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Tom: Coast to the coast and floorboards for shingles, this is The Money Pit Residence Enchancment Show. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

Tom: And what are you working on this great winter weekend? If it is your house, perhaps now, this yr, you’re uninterested in watching these four partitions and you’re – you at the moment are absolutely motivated to do one thing about it. We hope you’re absolutely motivated to select up the telephone and call us as a result of we may also help. The quantity is 1-888-MONEY-PIT, 888-666-3974. We have now ideas, ideas, inspiration here to avoid sweating in terms of house enchancment.

This morning, one household product that can assist enhance your own home organization by supplying you with a central place to eliminate the mess. Know what it’s? Nicely, we have now this and extra storage simply earlier than.

LESLIE: Plus, we've received the most effective mistakes individuals make when it's time to dig after snow dumping. We spend money on doing a few of these. First, before you’re taking this shovel, we need to hear what you’re working on within the cash pit. Heck, we even speak about belongings you do outdoor within the snow, snow. Perhaps you reside someplace heat and work more in the summertime. No matter what we are, we are right here to help. So call or ship your questions on-line.

TOM: The quantity is 1-888-MONEY-PIT, 888-666-3974. It’s also possible to ship your questions to the Money Pit Group page at

Let it go. Leslie, who's first?

LESLIE: Okay. Now this drawback is probably all handled: water takes too lengthy to warmth.

Monty Alabama, inform us about it.

MONTY: We’ve got – our water heater – moved to the house a number of months ago, and it takes about 90-120 seconds for the recent water to warmth up. And that was simply this big water loss

And it is an electrical water heater and it is situated on the other aspect of the home, upstairs, so it should travel up to now, I'm positive. Is there a wise answer to this?

Tom: Yeah, you hit the top with nails. The rationale that the water will get scorching is that how lengthy it takes for the water to move by way of the long pipe and to get to the kitchen on the other aspect of the house.

What can I recommend you think about including one other water heater. Now you possibly can decide up a tank-free water heater they usually now have fairly energy-efficient, electrical fuel-free water heaters. I've by no means been used to saying this, however lately I noticed some new ones. The know-how is somewhat better. They really have warmth pumps which might be fairly efficient. But in case you needed to share the run to get the water heater closer to the kitchen, it will be totally different.

Is this kitchen the only place that has this? Is it – is scorching water fairly quick, considering the place the loos are situated?

MONTY: Sure.

TOM: Yes, as a result of the loos are more essential than the kitchen. Scorching water arrives, especially whether it is standing on a cold flooring ready for the water to heat up before you leap within the bathe, I might in all probability have tolerated it if it have been me.

One other thing you can do is put a usable water heater right under the kitchen cabinet to provide extra scorching water. But once again it is an costly challenge and I don't know when you would ever do it with regard to water costs and saving

MONTY: Mm-hmm. Yeah. If we will't do one thing, it's not likely value doing, because…

Tom: I don't assume it's value doing that, Monty, as a result of it's not likely troublesome because it's not close to the toilet. You just need to be affected person a bit ready for the warm water to arrive. And after imagining it arrives, it stays heat in the pipes somewhat longer.

One factor you might think of is to isolate that scorching water pipe in order that when scorching water reaches it, it should keep warm for just a little longer. And it might be…

MONTY: Mm-hmm. Yeah, it's a good suggestion and it might be a discount.

TOM: Low cost, Proper. And make it a bit of more snug. ALRIGHT?

MONTY: OK, Tom. Thanks so much. Take pleasure in your show

TOM: Thanks a lot, Monty. Congratulations on this venture and thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Mary in Missouri, You've Received a Money Hour. How can we make it easier to at the moment?

MARY: My husband and I try to install a central air residence. It’s a ranch type, and we bought a central air unit and duct material from a building that was dismantled. And I questioned if we might merely join the ducts – and once we minimize the holes within the wall – into the ceilings – I assumed we might just go ahead and join a duct that was there from the previous building or if we needed to redo all of the ducts – I imply all the air flow ducts.

