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MSU University Library: Maraw's "Happy Place"

MSU University Library: Maraw's "Happy Place"

MARAWI CITY (MindaNews / Might 29) – It's not all dangerous information at Maraw, and positively not on the important campus of Mindanao State University, the place the once enraged and tough and poorly outfitted college library has changed college students – and sure, Marawi – "happy place" .

“Grabe po ang healing,” stated AmerHassan S. Sanggacala, 23, Saguiaran, Lanao del Sur; Mohammad Hartham Sarip, 20, from Cotabato City, Iran; and Shohaylla Sarigala, 20 – all graduates of BS International Relations who had a dialogue with MindaNews on various "good news" in their library, including a just lately put in charging station for laptops and cell phones, at present referred to as the Banggolo Studying Room on the second flooring

Mindanao State University University Library Maraw City has turn out to be the second residence for college kids. MindaNews picture GREGORIO BUENON

“Nung isang araw lang po na-cut ang nbon” (It was just another day they reduce the tape here), AmerHassan advised MindaNews on Friday, Might 24, after the second day Marawi Siege Day 1 Anniversary

AmerHassan S. Sanggacala, 23, Saguiara, Lanao del Sur; Mohammad Hartham Sarip, 20, from Cotabato Metropolis, Iran; and Shohaylla Sarigala, 20 – all graduated BS International Relations students at the foremost campus of Mindanao State University within the city of Maraw, a lately put in charging station on the University Library for laptops and cell phones. MindaNews by GREGORIO BUENO

There are at present 16 out there retailers where you’ll be able to obtain either cell phones or laptops on this position – in addition to a number of useful retailers in one other a part of the studying room

AmerHassan, Mohammad Hartham, Shohay and BS Social Work, graduated from Gerald Amor, 28, Davao City and Sittie Aleah Carim, 19, from Balindong in Lanao del Sur, admit they not often got here to the library.

However the modifications have turn out to be a "go" place for college kids, their "second home."

Mindanao State University as soon as livid and blatant college library has turned into a scholar – and Maraw – "happy place." OIC DIrector Elin Anisha Guro says students call the library one other residence by MindaNews by GREGORIO BUENO

“That's what students call the library now. Home,” says Elin Anisha Guro, Director of Analysis and Extension at the University Library and OIC Director since Might 21, 2018. (See Q and A Elin Anisha C. Guro

research tables and chairs, the library gives free wi-fi, free water (plastics will not be allowed, convey your personal Mug or bottle container), prayer rooms and cleaning rooms, several couch packages, TVs information and cable channels for Coffeebooker's lounge (with free espresso if the professor or customer pays friendly to some cups for college kids) indoors eva fountain, Maraw's "Ground Zero" landmarks.

AmerHassan says libraries – and days – are additionally longer – 7 or eight am at 18.00 – and it is now open also on weekends, in contrast to before it was solely open from 9.00 to 16.00. From Monday to Friday

AmerHassan S. Sanggacala, 23, Saguiara, Lanao del Sur (R) and Mohammad Hartham Sarip, 20, from Iran's Cotabato Metropolis (L), come from the second flooring of the University Library on the Mindanao State University's essential campus in Maraw. MindaNews photograph GREGORIO BUENO Welcome to the second flooring of the University Library. MindaNews: CAROLYN O. ARGUILLAS

“I want to give children as many opportunities as possible to take advantage of our services,” says Guro, who returned to MSU last yr.

When the siege occurred in 2017, the top of the Guro MSU Press and Info Office was on a research depart that completed his doctorate at the University of Melbourne's Cultural and Communication Faculty in Australia. He had previously completed MA-Media studies at the New York Faculty as a Fulbright Researcher

The miserable, accelerating

MindaNews visited the library on August 30, 2017, while the conflict between state forces and Maute was still raging. In this case, the second week of the courses was, and what’s now referred to as the Banggolo reading room on the second flooring was empty, the view miserable because the view of the conflict zone from the window. There have been few college students downstairs

. Clean. Mindanao State University University Library Marawi Metropolis University Library Second Flooring August 30, 2017. MindaNews Picture CAROLYN O. ARGUILLAS Brilliant. A vibrant. The second flooring of the University Library on Might 24, 2019. That is now referred to as the Banggolo Studying Room. Few students have been shut because it’s a vacation time. Nevertheless, on faculty days, students say that it’s troublesome to discover a table or chair. MindaNews Photograph of CAROLYN O. ARGUILLAS

When MindaNews visited the library again on the end of 2018, students noticed totally different areas on each floors. Final week, Might 23, the American Corner "Meranao Spoken Word" pageant was held on the library to have fun the first anniversary of Marawi Siege.

