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Immediately, we’re talking about baby security, particularly when it’s
comes with home-related emergencies. You just know that youngsters might be there
age when they might have the opportunity to stay residence alone, which is probably not ready for them
cope with a home-related emergency. We now have a guidelines of what they need
Don't know to do exactly before.

And it's really sensible. You have got to take into consideration all this stuff.

In case you are out there for brand spanking new layers and you’ve got an lively family, there’s
4 Things You Ought to Look For We’ll share the following pointers in the yr
just a little.

If you would like your house to really feel open and airy, but you don't have a finances
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to entry it. Leslie, who's the first?

Karen in Texas is according to a driveway that just breaks. What

My residence was built within the late 1970s. And it's going – it's mine
The driveway has just come filled with cracks and every part. So, once I was watching
– replaced and stopped concrete – I had someone
suggests to me that there are some new products available on the market which you could

Yeah. So this can be a concrete surface, proper? We're not speaking about asphalt.
Is it completely concrete?

Completely concrete.

Alright. Now the cracks you see are within the driveway that has crashed or is –
just have such cracks in it? I ask you this query because I do
want to know whether or not it’s structurally unstable. As a result of no matter what you set
Whether it is weak, it can solely proceed to move and crack. Abbreviation type & # 39; it should & # 39;
Seems to be higher, however it’s still so.

I wouldn't say it will be unstable. There's quite a bit. They don’t seem to be
small, brief. I imply, they're fairly massive. There’s one space
On the bottom of the street, alongside the road, appears to be a bit a

Switch? Yeah.

Nothing you’ll be able to – yes. Nothing that can not be handled.

Alright. So here's what I might do. This yr is a brand new product
by QUIKRETE. It's referred to as Re-Cap. And it's a very fascinating product
because they have designed a undertaking that undoubtedly binds previous concrete

It is quite straightforward to apply. You set it. You’ll be able to wet – you clean it
concrete, you set it on. And when the concrete is wet – and also you do it, clean
it out. You grind it. You should use dumps. You need to use the broom
it’s a little broom. After which the entire thing dries in just some hours.
I feel this is able to be an enormous increase.

It is a part of the street where it goes to the street
we name "apron". What I might advocate is to go ahead
tear it out. You’ll be able to decide up a number of QUIKRETE luggage and blend it a
Wheelbarrow and repour it. And so you can also make positive it's good and cozy
thick and structurally secure. And then even some type of increase Re-Cap shade
So it all seems to be like one piece when the whole lot is completed.

I feel it's in all probability the perfect. As a result of if the concrete continues
go – and I mean a bit of change, enlargement and settlement,
freeze / thaw cycle, whatever – these cracks are backed up. However most of them
The Re-Cap product fills up and I feel you like how it works.

Spectacular. That's what I needed to hear as a result of it has to be rather a lot
inexpensive than the fact that it was torn and utterly repoured.

Nicely, absolutely. And by the best way, there’s also one choice. If you need
The pavement is on Pavestone Road. It is referred to as
Milan. And what's great about these Milano flooring models is half the thickness
unusual coating. And they are specifically designed to cross the previous concrete
patio and driveway.

It’s also possible to view them. In all probability just a little costlier – ah,
in all probability rather more costly than a Re-Cap product. Nevertheless it seems to be like
undoubtedly beautiful when it's executed, and really can't tell that it's not a
full thickness whenever you see it

you will have two choices.

ALRIGHT. Spectacular. Thank you.

You're welcome. Congratulations on your undertaking. Thanks very much for calling us

Iowan Dave has acquired his money in a pit the place one thing smells a bit
smelly like rotten eggs. What is occurring?

Is that so. Properly, I just purchased a farmhouse about three years in the past. And I have
this rotten egg odor at house all the time. And I also – my throat and mine
Bogs and my tub are all rusty. I’m wondering in case you have any concepts
me. I’ve a water softener.

So, first of all, the odor of the egg is often due to a nasty anode
water heater itself. It’s a rod that is immersed in water. And over
time decreases. And when you have a nasty anode, it may be eliminated and
changed with no full water heater.