TOM: I suppose the reply could be. The reason being that the duct system depends on the constructing. And it depends upon the dimensions of the building and the space the air has to travel. And if that's not proper, what occurs is either making a state of affairs where you’ve got too much or too little heating or cooling. And you in all probability have too little. And if that happens, you will find yourself wasting plenty of power, as a result of the system has to run rather more when making an attempt to make the constructing pleasant.

So I recommend that when the channel is designed, you’re apprehensive that you actually need to get someone who has skilled these techniques designing and put it on you. It’s definitely not a do-it-yourself undertaking; It isn’t something you’ll be able to deal with, even in the event you have been very arduous working for the primary time because you may get it incorrect.

It depends so much on the dimensions of the building, how many windows in the building, where the constructing is. Calculating warmth loss has been carried out and you need to use it to find out how a lot scorching or cold air you must get into each room. So you don't just need to repeat what was finished in an older home until it happened to be an identical home.

So this is the point the place it is good that you simply obtained the gear low cost, you get the channel at a low worth. You need to spend just a little money to get it correctly, Mary, or simply not snug.

MARY: Yeah, I needed to examine as a result of we have been fairly self-sufficient, but I had the feeling that this might be greater than we might handle.

Tom: I feel it's a good suggestion. Mary, thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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TOM: And still coming, one family product can improve your property group by supplying you with a key spot to eliminate the mess. After that we’ve increasingly organizations.

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LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

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You understand, Lutron's guys got here up with a dimmer. So that is only a super-modern model. Caseta is probably the most built-in sensible lighting control model, so it integrates perfectly with different main sensible house units. So, you might have Alexa, Siri, whatever. You can also make it really easy to make use of and increase your system over time.

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LESLIE: Now we’ve got Gary in New York on a brand new roof.

GARY: Again in 2011, here in Binghamton, New York, we had had a flood hit quite badly. And we had thought that a few of the storm that had been rolled had damaged our roof. It turns out that the insurance coverage firm observed that the roof tiles weren’t put in appropriately. I feel that they had seized them too high and an excessive amount of with PSI, with no hammer or anything.

And it's long-lasting, so we truly had a sliding patch that we paid for. It was in all probability about 350, 400 bucks to fix it. And now, a couple of years later, we also have one other patch that could be very close to the unique repair works that begin to slip down. I've never studied a new roof. I used to be type of interested in what you may advise me.

Tom: So, Gary, the previous roof is a normal, asphalt-roof roof?

GARY: I consider so, yes.

Tom: Since you say the tile that slid down, I feel you're simply saying – you must clarify that the shingles slid down.

GARY: Sure.

Tom: And so, Gary, at this level I just need to discover out one of the simplest ways to exchange the present asphalt roof, right?

GARY: Nicely, one of the questions I and my wife have been discussing is the last time we paid for this, where we had an issue where a large part slid down, we paid 350, 400 bucks. And it took about three or 4 years before we saw other issues.

What we’re interested by might be about – I feel it was – we realized about 9 years left of the life of the roof from where it was put in. And we have been curious if we just needed to keep 300, 400 bucks a yr – 300, 400 bucks every two years – or if we just needed to go forward and get an entire new roof.

Tom: How lengthy are you

GARY: If we win the lottery, I gained't move until they hack me an excessive amount of.

Tom: So you’ll be a roof in much of this life, be it present or new?

GARY: We expect we keep in this home for fairly a while so long as we reside.

TOM: Nicely, if it is 300 bucks and it goes for three or 4 years, and you must do it as soon as, I could possibly be wonderful. But when I assumed I should do it repeatedly, I began excited about a brand new roof. And if I am going to make a brand new roof, I'd take away the previous roof, immediately into the roof overlaying, and then the reroofin from there. Putting a second layer on an present layer just isn’t good

First, the second layer won’t ever last so long as the primary layer holds numerous heat. As well as, you have already got the primary layer of fixation problems, so you don't need to mix it with more roofing. So I feel I'd be tempted to do it a few times, however then I'd be prepared for a brand new ceiling.

