM: Nicely, busy schedules imply most of us have to
battle arduous to put down the smartphone and shut the laptop and head on off to
bed. And as soon as we get there, we need the most effective sleep we will probably get. Leslie
has the small print to assist you do exactly that, in at this time’s version of Leslie’s Last

And Leslie, that is all concerning the bedding, right?
I imply not all sheets are created equal.

LESLIE: That basically is true. However to start with, my
opinion: nothing is best than recent, clean sheets on the bed. It all the time feels
so …

TOM: Cleanliness comes first, then the kind of
sheets second.

LESLIE: However it all the time feels so fantastic when you’ve
simply changed the sheets and you climb right into your recent bed.

However earlier than you do this, let’s take into consideration the
totally different sorts of sheets, how much you need to spend. Because I feel numerous
individuals get very stunned when they consider luxury bedding, thread counts,
material varieties. You may stroll up and down the aisle at the house shops and simply
really be utterly overwhelmed. So, before you drop those dollars, know
exactly what each sort gives and what their drawbacks are.

Now, to begin with, bamboo sheets. You in all probability see
them around. They aren’t simply smooth, they’re super tender. You’ll be able to truly
examine them to cashmere. They usually’re going to get softer the longer that you
maintain them. But if they’re from China – and a lot of the bamboo sheets are –
there’s a chance that they come from an uncertified manufacturing unit. So, skip bamboo
sheets if all of this uncertainty about the place they arrive from goes to maintain
you awake at night time.

An alternative choice is natural, Egyptian cotton sheets.
These are super sought after and actually, with good cause. They’re tender,
sturdy, breathable. They’re good for anybody who will get heat in the midst of the
night time. But if you love the sight of a crisp mattress, you need to move on the
Egyptian cotton. It’s going to wrinkle easily and it type of all the time makes the
mattress seem like it’s a bit of bit messy. So, if you’re a stickler for having
the whole lot nice and neat and folded tidy, that’s not the sheet for you.

Now, for luxury sheets, cultivated silk sheets are
the last word in softness. However even if you can afford to splurge on this costly
bedding, the long-term value there is perhaps greater than you bargained for. Silk
sheets are easily broken if you’ve acquired jagged toenails, rough ft,
fingernails, tough pores and skin in your elbows. And overlook about using your washer and
dryer to clear them. You’ve gotten to hand-wash them or dry-clean them and then
air-dry them. And that is something I are not looking for to cope with when it comes to
my bedding.

So I all the time go for a high thread-count cotton. minä
search for something that feels good that’s going to wear properly. And on the end of
the day, once more, a pleasant, crisp, clean mattress is incredible.

TOM: Good advice.

This is The Money Pit House Enchancment Present.
Arising subsequent time, washers and dryers. You know, these are two appliances
that get a reasonably critical exercise in most houses, especially if you’ve acquired younger
youngsters. And whereas they often don’t need a variety of upkeep, they do need some
care if you’d like them to maintain working safely and efficiently. We’ll have ideas
on how to do exactly that, on the very subsequent edition of The Cash Pit.

I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you can do it yourself …

LESLIE: But you don’t have to do it alone.


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