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TOM: Coastal Coastline and Floorboards for Shingles
That is The Money Pit Residence Improvement Show. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

Tom: In the rain we now have this
Spring, even sidewalks might be slippery, however not for those who handle these sidewalks
with a simple coating. We’re going to get some recommendations on concrete remedy
shield you and your loved ones from crashing, just a bit.

LESLIE: Plus, have you ever had a want
scale back? Sheri Koones, writer of eight reside books
Great for smaller area, advice on how you are able to do it right.

Tom: And if you will get out of a break,
In the summertime, we received recommendations on how to ensure your own home is protected against each
housebreaking and disturbances if you find yourself away.

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touchdown and making your home safer and extra sustainable
are you all?

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LESLIE: Arlene in Rhode Island is on line and needs
stay cool this summer time and air con. How can we allow you to

ARLENE: I stay in a 1850-square-foot football village that is 38 years previous
previous and we installed the middle air earlier than the partitions have been closed. Access
The handler in the attic is 21 inches by 21 inches sq.. And
they all the time informed us, if it ever broke, it will be a troublesome drawback
substitute the pilot in the attic.

However look, last week, air con continued
for about an hour after which it stopped. I referred to as for service contracts.
They came. They stated – they went up to the attic they usually stated the nurse was
dripping fat. It’s previous. It has a fan belt that’s not used
time to eliminate my air con system and get a new one or substitute – or
they might repair it for $ 800 however it won’t be good perpetually.

So I’ve an interview with enterprises; they informed me to do it
that. I’m a bit of educated to take action. And I do know I would like 5 tons
pilot in the attic and 13-SEER compressor on the surface. The compressor is
virtually 10 years previous, however I feel it will not be suitable.

Tom: How massive is your home?

ARLENE: Eighteen-fifty sq. meters. air con
the entire house. Often you employ Three to Four zones – Three-4 tons. In case you are too massive
The air con, what happens, is that it rotates on or off
very quickly. You can actually exaggerate it and it's really ineffective.

However OK. I assume your question is: how do you get it
air handling unit returns to the attic?

ARLENE: Properly, everyone stated they might make a brand new opening and
Place a brand new vent and give it extra movements and it's a great thing

TOM: Right

ARLENE: The last individual I interviewed stated he might get it
– 5 tons up in the attic. Because he's going to deliver – Amman –


ARLENE: He stated and it’s higher as a result of if it ever
want a repair, you possibly can just open two pieces. I have never heard of
2-piece 5-ton and I’m wondering what you assume, as a result of he gave me
greatest worth. He was $ Three,000 cheaper than everybody else.

Tom: Yeah, it's onerous to say, as a result of many of these
guys offer you and never the venture. However Amana is an effective brand.


TOM: So I have no issues. I simply need to do some

But by the best way, you realize there isn’t any higher opening
convey an enormous deal. It might seem great, but it’s really lovely
easy carpentry challenge. It's simply an extra undertaking that in all probability

Is there space for storing if you want to do it

ARLENE: Crawlspace attic.

Tom: Is it all a crawl mode? Yeah. Sure, I imply pay attention, a
A carpenter who knows what he’s doing can open – can double its measurement
hole inside about an hour. Not likely troublesome.

Pay attention, I simply – earlier than you make a dedication
5 tons, I'll inform you that the 1800-square foot house is over
in all probability overkill. And I don't need to get right into a state of affairs the place –
you recognize what I mean? Once I say biking, have you learnt what meaning? It means
the air conditioner comes on and it turns off, again on and off,
goes on / off, on / off. So what occurs, it never runs lengthy
Moisturize your home. And consequently, it feels cold and dangerous. Its
really not good.

So that you need to put the correct measurement unit in, OK? You need
put the appropriate measurement unit in. Often it’s about 600 sq. meters per ton.
So it's just Three tons of your home. So I think of three to 4, I'm not
Considering five may be too huge. ALRIGHT?

ARLENE: OK. Many thanks.

Tom: Okay. Congratulations. Thank you very a lot for calling us
888-Cash-PIT. And nicely accomplished all the analysis here.

LESLIE: Okay. We’re going to speak on the decks and the right way to hold it
they are lovely with John in North Carolina. What can we do for you?

