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Rena Kubota, Chicken Watanabe Among Winners at Riz FF 15

Rena Kubota, Chicken Watanabe among the Winners of Riz FF 15

  Rena Kubota, Kana Watanabe Winner of the Riz FF 15 Japan's prime star Rena Kubota competed in its conventional battle weight. OCT action at present at Riz Preventing Federation 15 in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan. Kubota gained Samantha Jean-Francois, originally designed for New Yr's Eve.

Beforehand undefeated balloon weight, Kana Watanabe gained the victory of Poland's challenger Justyna's "Lara Croft" Haba's unremitting efforts to succeed in a consensus. Kanako Murata additionally acquired a brief announcement on the airplane, profitable Saray Orozco Rodriguez.

Kubota (8-2-0) rejected Jean-Francois's (Four-6-0) early take-back knees and threw Jean-Francois on the carpet. Jean-Francois turned down and the fighters stood when Jean-Francois took Kubota back soon and Kubota shortly attacked the chaos. He used it to comb and the fighters returned to their ft. Kubota swollen into the top and physique and tried to throw each other, however Jean-Francois received away from the overlapping firm and took Kubota back into the method. Jean-Francois used the physique triangle to intercept Kubota when he threw the piercing and tried to neck the bell.

Kubota rushed ahead with diagonals in the second round and Jean-Francois took him down. Kubota developed his arm from under and turned back to Jean-Francois's left arm. Jean-Francois escaped, but Kubota took the perfect place within the course of, and he landed briefly strokes until the battle returned to his ft. Kubota turned to the rack and lowered the elbows and heavy holes. Jean-Francois crashed and handed him again when Kubota continued to punch and hammer. He moved to another hand-beam check, however Jean-Francois escaped the hazard and stayed on. Kubota, who was locked to the third deal with and Jean-Francois defended the knee assaults late, on tour.

Kubota landed from prime to right and two left hooks at the start of the third round. He adopted more punches that pressured Jean-Franconis to satisfy him towards ropes. Kubota crammed the kidnapping, and he disembarked to the ground. Jean-Francois threw his leg and was trapped in a Kubota inverted physique triangle that took Kubota away from place. Kubota landed on the carpet when it landed on the hammer hammers with aspect controls and the fighters stood. Kubota fought towards Jean-Francois's sticking efforts with punches and picked up once more. From the north south, Kubota landed on his knees on the face and forehead of Jean-Francois, and the battle ended with a piercing of the legs.

All three judges have been preventing for Kubota, who made a unanimous determination. The victory was necessary for a 27-year-old who needed to withdraw from the planned 49 kilobytes of Jean-Francois in December after hospitalization for poor weight.

“The weight was different, so I needed to adapt more and my reflexes could have been faster, but I was relieved,” Kubota was mirrored behind the battle. "[Jean-Francois’s] had life in them, even though he was in difficult situations, and so I think he is strong. I met him and found joy in the OCT. I have not competed in Shoot Boxing more than once a year, but [Takeshi] Caesar and I are talking about fighting more often in SB.

"I’m glad that the general public help me, because I may need been booed," Kubota added. "I could not stop arms tonight because of small errors, but in the long run I can prove that I have strayed from that, I’ve educated for the final 3-4 years. My mentor [Ayaka Hamasaki] gained the [Rizin Super Atomweight Championship] zone and my division is now totally different, so I need to be a stronger fighter. I’m amazed [Bellator] Madison Sq. Garden occasion. I don't know if I can take part, but I have to be stronger and I would like to have the ability to present assorted ideas with armbars or land and kilos. "

" I am grateful that I obtained the chance to battle time, "Jean-Francois commented on the background picture. “The division's change was not important in this battle. I made a lot of small mistakes this time. I fix them and heal as a fighter. I am glad to be able to fight against Renaia. He has a strong striking, but I did not expect him to hit a hard KO. I am glad that his lakonsa do not hurt my face so that my son did not need to see it. I'd like to meet him again, but I don't think he will ever fight with 49kg, so give me time to fight and adapt more to the Chamber. ”

Watanabe (7- Zero-1) and Haba (1-1-0) exchanged punches at the primary minute of the race and Watanabe combined the kicks into Haba's lead. Haba landed a huge right hand, stepping on Watanabe in a moment, but he recovered shortly and the fighters acquired ropes. Haban Watanabe threw a rug and worked beneath the steerage of the highest half, and he landed on the piercing and the elbow, which made the motion to install. At the last minute, Watanabe offended Haba's left hand and put her on the elbows whereas making an attempt to choke the hand-triangle.

