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MOORISH AND MOORING IN TAWI-TAWI REEFS: Kadday Bongao, Pondohan Sitangkai and Tawi-Tawin Rising Mountains

MOORISH AND MOORING IN TAWI-TAWI REEFS: Kadday Bongao, Pondohan Sitangkai and Tawi-Tawin Rising Mountains

by Mucha-Shim L. Quiling
(Rizam Habibon – MSU-TCTO, Graduate of BS Historical past 2019)

TAWI-TAWI (MindaNews / 26.3.) – First Journey to Tawi-Tawin The capital of Bongao introduced me to search for Kadday Pagkahawah, a native coffeeshop. My mom, who was all the time my compass in historic and traditional things, advised me to go to "Jambata si Suntik".

In fact, he would have recognized Bong-ing's longest ruling mayor, Beng-Ing, to his first-degree cousin Ho, and in his agile youthful years he had favored Bongaota to visit his father's aunt, "Mbo Hadja Assa.

has already disappeared and his memory was removed once I sailed to Bongao in 2014. Thus Jambatan Si Suntik was not a picket board he photographed in my mind, however now a well-completed concrete path, which is the attachment platforms for small boats leaving Pababag and Bongoa. so unfortunately I adopted my instincts, who referred me to search for the Chinese language berth and there I found quite autiohautuneeseen drift in a slender dinghy alongside the street, which was fairly pale signs apart from the readable part the place they advised. "recreation" 19659005] the same Bajaun protection undertaking in Mindanao state University Technical ologia and oceanography (MSU-TCTO) in Tawi taw and group and household providers (CFSI) in front of Sitangka City Hall, Tawi-tawi in December 2017. Photograph: BURUNGMAWAR IBNUZUHUD

and bleached from RDL-abused face and sweet horrible smile. A couple of other women lilly splatting to fly rolled newspapers like lilting Malay "Rok Jiwang" tense acquainted. Nevertheless it was not a practice to know.

The grave he provided was ordered by the "kahawa native", which the local would really like in intimate casualness "kahawa lubug." The cup is filled with the famous model "Cap Lampu" from Sabah. There’s additionally 10 grams of black coffee or a 3-in-1 bag that’s creamy and sweetened in retail packaging

Coffee is served with a number of oven-baked bread and yeast-cakes, a disappointment for many who have simply been driving right here at Jolo (Sulu), the place the famous Bang -bang sug are the inseparable companions of kahawa.

In a follow-up research, which for the primary time, I came throughout a couple of these cafes that have been in a busy busy market. Nevertheless, Bongao didn’t appear to be able to deal with the Kadday pagkakahawan, apart from the familiar strains of the knitting balls (in contrast to Jolo or Siasia). And less, wouldn’t it be a practice to serve it with a native "vagina" that was native desserts and delicacies or "Bang-Bang sug". (At this time is a pleasant kadday pagkakahawah with a standard Bang-Bang referred to as Sameera, along the street of Datu Halun along with LBC and a couple of steps earlier than Bongao jambatan hey.)

because of the truth that culture advanced from the kind of trading and trading that occurred within the country. And certainly this street-dialectic had to be confirmed later in my subsequent trips to different Tawi-Taw municipalities

In most of Sulu's cities, cafes have been handy public areas that appeared in a busy market or a market as reasonably priced central models and one product retailers or Merchants' retailers and small caretakers meeting locations that may have just one cup cooker for therefore long that it could actually afford to be confused, negotiated, or mind-altered, or to return to an settlement before the transaction is completed and finished in Kahawa's scorching fast time.

But to the south of the Tawi-Tawi chain, Sitangkai proved to be one other type of scorching beverage consuming expertise. 19659002] Sitangkai has performed hacienda of southern Venice and the nation's agar (carrageen seaweed). The Pondohan Level, referred to as the pondohan level in its central seas and its sensible utility, has recovered a lot of the sea areas and reworked them into aquaculture.

Pondohan in Sitangka, Tawi-tawi. Image of latest information BOBBY TIMONERA

Sitangka pondohan began evil as a short lived sailor of sailors and merchants. In his thesis, Rizam Habibon (2019) described his family-owned pondohull kullul evil, swim or stilt island, situated within the middle of Sitangka and Baratay Tonggusung in Sabah. Pondohan Kullul Pahi; he initially reported a thriving sea and water livelihood, akin to magtehun (sea rock tradition), mag (seabirds and sea cucumbers), magpissi (hook and line fishing) earlier than seaweed cultivation.

Now, the evil has become a full-fledged agar-agar plantation, and the households that make the short-term answer are not solely Habibons, and now they obtain transient transients from Sabah. Kullul Pahi has turn out to be a useful agricultural land for financial immigrants coming from Sioso, Tapul and a few of Sulu's archipelago to plant agar agar in dangerous weather.

Landlords of Agar Agar, regionally often known as "Boss", "There are brokers and usually own stocks and are active in wholesalers where seaweed farmers, called" Batah ", and open credit score amenities at Boss, are anticipated to sell dried agar. Then, Boss moves semi-processed seaweed into sacks to promote to bigger stores in Zamboanga and Cebu. The same protocol works like different sea products like dried fish, squid, crustaceans and mussels. Heads who often have shares in Sitangkha poblacion cope with business in bulk and wholesale.