JOHN: Properly, we determined to take the unused area and translate it
on the deck, so we spent about 4 months. We minimize with Trex and pressed
and settled in cedar. And it appeared great. We put the jar SPF
stain it. And it was – we stopped final September.

This spring we take a look at the window and that's it
whitish. It's not the color of honey. It is – Western cedar is what we’ve got.
So I obtained with Cabot they usually have been very stunned. So I
Guess they're going to work with us. But is something
both stain or – I think of polyurethane or one thing that’s
particular cedar? It seems to be an unusual tree

TOM: Not so unusual. Principally what you need to do
need to begin it first. And then you definitely're going to cover it
strong colour. For those who
Use a semi-transparent stain – you may even see more grain. You will notice
nonetheless see it by way of a strong shade, nevertheless it doesn't have as much pigment
it gained't final as lengthy. But if the duvet is primed first – and once I do
Main Cedar, I exploit an oil-based primer. And then on, I exploit a
Monochrome stain and it will probably final for a very long time.

JOHN: Nicely, the only thing you didn't need to do was fastened
colour as a result of the cedar appears so lovely.

Tom: Yeah, I get it. But the thing is, you're not going to
Keep pure colour. Ultimately it fades gray. You possibly can
Don't need to do it now, however you do it in the top. It's occurring
you or with out you.

JOHN: Yeah, yeah. Yes, all of us go grey.

TOM: Exactly

JOHN: OK. Alright. Nicely, I recognize it nicely.

TOM: Alright, John. Congratulations in your undertaking. Thanks so
quite a bit by calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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Tom: Did you know that more than half
all the trips and bills happen at house? We're going to inform you tips on how to upgrade
sidewalks and roads to make these surfaces non-slip in the present day
Next Professional Venture by

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LESLIE: Judy in Iowa is in line with the electronic query.
Tell us what occurs in your home.

JUDY: My electricity provides me a miracle. Thus far so good. And
our home is previous; It was constructed in the late 1920s. And we adore it. It is
massive, previous farmhouse. Nevertheless, there’s a pipe tube related to it. And
The electrician stated it was there – I'm unsure he's full
electrician, but he stated it was OK. And he stated you wouldn't mix it and
it will be okay. However I'm just nervous. In summer time, when we have now air
Conditioner, every time the lights appear to go uninteresting when the air

So I'm just questioning if we should always keep on with what we’ve
or is it a hazard? Do I’ve to vary or change it
something else or what?

TOM: So the knob and pipe strains are the primary
centrally fastened sort of home wiring that was out there. And it's referred to as "Knob-and-tube"
As a result of there are ceramic knobs like little – they appear virtually like a box
pull. And they’re hooked up to the structure aspect. So it could possibly be
for example, ferries or beams. And then the wires are stretched
from the knob to the knob. And the place it goes in the beam, is ceramic
a tube that’s positioned in it. That's why it's referred to as knob-and-tube

Now knob-pipe wiring, the most important drawback is it's
not grounded or grounded. So it's harmful from the consumer's perspective, but
More importantly, wiring was achieved in the 1930s and it is quite a bit
is breaking apart at this time. Fairly often you possibly can see that the rubber insulation only breaks
and drop and crumble.

And never just the wires
The beam has been eliminated as a result of it needs to be cooled by air. And so guess what
happens if you put the insulation on it? It’s not air-cooled
heats up. So I feel the knob tube wiring is innocent and ought to be


TOM: There could also be a local weather concern that
has nothing to do with the knob and tube. Whenever you activate the facility
gadget with a large compressor – it typically happens in the refrigerator or in the air
air conditioners – if the circuit the place you’re there’s fairly shut
In the lighting circuit, it is the place you often see. Like
the thing occurs all the time. However in the event you don't have lights, you're not bodily


TOM: However it isn’t uncommon, for example, to see in the kitchen
the lights dimmer on the similar time in the older house each time the fridge is
it begins now as a result of they are all placed in separate circuits immediately. But


TOM: So my recommendation can be to exchange the knob and tube
the wiring. Now you possibly can merely disable it and depart it in place. You don't take it
out, but you need to substitute it as a lot as potential. I want to see you
substitute the whole house. I know typically it's exhausting, however
It’s definitely value it and can be a lot safer should you did.

JUDY: OK. Properly, I respect it. I all the time thought
and my husband says that – I feel it's fantastic and I'm just a little nervous.

