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Stop the summer electricity consumption and keep the flow

TOM: Coastal Shoreline and Floorboards for Shingles
That is The Cash Pit Residence Enchancment Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

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Great exhibition for you. Pending,
air con, cooking, cleaning and extra laundry, summer is a
season once we put a whole lot of demands on our electrical methods. So, if
the system is emphasized and you assume: “Hmm. Do I have to update a
a much bigger electrical panel? Will you remedy my drawback? "We’re going to
tell me how you already know whether or not it is actually needed or not.

LESLIE: And you’re keen on a dog, but
not so much to rise up in the center of the night time to get this dog out? Are
they’ve recommendations on how one can set up a pet door
to open, shut and lock yourself without human intervention or undesirable hazard

TOM: And if you wish to take into consideration updating
telling about new materials that’s so onerous you’ll be able to
hit it with a hammer and it doesn't even present the bumps.

LESLIE: First we need to know what you’re
working this time. Are you heat? Do you’re employed outside?
Are you setting the pool? Regardless, give us a hand.

TOM: Name us proper now. This quantity is
1-888-MONEY-PIT, 888-666-3974.

Let's go there. Leslie, who's first?

LESLIE: Jackie in Illinois is on the lookout for small ones
gardening ideas. What is occurring? Tell us about your standing.

JACKIE: I just bought my residence. It is the second yr
subsequent month. And my yard is large enough for me, however still small enough
no one else. I need to make a backyard city on my west aspect
fence with out digging the yard and making the yard actual sticky. Make
Do you will have hints, options, concepts?

LESLIE: So you might have a chair along this wall. You need to
put the backyard or flower mattress in front of it. What else is

JACKIE: Nicely, it's fenced in my yard.


JACKIE: And my automotive shop, which is situated
actual estate, clear on the west aspect, i get plenty of sunlight.

LESLIE: OK. However is it grass?

JACKIE: Most of the yard is grass. I have
small patio proper next to storage. And if
I might just placed on a flower mattress or a place the place I can put a small garden
what i need to do. I'd like to use the wood of the panorama, but I don't
Understand how a lot to get or how one can go for it.

LESLIE: Alright. My first ideas because you've received
This patio storage at the entrance and storage is probably simply empty
to any wall of the raw materials, my first concept is to make an enormous,
a small seating space there.

And it’s a must to assume, you understand,
sit at the desk or need to sit on a small sofa on a small couch
a chair? So take into consideration the way you need to use this area. Are you

JACKIE: Mainly consuming and entertaining.

LESLIE: Yeah. So positive table, umbrella, some chairs
there. It's nice and doesn't should pay any cash. I mean, you’ll be able to
to Find Some Residence Centers in House Decor Specialty Shops |
very cheap portions.

Now, on the back wall with such a storage
dangerous, you’ll be able to both make a grid
with some pot crops on either aspect, a climber, comparable to clamp or
ivy or night time blooming jasmine, one thing that grows and rises
pots and lattice.

I did this on the garage aspect with two pots
and I’ve this lovely, wrought iron lattice that I discovered
white christmas lights mild up and klematis types it
throughout the summer months and blooms and smells implausible. And it's just fantastic to take a seat
in entrance. You are able to do one thing like this very cheaply and easily.

Now, when anybody is on the opposite aspect, you’re
Not likely going to sacrifice so much yard for those who make a dig part
to that garden. And it's really the greatest approach to make a flower mattress.

And what you can do is use both this landscaping tree and even rocks – river rock or
Subject Stones – Stacked as much as create a small wall on a flower bed. Just remove it
The grass layer, fill it with soil and crops. And that
Actually is a good way to create a flower bed. And should you go creatively
by shaping and framing it just a little, you gained't hand over a lot grass.

JACKIE: I thank you numerous and I have tremendously assist

LESLIE: Gary Virginia is on line and offers
somewhat odor coming from the wash basin. Inform us what occurs.

