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The fastest way to get a bright spring bloom

TOM: Coastal Shoreline and Floorboards for Shingles
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Properly, now that it's spring and we're starting
see all these spring flowers which are utterly bloom – however have you learnt what? I'm a bit
impatient. I would like to see them bloom instantly. I'm uninterested in waiting
them. It's like teasing, you understand? And it turns out that velocity
with which these flowers bloom, determines what the plant
Agriculture calls "toughness zone." So we’re going to share some ideas
The fastest way to get a shade crammed garden, regardless of the place you reside
and the place you tie this map.

LESLIE: And in addition forward, some of the troublesome duties
Householders meet once they attempt to get a quality garden
to get rid of weeds. Now it's an previous drawback that
The reality is that there are over 200 weed varieties that love lawn as much as you do
make. They usually want to keep in place, so we're going to share some

TOM: Plus, Are you planning a challenge to enhance
for outside use, but you want to be certain the challenge is absolutely good
investment? We are going to share the undertaking info that can present
years of expertise and some of the worthwhile return on funding when
it's time to promote.

LESLIE: First we would like to hear about tasks
who meet spring days, in and out, floorboards for shingles,
no matter what you’re doing. I do know we’ll continue to clear up
messy winter. Though it wasn't very snowy, it made the number in the yard.
So it has been on the weekends. What are you working on?

Tom: Call us proper now
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Leslie, begin with these spring tasks. Who

LESLIE: Mary in Massachusetts has a line
ridge-vent-issue. How can we assist you at the moment?

MARY: My house is 70 years previous. Over time, it had to be
re shingled. So the roofer now defined that they have been using a stripping gap and opened
in the midst of the roof. And it (the sound difference) was great and I used to be pleased
shingles, but I don’t just like the crevice opening (noise distinction). It’s like
open window. Is there a way I can close it?

TOM: No. It does exactly what it’s going to do and
what it has to do, Mary. All of us grew up in houses that have been heavy
beneath air flow. But when the attic is completely ventilated, it ought to be
similar temperature as outdoors. It isn’t a conditional state; it’s
absolute. So the warmth is trapped on the floor degree you’ve got
insulation, however brush removing is designed to give air out of the attic where it is
more than likely to depart.

So, for instance, if the home is completely ventilated,
the wind blows over the roof, it drops the brush and
pull the air out of the attic from that area. It pulls moisture
In winter it pulls warmth in summer time.

And the opposite half are soffit openings within the projection.
These work collectively to correctly cover the roof. So you’re by no means
experienced a properly ventilated attic, however that's what the ridge air flow openings
is to do. And I don't change them because in the event you do, you're going
to Ask A number of Questions.

Number one, you’ve moisture that accumulates
attic. And what this does is to make the insulation much less efficient. When you
provides solely 2% moisture to the glass fiber insulation, it loses about a third
its resistance to warmth loss. Secondly, in summer time you might have too much
the heat that makes the house cooler rather more expensive. So I wouldn't

MARY: Oops OK. I used to be curious. I'm not excited about it, but I do
guess I’ve to reside with it.

TOM: Yep. Get used to it. It does work, Mary,

MARY: Thanks.

TOM: Good luck to the challenge. thanks a lot
call us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: James in Delaware, you've acquired a money hour. How can
are we helping you in the present day?

JAMES: On the second day I sat in my front room when
all of a sudden, this actual exhausting sound came from my water heater
room heater. I opened it. I've never heard of this before and it did
for a jiffy. And then it simply stopped.

Tom: You didn't see that the overflow was water, no

JAMES: No. No. I can't work out.

Tom: How previous is a water heater, James?

JAMES: About 4 or five years in the past, I put all of the electricity –
It was fuel earlier than – however all electrical energy. I put the Trane in and there was
one other signal they used with a water heater. And it seems to be now – me
it has not been heard. Now once I use water – faucet –
Kitchen, proper after it is turned off, a jiffy later I hear this noise

TOM: So click-on noise is likely to be pipe enlargement
and contract once they get heat and funky. It seeks to strengthen itself
the nature of copper tubes. However all you will have advised me
I’ve no indication that I feel you’ve any drawback. Only
Typically when the water expands and shrinks, it makes some unusual noises

JAMES: Do I’ve to clear the heater in any respect or…?

