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TOM: Coastal Shoreline and Floorboards for Shingles
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And talking concerning the summer time when it warms up
know that there is rather more water on the lawn to maintain it green? Nevertheless it also leads
a lot of wasted water. Nevertheless, we’re going to offer you some tips
Minimize these water prices without dropping your probability. ,

LESLIE: And by speaking about lawns, you understand, weeds
is probably not the only thing that may take you away when you will have a fantastic yard.
So Roger Prepare dinner's Previous House has advice on how one can cope with drawback areas and a standard yard

TOM: Plus, are you able to make the leap and
buy your first house? It's a very exciting time, nevertheless it's also great
scary. We are going to aid you put together. We’ve five tips
first time consumers to be sure to are good to go, simply earlier than.

LESLIE: Yeah. Pay attention, these tips apply
second time house consumers. It seems to me that I am too nervous to ever take
plunge. So I will comply with our personal recommendation typically if I ever get it

But first, guys, we're right here handy. So let's
we all know what you’re working on this summer time season. The weather is certainly nice
out. Everybody will end up enjoying the summer time. So inform us what we will do
Enable you to to enjoy the money pit completely.

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Let's go there. Leslie, who's first?

LESLIE: Tanya in North Carolina is on the road
at the door. Inform us what occurs. You have got a tear

TANYA: The edge under is coming;
I feel it's rotten there. It needs to be taken away. After which about
foot up, on either aspect of that frame, it has dropped out. So I’ve to take off
the whole frame and set the new one or i can just reduce it off and alter it
that down?

TOM: OK. So, Tanya, you assume you're talking –
Once you say the body, I feel you're speaking concerning the door's doorstep and the door

TANYA: Right.

Tom: No Wall Design?

TANYA: So what the door matches, sure.

TOM: OK. So it's on the doorstep and the door
jambs. And one of the simplest ways to switch the door is to cut all the door out,
including thresholds and jambs across the journey after which set up pre-installed

So, for example, in North Carolina, you’ll be able to
go to Lowe and buy Therma-Trun Benchmark. Good high quality, fiberglass
door, all prematurely. Set up is straightforward and straightforward. And also you don't

TANYA: Oh, ok.

TOM: You are not making an attempt to repair jamb or threshold.
who are very rotted such; just tear them out. Straightforward method
the fact that otherwise is to take away the reduce from all sides. And the contractor
would use a reciprocating noticed to cut the nails for chopping and
home body. And this door will come out in 5 minutes.


Tom: I mean it's very easy to get it

TANYA: OK. Thanks.

Tom: You’re welcome. Congratulations in your venture.
Thank you so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Alan Tennessee has obtained a driveway that splits
up. Tell us what occurs.

ALAN: Nicely, I have a home; it’s about five years previous. And
The driveway has begun to get cracks. And I'm simply wanting
one of the simplest ways to fix them and hold it from spreading. Beforehand, in all probability
three years, every spring I put strain – wash the driveway and put sealing
it. But otherwise it’s all about every thing I've ever finished to drive.

TOM: OK. And what it appears like now
condition? Is it wealthy in cracks?

ALAN: It's not very much, nevertheless it's just some. And somewhat
they’ve begun a spider-man.

TOM: OK. So here's the factor. You need to try to keep
So these don't get much worse. QUIKRETE has a decent product

ALAN: Proper.

TOM: It’s good to make use of a product
as a result of you realize it’ll comply with and increase and fit
the driveway. The aim is to try to maintain plenty of water from getting there.
As a result of water enters, it expands and then breaks. Prefer it
freezes, it expands and breaks. After which in fact it's a bit greater, a
slightly greater and just a little greater and so it actually starts to break down
and break down the driveway.

So, since these cracks begin to point out themselves and open up, it’s
shouldn’t be uncommon, so don’t panic; It is fairly regular to put on
concrete. However it’s also good to close them through the use of those merchandise which are

ALAN: OK. So QUIKRETE is probably the easiest way to go?

TOM: Yeah. It is referred to as QUIKRETE concrete repair. It is
sanded, acrylic latex, and is specifically designed to repair cracks.
Two totally different tube sizes: both 10 ounces tube or 5½ ounce tube.
Not expensive, straightforward to use. Provides you a great infection and it goes
Stay in the climate and most significantly, hold the water from getting

ALAN: Wonderful. Thank you.

