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Tom: Coast to the coast and floorboards for shingles, this is The Cash Pit House Enchancment Show. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

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At the moment's exhibition on heating a home has plenty of options for heating gasoline. However have you ever questioned what is admittedly only, what really costs you the least to get your house heat and cozy? We are going to discover out the variations between oil, fuel, propane and electrical energy so yow will discover out precisely this. And also you could be stunned at what we found.

LESLIE: Plus, are you prepared for a new washer? Nicely, we now have ideas to make it easier to find the greatest options in your laundry needs.

TOM: And when speaking about units, ovens could be a real danger space for youngsters. We’ve recommendations on how to make ovens safely, including an essential notice on how the ovens can’t fall. Because I don't know if this occurred to your youngsters, but my love is to turn the oven door right into a dive board and climb it up and leap off.

LESLIE: Yeah. I all the time love the field. I have no idea why.

However guys, what's your cash in the pit – youngsters enjoying in the oven? Don't let them do it. Name us.

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Leslie, who’s first?

LESLIE: Venny (sp) from Florida, You've received a coin. It looks like issues are coming around.

VENNY (sp): I lately moved northeast down here to Florida.

TOM: Hasn't everybody lately moved from Northeast Florida? Is it an incredible migration?

VENNY (sp): Yes.

TOM: Proper

VENNY (sp): Sure. And I’ve a house. I'm doing great repairs. I don't just notice my possessions, but throughout Florida, because all the things is on the sand, there are such a lot of issues, terraces – Repin's complete yard, but there's even – in all places there is a concrete slab, it's cracked, is it

TOM: Proper.

VENNY (sp): And what I want is restricted recommendations on what to do. Do you fill it after which do some epoxy paint? Or is there some sort of re-coating? What is the greatest way to go about it and what are the particular merchandise you advocate to do?

TOM: So we're speaking about patio boards, proper?

VENNY (sp): Sure. In the event you go – let's say, even in the event you go out of the sliding glass door and you’ve got a small concrete slab there, the storage is, you understand – and this can be a comparatively new house.

TOM: Proper. Yup.

VENNY (sp): Storage – and if you’d like to, you possibly can see small cracks or huge cracks. The inside the garage is cracked, the entrance to the garage is broken.

TOM: Right

VENNY (sp): A few of them are huge and some of them are small.

TOM: OK. The purpose I requested you, let's speak about the patio, is because there is a distinction in how you set the tiles in the house, including the storage, and the way you’d do it outside.

And sometimes what happens when householders have poured patios, masons do not make them thick enough or they don’t strengthen the terraces. And concrete if it isn’t correctly supported, which may simply happen, particularly in sandy soil or soil where water shouldn’t be moved round or away from the patio, can turn out to be unstable and may crack simply.

such a case that in the event you shut the crack, you gained't actually fix the drawback. It continues to move. This concrete needs to bend and it may't, so it splits. It’ll undoubtedly sluggish it down and stop water from reaching the crack and beneath it.

However in your automotive store it's not the right place to tear it. And if the cracks are small, it's pretty typical. If they are huge – and large, I imply they’ve opened ¼ – or ½ – that may be a drawback that needs additional clarification from the structural undertaking.

However what you may do is fill the gaps with a silicone filler or epoxy filler. And once they're full, you possibly can undoubtedly end this album with any suitable finish. Epoxy paint works really, rather well, if the tile is hardly weakened. And in the north-eastern half there’s plenty of deteriorated tiles because individuals put the stone salt down. There are totally different coating materials that you should use in your space that provides the concrete a brand new floor.

However I simply need to explain to you that whether it is outdoors the body of the building, it is going to in all probability proceed to transfer. So if in case you have a concrete Apron on the front of the garages and it’s cracked, just because you cover or fill the cracks, does not imply that it isn’t going to open or proceed to move, as a result of that is just what it is I will do. It’s a think about how it was forged at first. Does it make sense?