Tom: Do you will have exhausting water?

JAMES: Oh, yeah.

TOM: If in case you have arduous water, typically you get a mineral
bottom of the water tank. However it wouldn't really work
Electric water heater as a result of the coils are up in the midst of the water.
They are immersed instantly within the middle of the tank, so it isn’t going to do
they are less efficient. So you may, but I don't assume it might have any impact.

In case you have a fuel heater, there’s a heating factor
base. And typically, when you get mineral deposits that sit over the underside
water tank, it is like insulation and makes it troublesome to heat
water. However in the case of an electrical heater, the heating parts are
immersed in a water heater, often on the foot backside and foot down
Chassis. So it doesn't affect it.

JAMES: Nicely, I assumed there's nothing up there
and backside?

TOM: Sure. But it is embedded in the midst of the tank. It
grabs by way of the tank, on the proper angle. And there’s one foot
down and that is about ft up. So you are not

JAMES: What is certainly one of this stuff?

TOM: About 10 years – 10-12 years.

JAMES: Ten years and that's it. And when can I assume
parts often go

TOM: If the weather go, they can be replaced. But
tanks leak in 10 years.

JAMES: Wow. And where should I maintain my eye – where is it –
are they leaking down? They only leak water in all places?

Tom: The neatest thing is, in case you are away, proper,
You need to all the time flip off the primary water valve. And in addition, flip off the water
The heater because it doesn’t waste much electricity by heating water

JAMES: Pay attention, let me inform you one thing, I really like you.
You’re really very healthy – a nice present. As a result of there's a lot
speak and different things, but you help a lot of people

Tom: We're making an attempt. Thank you very much, James. We really respect it
that. Good luck with the venture and thanks for calling us

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Now we've obtained Frank on a drawback with a drawback
to paint his sideline

What happens to Frank?

FRANK: Every part is – and, to begin with, it's all coming. Its
like nobody has ever crammed it earlier than or anything, and I don't know if they use them
paint or stain. I'm not likely positive what I have to return to if in case you have to start
it. I'm actually – I have no idea. I am misplaced.

Tom: So we're speaking about shingles here, no
Roofing, proper?

FRANK: Proper. Cedar shingles – white cedar shrub.

Tom: So the paint comes off once you wash
they did not have good adhesion.

LESLIE: Yeah. But the paint comes off if you do
pressure-washing. It's just that.

Tom: Properly, it's true and properly, relying on the fad
high-pressure washer. However even when the painting wasn't nicely utilized, if it wasn't
primed correctly, so it’s going to get off even a lot quicker. So what I do
I might advocate that you simply do this to get rid of any unfastened paint. are
You in all probability have to abandon these shingles, in all probability brushing them a
wire brush. Be sure to really get every part that comes out of it.

Then you will have to begin the whole shingles
on the floor with an oil-based primer as a result of it provides you maximum
adhesion. Aluke – one of many properties of the primer is that it really is
grabs the bottom. And then after it’s primed, you possibly can put a prime coat
paint it over. But that is a process, and it's not just brief,
particularly when you have a drawback with the paint you took
off. You’ll be able to't put good objectives on dangerous paints. You’ve gotten to get rid of all
dangerous paint, format it appropriately and paint it once more and you’re good to go,

FRANK: OK. As a result of I have had individuals who advised me

TOM: Nicely, it’s also possible to use stain, but only if all
The previous paint is off. Otherwise it seems pretty dangerous.

Should you use stain, you still have to begin it. I’ve
cedar shingles at my home and I’ve prepared the ground it first and then used one colour
the stain. And between the 2 – the final time I did that
it took about 15 or 17 years. Nevertheless, you have got to start it. No matter what you do

FRANK: OK. And an oil-based primer. ALRIGHT. Thanks a lot.