AmerHassan and his buddies informed just a few college students about them, principally who complete and meet the requirements as a result of it was already a holiday. On faculty days they stated it will be troublesome to discover a desk and chair.

Regardless of the holiday, there were college students on the ground flooring and empty on the second flooring. (The third flooring continues to be being repaired)

Gerald and Sittie Aleah have been among the students inside Banggolo last Friday who sat comfortably at this excessive angle referred to as "Panggaw A Phaganadan Sa Ilmo." library, you are able to do as you please, even lie down on its rubber mat

Gerald Amor and Sittie Aleah Carim, graduated from BS Social Work at Mindanao State University, sit comfortably in Panggaw A Phaganada's Sa Ilm "Banggolo Reading Room. MindaNews photograph GREGORIO BUENO

” Panggaw ”means a raised mattress or platform and allows students to read most consolation – sitting, squatting, mendacity down and even lying down, in accordance with the library brochure. can afford. ”

Gerald Amor and Sittie Aleah Carim, graduates of BS Social Work at Mindanao State University” Panggaw A Phaganada Sa Ilmo & # 39; Banggolo Studying Room. with the again of the golf course while natural mild illuminates their studying materials and the wind coming from the green width, where they have their hair and face, their legs both absolutely stretched or in the lotus place – whichever they want. It also resembles the previous Meranaws hospitality, which doesn’t solely present visitors with a seat, however the most effective and most snug place with – a bed. Meranaws exhibits her uber hospitality by telling her guests, "Indag ka san" or "Please lying" (and make your self snug). "

" Nice na talaga "(it's very nice), Gerald says.

" Mas maganda na Yung interiors "(Interiors are a lot better), provides Sittie Aleah.

Immortalizing Banggolo and Other” Floor Zero "Landmarks

Now in the brightly lit and colorful Banggolo reading area, now you can see the horrible and rough" Ground Zero ", which is 250 acres, an important 24 barangay battleground in 2017, far from what was previously a stunning view of the colours (Meranaws)

& # 39; Floor Zero & # 39; The inhabitants of Ground Zero & # 39; haven’t yet returned to their villages to rebuild or repair their buildings, although Bangon Marawi says they will do it by business between July and November.

”Ground Zero & # 39; s' landmarks at the moment are immortal

Sarimanok is welcomed by the City Library of Mindanao State University in Maraw to the Banggolo reading room on the second flooring of the University Library. MindaNews: CAROLYN O. ARGUILLAS

In line with Guro, the delay in rehabilitation and the potential for altering the names of locations to be changed "inspired us to use them to preserve them and remember them."

“If locations like Lilod, Raya, Padia and Banggolo – all part of probably the most affected area – are changed with new names, then the longer term era won’t know them at all, which signifies that these places will quickly be forgotten. As well as, using these names is a continuing reminder of what we now have misplaced and what needs to be restored as soon as attainable, they usually must not be transferred to the background, he informed MindaNews.

For instance, Banggolo "There was such an important cultural state in Meranaws that its loss in itself already contains great loss."

Banggolo Reading Space "seeks to emulate the bustle of people with real and unique Banggola, hoping that a lot of the college students will come nearer to that place by way of learning, discussing, discussing and discussing. The chat room (left) within the Banggolo reading area of ​​the University Library, the primary campus of Mindanao State University within the city of Maraw. Meranao, a standard Meranao celebration, initiated by the International Committee of the Pink Cross Iligan Office on Might 29 (meal broke shortly) in collaboration with the University Library


Step one to changing the library in the present day That's why college students "Another Home", "Happy Place" started with recent paint, resembles Guru

The partitions at the moment are vibrant colors – at the least two Sarimanok art and the ceiling in the Coffeebooker's lounge, which is a legendary omakan, – have all turn into "instagrammable", together with the multi-colored steps of Darangen books and totally different "welcome" to the second flooring of the staircase.

Sariman okay is a legendary hen within the Meranaw tales, and may be a photograph of the fowl wings on the fly (staircase) or the fowl itself (in Banggolo).

No one is a legendary big who can cease the move of Lanao with just one hand. The employees of the Raya A Library's E-Library will information visitors on how they will take themselves or the grouf with the enormous.