VENNY (sp): Yes. And what I'm wondering about is two great decisions right here. One has to fill it and paint it and the other is some type of coating. But I’ve not heard – I've received a few of the numerous contractors that.

In any other case you mentioned the patron. I had a patio behind it and it was so cracked, I had three totally different contractors with all the totally different – three totally different solutions.

TOM: Yeah.

VENNY (sp): And a few stated to put it, some stated to fill it. In the finish we just demoted it and then put the cover again.

TOM: Proper.

VENNY (sp): I really favored it. As a result of they stated, "Sooner or later, even if you fix it, it will come back."

But for instance the entrance to the house, it is cracked.

TOM: Proper.

Venny (mp): I have only shocked. And I’ve appeared round me. Now, I’m nicely conscious of this. But in these southern – any of these places the place it is on the sand, this can be a massive drawback. And I undoubtedly – I checked the website. I hope you deal with this – I really like your website.

TOM: Thank you.

VENNY (sp): However you – that you’ve something you possibly can write and provides us sure products or…

TOM: Properly Look, outdoors, these tiles, you could have to keep in mind that it's structural, OK? It's like your yard version of the carpet, OK? It's not designed to hold something. It solely provides you a clean surface which you could walk round, sit in your air con and are available to your house – make a bridge between the driveway and the storage itself.

You already know that – you say cracked concrete, you immediately assume that the whole lot is structural. It really isn't. There are some concrete ones which are structural and a few aren’t. In case you are the sort of quality, and also you've obtained cracks in the middle of the kitchen, which I’ve seen, it’s structural. However there isn’t any outdoors.

And whether or not you simply fill it and paint it or put it – for those who have been again once more, QUIKRETE has obtained superb merchandise that bind and keep loopy on concrete surfaces. And they are great. And also you get a new, clean-looking floor. But this crack under can type an entire new material, so it is determined by what you are attempting to obtain.

But don't panic and don't assume you’ve structural issues because you see terraces and sidewalks and exterior tiles are broken. It's not necessary. It's simply beauty. Sure, we might have prevented it if the concrete have been thicker if it have been strengthened. But look, they don't do it to get monetary savings, no matter. If you would like to tear it out and do it right, you can do it. But till then you could have just been in a position to seal it, fill it with cracks and just as it is. What I do.

VENNY (sp): However you talked about a product referred to as QUIKRETE. I was nervous that I used to be making an attempt to put a veneer on it. And I'm unsure about the products, but should you put your product, it is stated – I've heard Quikrete. I don’t assume I've ever used it.

TOM: Yeah. QUIKRETE is a serious model. Additionally it is a leading model in concrete products for residence and business use. But it’s – these guys get the know-how down. And considered one of their products is a collector. Yeah, sure, it's no marvel; it isn’t going to strengthen its structure. It’s nonetheless versatile and winding and cracking. However pay attention, you'll never get it utterly cracked. And if it disturbs you so much, I'd say then go forward and come back once more. And the crack when it comes back can be more of a hairline than a sort of gap, OK?

Thank you a lot for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Zelda North Carolina is on the lookout for assist with repair. What can we do for you?

ZELDA: Sure. I've accomplished so much on the flooring, however I put the laminate in all places because I’ve a small Chihuahua canine and I are not looking for to scratch the actual wood. But there is a rest room upstairs and there’s a small hallway, and I didn't want laminate there because you don't want it in the toilet. What else can be good? As a result of I didn't want tile questions or – and I didn't know what else to go. I was considering of bamboo or is there a tile with no mortar or…?

TOM: Nicely, there are various decisions. You talked about now that you simply didn't need to put laminate in there. Do you want one thing that will provide you with the wood look?

ZELDA: Not necessarily.

TOM: Alright. Nicely, certainly one of the options I assumed can be bamboo flooring. Bamboo could be very, very sturdy and in addition excellent in moist and damp areas. It doesn't swell. You can too decide up bamboo as an engineering product, which suggests it’s manufactured from a number of layers, giving it a measure of stability.