One other potential purpose for that is the quality of the water itself. But this is high-quality

Yeah, that is very water.

So have you just lately tested what I feel is damaged
content material is?

No, I'm not

So I might be sensible to do this. And this manner you want to ensure that
Nothing has modified since you aren’t conscious of what it’s
of water. But sometimes it is due to a water heater drawback
Leads to that odor

For rusty furniture it's simply put on. it’s
nothing to do with water high quality, principally.

it ought to do it. Congratulations in your undertaking. Thank you a lot for calling us
at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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Gail in Massachusetts is on the line and suspects the mould is perhaps
To Walk The Money Pit. What is occurring?

I’ve a odor of mould, but principally after the rain. And I'm not
know if there’s a gadget that can be used to set it up – system
towards the wall to see if there’s moisture or mould or anything.

So you odor wet after the rain. ALRIGHT. How is the building constructed? Is it
on a concrete slab or is it in a crawl or basement?


Nicely, you're in all probability getting lots of moisture from the garage that works
its approach into this area. So it's not fairly shocking.

Oh, OK.

I don't necessarily take into consideration what you odor. It could possibly be mould
There, but I don't want to bounce to this conclusion. It will probably solely be moisture
and the moisture, because it passes by way of the constructing supplies, rise up
That area and just depart some odors behind. I feel the ventilation is a
answer for you right here and doubtless higher air con and perhaps even
some moisture.

is a central air con system


So there’s a dehumidifier for the entire house that may be added to the one which accelerates
the moisture it takes away. Since you know, air
Air conditioners take up moisture, however what occurs they often don't
sufficient. And typically, it could still really feel like that. However the whole home
Dehumidifier does all the things and it takes away – I imply a lot of the home
Dehumidifiers can take 100 quarts of water a day. And it may be built
on the correct system

And also you know what? Others rely on the owner to clear them, be sure it’s
set to right dehumidification. It’s a lot better to get the entire home.

Yeah yeah. As a result of I’ve one in my basement right now, once I like it.

So, it's an excessive amount of work. You don't have to do it.

By the best way, the truth that you’ve gotten moisture in the basement and you have this
Above the garage, just take a look at all typically
drainage sources outdoors the house. As a result of if the gutters
are clogged if the shutdowns do not prolong if the soil is
The house is just too flat, you principally maintain numerous water
Foundation Circle. And it might be an issue because it leads
humidity, humidity and probably even flooding.

Oh, OK. So we really don't have water in our basement, but I’m wondering
if – so in the event you just make sure that the gutters are emptied…

I just need to cease you there. The truth that you will have to use a dehumidifier
who collects sufficient water to be dumped, what is the water drawback, OK?
Don't you see it but, OK? So you will have a water drawback; you simply don't

Yeah yeah. And in addition the washer and dryer are within the basket closet. And I
didn’t know if it was simply installed. And I didn't know
was it such a problem as a result of it virtually smells like a
rest room.

Yeah. I feel you have got to stop chasing these smells and start buying and selling
a core concern that is high in humidity and humidity. I feel it is
it solves the whole lot.


Alright? Congratulations in your undertaking. Thanks very much for calling us

sooner or later, every mother or father has the choice to determine whether or not
a toddler can keep alone at residence, right? And as three mother and father I know it
Every youngster is totally different and it is important to be sure that they don’t harm
self. And it’s also necessary to make sure that they can deal with the basics
who might go improper in the home if you find yourself not at residence.

Yeah, positive. So listed here are some primary duties you might want to do

For instance, your baby is aware of how to discover and shut the water head
an enormous leak?

Heck, do you know how to find and shut a water pipe in a
an enormous leak?

That is true.

It is really good to discover this all essential valve and mark it so that you simply
know exactly where it is. And you may as well present the youngsters. Ensure that it is
straightforward to use because typically it isn’t used fairly often,
they can get somewhat sticky. However be sure it's good to go and ready to flip
away because it is the fastest approach to cease water coming by means of

Next, you also want to think about whether the child can use the hearth

assume this can be a pretty primary requirement, nevertheless it's really a know-how,
Leslie, right?