TOM: Good luck to the venture. Thank you a lot for enjoying
me at 888-MONEY-PIT

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Tom: And you need a inexperienced garden, however
Don't you need to waste all of the water it takes to inexperienced? We’re going
you might have tips on how one can reduce that garden in accordance with the dimensions of the invoice
Money Pit returns after this.

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LESLIE: Alright. Now we are
received Daniel in California on a line that needs help with travertine

When did you set it
Down, Daniel?

DANIEL: Oh, that's it
now a few week

LESLIE: OK. And there’s

DANIEL: Nicely, no

LESLIE: Are you positive?

DANIEL: Properly, OK. there
there was nothing in it, but sure, in truth, I put it there identical to Sunday,
after it has been installed for 4 days.

TOM: OK. And did
the installer provides the seal to make use of or recommend a seal for use?

DANIEL: No, to my installer

Tom: He wasn't. So the place
Did you – what seal did you select? How did you discover it?

DANIEL: I received it

TOM: OK. And so it
sounds like you did the fitting factor. It's a fantastic flooring. It's a bit
absorbent so it’s a must to shut it on occasion. However what
your query?

DANIEL: Nicely, mine
the question is, nicely, one once I put the seal on, then I had learn and
I discovered that some are higher. That is in all probability the third
and that i would really like one of the best.


DANIEL: Is There
Drawback shopping for higher and placing it on or…?

TOM: Probably. I
save on this subsequent trip. Look, this is already sucked into the floor
and so…

LESLIE: And travertine
is so porous

Tom: Yeah.

LESLIE: On the First
what you put on it’s there.

Tom: Simply drink
proper up. So I wait the subsequent time – till it's time to use
choose this again and select one other product. However I'm unsure
Place one other coat over it with another product since you are
don't know what sort of chemical response you’ll create there

LESLIE: how do they
react to one another?

TOM: Yeah.

LESLIE: It could possibly be dangerous

Tom: Not value it. Abbreviation Type & # 39; I had & # 39;
simply benefit from the flooring

DANIEL: OK, good. might
I ask you a bit of follow-up question?

Tom: Positive.

DANIEL: Sure. Me too
learn – they stated that carpets with rubber bases are dangerous. Is
that true?

LESLIE: Mm-hmm. for

TOM: Properly, it's not dangerous
marble; it's dangerous for vinyl.

LESLIE: Yeah, in the event you do
You’ve gotten a vinyl flooring and you set the kitchen carpet or tub on the carpet and it isn’t
transfer and stay in place, the carpet has some sort of unusual background
chemical reaction with the ground and cause discoloration. We play lots
because individuals are such that I have this unusual stain that’s the similar as my tub
carpet. How do I get it out? ”

Tom: And it gained't
up. Yeah, proper. As a result of it oxidizes rubber towards vinyl. But I'm not
is aware of that the problem is towards marble; I've never heard of it.

LESLIE: Yeah. No I am

DANIEL: OK. Good then.
Thanks very much, guys.

TOM: You’re welcome,
Daniel. Congratulations on your venture. Thank you very a lot for calling us

I’ll inform you
he treats it at the proper time. There’s never a better time to cope with it

initial. Because should you wait and get even a bit of dirty, you may
By no means get it smeared and then seals there
stain. So it's like simply doing it immediately.

Tom: Properly, in case you do
Love the thick, green lawn, but you need to get it without losing tons
water, when, the place and how much water you employ on this garden
the distinction between this lush lawn and the empty wallet.

LESLIE: Yeah. However surgery
Water prices with out giving up the green lawn you really love
simpler than you assume. And it solely takes a couple of steps.

To start with,
You should pull the garden early through the day to stop evaporation. If water
The lawn at night time, you allow the garden moist in a single day and the grass might
develop fungus just because there isn’t any solution to go anyplace.
It just sort of sits and impregnates that nation and it's not going to do anything
good for everybody

ensure you modify your sprinkler head to keep away from wasting water
it steered away. You must get it out of the driveway, sidewalks.
Water things that may actually develop. Concrete by no means grows, I promise

Tom: I see it

LESLIE: That's it

TOM: You understand what
develop if you pull concrete?