At present, there are additionally luxurious vinyl merchandise which might be very, very thick and heavy vinyl tiles that are not very costly.

LESLIE: Yeah, it's like rubberized vinyl. They’re quite thick. They are obtainable in plank type, so it appears like wood. Some of them – some snap via the rubberized vinyl. Some are overlapping and sticking together. It will depend on the high quality of the product, be trustworthy. However they are each – despite the fact that you make some huge cash on rubberized vinyl, it goes nicely and looks great. And it's a bit softer, so it's more forgiving on your ft, knees once you keep in the room for a very long time.

ZELDA: Properly, as a result of the first selection I went to see was bamboo. However I wasn't positive if it might go to the rest room. So it really is what I appreciated the greatest.

Thank you very a lot. It's very helpful

Tom: You're welcome, Zelda. Thank you so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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TOM: Subsequent, fuel, oil, propane or electrical energy. In so some ways that you would be able to warm up your property, we are going to provide help to discover out what is best and efficient after that.

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LESLIE: Go up north to Rhode Island where Doug is dealing with heat sources. What can we do for you, Doug?

DOUG: Yeah, hey. Good night. I respect your exhibition and thank you for all of your onerous work in giving such fantastic answers.

My query is – in search of – considering an alternate source of heat in the event of a loss. And I attempt to weigh my options and take a look at the pellet stove and wooden pellet. And I’m wondering what your opinion is and if there’s something – if there was one thing else I should contemplate.

TOM: Yeah, you need to contemplate the entire residence generator in case you are fearful a few energy outage. I mean, it's not just the heat you need for an influence outage. Have you ever thought of installing a generator?

DOUG: You recognize that if I put in one, it must be that it just starts: certainly one of the ones they name, the automated type [19659002] Tom: Yeah. It's referred to as – let me explain to you, Doug. It’s referred to as "the whole home generator". It’s a completely put in system. It is going to be put in outdoors your house. You should purchase one that may cowl every house in the house, or you should purchase a smaller one which only covers the chosen circuits, similar to your oven or boiler. And when power fails on the grid, the whole house generator begins routinely and then house throughout your house.

Now they don't work with gasoline. They will run on natural fuel or propane, so that you never have to fear about refueling or discovering gasoline to fill the tank. As a result of you’ve to do it in case you had a transportable generator.

Now, with the set up of one other various heat source, corresponding to a pellet stove or wooden stove, one in every of them is definitely wonderful. I feel you will achieve most effectivity with pellet stoves. The most effective ovens also have their very own combustion air supply. There most people go improper. Because should you wouldn’t have an external combustion air provide, what do you assume all the air will appear in the hearth? It comes from inside your house and the air you could have already paid for heating by means of the heating system. So that you need the exterior combustion air provide to improve efficiency.

Is it affordable, Doug?

DOUG: Yeah, it makes loads of sense. I’ve natural fuel.

Tom: Then you’re all set up. I take a look at KOHLER turbines or Generac turbines.

DOUG: Yeah, I take a look at it.

Tom: Congratulations, Doug. Thanks a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Have you ever ever bombarded advertisements that pressure you to choose propane over oil or pure fuel? Nicely, all of those competing claims can make it very troublesome to discover out what’s the greatest deal for you because it varies personally.

Now, in accordance to the Ministry of Power, the greatest residence heating gasoline choice in your house is dependent upon many various elements resembling gasoline costs and availability, as well as upkeep and set up prices.

The fact is that for most of us, the options for house heating gasoline might not apply to us because the gasoline must match the heating system installed by the residence or house or house. Switching from one gasoline to one other is often not practical. But there are methods you can save.

Tom: Nicely, that's proper. For instance, if the oil with oil – or in some instances also with propane – one way to scale back costs is to be a part of a gasoline middle. These oil-fuel cooperatives are groups that make the buy of gasoline oil in bulk. They usually achieve this at a discount that then goes to the finish users.

Now cooperatives have been round for over 20 years and joining may give you quite vital financial savings. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that you’ve to separate the service as a result of the cooperative does not tune your oven and the like. So you’ve gotten to hire knowledgeable to hold things in good condition or restore them if they break.

