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Do you’ve gotten annoying steaks and muffins and thuds in your home this morning? No, we're not talking about youngsters's voices. we will't show you how to right here.

LESLIE: Proper.

Tom: However your own home just isn’t harassed because all the homes make noises. The trick is just to seek out out where these sounds come from. So we are going to share some ideas simply so, just a bit.

LESLIE: Plus, a kitchen makeover can value you a bunch. You recognize, gear, counters, flooring, every part extra and it may possibly add up quite a bit. But the largest single value might be the closets, especially in the event you make custom creations. We’ve got a couple of ideas that will help you save a number of the change by restoring or finalizing cupboards.

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LESLIE: Beverly in Nebraska is on the road and needs to make a flooring undertaking. Inform us what happens.

EVERYTHING: Nicely, I have a brick hearth that I need to mirror with ceramic tiles.

LESLIE: Oh, good. It's a hearth question.

EVERYTHING: Yes. I need to know what – if I have to do something special for brick. I've heard enough, and I've heard no, so I assumed that I might invite somebody who could be the actual reply.

TOM: As long as the brick isn’t dirty or has no unfastened painting or anything of that nature, I don't assume there's lots of teaching. What's actually essential is getting a great glue underneath it.

LESLIE: What measurement tiles are you taking a look at, Bev, on prime of this?

BEVERLY: Twelve Twelve


LESLIE: Tom, is the distinction between the unevenness of the brick and the mortar? Or because the tile is so massive, it's …

Tom: No, as a result of you realize what? Give it some thought. If you put the tile down, you employ the notch, proper? So you never have a perfect 100% contact with the chassis. So the truth that this tile roof is immersed in mortar shouldn’t be worrying to me. There’s solely extra concern that we get an excellent, strong adhesive layer there and that they dry properly, they’re snug and secure.

And actually, you need to ensure you're planning this rigorously, Bev. I truthfully mean there are actually small areas to make it fit, look right, making sure the corners are finished proper. Whether it is careless, you’ll kick yourself because it is obvious to anybody who sees this as knowledgeable did not. So ensure it's carried out rather well so it appears to be virtually meant to be the first means when the fireside and hearth have been designed, OK?

BEVERLY: OK. One factor I might have heard, the brick mill will take up moisture out of the mastic quicker. Do I’ve to worry or just…?

TOM: Nah. No. Wouldn't you are worried about it in any respect. I’ve no sense. Look, individuals put concrete – tile tiles in concrete and inform you a similar thing. Design it right, Bev, so that each one the corners are right, you have got the suitable songs, the fitting – the varieties of tiles you’ve gotten chosen are those with closed corners where they are wrapped

And make sure it really works. Chances are you’ll discover that 12 inches is just too large; it could be simpler when you use a smaller tile as a result of you might have a bit extra flexibility.

EVERYTHING: Like six or eight?

TOM: Like six, yeah or eight.

Relying on the form, proper, Leslie?

LESLIE: Sure. It actually will depend on what it seems like. Think of the ceramic tile by finishing them. Glazed tile cleans better when smoke becomes dust and debris. But the unglazed might have a more conventional look. So take into consideration the general look you're making an attempt to get.

And it’s also possible to – 12 occasions is nice. So if you wish to put an ornamental tile, saying the cornerstone around the diaper or something, take into consideration adding a bit of element and then you possibly can assemble the tiles accordingly.

Tom: So it helps you?

BEVERLY: Yeah. We are simply making an attempt to make it look somewhat more trendy.

Tom: Yeah, I feel it's undoubtedly a good suggestion. I feel it appears extra trendy. I feel it is rather engaging. Take your time. Do it once, do it right and also you don't should do it again.

LESLIE: Steve in Kentucky is consistent with the roof question. Inform us what occurs.

STEVE: Hey, Leslie. Properly, I have somewhat farmhouse in the 1930s – early 30s, the place we’re returning and making an attempt to get just a little environmental challenge up.


STEVE: And we now have a few leaks. We now have had a document amount of rain right here final yr in Louisville, and we discovered that when it is really heavy rain from the west, that the previous tin on the roof seam we get – nicely, it's like moisture and then it drips somewhere else.

And I'm just wondering what's the suitable solution to shut something down if we don't have to tug the whole roof to get it?

TOM: Now, what kind of tin roof do you’ve? Is it a flat sealing metallic roof or is it a permanent-jointed metallic roof?