GARY: We’ve got an issue in the rest room. I'm unsure
the place it comes. I don't know if it might be trapped gases or
Might it’s – I don't assume it might be anything in the water because it’s
only in the toilet. However many occasions once we take a bathe out and out –
now, if we will dry and all and depart the toilet or come again,
there is a terrible odor. It smells such as you – like a sewer, me
Guess, perhaps.

TOM: Proper.

GARY: But we now have had a septic pump (inaudible) last yr
it isn’t so. And it doesn't just happen in the shower, it may well occur if we do
Use a bath or typically if we’ve a sink, like our drive – or if driving or
Something like that and lastly, it's prefer it's via the pipe. But
It doesn't all the time occur. It will probably occur twice every week, it will probably happen no

TOM: It seems like "biogas"
micro organism that include sewers and traps and connections
around. And the micro organism themselves have a horrible odor.

GARY: Yeah.

Tom: So what I might do, I need to take the lure away
toilet sink since you get into it. I exploit a bottle brush and
wash the heck out of every little thing. I need to put it again together and fill it
the entire lure with oxidized bleach and let it sit.

I want to do the similar tub. I might
the drainage cowl is turned off and I exploit the bottle brush down and wash
the inside of these tubes. And I'll fill those with oxidized bleach and give it
they sit. As a result of the whitener kills these microbes, kill it


Tom: And it ought to work. Whether it is biogas it’s
smells awful and…

GARY: Why wouldn't we’ve carried out it each time?

TOM: Properly, typically it's extra lively than others
might say. Nevertheless it is determined by many things, together with air strain
room. If there’s strain lower than different pressures in the room
In the home, it may possibly pull out or not. So, it's in all probability all there
time; It's just that you simply don't odor it due to the airflow.

GARY: Yeah. Nicely, we've had a plumber to observe it and he's
simply – he can't discover the answer so i had…

TOM: I feel if Google is "biogas" you will notice that
there are numerous individuals with the similar thing. And so you’ll be able to remedy it

GARY: Right


GARY: OK. Alright. I recognize your assist.

TOM: Alright, Gary. Congratulations in your challenge. Thanks so
quite a bit by calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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TOM: And Just
in summer there’s air con, cooking and cleaning as well as laundry
definitely a season where we make investments quite a bit in the electrical system. If
You’re considering that you’re ready to upgrade to a bigger electrical panel
explaining how you recognize whether or not it’s actually mandatory in your current Pro venture
Subsequent by next.

Enhancing a Good Residence, That is The Cash Pit
Residence Improvement Show. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

Tom: So this weekend I paused in the yard
and helped my pal in the yard. However you’ve got a yard challenge operating,
too. So what happens to Casa Segrete this week?

LESLIE: It's been happening for a while. I
tells you that I was simply leaping off the head first and that was all
was poured via the pine tree we took down. And then it led me
Drag just about all the landscaping on the back of the property. And
Once I say the property behind it, it is literally 23 ft vast fence
back up highschool. So I'm not talking about the palace right here.

However I had to take every thing out
the concept of ​​what I needed. I pulled all the previous stone work and did all this
a sort of demo factor that has been deducted from an enormous tree that saved tons of cash. But
then i had a professional are available and make a concrete base on the bluestone patio. And
then I built a wall that was 23 ft vast, four meters from this high school
Fence Line Stacked Bluestone and Bluestone Capper.

TOM: Ooh. It sounds good.

LESLIE: I mean it's trendy, it's clear
lovely. Now it's utterly empty and I'm making an attempt to determine what it’s
evergreen I need to put you there to offer protection to disguise this high school.
The last word aim is to hide highschool. And I'm truly going again
and I'm just going around and taking footage.

I found a very great software referred to as PlantSnap,
as a result of I'm making an attempt to determine what I need to put in the evergreens. And I
actually – as I stroll, I like – click. And scan its software and
it is like "it is called" privet. "" I like, "OK. I like it? What's up?"
who do on this area? "Because I am – Tom, I'll kill every little thing. So I'm simply
terrible landscaping

So I need to make certain, particularly
The price that it’s durable, will probably be evergreen and it can do
what I would like. So I'm stuck at this level. And hopefully subsequent
once we all gather together, I say, "Oh, I planted something."

