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OPAPP approved "Human Forums" for peace

OPAPP approved "Human Forums" for peace

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / Aug. 15) – The Presidential Peace Advisor announced Wednesday in entrance of an viewers of Christian and Muslim spiritual leaders in Mindanao that the OPPP will approve the "Priority Document for Our Peace Program" Pope Francis and Al-Azhar Ahmad Al-Tayyeb's huge imam revealed on four February this yr in Abu Dhabi in the course of the Pope's visit to the United Arab Emirates.

Galvez, who served as chief of the Philippine Armed Forces previous to his appointment as advisor to the President of Peace, Reconciliation and Unity, also pledged earlier than leaders at Ateneo de. College of Davao for a conference on "Walk and Work Together for Healing and Reconciliation" for presenting, handing over copies of the document to the Cabinet and pushing for its approval at Secur. Meeting of the Worldwide Group and the Intergovernmental Group on Normalization and the Nationwide Working Group on the Finish of the Local Communist Armed Battle

Secretary Carlito Galvez, Adviser to the President for Peace, Reconciliation and Unity (Focal Point) Fr. Joel Tabora and Archbishop of Cagayan de Oro, Antonio Ledesma (L) and Ariel Hernandez, Member of the Authorities Peace Implementation Panel and Chairman of the Normal Government Committee on the Joint Committee for Normalization of the Moro-Islamic Liberation Entrance; at a convention on "Walk and Work Together for Reconciliation and Unity," held in August. Photograph: OPAPP

. He also stated that he would ask the AFP and the Philippine Nationwide Police (PNP) to help a document that highlighted "all very, very, very important."

"I’m going to attraction to the AFP and the PNP to help this

God's Present to the World, Mindanao

Spiritual leaders also promised to popularize a historical document by Fr. Jote Tabora, SJ. , President of the College of Ateneo de Davao, described "God's gift to the world, but especially to us here in Mindanao." (See Tabor's presentation)

"Prayer here has been a centuries-long peace and a way for many being together can be found in the deeper value of our common brotherhood, "Tabora stated.

Fr. Joe Tabora, SJ, President of Ateneo de Davao University and President of the Catholic Schooling Affiliation of the Philippines, on the conference “Walk and Work Together for Healing and Reconciliation” on August 14, 2019 at Ateneo de Davao University. Tabora stated the document about human crabs for world peace and dwelling together is a "gift to the world" and "especially to Mindanao." Photograph: Courtesy of OPAPP

. Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles, President of the Catholic Episcopal Convention within the Philippines (CBCP), recalled that while copies have been obtainable over the Web, the document was "formally given to us at our second and last meeting in June-July" because their previous assembly was in January.

"We have a document," Valles stated, including "I hope everyone reads the document."

Valles advised him that he was amazed at Tabora's suggestion that the doc must be thought-about a code of conduct.

"Not just principles, but codes of conduct, powerful and beautiful codes of conduct," he stated.

The Pope and the Massive Imam referred to "dialogue culture as a path; mutual cooperation as a code of conduct; mutual understanding as a method and a standard."

"As conference leader, I intend to re-present it to the CBCP. That's a promise," Valles stated n committees similar to youth, schooling, clergy, interfaith dialogue, ecumenism.

He stated that he is unsure concerning the different areas, however "I am proud to say that … (that) among the Mindanao bishops' commissions at the national level are repeated in Mindanao."

"I try my best to present the document again and hoping, that the reaction is (that) we accept it as our own code of conduct, "Valles stated.

Mindanao's Present to the World

Although the document is a "gift to Mindanao," as Tabora stated, most of the things mentioned there have truly been finished and are being carried out. made in Mindanao.

The document affirms, inter alia, that “dialogue, understanding and understanding of a tradition of tolerance, acceptance of others, and peaceful co-existence would make a big contribution to decreasing many financial, social, political and environmental impacts. a lot of humanity is so severely affected. "

It added that" interfaith dialogue means gathering together in an enormous expanse of religious, human and shared social values, and henceforth conveying the very best ethical virtues that religions seek. . It also means avoiding unproductive conversations. ”

praising Fr. On the grassroots dialogues of Roberto Layson's life, actions, words, and non secular experiences, Valles identified that in Mindanao, "we still have wealth of good memories" and "beautiful real programs or activities that Fr. Bert said it would create good memories. "

" What an unfortunate thing to work in a dialogue when people have no positive memories, they just have anger and bias. In the Philippines, however, we will continue to make good memories, "he stated.

