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Rider Quotes: 2019 MXGP from Lombardy

Antonio Cairoli and Jorge Prado have been again victorious, however many guys confirmed good velocity in Mantova's mud at Lombardy's 2019 MXGP.

Tony Cairoli: “It was very nice to be back in Italy and, despite the weather, there were many people here. The race itself was perfect and we knew the beginning would be important, especially on the track that was so rutted – it was completely different from yesterday. I'm really happy and thank you to all the teams for their great work. It is very early to look at the investments, so I will focus on staying as long as possible and try not to make a mistake. Hopefully we can be in podium again next week in Portugal. It is important to be consistent and my goal in this period is always to be among the top three. We see how it goes. ”

Jorge Prado:“ After a month it was good to come back and get on the podium; also trust. I felt really good here from the start and it was important to make a good start today: it was the key to the race and two wheels! I enjoy the second motto a lot. It was really nice to ride on this track. It is a place where you have to get the rhythm and let it flow. I could do it today. It is very difficult to stay at this level and not make any mistakes and good starts always: it's hard. I need to focus and lead lead. ”

Pauls Jonass:“ This weekend has been really great. I think the qualifying competition, even though I didn't get the desired result, was really important to me. Reaching a good start and running in the front gave me a lot of confidence, which I took into the competition today. Of course the song was muddy, but I like mud, so I felt good. I didn't get a perfect start, but I managed to make quick sources and avoid big mistakes. Getting the second place in the first motto seemed so good. The song was a bit more lined in the second motto, but again I felt good. I felt I'd be a bit faster than Bogers, but I got a few times sideways trying to move him, so I decided not to take more opportunities and just land. A good overall result is much more important. If you want to finish another set, you will receive my first MXGP podium, which stood in the box with Cairol, it is a very special moment for me. I feel that someone has clicked positively now with a racing car 450. I'm not yet 100% but I feel much more confident and this result gives me a lot of motivation to work hard. ”[19659002] Gautier Paulin:“ Today we had a hard track, but we have worked really hard over the past five weeks and made a big step forward on the bike. I did not expect this result, but I am happy to be in a box. I'm looking forward to the next Portuguese GP, I really enjoy the track, so I can't wait to return behind the gate. ”

Jeremy Seewer:“ Arduous circumstances at this time, so the outcome was effective. Many individuals have dangerous competitions in these circumstances, and I used to be capable of send two strong outcomes. If you take a look at it like this, you need to be pleased. I used to be seventh within the GP, two locations behind where I need to be, and I even moved to sixth in the championship, however that's not the case right now. I need to do better; I simply need to study to get via the primary few rounds without bullying.

Arnaud Tonus: “It was a difficult day for me. I crashed at the start and then three or four times, so it was only a rough moto to me. In the second motto I had a better start and I managed to get up to one tenth. I know I still have work, so I will continue to work and come back stronger next weekend. ”

Arminas Jasikonis:“ This has definitely been a specialist but it hasn't gone as I hoped to lead to another motto. I had one positive competition, which focused exclusively on survival, if I'm honest. The first race went well, but I was a bit too flat. I had a good rhythm and didn't make bad mistakes – it was good to get two Rockstar Energy Husqvarna in the top three. Two races were tough. I had to turn off the start directly and from there things were difficult. I have also been dropped, and it was a tough moto. I finished the race, I did not get any injuries and I am still fourth in the race, so things were not too bad. My speed in the opening competition was good, so I'll take it to the next GP, Portugal. ”

Thomas Kjer-Olsen:“ It was a tough GP, especially the first motto. Given the fact that I got to catch the first corner, and I also need a change, I'm glad that I was able to work back to sixth. It is never ideal to do so much work in the competition, but I kept my cool and moving forward. I am satisfied with how the rode. The track was tough, but I enjoy it. It was difficult in places, but not too difficult, because the sand was in the terrain, so it wasn't full of mud. I felt good on another motto. A good start helped me a lot. I moved forward a few places and I ran the second-largest part of the motto, which I am satisfied. It has been a positive weekend and I'm looking forward to Portugal now. ”

Jago Geerts:“ I had a superb start in the first heat and managed to maneuver shortly to a different earlier than it crashed and fell back to the third. I returned shortly and returned to another, so I used to be proud of driving. Within the second race fell at first and you too extra mistakes, but again rode fairly good, so general I am glad with the course of the weekend.