Tom: Have you learnt the worst of these
weekend tasks? On Monday morning.

LESLIE: Yeah, because you're harm.

Tom: I did today day-after-day, you

LESLIE: We're previous, Tom.

Tom: I know. Nicely perhaps. I'm not ready to admit
to it, however I inform you, regardless that I work all the time, I’m nonetheless a
a bag bag on Monday for all the muscle mass I exploit now

LESLIE: Yeah. And these 1 week tasks appear to be
keep on weekends.

Tom: Oh, no joke.

LESLIE: I'm simply – I hope, coming in from the end of June.
I sit in a superbly landscaped yard.

TOM: Yep. Yeah. Advil is your good friend

LESLIE: Martha in Ohio is in a line with a leaking door and
leaking window. What is occurring?

MARTHA: Our family room had some sliding glass doors
it is paneled. And we had them taken away and simply needed a picture window
there. So once they came to make an image window, they took the door out –
sliding doorways out – and the foundation was like, oh, perhaps a block or two
up and the door was left clean.

So what they did, they took 2x4s – I feel it was wood –
and built on a block degree and then continued to arrange help
window. So now that it’s – I did there in the flower bed and now when
the land will get actual saturated and the water tries to catch it there, to collect it

TOM: Right. Not stunned and nicely, so it sounds
As an alternative of building a foundation on a concrete block, what they’re
ought to have achieved, they crammed it with a picket frame. Is this right?

MARTHA: Yes, yes.

TOM: Yeah. In all probability not the most suitable option.

MARTHA: Can we seal it or do we’ve got to start out once more?

Tom: Nicely, it's arduous to say that seals
one thing that was never achieved proper at first. It should have been a
concrete dice. But whenever you say it, if you’ll earn plenty of water
contrary to the basis, whether or not it’s a tree or a concrete block, it’s
still leak. You’ll be able to't just maintain this type of water

We don't advocate this all the time, Martha, as a result of they
Numerous planters and all the things else that keeps water towards the home
is just not a good suggestion, particularly in the Ohio area, which is gorgeous
vital freeze / thaw cycle


TOM: Because if the water that impregnates the soil – that
the soil freezes, it pushes inward on the wall and weakens the cellar
the wall. So, I like to recommend if you will plant that you’re
there have to be some drainage to stop the water from falling.
As a result of should you do it towards the wall, regardless of how it’s
Constructed – though not repaired appropriately – it leaks and it is
cause injury. So I feel the thing is basically what you did after that
indeed, greater than what they did to install a picture window.


Tom: Good luck.

MARTHA: Nicely, thank you very much and have a pleasant day.

Tom: You’re welcome.

] Have you ever observed that it’s between air
air con and cooking in addition to cleaning and all the things else that happens
In the summer house, your electrical system could seem a bit
confused? Have you been a type of popping-breaker when you weren’t in the past?
You could assume that now is an effective time to improve your service. Very
inform you how to do that work in the current Professional venture that you are presenting

LESLIE: Yeah. To begin with, guys, you need to know
Want more circuits or an entire new service. So, you need
perceive why circuits break or fuses converse
protected by a circuit-breaker whose perform is to ensure that the circuit in query is present
only carries electricity that its wiring is assessed. for
For instance, most houses have a quantity 14 copper wire. Now it's used
lighting and sockets. This wiring is designed to carry 15 amps
electricity. Attempt and place greater than a wire that would warm up
causes hearth. In order that they have been evaluated as they’re.

Tom: That's proper. So circuit work
The circuit breaker is principally controlling how much power is being pushed by means of
turn it off if the circuit exceeds the wiring values. Its
is going to guard you and your home. If this happens rather a lot, it might just
be that you simply need more circuits, not an entire new electrical panel.

For example, I as soon as had a house in Leslie where we have been
was a window A / C unit. And we discovered that every summer we tried to attach
in the similar room in the A / C run it blows the circuit breaker.
So the drawback was not that we didn't have enough energy in the home; we had
plenty of power. It was simply that we had an excessive amount of of that circuit. So
The solution was just to get an electrician to put in a brand new circuit just for this
A / C. After which we by no means removed the circuit breaker again.