Tom: You bought it, Frank. Congratulations in your venture.
Thank you a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Deborah in Pennsylvania.
What can we do for you in the present day?

DEBORAH: OK. I purchase a residence with a couple
stains on the ceiling. And it turns out that the stains are situated instantly under
air vents. I don't know some other way to clarify it, however they like these
pipes outdoors where the roof is. So I used to be informed that
those rubber-plug things that encompass them have to be replaced.

TOM: OK. Yeah. Thus, the air flow of the piping is blinking
leaking here. And the ventilation of the piping blinks from aluminum
a flash material that runs underneath the roof coverings and is a rubber shoe
designed to be fitted over the pipeline. And they are typically – rubber shoe
it’s typically cracked and deteriorated and wishes to be replaced.

Not a very difficult job. Roof or carpenter can
do it in about 10 or 15 minutes. They only have to cover the roof
shingles or two in the appropriate place. You are able to do it on the flat bar. You’ll be able to
truly put a flat beam beneath the roof beam
The nail is and type of circulating it forwards and backwards. That nail comes out.
You possibly can unpack the roof at a time, substitute it
flashes the valve and put it again together.

So, fairly straightforward, simple repair and not
a minimum of a little uncommon, Deborah. ALRIGHT?

DEBORAH: OK. Properly, I respect you taking the call. Thank

TOM: Yeah. You're welcome. Congratulations, Deborah. Thanks so
a lot by calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Nicely, nothing says spring like colourful,
flowering crops within the yard. And now that we’re within the spring, it's time
plant seeds that grow to be lovely flowers in summer time. But when
You possibly can't anticipate the seeds to germinate, you’ll be able to plant reside flowers for a second

Now the key selects the right sort

Tom: Nicely, that's right. Now the land is divided
11 totally different crops within the endurance zone. That is determined by america
Map of the plant safety space of ​​the Ministry of Agriculture. And that's exactly
the place you’re on the map and determine which crops can grow or are most
in all probability flourish in that place. In the event you attempt to choose a manufacturing unit
outdoors your zone, it’ll take longer or might not develop

LESLIE: That's why soil preparation for them
Flowers are actually necessary. Now you could have to have wholesome soil and
the right pH values ​​for the kind of flowers to be planted. You need
Be sure to check the soil with a putty and then add organic matter if it is
wanted. You’ll be able to add peat shavings, sawdust, sand, manure, floor bark, selfmade
compost. What you add is dependent upon what you get from these outcomes. So it is
it is actually essential to check that soil. You need to give these crops one of the best
The probability to succeed and this is a actually good way to do it

Tom: It's additionally essential that you simply
water in accordance to the instructions. Now it’s potential that you could have too little water, however
It’s fairly attainable in case you had too much water and you’d get out of these crops.
You need to attempt to do it – attempt to get just the correct quantity in order that

And when you can hold it within the zone and in the water
That's proper, and you employ that info properly prematurely
Get these blooms shortly and give you the chance to take pleasure in that spring garden

LESLIE: Steven in Texas needs assist in the closet
undertaking. What can we do for you?

STEVEN: Yes. So my wife has challenges to chemical compounds like
Formaldehydes and adhesives and paints they put in kitchen cabinets are new
one set. And I questioned in the event you had any concept what a individual might use for you

TOM: Are you on the lookout for a cabinet maker that's
a formaldehyde-free and VOC-free? Is that right?

STEVEN: Yeah, it will be right. Sure.

TOM: Steve, this is an fascinating query because when it is
Comes with kitchen cabinets, so many merchandise that go to the kitchen
Cabinets might include risky organic compounds or risky natural compounds.
Since you may begin with the disks which are used to build the cupboard. If
they are some kind of press or combination card that can be
for example, formaldehyde. Then you could have the finishing and on and on

I feel you need to make a kitchen
cabinets built to meet the new CARB 2 commonplace. It's C-A-R-B –
2 standards. Meaning California Air Assets Board and it's a
a commonplace that measures the level of such toxins in furniture. And so
in case you are on the lookout for kitchen cupboards that meet that normal, i feel it is a
a good place to begin

STEVEN: Nicely, typically, I’d like some metallic
lockers, you recognize. It appears good within the kitchen. Do you’ve any concepts
one thing like that?