The hearth extinguisher works nicely. And a few
methods I wasn't even absolutely aware of for at some point at ABC at work,
there was a fireman – got here and taught everybody to use the hearth
extinguishing agents on the ground of the office constructing and it was fascinating

want to go to the underside; You don't want to go to the flame. Is mostly a
know-how used to successfully use these hearth extinguishers. And that isn’t
need to maintain the piston absolutely down; you need to pump it and point it at
hearth bottom. So plenty of methods are used to successfully use hearth
I shut down to not empty it first and do nothing with it. So
You actually have to go previous how you should use it and ensure you have it
the proper of extinguishing agent in your house. They’re categorized for A, B and C
numerous fires. Some are rated for all three. Ensure you acquired it
that protects you and your house.

Do you know what to do if the smoke detector begins?


If the
The smoke detector is triggered and you are not at residence and cooking, it’s
cause to get out and name the hearth division. Truthfully, it's as simple as that
that. And if you need to replace your smoke detectors, ensure you use
related detectors, so if they turn off, they all exit.

Lastly, what ought to your youngster know if the facility is minimize off? Because it is

Definitely. Fortuitously, some individuals have turbines at residence which are on
automated standby, so they come again instantly. At other occasions, nevertheless, you’re
Not so fortunate and your youngsters can turn out to be very nervous, very scared when energy
goes out. So you need to speak to your baby about where the flashlights are. You
There ought to be LED candles so your youngsters gained't deal with the open flames
candles. You need to go through a process to ensure that you’ve completed products
Go so as to illuminate your house safely. And that is the most necessary
half there: safely.

All the large questions you need to ask your self and train your youngsters for those who feel
on the ready.

nevertheless, ready to handle your house improvement questions. Increase the telephone, give us
call proper now, 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Now we've acquired
Russell in Texas, who offers with a door that doesn't just sit right. What

RUSSELL: Properly, me
Lately there have been home windows and doorways exchanged in our home for about eight months
then. And about two weeks in the past the door lock. Now, lifeless end
locks. It goes to the door frame aspect, however the worktop itself isn’t accessible
go in. And these have been the doors. I don't know precisely how to be recognized
drawback or even how i would like to clear up it if i might work out
what was flawed with it.

Tom: That's how it obtained
is getting warmer in Texas in current weeks, proper?


What happens is we are getting some swelling on the door doors or the door.
And it strikes things right sufficient so the door doesn't sit properly
the pusher plate. So that is just a door adjustment.

And You Put in It
these doors themselves? Did you’ve got knowledgeable?

RUSSELL: They have been made

Tom: I feel it is
it is sensible to ask the contractor to return and regulate the doorways as they are
swelling now. It is attainable to place these doorways in order that they operate all yr round
without adjustments. And that's why I feel it's just a bit change. It
shouldn't be an enormous deal. But I'd call the contractor, I'd ask him to come again
and fix it


Tom: Okay?

RUSSELL: I'll give her

Tom: No, nothing
worry there, Russ. Fairly regular. Wants little adjustment. And
Attaching the door – adjusting the door is difficult for those who don't do it day by day,
as a result of it’s an fascinating beast. There are about six alternative ways
can move and for those who move it in the incorrect course, you will find yourself making it worse.
So I might have a pro come back and repair it.

RUSSELL: OK. I'm positive

Tom: Okay. Congratulations,
Russ. Thanks very much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

Jan in Texas, you've received a money hour. How can we enable you to at this time?

it has – it’s a very small rest room, and they had constructed a tent shower here – like in the midst of the room.
And I would like to know in the event you can change locations with bathe and toilet
are in case you can simply translate them and use present sewers.

TOM: No,
You possibly can't due to a bathe
the sewer is about half the dimensions
rest room drainage / exhaust pipe.

And it's also a gray waterline.

Yeah. It isn’t – they go to the same place, but you’d
redefine the HVAC system. So it's not that straightforward, however not inconceivable.

