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TOM: Coastal Coastline and Floorboards for Shingles
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Coming to the present right now as we move in the direction of
In the summertime, water saving turns into increasingly more essential. However slightly
As you trust your baby and your family to make use of much less water, it is actually new
furnishings that can make water saving for you. It's a quite simple piping
challenge. We inform you how one can find faucets, bogs, showers and sprinklers

LESLIE: Plus, one factor that can wreck it
A gorgeous spring morning is the grave of gas-powered lawnmowers, leaf blowers
and strings. And quite a bit, it is often earlier than you want
get up in spring / summer time. Properly, we're going to share the replace
battery know-how that may do all that gas-powered gear has develop into obsolete.
Additionally keep in mind that there are pests they usually take pleasure in it.
Some of them can make you actually sick, so we're going to inform you how you’re
can shield your self from ticks with a brand new virus. And it's even more lethal
like Lyme disease.

LESLIE: Every summer time is something worse, but
Right here's some good news. What if we advised you one easy improvement
which prices less than $ 300 and minimize the electrical energy invoice, make your home
safer and extra sturdy on the similar time? Would you all?

TOM: We are investing in being and enhancing
Sense Residence Power Monitor. It tells you the place to get electricity
billed each month. And it's literally one of the simplest ways
Scale back your electricity invoice.

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LESLIE: Dennis in Michigan is in line
roofing things or one thing like that. What is occurring?

DENNIS: Properly, a number of years ago I dropped the container

TOM: Ugh. Yuck.


DENNIS: It was a powder type and apparently it


DENNIS: After which it was dried on the ground. Now
The ground is a concrete / cement flooring that I had shaken years in the past. I put the cement
stain it to guard it. So I’m wondering what’s one of the simplest ways
Get It Off? I’ll use some muriatic acid to loosen it
and then scratch it off or…?

Tom: So I feel all the things is dried and brash now?


TOM: Yeah, I mean, the first thing it is best to do is
Begin making an attempt to physically pour down as much as you’ll be able to. I don't assume you’re
is ready to store this colored finish underneath. you determine
have to paint it when the whole lot is completed. But you need to bodily get out
Very similar to you’ll be able to. That it’s…

DENNIS: With a small knife or…?

TOM: Proper, precisely. Yup. It's that approach
Previous makes it very, very troublesome. You might be using a solvent
after you get as a lot physically as I do, like mineral wines,


Tom: And you can even work with it with a thread
Brush so that you simply really get into the concrete. And see if it starts

DENNIS: Mineral Wines. Or something
acetone works?

TOM: Acetone additionally works. I do know that
the world's roofers would inform you to place gasoline in it. It in all probability would
but it’s dangerous and we don't want you to do it. However I feel mineral drinks
and acetone is flammable as it is.


TOM: For those who use it and brush it rigorously
with a metal brush so that it reaches the material in the pores of the PORO
concrete, then you definitely may take a shot. Now…

DENNIS: And then cement these areas once more?

Tom: Properly, look – and that's one other thing. As soon as
it is all there and it fills all of the pores of the concrete surface,
even for those who cement it, you could discover that it’s still totally different
colour. You actually need to make an epoxy finish on that flooring if you find yourself
Every thing is completed to cowl it.


TOM: You possibly can attempt the stain, especially in case you are
I received a bit left. But sure, I'm unsure it seems to be good.

LESLIE: Joyce in Rhode Island. In what approach
can we allow you to immediately?

JOYCE: Do you’ve an house and someone who lived
There was some smoking there for some time. And we needed to do the whole lot we might to get
tobacco odor from the condo.

Tom: Is there a wall-to-wall carpet?

JOYCE: On. as a result of I’m
positive the scent is within the carpet.