Ben Watson: “We had a whole lot of rain in the present day and the music was simply muta-fest. I had two terrible beginnings, a narrative of my yr, and then it was a nightmare that went by way of the package deal, and it's not straightforward to maneuver this piece. I had solely a type of days. One forgets. "

To Tom By way of:" A a lot better second race and a very good begin. Jorge took me in the first round, so I decided to comply with him, and I am glad with my feelings bike. The monitor was troublesome within the lengthy race and I had ache after yesterday's crash, however to return to the outcome, the second moto was good: I am completely happy and thanks to all of the Purple Bull KTM group. ”

Rene Hofer:“ The first GP and it was exciting, but also a bit disappointing. It was good to see and learn the class and speed of my friends, and I think I rode quite well, but when I got my knee in the first motto, I had a lot of pain. There is little damage to the ligament, but I should be OK on the next round of the European Championship. ”

Tim Gajser:“ It was a tough day, raining all night. The song was a little cartoon and monochrome, and it started to be very important. Unfortunately, in the first race I fell down at the start and had to go straight to the mine to change my goggles and remove my neck strap. During the competition, I made a few mistakes because I had to leave the main line to go, and this was when the song was very tricky. I was really disappointed to stop the tenth and I didn't want to be. I had a bit better start in the race two, rounding another deflection to about 10 or 12th. I had been able to make a number of fast traverses, but when I got behind Coldenhoff, I just couldn't make a passport. I knew I was faster and sent the fastest lap, but I just couldn't get around him because it was single-lined. Because of all the rostuses, I had to throw my eyes off and then it was very difficult. It was a terrible day, but sometimes it can be a motocross. Moving forward from here and heading for Portugal to be very motivated to return to winning habits. ”

Henry Jacobi:“ It wasn't an easy weekend! I started a good start in the first race, but on the first corner many riders came together and someone hit me behind; I was under three bikes, so I was the last time I went again, but I got a good return for the eleventh, so I was sure of another race. I took a good start and passed some people to fight for the third, but two rounds left me having problems with the bike and stopped. ”

Petar Petrov:“ The weekend was good until the second motto. Five rounds went to age 14 and approached 13th and 12th, but then the bike broke down. I felt that we made improvements with bike and suspension, and that was important. My first motto was terrible for the first 10 minutes, I didn't ride good. The second part of the engine was better, but the second motto I drove really good was that I could have been on the 12th or 13th day. We will continue to work and hopefully get back next weekend and we will try hard. ”

Adam Sterry:“ Today was a different story than yesterday… unfortunately. In the first race I had a good start, but at the first corner there was a big collision and I ended up in the ground; I was a long way back, but I could return to the twelfth, so I was happy with riding. In the second race I got a good start, but someone fell right in front of me and got caught; I had to come back fourteen. Now we are focusing on the results we deserve in Portugal. ”

Brian Bogers:“ My good day really started last night when it started to rain. qualifications. All in all, it wasn't too bad nor absolutely as bad as in Russia a couple of years ago, but I knew I could do well. In the first heat I got a terrible start because I fell under the wheel and I couldn't move before someone helped me. Then I had to change the goggles and even that I ended up with 20. It wasn't the result I wanted, so I was very focused on the second race, especially at the beginning, and it helped me turn the first corner into third. After a few rounds, the rider in front of me crashed, so I stayed second. Speed ​​was very good, the fitness was good and I am really satisfied with this result. This whole team does a good job, they support me and believe in me and I know with them that I can do this on a normal track. We are still building, and this is a big step in the process. ”

Calvin Vlaanderen:“ The day was completely different from the rain of yesterday and it meant that riding was much harder. I went to the beginning of the first motto and I had to ride a lot of riders to get back to 17th place. Then in the race two were a better start, but I made small mistakes and ended up in 10th place. Horseback riding was not good, but I'm happy that I could come here and race and get some points, and I think it is good for a few weekend. It is clear that we need to improve, but I know that with my group we can do everything we can to do it. I also know that every day my feet feel better and it helps me to return to the form of pre-injury when I was challenging to the prize. We've been doing a break. Saturday was a good day, a good start and a third in the qualifier. On Sunday I was in good shape and smiled on my face in harsh conditions. Unfortunately, the accident, which in turn was one of the races and hit two gates in the gate, left me a lot to replace. I am happy for riding in difficult conditions, and that I got my way through the field in order to achieve two good result. Thanks to my team! ”

Clement Dale:“ When I saw this track this morning, I was not so confident that at the moment I find it hard to put my feet on the ground if cycling. But it didn't change the plan; The goal was to do my best, and I think I achieved it. I had a good gate and got a bit of a decent start on both of the mottoes. Fifth, the first competition was a good result; I didn't want to crash, so I didn't take any risks. The second motto was similar and fourth fourth. That's a positive result if I think I couldn't practice the bike for one month. I'm going to work this week physically and I might be riding. Tonight I feel some pain in my hands and shoulders, but it's normal after the bike is off, and I know it's going to be better next week. ”

Julien Lieber:“ There was no weekend I could wait. I am qualified to eleven on Saturday, so port selection was not so bad for competition. The track was completely different on Sunday, and after the early fall I did my best to return to the fourteenth, wasn't easy to move because it was essentially one line. The second start was a little better, and I was the ninth of Desa and behind Paturel when I had a problem and had to retire. A confusing weekend, we are now focusing on Portugal. ”


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