What is
this rest room constructed? Whether it's over crawl area or basement, with any probability
or is it over the tile?

JAN: That's it

Tom: Nicely
expensive challenge. I'd think of something – one other approach to renovate it in the rest room and make it snug. As a result of
exchanging them is a superb activity; You could have to tear the ground to do

Wow. ALRIGHT. Properly, I feel we simply depart it as it’s.

On the lookout for higher all the time, proper, Jan?

Nicely no. But I imply what it is.

Thank you very much for calling us 888-MONEY-PIT, 888-666-3974.

What have been
they assume when they put the shower in the midst of the room?

Views from all elements of the toilet? I'm unsure.

Tom: It's
no shower cubicle, it has a walk-in bathe.

Raise your telephone and provides us a call at any time. We’re right here 24 hours a day, 7 days
every week right here at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

in the event you happen to be in the new layers market and you’ve got an lively family,
You need to search for four things. We're going to share
after these four ideas.

Making better houses, welcome back to The Money Pit Home Enchancment Show.

Leslie and I Segreti.

We're here to provide help to with your own home enchancment points. Help your self
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Darlene West Virginia is consistent with the roof question. How can we
Make it easier to right now?

My husband and I are considering putting a metallic roof house. And I needed
know: is it greatest to go forward and hold the previous shingles on the roof?

Do you know in case you are going to move by means of the introduction of metallic
roof – a real funding grade roof; It is a roof that would last
50-100 years – you don't want to put it on the previous asphalt
shingles. There's no level in getting them there. And if anything, they might
make this metallic roof look great. So I might undoubtedly take it straight down
coated and then the roof is put in instantly upwards. it’s
undoubtedly not value making an attempt to save a couple of dollars by leaving that previous asphalt
There, principally, perpetually.

ALRIGHT. Since I’ve recognized some individuals. They have been advised, “Oh, it, you
you don't have to worry about throwing. You do not need to fear
They're out and all and it's nice. "It's actually – I even
heard them inform the those that it might add an insulating layer.

Yeah, it's all shit


And you may lend me this.

Properly, I'm glad that participant.

That's not true. There isn’t any asphalt pile that isolates
something. It does not apply to air. So it doesn't just work.

In truth, what it does is hold a variety of additional heat on that roof. So…

And creating moisture and every thing, in all probability.

However in the summer, further warmth will improve your local weather
prices. So I'd just tear it out and overlook about it and I'd begin
empty, OK? It will be better in the long term.

Alright. It sounds good. Many thanks.

Congratulations in your undertaking. Thanks very much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.


Nicely, in case you are in the new layers market and you’ve got an lively family,
It is best to search for four issues

you need a product that’s waterproof, baby resistant, pet protected and
shock-resistant. And there are plenty of floors out there at the moment. It's so troublesome,
nevertheless, discover one that looks good and has all this durability.

is a new product, however we simply found SUPERCore, simply that
and extra. Subsequently: SUPERCore is product of vinyl sheet flooring, however
SUPERCore as an alternative of the normal softer wood composite
it has a inflexible stone core. And this stone is far denser and therefore more durable
like virtually another flooring within the engineering vinyl market

Mm-hmm. A great point

The layers of the SUPERCore locking flooring have a 50% thicker wear layer
virtually all different waterproof floors available on the market. Production
waterproof, youngster and pet resistant, impression resistant. It is just obtainable

You can see a really convincing demo on your website about how exhausting it is
this layer is absolutely. Go there and also you're going to see a founder rigidity normal
An EVP flooring with a 2k lead lead, literally like a sled. And it’s
leaving the pit after the dent, after the ground, after the floor. Then he
doing the same on the SUPERCore flooring and never even seeing a scratch.
I imply, it's impressive.

Take a look at SUPERCore at They direct the product instantly,
Reduce the broker to get a greater flooring with less money. And they are
even send you free samples. It is

Now we now have Tom Nebraska on the line with a terrace question. How can we
Allow you to at present?

