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RESPONSIBILITY: Conquer ignorance and injustice, defend the beauty and dignity of our language

(John Nery, Representative of the Philippine Every day Intelligence Column and Representative of the Democracy and Decommissioning Association) delivered this tackle throughout the graduation occasions of the South Philippine School in Cagayan de Oro Metropolis on April eight, 2019).

Good afternoon

I am both glad to be here and an honor to be invited. Cagayan de Oro is a hometown and is all the time a very good place to go to. For many of us who’ve moved or stayed away or misplaced, it is definitely a pleasure to know that yes, you’ll be able to go residence again.

In this initial event, we might maybe start this idea. You possibly can return house. Some of you in faculties and high faculties are shifting to different studying locations; Most of you at school or postgraduate depart the campus, its sudden empty halls and corridors, the lecture rooms lay out reminiscences, create a name and earn a life for yourself. You say goodbye to some of the most shaping results of your youth's life; you allow yourself into pieces and pieces.

But the good news is you possibly can return house. Whenever you need to renew the sense of function or to recharge your religious or emotional batteries or keep in mind what it was wish to be you, you’ll be able to go house to high school again, and that will probably be your memory to maintain it. 19659002] You’ve reached this stage of life because you did the arduous work, put in additional time, made the crucial victim over and over again. And let us be trustworthy; some of you do this ritual since you are fortunate. That's what I did, a few years in the past. Good luck got here to me in the type of a long-lasting instructor, compassionate classmate, understanding administrator; other likelihood is good luck with another identify

Perhaps the better identify for happiness is Windfall. One way or the other, though many of our shortcomings, we acquired here. You probably did your greatest – Congratulations!

For nearly 40 years, the South Philippine University has been devoted to a easy process: "Developing global professionals through lifelong knowledge, skills and attitudes."

However we know that information can shortly turn into obsolete, that expertise can disappear from lack of use or which means, and that angle can also be temper and temperament. So, in what sense can "lifelong" info or expertise be described?

The answers are based mostly on what may be the two most essential instructional presents.

First, coaching means studying to study. We all know that info just isn’t static; that it accumulates; that it is based mostly on previous understanding, rejects previous concepts, suggests new concepts. For those of you who study to code four years ago, you might have to study a new coding language four years in the past; for these of you who dominated the balloon final yr, you’ll have to study the new weapons and traces they depart behind next yr; For these of you who’ve studied traditional business fashions, you could have to review utterly new whenever you be a part of the next month, which is doing enterprise totally on-line. We will multiply the examples, however the widespread lesson is obvious: be really educated not solely about what known as inventory info, but to attract the first rules, greatest practices, the right processes for that inventory info so you’ll be able to apply them to new issues, future alternatives, sudden conditions.

I can guarantee it: in the future you will see your self in a state of affairs you had not studied earlier than, which was still inconceivable once you have been a scholar, and this example, a new and utterly unique drawback can be solved, that a new and utterly unique opportunity can be achieved, not on the basis of What you have been learning, but the way you had studied – how would you will have discovered to study.

This lifetime approach allows us to satisfy the function of Rizal, the moral of ignorance.

Rizal defined in an extended letter to Malolos ladies who had been written to Tagalog, why utilizing cause, creating one's mind, self-conquest

”Ang kamangmañga & nbsp; ganoon, ay taong ualang pagkatao; bul bul. “Ignorance is slavery because one thinks who he is. A man who does not have his own opinion is a man without humanity; The blind who follows the thought of others is like a beast following a rope that binds him to the ground. ”

Studying learning as a lifelong behavior of conquering ignorance is the first present of schooling. The nature of the building is another present.

We’ve got all been taught to do our own work; all of us have been taught to not be cheated; all of us have been taught to check ourselves and put together for the checks; all of us have been taught not to lie, not to respect others, not to consider ourselves; all of us have been taught that a good life is a virtuous life, and that virtue is inbuilt the method.

The vision statement of the South Philippine School reminds us that the faculty is especially committed to the three virtues; it seeks to create 'international professionals who’re rooted in religion, nationalism, and humanitarianism'.

These are the virtues of good citizens. To be a true international skilled, it isn’t sufficient that we are technically competent and effective throughout the world; we have to type ways in which build in us a better power and a higher which means, a sense of nation, a way of group.

This lifetime solution to build our character meets Rizal's concept of ​​educated individuals who conquer injustice

[“Ang tao’y inianak na parisparis, hubad at walang tali. Di linalang ñg Dios upang maalipin, di binigyan ñg isip para pabulag, at di hiniyasan ñg katuiran at ñg maulol ñg iba. Hindi kapalaloan ang di pag samba sa kapua tao, ang pag papaliwanag ñg isip at ang paggamit ñg matuid sa anomang bagay. Ang palalo’y ang napasasamba, ang bumubulag sa iba, at ang ibig papaniigin ang kaniyang ibig sa matuid at katampatan.”]

