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TOM: Coastal Shoreline and Floorboards for Shingles
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I designed an ideal present for you during this time. Are
talking about kitchens. You already know, they know themselves as Grand Central
Station, right? I imply, it's meals ready, all electronics
You’ll be charged or the automotive keys that fall, worktops are part of
from the kitchen that carries all the wear and tear. So we go
Share recommendations on probably the most durable and easy-to-maintain worktops

LESLIE: And you are trying to enjoy the heat
weather outdoors, but noisy neighbors or road visitors make it troublesome?
We now have a natural answer so you will get peace and quiet.

TOM: Plus, it's an amazing season outside
tasks. And if you want to add area, we now have some ideas
the simplest and least expensive strategy to create barbecue environments, fires,
benches and even outside kitchens simply by stacking blocks.

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LESLIE: David Alaska is on the road. Get
ready for countless summer time.

Do you need some assist for hanging up curtains, huh?

DAVID: I have an house in an previous constructing.
It was constructed in the early 70s by means of the army. It's an enormous cement home.
It's a spot referred to as Whittier, Alaska. And other people have hung up the curtain rods
Many occasions there that each one the gypsum board has now disappeared. It's just bundles

Tom: What is underneath the plaster fractures?

DAVID: For those who go far enough, it's an ashtray.


Properly, Leslie, what do you assume you're simply getting going
all the mushy things and the Tapcon bracket?

LESLIE: It's in all probability the simplest approach to do it.
And Tapcons does the perfect job once you attach to any concrete or strong type
rock. It’s a particular fastener. It’s a particular attachment to your drill
driver. Nevertheless it works and it does the trick. And it’s a must to get some

TOM: The screw is designed to maneuver into masonry
All it’s a must to do is learn how long it must be. But I feel it’s
you fasten these fasteners with Tapcon – it will be long, skinny
Screw – so it can by no means come out. It keeps them fairly supportive.

It’s Tapcon-T-a-p-c-o. They’re often
obtainable in hardware shops and residence facilities.

DAVID: OK. Alright. Wonderful. I'll give it a

Tom: Okay. Congratulations on this venture.

Yes, we actually did a challenge with Tapcon
fasteners the place we have been truly hanging vinyl shutters.
The Scout house was product of a concrete block, so that's what we did: me
put Tapcon fasteners on all vinyl window shutters. And even when it was
Very mild vinyl, the screws held them very safely, so the winds and the rain were not
tear them off.

LESLIE: Now, Tom, can you ever discover it when you’re
With Tapcon it’s a must to put a gap or one thing within the hole
that Tapcon goes into stone or concrete or what it’s

Tom: Typically, I’ve to do it if I exploit it
Leads, which is another option to do it. When you drill
a concrete block – truly, hanging the mark on the same challenge and
we used lead shields. And typically whenever you drill by means of lead shields,
The drill bit will get a bit of careless and huge. So what we did on this case is just
maintain the lead defend as a bit, we took the electrical tape and wrap it
outdoors, just make it just a little thicker. And then it went inside
place. Since then whenever you drive a screw or bolt to it, it expands

So typically you must fill the holes a
slightly something, simply make it chew until it gets deeper and do it

LESLIE: All the great ideas, but undoubtedly the proper one

Judy in Louisiana, you've acquired a cash hour. What
are you at work?

JUDY: Hey. I asked about mould and mould
brick. How do I get it out the simplest? I mean, it's outdoors. How do I get
is it the simplest method without damaging the mortar?

TOM: So there are totally different merchandise
it may well do it. And these cleaners primarily satisfy the mould or
moss or mould and then they break down the fibers. After which the rain,
mainly rinses it off.

They are sluggish. It's not such as you're going
Do it once and do it. However it cleans up. So, there are products
like Spray & Overlook or Wet & Overlook and there’s Concrobium. Zinsser has
one. And all these merchandise are principally a mildisid that’s designed to kill

I used them on the roof of last yr's roof
literally utterly coated with moss. And I just happened to notice this past
weekend because we have been doing work in the yard that I might see every little thing
shingles once more than ever. So it just melted every part

So it's the best way to do it. You’ll be able to
pressure-wash a few of it off, but in the event you do it, you simply want to make use of mild
to avoid destroying the surfaces under.