Coming to the seabed, a visitor to Sitangka is welcomed and served with scorching tea with small sweets. paired glass sheets or skeletons owned by grandmothers. These cookies, which go by the identify of their Malay, are selfmade. In trading cities resembling Sitangka, merchants and traders do not do business in a hurry, so the expected lengthy negotiations deserve numerous cups or bottomless scorching tea. Since bulk just isn’t traded amongst a quick acquaintance or aren’t traded, traditional traders often don’t take pleasure in cafés. Merchants invite or invite merchants to non-public houses or businesses. If you begin this buying and selling culture, we should always not look forward to finding a café that spends the outlets of Sitangkai Poblacion waterway.

Foremost avenue, Sitangkai, Tawi-taw. Picture of MindaNews File: BOBBY TIMONERA

The logic of enterprise partners' Kadday and Pair and Personal Street Particles should by some means give us an concept of ​​the kind of buying and selling and trading culture in trading venues reminiscent of Bongoa and trading trades that cross via such transit ports in Sitangkai nations. A deeper sociological trial would then reveal the genealogy of financial activity in Sitangka as one of the oldest and most traditional. The pliability of these buying and selling practices is a sign of Sitangka's once trans-continental transhipment in the south before the destruction brought on by the Japanese warfare

The Second Reminder of Sitangka's Sustainable Financial system and its Progressive (if Very Differentiated) Maritime Society is the presence and position of Sama Dilaut within the financial system. To some extent, the identical Dilaut financial change process reflects Sitangka's personal improvement as a maritime trading system

The identical Badjawin sociologist, who had the deepest immersion and longest research expertise together with his individuals, was late in Hadji Musa Malabong. In 1997, he found what was the demise of the very same boat dwelling, the same Dilaut. If Hadji Musa's calculations have been correct, this might also mean the last look of an entrepreneur Lepa. Because of the lack of lepa and its financial advantages, Sama Dilaut's profitable commitment to an essential participant in the symbiosis of the delivery business in Tawi-Tawi marked

Seafood vendor, Sitangkai, Tawi-tawi. Picture of MindaNews File BOBBY TIMONERA

Sitangkai might have been the perfect show in Tawi-Tawi Cosmopolitan Purchasing Middle. This fame is historical, however it is still in step with the current reality. When the entire Tawi-Tawi was still a part of the Sulu-unified province, Sitangkai already had its personal status and has a well-researched archive of the potential for being a worldwide village.
But Sitangkai and Tawi-Tawi, as most of the island's municipalities in the closure and the Tawitawi have suffered the final half-century turmoil, are victims of historic injustice – the political lighting, manufactured truths that fit the political class, because all human improvement have been

Our good ideals and values ​​of life and well-being have been manipulated to be subordinate to the profession of politicians and the aspirations of capitalists to immortality, to sacrifice a lot of our surroundings, social and ecological variety and valuable social capital depletion by means of migration, brain drain and – climate change – the impasse of constant and large impoverishment of the poor
In the next decade, we’ve misplaced the flexible seafarers of the newest Southeast Asian basin, the Badjawin of the Philippines, or the same Dilaut. No, we don’t blame ourselves, the politicians or the economic and social elites. However, there is a handy syntipukut curse – ". Their to their God" to local weather change and extremism or And then we cannot be guilty, if we’ve stayed this lengthy, either the ruling authorities or the revolutionaries, who use wars prior to now half-century, and continues to attempt still 50 more to stay in energy, as a result of we are "experts here, masters in it" however with out clear outcomes.

Our individuals at the grassroots degree are hardly capable of survive and we maintain them utilizing extra caution and be extra patient. Permit God to deny, however they’ll not be capable of deal with the uncomfortable shifts of change, however will succumb, and lose endlessly.

I’ll not have been born in Tawi-Taw, I’m not even a permanent resident and registered voter. But particularly in adult life, I’ve been a loyal citizen of the Sea and Sulu Sea saamana I feel in my nation and the individuals's pulse. I’ve in my humble opinion, and I have critically criticized the failed techniques many occasions, but in addition unhitantti ylistettäessä and supporting genuine current and previous leaders who’ve all the time labored in good religion one of the best benefits of Tawi-Tawin and Sulu. [19659002] I absolutely consider that, Tawi-Tawi rising prosperity and good leaders, prays awakening. Tawi-Tawians, Sama, Mapun, Tausug, Similar Dilaut – all these nations, regardless of ethnic affinity, are peoples of great traditions and come from the sacred nobility.

To all those that come from numerous reefs, islands and coasts, oceans and seas, I sincerely attraction to Allahu subhanahu wa taala that He provides us the facility of power to be affected person and strong, but more urgently, might we’ve got the courage to unite!

Allahumma Ameen!

MindaViews is a MindaNews statement section, prof. Mucha-Shim Lahaman Quiling is head of the Sama Analysis Middle at Mindanao State University in Tawi-Tawi and writes to Sulu's current analysis institute and Sharif Ul Hashim, Inc. )



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