GARY: OK. I feel the second query I had – and in this respect – is a few yr or two after the repair was completed, we had acquired an isolation place within the attic. And it value us fairly a penny to get it because we had – I feel it was an R30 insulation installed they usually had to sister wings and every thing. Since then we’ve not observed any water penetration, however we simply put the plasterboard within the attic. Is there any method to verify and see if water has penetrated?

Tom: Nicely, if there’s water penetration, especially when you have a plasterboard because it is going to stain. So when you don't see it, I don't anticipate you to get a leak.

GARY: And once we are in New York, don't we now have to fret concerning the climate? Like when ought to we get the roof once more if we determine to take action?

TOM: Yeah. I don't assume it might be a good idea to do it in the midst of winter, in fact, however every different yr's time is ok. One of many things you must contemplate once you rebuild a roof is since you are within the state of New York, to be sure to have ice and water protection put in. That is an extra layer of roofing material that runs from the roof edge to three or 4 ft of the roof structure

And it is designed to offer you an ice dam, where ice is shaped within the sewer after which snow that begins to soften, so that water doesn’t hit the dam and back into the house. And because you're going to tug out the previous shingles, it's the right opportunity to do it.

LESLIE: And you realize what, Gary? Here’s a hint for someone who just stored his roof up once more last summer time: get your self one among these nail magnets. It's like an enormous magnet that may be a stick that walks in your yard? As I swear, we nonetheless discover nails in the yard that appear on the most random occasions in probably the most random locations. So regardless of how nicely your folks look, there’s much more.

And if you’ll be house at all during this venture, try to get out. Because I need to inform you, I'd be house – I had a bit of guy, a young child. Charlie was only six months previous. It was the loudest, probably the most scary thing to cope with: the voice of people on the roof and the hammer and…

Tom: It's like awake throughout surgical procedure.

LESLIE: Yeah. It's like an assault. We just had to get the heck out of the house. So it's like making an attempt to make plans to be round.

TOM: Alright, Gary. Hope this helps you.

GARY: Thank you very a lot.

Tom: Properly, once you look across the room, do you see messy piles all over the place? I did, however then the youngsters went again to high school they usually disappeared.

Properly, when your stuff isn't residence, it's straightforward to really feel a bit overwhelmed about where it is. And that is very true for the belongings you want and use each day.

LESLIE: Yeah. However there actually is only one very simple answer we like. And it's one family product that I can't stay with out. And once you've tried it, you possibly can't. I'm speaking about baskets.

Now the hampers are of all sizes and shapes. And they’re the simplest option to save things that seem unpleasant and simply messy once they're open. And yet you still have quick access to them once you need them.

TOM: Yeah. For example, once you go house, do you clear the keys, your pockets, your cell phone's kitchen counter? Why? Put just a little basket there; Hold all of it involved. For all electronic chargers, you need to use a basket. And in our home we use them for remote controls. We have now some baskets beneath the table and we now have all of the distant controls and different furnishings and wrist watches there. They are very useful.

LESLIE: And I will say that we’ve a variety of words within the baskets right here. I now use a small compartment in my entry table that retains the keys, unfastened modifications, all the things in my pocket. You recognize I'm utilizing a larger compartment on the lounge sofa desk that includes such issues. So, think of a basket, a tray, a cute dish. All this stuff belong to the physique section of the basket. It just will depend on what it’s a must to put in there.

And there are even methods you possibly can retailer greater issues like footwear in front of you, even in the closet. On the backside of the cabinet, it's often simply footwear and you may't find the one you're in search of. So when you put a nice basket on the underside of the cupboard, you possibly can put your footwear there. If there is a bench on the front panel, you possibly can put every of your youngsters beneath the bench so that each one their footwear go directly to the same basket, so there's no battle and every thing in the identical place.

