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Panelo: "The source of the President, from the President himself"

Panelo: "The source of the President, from the President himself"

(Notice from MindaNews: The Oust Duterte Plate, with a matrix displaying the journalist and legal professionals. Transcript released by the Information and Info Workplace of the Presidential Communications Operations Workplace

April 22, 2019/12: 07-12: 42 PM [19659004] USEC. IGNACIO: Good afternoon Malacañang Press Corps; Completely happy Monday. Let's now have the Chief Presidential Authorized Counsel and Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo

SEC. PANELO: Good afternoon, good midday; Comfortable Easter.

REYMUND TINAZA / BOMBO RADYO: Sir, simply your response to the report 'Oust Duterte Plot',

SEC. PANELO: The source of the President, from the President himself. I don’t understand how he received one. Nevertheless it’s coming from the President. I talked to him the other day.

It’s a must to keep in mind that the source is so many sources. And I am not stunned that there’s such a plot. In case you notice this, it is a false news and then circulates. So, I’m not stunned at

Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo. Photograph of the FB

However I used to be Interviewed this morning by Henry. They have been asking if the journalist was saying that the palace is making an attempt to stifle their right. And my answer and I will repeat: we’ve never stifled in this nation.

This is the President who encourages dissent – that is what democracy is all about. 19659004] REYMUND TINAZA / BOMBO RADYO: Sir, absent the AFP and the police,

SEC. PANELO: It’s not the capacity. Once you conspire with others, you don't need to have the capacity as a result of others would do it for you.

REYMUND TINAZA / BOMBO RADYO: So what is going to you do with the matrix?

SEC. PANELO: The counter propaganda is the accomplishments accomplished by this administration.

ROSE NOVENARIO / HATAW: Sir, anong legal motion o authorized move ang gagawin po ng Palasyo sa alleged nasa likod po nung demolition job?

SEC. PANELO: Di ba, they’re at it already for many months already or years. Pinapabayan lang namin. We simply need to know that we all know;

ROSE NOVENARIO / HATAW: So, wala pong authorized transfer na gagawin, hindi ninyo idedemanda?

SEC. PANELO: Wala, Hahayan Lang Nam's Sila… you ngayon ha, sa ngayon.

ROSE NOVENARIO / HATAW: So mag-i-expect po ba tayo ng Loyalty verify you Hanay ng Pulis at militar?

SEC. PANELO: Wala. The army and the police are all behind him naman eh.


SEC. PANELO: No. JULIE AURELIO / PDI: Sir, last night time in Cabadbaran Metropolis, President Duterte


SEC. PANELO: Was what?

JULIE AURELIO / PDI: President Duterte stated that the source of the info was from a overseas ally. Since you’re saying that the matrix that got here out of the workplace, did you know which country gave it to you?

SEC. PANELO: I have no idea which nation. If they stated that,

JULIE AURELIO / PDI: President Duterte you mean?

SEC. PANELO: Yeah. You’ll be able to ask him

JULIE AURELIO / PDI: So, is it protected to say, sir, info, President Duterte did orchestrate by way of the Manila Occasions, iyong saves ng matrix?

SEC. PANELO: I obtained earlier, I didn't even know the place they acquired a replica of this matrix. So many journalists are very artistic and has so many access; typically I do not even perceive why we've obtained to know what's occurring inside, so magagaling. In other words, meron kayong mga moles.

JULIE AURELIO / PDI: I just have to clarify, sir. The Office of the President did not give the matrix to the Manila Occasions



SEC. PANELO: I'm Presupposed to Expose It At this time, Manila Occasions

JULIE AURELIO / PDI: So what are you saying, sir, is that the similar one that got here after the Manila Occasions



SEC. PANELO: No. Sabi what nga sa iyo, very artistic. Ako nga ang dapat na ano, naunahan pa ako. Magaling ang mga peryodis natin, kasing galing ninyo.

INA ANDOLONG / CNN. PHILS: Sir, only for the first time, as a result of the President is confirmed and let me quote what they have been a number of days ago, mga kalokohan ninyo.

SEC. It was an Intelligence report, not from us,

SEC. PANELO: Hindi, Hindi to Alam. Wala Siya, Hindi Niya Sinabi,

INA ANDOLONG / CNN. PHILS: Is this something that is okay, sanctioned by Malacañang, or a overseas nation spying on Philippine –

SEC. PANELO: Hindi, Alam ninyo iyan, iyan ang tinatawag na sharing of Intelligence info. That's normal for all nations, they share Intelligence info.