LESLIE: Yeah. Good factor

Have you learnt what? This can be a trendy Professional challenge
Featured by With HomeAdvisor you will get the answer
Prime House Care Professionals in Your Area, Read Assessment Evaluations and Guide
appointments, all on-line, free

TOM: Regardless of the sort of work, HomeAdvisor does

LESLIE: Stan, you've acquired a cash pit. How can we aid you
at the moment?

STAN: Nicely, I just purchased a home that was built
It is a four,000 sq. foot underground house.

TOM: Wow. It sounds cool.

LESLIE: And it's not a modified missile? I have been
Oklahoma and I’ve seen these missiles trigger areas which were such

STAN: No, that is truly an underground concrete construction

Tom: Can I minimize your roof?

STAN: Sure, I do.

LESLIE: Fascinating.

TOM: Very cool. So what can we assist you?

STAN: Nicely, I knew once I purchased this, it had a number of
leaks. And the incontrovertible fact that the home is close to 20 years previous, I feel
It’s time to remove filth and expose and exchange in all probability
roof and especially when i’ve some leaks. And I’ve hassle discovering
somebody who deals with each sort of underground structure / residence and particularly

And I used to be curious if – I'm positive that that is probably going to be
expensive firm. But in addition once I come again and get all of it,
when i find a contractor to do what may be – have some
care / preventive maintenance, – methods to look after underground roofing
system, so I can’t return to a later date and time and I will return

Tom: We will't offer you an answer to it
query, however we may give you advice on how you can strategy it.

What would I do if I needed to seek out an architect
This can be a roof challenge because it’s a huge venture with a 4000 square foot roof. And I
The challenge would have an architect or engineer. Allow them to do
researching what are viable supplies proper now,
substitute this ceiling. And ask them to offer – make a specification

It's value doing, as a result of then you definitely
can convey it to qualified contractors. And I assume in all probability the greatest
Contractors can be those engaged in business roofing, not residential buildings.
And ask them to comply with this specification intently. I'm not trying to find
Roofing contractor together with his own personal understanding of the way to do it
you will not find somebody who is experienced in these houses; it's also
distinctive. However when you discover a development professional who might make clear this
you, do a analysis on the greatest strategy to substitute that roof that spec is
very invaluable to you.

STAN: Good. That's a good suggestion. By no means even thought

Tom: Okay. Good luck, Stan.

STAN: Hey, guys, I recognize it.

Tom: I get to work – we’ve to work smarter, not more durable,

STAN: Proper.

TOM: Thanks very much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

STAN: I recognize it. Thank you.

LESLIE: Hey, do you’re keen on your canine, but only
Hate to all the time rise to stroll them all day and night time?
Nicely, simply before, we’ve recommendations on how one can set up your pet
A door that is so convenient, your pet can literally let itself out
and lock the door behind him. I imply, it's pretty superb and we're not
I give the canine the key, I promise. We inform you just a little about it.

Tom: Good house enchancment, that is cash
Pit Residence Improvement Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

Name us at 888-MONEY-PIT
HomeAdvisor and get immediately suitable with top-notch professionals in residence tasks
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TOM at

Concern 1-888-MONEY-PIT, 888-666-3974.

LESLIE: Mary in Wisconsin Cash-pit. What
can we enable you to in the present day?

MARY: I'm re-made in the basement and I’m wondering
flooring. It has been a rubber-based carpet that has been introduced as we are
right down to concrete. And I'm just questioning what can be an excellent factor
again right down to the flooring?

TOM: So the rubber-based carpet was a type of in style one
timing. Typically, we don’t advocate a basement mat
as a result of they are so moist. You possibly can construct there a number of debris that may
trigger allergic reactions. You get dust mites and the whole lot
nest in carpet.

So I look on a flat surface. So
options may be a laminate flooring that is lovely. It might
appear to be hardwood or tile. It is made of varied composite materials.
It's a very, very onerous surface. And it's floating. It's not – it's not glued
down; it floats on the flooring. Or you’ll be able to choose a special sort
Parquet flooring referred to as "Machine Wood".