STEVE: It's a standing-seam-metal roof. And is it ever coated with tar or other such materials to attempt to seal it?

STEVE: No, it's nonetheless the original tin.

TOM: OK. So…

STEVE: It has a small paint.

TOM: Proper. That's an excellent factor, because sometimes the best way you repair them is to solder them. And doing this, you need to report the paint away, determine the worn areas. In all probability it’s worn, cracked, rusted and repaired. And that's actually a superb factor, Steve, because whether it is watered, it's a type of lifetime restore.

What happens to these – too many of those metallic roofs – is that folks don't need to take that lengthy strategy to this restore they usually cowl it with tar or stain or one thing like that. And in doing so, the water ultimately falls under it and then significantly rusts it fairly shortly.

STEVE: Right.

TOM: So the secret of success is to try to discover somebody who has lengthy sufficient to solder the metallic roofs. And it fixes it permanently.

STEVE: OK. And I suppose that is in all probability some special tools.

Tom: Properly, simply the proper measurement torches and soldering and all that type of factor, yeah. However males who make metallic roofs have these tools.

STEVE: Great. And that’s – I feel perhaps I ought to go there with them. If I get them to fix it, I'll comply with and train a bit of.

TOM: Yeah. Nicely, you are able to do it yourself subsequent time, proper?

STEVE: Perhaps so, perhaps so. Properly, I recognize the advice and take a look at this path. I just need to inform you that we actually take pleasure in all of you right here in Louisville.

TOM: Nicely, thanks a lot and good luck with the challenge. Keep in mind that once you work with that heating, there’s also a fireplace hazard on this repair. So be sure to're tremendous, very cautious, OK, Steve? We don't want you to call us again and ask us how the building could be constructed next, OK?

STEVE: No. I feel I'll put someone in a fireplace extinguisher within the attic and do it slightly on the spring day.

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Will there be snow and ice in the future? The snow survival checklist is as follows.

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LESLIE: Elaine Delaware is on the road and is in search of the kitchen once more. Great venture. How can we help?

ELAINE: I’ve a house inbuilt 1955, OK? So I’ve an arc entrance going to the dining room. I also have a door to the basement. I’ve a door out and I’ve two windows, OK?

LESLIE: And that is your kitchen we are speaking about.

ELAINE: Yes. The kitchen is just 18 × 12 ft and a Four-foot bump-out basement.


LIVE: OK? So I questioned, number one, if I take it to the archery – because I’ve a number of other entrances to the house with the same archway. If I take that arc and take the entire wall that opens into the dining room…

LESLIE: Do you need to see the kitchen on a regular basis in the dining room?

ELAINE: I like it open


ELAINE: However I’m wondering if it should take it from the integrity of the 1955 fashion to the arc.

LESLIE: I feel an open plan has a way more trendy and recent environment. However I imply talking concerning the center of the century and having a modern and recent feeling. So I don't assume it might compromise one another. The issue is, is it a wall bearing? Can you truly and structurally remove it?

ELAINE: I don't assume it's a load-bearing wall. No, we've been working in the home, and I feel we might really reduce it off.

LESLIE: Now, your kitchen is the unique house since 1955?

ELAINE: Sure, it’s. And it has previous wooden-type cabinets. Because the tailgate opens instantly into the oven,

TOM: Nicely, the previous picket cabinets are that they’re rather well constructed and the opposite thing is that also they are straightforward to complete.

It's an ideal candidate for portray cabinets, replacing gear, and fascinated by making inexpensive kitchen upgrades, right, Leslie?

LESLIE: Yeah. Nevertheless, it sounds to me that Elaine has received her coronary heart to work on the guts, which isn’t a nasty concept either. You already know, Tom is true: these cabinets are exceptionally properly made. I feel the thought of ​​opening a room as long as it is sensible and so long as you don't thoughts – is this formal dining room off the kitchen?


LESLIE: OK. It instantly takes a much less formal feeling as a result of it’s built-in into the primary part of the kitchen.


LESLIE: However you possibly can still add info to decorate that part of the area. Plus, you possibly can add – the kitchen island has an ideal additional area; It provides a extra relaxed seating space. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that if you make an open plan, it reduces the formalities of the dining area. However you’ll be able to gown it up in colour, lighting, decoration, carpet. There are ways to try this.

