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Rider Quotes: 2019 Asian MXGP

The same men on the prime of podium in MXGP of Asia. Tim Gajser and Jorge Prado are breaking data and shifting up all time lists. The victory after the victory and only the miracle would see anybody profitable the MXGP and MX2 Championships in 2019.

Tim Gajser: “I was having fun on both days this weekend. Unfortunately, yesterday I had a collision with a timed practice and I felt a bit of an ankle, but unlike yesterday hardly, it was a great weekend again. At the first motto I had a great start when I took the holeshot and ran the whole race. In the second, I started the third and made a quick pass, and then made another bit later on the round before I made a hole to steer the competition. I was really fun there, although the song was a bit slippery in some places, but I got two more motions so I can't complain! I try not to press myself every weekend, and I know I can have fun, I can ride really fast and it seems to work right now. It is also an honor to be the biggest winner for the Honda rider in the world motocross, a lot of really talented riders have ridden this great brand and it's amazing to achieve this. I hope I can keep it as long as possible, and I also have to thank the HRC team who helped me so much and give me the support I need to do that. ”

Jorge Prado: Two excellent mottoes as we speak and felt better in the other. I had good move and lap occasions for half the race and then began feeling a bit of dizzy, so I slowed down and rode. So I am completely satisfied weekend. At the moment's monitor preparation was higher; There have been extra routines and it was more fluid. I saw that Thomas fell into one other motto, so I hope he's okay and we will return to our battles within the subsequent GP. "

To Tom By way of:" The first race was really good for me because I could just follow Jorge and keep up with speed. I made a mistake in five minutes and I decided it. I didn't have the same rhythm in the second race and finally I just dominated my position to secure the podium. I just had trouble finding the right lines, so marking the fourth and second overall picture was a good day. "

Calvin Vlaanderen:" In a method, this podium was a bit of a surprise, however in one other approach I really feel like I've gone nicely enough this yr, so I would have to be earned before drawers. It's obvious that it's just my second race back from damage, so I really feel I can enhance it even at my velocity and bodily situation, but I felt really good this weekend. I attempted to save lots of somewhat power yesterday to ensure I might journey better right now and work properly. I might push each motoja, which I could not last the weekend, so I'm already improved in the course of the week, so I just need to continue constructing and development. It was enjoyable to be there, good battles in each races and I enjoyed the entire weekend. ”

Arnaud Tonus:“ It feels good to recover from a hard weekend in Palembang a few days ago, and especially here to follow. It was very difficult to find the flow and good feeling. It was very slippery and it took some time to feel good. I felt better today than yesterday. We switched quite a lot of things on the bike before the practice today, and I felt better, which helped a lot. It was important to take the time today. I've really gone step by step, because it was too easy to make a mistake there. Overall I am very happy. ”

Jeremy Seewer:“ It was a tough song. Yesterday I struggled a little. I think the track crew did a good job on the track yesterday because I know how difficult it is to make dirt like this. I'm really glad podium for the second time in a row, it's really good on behalf of the trust. Today I just wanted to go home safe and sound, I did not want to take any risks there, so asettuin place podium and I'm happy with it. ”

Gautier Paulin:“ This was the second GP in Indonesia and it has been tough. I didn't hit my mark at all. I didn't feel so good there. I made a lot of changes before the second motto, and I felt much better. I was back in the rhythm, but it was too late, but I had fun. I've fallen down after the pit-lane, and I finished eighth, which means that the result did not show the speed of the second race, but I'm glad to be able to find a rhythm. Better late than never. I look forward to returning to Europe and getting to Loket. ”

Romain Febvre:“ I had a good day yesterday. I was on the pole. I felt good today, but crashed when my rear wheel spins in the race. I was ok, but the handlebar was bent too much to continue. I made a mistake at the first corner of Race 2 and finished fifth, which is not really where I want to be. Hope it's better in Loket. ”

Thomas Kjer Olsen:“ I think it has been one of the weekends where things should have done much better than they did. The second motto ended at the first corner. I am of course disappointed but also happy that I could walk. It was a big hit. The first motto was a good start for GP. It was great to get the holeshot, first for the first time, but I didn't feel too comfortable on the track. Jorge and Tom were both riding well, so I pushed third. Return to Europe now and Loket in two weeks. ”

Bas Vaessen:“ When I fought on my entire weekend's knee, I ran to the rear of the bicycle at the beginning of the second motto of the collision. I had no feeling down my neck for 4 minutes and it was really scary. The feeling in my legs is back and slowly returns to my arm. When we come back to Holland, I will make a complete review. ”

Jed Beaton:“ It has certainly been a mixed family member for me and the team. I really felt like I could challenge podium today, but the other motto ended it. The song had some awkward places, but I usually felt good and found a nice rhythm. There were not so many choices, so keeping the errors as low as possible was really important. I had a good start on the first motto and got through the fourth Thomas. I really wanted to catch him, but I just ran around. But I ended the race well. The second competition was frustrating. The local rider dropped in front of me in the first round and I had no go. I really couldn't show what I had after that. Now these two flight trips have been made back to Europe and Loket. ”

Pauls Jonass:“ This GP has become a lot of positive, but I know I should have achieved the overall result. Great start, good speed, really strong second motto, just my mistake in my first race, which revealed a lot of good work from me and the team. I was mistaken about going off the track, but luckily I got old banners stuck in their rear wheel. The competition was really good at this point. I have a great start and really felt comfortable in another. Luckily, with a strong second place, I can return to the final motto, which is a great way to end these two GPs in Indonesia. All in all, I think that I have made some progress – I'm starting to put the pieces together. Exercising is good now, I've improved alkuillani and I can compete in front of the entire moto. I'm really looking forward to the last championship championships. I want to put it together and do my best to get strong results from six final GPs. ”

Henry Jacobi:“ The first start was not so great, and I had to drive for thirty minutes to finally get the seventh place. In the second race I got a holeshot and fought among the top three after a few rounds, but when I was almost two big crashes, I lost my rhythm and confidence. ”

Mitchell Harrison:“ There are no excuses, but I didn't enjoy the track; I just don't know myself here and I was sick this weekend. We promote more and more bike settings and I am pleased, but this song was so special, when in some parts of the attraction was good, and then there was no bet on the other. ”

Arminas Jasikonis: It's been a frustrating GP. The qualifier went properly, my first motto went nicely, however I couldn't full the last issues – I just didn't feel snug on the monitor. It’s frustrating as a result of the workforce did an ideal job and I felt that the highest degree end result was actually potential. The constructive factor is that my start was good at each motos, but in the second race I simply didn't feel confident in the monitor. I am glad to return back to Europe and look forward to the final physicians. ”

Brian Bogers:“ Today was not a good day for me, and I feel really bad to say. I have traveled throughout Indonesia so that I could run like this, and I'm really really disappointed with the way the processor. I have to press the reset button for the following races, and I hope that next weekend in the Dutch championships will be better, which can give me a boost for the next MXGP round. I want to say sorry to the team because they work so hard for me and they don't deserve such performance. It really is not what we want. I feel like I could ride better, and what I'm going to do for the whole season, and I'm just trying to forget this round. ”

Zach Pichon:“ I was pretty good Saturday. I was the first time I had five best times in practice, and then I was in the tenth qualifier. The competition day was tough. I struggled at the beginning of the moto one and I had problems with the heat too, abdominal pain and little discomfort at the end of the motto. The second competition was much better when I was in the top five in the battle. After twenty minutes I was empty, but I finished the twelfth. Good improvements took place on Saturday. Thank you team! ”

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