SEC. PANELO: I don't know

INA ANDOLONG / CNN. PHILS: Legitimate, why wouldn’t it be okay?

SEC. PANELO: I’m not saying select. I'm just saying to you that

INA ANDOLONG / CNN. PHILS: What would justify it quite?

SEC. PANELO: I’m just saying that that is Intelligence info sharing. That's how they name it.

INA ANDOLONG / CNN. PHILS: Sir, si PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde had a press release on this earlier.

SEC. PANELO: Baka and canyon Iyon, you parte Nila. Hindi lang naman sila ang ahensiya ng gobyerno on issues of safety ng ating bansa.

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: So right now, sir, you're saying what – ang ginagawa nitong mga Reporters na sinasabi ninyo ay they’re aiding the enemy. So who is this Enemy that –

SEC. PANELO: Eh kung Sino iyong gustong mag-Oust sa Presidente, eh di Iyon na Iyon.

SEC: Either Tongue Nila O Sole Kasama Sila Doon

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: Sino Nga Iyon, Sir, as Far as Malacañang – Baka Might Nasabi Na Po iyong Overseas Intel. PANELO: Wala pa. Wala namang sinasabi. But I suppose they are the Enemies of the state. Sino ba ang gustong magpabagsak sa gobyerno kung hindi iyong mga kalaban ng estado.

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: Who’re the… are you able to specify, Leftist?

SEC. PANELO: Basta Kasama na lahat ng mga kalaban na gustong magpabagsak sa gobyerno.

CEDRIC CASTILLO / GMA7: Sir, good afternoon po. Sir, para mas malinaw lang po: Iyong source ng istorya po ay someone from the OP or the President himself, sir? Para mas malinaw po.

SEC. PANELO: Anong source — sinabi ko na nga sa'yo na… hindi ka nakikinig eh. Sabi ko sa’yo, ako, I’m Presupposed to launch this eh, as we speak. E-mail: Manila Occasions, ibig sabbi, magaling Silang ano… mag-monitor

CEDRIC CASTILLO / GMA7: Nicely, sir. Kasi nabanggit ninyo rabbit, sir, the President himself –


CEDRIC CASTILLO / GMA7: Nabanggit ninyo po kanina, the President himself.

SEC. PANELO: Ang Presidente ang nakatanggap nito.

CEDRIC CASTILLO / GMA7: Okay. So Hindi po ibinigay ng OP or ng Pangulo

SEC. PANELO: Sinabi na Ngang Hindi eh. Hose. Hindi, Hindi

CEDRIC CASTILLO / GMA7: Sige, sir, comply with up lang po. Para lang po malinaw, sir. Sir, comply with up lang po: Wala po kayang nalalabag na authorized standards or ethical standards itong

SEC. PANELO: Sinagot ko na rin iyan. Sinabi ko na sa inyo, we name that Intelligence info sharing.


SEC. PANELO: You’ll have to ask the President himself because siya ang source nitong matrix. Oh di tanungin ninyo siya kung pan Niya vine, pan Niya vinalidate.



ACE ROMERO / PHIL STAR: Pero keep in mind, might mga pagkakataon din dat sa drug matrix,

SEC. PANELO: Isa lang naman Iyon out of what? Out of one million Tapos father Lang, ikaw naman.



ACE ROMERO / PHIL STAR: Did it bear a rigorous verification process, iri-release ninyo ito –



SEC., PANELO: Hindi-mag-i-instruct and I-release of Okay-Hindi Niya-na-validate

SEC. PANELO: Siyempre

MARICEL HALILI / TV5: Sir, do you need to speak to Kayo ng Manila Occasions?

SEC. PANELO: I feel so, cashmere.

MARICEL HALILI / TV5: Sir, why did the President instruct you to launch the matrix?

SEC. PANELO: Bakit naman hindi? Kasi in the Hindi Niya ako ininstruct, kung natanggap ko ito, ilalabas ko.

MARICEL HALILI / TV5: Why, sir? What's the Essence?

SEC. PANELO: Bakit naman – this is essential.

MARICEL HALILI / TV5: Bakit, sir?

SEC. PANELO: What do you imply bakit? Individuals have the right to know what's happening in this government.

MARICEL HALILI / TV5: And what was the actual instruction po of the President to you, sir?

SEC. PANELO: What do you mean? What the…

MARICEL HALILI / TV5: Iyong actual instruction po Niya sa inyo simply to air it, just to publicize it?