And remember that now you open the area, you must change your workstation slightly. But I feel there are good methods to make an open plan, and I feel removing the fact that the vault does not likely take you residence from a historical perspective

LIVE: OK, yeah. And we actually thought we might have a pair of stools where the wall is now, if we take it to the archway and make a bit of breakfast bar.

LESLIE: Mm-hmm. No, I feel so long as you are able to structurally have the opportunity – and you must seek the advice of engineers – there isn’t any drawback removing the wall itself and creating an open plan.

And do loads of research in mid-century design since you're quiet in this age group of your own home. And it’s tangled; it is rather trendy. There are fascinating furnishings; You don't have to purchase genuine stuff. Although as nice as it’s, there are numerous great messes in many of those songs. And you may actually do something fascinating.

And Lucite is again in a good way. And when you mix Lucite with wooden and fascinating lighting, you possibly can actually create a cool, mid-century feel.


TOM: A number of the coldest temperatures of the yr will hit this month, so you need to ensure you're achieved. Listed here are some ideas that will help you do this. The first thing you need in fact is an effective shovel.

Now it happens to me that in our part of Leslie, we actually don't get so much snow that the snowboard will put on

LESLIE: No. Thanks on your goodness.

TOM: Proper. It's not likely worn. I feel we simply get tired of it. However a few years ago I made a decision to upgrade because I noticed a brand new metallic shovel I really favored. It had an ergonomic handle. It had a steel edge on the entrance, however it was like a plastic or strengthened glass fiber. And it made it much simpler not only to wash the snow, but in addition to make your again much easier.

So, in case you're still dealing with an previous snowboard, take a look at the new ergonomics because they only work a lot better.

LESLIE: Oh, goodness. After which you’ll be able to see that earlier than the shovel was really pain on your again. Nicely, now that you simply've obtained the snow clear, take into consideration dealing with ice. Stone salt might be the preferred product for melting ice, however it may be actually troublesome on your crops and sidewalks. So you're using higher pore pellets that are not corrosive. Now you possibly can go to the store and purchase a liquid product that is what the professionals are using and it works really, rather well.

Now Department Creek makes one house referred to as Entry, which is chloride free and is melting ice and snow. And we like it because it doesn't comply with all this mess. It’s safer on your pet, for all surfaces and even for landscaping.

Now you additionally need to decide up two or something like a WD-40 from the jar of lubricant. And it's actually nice to freeze frozen locks in your home and in your automotive. And for those who spray your shovel before hitting the snow, you'll see the snow liu very fast.

TOM: Yeah. And eventually, ensure you do a superb job of protecting your arms. You realize that gloves have changed plenty of the issues that we had used years ago that made your arms sweat and then freeze. You need to search for couples with three layers. It should have a water-proof outer shell, an insulating layer that extends up to the fingertips and an inside lining that removes this moisture. In case you get these three parts, these gloves keep dry, your arms keep heat and heat.

888-666-3974. Name us proper now. When you’ve got any questions on your house, we are right here to help.

LESLIE: Alright. The subsequent caller is The Money Pit's Fb fan and he calls Wisconsin. We’ve got Antoine on a pellet stove.

ANTOINE: My home is about 1,000 square ft and I needed to put it in a pellet-fired oven.


ANTOINE: And I used to be questioning what can be one of the best location and one of the simplest ways to ventilate it

TOM: OK. Good question. Now, to begin with, cheer up the pellet stove. Very green power selection. Plenty of choices. Pellet ovens are cheap, fuel-efficient. They work properly, nicely. You’ll be able to fill them and actually walk away from them.

Because it isn’t tied to a central heating system, you need it to be centrally situated, so you get one of the best warmth distribution outdoors. Properly, it is rather necessary that you simply comply with the national standards of the hearth safety group to install it because they’re very popular.

How you put in it, it is dependent upon where you set it. For instance, the typical wood stove wants about 3 ft of area behind the combustible supplies. Nevertheless, in the event you construct a thermal defend, you’ll be able to move it nearer. I have seen them as shut as 12 inches if they’re put in warmth shields that create the essence of a wall, which is ventilated, the heat can cross via the air and may travel, and it will probably keep within the cool. ] Go up the attic? The same state of affairs. You sometimes use a triple wall tube – a triple wall ventilation tube – to take out the recent fuel. And once more, it have to be installed appropriately. So, it isn’t a undertaking that I like to recommend you if in case you have by no means installed it earlier than, because you need particular experience to make sure that it’s completed safely.