TOM: You continue to have the ending of metallic panels


Tom: I haven't seen metallic enclosures within the kitchen eternally.
Gladiator individuals in Whirlpool are doing a really good job today
metallic cupboards for washrooms and utilities and for such premises.
But I don't know if this cupboard line is going to the point where you’re
You might have enough flexibility to do it in the kitchen.

LESLIE: I can share with you
no formaldehyde containing cabinet. They’re actually lovely, handmade, picket
cabinets. I'm unsure about their worth point, however I know it
that they do not add any chemical compounds to it. And they’re very responsible
how they use wood and the products they use to make them
cabinets. It's a firm from Portland and their identify is Neil Kelly. And
it is N-e-1-Okay-e-1-y.

After which there was the metallic cabinet manufacturer I used to be
It seemed a while in the past. It is Fillip Metallic and it’s F-I-1-i-p. It's type of
this new revival of fascinating, repurposed supplies. And it’s your decision to

STEVEN: OK. Thank you very a lot for the knowledge. I

TOM: Good luck to the venture. Thank you a lot for enjoying
We at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Sandy in Pennsylvania, you might have a lump. In what way
Can We Help You Immediately?

SANDY: Sure, I requested to construct garages. My
husband and I simply bought a house. It's a two-tiered Colonial, however it's not
The storage and we attempt to decouple, hooked up, a or with out
Breezeway. We know that we would like it to be too massive, but we attempt to determine what

Tom: So it's an architectural query in addition to a structural one
The query is as a result of you are attempting to work out what’s greatest for you
property. So this amount – which covers the home itself
its design and in addition seems to be at the surrounding setting to determine what happens
match nicely. As a result of it’s OK when you’ve got probably the most snug home within the block, however it isn’t
OK if it's a lot nicer than the remainder of the country
value. Does it make sense?

SANDY: Sure. And I feel the other houses are very, nicely
comparable to garages.

TOM: OK. Properly, then it's a good mannequin you possibly can comply with.


Tom: If in case you have a desert, in fact you’re
there’s extra practical area. So I'm not quite positive what we will do
Make it easier to with this query as a result of it is actually the type of design that you simply need to kindly
agree together with your husband and then separate it from constructing. When it comes
Constructed, it's naturally to be constructed by a skilled in accordance with all native laws
You in all probability need to have a set of architectural plans.


Tom: So that you simply want to get began because
Architect – Architects may help you take a look at the options very simply
pc programming they use at the moment and provide the alternative to watch it
totally different angles, each exterior and inner, out there

SANDY: OK. We also need to exchange the roof house
I assumed it might be an attachment or a Breezeway sort that makes it a
a little more highly effective. Once we change the roof residence, we might be shifting

TOM: OK. Nicely, it will be clever to do the entire thing
roof and folded into the identical venture. After which you may truly
also finance the same funding when you finance the undertaking. So,
Yes, I'm all in designing these tasks together. As a result of when
Roofing is in place, it's probably the most value efficient way to get it all


Tom: And that's proper.


TOM: We did the roof last yr and did every thing
but storage. And the garage didn't actually need it, but saw the brand new one,
lovely roof in the house, I simply decided to ignore that I
There was a few years of life left within the storage on the roof. And we did it, too
That's why we all the time say that three valuable words in house enchancment

SANDY: Proper.

Tom: Okay? Congratulations in your undertaking. thanks a lot
call us at 888-MONEY-PIT

LESLIE: Simply forward, one of the crucial troublesome duties
Householders encounter once they attempt to get a quality garden to get rid of
weeds. We now have ideas to be sure that weeds disappear on the garden
Battle, after that.

TOM: Good House Making Higher, This is Money
Pit House Improvement Show. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

Nicely, one of the crucial troublesome tasks for residents
Making an attempt to get quality lawn to get rid of weeds. You
you understand it is an historic drawback that’s more difficult as a result of
There are over 200 totally different weeds who love the garden as a lot as you may

Tom: That's proper. Now help us get the handle
drawback and solutions, we’re happy with the garden skilled Jim Wooden
Bonide, a company that has helped householders overcome these weeds now

Welcome, Jim.