Congratulations on this undertaking. Thanks so much for calling us
at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Nicely, many people are multipurpose machines
there. So think about this image, which I'm positive many people a
day by day. You walk in your home, you're carrying youngsters
backpacks otherwise you've obtained groceries in your arms. After which bam, you drop
youngsters, backpacks, eggs, milk, all issues in all places
sidewalk. And it hurts and also you're not comfortable.

Men, concrete surfaces may be slippery and I’m
not just talking in winter. They are typically coated with skinny
layer of moss or algae in spring and summer time. And it makes them properly
slippery, I imply virtually all yr round

TOM: Nicely, we acquired recommendations on find out how to improve
sidewalks and roads that make these surfaces non-slip in as we speak's Pro
Venture introduced by

LESLIE: Now if you wish to minimize opportunities
Tumbling with your personal turf, you possibly can have a professional apply remedy designed
Forestall falling on these concrete surfaces. It is referred to as 'textured acrylic concrete
it not solely offers these concrete with a non-slip coating
it also provides it a brand new search for previous, boring concrete. So
listed here are two benefits, guys.

TOM: Yeah. And textured acrylic concrete
Coating is definitely heavy resins. Thus it completely adheres to any concrete
surface. It may well seize steps or sidewalks or patios or a driveway. And if
At home is a handicap ramp, this can be a really good way to improve safety

LESLIE: And this is immediately's Pro challenge
by With HomeAdvisor, you will get one of the best in your own home
Service professionals in your area, examine prices, learn evaluations and ebook evaluations
online meetings, all free of charge.

TOM: Whatever the kind of work, HomeAdvisor does

LESLIE: Steve in Kansas is on the line and has a query
about siding.

STEVE: Properly, it's time to color my cash in the pit.


STEVE: It was 9 years. And the windows are previous. Changed
they have a wooden frame outdoors and a brick mould. And they’re


STEVE: So my spouse and I have narrowed it right down to Hardie


STEVE: And we've received conflicting reviews from pals
and the individuals who have it. Some individuals prefer it, some don't.


STEVE: I like it, as a result of I am overseas, Kansas and we
like granules right here and storms. So I stated I'd go to a neutral social gathering and you
two is a celebration.

TOM: OK. Properly, welcome to our impartial social gathering.

So I feel HardiePlank is a wonderful product. I am actually
is HardiePlank – I feel it's referred to as the HardieShingle storage.
And I did it because I needed to fit my house cedar shingles.
And whenever you take a look at two buildings aspect by aspect, the house is painted or it’s
I have a stain, I need to say that shade staining. Shingles are painted, but
from the street they appear pretty much the identical. You really can't inform

However, there are numerous other composite supplies
at the moment are there to convey new parts to the desk. For instance, we have been
lately labored with buddies at Tando Constructing Merchandise. It's a brand new model
Clean, which is a composite shingles, identical to HardiePlank, however they've acquired
Coloring down. So if you’d like that pure siding, a pure cedar
Look, that they had one referred to as Seashore Home Shake. They made totally different colors.

I used to be at a fair with these guys and appeared
Experienced remodelers go up the wall with these things and touch it
scratch it because they couldn't consider it was a composite. It was not
real wood. It just appears good.

So if you need a product that looks shiny
Take stain like shingles, however don't use as shingles you need to use
something like Tando. If you would like a shingles that you simply may just have
paints and is admittedly durable and stands like granules
we speak, I feel HardieShingle is ok.

STEVE: The most important factor is that we have now had something to say that
they’ve had some fading issues. And I’ve looked at homes and I
I haven't seen it from the start, so I actually can't be its decide. But I’m
would individuals say they’ve it for 13, 14 years and it has no drawback with it. I’m
I obtained some who are 10 years previous they usually don't prefer it.

TOM: Nicely, stain-fading guarantees are for positive
one thing to think about. I feel the Tando guarantee was 20 years or something
thus. But verify it and examine and contrast. However whenever you see
an artificial product that appears quite real, it is lovely
superb what they will do now. And it isn’t so long ago as this system
did not exist. Nevertheless it's pretty lovely and appears actually
conventional wood siding

Or additionally they have stone-looking merchandise. And it is
Seems like a real factor. And I've never been capable of say that. And I
Keep in mind years ago, I used to be on the design board and I had architects
Try to inform me that they’re going to put vinyl siding in our historic area
city ​​because it seemed like wooden. I like: “Yeah, until you bought it
worst imaginative and prescient in the world. “But this new product really seems like a tree
and is product of synthetic composite supplies.