If you wish to shop, buy it, get it to the store, get it to the home, it's great. However I might undoubtedly like to think about building a contractor that has constructed these before you install your self. I might additionally wish to just remember to have an area hearth department that checks the set up with the intention to ensure it’s executed appropriately.

ANTO: OK. Thanks.

Tom: You're welcome. Thank you a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT and you may be holding a Fb table at

And by the best way, when you determine on TheMoneyPit and on our website you can even get entry to the radio present once we put together it.

LESLIE: Hey, do you might have some annoying steaks or bangs and sorrows in your home, perhaps in the midst of the night time? Properly, we have now a number of tips to cease these ghouls – I imply voices – after that.

TOM: Good House Enchancment, That is The Money Pit House Enchancment Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

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LESLIE: In case you love previous houses, you understand that they definitely have personalities. And a few of this character can come out via a noisy piping system.

TOM: We’re speaking about a number of the typically mysterious voices that your HVAC system can do is a highly regarded HVAC individual: Richard Trethewey,

Welcome, Richard.

RICHARD: Nice to be right here.

TOM: So, the question is: are all those that help and help the voices that we hear from each our HVAC gear and our heating methods only hurt or might they probably be a more significant issue?

RICHARD: Properly, I'm a tube whisperer, and to listen to sounds that nobody else can ever hear

That tells you something. It is often – we snigger at Ask This Previous Home that so most of the letters we receive apply to individuals who attempt to describe the sounds of their home.

TOM: Right.

RICHARD: And there are obvious places the place it’s from. The enlargement of the pipe and the heating system, corresponding to the bottom plate system, are every time the thermostat comes on and instantly the 180 diploma water passes via the pipe. And now, this tube needs to get longer and now you hear that find-find-find-find-find-find-find-find.

TOM: It slows down,

RICHARD: It slows down and then it does it once more after 20 minutes. And so you actually have to seek out the place this tube rubs in any tree because it's part of it, or where it could actually't increase. And so there are an entire host of tips we've executed through the years to do this thing so it may possibly increase.

LESLIE: However it's not likely a priority;

RICHARD: Properly, if it used lengthy enough – that the pipe rubbed forwards and backwards towards wood or metallic, it might use a copper tube aspect wall and you might be just a little pinhole leaking, yeah. So it…

TOM: As a result of it’s fairly gentle copper, proper?

RICHARD: Yeah, it's not likely heavy, heavy, so – especially the heating pipes are just a little thinner than the water pipes.

TOM: So how do you diagnose it? Do you have to isolate this pipe that makes noise?

RICHARD: Properly, take heed to it, attempt to – it's all the time the most effective at night time; It's all the time one of the best if you sleep, making an attempt to sleep. If not, you like – there isn’t a other noise in the house. After which you can find it. After which you possibly can often take a look at where the pipe comes by means of the wall. And you may take somewhat cardboard or fixture and a sort of put it on to free the pipe from rubbing towards the wood.

And it's a bit – you’d be stunned. We did one the place the entire thing was so robust that it made just that noise that awoke individuals. And we seemed and it was – the pipe was so long as it was first put in, it had no room to increase.

TOM: Proper.

RICHARD: So it simply pushed the outer wall barely out.

LESLIE: I feel the second call we get in the Money Pit is something referred to as "water attack", or they hear it loudly suppressing and banging when they are utilizing scorching water


LESLIE: They usually assume instantly that something is horribly fallacious.


LESLIE: However in this state of affairs it is just a rubbing state of affairs or – how is it? : What makes it occur, the water passes by means of the pipes to any fastener. And if it is referred to as a "fast-acting valve", resembling a washing machine valve that all of the sudden goes out or a dishwasher valve that instantly goes out – now there’s a specific amount of inertia by way of the pipes. And instantly it stops so abruptly that you’ve now taken the hammer and hit it.

So, through the years, we've installed a factor referred to as "water hammer arrest." It's really your automotive's shock absorber, however it's a bit of a ball with slightly neoprene bladder in between, so it's – when the water is available in, it can be absorbed into this bladder, like somewhat shock absorber. They usually work;

TOM: And it absorbs power and stops the tube from shaking.


TOM: It's additionally a good suggestion to take a look at these tubes and make sure they're secure. As a result of typically, you're going to the basement and this tube is rather like hanging and loosely – identical to the purpose from one level, like the curtain, yeah, it's drawn.