Now arduous hardwood just isn’t advisable in the basement
because it's too moist. But the engineer consists of different layers
hardwood. It appears prefer it seems to be – its inside seems to be like plywood, but
it appears like bizarre hardwood. You possibly can't really inform
after the divorce. And I feel this might be a very good choice

MARY: I really like the carpet on the approach.

LESLIE: Use area rugs. You're simply sad. Its
just cause a variety of issues. It makes you are feeling like yourself. Its
feels damp there.

Tom: And right now can also be very timely. Issues are
changed in inside design. And I feel laminate flooring or

MARY: Is there anything attainable in the worth vary?

TOM: Yeah. Laminate flooring is actually reasonably priced.
You will get as little as perhaps 4 bucks per sq. foot.

LESLIE: Yeah. You recognize what? Go browsing. I’ve seen the laminate
flooring simply south of $ 2 a sq. foot. So there are really great options

MARY: OK, thanks.

Tom: Mary, thank you for calling us

Uninterested in listening to your door scratched
your dog continuously, begging to let go, typically in the center
night time? The pet door might deliver it to rest and offer you relaxation

LESLIE: Oh, God. Wouldn't it’s superb? So,
Buddies, if you select a door, measure your pet on the shoulders and add
2 inches to determine the peak of the door. Now, premade pet doorways may be
put in on any door, patio slider, storage door or even outdoors wall.

TOM: Now from the set up website and
pet, materials might differ. For canine who need to chew, that's it
it is crucial that you simply search for a bite-resistant door. That may be a clear want.

LESLIE: You also need to make certain the door is
is weatherproof so that bets and rain are evaded the house. And
Once you set up, you need to ensure you’re utilizing the flashing and sealing once more
an opening you make on the wall or at your door. Because it’s a must to keep
the whole lot dries. You're placing a gap in a wonderfully good wall.

Tom: And eventually you need to block it
neighboring cats or yard wildlife, proper? So it’s a must to select
automated door that opens only when the sensor is approaching
conveniently hangs in your canine's collar, so don't let any skunk

LESLIE: Until they cheat the canine and they are
like, "Come on, buddy. Give me in."

TOM: 888-666-3974 Call us right now
your property improvement question.

LESLIE: Okay. Let's go to North Carolina where Michael needs it
work in a bath challenge

Why not just get to the tub and loosen up, Mike? What is occurring

MICHAEL: I hope I might, young woman. because of everyone

This home was inbuilt 1934 and has all the time been a shower
white porcelain. However I feel the last time around my mom and father was renewed
in the toilet, they have been sprayed. It's like a brown colour like sandstone.
And I want to remove it and deliver it back to its normal gloss

Tom: Nicely, if they've painted it, – in all probability normal
The gloss was not so engaging. It may need passed. And the tub have to be completed
often an enormous problem.

Now you possibly can document it and end it
It again and you may get some years off. But I often
notice that these ending tasks are – they are like painting:
they could final five, six, seven, and then do it again
again. Or you’ll be able to contemplate taking a shower. There is a course of by which
bathtub – the tub lining might be built, and it truly sits inside it
unique tub and give it a totally new floor.

So these are the two choices I can proceed,

MICHAEL: So the place would you be in interactive action?
think about?

Tom: Properly, I mean there are totally different ones
Producers on the market who make a tub. And that is the composite
materials made primarily for Tub. They take some measurements
After which – it doesn't take an excessive amount of area, and it appears really good when it is
made. However it's not inexpensive

LESLIE: It's in all probability the similar as the tub is finished.

TOM: Good luck to the challenge. Thanks a lot for enjoying
me at 888-MONEY-PIT

LESLIE: Hey, you're on the lookout for a flooring that's
waterproof, youngster and pet resistant, shockproof and very reasonably priced? Are
who shares it with you who does all this,

TOM: Good Residence Making Better, That is Cash
Pit Residence Improvement Show. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

Tom: I really like to speak to you about what's occurring
cash pit. Do you need to take it from the nicely to the citadel? Name us,
right now, at 1-888-MONEY-PIT, 888-666-3974, introduced by HomeAdvisor. You’ll be able to
find out what it prices to do a home undertaking earlier than you hire knowledgeable and
guide instantly one among the greatest prestigious professionals totally free.