SEC. PANELO: Yeah, I touch it on my news briefing in the present day.

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: Sir, I'm taking a look at the matrix dito and Manila Occasions. I have no idea whether it is the very same one which you’ll want to do it? Ang daming Linya, e-mail used to log in, Vera Information, then net IP, e-mail used to log in.

SEC. PANELO: The Manila Occasions is obvious sufficient. It says it comes from this, papunta Doon sa ganoon.

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: Yeah, but the matrix itself, iyong hyperlinks, are you able to inform us, from your assume.

SEC. PANELO: Properly, they didn't tell me to elucidate. Kaya nga Sabi niya –

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: So bakit ininstruct po po il ilaba?

SEC. PANELO: Hindi ba sinagot ko na – we’ve to tell the public.

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: Oh nga. And it is true that matrix which I’m asking, can you explain it to us? Ano po iyong ibig sabihin nung video uploaded and e-mail used to log in because we can’t rely on a colleague's report alone?

SEC. PANELO: Ah Hindi, kung ano iyong sinab ng Manila Occasions, Iyon na Iyon. Maganda nga ang pagka-explain Nila eh.

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: No, sir, we'd like to listen to it from you

SEC. PANELO: Nicely, the instruction of the President is just to the touch it. Pinadala sa akin ito—

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: Okay. Are you able to clarify us the matrix, sir? How does it work?

SEC. PANELO: I don't know how it works.


SEC. PANELO: O, sa kaniya nanggaling eh di siya ang makaka-explain.

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: He informed you to launch it. Now we're asking you after which your response

SEC. PANELO: To the touch is it, to not – to the touch on this. Kasi pinadala sa akin ito eh, oh di nakita ko Kaya nilabas ko. Eh might nailaba naman slate. Mas maganda pa nga iyong paliwanag ng Manila Occasions, chapel pa eh.

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: Yeah, however you´re supposedly the source, sir, eh di ba?

SEC. PANELO: No, I’m not the source.


SEC., And instructed you to a bit extra rationalization. PANELO: Nicely, they only requested me to touch it, Iyon lang ang Sabi Niya.

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: Which means, p.

SEC. PANELO: Oh iyan.

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: A simple rationalization of the matrix please, sir?

SEC. PANELO: Hindi nga Alam ang rationalization nito. Basta kung ano iyong nakalagay sa Manila Occasions, mas Clare eh. Kung ano ang pagkalagay Doon, maganda iyong –

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: Assume, sir, that The Manila Occasions in Hindi Kayo Naunah, how would you explain it to us then?

SEC. PANELO: Oh di ganoon din, kung ano iyong nakalagay sa Manila Occasions.

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: I imply, it starts with a video and then there’s a line after the cash. It sent e-mail. And whose e-mail was used? After which ano po ba?

SEC. PANELO: Ang ganda ng paliwanag Nila, bilib nga ako sa kanila eh.

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: I hope you aren’t Quoting a media article, sir.

SEC. PANELO: No, Hindi, Gusto Kong… para marinig… ang ganda nga ng paliwanag

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: Until he's the source himself?

SEC. PANELO: Ayan oh, there’s an obvious sample, close coordination. The playbook is all too acquainted, Sabi Niya, utilize the media, plant pretend information.

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: Sir, we respect the article from Manila Occasions, however we want to hear your rationalization since you are the one who is Purported to be releasing it to us. PANELO: Hindi, I might be-hearsay iyong akin eh. Hindi naman ako ang…

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: Hearsay? Why would you say it rumour?

SEC. PANELO: As a result of hindi sa akin ang source eh. I’m not the source eh;

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: You have been instructed by the source; you’re the Presidential Spokesman

SEC. PANELO: Nicely, they didn't explain to me. Sabi Niya, "Sige touch mo."

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: So again, please give us a simple rationalization on what it is?

SEC. PANELO: Anong gusto Mong rationalization? There's an ouster plot –

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: What is it? Kasi Linya-Linya po eh.

SEC. PANELO: Hindi, ang ibig lang sabihin niyan, iyong mga… nandoong mga banking, Iyon ang mga miyembro ng organization. 'Di ba? There's the Nationwide Union of Individuals's Lawyer. Who’re the members of that? Ito Iyon, iyong grupong Iyon, nakangalan Doon. Sa Rappler naman, Sino ba iyong mga nandoon? Iyon na Iyon, it was named there. After which sa PCIJ, nandoon din. Oh di ba very clear naman. Nilagay lang ang mga Banking param alam natin kung Sino iyong mga nandoon

INA ANDOLONG / CNN PHIL: I'm asking about the course of. There will probably be some type of work move.