JIM: Thanks, Tom and Leslie. It's nice to be yours

Tom: So this have to be a question – you’re it
man, wherever you’re, whether or not – I don't know – in a mall
In a medical office with lunch in a native dining area, individuals know you’re
lawn care skilled. Individuals will in all probability come to you all the time and ask you, “How
to get rid of lawn weeds? “Is it all the time the identical reply or
it really is determined by what sort of garden they’ve and the weeds
they have?

JIM: Nicely, it's pretty much dependent on Tom
in the course of the yr and how much stress the lawn is beneath. Once we get out
In late spring and summer time, there are a number of different factors

Tom: Whenever you say garden stress, it appears to be

LESLIE: Super enjoyable.

Tom: Yeah, the place you want to chill out. But how

JIM: Properly, the garden is just highlighted as a result of
drought. Heat temperatures are a burden for cool season grasses. heavy
the wind dries out of the lawn, creating a drought state of affairs that creates stress

And one of the weed management issues is
To regulate weeds, they have to be actively rising. So when a
The plant is traumatic, it isn’t actively rising. So the home-owner doesn't
See the results they are utterly specialists in.

TOM: So the weeds get a probability when

JIM: Oh, they will, depending on the kind of weed
plant. Some sprout beneath stress. However the largest thing is that they
Certainly it is rather, very troublesome to control when lawn grass or targeted

LESLIE: Now we’d like to know what kind of weed
Is it before you allow and select this herb remedy? Or is there one

JIM: Properly, in case your targeted weeds reside
Your garden, your lawn, sure, you’ll be able to exit and get yourself
A large-cut lawn weed killer, like the Weed Beater Ultra, which controls even
200-plus weeds that the home-owner plans to find on his garden. That is very true
The product might be applied early in the month of April, early Might in mid-Might. It will probably
apply in June. You start in July and August, you’ve to come back
off because it is too scorching. And then you’ll be able to retrieve it once more
once more someday from September to November.

So it opens up a very massive opportunity

Tom: Now, Jim, many of these weed merchandise come
focus. I feel typically individuals get confused about how to combine
properly. Is this product also obtainable in a ready-to-use formulation

JIM: It's out there for spraying. it is
what – the terminology we use in the hose terminal. It's very straightforward to do.
The home-owner simply attaches it to the hose, walks the furthest
Level to your yard after which act and spray your walk principally backwards
They do not go through the wet, treated area. And then it’s also obtainable
ready to use, used regionally and right here.

Tom: We're speaking with Jim Wood – he's
lawn care specialist Bonidella – how to control weeds in our yard.

So, Jim, along with Weed Beater Ultra Lawn
Weed Killer, I consider that typically individuals could make themselves a objective
add weeds when slicing the garden. Individuals need fast
Attempt to scale back the number of occasions they have to push the garden mower
grass. So typically they minimize it too brief. This could also affect

JIM: Tom, it's true. And that's one
Acquisition of weed infested garden. Grass chopping too brief
highlights the lawn. So what occurs, it provides the chance for weed seeds
germinate and develop. The ideally suited state of affairs is to reduce the garden from about three
3½ inches long. And it shades the soil and prevents weed germination.

TOM: Good. Jim Wood Bonide, thanks for that

For more details about Weed Beater
Extremely Lawn Weed Killer, where yow will discover the way it works and a lot
different great merchandise that Bonide does is go to the Bonide website
– B–

Thanks, Jim.

JIM: Thanks, Tom and Leslie.

LESLIE: Are you planning a challenge
enhance your outside use, but you want to ensure that this challenge is
a good investment? We’re going to share the undertaking info that can present
As we speak's Pro challenge has had years of experience and a good fee of return

TOM: Making higher houses higher, welcome back
Cash Pit Residence Improvement Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

TOM: Name us now, at 1-888-MONEY-PIT
HomeAdvisor launched. You never have to worry about paying for a job.
With HomeAdvisor, you should use the True Value Guide to see what others are paying for
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LESLIE: Now we've obtained Scott in Iowa on the line that wants it
help with the portray challenge. Inform us what you're doing.

