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QUESTIONS: Give the Tausug youth the right training, the right environment, the right tools for understanding, they are excellent as others

(Speech at the Fourth Launch at Sulu School of Know-how, Capitol Health club, Patikul, Sulu, April 6, 2019)

To start with, we want to prolong our congratulations to the graduates and their mother and father and family members

Graduates, you will have now reached the second stage of life. Such a step would open up opportunities with confidence if you begin your profession as knowledgeable.

You must rejoice after the four yr sufferer to finish your studies. You have to be grateful to your mother and father, academics and administrators of Sulu University of Know-how.

The truth is that, as others have accomplished earlier than you, the new development in Sulu archipelago schooling custom is particularly that you’ve accomplished your studies at SCT

For apparent causes, the selection of faculty that primarily expands science and know-how have to be defined. personal and practical points. The talents you study present a means for you to hitch, like the remainder of the Philippine and Muslim staff in the Philippines.

Such private and sensible functions are true, like many people: the entire talent, work, information and studying of science, know-how, research and improvement are the identify of the recreation nowadays.

At the moment, all nations, including Muslim communities, are in search of to broaden their information boundaries, primarily in several disciplines and technologies, as they are important for a extremely aggressive world in the 21st century

United States, China, Russia, Japan and the European Union and other major powers. The regions are at the forefront of analysis and improvement in science and improvement. know-how. The Muslim world is not any exception. Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Indonesia and other nations are also pursuing science and know-how improvement

For instance, a couple of years ago Saudi Arabia based King Abdullah College of Science and Know-how. Only the Nobel Prize winners might train there. Additionally, UAE in Saudi Arabia couldn’t train in KAUST. The thought is that the Muslim world has been left in the subject of science and know-how; Subsequently, it is necessary to catch up with the latest scientific improvements and tendencies

So, once you selected a number of years in the past as a faculty of Sulu School of Know-how, you made the right determination. The rationale why I stated, you and your faculty are the guides for science and know-how schooling in the trendy Sulu archipelago

In addition to the personal and pragmatic question of why science and know-how are essential, we now have to keep in mind that know-how may be thought-about "science". Which means it’s a product of data or expression. There is a world view or philosophy in know-how manufacturing.

In the early days of science and know-how, it was not separated from Islamic considering. Science was a part of religion

During the golden era of Islam, there were many Muslim students in each natural sciences and social sciences that supported totally different disciplines and arithmetic. The famous names of the school resonate for a very long time with Ibn Haytam, the father of optics; Ibn Sina together with her works, Kitab al-Shifa (Healing E-book of Therapeutic) and Qanun fi l-tib (Canon drugs); Muhammad Al-Razi together with his work on smallpox and measles; Omar Khayyam, poet and mathematician with Rubaiyat; Al-Khwarizmi, father of Algebra. Without the latter, there would definitely have been no logarithm, no calculations, no trendy pc we all know at this time.

These are just examples of Muslim students at the forefront of science, research and know-how in the 9th century till the 13th century. Why did they handle science?

They understand the "perfect way of life" of Dinu l-Islam. It signifies that Islam shouldn’t be solely seen in a blocked manner or limited to a "field of religion." Relatively, it’s absolutely understood in science, civilization, and so forth. At that time, there was no divorce between science and expression or understanding of data. Einstein's idea that "science without religion is bad and religion without science is blind" could not be further from the fact than the complete way of life of Islam.

On this malay world, comparable resonance is clear in science and know-how whereas mixing in the Sulu archipelago. Try to observe Tausug's traditional expertise in constructing homes and how they show resistance to wind and hurricane; their mastery of navigation and boat building; their inventiveness in the manufacturing of munitions and making sharp weapons with superb artistry and detailed accuracy; agriculture, fishing and traditional industries, and so on. These are the ancestors of our ancestors with information in the area of science and know-how

Subsequently, whenever you, at present, graduated in know-how that makes a speciality of vocational and technical schooling, the place you selected SCT as a faculty 4 years in the past

What are the reasons for the decline in Muslim control in science and know-how and the purpose for the divorce between current science and Islamic considering?