TOM: Good advice

Here's a 1-888-MONEY PIT. We've received extra advice on where it got here from, virtually all the house enchancment tasks you may think of doing. Name us now, 888-666-3974.

LESLIE: Kathy in South Carolina.

KATHY: I’ve an issue when the squirrels chew on the ceiling.


KATHY: And I questioned how I can – what can I repair and what can I put there to keep them away?

Tom: Where have they chewed? Are they chewed by means of upholstery or sofas making an attempt to get into the attic?

KATHY: Nicely, they've come to the attic.

TOM holes. Do you need to fix these holes or what do you do?

KATHY: No. I referred to as you to see how you possibly can assist me as a result of I take heed to your play on a regular basis and offer you such good recommendation.

Tom: Properly, in the event that they get into the attic, you’ll be able to earn them and release them. You should use some Havahart lure. And this can be a lure that may be a cage with a lure door. And the best way for the bait is to take the apple and put it within the cage distant and thread the apple into the cage; Don't simply put it there. But often I take a hanger or a frame thread or something like that, and I twist it via the apple and lead it away so it may't bounce around.

And if they are in the attic, they’ll search for that meals. They get trapped there. Then you possibly can decide up the entire cage and take it removed from your home after which release it. And consider me, as soon as you carry the door, they’re like mild.

LESLIE: They're gone.

Tom: They're just flying right there they usually're leaving. They don't need something to do with you, so it's utterly protected.

For these holes, you must restore them. Now you’ll be able to put it – if it’s a small hole, you possibly can put it on a steel wool or something like that. But if it is a greater gap, you must simply construct it once more or repair it anyway. So if it is wooden or whether it is vinyl or if it is a metallic soffit material, you just have to utterly rebuild it.

And then I point out another one that appears to have been quite efficient through the years – and that in case you needed to put the balloons down in the attic, it will appear to affect the squirrel. So in case you unfold them…

LESLIE: Mm-hmm. Nevertheless, the odor goes into the house, so don't go crazy with it.

Tom: Yeah, right. You’ll be able to grasp them there, yeah.

KATHY: However might we put something in there to stop coming in?

TOM: We need to determine holes and get them fastened. It's really an entry. It’s a must to shut the doorways here. And if we will determine the holes and their entry factors and seal them, you shouldn't have an issue with squirrels. In fact, they do not reside in the attic, but they are, in fact, on the lookout for their method into the home.

In case you're unsure where to get in, you obviously can't get there – get there – watch it rigorously, then work on the road degree, strolling outdoors the home and searching up. Attempt to get binoculars or borrow one and see in case you can see the holes they will. However it have to be closed.

KATHY: OK. Thanks quite a bit. I'm so grateful.

TOM: Do you will have youngsters or a minimum of youngsters who’re visiting? Nicely, baby safety is the important thing to their security. We now have some recommendations on how child-safe areas won’t be thought-about.

Plus, you may know that sensible residence products can make life easier, however did you understand that they will additionally get monetary savings, as properly? I'll inform you how Lutron's Sensible-Residence Tip, launched right now. All this is coming after this.

Good Residence Enchancment, Welcome again to Money Pit Residence Improvement Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

TOM: Name us now, at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

Hi, Leslie, I considered a toddler's security once I was just on my approach to Florida, serving to my mother move to her winter place there. And I’ve to inform you this story.

I used to be in publix, who made buying together with her. And we’re aligned, and I packed every day belongings. And then, beside me, I see a mother with a small youngster, perhaps two ish, standing in the basket and leaning in the direction of the mother, except that the mother had her again to the kid. So, if somewhat youngster considered going to the mother, it didn't occur, and she or he went nose to nose on that flooring of Publix. And I and the opposite mother or father who was in the identical line have been like: "Sorry, sorry." Hey. ”

LESLIE: Your intuition is to grab a toddler.