In the similar letter to Malolos, we read [my English translation]:

”Man was born equal, naked and with out chains. God has not created slavery, did not give it to thoughts that it was blind, and it will not be adorned with a purpose to be cheated by others. It isn’t embarrassing to refuse to serve different males, to enlighten the mind and to use purpose in all the things. What’s proud is to worship, to keep others blind and to drive what he needs for cause and justice. ”

I can guarantee it: in the future you’ll discover yourself in a state of affairs which will belief, your nation, your emotion, a critical check that may make you question your innermost perception, your vanity, and in this state of affairs you will meet by way of the created mark of the check or failed

Churchill's language, if not his ideas: We now have all been taught that we first customize our habits, and then our habits form us.

I'm a reporter. I are likely to ask questions, I might be skeptical once I met the official guy. The query I might most wish to ask you as we speak is: What does the faculty do at that second – in the era of disinformation, when Philippine values ​​get spherical when culture and Bisayan language, our cultures and languages ​​are used to justify critical sins and critical crimes?

Are you also painful to listen to the culture of Bisaya and especially the language of Bisaya used to distort words, dirty speech, unfair discourse, intolerant tendencies, murderous thoughts, even blasphemy?

We should always not use this cultural abuse, these assaults on our language, sitting down.

We’ve got to struggle towards "bakak." We didn’t gather our coaching by being a "bakakon." new information, do enterprise if we can’t belief the individuals we’re dealing with, and particularly those that are in energy towards us as a result of they are dishonest as a result of they lie? We’re educated individuals;

We need to sound the name "bugalbugal." We’re virtuous and heroic individuals, no looting, no loudmouth know-how culture

Sadly, in this part of history, Bisaya is now associated with Bacchus, Stream, Bugalbugan

"Our Language", The good Mindanao Jesuit father, Miguel Bernad, as soon as stated that he has his own beauty and dignity. He gave a easy example. He had requested his cousin, who at the moment was a low-income provincial governor, where he managed to seek out money for many public works in the province. The answer was brief and candy and sensible, like a proverb.

”Dunay Daghang Bean, Kung Dili Religion.”

“There's a lot of money if you don't waste it” – it sounds good in English, however not quite nearly as good in Binisaya. "Notice words, beauty, musicality," Father Bernad stated. "Dunay daghang sapi, kung dili religion."

The reality is that Binisaya or Cebuano or Sugbuanon is as profound and delicate and humor and emotion as another language; it isn’t the language of languages ​​and barbaric, sometimes cruel and pathological language. It has its own beauty and dignity.

Resil Mojaresin, now a nationwide artist, has a generous grant for his in depth studies on Cebuano or Bisayan literature. For example, his essay Cebuano poet Vicente Raja teaches us learn how to learn a poem or "Balak" in Cebuano. "Balak" is both an intention (literal which means of the phrase) and its expression. He quotes R its own concept. Kong walay hunahuna, walay buhat. ”

We consider that the Mojares translation confirms that Ranudo is an agile, creative thinker in our native language:“ The idea precedes work and gives the power that makes the work possible. Without thought there is no work. ”

Even Rizal, who was in exile in Dapitan, discovered to speak and respect our native language.

In July 1894, two years after he was expelled, he wrote a letter to his nice good friend Ferdinand Blumentritt in 4 languages: German, English, French and Spanish. The English half, which was rusty on account of Rizal's sensible lack, contained this paragraph:

”This Gewalttätigkeit [outrage] used [maybe he meant coerced or exerted] for me a new language, Bisaya; taught me the way to steer the ship and management the canoe; made me really feel higher in my country and launched me hundreds of dollars! God can ship you your possessions in the midst of the persecution of our wives! How do you discover English? ”

Different letters spoke of his discoveries in the grammar of Bisaya. He found the languages ​​which might be very beneficial for learning and for higher use. I’m wondering what Rizal would have finished about Raja's delicate considering, expressed in that refined wording. "Kong walay hunahuna, walay buhat."

I want to cease where the expertise of the South Philippine School begins, you you and you. Right here we learn: "Serve God and Humanity." 19659002] To serve mankind, while others assume poor, wounded, marginalized, are lower than absolutely human.

And to serve God and humanity by standing up for our culture and language. We stay there. It is beneath assault; To defend it, we’ve to go house once more.



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