NEBRASKA: I’m building a cedar
cover and check out to discover out
what merchandise are used to keep its lifetime

Cedar is an effective selection as a result of it’s inherently insect resistant, so you
There isn’t any need to worry so much about decomposition. But if you need to cease it
cracking, inspection, and cracks that it merely makes from exposure
The sun, you then really have to think about putting the product into it
UV safety corresponding to stain.

as a result of it is model new, I might recommend a semi-transparent stain on this case
give it some UV safety. It helps to clean out the colour and shield it

you possibly can
pretty much put it instantly, but typically when individuals put it – build a cedar
lids, they want to take pleasure in them for a number of months till they start to gray
little and then they dye them. So the selection is yours, but a
Half-transparent stain can be a great choice right now.

NEBRASKA: OK, cool. I wasn't positive what to do, you know? I recognize it, man.

Tom: You're
very welcome. Thank you very much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

You've been tuned to The Cash Pit Home Improvement Show. Name us
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Next, the houses of the open idea are common, however it’s troublesome for folks to come
homes. Adding lead in between rooms may help. We're going to share
Listed here are some ideas.

Making higher houses, welcome again to The Cash Pit Home Improvement Present.

Leslie and I Segreti.

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D.J. How can we make it easier to as we speak?

Yeah. I have hassle with air con and it drives me

What is occurring?

In order for it to come and cease, I have to deal with the thermostat
by – I know will probably be delayed after five minutes to begin and stop.
So I have to both lower the thermostat quantity 77 under it till it is
it begins – and it takes hours. And to flip it off, I’ve to manipulate
seven to eight numbers above to be minimize off.

ALRIGHT. So principally here is certainly one of two issues. Thermostat
damaged or air con isn’t just in a position to sustain.

To start with, if you’d like to examine properly if there’s air con
cool correctly, you are able to do a easy check. In case you have
a fridge thermometer that measures the air temperature,
What you are able to do is measure the air temperature at which it’s
a very robust registry the place it blows air. Measure the temperature
after which measure it even when it goes back to the system itself
the return channel. The difference between the 2 temperatures ought to be 15-20
levels. When you see seven, eight degrees, the system won’t cool
correctly. It in all probability needs refrigerant

one other risk is that you simply only have a thermostat that doesn't work properly
and the solution to it’s just to substitute it. They are inexpensive. When you have
Wi-Fi in the house, I might get an Internet-compliant sensible thermostat like a
Nest. And I really like Nest thermostats. They are really easy to use and I can set them up
go up and down each time i would like. And they even shut – don't shut down however
go to a unique temperature setting when nobody is in the house.

they are yours proper there. I feel considered one of these two
straighten this out. I'll get it now earlier than it gets scorching and also you
ought to be set for summer time.

Thank you
so much invite us at 888-MONEY-PIT

Although older houses have a appeal and character, the thing they typically do
Lack of an open flooring plan. And it is one thing more trendy for households
want. The good news is that you simply don't have to stick to this look

Yeah, there are ways to make the home feel more open in a closed area. And
A method to do it is to create a passage between rooms.

I ought to say that it is a first-time DIYer's venture, as a result of it offers a
lot of expertise. But you want to start with an important issues first,
which is to determine whether or not or not it has been opened
load-bearing. You might take a look at the floor under, perhaps go into the crawlspace
or the basement, take a look at how the ground joists are aligned. Are they parallel or
perpendicular to the wall? If they’re perpendicular, the wall might extra probably
be load-bearing. For those who’re not sure, you’ve acquired to get some professional help.

if the wall is load-bearing, you’ll be able to still add the pass-through but frankly, at
that point the undertaking gets much more difficult and shoots nicely past that
DIY stage. So undoubtedly rent a professional.