STEVE: Yeah. We’ve got needed to get out of the automotive a couple
occasions driving around and go to the house just take a look at because we really do
couldn’t tell whether or not it’s a composite tree or a – or HardiePlank.

Tom: Look what it was, proper? Yeah yeah.

STEVE: And I’ve a neighbor behind me and he has
considered one of wood composites. And I prefer it, however we simply landed
a concrete state, I feel…

Tom: I don't assume you possibly can make a nasty selection, Steve.
Are you asking the suitable questions, OK? Congratulations on this undertaking and thanks,
again if you call us 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Hey, would you wish to stay at house that is
Properly constructed, less power and fewer maintenance? Nicely, writer Sheri
Koones says that completed houses are the best way to go. In reality, he calls them "open-minded"
and he’s subsequent.

TOM: Making good houses higher, welcome again
Cash Pit Residence Improvement Show. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

Nicely, if you wish to stay nicely at house
build, use less power and wish less maintenance, the subsequent guest says
Prefabricated houses are really the best way to go. Sheri Kooni is extensively obtainable
a respected writer who helps readers understand that their homes have been acquired
Goals may be achieved in an ecologically accountable method.

Welcome, Sheri.

SHERI: Thanks for holding me.

Tom: So, Sheri, earlier than we start, Leslie
you mentioned that you are the writer. You’re nicely reached. are
has written eight books on residence design, the last five of that are collection
referred to as "Prefabulous". It's an ideal word. What it means to you and

Sheri: I'm really making an attempt to use the phrase prefabulous
exhibits that prefabricated homes are better and more exciting and really beautiful
and really exhibits the benefits of pre-production and in addition alongside the best way
All of my books show how energy-efficient and sustainable development is
The home is a perfect advantage.

TOM: I know I received began in building and
Transforming, works with a builder who made prefabricated houses for a few years
then before someone heard about them. And I was all the time impressed
high quality of development, as a result of when the home is made on the spot, you’ve got
good environmental management. You could have the facility to purchase
higher quality. And you can do a more particular activity to set it up
collectively. And all help with power efficient and quality.

SHERI: Properly, that's true. And in addition when individuals
are on the constructing, there’s water dripping into their home and it does
wooden moist, which may later turn and switch. And so, by being protected
the setting is a transparent advantage. But you also don't waste time. Individuals
the manufacturing unit can work for 12 months a yr and the weather does not limit them
or any exterior area. So, it's actually a plus plus to anybody
they need to build a pre-built home.

I'll by no means construct a house anymore

LESLIE: Do you assume you could have a house
to help as much as power is used and even to take care of your property? What to do
You assume the difference is that the development process is the one
the time you personal your house and the time you work on it?

SHERI: Nicely, when the house is built
The manufacturing unit, especially modular, builds it from inside out
Resist on the spot the place they build the house from outdoors. They usually do
For apparent causes, they will shut the home and make it dry

However once they build from the within,
They will make interior partitions after which they will put far more insulation
walls and all retailers and so on. And so is the insulation
higher. You additionally work with individuals working on the manufacturing unit 12
they’re very experienced professionals. They usually know
what are they doing. And lots of these factories, they use
greatest materials by closing the home far more tightly than on the spot.

Tom: We're speaking to Sheri Koones. He is
writer and journalist, writer of eight books. His latest e-book,
referred to as Downsize: Living Giant in a small house comes out

Sheri, we speak about decreasing the topic.
It has grow to be actually necessary due to the growing baby boomer now
inhabitants. Many young individuals need to use their assets to journey and do
as an alternative of sporting events keep a large home. It has develop into very fashionable
lives in a really small area. Beforehand, we needed greater and larger and
greater and larger. After which we crammed it with extra stuff and it was just sorted
infinite cycle. However the small dwelling at present is cool.