LESLIE: It's true.

Tom: And we see it
on a regular basis. Individuals water the street, they water the concrete,
they water the steps. The steps are all formed and green and mossy
for all this misplaced water. And the payments simply continue. So,
Take a look at these sprinkler strains and ensure you are usually not among them.

You additionally need to be sure to are using timers
sprinklers. And it limits using water solely to what is needed.
Two or 3 times every week is best than every day, which may really surpass water
grass. A superb rule of thumb is to ensure the garden will get
about inches of water per week. So it's a great way to be sure to're not
give it too much, however just the correct quantity for inexperienced.

Intelligent timers are also obtainable
as we speak that may hook up with the Wi-Fi system and weather stories
then just rainwater. Also take a look at this feature.

Be sensible about how water and we be sure
water bills stay correct when the garden continues good and
lush and inexperienced.

LESLIE: Now we now have Pat Hawaii on the line
roof-question. We make us jealous, I'm positive

Welcome, Pat.

PAT: So we now have a house with decor
temperature is – in the course of the day is probably 83-85.


PAT: And it has a roof with rolled
tarmac. And we want to put this app and they’re obtainable at
Locations like Residence Depot. There are two totally different worth factors. You’ll be able to apply it
three alternative ways and so forth, but individuals have informed us that they’re dwelling in it
In the same space as this house, they’ve decreased the heat of the home
20 – plus % by doing this reflective factor on the roof.

And now, our question is: how can we make a roof?
Can we sweep stones on asphalt? What’s prep?

Tom: It's fairly forgiving. Need to eliminate it
unfastened things and of course all moss or something that grows
it. But what you're speaking about is fiber aluminum and it's a
UV reflective paint. And it makes the roof a lot cooler and may really
Make your home cooler. It's a quite common software, not just within the tropics
like Hawaii, however even in places on the east coast. I've seen it on the roofs
Washington, D. C. Undoubtedly a superb factor

PAT: OK. And if – also my husband's question
was – and so the roof lasts longer with it?

Tom: Yeah, in concept, because if
mirror much less oil on asphalt, much less
its evaporation. And it may possibly make the roof longer. Another good
you must do it.

PAT: OK. And any special software?
Which works greatest for you? Did they are saying that?

Tom: I’ve nothing particular
recommendations on the product, but on the idea, I feel it’s strong.

PAT: It's nice. That's a good idea. I
you assume you answered my query. Many thanks.

TOM: Alright, Pat. Congratulations in your venture.
Thank you so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Fonda (sp) in South Dakota.
Pit. How can we allow you to at present?

FONDA (sp): We are dismantling our previous head that leads
Previous patio at floor degree. And the previous patio has two platforms. You're leading
down the plank patio and it's like wood – 2x6s, i feel – which is terrible
type. It's in all probability 30 meters 30 meters away. And then it spins lovely
exceptional cement pad, 20 ft 20 ft.

And we know that we're going to demolish the wood mattress, but that's it
the query is: what can we set? Does an previous cement cartridge should be chopped?
is in good condition because it’s so vital? Or can we put one other cement
next to the patio next to the new patio? Can you go over the previous cement for something
and stamp it or simply do it – after which another drawback is the sq..
And I would really like the brand new patio at ground degree to be extra curvy and curved.

Tom: One thought that I’ve a direct out is to go previous
patio with brick pavers. And if
The patio is flat and powerful and strong
along with that. And so you might principally create – do virtually patronage
makeover by preserving the concrete and putting the tiles immediately
concrete. All of them come collectively. You don't see them when they’re

You mentioned a change of form now. This is in fact a
a bit of more difficult because you have to build the sides.
A part of the patio can be over the concrete and a part of the patio can be over
conventional, built stone if attainable. But if you wish to keep away from
The form modifications, so it becomes an easy challenge to do it with the bricklayers. And of course you could have
tons and much and plenty of decisions of shapes and colors and all that you simply do

FONDA (sp): And on the aspect that isn’t cement, under

TOM: On a page that isn’t cement, which is beneath the brick
it’s this. To begin with, you obviously need all of the grass and it
such a thing. You then put about 4-6 inches of grey gravel. You tampon
it really actually, rather well. Then on, you set the sand.
Get that good and flat. As well as, you set the brick blades and you then
place extra sand.