SEC. PANELO: Hindi ba, galing daw Kay Bikoy Tapos Week Kay Tordesillas after which ipapasa naman Niya sa iba. That's it. The Manila Occasions defined it too

ROSE NOVENARIO / HATAW: Hi, sir. So ibig ninyong to sabs, sir, iyong Linya ng Pag-iisip ng Malacañang at Saka iyong bats so Dante Ang pareho? Tugma? A hundred percent correct si Dante Ang?

SEC. PANELO: The best way it was defined, tama naman eh. Kay Tordesillas Kay Tordesillas Tapos might mga linyang arrow, eh di ibig sab ini-spread.


SEC. PANELO: Hindi nga, using your — kasi nandito, nakalagay naman eh. Nandito iyong source, Tapos Papunta Kay Ellen Tordesillas and then three Arrows Papunta Doon sa tatlong corporations or group. Oh di ibig sabs –

ROSE NOVENARIO / HATAW: Sir, wala pong authority na mag-i-explain and Amin, halimbawa poi of the Intelligence group, from cyber division ng NBI o kung Sino pong ano –


ROSE NOVENARIO / HATAW: A sea piece of paper for a paran gusto ninyo paniwala na namin?

SEC. PANELO: Galing Kay Presidente Kaya Paniwala ninyo

ROSE NOVENARIO / HATAW: Pero Neck Thread after Might Paliwan

SEC. PANELO: Sabi nga ni Presidente, 'Tell them to ask me.' Iyon ang sagot Niya, Kaya

ROSE NOVENARIO / HATAW: Kung sharing po ng Intelligence info, dapat po might tag Intelligence group na magpapaliwanag man lang, you are a hen I'm positive shinare Iyon. Noong ibinigay after Kay Presidente –

SEC. PANELO: Hindi Dineretso Kay Presidente

ROSE NOVENARIO / HATAW: Kaya Po, Siyempre Papa-vet, President of the Intelligence Group, Hindi Naman Po Niya Agad Paniniwala Iyon eh.

SEC. PANELO: Hindi natin Alam. Basta ang Sabi Niya sa akin, 'if they have questions, inform them to ask me.'

ROSE NOVENARIO / HATAW: So, Might Plano pong mag-conduct ng press convention si Presidente

SEC. PANELO: Aba, eh Pag nakita ninyo, I-ambush ninyo kaagad.

ROSE NOVENARIO / HATAW: So, Hindi po siya magpe-presscon, si Presidente?

SEC. PANELO: Hindi. Iyong mga nandoon sa Beijing, Iyon ang macaque chicory. Iyan si Ina, Sigurado Iyon. Nandoon additionally ba, wala, hindi ka darating? Ah si Maricel, si Pia

CEDRIC CASTILLO / GMA7: Sir, ire-rephrase what after iyong final two query after. So, let's see the next few seconds in Mani Occasions. What have been you supposed to inform us, sir? How have been you supposed to break the story po, sir?

SEC. PANELO: O di sabihin ko, might matrix dito, pinadala sa akin ni Presidente. Di ganundin ang paliwanag by: galing Kay Bikoy, papunta Kay Tordesillas… Kung ano ang nakalagay sa arrow, di Iyon na Yun.

Hindi, easy lang naman iyan. Ang ibig to sab, the source is Bikoy, gumawa siya ng mga pretend news, pinadala Niya — Hindi nga Alam kung Sino, clearly ano Yun pseudo identify lang o kung sinuman Iyon. Pinadala Niya Kay Tordesillas, pinadala naman ni Tordesillas Doon sa tatlo, Tapos native to Nila, Iyon lang naman ang ibig sabinai nito.

ACE ROMERO / PHIL. STAR: Sec, cashier Kaya we’re asking for an official rationalization –

SEC. PANELO: Iyon na ang official rationalization

ACE ROMERO / PHIL. STAR: Yeah. Kasi mahirap naman iyong widespread sense lang, iyong araw-araw and we’re tagging individuals and making some critical allegations –

SEC. PANELO: Iyon na nga ang rationalization, the rationalization: the source is Bikoy, it was relayed to Tordesillas and Tordesillas relayed to Nil.

ACE ROMERO / PHIL. STAR: Ito, Sec, ganito na lang. Iyong sinabi nilang hindi man lumab and diyaryo ngayon, who briefed you about the matrix.

SEC. PANELO: Si Presidente nga ang kausap ko.