SHERI: Yeah, it's actually. And it's not just
Baby Boomers But Even Young Individuals. Child boomers discover that they need
reside smaller they usually need to spend more time doing the things they need
as an alternative of holding their home and paying all the power it has
huge home heating prices

I’ve profiles – several individuals in my new ebook
who are young. They usually just need to stay in a smaller life. They need
be capable of do other issues and travel. They usually don't need to spend every part
time to take care of the house. They usually don't need to spend all their money
and cooled. So I discovered quite a couple of younger individuals who need to do this

And you may even see this on TV exhibits, all
small house movement. And that's not what I write because they
the houses are less sensible than the homes, of which I’ve written. However all
The homes of this upcoming ebook are 2,000 square meters or less and all are nicely
sturdy and efficient. And they are very sensible at any level

LESLIE: Who is aware of it's a home of 1400 square ft

SHERI: You are a Trendster.

LESLIE: I've been in, and I didn’t know.

Tom: And Leslie, you've all the time stated that
Although it is a small home, it doesn't need to feel small.

LESLIE: No, completely. I imply a lot
Ways to make use of skillfully area and adorn and use colour and use
supplies to make the area feel greater. And also you wouldn't even discover that you’re

SHERI: And what I did in this new one
Ebook: I profiloinut 33 homes, which are lower than 2 000 square meters, but all
feels greater. And each of the individuals I interviewed for this guide
owned by these houses, stated they have been so good they usually by no means knew it
they lived in a small home.

TOM: Sheri Koones, author Downsize: Living
Nice for a small home that comes out next November.

Thank you very a lot, Sheri, for having stopped
Cash Pit.

If you want to study extra and comply with Sheria and
For his work, you’ll be able to visit his website at it is

Thanks again, Sheri.

SHERI: Thanks.

LESLIE: Hey, have you counted the times until
vacation? You recognize what? The intruder can be. We now have ideas
Maintain your home protected from housebreaking and breakage when The Money Pit

TOM: Good Residence Making Better, This is Cash
Pit Residence Enchancment Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

TOM: The number is 1-888-MONEY-PIT
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use the True Value Information to seek out out what others are paying for a similar undertaking. Then
Get reconciled to top-notch professionals, learn evaluations, get quotes and books
meetings, all at no cost, at

LESLIE: Tom, I was actually good
expertise at HomeAdvisor. I do know that I have spoken of a want to
do my yard and do some work. And this big tree was simply – I really like
wooden. It was so lengthy and provided a lot shade and prevented us from high
faculty. I actually appreciated it, however it started…

Tom: All this noise from all youngsters?

TOM: Right. Yeah, yeah

LESLIE: So it was actually a helper. Nevertheless it started,
in current years lean nicely in the direction of the home. And then
The branches turned so giant that they started to entangle in the facility strains and into it
had started to make me extra nervous than enjoying its benefits.

I seemed at the on-line website. I began to
search for wood providers. I read the critiques. I've narrowed it for a pair
The two corporations that I felt have been actually wonderful critiques and have been very targeted
the same sort of service I needed. I acquired them on-line. Indoors
moments, I acquired calls from both sellers. I talked to them.
the subsequent day they got here out and made an evaluation. I acquired each presents
they usually have been, i'm a toddler you aren’t, exactly the identical. So I felt very confident

TOM: Proper.

LESLIE: I simply ended up with
The gut felt that I favored it higher as a result of each have been excellent
notice. They did the job.

Tom: And now you’re lacking.

LESLIE: I am a treeless. The work was implausible. I
there were no problems. I might undoubtedly like to use HomeAdvisor once more. General good

TOM: Now you must use them
to find a fence as a result of now you can see high school once once more.

LESLIE: Perhaps there's a HomeAdvisor view
a cape that may make this highschool go away.

Tom: Have you learnt now that we are rising into the air
or to organize for it, we begin to see these electrical energy
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know what occurs to your home

You can too use it to detect unusual features.
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This website is again to Look
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LESLIE: Nicely, most of us take some
a sort of vacation this summer time. And also you shouldn't spend it questioning
is the empty home protected, so we’ve got made a checklist. You need to do
positive your house stays protected when you're away? Let's do the next,

To start with, you need to shut off the primary water
waking. To start with, this is one thing you need to find out about
house. It ought to be labeled for everyone
event of a water-break emergency. However in the event you shut it off when you’re away,
ought to any of these issues happen, like a pipe bursting or one thing, you'll
know that there 's not going to be any ounce of water
has operating by means of your home.