LESLIE: Sharon in Ohio is according to a pump pump
query. How can we allow you to?

SHARON: We have now a problem with our oven. It seems to be
Bringing sewage fuel from our oil pumps as a result of it drains. And
We will't work out learn how to remedy the drawback. A short lived answer is to pour water
Livewell aerating. But then about three or four days later the oven is turned

TOM: Let's speak about this. So, to start with, what
water from the oven is drained into the pump pump? Do you converse

SHARON: Yes, sir.

TOM: Is there a return channel in the basement area with this
is or in the room where this is? Or do you assume it's going via

SHARON: We expect it's coming from a pump pump. And it’s
winter query as a result of it happens once we flip the oven on.

TOM: Nicely, for those who assume it's because it's reversing – it's
pulling any pure fuel causes this unpleasant odor – in case you assume it is
On account of the sewer coming in is a very easy answer: put a
lure. So if the sewer has a P lure, that's the similar
U-shaped tube, which is a toilet sink, then a tube
Stay filled with water and it gained't permit any gases, the air that burns again

SHARON: It's not already inbuilt the oven?

Tom: Not all the time. It relies upon. T.
mechanic. However no, you see it from outdoors. For those who don't see the P-trap,
it doesn't have one.

One other factor that would trigger this – and typically
this occurs – is random – and I don't wake you up, but
typically you get a rodent who dies inside the return channel. And if
It occurs yeah, the odor can go on for some time. However I'd take a
Take a look at that sewer line and if it doesn't have a lure, do it. And do
Be certain that it is filled with water once you begin whether it is in winter as a result of it fails
be. And I feel you possibly can't find more air by way of the pipe

Sharon, thank you a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.
in hand. But if you’d like a flooring that’s lovely, waterproof and reasonably priced
and very arduous, is the new product we simply discovered
SUPERCore, it's all else and more.

Now this is an engineered vinyl plank
however as an alternative of a typical softer wood composite construction
SUPERCore has a rigid stone-plastic core. It’s really product of limestone. And
The stone is far denser and thus more durable than virtually some other

LESLIE: Now there’s a SUPERCore click on the flooring
a wear layer that’s 50 % thicker than nearly some other waterproof flooring
It is at present on the market. And the product is waterproof, youngsters

TOM: Uncover SUPERCore on it is They direct the product instantly, which cuts the dealer
and offer you a greater layer of less money. They'll ship you up without spending a dime
samples. This is

LESLIE: Pat in Nebraska is according to a dishwasher
who has decided to take the day without work. What is occurring?

PAT: Hey. Yeah. Our dishwasher is flashing, literally. It
does not appear to work anymore. And once I take a look at it, on the menu display
up, it blinks however doesn’t work once I press the begin button or cancel
or open or shut the door.

TOM: How previous is a dishwasher, Pat?

PAT: I'd say about 5 years previous.

Tom: It's a shame.

LESLIE: It's not that previous.

PAT: Sure. We’ve got gone via four of them because we now have owned
this house, in about 20 years.

TOM: Yeah.

PAT: Actually amazed

TOM: Yeah. And I'm positive just a little irritated, too.

PAT: My husband shut the energy off and turned it back on and
it still doesn't seem to work. So, we opened and shut the door, the whole lot. So
we expect it's – I went on-line for some sort of a board
that can – like a motherboard or something.

TOM: Yeah. In order that's what I used to be considering. It's a failure of
the control circuit and there’s a variety of digital merchandise in these newer
home equipment. And the query, in fact, is: restore or exchange? And at five
years previous, you're sort of that kind of stability point. You may be
capable of repair it. The query is: a couple hundred
bucks to try this 200 bucks and put it
in the direction of a new unit?