So a few things you may do. First, in case you are
goes to color the condominium, you must start all the partitions
first. First, wash them down, and then begin them in a top quality method
paint them then. It helps to seal the walls obtained on the partitions.
thence. You could have to go over it a number of occasions to try to get so much
dust and debris and odor away from this carpet. Best of all – if we do
We now have conditions the place this can be a real drawback, the mat is worn
inform those that they take it up and beneath flooring heating, consider it or not,
to ensure we actually shut down all the odors which are absorbed
wooden. However when you get and paint the walls and in case you clear the carpet,
It’s in all probability the perfect factor you are able to do.

What about furniture? Is this place furnished? Are you continue to

JOYCE: The only furniture that basically is there’s

TOM: Leslie, what do you consider it? Will probably be your personal
the odor will get in – go through the leather and get into the pillows?

LESLIE: Leather-based is such a pure surface that it’s porous
by itself and it is dependent upon what the cushion is inside. You
You actually need to be careful and of course you possibly can't really clean up
leather due to its natural properties. You don't need to stain it.
You might need to see what these pillows are inside. Take it out
inserts. In the event you can substitute them, it might be a huge help.

JOYCE: OK, great. Thanks lots. I recognize it.

Tom: You’re welcome. Congratulations in your undertaking.
Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Subsequent, as we move in the direction of the summer time, we save
water is turning into increasingly essential. But as an alternative of trusting your youngsters and
Family use less later, new furniture can actually make water financial savings

Tom: It's Simple Plumbing. We’ll tell
learn how to find taps and bogs and showers and sprinklers that may do it
In the present day's Professional undertaking revealed by

Making higher houses better, welcome back
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LESLIE: Jason in Arkansas is on the road and has
question about lightning management. What is occurring?

JASON: A couple of years in the past because of a raging storm
was replaced with a metallic roof. And within the current storm, the flash was destroyed


JASON: And the technician was here and there
truly an previous grounding rod in the southwest corner of my residence that I used to be not
you don't even know. However it's not associated to something, so I have to know
what am i able to do to stop air con models and some other loss
other gear is here in my home.

TOM: First, do you own householders
insurance coverage?

JASON: Oh, positive. Sure, the insurance is paid

TOM: OK, good. Yeah, I needed to ensure you knew
The flash is roofed.

JASON: It coated.

TOM: OK, good.

a rod on the ground and a thread that’s buried, however it isn’t
not related to something. I didn't even know it will be right here.

TOM: OK. So I'm unsure if that thread is – what it’s
the wire was related. There might have been a flash on the previous roof
And when it was taken out and replaced with a metallic roof, they never will

However sometimes, for those who have been a lightning bolt
roof, there can be a heavy copper cable that fell
your property and it might be related to a grounded rod – an extended metallic
The guess may be four, 5 or 6 meters lengthy – which matches deep into the bottom. And the thought
is that if the lightning strikes, it strikes the lightning rod, the electrical energy is

Now the situation of the cable is necessary. If
you realize that there’s a plumber on the outer wall, you don't need to drive
cable with piping. As a result of what occurs is electrical energy
leap via the cable into HVAC pipes and electrify anybody
in reference to. So it have to be achieved right. But I think you’re
talking about an previous lighting rod system that was in place and not
not lively

JASON: That would appear. So I have to
purchase something – is this something that is out there in Lowe or some other place,
these lighting arms that I can put in…?

TOM: I don't know if you will discover it at
big-box retailer. I've by no means seen it, but then again I don't purchase
reside in an area where flash is widespread. Perhaps in your space. However
I'd like to start out a web-based service and if they want it in big-box stores
find it on its website. And it is best to be capable of get more recommendation
how greatest to put in it like this

JASON: And also you assume a doll like me may be installed
This? I don't want an electrician?

Tom: Nicely, it's not likely an electrical venture;
It's actually – it's a extra structural configuration. However you must know a bit
little electricity within the sense that you simply make electrical energy
connections. And it’s essential to use all the suitable materials and elements. And like
I stated you could know the way to use it so that you simply don't hit something
electrical energy doesn’t bounce over and hook up with pipes. And of course – and
Once you run that guess on the bottom, you need to ensure that nothing is
Under you’re hitting. So there’s little to know but it isn’t a
a really troublesome process.