Good luck with the venture. thanks lots
call us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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And just before the money, do it
worktops appear to have the ability to reuse them? Nicely, we share some
recommendations on probably the most sturdy and easy-to-maintain worktops afterwards.

Tom: Therapeutic good houses, welcome again
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LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

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I made a small rework this weekend.

LESLIE: Yeah? What are you working on?

TOM: I feel it's an excellent instance of how you can
reuse and reuse, which may be within the yard. In my case,
there was a patio that disintegrated many years in the past. And I converse for 20 years
then. And it was scattered on these concrete packing containers that have been roughly
18 inches sq..

Nicely, I had slightly bow that I needed to construct
in my backyard because it’s a little bit of a category. And I had completed it
about 3 times out of pressurized timber and it spun. So I prefer it
"You know what? I'm going to do this again and I'm not going to do it."
with wooden. “And I might take all of the squares that had been like that
Stacked in the backyard for years and had ivy
and stuff. And I like: “I'm gonna go digging them out because I feel I can
Benefit from them. “And I definitely used about 10 or 12 of them
good, a bit of rough, a small retaining wall round it and not paying me a

And I saw just one instance of how
Simply what it’s essential to accomplish a venture can solely be at house
or in my case, in my home.

LESLIE: You never know the place you will find
good treasure.

TOM: Hey, give us a name right now when you've received it
residence enchancment. Now that it's so lovely, in the event you've observed
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LESLIE: David is on the road and wants help
in spring. What can we do for you immediately?

DAVID: I’ve to get a power washer


DAVID: What PSI should I attempt?

Tom: Yeah, they're coming to quite a lot of PSIs or
kilos per square inch. The variety of belongings you need to think about. You want
Think about PSI, also what number of gallons per minute a strain washer goes
provides engine measurement. Is this gasoline or electrical energy
strain washer you need to purchase?

DAVID: I don't know.

TOM: Electrical shall be less expensive
and easier to take care of as long as you get the cable around the house
You need to use it. And Greenworks has a new one – those
PSIs are totally different but have a 1800 vary. It's lower than 200
bucks. It's a pleasant machine.


Tom: And the other thing we like about it
it has five totally different nozzles. So for those who make a mild floor,
Like wood siding, you employ one. And in case you blow the sand into concrete,
you then use one other. And in case you clear the rims on your automotive tires,
you then use another. They usually all keep on board. And there’s additionally a
a soap tank that could be very convenient.

So they’re the qualities and power that
you need to evaluate. However one thing in this area could be very basic function and it
can do a very good job in all these areas around the home.

DAVID: OK. And another factor behind me
in the home I have just a little mould. Does a Normal Bleach Use –
that it just works or do you want those special ones that mould…?

TOM: Yeah. I imply you can confuse a
whitening-and-water answer here or you should purchase mildicide. There
A variety of residence cleaning merchandise there. I do know Simple Green is sweet

And also you're going to use it to it
and let it sit a bit of. And then, with the appropriate tip once more
A strain washer, you’ll be able to wash vinyl siding without worry of damaging it. However
In case you are using the flawed ideas, you’re capturing holes. So, just get used to it
machine and can actually do all of those tasks for you.

DAVID: OK. So the lower line of what PSI would really like
I recommend that I get?

Tom: I think about 1800 is something

DAVID: OK. Nicely, I respect your time. thank you

TOM: You’re very welcome.