Next, if that wall shouldn’t be load-bearing, you possibly can reduce out a pass-through. Mutta
earlier than you go all in, it’s sensible to do some exploratory surgical procedure first. Sinä
know, first factor’s first: earlier than you make that first minimize, trace out your
template precisely the place you want that pass-through to go. And attempt to line up
the template so that you simply’re to the left and the best of the place you start a
stud. That’s going to make the framing lots simpler.

in case you have the room and you may lay this out so it does fit between these
studs, it’s even better because you’re not going to have to body the left and
right sides of the opening. So you really have to take into consideration this.

also, you need to flip off all electrical to circuits on that wall. After which
be sure to have a reciprocating noticed and you narrow only via the thickness
of the wallboard. In different phrases, do not minimize by means of the studs yet. Simply get
the drywall off so you possibly can see those studs.

Joo. Now, when you see the within, it’s quite a bit simpler to double-check if the
wall is load-bearing for positive. And you may also cope with any wiring that you simply
discover. In case you see any plumbing, you’ll be able to cope with that. You do need to do all
this work before you begin taking the body apart.

in the event you do have to minimize out some studs, I would like to offer you a tip. Now, when you
take into consideration this, you’d minimize a square gap in the drywall, you’d line up the proper
stud and the left stud. Now, throughout the underside, you’re going to have to put a
horizontal piece. Properly, to do this, you’ve received to minimize that vertical stud that’s
in the middle an inch-and-a-half under where the drywall is. So what I do is I
sort of go measure down an inch-and-a-half after which plunge-cut there so the
blade sort of goes into the wall. But I depart the drywall above. Why am I doing
that? As a result of it’s quite a bit simpler to repair that little slice you set in the wall
than it is to truly piece in an entire piece of drywall, simply to cover that
new backside plate that you simply’re setting up.

for those who understood what I simply stated, you’re a complicated DIYer. When you’re not,
hire a pro. OK? Because there are methods to do that and have it achieved simply and
simply. And you’re going to discover that when that’s all executed, you’ll be able to trim it out,
you’ll be able to put a bit of countertop there, you need to use molding. It seems to be actually
cool and it lets a variety of mild in from the back aspect, so it really has the
effect of opening up that area with out spending some huge cash on an enormous
transforming challenge.

LESLIE: Alright. Seuraava
up, we’ve acquired Sandy calling from Ohio who’s engaged on a portray undertaking. Millä tavalla
can we aid you at this time?

SANDY: Yeah, I was
on the lookout for a product which you can take the varnish off your previous kitchen
cupboards with out having to sand them. I used to be informed there may be some new
merchandise out.

TOM: Properly, there’s
truly a product that’s been around since 1936 that works and that’s referred to as
Rock Miracle. So not exactly new however does an awesome job. They’ve obtained a couple of
totally different variations of it nevertheless it’s designed particularly to take off varnish.
There is a liquid, no-wash remover that principally removes paint, finishes and
varnish that you need to use. You’ll be able to take a look at their web site at

But if you’d like to avoid
a lot of the sanding, that’s a great place to go. And they have some
environmentally-friendly variations of the product, too.

SANDY: OK. Sounds good.
Hyvä on. Thanks very a lot.

LESLIE: Give us a call
together with your repair or house enchancment, décor, design. Whatever sort of query
you’ve obtained on your cash pit, we’re right here 24 hours a day, 7 days every week at

TOM: 888-666-3974.

Nonetheless forward, have you ever
ever been faced with a home or condo that needs so much work it’s onerous to
know the place to start, especially when your challenge listing is greater than your
price range? We’ll have ideas to deal with that problem, after this.

TOM: Making good houses
better, welcome back to The Cash Pit Home Improvement Present. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie

TOM: We’d love to hear
from you on The Cash Pit’s listener line at 1-888-MONEY-PIT introduced by

LESLIE: You will get
matched with top-rated residence service execs in your area, read verified critiques
and guide appointments online, all at no cost.

TOM: Regardless of the sort
of job, HomeAdvisor makes it quick and straightforward to rent one of the best native execs.

LESLIE: Alright. And don’t
overlook, when you’re online you possibly can go on over to The Money Pit’s Group
part and all the time publish your questions there, publish footage. Let us know what
you’re engaged on and we’ll lend you a hand.