However it is grounded and correctly ready and sanded
The stone actually is crucial. As a result of when you do, then it gets all the Roly-poly
through the years and weeds start to grow by way of it

FONDA (sp): Alright. Nicely thanks.

Tom: You're welcome, Fonda. Congratulations in your undertaking.
Simply in time for summer time. 888-666-3974

LESLIE: Charlie Tennessee is on the road and is wanting for
Make some refurbishment of his cash pit. How can we aid you right now?

CHARLIE: I have a small kitchen that’s making an attempt to knock
Out the walls so as to add area, make my kitchen and eating room one huge
room. My dilemma is that I don't know if it's the wall I'm from
hitting is a supporting wall or not.

LESLIE: Properly, step away from the undertaking and don't knock it

TOM: OK. To start with, what kind of house do you’ve got,
Charlie? Is it a ranch? Is it a colony? Describe it to us

CHARLIE: It's a picket frame house.


CHARLIE: One Story

Tom: And the Prime of the Roof Tops? Go up
in front, rising from behind, tops within the middle?

CHARLIE: That's it. It's L-shaped.


CHARLIE: And the place the wall can be, it might be just about
in the appropriate place the place two meet.

TOM: Yeah. So that you're in the midst of there; you aren’t quite
positive. And the dining room and kitchen are subsequent to one another? Is it in entrance of you
to return to the home or is it in line, so to talk?

CHARLIE: It will be – the wall can be parallel

Tom: So it is dealing with up entrance. ALRIGHT. Say
normally it is a bearing wall. It doesn't mean you're lifeless within the water;
it simply means it's somewhat more durable to open this one. As a result of
If it is a load-bearing wall, you will need to help the structure when it is
Unloaded after which it’s a must to put a brand new bar to hold that load
new, open plan.

It's not something you’d do yourself. It doesn't
– I don't want you – like, 'Hey, I've never executed residence enchancment, however at the moment
I'm considering of tearing the bearing wall. “Dangerous concept, OK?

CHARLIE: Proper.

Tom: So it is advisable to know what you do or get
Individuals will assist you really feel what you’re doing or hiring knowledgeable. And get the building

And principally the best way it works is momentary walls
on each side of the bearing wall and this consists of the structure
it must be. The bearing wall is then separated from one another. bearing Wall
is being reconstructed, however now you’re using the beam. And it might be a picket beam,
it could possibly be a metallic beam, it might be a mixture of wood beam and metallic
it goes all the time. It could possibly be a roof that sits underneath the roof or
It could possibly be a beam that’s truly flat to the ceiling, so when it's all
accomplished, it is invisible.

But in a method or one other you must carry this bar
above the load. And then when every thing is restored, you recognize
really don't know that it is there. However you simply need to do it proper
That you simply gained't harm your home in the course of, OK?

CHARLIE: Sure, sir. Thank you. I recognize it.

Tom: You're welcome, Charlie. Congratulations on your undertaking.
Put the noticed down, OK?

CHARLIE: No drawback. Thank you. I respect it.

LESLIE: Properly, fungal illnesses Fido, yours
The lawn is far towards. Coming, landscaping contractor Roger Prepare dinner, TV's this previous home, stops
Assist you to overcome all the things to make your garden your dream. It and
Extra When The Money Pit Continues

Tom: Enhancing Good Houses, That is Money
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LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

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LESLIE: Now we go to Tennessee where Daniel is
offers with carpenter bees and naturally these fantastic, perfectly
Spherical, saturated holes that they like to do anyplace in your picket home. What

DANIEL: I have these carpenter bees who like
drilling holes on my dashboard slightly below the roof. And I
fulfilled them, and I’ve been painting again and they’ll come again. I don't know if
there’s perhaps something I can do to stop it or what I can use
paint it.

Tom: Yeah, a number of issues you are able to do. In the first place
In order for bees to return, you ought to be cared for by professional beekeepers
an insecticide that principally destroys what's in there. Now, although you probably did
Do it but they will come back to the subsequent season.