Properly, kitchen counters work on the work floor
family life. We put together meals, eat household meals, perhaps even
pay payments and help with homework. That's why selecting the material
For counters that may rise, it is actually necessary. So should you're ready
To exchange your counter or make a new kitchen, listed here are some things to do

LESLIE: Yes. Pure stone is probably one
the preferred decisions out there. Individuals love the look of natural stone. it adds
richness and depth in area and it makes it a very good selection

Now granite and quartz have turn out to be a sort
golden commonplace late. They’re lovely, but each might be very costly.
Nevertheless, a small toilet can supply an expensive wanting makeover

TOM: The strong surfaces at the moment are one other
Good choice. They appear good and supply a little bit of design flexibility
as a result of they are often tailor-made to your wants. See if in case you have granite
and Quartz, you can also make them by modifying, but you’ll be able to't get too custom-made because
it's a stone, proper? However there’s plenty of materials on the strong surface

We now have these counter tops and they’re durable
They’re immaculate, straightforward to put in and reasonably priced.
The only disadvantage to us was that we made a nasty selection for the washbasin. don’t choose
white sink whenever you reside in an Italian household as a result of it doesn't stand up
properly with tomato sauce. And we should all the time maintain the boni (ph) useful to scrub
it cleans after an ideal meal.

LESLIE: It's a superb factor. You should
Watch out with the surface you will have chosen and the type of conflict you’ve made.

TOM: Yep.

LESLIE: Now, for those who're doing, ceramic
The tile really has probably the most measurement, form, colour, texture and sample choices
there. It’s durable, it is immaculate, it’s straightforward to put in and it’s
price range. But that patch needs help. It have to be closed in order that

Lastly, the butcher prevents it from being lovely and natural
However it really wants much more care than I feel individuals assume or know
particularly as a result of you must forestall the absorption of E. coli
bacteria. So, straightforward to keep and maintain, but it’s a must to deal with it for those who do

TOM: 888-666-3974. Do you’ve a kitchen undertaking
your activity? Interested by taking – this spring we begin considering
about kitchens. In the summertime we get extra motivation. And in September and October we’re
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LESLIE: Sharon in
Illinois is on a line that offers with loads of leaking copper tubes. Tell us what

SHARON: We have now
concrete slab for our residence with a copper tube. And we have now had some
leaks – leaks dangerous – and I paid some huge cash plumber. And he
talked about that there was a yr that there were defective copper tubes.
And I'm making an attempt to figure out which yr.

Tom: Are you
? He stated it

SHARON: I consider
So sure.

TOM: Pinhole leaks
is the condition of the copper piping because of the acidity of the water. And the problem is that
There’s not much you are able to do as a result of it doesn’t exchange your tubes.


Something that is creating slowly, and methods to cope with this
Repair leaks once they evolve, or simply plan and price range a
great upgrades for all elements of the pipeline you possibly can actually get to.
As a result of over time they only worsen.

Properly, we fastened the leak to the south end of our home and immediately
ended the leak on the north end of the house. However I just marvel if there’s
There were some – we’ve two other buildings built on concrete slabs which have by no means had any drawback.

Tom: Yeah, that's it
no tile; it’s the acidity of water. In case you get to our website
On and in search of "pinhole leaks in copper tubes", you will discover a
A detailed article, which I’ve compiled here a few years ago,
provides you all of the several types of lace associated to copper

SHARON: Yeah. Oh.

Tom: However it actually is
is in touch with water pH


TOM: Mm-hmm. Yup.

SHARON: Nicely, I do
simply thought perhaps – as the plumber stated, he stated there was a yr
There was a faulty copper – rolled copper – and we thought, "Nicely, perhaps it was
The yr that this home was built, ”you realize.

Tom: I don't assume so
it is undoubtedly the yr of defective copper; I feel it's just pH
of the water that goes by way of

SHARON: Thanks,

LESLIE: Jim Tennessee is on the road and is
coping with some bees

What kind of bees? Are all of them? Are you
to get stung? What is occurring?

JIM: We now have a log cabin, East Tennessee. And
Shortly after we built it, we began the issue with boring bees

LESLIE: Ah, carpenter bees.

LESLIE: They have huge, black, shiny tushies and
They will drill an entire gap on all wood surfaces, 5/8 inch.