Tom: Sure, I know. Simply as in case you have been a father or mother or not, you're just ready to catch, you recognize? It occurred there. And the factor is, youngsters, they do this stuff so quick. They study new expertise every single day. Who knows? Perhaps it was the primary time a toddler received up in his purchasing cart.

But you must be so on. And on, we've received good ideas and checklists on baby safety in the amenities, defending your youngsters, and certain areas inside the house, like the toilet. So check it out. It's on-line, right now, on

LESLIE: And we inform you that they’re doing horrible things. Charlie. I have this entire space within the lobby – everyone has a hook on their coats. And Charlie is standing on a bench that attaches to a hair that is nonetheless hooked, but leaning back like a rappelling coat like a rope?

Tom: Oh, like a swing?

LESLIE: It was because the hair slipped off the hook or his palms slipped away, he would have flown out of the bench and found his head. And I like, "Dudes." It's such as you don't need to get indignant, however you want them to be afraid and don't do it once more. And at the similar time, you want, "Men, I get it."

TOM: Proper. It's cute, yeah.

LESLIE: So that you all the time need to assume because they're going to determine the right way to use one thing for an unintended function. You have to be above.

Tom: What do I name "indoors"? Oven door, right? They open the oven doorways and climb into them. I guess that many individuals have no idea this: there’s truly a holder that you need to be underneath the back legs of the oven – an oven in your area – that retains it on the floor if that occurs. Otherwise it will probably simply turn round. I mean, they are a sort of acceleration of how they’re balanced. So, you must be on on a regular basis.

And once more this guidelines is online, proper now, on Or name us. We will talk about it. This quantity is 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

Nicely, you may know that sensible residence products can make life simpler. However do you know that they will also get monetary savings? Properly, they will. You recognize that intelligent residence security know-how can now handle virtually all features of residence home equipment and utilities when turning on the lights for a full-fledged safety system. And on the similar time, the added advantages of all these similar technologies might be to economize alongside the best way. Listed here are a couple of ways they do exactly that.

First, insurance corporations now reward householders and even renters who spend money on sensible know-how to make their houses safer. They offer reductions on house insurance for alarm techniques with window and door sensors and a beep.

And speaking about sensible thermostats. They will forestall frozen pipes in the winter, which may forestall very costly pipeline emergencies from the burst pipe and any subsequent water injury.

And intelligent lighting also can scale back power consumption by bringing the lights on only when they’re wanted or they will even forestall randomization by switching lights on and off, which provides the appearance that your home is in use, even in case you are many, many kilometers [19659121]. hours when the effectivity is usually decrease. And should you don't have all of these expensive intelligent units, you can too plug peculiar units into sensible plugs instantly into an outlet.

LESLIE: And the producers of this Lutron, Caseta Wireless Intelligent Dimmers Starter Package introduced by this current Sensible Tip. When Caseta is in Lutron's Sensible-Lighting monitoring, you possibly can set the lights on each night time at nightfall. Sundown Tracker routinely adjusts because the seasons change, so you understand that it doesn’t matter what time of yr your loved ones will all the time return to a well-lit house.

TOM: Caseta, Lutron. Welcome house for peace of thoughts.

LESLIE: Now we have now a Charlotte line with a leaky window. What happens to the money pit?

CHARLOTTE: We’ve issues with double home windows. I’m going each morning within the winter and dry the home windows. And we have now a mould that appears there. I've tried ceiling followers. I additionally tried these deflators. And we removed the baffles because the manufacturer – the individual we purchased it – stated it wasn't a good idea. And we're still wiping out the windows and received the mould. I’ve tried to wash them barely alternative ways: peroxide bleaching. Any options for what may be thought-about?

TOM: Wow. Sorry to hear. And you already know what? The reason is that the windows usually are not nicely insulated. Although they could be thermal panels, what happens is you might have heat, moist air inside the house that hits the chilly glass and then condenses on the glass floor and then drops down. So the long-term answer is to get new windows.