RICHARD: Absolutely

LESLIE: Hanging. ] RICHARD: Sure. Absolutely. That's exactly what I’m going to leap in, in the absence of a 20-cent clip, this tube is connected for the rest of his life. And so, anytime you just reduce it. Don't minimize it too much; let it breathe slightly. However just minimize it a minimum of every other bar if you're heading horizontally.

TOM: We're speaking with Richard Trethewey – he’s a HVAC and heating skilled at TV's Previous House.

Now, here's one who can really get up the lifeless: once you get certainly one of these screams, the faucets sound.

RICHARD: Some overseas matter has reached one of the smaller openings inside the faucet, often. In my very own home there’s now a changer. The little factor that makes your spraying work could be very small, and there needs to be something in it. So, you possibly can hear my tap, so that is like Kofler's youngsters with dangerous footwear. So I'm going to go to the studio to repair it, sure, so…

Tom: Go repair it.

RICHARD: That's right, so…

TOM: Nevertheless it's pretty simple to fix it then, right?

RICHARD: Yeah, that's it. Yeah, you need to take it aside in anywhere the place individuals have really exhausting water, high minerals, high calcium, the place it could get in and what sort of clogging up within the inner action. You might have to shut off the water, remove the aerator, remove the arm models and things inside the tap and clean them barely. And within the worst case state of affairs, you need to substitute these elements which are closed slightly.

LESLIE: Mm-hmm. The second factor we hear quite a bit about is that your channels make popping or…




LESLIE: And what causes it?

RICHARD: Nicely, think about the lifetime of the channel. You sit in the home and it’s cool and you’re relaxed and all of the sudden the thermostat lights up, the oven sends scorching air. And now, metallic, like all metallic, needs to increase when it warms up. And now, when it needs to broaden, it all of the sudden just begins first after which – even the air that is now pushed into this channel that sat down, now you're pushing the air in. As tin can, it actually expands. And so, instantly, you hear that [buh-wung buh-wung] (ph). Is that the sound? Buh-Wung (ph)?

Tom: Yeah, it's pretty good. Yeah.


TOM: So it's like a channel itself filling like a balloon.

RICHARD: That's proper.

TOM: And that air is simply pressing the interior outward

RICHARD: That's right.

TOM: Is there now a option to redistribute these channels or to strengthen these channels to cease it from occurring?


LESLIE: Wrap them in a silent wrapper?

RICHARD: Properly, not just a silent wrapper. You need to give it some type of construction, so you’ll be able to take a few of the J-jewelery and some – once you connect a daily channel, you join it to the actual little galvanized metallic strips. And you may take a few of them and prolong them into giant, horizontal, flat spaces, and simply try to give it slightly increase.

LESLIE: Proper.

RICHARD: And then you possibly can isolate it.

TOM: I'm stuck stuck just over a canal, simply what …

RICHARD: Yeah, yeah.

TOM: Provides it rigidity (unheard)

RICHARD: Yeah, yeah

LESLIE: Do you see the precise place where this happens in case you take a look at it? Or are you just guessing?

RICHARD: Not usually. However will probably be – I feel it’s principally an extended, straight channel with an extended, broad factor that isn’t supported the place it now needs a kettle or pushes up or down.

TOM: We're speaking with Richard Trethewey. He’s a HVAC and heating skilled at this previous home of TV.

Lastly, Richard, I need to ask you about radiators. Typically you get a whistling sound from the radiator and especially from the steam radiators.

RICHARD: I like it.

RICHARD: I like it.

RICHARD: I like it. ] TOM: He's going to be our new sound-effects man.


RICHARD: Thank you,

RICHARD: An angel will get its wings. And so this little valve is the top of the air out. And so it is a carry to steam touches it. And when steam touches, it'll shut utterly. So, that may be a perform that’s – you’re alleged to have a noise.

TOM: In order that’s regular.

RICHARD: You’re alleged to, with a steam radiator. The factor about steam radiators is you may also have a bang with steam radiators when – the water that was steam turns into what they call “condensate.” And if the radiator’s tipped the incorrect method, it may well sound like anyone took a sledgehammer in the midst of the night time. Anyone who’s lived in New York Metropolis or Boston that has these steam methods – any urban surroundings, they know steam.

TOM: Those are little steam explosions inside, right?