But shopping for a gasoline will definitely not want to be completed by means of the similar company. Should you undergo a cooperative, you possibly can reduce costs

LESLIE: Now we've acquired Robin in Oregon that deals with some mould problems. Tell us what happens.

ROBIN: Our toilet simply appears to have a variety of moisture. I don't know if the exhaust fan is working correctly. In one in every of your exhibitions, you mentioned Concrobium, so I sprayed it in the shower and it seems to help remove it. But we use a fan, we use an exhaust fan and use a dehumidifier

And I observed from the outdoors, I feel you’re taking the vents, there's an entire bunch of black stuff. And then, even in our sinks, beneath the faucet, there is a mould back behind the gap. So I’m wondering if this can be a well being drawback or how can I stop this mould?

TOM: Nicely, the answer comes to moisture control and it sounds such as you're doing the right issues. However one widespread mistake made by individuals with exhaust followers is that they don't depart them lengthy sufficient after you will have taken a bath or bathe. They actually have to keep typically, 15 or 20 minutes, so the room could be dried correctly.

ROBIN: Properly, I do know – I cannot converse on behalf of my husband, however I do know that I do just because I I’ve a fan, I’ve the dryer and I – we’ve also pakopuhaltimen and it’s the largest. And I’m wondering that simply because in a humid space we’d like to get two of them so that it’s instantly above the shower? I do not know. But I’m nervous about the proven fact that by way of the pipe that leads outdoors, is that each one there filled with mould, if an exterior valve exhibits the mould?

Tom: Nicely, the air flow that takes the air out of the rest room is what you see on the outer wall?

ROBIN: I can't see the wall, just by ventilation, where – I feel where the air goes out?

TOM: Nicely, many people assume that the vents which might be soiled name it "mold". I feel it might be uncommon for it to be moldy because you ought to be there for a reasonably robust food. The solely factor you’ll come out of is that the vent is just a little mud that could possibly be the source of the mould, but it is extremely uncommon for it to actually develop. So I feel I’d simply see a unclean fan. It is much more likely that what you see is dust and no mould.

But I might say this: if you would like to take away the risk of moisture in the rest room what you want to do, you want to be sure that the exhaust fan – rest room fan – is related to dehumidification

And in the event you take a look at the fans made by Broan-NuTone, they really have a brand new one, I do know is humidity management. And I feel additionally they have others. But just last week, we saw at the huge truthful, referred to as the worldwide builder, that they released for the first time.

However in case you get one in every of these fans, it has moisture protection, you then don't have to fear about leaving somebody out or not. It stays on till the moisture drops and turns off mechanically. So it takes you out of the equation.


Tom: And your husband. Because he could possibly be a problem.

ROBIN: I don't have to be with you and say, "Turn it back." ALRIGHT.

TOM: Et. You don’t.

ROBIN: Okay. Properly, I'll attempt them. And Concrobium works properly in the shower, so it was an awesome tip before.

Tom: Our Joy. It’s good that it labored for you. Robin, thank you a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Do you still need to purchase good deals on a new washer? Properly, one thing: don't destroy an excessive amount of. We're going to inform you why spending now can prevent later, after that.

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LESLIE: Tony Iowa has cold and hot water. What is occurring?

TONY: I’ve an electric electric heater. And the primary feed coming from a metropolis that goes to an electrical water heater is a chilly line. However sure, I get cold water out of the tap and all the things, however from the chilly water that’s there via the water heater, it's scorching, once I touch it. And I'm just curious, what occurs in it.

TOM: So you have got an electrical water heater and it’s ate up the cold water line and goes via the water heater and comes out

TONY: That's right.

TOM: OK. And what is the drawback? Up to now, it's normal.

TONY: A water line that goes into a water heater – chilly water?

TOM: Sure.