A shorter term answer could possibly be to explore all of the ways that moisture builds inside your home. And it will possibly build in a shocking approach. First, cooking, right? When you have an exhaust fan that recycles moisture again into the house, it is going to acquire moisture. If baths are outfitted with bath-exhaust followers, if they don’t seem to be used for 15 minutes after the shower, it’s stated that moisture will enter the home.

If the home's outbuilding is flat or sunken, which provides extra moisture underneath the house that may ultimately deceive. And eventually, in the event you don't have a great attic ventilation, you get what is known as "steam pressure" that can construct inside the home.

Should you attempt to scale back the amount of moisture inside the home that controls a part of it. But sadly, the long-term answer is to switch home windows. They should not essentially condense. And in the event that they have been isolated, it wouldn't have happened. Does it make sense?

CHARLOTTE: It makes numerous sense. Many thanks.

LESLIE: Do you reside in a snowy environment prematurely with out the Garage to maintain your automotive? Nicely, it's OK. Since then, we've obtained some ideas for finding out about snow shortly and simply.

TOM: Good House Improvement, This is The Money Pit House Enchancment Show. In help of your calls, your question about The Money Pit listener in 1-888-MONEY-PIT, submitted by HomeAdvisor.

LESLIE: Get answers to one of the best residence supplier in your area, read critiques and ebook appointments on-line, all totally free.

TOM: Regardless of the type of work, HomeAdvisor makes it fast and straightforward to rent one of the best native professionals.

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TOM: It’s value 99.95. Going out to at least one caller drawn at random. Make that you simply. The number, once more, is 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Shironnie (sp) in Colorado is on the road and has a question about mould. What can we do for you right now?

SHIRONNIE (sp): The pipes and damaged pipes. Now we've received this drawback, so we have now – we need to know what the easiest way to deal with it.

TOM: Yeah. To start with, when that occurred, did you file a declare together with your householders insurance coverage company?

SHIRONNIE (sp): No, we just received the house. We received it as is, so we’re fixing it earlier than we transfer in.

TOM: Oh, oh. OK. Received it, obtained it, acquired it. OK. Properly, is it plenty of mould or is it just a little bit of mould?

SHIRONNIE (sp): Lots. We’re ripping out drywall and as we rip it out, we’re discovering extra.

TOM: Oh, boy. Yeah. Yeah, that is usually not a do-it-yourself challenge as a result of when you could have plenty of mould, you’ll be able to contaminate elements of the house with this. I actually assume that is the sort of factor that you simply need to stop and get some professional help with, Shironnie (sp). As a result of in case you launch all those mould spores into the air, you probably could possibly be causing a much bigger drawback.

Usually, when you have got that much mould – you say lots of mould – it’s a must to be careful about how you’re taking that apart. What you usually do is you depressurize the house, you set followers in the house so that it pulls the air out as you’re breaking out that – the drywall and so on and flushes all of these mould spores to the surface. And then all the framing gets sprayed down so that you simply kill anything that’s left behind. You get it good and dry and then you definitely reinsulate and re-drywall.

Nevertheless it’s a reasonably large job and when you’ve numerous mould like that, you could be exposing yourself to that mould and that would make you sick. So I might say to proceed very cautiously if you’re making an attempt to rebuild a house that’s obtained heavy mould injury. It’s not a simple drawback to resolve.


TOM: So good luck with that venture. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: So you live in a place where snow is widespread this time of yr however you don’t have a storage. It’s a ache, I do know, to clear all that snow and ice off of your automotive but you’ve received to do it. It’s actually harmful, truly, to drive that method.

TOM: Yeah. Now, here’s a mistake that I guarantee you’ll only make as soon as, as a result of that’s the entire number of occasions that I made it. And that’s not parking at the finish of your driveway.

Yeah, the snowplows are going to push just a little pile-up towards your automotive however it nonetheless makes the space that it’s worthwhile to shovel or clear so much closer to your finish point. And the same goes for a parking area at a rental or house complicated. Grab a spot near the exit when potential. It’s only a lot simpler to get out.