RICHARD: Yeah. That’s if you put your little iPhone earpieces on and fall asleep. Flip the music up.

TOM: But you say you possibly can right that by re-pitching the radiator?

RICHARD: Yeah. On the hammer – the banging of the steam radiator – you’ll be able to pitch the radiator so that the water goes again in the direction of the pipe of which the steam came up via. And the air vents, you possibly can change and put new ones on to attempt to get it to kind of clear – to whistle just a little bit less.

TOM: So you don’t should tolerate it; there are answers to all of those noises.

RICHARD: That’s proper.

TOM: It does not imply your home is haunted.

RICHARD: That’s proper.

TOM: It just means it needs slightly plumbing TLC.

Richard Trethewey, the plumbing-and-heating skilled from TV’s This Previous House, great advice. Thanks so much for stopping by The Money Pit.

RICHARD: Great to be here.

LESLIE: Alright. You’ll be able to catch the present season of This Previous Home and Ask This Previous House on PBS. For local listings and step-by-step videos of many widespread residence improvement tasks, go to

TOM: And This Previous House is delivered to you on PBS by American Commonplace.

Simply ahead, new cabinets can eat up an enormous chunk of your kitchen-makeover price range. We’re going to have some advice on how one can save hundreds by reusing your cabinets. You will get these choices, when The Money Pit returns after this.

Making good houses higher, that is The Money Pit House Enchancment Present. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

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I like this package for a couple of causes. I just like the product line, I ought to say, for a few causes. To start with, often when you’ve got some type of a smart-light product, it’s simply on the bulb. However this one is at the change, which suggests should you’ve received, say, ceiling fixtures where you’ve acquired, I don’t know, a bunch of high-hat fixtures or one thing of that nature or some pendant lights on one change, this system from Lutron – the Caseta Sensible Dimmer – will control all of them.

And the other thing that it does is if you want to add one other change in your home – say, one on the other aspect of the room with the intention to perhaps flip those lights on or off simpler or on the prime and backside of stairs or one thing like that – you are able to do that with the distant that comes with the package. And ingeniously, they’ve designed this to look identical to a daily mild change. So, you sort of just stick it on the wall. It seems prefer it’s hardwired however it’s all finished via the app.

Very, very cool system, value 99.95, going out to at least one caller drawn at random. Make it you. That number is 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Nicely, if new cupboards are eating up an enormous chunk of your kitchen-makeover finances, you may need to contemplate choices for reusing the kitchen cabinets that you simply at present have. Now, say you like the fashion and the configuration of the cabinets they usually occur to be manufactured from wood or laminate, you’ll be able to refinish them. I imply that’s the clearest route to transforming and protecting the price underneath management.

TOM: Yeah, that’s right. Now, older cabinetry is constructed very nicely. However you need to try the construction rigorously before you pull out the sander, as a result of if it consists of the very thin type of paper-thin veneers that cowl every surface nevertheless it has strong fronts, you may have to rethink your previous refinishing plans. The veneers can’t be sanded or stained. They will frivolously be sanded simply to take the gloss off it, so to speak, but you possibly can’t use machines on them. They’re simply too skinny. So, painting can be the option for that in the event that they’re concerned.

Now, whether you’re painting or staining, you need to select an oil-based end. Here’s why: although the latex finishes are incredible immediately, they’re simply not as durable as the oil finishes. So, with all that visitors of these cabinet doorways and drawers opening and closing and opening and shutting, should you don’t use an oil-based or solvent-based end, it’s just not going to face up.

LESLIE: Now, an alternative choice is refacing the cabinets that you simply’ve received already. Now, that includes changing the doorways and veneers on the prevailing laminate or wood packing containers. It’s really not a job for a beginner within the area. However you need to understand that the pro you rent, your satisfaction with the outcomes is going to be immediately proportional to their talent and their degree of expertise. So that you’ve obtained to do your research very, very nicely on this area as a result of the standard of the prevailing cabinetry and the new supplies, that’s additionally going to impression the top product. So that you’ve received to take a look at all of those three kind of items of the puzzle to ensure that refacing works for you.

TOM: And lastly, if you’d like a very easy and inexpensive option to change the look of your kitchen, attempt just changing the knobs and the pulls on the cupboards. It sounds foolish but I’ll inform you, should you do this, individuals will walk in and see it immediately. It really does change that character. It’s sort of like the bling in the kitchen.