JASON: Alright. Nicely, I recognize it properly.

TOM: Alright. Congratulations on your venture. thanks
so much invite us to 888-MONEY-PIT.

Water saving becomes increasingly necessary. However as an alternative of relying in your youngsters
And the family uses less water by upgrading plumbing fixtures to make water
savings. It's truly a very simple water supply venture.

TOM: We've acquired recommendations on finding taps,
bogs, showers and sprinklers that may do that work with out wasting water
At this time's Pro Undertaking launched

alright. First we speak about the toilet. They will last
many years, making them one of the sustainable pipelines
furnishings in the house. But once they don't actually spend, they don't have previous bogs
you’ll be able to waste loads of water with every rinse. So as an alternative of what you need to do
go to WaterSense licensed rest room.

LESLIE: Now WaterSense is a program that
UN. And simply as the ENERGY STAR program helps shoppers discover products
Save Power, WaterSense is designed to assist shoppers determine products
that saves water

To get a product, it have to be certified
use a minimum of 20 % much less water, save power and work simply as nicely or
higher than common fashions.

TOM: Now, even should you have been subsequent to the bathroom
Change the toilet faucet and shower head, EPA stories that you could save
26,000 liters of water a yr creates 380 much less kilos of greenhouse fuel
emissions and scale back utility payments by 250 bucks. It's an enormous financial savings
it's just the first yr

LESLIE: Yeah. And did you speak about useful invoices if
much less water is used, much less pure fuel or electrical energy can also be used for heating
That water, so everyone adds.

Plus, along with loos and kitchens, WaterSense
Furnishings are additionally obtainable for outside use, with garden sprinklers, rain
Controllers and different irrigation merchandise could be upgraded to keep away from
losing water whereas having fun with the gorgeous scenery.

TOM: And it's the Pro venture of right now With HomeAdvisor, you will get one of the best in your house
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LESLIE: Beth in Texas is in keeping with the painting
query. How can we provide help to at the moment?

BETH: I had 4 columns in front of my home and I reside
downtown previous neighborhood. It has lovely, 150-year-old oak timber. I
these 4 columns and i’ve – the tree goes out – it’s –
these columns sit on concrete.

And final time I had those fastened, which was about 10 years
then they put a plastic or some type of block that’s the similar measurement as
column. It's a type of obstacle – a moisture barrier, perhaps in between
concrete and pole.

So the time passes, and right here comes the rat. And so me
stated, "Oh, my piety." So I digged the rotor once more, I went to Residence Depot and received it

LESLIE: Like Bondo.

BETH: Proper, Proper. It's type of wood
but it is plastic. It's one thing – I don't know what it’s. Anyway, I did it. And
In fact, my wounds have been so deep that I might only layer about ¼ inch

And so I finally received to the sting and refined it. It
seemed fairly good. And so I painted it. After which I put the first jacket
and I stated, "Oh, this paint is thin," so I put one other coat. So in
In the meantime, all these pollen comes from these big oak timber. And all
these things, it drops from the tree of my newly painted wood. I started

LESLIE: Mm-hmm. Oh no.

BETH: I began actually crying as a result of I didn't know what
on the planet. My paint – I mean, things just sucked it like a
mushroom. So I didn't know what to do.

LESLIE: Okay. Nicely, where are you now with the columns?
Are you in a spot the place you must change them again? You're simply making an attempt
to seek out out the repair?

BETH: Nicely, what I did, I went back and I did
calmly polished – I waited for a while and then sanded it frivolously after which I
placed on one other cover. I do not know. I nonetheless have just a little bit – I don't know
what is it. It's not yellow pollen, it's something – my paint
is bumpy; It isn’t as good correctly in any case this work.