LESLIE: Yeah. Now, one other trick is to place up the windshield wipers in order that they don’t freeze to the automotive window. Also, you need to use a long-handled broom to get snow off the highest of your automotive before you open the door or a heap of wet snow goes to fall proper in.

I feel one thing like this occurred to you, Tom.

TOM: Nicely, you already know, it did and it was the windshield-wiper factor. And it was on my SUV and it was the rear window. And I didn’t pull it off the window. And truthfully, I’ve never accomplished it earlier than as a result of it doesn’t bend just like the entrance ones do. However I might have however I simply didn’t do it. But guess what occurred? It froze and caught to the window and the wiper arm truly cracked. It got here in two, so I needed to substitute that entire wiper arm because of that. So, yeah, it’s a good idea to tug them off of the home windows.

And don’t overlook to clear snow around your headlights and your taillights. And in case your driver’s door is frozen shut, attempt all of the doorways. There may be ones that face the solar that you simply’ll be capable of get into. And you may as well use a lock deicer for frozen locks or doorways or even WD-40 works actually, rather well.

LESLIE: Bill in Texas has a query about rusty grout in a toilet undertaking. What’s happening?

BILL: Sure, ma’am. A couple of years in the past, I put in a tile bathe. I’d removed a fiberglass bathe and I put in a tile bathe. And the issue is – you understand how you set the rubber barrier up like 42 or 48 inches? I put that up however I’m guessing that I ought to have used stainless-steel screws. Because in two spots, you’ll be able to type of detect a rust shade sort of seeping by means of the grout? And I’m questioning if I ought to take away the grout and perhaps attempt – they’ve that epoxy-based grout, if I should do this or if there’s – once I take away the grout, if there’s a product I ought to apply to type of neutralize the rust.

Principally, that’s what’s happening. I’ve simply – I’m decently useful, so I do know I can take away the grout and every little thing however I’m simply questioning what steps I ought to take to stop the rust from coming back.

TOM: Properly, the sand-based grout definitely is going to permit any rust stains to type of permeate proper by means of. Epoxy grout in all probability wouldn’t. That could be the only answer if it’s just minor surface rust. It’s slightly bit late now to tug tile off and begin altering fasteners, so I feel that in all probability makes probably the most sense, Bill – can be just to take away the previous grout with a grout noticed after which regrout it with epoxy-based grout which, by the best way, is somewhat more durable to work with. So be sure to take your time, perhaps follow off these rest room walls earlier than you apply it to it. However I feel that’s in all probability the perfect answer within the brief time period.

BILL: Now, the – for automotive, they’ve POR-15 and totally different products to neutralize the rust. Is there something like that that you simply – wouldn’t it be worthwhile to even attempt to attempt that or is it not value my time?

TOM: I’m not accustomed to those products but my concern can be that when you received one, it’ll in all probability open up some other place along the best way, so it’s sort of such as you’re chasing a ghost after a while.

BILL: OK. So perhaps attempt the epoxy grout and cross my fingers?

TOM: I might say so. I feel there’s a reasonably good probability it’s going to work out, Bill, OK?

BILL: OK. Thanks a lot.

LESLIE: Nicely, falls at residence injure tens of millions of People every year. And one of the crucial widespread places that they happen is in your tub. We’ve received some straightforward recommendation on methods to make that area safer, after this.

TOM: Making good houses higher, that is The Money Pit House Improvement Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Standing by on your calls at 1-888-MONEY-PIT. And 888-MONEY-PIT is introduced by HomeAdvisor. You will get instantly matched with top-rated execs for any house undertaking and e-book appointments on-line, all free of charge.

LESLIE: Alright. We’ve acquired a submit right here from Jake who wrote within the Group section: “I just bought a new Cape Cod-styled home with return vents on the exterior walls of my house. It’s our first winter we’re here and I’m noticing we’re getting a lot of cold air and drafts coming from the returns when my heat is not on. I even took the return covers off and I can see the old, wood siding on the exterior of my house. Is there a way I can insulate the vents or seal them up so I don’t get the drafts?”