ACE ROMERO / PHIL. STAR: So the President informed you — Hindi Niya Sinabing—

SEC. PANELO: Hindi nga sinab. Sabi Niya, 'might papadala ako sa Iyon diyang ganito – matrix.' Sabi ko, 'ano ba Iyon, Mr. President?' Sabi Niya, 'ouster plot towards me.' Oh eh di bahala ka na, contact on it. 19659004] ACE ROMERO / PHIL. STAR: Tinanong n'yo siya kung the way it work?

SEC. PANELO: Hindi na, basta ang Sabi ko, panan kung tanungin ng media grazing. Tell them na galing sa akin mismo iyan they usually can ask me. Iyon, okay Sabi ko naman.

VIRGIL LOPEZ / GMA NEWS ONLINE: Sir, we identical to to verify the attending iyong Boao Discussion board Mamaya?

SEC. PANELO: Hindi by Alam. Kasi nag-text ako Doon sa OP kung tuloy o hindi, wala Pang sago eh.

VIRGIL LOPEZ / GMA NEWS ONLINE: So wala pa Manila si President, sir?


VIRGIL LOPEZ / GMA NEWS: Is the President in Manila already?

SEC. PANELO: Palagay ko wala pa

Teka egg, iyong Kay — natanggap n'yo ba iyong aking response Kay Mr. Del Rosario? Natanggap ninyo Iyon? Pero Hindi over lumab Iyon? Lumab na, can I?

Q: Dalawa, Manila Occasions at Saka Bulletin

SEC. PANELO: Ano Sabado

Q: Hindi buo, as if nothing happened

SEC. PANELO: Ah ganoong? Okay.

ROSE NOVENARIO / HATAW: Sir, Sino po iyong nasa likod ni Bikoy?

SEC. PANELO: Hindi Ko Alam, tanungin natin –

ROSE NOVENARIO / HATAW: So Iyon nga po, iimbestigahan iyang matrix na iyan para malaman kung Sino ang nasa likod?

SEC. PANELO: Sabi ni Presidente when you have any question, you’ll be able to ask him direct, from the source.

ROSE NOVENARIO / HATAW: Kasi Sabi ni Chief PNP Albayalde, iimbestigahan knowledge ng PNP kung Sino iyong Bikoy. 'Di ibig to sabs iimbestigahan?

SEC. PANELO: Siguro di baka meron Silang separate investigation

CEDRIC CASTILLO / GMA7: Sir, iyong sa matrix pa rin po, sir. Sir, ngayong lumab na iyong istorya, does the palace think about the plot effectively quelled

SEC. PANELO: Ano iyong tanong mo

CEDRIC CASTILLO / GMA7: Quelled na iyong plot, kung wala na. Crushed, wala na Tapos na, kaput

SEC. PANELO: Hindi natin Alam kung itutuloy pa rin Nila. We’re exposing it. However as I stated they will do their greatest. And the Filipino individuals naman apparently do not consider them.



SEC. PANELO: Lahat naman ng plot towards the administration might be critical. But what it is going to be is another factor.

PIA GUTIERREZ / ABS-CBN: So, you’re contemplating it as a critical Menace. Pero contemplating, sir, you sabi ninyo hindi n'yo nga cocka iyong mga Tao na nandito sa matrix na ito. What does the palace intend to do to cease this Menace?

SEC. PANELO: Eh, by exposing it, di ba. Kasi Kaya nga natin ini-expose para makita natin ang kabahan ng mga Tunay na peryodistang Kagaya ninyo na hindi nagpapalaba ng nang bungalow, hindi nagde-distribute ng mga false information and false narratives.


SEC. PANELO: Iyon na nga iyong ano eh, by exposing them eh sinabihan mo na sa publica, pag ito galing dito wag kayong maniwala dahil iyan ang mga nagpa-plot towards this government. Ngayon Will get Galing Kay Ina, Kay Pia, Maricel, Chona, Ace, Arjay mga matitino iyan. This, wala iyong mga pangalan ninyo rito eh.

PIA GUTIERREZ / ABS-CBN: So we wouldn't anticipate another motion than the Palace Exposing these individuals?

SEC. PANELO: As I stated, I’ve an amazing performance, that's a special story.

PIA GUTIERREZ / ABS-CBN: Pero is it conspiring towards the government SEC

SEC. PANELO: Pero kung ang conspiracy mo lang ganito, tumutulong ka lang, wala ka namang overt acts na talagang pinapabagsak mo ang gobyerno, hindi pa. Wala pa, kulang by


SEC. PANELO: Undoubtedly not. I don't assume so.