PAT: That's what we weren't die for. In order that’s why we thought
we'd offer you a call.

TOM: I feel if it was me
as a result of what do you hope to get out of that? Eight years? 9 years? having
someone come out to your home and fix today a couple hundred
bucks minimum. So it might be a third of the value of a brand new unit. you
might find a respectable dishwasher for 500 or 600 bucks. And you can discover a primary
one for even less.

PAT: So how a lot do you assume the part would value if …

TOM: We don’t know that that’s the half, you realize? You could have
to have a service individual diagnose it. But should you simply needed to satisfy your
curiosity, there’s a lot of websites online that promote equipment elements. And I’m
positive you possibly can discover it. But the difficulty is that it’s a call to the service man to
come out and diagnose it and that costs some cash. After which a call – and then
he has to return again after the half is available in. It’s not the type of thing where
they will keep these elements on the truck anymore, you understand what I imply?

PAT: Uh-huh. So, nicely, we have been wanting your professional opinion.
We type of have been leaning that method, anyway.

TOM: I inform you what, if it was older, it will be quite a bit
simpler choice. I do agree that it’s still middle-aged. But I still don’t
assume it’s in all probability value you placing the money into it.

PAT: Yes. Alright. Properly, I assume we’ll go looking for a new

TOM: Good luck with that undertaking. Thanks a lot for calling
us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Now we’ve acquired Larry from
Arkansas on the line who’s obtained a landlord operating an extension twine from his
residence into Larry’s place. This does not sound good. What’s going on?

LARRY: The extension twine is plugged
into our front porch. And it’s related to a light-weight at an hooked up shed. And
the actual drawback is I’m fascinated with placing a freezer in the shed. And I
strongly suspect that that’s not sufficient electrical help for a freezer.

TOM: In all probability not. And the factor
is an extension twine is meant to be a short lived answer, not a everlasting
answer. If you wish to run power to another constructing, shed or not, on the
similar property it must be run properly, which is usually underground with
cables which might be rated for that, which might be tied into their own circuit with a
correct circuit safety.

So, this can be a shortcut, which I
wouldn’t advocate and particularly if you wish to put an appliance on the market.
Freezers pull a number of power once they – when the compressor kicks on. So, you
sort of have this voltage drop that happens once they first kick on, because of
the draw. And so, I might recommend that if it’s one thing you actually need to do,
you need to think about having a circuit run there. That’s really the greatest approach to

LARRY: I will examine into doing
that. I was concerned.

TOM: And rightfully so, Larry.
Rightfully so.

LARRY: Nicely, he’s acquired the
extension twine buried perhaps a few inches some locations.

TOM: Oh, he buried it?

LARRY: Yeah.

TOM: Oh, man. That’s actually harmful.

LARRY: Yeah.

LESLIE: No, as a result of extension
cords are meant to be air-cooled.

TOM: Nicely, yeah. But they’re not –
they’re definitely not designed to be underground. That’s a sure score for
wiring. Yeah, yeah. Actually dumb.

Ought to undoubtedly take that out,
Larry, OK? Good luck.

LESLIE: Hey, guys. They’re again. I’m
speaking backyard gnomes.

TOM: Aww, those little garden –
tough, little garden gnomes.

LESLIE: It’s this time of yr.
They find their approach straight from the punchlines and into your planters. And
they’re not solely the shock development this yr in yards and gardens. We’ve obtained a
lot extra that’s coming your solution to the neighborhood garden near you. Those
gnomes and extra, subsequent.

TOM: Making good houses better,
this is The Cash Pit Residence Improvement Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: What are you working on? Decide
up the telephone, call us, proper now, at 1-888-MONEY-PIT introduced by By no means worry about overpaying for a job. Use the HomeAdvisor
True Value Guide to see what others paid for a similar venture. It’s all for
free at

LESLIE: And by no means worry whenever you’ve
acquired Tom and I standing by. Publish your questions in the Group section of The
Cash Pit, identical to Rashonda (sp) did from Maryland. Now, she writes: “What,
if any, maintenance does a fridge want? Mine’s just a few years previous but
once I happen to be cleansing round it, I notice that the again feels somewhat
warmer than I feel it ought to.”