LESLIE: Properly, right here's a couple of solutions. You need to
Sand it if you want to get the floor snug and clean. It is actually
The one thing that removes pollen, which is itself immersed

Then if you get a nice, clean floor in that column
Again, what you need to try to do – and I do know it will be a pain
But it’s super-duper-duper helpful if you will get it
some paint tubes: plastic, material, something. If there is a option to sort of
Construct a tent for these needs across the area to keep pollen type of
When you might have painted, paint it while portray is – it’s
ugly when the process is operating, simply because of the gorgeous in front of you
home is draped on tarp. However it really helps hold the air out
to rotate behind it to actually dry the pole paint, however it retains things

So I take a look at the best way to do it. They do all the things
small props and quite a lot of issues that work for the sensible, but in addition a pair
good clips. Perhaps you could have been overrun there or one thing you possibly can
connect to the drain without damaging it. So it might really do the trick.

Now, forward a few years down the street when
you’ll find yourself with so many spins once more, you must contemplate
Changing Columns with Architectural Composite Column

Now, in lots of instances, as a result of – your picket column is
really help, proper?

BETH: Sure, I’m.

LESLIE: So what you are able to do is exchange them
The Wood Column – Because you've carried out it before, they could substitute the wood
a column with some type of message that might be metallic can be structural

And then there’s a actual decorative wrap that
Displays precisely the same sort of twisted column or any column sort
chances are you’ll be wrapping round this submit. And then it's a composite
so when it’s painted and completed, you don't have to color it for a long time,
long, lengthy and long. As a result of it isn’t manufactured from organic material, it isn’t
Take the moisture up you get from the concrete. And it is
merely clean with soap and water.

So maintain it in your approach. And they might
that column at a time and make them structural. So there are ways to get it
round it, but you must sand once more.

BETH: I know. It doesn't look too dangerous, nevertheless it doesn't appear to be that
too good. But thanks very much. I'm making an attempt the following pointers, okay?

Tom: Beth, it sounds such as you've acquired your work out
to you in this work. Thanks very much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Just ahead, one factor that may damage
A fantastic spring morning is a shout of gas-powered lawnmowers
fans and strip trimmers. We're going to share the battery improve
The know-how that can make all the things that gas-powered gears turn out to be out of date next.

Tom: Healing good houses, welcome back
Cash Pit House Improvement Show. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

Nicely, we love the sounds of heat weather, like
birds chirping and youngsters enjoying in the yard and all fantastic, calm
feeling. Nicely, it's not very calm when it breaks exhausting,
fuel powered mowers, leaf blowers and different yard gear. And it’s often
happens early within the morning of the weekend?

TOM: Nicely, because of the revolutionary battery
Know-how is altering, because now you are able to do fairly a bit
to do with battery-powered appliances that do not require fuel, not oil
and never hearing safety for you or your neighbors when it’s in use.
Greenworks Instruments is a pacesetter in battery-powered garden instruments. And speak to us
it is Don Koon from Greenworks

Hi, Don.

DON: Hey. Thanks for the opportunity.

Tom: I feel when you consider battery-powered
tools that some individuals still have problem believing they will do
the identical work as the loud, annoying and smelly fuel guides we've used to it
session and weekends. However it’s really superb what you’re
has been capable of make battery know-how and brushless know-how. ,
garden gear. There isn’t any purpose to be fuel powered

DON: You're right. Because lithium is
are available, things have modified utterly. The truth is, in the event you keep in mind
the first battery-powered instruments you've in all probability been 20 years ago
they have been NiCad batteries. And the NiCad function was what you’d be
use the device, the battery starts to go down. I noticed a power curve. And
When the battery was lifeless, the software would hardly work.

With lithium that has changed all the things. So,
Consider your self once you plan to drive your automotive by 65 miles per hour
When fuel runs out, the automotive simply closes. And that's it
similar options as lithium batteries. It works at full velocity and
When the battery is off, it stops working and it's time to put one other battery
This has been a revolution in the business.