Now, I’ve acquired one here
from Cody in Colorado who writes: “We lately bought a home that wants some
TLC. We would like to substitute the getting older furnace and water heater. We additionally need to rip
out carpeting and substitute the hardwood floors. Finally, one of the loos is
in really dangerous form. How would you prioritize these tasks? We would like to have
them completed over the subsequent two years.”

TOM: Wow. That’s an enormous

I mean to sort of sum it
up, you want to substitute the furnace and the water heater and the floors and the
tub. So, I’m considering security first. If the furnace or the water heater are
unsafe, then exchange them now. If not, have them serviced with the intention to get
one other yr or two out of them, which is completely potential, by the best way.

the bathtub is clearly the most important job nevertheless it’s going to have the perfect return on
investment. In order that’s a challenge that, again, shouldn’t be an emergency however you want
to plan it and get it accomplished and do it properly so that you add to the worth of your own home.

the carpet point is somewhat confusing to me, Leslie, because Cody says he
needs to rip out carpeting and exchange the hardwood flooring. Usually, you don’t
have to do both because carpeting, especially in an older house, is a implausible
drop material. And it’s typically put down right over hardwood flooring.

might only need to take away that carpet after which refinish those hardwood floors,
which is so much inexpensive than replacing them. The truth is, I can’t really think about
why you’d ever need to exchange a hardwood flooring until it was just in
horrible situation. However that’s very uncommon. I feel you’re going to discover that
you’ll be able to refinish that, avoid wasting money and actually get a fantastic house in the

Now, Cody, for the toilet, it is dependent upon how dangerous of shape you imply if you
say dangerous form. Is it one thing that a couple of updates might easily enhance
the area and make it more satisfying and extra user-friendly over the subsequent
couple of years till you possibly can go all in for a full renovation? I feel you will have
to take a look at it that means.

it’s just terrible and falling apart and really non-functional, then I might
prioritize it in a different way. But if there are ways to, say, perhaps change the
flooring or change out the taps and the showerhead and add one thing new and
simple, even as simple as a new paint colour, it’d purchase you a while before
you tackle that massive renovation.

I’d love to see extra. Submit some footage and we’ll speak you thru it.

Hyvä on. Julie in Nebraska writes – she says, “I’m a first-time homeowner.”
Congratulations, Julie. “And I’m going to change all of the paint colours inside
and out. I can’t work out, although, which finish to use. I have youngsters that love
to make messes. Which finish is the simplest to clear?”

Leslie, coincidentally, you have got youngsters that like to make messes, as nicely. Niin,
what would you tell her?

You know, it’s fascinating and it is dependent upon the kind of messes your youngsters like
to make. My youngsters identical to to make big messes all the time. And while I really like
eggshell paint – personally, as a designer, I feel I really like the finish; it makes
the walls look velvety and wealthy – it’s horrible to clean. So I wouldn’t say get

go together with a scrubbable matte that offers you a flat end or a semi-gloss or
even a satin, simply since you need somewhat bit of sheen or you need that
scrubbable enamel built into the paint’s finish so to clear it.
Because with paint, even in case you take a Magic Eraser, say, your youngsters get
something on it, it’s going to kind of change the look of that paint in that
spot, particularly if it’s eggshell. I converse from experience.

think about the kind of messes that you simply anticipate your youngsters to make. Mutta
finally, go together with one thing that has somewhat little bit of sheen. Or in the event you like a
flat finish, go together with one thing that has a scrubbable additive. You’ll be so
grateful that you simply did. Additionally, purchase stock within the Magic Eraser and just put them
underneath the sink, because you’re going to need a number of them.

That is The Cash Pit Home Enchancment Show on another lovely summer time
weekend, our favorite time of the yr. In case you’ve nonetheless acquired questions,
keep in mind, you possibly can reach us, 24/7, at 888-MONEY-PIT or submit your questions
on-line to The Money Pit’s Group page at

Tom Kraeutler.

And I’m Leslie Segrete.

Keep in mind, you can do it your self …

But you don’t have to do it alone.


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may be reproduced in any format without the categorical written permission of
Squeaky Door Productions, Inc.)

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