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The fate of the picket: North Cotabato has 20 barangays associated with BARMM

The fate of the picket: North Cotabato has 20 barangays associated with BARMM

PIKIT, North Cotabato (MindaNews / Feb 08) – Amongst the Seven Cities of North Cotabaton, where residents voted on Wednesday to propose the inclusion of 67 villages in the autonomous area of Bangsamor, Muslims in Mindanao (BARMM), Picks stand out from dropping 22

Only Barangay Balatikani 23 of the proposed inclusion voted 'no'.

The municipality of Pikitti in North Cotabat is a component of the Barangay Fort Picit, one of the 22 Barangayas, the majority of the metropolis's voters have accepted the proposed inclusion in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Area Muslim Mindanao (BARMM). Solely 20 of the 42 Barangays go to North Cotabat. Mayor Sultan Sumulong says they’re petitioning to incorporate the municipal corridor and the sq. in Barangay Poblacion so as to protect the stays of Piciti in his city hall. MindaNews: MANMAN DEJETO

The 22 Barangays, who voted "yes" and whose proposed inclusion was accepted by all city voters, are Rajah Muda, the base of japanese Mindanao Entrance in Camp Rajah Muda, the third largest camp of the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF), Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF )'s soon-wound armed wing

All quiet. The Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces East Mindanao Headquarters, Moro-Islamic Liberation Entrance's soon-armed armed wing in Camp Rajah Muda, Pikiti, North Cotabat on February 7, 2019, the day after the plebiscite, the majority voted to incorporate Rajah Muda in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Area, Muslim Mindanao. New footage of MANMAN DEJETO

Additionally they embrace Barangay Nabundas, Mayor Sumulong Sultan village and Barangay Fort Peak, which homes the historic landmark and the hill hall

Sultan, who served as mayor of the metropolis for 2006–2013; Returning Mayor in 2016 and on the lookout for re-election in response to President Rodrigo Duterte's Partido n Demokratikong Pilipino-Laban (PDP-Laban), MindaNews stated on Thursday that only one of the 23 BARMM packages proposed for Picit

is Omar Sema, lawyer at regulation. The Commissar of the Bangsamorean Transit Officer, who appeared in the referendum council of the Municipality of Canvassers, appealed to declare a referendum failure in Balatican, claiming that "there are no free elections because of threats and intimidation." [19659002] Sema informed MindaNews that the voters have been out of queries as a result of of the threats and intimidation of the Moro National Liberation Entrance (MNLF) -Nur Misuari.

Atty. Bangsamoro Transition (R) Commissioner Omar Sema checks Barangay Balatican's plebiscite return on Clustered Help 0024A, 0025A and 0026A with a replica of Canvassers Board Edwin Wahab (L) when he needed to vote for pittiscite votes on Picks, North Cotabato February 7, 2019. MindaNews- picture MANMAN DEJETON

In an earlier interview with MindaNews, Sultan informed him that he was following President's statements that Bangsamoro's regulation was good for everybody.

“Ganon si President… ganon na rin alike. Makakabuti Yun sa Cannabis… The Alam natin kanilang theme is a magical, luxurious Bangsamoro theme. Mahirap Naman Mag-ant Tayo Doon Kasi Gusto Na Nila Mamuno is such an enormous time because it goes with out saying. "(That's what the president said … I said the same. It's good for them … We know that the theme is good, for peace, for Bangsamoron's progress. It's hard if we oppose them because they want to control and give them time, the opportunity to gain independence." 19659002] Sultan is prepared to be the mayor of the city, a lot smaller than its unique measurement and inhabitants, and subsequently less of its current 300 million pesos inner revenue distribution (IRA) .IRA is predicated on land and population, amongst others. "BARMM" (I need to serve. However of course it will be important for BARMM).