TONY: This line is scorching

TOM: Nicely, a few of the heat of the water heater can work back in the pipe. So you might feel the heat that is available in – the warm water in the heater itself might make the pipe warm. But in the event you go additional down, it feels like it's chilly again

It will get cold and will get scorching, however the applicable seat round it might look like it's a bit heat. But just because the conductive heat of the water heater returns back from the metallic tube.


TOM: Thank you a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Dana in Iowa, you’ve gotten a lump. How can we make it easier to immediately?

DANA: Nicely, I’ve a shelf that needs to be minimize, so it matches the backside of our A-frame cab that we just purchased at Ozarks. Thus, it is about 20 inches lengthy and is about 3 meters long and has baskets that match into it. And what I would really like to do is I would like to reduce it down so that it matches again there and isn’t just about the flooring.

t And you really have to be artistic to find out what has come out.

Are you able to tell me slightly extra about this A-frame and the measurement of the shelf?

DANA: Properly, the A frame is simply an odd A frame; it all the time goes from prime to prime to floor degree. And so I tried to work out how to describe the angle so I know what angle to minimize this shelf?

LESLIE: Nicely, there's a software you want to get: T-slant

TOM: Yep.

LESLIE: And it's like a plastic handle with a tic-tac, oval shaped blade with a slideshow in the middle.

TOM: Blade. Mm-hmm.

LESLIE: And you're going to open it.


LESLIE: And you're going to open it and place it proper in the nook and then lock it in this place. And then you definitely go ahead and put it on the T-screen and inform you precisely the angle you need to reduce. Or you’ll be able to take it to the T-chamfer and go straight to the backside of the shelf, put it precisely where you plan to put the minimize and mark it in a row.


TOM: It's like an adjustable sq. and is known as a "T-bevel". And you need to be in a position to find a cheap, as Leslie stated in the residence middle.

LESLIE: Mm-hmm. It actually saves your day and makes it the easiest undertaking.

DANA Ours …

TOM: I exploit it all the time in the totally different sections of fancy mitering, since there are a few trick store the place you’ll be able to measure the angle and to distribute it so to do each side of the good dimensioning.

And we also typically use to regulate the angle of the saw blades, so I feel you're noticing that it might be a very useful software on this challenge. OK, Dana?

DANA: Okay. Many thanks.

TOM: Here's a fast tip when you're in the market for a brand new washer. You could be tempted to purchase the cheapest mannequin on the market and get monetary savings. Nevertheless, you’ll get better savings in the long term if you purchase a high efficiency scrubber.

LESLIE: Now powerful washing machines use half of the typical washer and about one third much less water power. The spin round could be very fast, so your garments do not want as a lot drying time, which additionally saves power with the tumble dryer.

TOM: You can even use about two-thirds much less detergents for a very effective washer. And these machines are additionally able to handling giant, giant gadgets resembling quilts and quilts and sleeping luggage, much simpler than ineffective designs. And it saves all the particular journeys you’ve got to take to dry cleaning machines or washing machines. So make sure to dig up powerful machines in case you are ready to change your washer.

LESLIE: Don Pennsylvania is on the lighting challenge. How can we assist you right now?

DON: Now we're going to renew our kitchen ceiling this yr, and we’ve these 6 inch pot mild on the roof.


DON: Yeah.


DON: And we'd assume we'd take them off if we put the LEDs beneath the cupboard if it might give us a lot mild.

Tom: No, I don't take them away. I'd like to hold them in.

It's about regional lighting; One is the lighting of tasks. So, LED lights that would go beneath the Cupboard edge might offer you task-specific lighting for meals production.

DON: Yeah.

Tom: However I like the lights in the roof.

However by the way, you have got a number of choices for the sort of bulb you’ll be able to put into these ceiling lights. You may as well put the LEDs yourself on these ceiling lamps.

DON: I mean, the quality of sunshine is best than that of light bulbs.

DON: I mean take them off and perhaps put them in 4-inch smaller or just depart 6? ] Tom: I'll depart them. I feel you can use the 6 inch ones you might have. I don't assume this is a part of a undertaking that provides you a very good return on investment. However when you exchange the bulbs, I feel it’ll make a difference.