A positive method to ensure they don't come again
replaces wood with one thing that isn’t wood. I had this actual drawback
garage on our property and replaced wooden chopping with AZEK –
A-Z-E-D. There are also different brands, but principally it's a cellular PVC material that appears like wood, cuts like wooden
However the carpenter's bees can't eat it. Actually, it was very humorous to me
because after changing the faski with AZEK, the bees spun it, however
they couldn't work out why it didn't style wooden.

LESLIE: It's like "This seems to be like wooden. I don't
perceive. ”

DANIEL: Yeah, it actually must be completed
just see them in the circle and…

TOM: Annoyed, yeah. Alright? I hope it can aid you

The weeds will not be the only thing that stands between you and your lush garden

TOM: Nicely
right. As soon as the peat is about up, you should look out for pests, fungi
disease and even Fido. When you have a mysterious brown spot or dry patch
hassle with the grass, here inform us find out how to resolve it’s Roger
Prepare dinner, this landscaping contractor

Welcome, Roger.

ROGER: Thanks
take me.

Tom: So, suppose
Start by speaking one of the crucial widespread causes for garden issues:
four-legged. How can we cope with dog injury?

ROGER: Properly,
Until you propose to drive your canine in a yard with a hose
You’ll be able to't do much, besides try to practice them to go to at least one area. Its
exhausting. The canine is going to go where he goes.

TOM: Proper. However
it’s a particular injury, proper? Acidity of canine and it

ROGER: Right. And
it leaves the lifeless circle within the floor. Typically it is actual lush
edges where it was not as robust, however it really fertilizes the lawn. However
What it’s a must to do is stay on prime of it. I often put a small compost on
rake it and resubmit the world. Because after one rain, the salts are
leached and you may resume

issues that come up that trigger dangerous spots on the garden and the opposite
the most important ones are white grubs

TOM: Grubs, OK.

LESLIE: Yeah. In what means
Have you learnt you've received them?

ROGER: You’re
know. There is a patch that grass – it just dies. Typically you get
the birds decide it up, like crows, otherwise you get a raccoon that is available in
there, skunk and peel it again and eat graves.

Tom: And don't you
Do you’ve got more mould issues when you’ve gotten grubs?

ROGER: You're doing.
Additionally they eat them. But the largest present is should you take this grass and pull
it has to hatch like a carpet because…

LESLIE: Really?

Grubs eat roots from the garden bottom.

Tom: What’s it?

The answer is to cope with grubs when they’re probably the most weak. Often it is
in late summer time or autumn when they’re small. In the event you try to deal with them early
in the course of the season they’re quite giant and pretty robust and usually are not

TOM: OK. What now
Chinch errors? We see plenty of them in some elements of the country.

depends, you already know? It is nice on this nation that we all have our own

Tom: We now have every little thing

ROGER: That's it
Pest of St. Augustine's garden, the place it really penetrates the blade and sucks
it makes it brown. There are various remedies. I need to do additional
soil pretreatment, additional irrigation before insecticide. But
in some instances it’s worthwhile to use pesticides

do you inform me if the garden had a fungus? I imagine you’re doing properly
in a damp state of affairs, most frequently on a garden that may usually result in a

ROGER: Proper. In
a few of them, it’s straightforward to observe the stems and it turns brown. In some
within the case of a fungus referred to as a purple thread, where the blade actually is
turns pink and you may discover it.

And once more
an excessive amount of water and doesn’t dry or fertilize much less. And they’re all
physical issues you can do earlier than you’re taking and turn to spray

Tom: I feel it’s
apparently, every of those circumstances tells us one thing
from our lawn. Something happens that is additional, like additional water
we don't get enough water, we're an excessive amount of shade, we will't
sufficient shade. I imply, there’s all the time some outcome from these – properly, I assume
The illness is the outcome, however it truly leads back to the solution

ROGER: Proper. And
That's why I all the time speak about placing the lawn in, doing the appropriate factor
preparation prematurely. As a result of it prices off the lawn.

LESLIE: Now it’s
fascinating. I've seen – because I’ve a dog, so I get to stroll
typically forestall. I have seen virtually a striped-looking garden, which is often

ROGER: Yeah.