Now, if you’d like extra information on your choices of reface, exchange or refinish, we’ve received a terrific submit about all that at Just search “cabinet reface or replace” at and you may be within the know and good to go.

LESLIE: Hey, do cold drafts have you ever interested by a brand new front door? Nicely, we’re going to inform you exactly what you have to be in search of before you purchase, after this.

TOM: Making good houses better, this is The Money Pit House Enchancment Present. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Standing by in your name at 1-888-MONEY-PIT. And 888-MONEY-PIT is introduced by HomeAdvisor.

LESLIE: That’s proper. You will get matched with top-rated house service execs in your area, learn verified evaluations and ebook appointments online, all at no cost.

TOM: Regardless of the type of job, HomeAdvisor makes it quick and straightforward to hire the perfect local execs.

LESLIE: Alright. And when you’re trying to help your self, why not e mail Tom and I what you’ve received happening at your cash pit? Or publish your query to the Group part proper there at

We’ve received a submit right here from Annie in Seattle. Now, Annie writes: “I need to have a new front entry and storm door installed. I’m not sure if I should go with the steel door or fiberglass door. The door faces west and it gets hot between the entry and the storm door. I’m concerned about durability and maintenance. Any suggestions?”

TOM: Nicely, I feel this can be a widespread misunderstanding. You don’t have to get a storm door anymore.

You already know, back within the day once we had actually leaky metal doorways – and even worse, wooden doors – you wanted a storm door to make your property energy-efficient and hold the climate out. At the moment, although, those doors don’t require storm doors to try this.

Now, in fact, you might need to have a display door but you don’t want a storm door. And that leads me to my next level, because the rationale that these doorways overheat – and I’ve seen the trim around the home windows truly soften because they get super scorching, like greenhouse effect, as a result of they cover these fiberglass or steel doors with glass storm doorways. You don’t want that. You possibly can simply have the display door itself and then you definitely don’t have to fret concerning the door overheating, the handles get scorching. I mean youngsters can burn themselves. You would burn your self on the handle when on a scorching summer time day that door actually, really heats up.

So, I might advocate you concentrate on fiberglass. It’s far more energy-efficient than steel and then think about getting a display door however not a storm door. It’s simply not needed.

LESLIE: Yeah, I don’t have a storm door. And truly, I just like the look of the house with out it. However I’ll inform you, it’s very off-putting when the pizza delivery man is like, “I’ll just walk right in.” You’re like, “No, no, no, no.” So, just beware you’ll have some new pals.

TOM: Invisible defend, right? You’ll be able to’t just stroll into your area, yeah.

LESLIE: Precisely. It’s just that layer of safety. But you’ll get used to it.

Alright. Next up, Bob in Michigan posted: “I just moved to a colder area of the state and I’m wondering what I can do to keep my apartment’s heating costs down while staying warm in the winter. You got any tips?”

TOM: It’s tough since you don’t personal the heating system. But what you might do is remove and substitute your thermostat. There’s no purpose that you simply couldn’t do this. And you can use one of the new Wi-Fi thermostats, that are rather more energy-efficient when it comes to their capabilities. You additionally need to make sure that your heat registers aren’t obstructed. Typically, in flats, the furniture gets pressed right up towards them.

And then think about including some heavier drapes or better but, mobile shades. These are the ones that type of appear to be honeycombs? They do an awesome job. It’s truly that they don’t so much insulate however it stops the warm air from hitting the window immediately after which falling. And should you’re kind of sitting on the couch with the chair close to that window, you are feeling this draft. It’s not a lot air blowing in nevertheless it’s this convective loop that makes you uncomfortable. So what do you do as most humans with a brain? You turn up the heat. That’s where you waste the power.

So, think about that. Heavier drapes or cellular shades. Hold the registers unobstructed and substitute that thermostat.

This is The Money Pit House Enchancment Show. Hey, thanks a lot for spending part of your day with us on this winter weekend. Not too many winter weekends left. It’s a very good time to start out desirous about your plans for the spring. It’ll be here before you understand it, so get those instruments out, wipe off the mud. Get them ready and begin making an inventory of those tasks.

And keep in mind, in case you’ve obtained questions on the best way to get those jobs completed – repair, substitute, refinish, restore, rework – you’ll be able to all the time attain us at The Money Pit website at or by calling us, 24/7, at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you are able to do it yourself …

LESLIE: But you don’t need to do it alone.


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