TOM: Properly, I imply a fridge
sometimes does get slightly warm. It’s a part of type of the compressor’s effort
to take ambient temperature in the room and principally chill it for the
fridge. So somewhat bit of a warm fridge again is actually fairly

However the upkeep that you simply do
have to do would actually be, I feel, in two areas. To start with, the door
gasket. They have a tendency to get sort of soiled and cruddy. You want to keep them clean
and you want to keep the floor that they’re going to attach to wash. As a result of
if they’re not, they’re not going to seal nicely. They’re going to leak air and
then the compressor is going to run more and the fridge is going to waste
a variety of power.

The second thing that I feel
individuals overlook lots is the filter for the ice maker or for the water – chilled
water – when you’ve got it in the door. Those filters are often inside the newer
refrigerators immediately. They only final a few yr. So for those who’ve not changed
that, you undoubtedly have to do exactly that.

What I sometimes do once I substitute
mine, Leslie, is I write the date on it so I do know sort of when it was carried out.

LESLIE: Oh, that’s sensible.

TOM: As a result of it’s really
necessary. When you don’t substitute it, it might truly turn into poisonous and you don’t
need to put out water and ice that’s simply not very healthy for you and the

LESLIE: And that’s an excellent level
because I finally have a fridge that has a water and an ice maker built
right into it. And let me inform you, the ice and water are flowing freely however I’ve
already been considering. You understand, only a month in I’m like, “When do I modify
that filter?” So, good point.

TOM: Properly, are you in search of
more enjoyable in yard and gardens? Properly, Leslie has acquired the newest surprise development,
in this week’s edition of Leslie’s Last Word. They usually’re very, very small.

LESLIE: It’s true.

Now, that is going to fall underneath
the matter of what’s previous is new again. And in that spirit, garden gnomes are
making a comeback. In truth, guys, people are establishing complete fairy gardens
which are whimsical, enchanting and delightful. They actually may be so cute and
they really are a terrific household venture, as nicely.

Now, every enchanted garden is a
little bit totally different and that’s where the fun really begins. So, listed here are a couple of
ideas to only get you considering and getting you started, together with some tricks to
keep your fairies completely satisfied.

Now, earlier than you start putting
something in place, you’ve obtained to decide on a theme, containers, the location, all
of that. Now, it might simply merely be a flowerpot beneath a tree or perhaps it’s a
particularly marked-off area that’s inside the flower bed.

Subsequent, go ahead and greatest sketch out
the design that you simply assume you need to see. Keep in mind, you’re your worst critic
for yourself. So, sketch, doodle, draw. As long as you understand it and you
get the concept, that’s totally nice. Don’t be hindered by what you assume your
talents are.

So, sketch what you want it to be.
It’s going that will help you visualize what you want and keep these plans on monitor.
Now, as you begin to acquire those gadgets in your fairy garden, it’s really
sensible to put them out in place to get a really feel for a way this garden is going to
take shape earlier than you start including in the small details or gluing issues

Now, when it does come time to
decide crops in your backyard, so many crops are going to work properly in an
enchanted backyard. However some which are rather well suited embrace ferns,
succulents, moss, bonsai timber, primroses. Assume small, assume mystical, assume
things that look enchanted. Oh, it’s so pretty to work on these.

Now, when you’re questioning where you
can discover these magical fairy garden gnomes, we’ve received an entire guide to the
hottest collections. Just head onto and search “fairy

TOM: This is The Money Pit Residence
Improvement Show. Arising subsequent time on the program, weeds usually are not the solely
factor standing between you and a picture-perfect lawn. We’re going to have some
ideas that will help you get to the backside of these drawback patches and the widespread yard
killers, on the very subsequent edition of The Cash Pit.

I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you can do it
your self …

LESLIE: However you don’t should do
it alone.


(Copyright 2019 Squeaky Door Productions, Inc. No
portion of this transcript or audio file may be reproduced in any format
without the categorical written permission of Squeaky Door Productions, Inc.)

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