Tom: I keep in mind my first battery powered device
small, small screwdriver. And I simply used it to remove the screws
electrical panels in the years I spent as a home inspector. However that was the case
all it was capable of handle,

DON: Yeah.

TOM: Nowadays, you need to use the battery for a lawn stream
garden mower, leaf blower, spring cutter or chain noticed as much as 18 inches.

DON: This is true. And fascinating
The factor and the exciting thing that’s the similar battery works for everyone
these tools. Imagine doing all of your garden and doing all of your mowing
To start with, once you've carried out, you simply take the battery out of the cutter
it in a string, you make a string. Whenever you get achieved, you
take it out of the fan, put it on the fan. After which whenever you get executed,
You possibly can cost the battery and charge it for the subsequent use and also you're finished.

TOM: We're talking with Don Koon about Greenworks
Instruments for the know-how we see over the lawn and backyard software

Now one software that isn’t
Battery operated, but nonetheless come, are strain washers. And I assume
The rationale for that is that they only take a lot energy to work. But
you might have quite superb digital strain washers. We have now talked
about 1800-PSI and 2300-PSI one. But then describe
from a shopper perspective in the event that they need to purchase a strain washer,
how do you determine what’s the proper measurement and options?

DON: So, usually, electrical strain
the washers don’t have the facility that a gas-powered one would have. That's the best way it’s
good for the buyer because you can do the cleaning work and not
would necessarily be an issue. So it’s highly effective sufficient to do the job, however
shouldn’t be robust enough to probably harm your self or probably
injury anything you clear.

I keep in mind the first time I used it
Strain Washer, I stripped, patio furnishings, that I was cleaning and

TOM: Whoops.

DON: So these are powerful enough to get the job achieved

So speak about 2300-PSI. It's the newest
power-washing phase. It works with 2300 PSI. It pumps 2.3
gallon of water per minute, which is plentiful. Rather more – in reality
double the quantity of 2,000 PSI models we sell. Meaning it
It not solely cleans, but in addition has sufficient water to scrub away what you do

It's a terrific software. And one of the crucial fascinating
things about it, should you keep in mind to use a fuel washer, you start the fuel
the engine and it works until you turn it off. And the pump begins if you pull
launch. The entire unit with electric or digital strain washer
Activates and off once you start the rod with the set off. So once you're not
cleaning, it is utterly quiet; it isn’t operating. Whenever you pull the trigger
Once more, it starts to get again and it does its job. And it's really nice
Because it doesn't intrude with the setting, neighbors are usually not going to
get shocked by the blasting and overheating of a fuel engine that takes hours. And it is
a very highly effective device to wash. It's straightforward, it doesn't take a lot
Area within the garage and could be very environmentally pleasant.

LESLIE: Yeah. And you recognize, Don, it's certainly one of them
instruments you don't need to set. I all the time find it certainly one of them
what you start and then all of a sudden, do your backyard furniture,
You then do the patio, then do the siding, then you definitely make your neighbor
house. It's really one of the belongings you simply need to proceed.

DON: It's a bit intoxicating. You
go, "OK, what else can I clean?" So I exploit to wash up – I exploit it
to wash my car. I clean the driveway and walkways, my porch. I’m actually
Use it to wash your boat mat. So it is extremely, very versatile. And again,
it’s robust enough to do the job it is advisable to do, nevertheless it's not that powerful
that you’re going to injury what you clean. So it is rather protected

TOM: Don Koon from Greenworks.

Thanks a lot for staying the money pit, Don,
and fill us with new know-how and all superb things
with battery power and new strain washer

For more info and to get to know some
Go to That is

Thank you, Don.

DON: Thanks rather a lot.

Results of Lyme Disease. However the second virus that infects mites is much more
lethal and opens up in the USA. We're going to inform you how
Shield yourself when The Money Pit continues.