TOM: Yeah, completely.

Now, also, you need to drain the bogs. That’s
in case if anything in the bogs happen to leak. And that’s truly even
extra essential in the winter, for winter vacations, as a result of water in the
bogs will freeze and principally break the bogs.

However maintaining in that water category, you additionally want
to show off your water heater. So if it’s electric, simply turn off the breaker
at the foremost panel. Or if it’s fuel, flip the fuel valve right down to the pilot-light
setting so it’s not off all the best way. It’ll be straightforward to turn back on if you get
house but you gained’t be wasting all that fuel in the method.

LESLIE: Subsequent, you need to type of take a look at your
circuit breaker. Hopefully, every part’s labeled so you recognize what things are
controlling. Should you’ve acquired a circuit labeled “front room television and
stereo,” you’ll be able to flip that off; you don’t want it. But fridge, freezer, heating
system, hold these things on. So non-essentials you’ll be able to turn off; olennainen
ones, clearly, hold functioning.

TOM: Yeah. And it’s also a good idea to disconnect
something that’s plugged in that you simply don’t want. So once we go away, nicely, we
use energy strips. We turn these all off. However unplugging TVs and clock radios
and table lamps, any of that type of stuff you just don’t have to have energy on
to, just disconnect it. If the facility is disconnected, nothing can probably

Flip down your temperature on your air
conditioning. Make certain these lights are on timers. And that is necessary: lock

It’s really fascinating, Leslie, once you take a look at
the surveys of how burglars get into the home. So many occasions, it’s by way of an
open door or an open window as a result of individuals simply don’t lock it. It sounds so
obvious however individuals apparently, in giant numbers, don’t lock up their houses.

LESLIE: It’s superb to me. We have now some excellent
associates. I gained’t say their identify because they don’t lock the door to their house
ever. They are going to be on vacation for every week they usually’ll be like, “Hey, can you
swing by the home and do X, Y and Z?”

TOM: “Oh, no problem. The door’s open.”

LESLIE: “Sure. Where’s the key?” “Oh, door’s open.”

TOM: Yeah.

LESLIE: However you’re in one other state for every week. Am
I proper? Nicely, good luck.

TOM: Finishing this up, you also need to maintain the
timber trimmed, the bushes trimmed so that you’re not inflicting any areas which might be type
of obstructed, like the place burglars can type of work in secret.

Speaking of secret, you already know those secret locations that
individuals disguise keys, like hollow rocks? Guess what?

LESLIE: What? Everyone knows about these.

TOM: Burglars have Amazon accounts, too. They know
about hole rocks, so don’t do this.

LESLIE: They usually don’t actually appear to be actual

TOM: They don’t seem like actual rocks. They appear
like “pick me up, here’s my key.”

And eventually, notify police. A whole lot of police
departments are excellent about protecting houses when you’re away. They usually’ll
do an additional patrol.

LESLIE: They’ll do a drive-by.

TOM: They’ll do a drive-by. We’ve had the cops
alert us when there was an extra automotive in our driveway that wasn’t alleged to be
there once we have been away.

LESLIE: What was the automotive?

TOM: Properly, the automotive was our neighbor they usually have been
perfectly welcome to park there they usually knew we have been away. However in fact, it triggered
an alert to call for the police.

LESLIE: Right.

TOM: They have been watching that.

So, all great things to think about. We need to make
positive that you simply come back wholesome and relaxed and not stressed-out whenever you find
out that your home was damaged into or the mechanical burglars obtained into there
and prompted leaks and all types of mess. So, just hold those issues in thoughts when
you go away.

We’ve received an entire guidelines, by the best way, on how
to ensure your property stays protected when you’re away, on

LESLIE: Hey, on the subject of choosing which residence
improvement tasks you ought to be doing, choosing one with a very good return on
investment is actually necessary. But did you ever marvel which improvements
deliver the least? The answer will surprise you and that’s subsequent.

TOM: Making good houses better, welcome back to The
Money Pit Residence Enchancment Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: And we’d love to listen to what you’re doing
round your money pit. Give us a name, proper now, at 1-888-MONEY-PIT introduced
by HomeAdvisor. They actually have the perfect local execs for any house service.