SCOTT: I just lately purchased a rental condominium and plaster
– It's an older house and plaster fell from the house. Very,
The man I purchased it had fastened it, however for those who take a look at it, it falls
in some areas and areas. And I'm just questioning
ought to I renew the plasterboard or is it easier to fix it?

Tom: How Much Does This Exist? Is this a lot
the place is it – plaster seems to be unfastened?

SCOTT: The entire house.

TOM: Yeah, OK. So it’s a drawback because it is going to be

What happens is plaster when used
over something referred to as a "wooden beam" that is like thin pieces of wooden. A sort of
it seems like the rods we use to maintain backyard crops and tomatoes and issues
thus. And the plaster expands behind the body and locks

But through the years, with the previous house, these "keys," we
Name them, loosen after which the plaster is not hooked up to the wall.
So you're on the lookout for a state of affairs where the walls get worse. Its
doesn’t improve. And whether it is a roof that’s unfastened, it could possibly be
harmful. As a result of when this plaster falls, it's actually, actually heavy. I’m
seen it on the ground and positively might hurt someone.

Now we’ve a query – the question is: what is the greatest way
handle this? “Should I tear the plaster out? Should I Be A Plasterboard?
I did it both ways, and I have come to the conclusion, after I attempted to like this
a few years, it’s best to make plasterboard on plaster,
doesn’t tear it for a few causes. First, it's less messy.
Secondly, even in the event you tear off and plaster, you can see it
The previous house pins behind it aren’t very clean. So if you put it
gypsum board upward, it tends to sometimes typically.

So what I would really like to add to the brand new one
plasterboard on gypsum. You can too use three/8 inch thick plasterboard; you aren’t
even want to use ½ inch plasterboard. After which pasting plasterboard
By means of plaster pins, you will assist safe this unfastened plaster
you not have movement in that room. It might be mine

SCOTT: It works.

Tom: Okay. Congratulations in your challenge. thank you
a lot name us at 888-MONEY-PIT, 888-666-3974.

LESLIE: If you enjoy the warm weather, you’re
one of the hundreds of thousands of houses that begin enthusiastic about ways to go
to improve these outside areas? In case you are, it’s sensible to mind the ROI and that's
return on funding. As a result of not all house Enhancements ship a return on
investment you can rely on. One that does, though, is constructing a deck.
But your deck not solely has to be well-designed to be engaging
be well-designed to be protected. And that's why this venture is the most effective left to a
pro. We've received some ideas to make it easier to get that undertaking executed in at present
Undertaking introduced by

TOM: OK. So, first, let's speak about value. Now,
in accordance to the newest True Value Report, the nationwide average
value for a deck is just over about 7,000 bucks. However those prices can range extensively
The deck has and the

For instance, Decks which are manufactured from
pressure-treated lumber begin at around 2,500 bucks while these constructed using
composite lumber are going to begin upwards of 8,000. So, it really will depend on
all of these elements.

LESLIE: Now, the deck does deliver one
of one of the best returns when it does come time to

Now, constructing a deck additionally helps your house stand
out within the Marketplace. It makes it far more than a fascinating house to purchase. Now,
that is going to improve buyer competitors in your house and end in a sale
at the highest attainable worth.

TOM: Now, before you rent a pro, we clearly
advocate getting estimates from a minimum of two or three contractors before you
finalize one pro to do the undertaking. Ensure you learn critiques from others that
have had comparable tasks carried out by the same contractor, as nicely. It’s so
necessary to learn these evaluations and ensure this seems like any person that
you possibly can work with.

LESLIE: Mm-hmm. You additionally want to spend a lot of
time upfront on the design. And don’t be shy about talking together with your professional about
ways to get monetary savings on the challenge. Typically, small design modifications that you simply
make early on can actually have a massive influence on the ultimate value of the job. Niin
converse up.