Heck is that about?

ROGER: We name it an novice
it’s when somebody goes out, especially with a spreader, and
fertilize the garden.


ROGER: They usually
Don't overlap enough so that you get them snug with Four-6 inch strips
yellow, shiny green, yellow, shiny green across the garden. In case you are
is going to make use of the drop dispenser, what i say to individuals to do is put it in half
What a traditional amount is, go in one course after which turn and go exactly 90 °
levels. You’re using the identical amount, but you delete 99%

TOM: We're talking
Roger Prepare dinner, who is a landscaping contractor for this previous house on TV.

So, Roger, what if
we don't have enough grass? What if we get the grass as an alternative of the grass?

ROGER: Moss is
Inform you that there is in all probability too shady grass rising. And what we do

You possibly can't battle
Mother Nature. Shade worsens yearly from timber and bushes
Greater and larger, so that you're higher off going natural
A groundcover that tolerates these circumstances.

Tom: And what
be an excellent terrestrial that is just like grass

sedges works nicely for you. I like things like Vinca.

Tom: Vinca?

LESLIE: Hmm vinca
a minor is admittedly lovely.

ROGER: Sure. And
some ferns fill and provide the garden – working with the mother
Nature. You possibly can sow and unfold the fertilizer and there’s no grass
develop, he tries to inform you something.

LESLIE: Yeah. "I
Don't need grass right here. ”

going to work. However you panicked ferns and Vincan and issues like that
I adore it. They usually develop and fill and also you don't have to cut them,

What if the garden is only a really dangerous form you need to name
to stop and start? Are you able to do this?

absolutely. And we use the 45 % rule: when it's dangerous for 45 %, you're on
not going to spend extra money or anything.

So, often, what
we’ve got are available and as an alternative of spraying with herbicides, we need to use a
Deep cutter. And we take and reduce off 2 inches so every part is eliminated
grass, all roots and all weeds directly. Then rototill, we add
compost, we rotate again and determine if sand is required – is it
some sand is needed in the soil that’s combined or composted. After which once we get good
Four-6 inch and as much as Eight inch layer of excellent soil so you’ll be able to both get bored or
seed. So they are like a cake freezing. In case you don't use the cash

LESLIE: Right.

TOM: Good advice.
Roger Prepare dinner from TV's This Previous Home


LESLIE: Alright.
Catch the current season of This Previous
House and Ask This Previous House is
PBS. For widespread listings and step-by-step videos of many widespread residence improvement
tasks, visit

TOM: And This
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LESLIE: Betty in California wants some assist with a rest room
question. What can we do for you at the moment?

BETTY: I’m in the high-rise rest room and I’d like
the professionals and con and probably a model. Because our plumber is considering of utilizing
KOHLER – the fast flush – and we’re on nicely water and that’s it.

TOM: Nicely, there’s actually no cons of using – a “comfort-height
rest room” is what’s that referred to as. Not a high-rise but comfort-height. They’re a
bit larger than an ordinary rest room. And when it comes to manufacturers, one that I can
advocate known as American Champion 4. I’ve acquired American Champion
comfort-height bogs in our house. And it really doesn’t matter what age you
are, they’re simply easier to use. And the opposite profit is that they use very
little water they usually don’t clog.

So I might check out the American Normal Champion 4
bogs and simply get the accessible measurement and you’ll be good to go.

Alright, Betty? Good luck with that venture. Thanks a lot
for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Nicely, when you’ve decided that house
life is not for you and you’re able to make the leap to purchasing your personal
house, there are some things which you could get started on now that may make the
whole home-buying course of lots simpler.

TOM: Yeah. And the primary one is to spice up your
credit score. Now, a lot of the main credit businesses are going to offer you
together with your report, one time a yr, for free. So that you need to evaluate the report.
Make sure that there are not any errors.

You already know, the primary time I checked out a credit
report, I used to be blown away with how far back it went and what number of details have been in
there. I might absolutely see alternatives for errors. So, examine for errors.
Try to pay off any money owed.