LESLIE: That’s proper. Doesn’t matter what the
undertaking is, they make it fast and straightforward to seek out top-rated execs.

TOM: And there are not any membership charges. It’s
100-percent free to make use of at

LESLIE: Alright. Don’t overlook: submit your questions
in The Money Pit Group part, as nicely.

Now, I’ve acquired one right here from Mina who writes: “What
can I do to restore spider vein-looking cracks around my ceramic bathtub and
what’s inflicting them?”

TOM: Nicely, these tiny cracks round your drain,
Mina, is principally the bathtub end or glaze breaking down.

Now, you’ve gotten a couple of choices. You possibly can
exchange all the tub, which is a serious renovation. You may reglaze it,
which is probably a DIY venture or one that may be executed by a professional however it’s not a
long-term answer. And I’ve obtained to inform you, it’s a heck of a nasty course of,
especially when the professionals do it. You actually don’t need to even be in the home
when that happens, as a result of making an attempt to get new end to stick to that previous is
just a really massive job.

And the third choice is to put in a bathtub insert.
There are corporations that make inserts that drop into present tubs and kind of
re-line all the surface. They’re lovely however I feel they’re just barely
inexpensive than tearing out all the toilet, as a result of they’re pretty
costly, I feel, for what you get.

After which there’s all the time choice quantity 4: reside
with it. You already know, no one’s really going to see that apart from you. And we get
that it bugs you nevertheless it’s sort of a very costly thing to repair for a reasonably
minor visible inconvenience.

LESLIE: Alright. Subsequent up, I’ve obtained a publish right here
from Jeff who writes: “Tom, Leslie, I want your assist. Is there any solution to
take away oil-based paint from a cloth automotive seat?” Ugh. “I received it on the back of
my jacket, didn’t understand it and then drove my girlfriend’s automotive.”

She’s in all probability mad.

TOM: Wow. I hope she’s an understanding woman,
as a result of I don’t have excellent news for you. It’s actually arduous. I mean getting
oil-based paint out of anything is tough however material, it’s almost unimaginable
after it dries.

If it hadn’t already dried, you may have applied
a solvent – Spray Nine, by the best way, is a kind of cleansing fluid that works
fairly properly, as properly. However as soon as that oil paint is dry, man, it’s really onerous to
get out. You in all probability may need to take into consideration having that seat re-covered.
You would take it to a physique store and have them put new material down. Which may
be one of the best answer. I don’t assume you’re going to be able to remove it; minä
simply don’t.

LESLIE: In the event you’re not already engaged, you must
in all probability suggest – that’ll make her overlook all about that automotive seat – or any
flowers, one thing.

TOM: Properly, getting the most effective worth out of every
house enchancment dollar you spend is necessary. However there are some enhancements
that ship a lower return on funding than others, one in every of which is a home
office. Leslie has details, in at this time’s edition of Leslie’s Last Word.


LESLIE: Yeah. You recognize what? It’s fascinating. You
hear increasingly more that individuals are working from residence and positively, corporations
are making it simpler for individuals to have a remote office. But that doesn’t
all the time imply that they’re working from a home office. A lot cellular know-how
is out there to everyone lately that working from residence can truly imply
that you simply’re at a park bench or on a lounge chair or sitting in your deck or
something but truly at a desk inside your home.

But guys, it additionally turns out that building a home
office delivers a terrible return on funding. A mean residence workplace rework
can value $30,000, which is money you are not going to recoup. So, while it’s
nice to have a devoted workspace, you want to be sure that that area can
be used as a further bed room, a playroom, a multipurpose area, no matter
else it may be used for, simply not so specifically designed and renovated that
the only use is an workplace, especially for those who’re considering of placing your home
available on the market.

So be careful, be artistic. Absolutely work from
house but let that room multitask, identical to you do.

TOM: That is The Cash Pit Residence Improvement Present.
Arising next time on this system, summer time storms are on their approach, which suggests
energy outages are right behind. We’re going to have recommendations on how to ensure your
house stays lit when the rest of the neighborhood goes darkish, on the very subsequent
edition of The Money Pit.

I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you can do it your self …

LESLIE: However you don’t need to do it alone.


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portion of this transcript or audio file could also be reproduced in any format
with out the categorical written permission of Squeaky Door Productions, Inc.)

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