TOM: Good houses higher, welcome again
Cash Pit House Improvement Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

TOM: Carry the telephone and call us
now, House88's 1-888-MONEY-PIT. You will discover out what it is
the cost of making a house challenge earlier than you hire knowledgeable and
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LESLIE: Jim Delaware is on the line and has
a question concerning the dryer air. Tell us what occurs in your cash transfer.

JIM: I have a dryer that comes via
concrete wall. And the three flaps that – have been broken. I needed good
a solution to change the ventilation gap. Or can I simply put the flapper or what?

Tom: Yeah, substitute it

JIM: Proper.

Tom: If these followers – if those little blades that
turn up and down are broken, I simply need to substitute it. Sure, you're going
pulls it out of the prevailing gap. And depending on how it was introduced,

JIM: It's Concrete

TOM: OK. Properly, however depending on how it was
it can be troublesome. You actually need to seize it
piece – a pair of scissors like Y-snips (ph) and minimize it off. It's only a sheet
metallic. After which you’ll set up a basically new place.

And once you buy a brand new dryer, they’re often
sell a dryer and promote metallic ventilation separately. Ensure you get
a bit of arduous metallic dehydrated exhaust passage by way of the concrete – via

JIM: Right,

TOM: When you have a flexible channel, you’ll be able to connect
it’s on the opposite aspect. Attempt to maintain it as regular as potential
as a result of the versatile channel is – it has a number of resistance and no clothes
dry as fast.

JIM: Nice. Thank you on your recommendation.

LESLIE: Name us. Tell us what you’re
working. We’ve an incredible prize that provides this hour. Many people use it
a variety of electricity when the summer time season is at full velocity. air
air con, all the various things round the home are on and buzzing. But
Perhaps you don't need to spend a lot money and perhaps you don't know
the place to start out

Properly, we now have an excellent answer for you. It’s
Sense Residence Power Monitor is value $ 299. Now Sense is the easiest way
that we have now helped to save lots of power and know what is occurring
your home in actual time.

Check it out. There's an incredible video demo on-line at Once you put in it, the Sense app goes to inform you what's
on, what's off, what's up in actual time. Plus, you’ll be able to keep away from
problems are figuring out in the house
earlier than it turns into a problem, it seems to be a sump pump that seems to be operating
and operating but perhaps you 're on vacation. Nicely,
that would sign that something else is occurring at house, like an enormous water

It's a terrific Prize. It’s an amazing product so as to add to
your home in search of yourself some dollars. You can save lots by
profitable it. It's $ 299. The Sense House Power Monitor,

TOM: We've acquired one going out to at least one listener drawn
at random. Make that you simply. Name us, proper now, at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Marilyn in Louisiana, you've acquired The Cash Pit. How
can we assist you to in the present day?

MARILYN: Hey. I’ve moved into an previous residence that has
Unfinished and some completed picket flooring that have been Carpeted. Unfortunately,
they have been right here to have left their mark all
over the floors.

TOM: Oh, no.

MARILYN: There are stains and there is a dreadful, dreadful
odor all through the house. The canine that I have introduced in have continued that
course of and now should reside outdoors. My question is: what do I do? What can I
do to get the odor out of these picket floors?

TOM: What I might do, Marilyn, is I might sand the flooring.
That is the one time the place I feel it makes a number of sense to do a radical
sanding of these flooring.

LESLIE: Yeah. You’ve received to utterly refinish.

TOM: Yeah, particularly for those who’re saying that a number of the
flooring have been unfinished to begin with. So I might sand all the floors to take off some material, vacuum up
that sawdust and then I might add three coats of polyurethane.