Take a look at these Philips lamps. I have acquired various those that at the moment are in my house, including the kitchen, resembling mild. They are LED lights and we fitted them to Lutron dimmers the place you possibly can regulate the dimming vary. And they’re very vibrant they usually value much much less operating than incandescent bulbs. They usually last much longer. We used to substitute these mild bulbs all the time and these have been – I've never had to substitute them and I feel they are saying they final over 20 years.

DON: Where would you find it (unheard)? 19659002] TOM: You will get them at House Depot


TOM: I do know that I’ve gone there. They're actually fascinating, Jack. They’re the ones that look – they appear yellow.


Tom: However you're amazed when the thing goes to be shiny.

DON: OK. 19659002] LESLIE: They usually're very effective.

DON: Nicely, what we're in search of.

TOM: Alright, Don. Congratulations in your undertaking. Thank you a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Next, ovens could be a actual hazard space for youngsters for therefore many reasons. We’ve recommendations on how to make ovens safely, together with an necessary word about preventing overturning.

TOM: Good Residence Improvement, That is The Cash Pit House Improvement Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

Tom: What’s one undertaking you want to do later this yr? Spring is just ahead. It's a good time to work on tasks inside and out of doors the house before it will get too horrible. When you have a undertaking in your process listing, Liu & # 39; s proper on our aspect by calling us right now, 1-888-MONEY-PIT, and we'll find out the greatest way to implement the challenge. 19659002] LESLIE: Ann in Georgia, you're on the line with Money Pit.

TOM: Yep. again then, they used the hammer.

TOM: Yep. And Nails, mm-mm

ANN: And I’ve obtained these partitions and the ceiling. And I’ve tried to put a spell over the prime of them and they’re; they arrive right back again. Is there anything I can do in the drywall?

LESLIE: No, no. Are you positive it’s a hammer ding and never a nail pop? Does it look like it’s raised or does it look like it’s recessed?

ANN: They’re recessed.

TOM: They’re recessed. OK.

So, the answer right here is spackling however it’s not only a one-shot thing. What you want to do is put multiple coats of spackle on, Ann. So you begin – and you may go out to a house middle or a ironmongery shop and you should purchase plastic spackle knives which might be principally disposable.

So that you start out with one that’s about 2 inches, you then go to one which’s about 4 or 5 inches, then you definitely go together with one that’s like 6- or 8-inches vast. And in the event you placed on three layers like that, you’ll fill it in, it’ll be absolutely flat.

But you’ll be able to’t just cease there. When you’re going to start doing this round the house, you’re going to have to repaint all of those surfaces and it is best to prime them first. As a result of if not, you’re going to get totally different absorption between the areas that have been newly spackled and the previous ones. And that may end in type of like a bizarre sort of glazing or kind of shade difference with the way the paint sort of takes.

ANN: Oh, OK.

TOM: Alright? Now, in case you have one that appears like it’s cracked – what Leslie was speaking about are referred to as “nail pops” – and admittedly, that’s much more likely than the dents you’re describing, until you simply happen to have a very over-aggressive man with a hammer that put that thing collectively back in the 60s.

LESLIE: These dents are haunting you 50 years later.

ANN: I do know.

TOM: Yeah. The nail pops, you might put one other nail next to the one which’s kind of caught out and drive it in. And that – the second nail will maintain in the first nail. However keep in mind, it’s really key that you simply sand, prime and paint to make this all go away.

And lastly, the sort of paint you employ is crucial. Be sure to use flat paint; do not use something with a sheen. Because once you put something with a sheen on a wall, any defect in the wall turns into magnified when the mild hits it.

ANN: Properly, that’s great advice.

TOM: Nicely, stoves could be a real hazard zone for teenagers. And should you’d like to forestall unintentional burns and fires, it’s real necessary that you simply concentrate to the angle of the pot and pan handles. They’ve acquired to be pushed away from the front of the range. So all the time attempt to use these back burners after which flip the handles in so youngsters can’t probably attain them, as a result of they love to discover and you need to hold their palms away from those handles.