TOM: And that’s in the present day’s Professional Venture introduced by With HomeAdvisor, you possibly can get matched with top-rated residence
service execs in your space, read verified critiques and ebook appointments on-line,
all without spending a dime.

LESLIE: Now we’ve acquired Kathleen in
Rhode Island who’s performing some adorning and wishes some help choosing flooring.
How can we allow you to?

KATHLEEN: Ah, there are such a lot of
decisions. We’re taking a look at laminate, engineered and hardwood. What do you recommend? I have one
concrete flooring, which is the walk-out basement. After which it’s the primary and the
second flooring. First is principal dwelling space and second is bedroom.

TOM: Nicely, in the basement, you
can’t use strong hardwood; you possibly can solely use engineered hardwood or the laminate
because it’s too damp.

LESLIE: Proper. And the laminate’s
in all probability the better selection.

KATHLEEN: However what about wear and
tear? That’s the opposite factor. I imply laminate can’t ever be sanded. You want
to rip it out and redo it when engineered may be.

TOM: Properly, I’ve received in all probability 10
years on the laminate flooring in my kitchen and three youngsters that grew up on it. And I’ve
acquired to inform you, it’s fairly robust stuff.

KATHLEEN: And now there are
totally different levels of laminate, too, no?

TOM: There’s totally different finishes,
there’s totally different sturdiness. There’s a check referred to as a Taber Abrasion Check that’s
achieved on laminate surfaces. It’s additionally achieved on the finish of hardwood surfaces.
And that’s what determines how sturdy they’re.

So, so long as you – if there’s an
choice within the high quality of end from something that’s perhaps designed for
residential or business, I’d all the time go together with the harder one.

LESLIE: Right. Properly, Kathleen, in
my house, our basement is the place my youngsters hang around, it’s my workspace. And I put a
laminate flooring down there and I chose one which has a lovely grain to it. It
appears like a hardwood. And then I’ve used space rugs to kind of warm it up and
make it feel extra homey. Nevertheless it’s tremendous durable. I had a plumbing situation go awry
and plenty of water underneath it and it didn’t buckle, bend. I used to be in a position to dry
all of it out and hold it actually, actually in fine condition. So I’m all for a laminate
in a decrease degree.

Now, when it comes to your important
flooring and your bed room area, I’d be extra inclined to lean toward an engineered hardwood or a hardwood, depending on your finances and depending on
the aesthetic. You possibly can go together with – if your concern is put on and tear and
refinishing, you possibly can go together with a commercial-grade finish. It’s going to be a
little bit more pricey nevertheless it’s going to permit that hardwood to really rise up.

The other choice to contemplate is in
your entrance foyers or places the place you come out and in, like a mud room, go
laminate once more in there or do a tile or a marble or something that can be extra
simply washer-friendly, more durable, simply to handle that sort of wear and tear and – wear
state of affairs.

Now, I personally, on a second
flooring and even in dwelling areas – you say you’re by the salt water. I think about
you’ve a sure kind of design type that might be type of – I’m guessing
like a conventional however modern at the similar time, since you’re on the
water. And wider planks are highly regarded now.

KATHLEEN: Sure, I agree. They’re
very engaging.

LESLIE: Mm-hmm. They’re very
engaging. You’ll be able to go for a plank that has some type of a hand-scraping detail
to it that appears a little extra age-y and more worn and – but nonetheless be durable.

KATHLEEN: OK. And so that you’re
snug with that for a full dwelling area? The laminate.

TOM: Alright, good, we talked you
into it.

LESLIE: Alright. Thanks so much
for calling The Money Pit.

Up subsequent, green house improvement
choices appear to be multiplying recently nevertheless it isn’t all the time clear how a lot you’re
truly helping the planet and yourself with the alternatives that you simply’re making.
We’re going to have ideas to show you how to make the suitable selection for each, after

TOM: Making good houses higher,
welcome again to The Money Pit House Improvement Present. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: What are you engaged on this
high-quality spring weekend? We’d love to hear from you. If it’s a house enchancment undertaking
that perhaps you need some assist with, help yourself first, though, by calling us
at 1-888-MONEY-PIT introduced by HomeAdvisor. They really have one of the best local
execs for any house service.