Now, I’m sorry, let me back up. Earlier than you polyurethane, if
they’re nonetheless stained, then I might add some wood stain to the ground to darken
the colour somewhat bit and conceal any of these remaining marks. As a result of should you
attempt to go completely pure, the stains will clearly show up. However in case you add –
you recognize, it’s like a slight tinting to – a tinted
stain. Like, say, one of many colours that I exploit quite a bit is known as Early American,
which is sort of a very mild, brown shade. That looks very nice and does disguise
some of these stains that could possibly be within the wooden. And then add the three coats of

LESLIE: An enormous development is darkish grey, virtually even like an
ebonized wooden flooring. Darkish wooden floors, even when it’s a super-dark chocolate or
virtually on the black/grey scale, really are impactful and delightful and that
might disguise quite a bit, as nicely.

TOM: Yeah. And properly, that’s a very good point. I mean you would –
you don’t need to go darkish is what I’m making an attempt to say. You might simply go simply
very pretty frivolously. However from there, I feel you’ll be good to go. I feel as soon as
you set the urethane coating on it, you’ll not have the odor issues.

MARILYN: Love your present. Thanks so much.

TOM: Properly, here’s a cheerful
thought on your next summer time adventure: there’s a new virus being carried by
ticks that’s popping up within the Northeastern U.S. It’s referred to as Powassan and it’s
reported to be much more dangerous than Lyme illness.

LESLIE: Sure. So when you’re
enjoying the good outdoor this summer time, be sure that ticks and the illnesses
they carry aren’t alongside for the journey.

TOM: Yeah. So if you’re out
in nature, especially in case you’re in the brush or in the woods, you need to put on
lengthy sleeves. And should you’re sporting pants, tuck them into your boots or socks.
And make sure all of your garments are light-colored so those ticks are straightforward to

LESLIE: Mm-hmm. You also need
to use insect repellant, ideally the type that’s designed to be utilized to your
clothing. And when you’re back inside, inspect yourself, your youngsters and even
your pets for ticks.

Now, you need to discover them
before they chew and then burrow into the skin.

TOM: And should you do find one,
don’t panic. Infected ticks don’t often transmit the Lyme organism within the
first 24 hours. Just name your physician and schedule a verify.

LESLIE: Dave in New York is on the road and has a plumbing
query. What are you engaged on?

DAVE: I had a couple electrical, plumbing and heating
contractors go ahead and come give me estimates and now I’m – PEX piping put
in. They usually discouraged me from it because they have been advised that it was made
with soy oil in order that they might put a inexperienced label on it. They usually already had
to switch, in some houses, the PEX piping as a result of rodents had been chewing on
the pipes.

TOM: Yeah, I assume I might see that. I can see rodents
probably chewing on plastic pipes. However I will inform you that I have not heard
that as a long-term – as a widespread drawback. PEX piping is basically fairly good
and lets you do things you could’t do with metallic piping – with copper
piping. And it’s only a lot inexpensive to put in, as properly.

So, I don’t assume it’s a wide enough drawback that I might
stop using it. I might proceed to make use of it.

DAVE: But you don’t know in the event that they make it with soy oil or

TOM: No, I don’t. However I inform you what, rodents will chew
mitä useless. So it doesn’t shock me that perhaps that they had some rodent points with
it. But I don’t assume it’s a problem that might forestall me from using PEX.

DAVE: OK. I was just curious to know.

TOM: Alright, Dave. Properly, good luck. Thanks so much for
calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Hey, what are you
working on? We might help. Call in your query now to 888-MONEY-PIT introduced
by HomeAdvisor, the place it’s straightforward to seek out top-rated, native residence enchancment execs
for any house venture. Simply go to

Up next, before you throw
anything out, determine if it can be used for something utterly totally different.
Sound loopy? Ei oikeastaan. We’re going to have an final repurposing tip, simply

TOM: Where residence solutions
stay, this is The Cash Pit Residence Enchancment Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie

TOM: Here to take your calls,
your questions on your house, your home, your décor, your transforming tasks.
The quantity is 1-888-MONEY-PIT. Give us a call, right now, introduced by By no means worry about overpaying for a job. Simply use the
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all without spending a dime at

LESLIE: And don’t overlook at, you possibly can all the time publish your query within the Group part, simply
like Frank from California did.