TOM: Yep. Yup.

JIM: They've determined to make our cottage house,
as properly. And this yr, we’ve lost hundreds
bees. We've had fighters and nothing seems to destroy them.

TOM: I don't know what materials they apply
However often the fitting pesticide prevents them from returning. What they are
principally they’re boreholes for picket surfaces. After which they go in
these holes and they lay. After which they only let them sit there
and hatch. Now, with the suitable sort of pesticides – often there is a powder
the pesticides they themselves put in holes and around – will probably be

Now whether or not the logs themselves or whether it is

JIM: No, it's everyone – just about all over the place.

TOM: Wow, yeah

JIM: It's in the log and it's in fascia and

TOM: Yeah. As a result of the case and the reduce – you
I do know I had some fascias and reduce one which was destroyed within the garage
and I was uninterested in dealing with it every year, so I simply changed the composite
materials. And it was enjoyable because after the first yr the bees have been stored
flying round it considering: "Hey, look like a tree, but don't taste like a tree."
In order that they finally gave up and didn't come back.

However it sounds such as you don't simply handle
with the appropriate pest control skilled, as a result of I don't perceive
why if they apply a few of the normal merchandise out there
which you can’t purchase, in any other case, because they don’t seem to be opposite – it
these bees come back.

JIM: Right. Nicely, we now have a home contract a
tuholaistorjuntayhtiö. And we’ve got them as a result of we now have built the home. And they’re
applied remedies a number of occasions, nevertheless it doesn’t appear to actually remove

TOM: I can't offer you a selected pesticide, however I do
tells you that the insecticide is usually the perfect. It needs to be
holes, even inside these holes. After which when it’s inside
they don't need to close the holes; you need to let it sit and do it
Job. After which after the season, so to talk, you need to close the holes.
As a result of for those who don't, they’ll come back. But you need to make it possible for all
Bees have been killed. Because should you're unsure they're all killed, they're
Simply drilling to seek out new areas as you seal you off
that they had. But in the event you use pesticides that do it.

And then when you’ve all sealed you, you
might need to think about coloring or finishing these exterior surfaces,
as a result of it also prevents bees from getting stuck. It’s sometimes paints or
stains on any lacquer. They don't just like the taste

JIM: OK. Alright.

Tom: Okay? Yup. Good luck to the challenge and
Thank you once more for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Thank you very a lot for calling Cash Pit.

Hi, whenever you open home windows to deliver recent
Is there a whole lot of noise in the air? This
The previous home landscaping contractor Roger Prepare dinner is right here pure

Tom: Therapeutic good houses, welcome back
Money Pit House Improvement Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

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LESLIE: Now we've received Stan in Oregon who deals
with scorching water. Tell us what occurs. It gained't be that huge
or that scorching? What is occurring?

STAN: It comes out, nevertheless it simply does lots
noise. It does lots of spitting, like there’s air within the line
as you clean the line typically and then put the strain back
and it takes a while to get into the air? It makes an analogous sound.
And it does it only in scorching water and it’s carried out in all of the faucets
house: tub and sink.

Tom: Will it’s carried out when it's off for some time?

STAN: Sure.

Tom: What kind of water heater do you’ve gotten?
Is it fuel or electrical energy?

STAN: It's electric.

TOM: OK. Have you checked the radiators?

STAN: No, I'm not

Tom: Typically there’s a dangerous heating coil,
This is usually a situation that happens. Is this beautiful new wanting

STAN: No. It has been like this. I simply purchased
house a few yr in the past and the house has been sitting empty for about two


STAN: It was the closure I bought, so I did

Tom: Here's what I do. It's straightforward now
a method to check this, however you could know what you're doing. So this could
Don't be a self-project, proper? I warn you as a result of it includes

However how do you verify the electrical water heater
flip off the panel and reveal it – you open –
take off the covers so you’ll be able to see the reels. And then what you are able to do
Continuity Testing Gadget, you’ll be able to examine every reel to see if energy is operating
it. It’s a must to take one thread from one aspect; in any other case you will test it out
sort of backward. But you possibly can examine the continuity of every reel to see if
the coil does not work


Tom: You continue to have scorching water, although
One of many two reels works, however you're operating out quicker.