In addition to the basics, we are saying that both are for inner and exterior reasons. The loss of a vigorous understanding of the totally different rules, teachings, and penalties of Islamic considering of the Peace (Unity) has been essential in lots of levels of Muslim historical past.

Internally, there have been schism and self-destructive discussions between groups and movements to shut the so-called ijtihad gate (implementing rational considering). It’s the purpose why secreting Islam is understood only as a "religion" somewhat than a life-style by which the environment is vibrant when it is a dynamic drive in society, history and civilization.

In contrast to the Golden Age As Islam and nature have been comprehensively understood, Muslim researchers had left behind in historical past, together with the rise of renaissance and enlightenment in Europe. Without this Muslim contribution to medieval science and know-how, there would have been no trendy sciences. Outdoors, when Islamic understanding contracted, western science grew unhindered to an industrial revolution and ultimately to a modern world.

It’s a must to be pleased with the science and know-how of Muslim researchers and why "Trendioi" is the similar as the foundations they had beforehand set up.

Clearly, all of those are easier to say than accomplished. There are limitations on why we could not rush to develop our group and build a new science and research culture in the Sulu archipelago. We are entangled in many social issues, especially the uncertainty surrounding the drawback and improvement of peace. Nevertheless, these should not be the cause why we could not from Excel. The fact that you endure the accuracy and problem of your research exhibits that you simply are capable of accomplish your objectives.

So, get in your private and sensible coaching. Chase your goals and grow together with your profession anyplace. Do you might have a job, help your family, and also you even have your personal family. Like the development makers, hold the ardour for information. Graduation is, as is usually stated, not the finish; it’s a window to a different degree of learning.

Extra importantly, right now we additionally have to strengthen our moral compass to regulate the use of know-how.

The know-how has two sides. It could convey man to salvation and help individuals in their lives. As you’ll be able to see, there’s nothing in our life that isn’t defined or outlined by know-how – how we use our cell phones, gadgets, computers, and so on.

Nevertheless, there’s another aspect of know-how that is harmful and damaging. That's why we’d like an ethical compass to regulate our values ​​to help us use the know-how correctly.

At this time, "Islamic science" is as soon as again creating. It not solely reflects the elementary custom inbuilt the early days; it has been discovered that the correlation between Islam and science has a corrective factor given the failure of recent, unbridled science.

For instance, the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Fathers of science were not the unique intention of making a know-how that might destroy the world. Throughout the latter a part of his life, Einstein was annoyed by the incontrovertible fact that each Germany and the United States had to give up his and his colleagues when they have been competing in the Atomic Bomb. Why so? Because trendy science has lost a moral compass that’s separated from ethics and higher rules

I might be hesitant once I converse in my novel workouts if I did not say thankfulness and gratitude primarily to engineer Sambas Hassan, president

On younger days we had to get out of Lock to make higher use of coaching. In your case, the faculty is built just for you, like the SCT, which gives quite a lot of scholarships, such as science materials and other analysis tools, and so forth.

I do know it's not a simple activity. To precise it in our native language, it is just like "Diya nag-agaw in shackle" or wrestling with social situation.

Tausug has the prevailing psychology that we have to develop, we should first bear the fruit of the wrestle for self-determination. When it is already obtainable, it might be time to develop our society.

The problem is that the battle has been drawn fairly infinitely. If someone waits long earlier than we manage ourselves, including establishing faculties like SCT, how lengthy can we wait?

The very fact is, as President Hassan and his colleagues consider, that we will develop regardless of the odds; it exhibits their unimaginable faith in Tausug youth.

Give the Tausug youth the right coaching, the right surroundings, the right tools for understanding, they are excellent as others. If lots of their ancestors might be so determined that they consider in the battles; in peace, the Tausug youth should be capable of praise much more.

Lastly, mark this present day as an essential milestone in your life. Somewhere in the future you will keep in mind the moment. Once you are already successful elsewhere, like Brother Sambas and others, take your time to our beloved Sulu archipelago. Like your faculty, SCT, there are nonetheless development elements in information and different profitable workouts.

[MindaViews is opinion section of MindaNews. Julkipli Wadi is Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of the Philippines].



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