Writer of the Mary Immaculate Oblates of Mary Immaculate Ministry of Interfaith Dialogue, skilled four wars from 1997 to 2003 in Pikiti, North Cotabato, has written two books -" In struggle, the actual enemy is the conflict itself ”and“ Hopes: Stories of Interreligious Dialogue and Peace Building. ”

The primary ebook tells tales of wars and mass evictions in Pikiti, while the other presents day by day experiences of grassroots inter-religious priest after the clue in 1988: predominantly within the Jolo Sulu Muslim cities, Tawi-tawi Bongao, Pikit in North Cotabato, and Datu Piang in Maguindanao, and was also nominated by Senator Ninoy Aquino in Sultan Kudarat, the place Lumad (indigenous individuals) jen) inhabitants.

Layson repeatedly said in his speech that “religion shouldn’t be a stumbling block; It's a bridge. "

Valles additionally informed how three of his representatives who are coming have good reminiscences of dwelling with Muslim households within the Tibungco space right here, and how they visited their foster households to announce their arrival soon. married.

"Good memories, no lectures at seminars," he stated, adding, "Something good must happen on Earth."


Prof. Moner Bajunaid, Secretary Common of the Philippine Nationwide Comprehensive Cooperation (NUCP) assured members that, as NUCP Secretary Common, “you’ll increase the tissue by accepting this doc and making it a policy and a information. "

Bajunaid was among those who attended the Abu Dhabi convention in February, where the historic document was signed.

Based on him, the NUCP has at the very least 200 ulama membership nationwide. The Ulama summit will probably be held in November this yr.

that dialogue needs to be dynamic as a result of typically it can be boring.

“We now have to provide you with one thing new and revolutionary, however all the time take into account that we are dealing with two religions and preserving in mind that sensitivities could also be sensitive (that each has its personal

Bajunaid hoped that folks would refrain from coexistence in favor of "existence" as a result of, whereas coexistence sounds good, "when we say coexistence, we do not necessarily use the word co-operation." He stated it was "live and live. "Whereas" exists lon promotion "means of care to another.

Peace Packages 5 and 6 of

" I am so happy that we have such a dialogue, where we can provide on how we could solve our problem. I am very happy that I commit myself to commit to the issue of the human brotherhood of world peace and living together behalf. OPAPP accepts it as a priority document for peace programs 5 and 6. This is the most important covenant we use to solve horizontal problems, "Galvez stated.

Presidential Adviser on Peace, Reconciliation and Unity at Ateneo de Davao College introduced at a conference on August 14, Work Collectively for Healing and Reconciliation, "which deprived 12,000 people. Moroccan Liberation Front fighters begin September 7, 2019 with ceremonies attended by Rev. Rodrigo Duterte. Photo: OPAPP

Duterte's Peace and Development Program Number 5 is" Conflict prevention and administration, and the implementation of socio-economic peace-promoting improvement in conflict and conflict-sensitive areas, "whereas 6 is" Making a culture of peace and sensitivity to constructive peace and sustainable human improvement. "

Layson described two varieties: the peace processes: vertical and horizontal. He talked about the peace course of between the federal government and the Moro-Islamic Liberation Entrance (MILF) as a vertical and horizontal peace process at grassroots degree or between individuals at a degree that includes the development of damaged relations.

“The organic regulation of Bangsamoro is the answer to the vertical state of affairs. conflict, however now I do know that the solution to non-public conflicts is the human brotherhood doc, "Galvez said."

"I look forward to the human brotherhood document that will be our document for solving horizontal conflicts," Galvez stated, including Layson's suggestion. opening for us that as we give attention to transitioning in Bangsamoro Autonomous Area, Muslim Mindanao, we also needs to concentrate on the horizontal (peace course of). " "Galvez stated. (Carolyn O. Arguillas / MindaNews)



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