TOM: Yeah. The issue isn’t the ducts, it’s the shortage of insulation around them. So you, to start with, want to guage whether or not you even have insulation in those exterior walls. You in all probability do but it might be pulled back across the ducts. So, the other thing that you may do is you would spray a polyurethane foam in around those edges.

But I’ll warning you that it’s worthwhile to use the one which is known as “window and door foam.” It’s the type that’s used to seal the hole between windows and doorways. And the rationale you’re going to use that is as a result of when it dries, it’s spongy. Should you use the one that’s just designed to seal gaps, then what’s going to happen is that will get really onerous and it’s very powerful. In order it expands, it’ll buckle the wall or buckle the duct and you gained’t be proud of it. For those who use the one that’s designed for home windows and doorways, even when it spills out a bit bit, no massive deal. Let it dry. You possibly can reduce it clear with a knife and also you’ll be good to go.

LESLIE: And you already know what, Jake? That’s actually going to be what you’ll want to assist decelerate and perhaps even cease these drafts utterly. And that’s what you need to hold you guys snug in the winter months.

TOM: Nicely, falls at house injure hundreds of thousands of People yearly. Leslie has acquired recommendations on tips on how to forestall those accidents and more in the toilet, in immediately’s edition of Leslie’s Final Word.

LESLIE: Yeah. To begin with, for those who’ve received small boys in the house, inform them that jumping in the shower is a horrible concept.

TOM: Dangerous concept.

LESLIE: The aim of the bathtub mat – it’s a nasty concept. However really, guys, outdoors of getting youngsters and ensuring they’re protected within the tub, there’s lots of issues that each one of us must be doing for the whole family. They usually’re pretty simple.

To start with, use a non-slip mat or install adhesive safety strips or decals all alongside your bathtub or shower flooring. Now, should you do use a shower mat on that flooring, you need to be sure to select one which has a non-skid bottom. As a result of even for those who’ve acquired a shower mat suctioned right down to the bath flooring, you might still step on that and that might be slippery. So ensure that’s step number one.

Secondly, you possibly can set up seize bars in your tub and in the bathe stall. And don’t use towel racks or wall-mounted cleaning soap dishes as grab bars. They will come unfastened very simply. I imply they’re not made for that. Their brackets aren’t made for the additional power which might be required to hold anyone in the occasion that they’re falling or give some help when standing. So you must buy the best sort of item for the appropriate objective.

So for those who’re on the lookout for a grab bar, yow will discover some which are very stylishly designed, that shall be put correctly onto the wall with the right bracket to keep you protected however still look good whereas it’s doing so.

Subsequent, you need to just remember to hold the ground clear and dry. Should you step out of the shower to adjust something with the lighting or do something and the ground gets a bit wet, dry it up immediately. You simply should be careful, as a result of these floors are super-duper slippery. And particularly for those who drop some hand lotion or some make-up remover, one thing which may really feel a bit greasy on the floor, again a super-duper slippery hazard.

Now, lastly, in the event you use a throw rug in your rest room or frankly, anyplace in the house, you need to just remember to put them over a rug liner or you choose a rug with a non-skid backing. That’s going to scale back the prospect of slipping. I imply it’s a super-common trip-and-fall hazard at residence.

So in case you take these steps, start in the toilet, prolong to the remainder of the house. They’re all common sense ideas you could put into play to maintain everyone protected.

TOM: In reality, we’ve received a preventing-falls-at-home guidelines you may also take a look at at

Arising next time on this system, as simple as it might sound so as to add insulation, it’s a venture that many DIYers get mistaken. We’ll have ideas that will help you get it right, on the very subsequent edition of The Money Pit.

I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you can do it yourself …

LESLIE: But you don’t should do it alone.


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