ARJAY BALINBIN / BUSINESS WORLD: Not. However we got here up with that matrix because of a overseas nation is surveilling Reporters; so undoubtedly we’re being surveilled.

SEC. PANELO: Basta ang Alam ko, that's commonplace, iyong mga Intelligence sharing info.


SEC. PANELO: I don’t know if there’s surveillance or none.

ARJAY BALINBIN / BUSINESS WORLD: Earthquake Sila. Sir, might the cocktail?

SEC. PANELO: Basta lumabag na siila. Kapag mayroon na Silang mga overt acts that convey a unique story. Pero kung mga ito, ito lang egg –

ARJAY BALINBIN / BUSINESS WORLD: Hindi pa iyan na-overt, sir?

SEC. PANELO: Eh data-data naman nilang pinaggagawa ito eh, hindi naman sila nagsa-succeed.

ARJAY BALINBIN / BUSINESS WORLD: Walang cocktail, sir?

SEC. PANELO: Sa ngayon, wala.

JULIE AURELIO / PDI: Sir, I assume it’s the similar as the man in the manila say, for libel or for –

SEC. PANELO: Ano, the risk of what?

JULIE AURELIO / PDI: Libel costs, sir.

SEC. PANELO: Who will file?

JULIE AURELIO / PDI: What’s the journalist or the legal professionals? to that?

SEC. PANELO: Oh di sige. This can be a country of the nue eh, everybody has the proper to Sue. But what or not is the story of one other story.

ARJAY BALINBIN / BUSINESS WORLD: Sir, you do not know what to do.

SEC. PANELO: Halimbawa, Nag-Usap Sila Dana Sa Nga Kung Sinuman iyong Mga Kausap Nila na Nagpaplano Na Silang Mambomba, Magpatay, Mag-Assassinate – Ibang Usapan Na Iyon.


SEC. PANELO: What do you mean how


SEC. PANELO: Sa ngayon, English for the function of dropping credibility. That's the way you Destroy a authorities. You lose – or authorities is dropping credibility shall be the start of its fall. Kasi iyong mga Tao, Kookra na sa'yo kung mapaniwala mo sa mga mango bungalow mo.

CHONA YU / RADYO INQUIRER: Sir, any replace on the Diplomatic Protest Filed by the authorities sa China?

SEC. PANELO: Wala Pang Sinasabi Si Secretary Response

TINA MARALIT / DAILY TRIBUNE: Sir, good afternoon po. Sir, just lately iyong Philippine Navy po natin, pinadala natin iyong BRP Davao Del Sur, China to participate in the founding anniversary of Individuals's Liberation Army Nila. Hindi po ba ito parang salungat doon sa stand natin ngayon na might diplomatic protest tayo, na parang nakikiisa pa tayo imbes na ano?

SEC. PANELO: Hindi naman, parang pupunta lang sila roon dahil sa anibersaryo kasi kapwa … pareho rin silang Navy eh.

TINA MARALIT/DAILY TRIBUNE: Sir, comply with up lang po. Final night time po, President Duterte parang referred to as out China doon sa ongoing development daw po sa disputed territory. So is this an indication po na the President will take it up with President Xi when he goes to Beijing?

SEC. PANELO: I stated, earlier than that, he might or might not. Depende, depende sa kaniya. Puwede rin naman na si President Xi ang mag-raise ng difficulty dahil nagbigay na tayo ng ating pananaw o katayuan. We made our stand already.

TINA MARALIT/DAILY TRIBUNE: But, sir, is Malacañang confident na pag-uwi ni Presidente from Beijing ay might makukuha na po tayong decision?

SEC. PANELO: Properly, as we stated—as I stated earlier than, and as stated by the President to the different day or yesterday, negotiation continues to be the greatest answer to resolve this battle. Mag-uusap tayo.

CEDRIC CASTILLO/GMA7: Sir, telephone in query, sir. Sir, we have to affirm, sir, kung pinatawag nga uncooked ni Presidente iyong mga Bureau of Immigration brokers daw, Manila agents daw po ito, and allegedly ay nagku-conduct ng extortion versus Korean brokers. This can be a story from two or three weeks ago, sir.

SEC. PANELO: Hindi ko pa naano iyan, nakarating sa akin. Wala pa akong information niyan.

USEC. IGNACIO: Okay. Thanks, MPC. Thanks, Secretary Panelo.





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