LESLIE: Yeah. And not only do they explore, they only run via the kitchen so shortly. So you’ve gotten to just remember to don’t have any of those handles hanging out the place you possibly can just have a probably super-bad accident.

Now, one other tip is to pull the knobs off of the stove if you’re not utilizing them. Maintain them nearby in a drawer. They come off very easily. You understand, how many occasions does a child brush by and perhaps by chance turns the knob and turns on the fuel or activates an electric burner? Whatever it could be, you’ve received to just take those additional precautions. And all the time train the youngsters to keep away from you, keep away from Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, whoever is at the house when somebody is cooking.

TOM: Now, also, right here’s a tip that I feel loads of people usually are not conversant in. In the event you’re placing in a brand new oven range, you want to just remember to install the anti-tip brackets. Now, these are included now with all-new ranges and it’s a bracket that principally often matches over the again legs of the range. And whenever you push the stove – and it sort of locks the stove in place. It doesn’t lock it in the sense which you can’t pull it out once more however it kind of traps it there so that if the youngsters have been to open the oven door and climb up on it, the range won’t tip over. Because they’re truly surprisingly unstable should you push down on an oven door. It might tip ahead and fall over very simply.

So those tip brackets are really essential to find out about and to ensure that they’re installed when it comes time to replacing that oven.

LESLIE: Joe in Illinois, you’ve obtained The Cash Pit. How can we make it easier to at present?

JOE: I have a single-story house that’s obtained scorching water. I’ve received a boiler with a hot-water heat baseboard. And about eight years ago, I had air – central air con put in.


JOE: And once they did all that, they ran all the trunk strains up in the attic, put all my registers in the ceiling.

TOM: Yep. Mm-hmm.

JOE: And now the drawback I’ve is throughout wintertime, I’m getting condensation. I’ll go round and shut these registers off nevertheless it’s not 100-percent shut-off on these registers, in fact. And I’m getting condensation that’s forming up in my trunk line and I’m getting condensation dripping out of my registers, which – I’m starting to get some water stains on my ceiling, round my registers, from this.

TOM: Alright. So you will have an power drawback. The drawback is that these registers are so cold that when the heat, moist air from the house strikes them, it condenses. And so, you want further insulation in the area above that. You could want to insulate in or round those ducts. You could want to wrap these ducts with further insulation. You need to maintain these ducts hotter and admittedly, the greater drawback is one that you could’t see. If it’s that cold at your ceiling, you’re in all probability dropping loads of heat via that ceiling. So, I might rise up in that attic area and take a look.

In your a part of the country, having 15 to 20 inches of insulation just isn’t exceptional and it is definitely a good suggestion.

JOE: Properly, principally, I know once they put it in there, they laid those trunk strains right on prime. I’ve obtained like 20 inches of blown fiberglass they usually laid these trunk strains. I want to peel that fiberglass again, bury these trunk strains and insulate all around that actual good.

TOM: I feel that may make numerous sense.

JOE: Sounds good, then.

TOM: Alright, Joe. Good luck with that challenge. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Hey, is your property improvement want listing greater than your price range? Properly, put a dent in it this month with a few of the greatest deals of the yr. We’ll inform you the place to find them, when The Money Pit continues.

TOM: Making good houses higher, welcome back to The Money Pit House Improvement Present. We’d love to hear what you’re engaged on in your cash pit. The number to name us is 888-MONEY-PIT introduced by HomeAdvisor, the quick and straightforward way to find the proper pro for any sort of house undertaking, whether it’s a small restore or a serious rework.

LESLIE: Properly, now that it’s wintertime, loads of us have been feeling the chill this winter season, identical to Alan in Pennsylvania has been. Now, Alan writes: “My replacement windows are about 10 years old. I noticed that they freeze or frost up about a ½-inch on the bottom of the window. Every year, the area seems to get a little bigger. Is this a moisture problem or a window problem or no problem at all?”