And within the meantime, keep away from purchasing big-ticket
gadgets and don’t apply for any new credit score. That was advice I didn’t get once I
bought my first house. It was truly a apartment. And I truly – back once we
bought it, I used to be on a waiting record. And so, I tried to buy it however then I couldn’t
purchase it as a result of there wasn’t one obtainable. So I purchased a automotive as an alternative.

LESLIE: You just needed to buy something.

TOM: “You realize that apartment you needed? Nicely, now
you should purchase it.” I’m like, “Oh, man.” So now I didn’t qualify.

However fortunately, my spouse and I have been engaged, so we
bought it together and she or he helped me qualify. She’s nonetheless helping me qualify.

LESLIE: She helps you qualify lots, Tom. I’m simply
saying. She’s fairly superior.

TOM: Yeah, completely.

LESLIE: I’ve received to say she could be my favorite
Kraeutler. I’m just in awe. She’s type of the most effective.

TOM: I might agree with you.

LESLIE: But that’s true. You really should be so
careful about what you’re doing, as a result of each single thing affects your credit score
report. It’s just superb.

Now, next, you guys, begin wanting for the appropriate
real-estate agent. An excellent agent can make all the difference for your first-time
home-buying expertise. The city that I reside in is type of – it’s very closed

And you need to – if you wish to purchase on this city,
you’d higher have a superb real-estate agent who works inside this town, who
is aware of what’s arising and when it’s arising. As a result of typically, that little
bit of inside info is the distinction between you getting the property
and you utterly lacking out and never even figuring out it existed. So the correct
agent is large. Make certain they’re native to the city you like. Be sure to simply
have a very good rapport with them.

And then, work on getting preapproved for
financing. Now, there’s two good causes for that step. To begin with, you’ve
acquired to know what you possibly can really afford, what you qualify for and what sort of
loan you need. And after you have that approval in your hand, you abruptly
turn out to be a a lot better prospect for those potential house sellers who probably
have a number of presents for that very same home. A few of them are very comparable. And if
you have got all of your ducks in a row and you appear to be an incredible buyer, you may be
that great purchaser.

TOM: And you’ll be excited about shopping for
that house. However don’t be too excited till you get it checked out by a
skilled house inspector, as a result of that’s the man that’s going to ensure
you’re not buying a real-life money pit. I was that guy for about 20 years. And
consider me, I can’t inform you the variety of occasions that what we found in a house
was very, very shocking, even surprising to the those that thought it was just
a very good place for them, till they found out they have been going to wish
$20,000, $30,000, $50,000, $100,000 to fix it. So, you need to ensure you
get a very good residence inspection.

LESLIE: But you realize what? That residence inspector is
an ideal device for you as a buyer. It may be a negotiating device. It will possibly enable you to
really determine how and what you’ll be able to afford to place in that house. So, totally
get a house inspector and go together with one which you select – right, Tom? – not one
that the realtor or any person’s who’s promoting suggests.

TOM: Yeah. Oh, completely.

And you may go to the web site for the American
Society of Residence Inspectors. It’s Those guys are one of the best in
the nation. Put in your zip code. They’ll offer you an inventory. Call them,
interview them, ask plenty of questions. Select someone you’re snug with
but get a great residence inspection. It’s key to creating positive you don’t purchase into a
real-life money pit.

LESLIE: Once we come back, we’re going to deal with a
house drawback that lots of you might have and never a whole lot of you’re keen on. I’m talking about
popcorn ceilings. They’re easier to remove, typically, than you assume. So stick

TOM: Where house solutions stay, this is The Money
Pit House Improvement Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

Give us a name at 888-MONEY-PIT introduced by
HomeAdvisor, the place yow will discover top-rated house service execs and ebook
appointments on-line, all for free.

TOM: You’ll be able to publish your query to,
which is what Jeff did.

He has a query, Leslie, about popcorn ceilings.
Popcorn is something you need to take pleasure in with a superb film but not in your
ceilings. Popcorn has no place in house décor, so far as we’re involved.

LESLIE: Oh, my God. Individuals, it’s so funny. It’s
simply – individuals hate them. They completely hate them, so I’m very curious.

TOM: Have you learnt why builders put popcorn ceilings

LESLIE: In order that they will disguise imperfections.