No, the legendary big, within the Cofeebookers Lounge, University Library, Mindanao State University's important campus in Maraw Metropolis. GREGORIO BUENO's picture

Along with espresso, there may be a enjoyable strategy to measure the peak on one aspect and portray on the other aspect of the stacked books on the foot of the enormous

is predicated on the duvet of the Darangen books, a reference to Darangen, “had been an integral part of Meranaws's lifestyle… ”, Which originates from the Meranaw tribe and has been declared by UNESCO as a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of mankind. ”

Darangen steps into the background of Sarimanok's wings. News: CAROLYN O. ARGUILLAS

Guro and his group – Soraya P. Manamparan, Sittie Saadia M. Muti, Faishanie P. Macalantong, Ahlam Rohaima A. Usodan, Sorayyah. M. Casanguan – went to work immediately after Guro was appointed director of OIC on Might 21, 2018.

4 months later, on September 24, that they had a "soft restart" from the University Library, this time with new indicators outdoors the building in three languages: English (University Library), Arabic (Manuscript) and Meranaw: "Torogan A Ilmo Sa Pantaw Mareg", which literally means "home of knowledge in MSU".

The Shifting Boundaries

The theme of the library was a restart of "Moving the Borders: Re-living, Claiming and Recreating the Meranawian Tradition, Culture and Language."

Four months after shifting the shifting borders: Redesigning, Reconstructing and Recreating the Library and the State University of Mindanao, ”University Library acquired an outstanding library undertaking in 2018 on January 25, 2019 at Rizal Library, Ateneo De Manila, Quezon City. The award for the University Library is Elin Anisha Guro, OIC Director (Fourth Proper) and Soraya Manampara, Sorayyah Casanguan, Faishanie Macalantong and Ahlam Rohaima Usoda, other winnners. University Library Proportion

Another 4 months later, January 25, 2019, the University Library acquired the 1858 Award “Excellent Library Project Award from the Association of Academic and Research Librarians in the Philippines (PAARL)” for its wonderful marketing campaign and efforts to advertise Mindanao State University know-how; to create packages that strengthen the connection, improve communication, and create a greater connection between the university library and its group; and its initiatives to promote and protect the Meranaw culture for the longer term era. ”

You possibly can play chess and scratch right here at 10-12 noon and a couple of–16. MIndaNewws by CAROLYN O. ARGUILLAS

Along with physical change, the University Library has additionally launched packages that embrace the revitalization of the Meranaws story-telling tradition, including the marginalized youngsters of Marawi and youngsters of different faculties, planting timber, the spoken phrase pageant, poetry, the Malong Day , film exhibition, workshops, posting notes on a free wall, internet hosting a board recreation competition

Reworking Lives

The University Library on April 8th launched the "New Spaces and Art" theme, entitled "Changing Life: Redesigning, Recycling and re-creating the university library. "

Actually, the exercise was the launch of so many tasks, including the supply of a separate water pump to the library, to ensure a gentle supply of water for college kids' educational and non secular needs, rinsing rooms, and sustaining cleanliness in society. There’s also a prayer room for ladies and areas for men and one for ladies. GREGORIO BUENO's image Ladies's Prayer Room. The University Library also has a prayer room for men. MindaNews by CAROLYN O. ARGUILLAS

Warmth rooms are the first in an workplace in Lanao del Sur, opened in March11.

President of the University. Dr Habib Macaayong accepted the library's request for a separate water pump and dedicated 75 KVA transformers.

Several murals have been additionally launched on April eighth. A mural within the Coffeebooker's lounge, which is not just a mural for peak measurement, but in addition an "artistic tribute to Meranaw's oral literature", a mural by Jeho Bitancor on the Marawi siege, featuring the American Nook at Digi-Hub, where many students strategy free wi-fi; The interactive Sarimanok flies on the wall of the Darangen staircase, which "translates a person over Sarimanok on the rising clouds", reflecting the dream of the university library "to be Sarimanok, who reaches the highest altitude by serving his patrons; who were "a special part of MSU's scholar life" and "convey like to the setting to the present day MSUans." ] Graduated students say it would have been nice if the library had been like this when they were in the first year, but Gerald says, "This can be a excellent newcomer. Dito na sila pupunta" (This is excellent for newcomers. ) [19659002] The creativity of Guro and his libraries group has been acknowledged not solely by the PAARL, who awarded the University Library the “excellent library” award in January, however students who’ve found a home on this "happy place". (Carolyn O. Arguillas / MindaNews)



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