TOM: Sounds to me prefer it’s undoubtedly a window drawback. If the windows are freezing up on the backside, it signifies that they’re not insulated. And particularly when you’ve received thermal-pane home windows, there may be the seal that broke between the panes of glass. And it’s not going to get any better. It’ll only differ based mostly on the distinction in temperature between inside and outside. If it’s warm and moist inside and it’s chilly and freezing outdoors, that’s where you get the frost.

So, this is undoubtedly a chance for you, Alan, to take into consideration alternative home windows. They’re so much simpler to set up than you may assume, because you don’t have to tear out the siding. They’re going to match inside those present openings. And for those who purchase good ones – you understand, good ENERGY STAR-rated alternative windows – you’ll discover that it’s going to make a huge difference in the comfort of your property going ahead.

LESLIE: And just outdoors of the heat that you simply’re going to get from the new windows, there’s so many nice features that make them a lot extra incredible to use. You possibly can flip them down to clear them, you possibly can tilt them open. Depending on what you decide, you’re going to discover a number of great, new stuff that you simply’re going to recognize.

TOM: Nicely, do you’ve gotten a boring rest room but perhaps no bucks to spruce it up? There’s truly lots you can do on the low cost with paint. Leslie has that how-to, in at this time’s edition of Leslie’s Final Phrase.

Leslie? Paint your favourite, cheap product for completely overdoing a room, right?

LESLIE: It really is. It will probably make such an enormous distinction. And there really is not any inexpensive way to rework a toilet or actually any room in your house, for that matter, than with paint. And when you do it yourself, you can save even more. Now, right here’s 4 concepts to get you began.

Stencil your ceiling. Lots of people assume, “Oh, the ceiling, you just paint it white.” No, no, no, no, no. The ceiling is a completely underused canvas and you may create a very sudden focus. So, paint it in a contrasting shade. That’s an incredible way to draw attention upward. Use a delicate blush should you’re in a bedroom. Stencil the sample on the ceiling. So many nice options. Even paint the ceiling the similar colour as the walls. Miksi ei? Make a completely one-color room. You’ll be able to completely do this.

Now, here’s another concept: create drama with some boldly-colored partitions. Think about those saturated colours, like turquoise, terracotta, deep blues, deep grays, virtually charcoal-y black greys, virtually that inexperienced seaweed that’s so green it’s virtually black. These colors are so unbelievable and may actually change the look of a room. And also you’d be stunned that that darkish shade can seem very, very crisp and recent.

Now, right here’s another concept: for those who’ve acquired a bit of creativeness and a paintbrush, you’ll be able to truly paint a simple mural and add some pizazz to an in any other case bizarre toilet. Now, bear in mind things like bare timber or blooms are best to grasp should you’re not exactly a Picasso. But you will discover so many online tutorials and even Bob Ross. You’ll be able to still catch him online someplace and he’ll be painting comfortable, little timber. So are you able to. So take that point to create a wonderful, private area in your toilet with some creativity.

And now, here’s another concept: as an alternative of replacing an outdated vainness, give it a makeover with paint and a few new hardware. You’re going to discover that the oil-based paint will work greatest in moist environments and it’s simpler to clear. You just have to just remember to’ve received some good ventilation in the room that you simply’re working on, since that oil-based paint does carry lots of fumes. So that you want to just remember to shield yourself in the process.

TOM: Good advice.

This is The Cash Pit House Enchancment Show. Speaking of loos, have you ever ever dreamed of having a futuristic rest room, the variety that practically does the whole lot for you? Nicely, arising next time on the program, we’ll have recommendations on the cool, new gadgets that can assist convey your toilet into the 21st century.

But for now, that’s all the time we’ve got. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you can do it your self …

LESLIE: But you don’t have to do it alone.


(Copyright 2019 Squeaky Door Productions, Inc. No portion of this transcript or audio file may be reproduced in any format with out the categorical written permission of Squeaky Door Productions, Inc.)

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