Haba swept Watanabe and pierced twice, however Watanabe tied her up and pulled her down on the carpet. He was offended by a half-Nelson station that turned to Haba's unique neck, however Haba escaped and obtained up. Watanabe tried to get Haba down, however Haba fell towards the ropes and she or he was capable of rise up at her ft. The time was referred to as to take a look at Watanabe's nose, which had started to leak from the suitable hand, but soon the operation started and Haba supported Watanabe punches. Watanabe wandered away and Haba acquired in need of surprise rights within the late round.

Watanabe struck first on the suitable cross within the ultimate round and Haba resisted beats from above. He initially prevented Watanabe from reaching him, but he misplaced his stability and Watanabe peppered him. Watanabe stored Habaa on her knees as she landed hammerfists and elbows on her face. Haba couldn't break free, and he ate piercings, elbows and knees to the top of the battle.

The judges joined collectively and all three have been preventing for Watanaba, who gained a unanimous determination. He has gained 5 straight battles after rival Yukari Nabe at Deep Jewels 19 within the razor.

"I’m glad that I gained. He's robust and powerful, ”Watanabe stated after a victory. “He refused to let him down and rob him all the time. I had to wait for my opponent to fight this way. After repossession, my instinct moved me into this throttle of the arm triangle, and I was confident. In the first half of the battle, I watched his strikes and tried to build a battle around it, but I hit the strokes, so I switched to looting. I apologize for completing it. I want to lead my [flyweight] division and I want my division to have a belt. I want to talk to [Nobuyuki] with Sakakibara about this. "

" Watanabe is very strong, "Haba said behind the scenes. “I waited for him to have a strong start and I trained to spread, but he still managed to get me to the ground and felt the weakness in challenging. I felt the force of his elbow in the ground, but his persistent strikes were not as frightening. He won the rounds one and three, and I won the second. I have to train more and I learned from this battle. I have to think more about how I practice after that. ”

Murata (9-1-0) pierced her approach to an early clinic and took Orozco (4-3-Zero) down near the ropes. He lowered his elbows from above until Orozco fought back to his ft. The exhausting left hand landed on Murata shortly afterwards, and he shot another shot. Orozco tried to struggle him and gave up a part of the method of re-directing. He received up on his ft, simply take him again. Murata grabbed her in a modified front choke and lowered knees. When Orozco received up, Murata blasted him on his knees and two soccer kicks. He acquired Orozco down and briefly secured the Brabo concentrator, and the round ended with Murata touchdown on his knees at an angle.

Murata wasted time taking Orozco again to the second round. He appeared briefly at establishing one other entrance choke, however Orozco freed up and acquired up. Murata lifted her up in the air and hit her on the carpet. Orozco tried the maturine chute down the street, nevertheless it turned out to be his fall when Murata moved on and trapped on Orozco's tight shoulder. Orozco was soon shut down unconscious and the battle waved with a 2: 12 mark within the second round.

"My very own psychological and bodily situation is just not 100%," Murata admitted after the victory of backstage. “Everyone around me said [Orozco] is an attacker, but I studied her and realized she could wrestle. I didn't expect to fight him when I first heard that [Shinju Nozawa-Auclair] would be gone, even if I had been practicing the battle, but the battle with such a large audience is different from training.

[Orozco] up and he tried a guillotine choke, but I didn't avoid turning it and capturing him, ”Murata added. “It's good to get to the end because it's rarer in ladies's battles. Orozco gave me a Mexican hat as a gift. It was a sudden supply, but I decided to simply accept it. The subsequent battle is in June in Invicta. I will return to america on Wednesday and prepare for the battle there. "

" He’s a a lot totally different fighter from my unique opponent [Shinju Nozawa-Auclair] "Orozco stated behind the scenes. “It was onerous to regulate. On the end of the battle, I lost consciousness for ten seconds, but I'm high quality now. We each tried to push our attack, however he did better. I did my greatest, but he was better tonight. The battle of Rizin makes my goals true and I need to enhance and come again.

(Photograph Credit: Shoot Field)