BARMM continues to vote in NorthCot in Might

Residents of the villages going to BARMM continue to vote in the vote for the municipality of Picitini Capture the provincial and congressional district officers because their cluster village-BARMM is unlikely to develop into a commune or merge with the neighboring cities or villages of Maguindanao before the 13 Might 2019 elections. and e makes use of all the powers and obligations of the Bangsamoron authorities throughout the three-year transition period, however President Rodrigo Duterte has not but appointed it

The solar units over the giant fields of Barangay Rajah Muda. Picit, North Cotabato, February 7, 2019. The referendum committee of the Municipality of Canvassers completed the referendum of February 6 on the inclusion of 23 of the 42 fast disks in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Area, Muslim Mindanao. The outcomes show that 22 barangays are associated with BARMM, whereas 20 stay with Picit. Picture of MANMAN DEJETO MindaNews

RA 11054 stipulates that the Bangsamoron Parliament "can create, share, merge, remove, or change the boundaries of municipalities or barangs in accordance with the law of Parliament."

that BTA shall be set up this month when the MILF chairman Al Haj Murad Ebrahim hopes it will be unable to participate in the creation of a brand new metropolis or link it with neighboring nations in Maguindanao earlier than the Might elections because it has not yet passed its personal Bangsamoro native authorities code

RA 11054 authorizes BTA to carry out these "priority acts": the Code of Conduct and Procedures, the Bangsamoro Code of Conduct, the Bangsamoro Tax and Customs Code, the Bangsamoro Electoral Code, the Bangsamoro Native Authorities Code, the Bangsamoro Schooling Code, the Bangsamoro Regulation for Indigenous Peoples, the Bangsamoro Civil Code.

NorthCot Town Corridor in BARMM

MindaNews requested Mayo r Sultan on Thursday what happens to Picitin City Hall when Barangay Fort Picks it has voted for joining BARMM?

Mayor of Sumulong Sultan of Peak, North Cotabato. Of the 42 Barangays in Pititi, 23 have been proposed to be part of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Area, a Muslim Mindanao. Only one, Barangay Balatican, voted "no" for inclusion. Based mostly on the results of the February 6, 2019 plebiscite, 22 of Picit's barangays will develop into BARMM, while 20 others will remain in Pikiti. MindaNews by MANMAN DEJETO

Picks have been the first place of the agricultural colony in Mindanao, founded in 1912, its first set of immigrants or what would now be referred to as "settlers", typically referred to as "Christians", "Arrive here on June 17, 1913 in Cebu . Colony no. 1 consisted of 120 colonists who received lands in the villages of Ladtingan, Calawag, Ginatilan, Panicupan, Manding and Inug-ug

5 new colonies have been founded in 1914 and 1915 by Paidu Pulangui, Silik, Makasendeg, Pagalungan and Talitay

Panicupan and Makasendeg belong 22 Barangays, who belong to BARMM

Nabundas, Mayor of Sultan Village, can also be one of the 22nd. .

Sultan replied: “Kung ito pa rin gusto ko, pwede ako mag-transfer dito (if this is what I would like, I can transfer the residence) a yr or six canine earlier than the election. “

Sultan's daughter, Muhyry Sultan-Casi, a well-established vice-president, can also be in search of re-election when his spouse, Dulia, member of the provincial authorities, acts as the consultant of the first congressional district.

Is it potential that you’re Mayor of Pikk and perhaps your daughter is the mayor of a brand new city? “MindaNews asked

“ May, ”Sultan replied by adding to his voters

. He hopes that the metropolis staff shall be absorbed by the authorities unit created from 22 Barangays.

Freshwater fish are bought for 70-80 pesos in a bundle of Barangay Rajah Muda's newly built fishing port Peak North Cotabato on February 7, 2019. Barangay can also be the base for Camp Raja Muda, situated in entrance of the japanese Mindanao armed wing of the Islamic Armed Forces of Moro Islamic Liberation Front in Moro Islamic Liberation Front. The Mindanews image of MANMAN DEJETO

Sultan is satisfied that the historical past of the Pickup mass evacuation will finish when BARMM is in place. ”Oo kasi wala na Mang gulo. Ang Bangsamoro ay para sa kapayapaan (Sure, as a result of there are not any issues. Bangsamoro is peace), he stated. (Carolyn O. Arguillas / MindaNews)



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