Now, Frank writes: “I need to
exchange windows and walls of stucco. What’s one of the simplest ways to chop and take away the

TOM: Nicely, Frank, the trick
can be to not minimize and remove the stucco however to chop and take away the home windows and
then put new home windows in these type of previous areas. That’s type of the best way that
alternative windows are built. They’re constructed to suit inside the previous window
jambs, the surface frame type of that window.

And the rationale for that’s –
and in your case is especially applicable – because you don’t need to should
tear out stucco to put a window in. But should you might simply take away the sash,
proper – that’s the part that slides up and down; you take away the highest sash and
the underside sash – you end up with this very clean wooden frame. After which the
alternative window is designed to suit proper inside that. It’s trimmed on the
outdoors, it’s trimmed on the within and you never had to contact any part of that
stucco by any means.

So, what you need to do right here,
Frank, isn’t tear it out with the stucco. Principally, you need to order
alternative windows to suit. I might work with a replacement-window company,
though, because it needs to be ordered, it needs to be measured good so this
all comes collectively. Nevertheless it actually is the easiest way to get a nice, clean, new
energy-efficient window in that area.

LESLIE: Alright. Next up, we’ve
acquired a submit right here from Deborah who says, “I’ve a canine who I can’t maintain from
leaping and scratching the inside of the back and front doors. I’ve refinished
them twice but they proceed to get broken. Do you might have any intelligent, sensible
or ornamental methods to guard my doors?”

TOM: When you used a troublesome
end they usually’re still getting by means of that – you already know, one thing that I’ve
seen, Leslie, for canine that leap is to place clear Plexiglas on the within
surface of that.

LESLIE: I’ve seen it.

TOM: And yeah, I mean it’s a
little tacky however it does – it appears a heck of rather a lot better than the doorways
getting all scratched up and it’s straightforward to wash. So, take a sheet of Plexiglas
simply as excessive because the dog jumps and fasten it to the again aspect of that door.

LESLIE: You possibly can all the time put
footwear on the canine. Simply an concept, Deb.

TOM: Properly, the three Rs –
scale back, reuse and recycle – these are key to a green way of life. And Leslie has
ideas to assist with one green table-building challenge that delivers all three, in
at present’s version of Leslie’s Last Word.

LESLIE: Yeah. This actually is
a tip that’s really about repurposing and it’s an amazing trick of the commerce. Assume
about turning unusual gadgets that you simply’ve received around the home into practical
and handsome aspect tables. There are such a lot of things that you simply may need on
hand that would carry out this double obligation, so let’s think about it.

You already know those glazed,
ceramic backyard stools that you simply see? Yow will discover them in all places, from low cost
outlets to tremendous high-end stores. They will really look implausible as little,
sudden aspect tables or even within the rest room as somewhat place to put a
candle or an orchid or some rolled-up towels. Just once more, something that you simply
won’t initially use it for becomes all of the sudden something that you simply couldn’t
consider not having before.

Now, rain drums, vintage wire
baskets, previous suitcases, even musical instruments can work just as properly. All you
have to make that transformation full is a custom piece of tempered glass
that you should use as a tabletop. And abruptly, this one, peculiar piece that was
type of lying in waste at your home becomes a very practical and unique
aspect table.

So, assume creatively.
Typically, take a look at a bit upside-down, take a look at it a special means, flip it
over. Ei sitä koskaan tiedä. You may need a terrific table.

TOM: That is The Money Pit
House Improvement Show. We hope we’ve given you some artistic solutions to your
house enchancment questions. You possibly can attain us, 24/7, at 1-888-MONEY-PIT or publish
your question to our website at However for proper now, that’s all the
time we’ve got however the show does continue on-line.

I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie

TOM: Keep in mind, you can do it
yourself …

LESLIE: But you don’t should
do it alone.


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