TOM: They hid all types of imperfections. That’s
right. The ceiling, the place you’ve got ceiling lights, the lights forged throughout the
ceiling kind of sideways and it tends to spotlight each little
imperfection, which may value them numerous callbacks. As a result of individuals would say
their drywall was finished poorly, they might see the tape seams, the nail
pops. They’re like, “We’ll fix that. We’ll simply cowl it with all this textured
stuff referred to as ‘popcorn.’” And that’s precisely what they did.

However now, many years later, we get name after call
after name about individuals just need to take away it. And it’s not a reasonably job. It
does take lots of hassling.

LESLIE: It’s true. And I mean I feel it actually
is dependent upon how it’s utilized. Typically the popcorn ceiling really is a foam ball
combined right into a compound that’s then utilized. If that’s the case, that’s the
easiest strategy to remove it. That usually – you just need so as to add some moisture
after which use a large paint scraper to actually rigorously and smoothly remove it
from the ceiling. And typically, it’s more of a way utilized with actual
stucco. And that basically requires a variety of work to get that one off.

TOM: Nicely, that’s sort of what Jeff is asking. He
needs to know what’s the easiest way to go about smoothing a painted popcorn
ceiling. He says scraping gets too onerous, so he needs to skim-coat it. However you
can’t skim-coat over all of that popcorn.

LESLIE: Oh, that might be the thickest layer of
skim coat.

TOM: Yeah.

LESLIE: It’d be a heavy coat.

TOM: You need to moist it down.

And you realize what, Leslie? I have found that there
are a couple of instruments available on the market at this time which might be type of like long-handled
scrapers and some which you can truly hook as much as a store vac, so you might
type of suck up the debris as you’re scraping it off the ceiling.

LESLIE: Oh, that’s fascinating.

TOM: So, it’s getting a bit of bit simpler. But the
factor is, even whenever you get all of that material off of the ceiling, it’s nonetheless
going to be fairly tough beneath. You’re nonetheless going to have that uneven

So, in the event you don’t need to put a textured paint back
– and why would you? – what you may need to do is be sure to use flat
ceiling paint. By no means use any type of paint that has any sheen in any way.
As a result of the more sheen, the more severe that ceiling goes to look when it gets a
little mild forged on it, type of at an angle. You’ll begin seeing these

So, you must get it off there. It’s worthwhile to go
ahead and paint it with a flat paint. And if the ceiling is absolutely dangerous whenever you
get it all off, what you might do, additionally, is just cowl it with one other layer of
drywall. With that second layer, you would use very thin drywall that’s about
three/Eight-inch thick. And that goes up fairly simply and you’ll just have the seams
to cope with after that.

But these are the 2 ways to actually cope with
that ceiling, Jeff. You possibly can’t spackle over it. It’s just not going to work.

LESLIE: And then, Jeff, you may discover that fixing
these seams on that new drywall may make you need to put a textured ceiling
on. Simply don’t. Don’t cover your imperfections.

Alright. Louis in Florida writes: “I had new 6×6
posts installed to help my porch-roof overhang. Now, there’s vertical splits
on one submit. Should I drive in screws to attenuate that splitting?”

TOM: That’s an fascinating concept however there’s no approach
that a screw or a bolt goes to stop a submit from splitting. It’s acquired a thoughts
of its own.

You realize, cracks in wood supports like that,
Louis, are pretty typical they usually’re additionally expected. So the one thing that I
may do is to seal those cracks with a silicone sealer, a silicone caulk or
even a latex caulk. Is determined by how that submit is finished. As a result of this manner, you’ll
forestall a number of the water from getting in there and maybe sluggish it down as
time goes on.

LESLIE: But take pleasure in that new patio.

TOM: That is The Money Pit Residence Enchancment Show
on this very first weekend of summer time. We hope we’ve been capable of offer you some
concepts on learn how to get started in your summer time residence enchancment undertaking, clear up some
of these DIY dilemmas. All summer time lengthy, you’ll be able to reach us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT or
you’ll be able to publish your questions on-line to The Money Pit’s web site at

For now, I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you can do it your self …

LESLIE: But you don’t should do it alone.


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portion of this transcript or audio file could also be reproduced in any format
with out the categorical written permission of Squeaky Door Productions, Inc.)

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