LESLIE: That’s proper. It doesn’t
matter what that venture is, they make it fast and straightforward to discover top-rated execs.

TOM: And there are not any membership
fees. It’s 100-percent free to use,

LESLIE: Don’t overlook, when you’re
online, to head on over to and submit your questions in the
Group part. And I’ve obtained one here from Julie in Wisconsin who writes: “I
need to substitute a mild fixture with a ceiling fan. Is there anything special I
have to do, like new wiring?”

TOM: Hey, that’s a good query
and that’s a really enjoyable challenge, Julie. So it really is – there’s really two
elements to that. One is the electrical part and one is type of the
mechanical/structural part.

Now, relying on how that field is
put in, a ceiling fan is way more heavy than a mild fixture. So, there are
some particular brackets that need to go into the ceiling construction to help
that and the wobbly vibration that it’s going to cause and the additional
weight. In order that’s actually necessary.

When it comes to the wiring, most
lighting circuits can definitely power a ceiling fan. It’s sort of a one-for-one
once you add that wiring. In other words, you’re going to have a black wire,
white wire and a ground wire. And also you’re going to have a black wire, white
wire, floor wire on the fan most of the time, so it’s often a one-to-one
type of connection.

However with all electrical tasks,
you undoubtedly want to get an electrician if it’s not something you’ve executed
before, since you might get significantly harm. But keep in mind, be sure that it’s
installed solidly and wired correctly and you’ll have many, a few years of completely happy
use with it.

LESLIE: Alright, Julie. Good luck
with that. Ceiling followers are so nice on warm summer time nights.

TOM: Properly, inexperienced house enchancment
options appear to be multiplying recently and it’s not all the time clear how a lot you’re
truly helping the planet and serving to yourself with the choices you make.
Leslie has some ideas to make it easier to type it out, in at present’s edition of Leslie’s
Last Word.

Leslie, it looks like green,
natural and healthy are terms which are way overused nowadays. How can we make
positive we’re getting what we expect we are?

LESLIE: Those are a lot of terms
that you simply’re seeing thrown around in a lot of places and it does get confusing.
I imply there’s a time period for it; it’s referred to as “greenwashing.” You already know, it’s – you’re
just getting bombarded with all this terminology that you simply’re not likely positive
what that actual worth is.

Now, for those who’re planning to
purchase a residence improvement-related product and also you want to be sure that it’s
environmentally pleasant, there are a few things to take a look at, beyond those advertising
claims, to decide if the product is actually green.

You want to start by considering
the fundamentals. Now, I’m talking concerning the raw supplies that go into that product
and where they arrive from. You’ve acquired to keep in mind that anything that’s acquired to be
transported a long way brings other valuable assets into that equation. Sitten
you’ve obtained to take a look at the adhesives, the coatings, the finishes which are used
to make that product viable and whether or not the manufacturing course of leads
to release of dangerous substances. And next, you’ve acquired to contemplate the product packaging
and the probability that that product is going to launch VOCs – those risky
natural compounds – into your property surroundings throughout and after set up.

Now, a product’s afterlife has
also received to be a huge think about determining the greenness of it. Simply as there
are advantages to choosing a product made out of sustainable elements, you want
to know that those components could be recycled, reclaimed, repurposed, whatever
it’s when that product’s time with you is over. All good issues should come to
an finish and when that does occur, a green one is far most popular.

So do your analysis. Don’t be
confused by the terminology and I’m positive you can see great eco-friendly merchandise
to deliver into your own home.

TOM: This is The Cash Pit House
Improvement Show. Hey, arising subsequent time on the program, have you ever ever
observed a crack in a wall or basis and questioned if it’s critical or not?
Nicely, Tom Silva, the overall contractor from This Previous Home, goes to stop by with answers to that query
and extra, on the very next version of The Cash Pit.

I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you can do it
yourself …

LESLIE: But you don’t have to do
it alone.


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