STAN: Proper.

Tom: And this can be regular for you: perhaps you
have no idea that you’re solely utilizing your water heater for half the capacity. But I
first verify the coils because it will possibly cause so much air
be within the system. It doesn't just heat enough water.

STAN: Thanks. I respect your time and thanks

TOM: Good luck with the undertaking. thanks so much
call us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Properly, street visitors attacked your day and day
Out can actually eat your nerves and disturb peace and quiet
you need to feel at residence.

Tom: However if you wish to modify the noise earlier than it
To succeed in the walls, it is best to contemplate adding timber naturally
and a lovely yard in the yard. Here let us know how this previous house landscaping skilled Roger
Prepare dinner.

Welcome, Roger.

ROGER: Thanks for receiving me.

Tom: So many people use the fences quietly within the yard, but they will
just help so much, proper?

ROGER: Right. Because there are limitations on how excessive a
fence might be. The use of timber is great as a result of it isn’t restricted

TOM: Yeah, that's an excellent thing

Yeah, timber scale back noise nuisance by creating
visual barrier between supply and listener. However individuals are additionally less
Figuring out the noise in the event that they don't see the supply, right?

ROGER: Exactly. It's a research that was accomplished should you say

LESLIE: It's fascinating.

Tom: You possibly can't see if the noise comes,

Tom: You possibly can't see if it's not.


ROGER: Right. You're welcome.

But the noise is noise and it is rather fascinating how it can

LESLIE: So with regards to the location of these timber,
You want it to be closer to the noise, closer to the house or you possibly can go
full in the middle?

ROGER: It's in all probability the worst place within the middle.
Ideally, you need to be as close to the supply of noise as you’ll be able to.

LESLIE: And I feel you need to have that in your mind
Shrubs or bushes or timber, no matter what you employ, be actually shut to at least one
second. But it’s a must to give them enough area to grow

ROGER: Nicely, that's the high-quality line you need to obtain
immediately. And you may choose sure forms of timber that grow upright
that they grow collectively and develop into a dwelling protection that would get
eight, 10, 12 meters lengthy and drop noise. For those who take away timber
grow to be too huge, then you end up slicing some branches,

LESLIE: Proper.

TOM: Now, with regards to tree selection,
Do you need to determine if in case you have this hardwood, so that it comes
leaves in spring and summer time or evergreen, which will probably be inexperienced
yr round. As a result of without the leaves, you’ll definitely not come
comparable sound safety, right?

ROGER: Right. So it is dependent upon where the noise comes from
and what disturbs you. Are you out on the patio when this noise is
hassle you and is it totally different in winter? If it's simply if you're gone
on the terrace you need to use giant hardwoods with giant, giant leaves
Throw them down. If that's something you're making an attempt to do – just like the street
The noise you're making an attempt to stop all yr round, you then're going higher

Tom: Earlier than you make the final choice, I feel
is it essential to know your endurance zone?

ROGER: Yes. You already know there is a USDA map that appears like
all endurance zone. And you want crops that stay and develop properly
In this case, it is very important choose the correct crops in the proper place.

LESLIE: Yeah, we used Leyland cypress to do that

ROGER: Yeah.

LESLIE: And it's superb how high they've grown over
For 11 years we have now had a home. Since then, they have been 20 meters lengthy
about Three years after we planted them.

ROGER: Proper.

Tom: And how does noise work?

LESLIE: Those neighbors moved, nevertheless it was really…

Tom: See? In order that they labored perfectly.

LESLIE: It worked nicely. Nevertheless it was really wonderful

ROGER: Right. But if I plant leylandii cypress right here,
perhaps each four or five years it turns into so chilly that they need to knock or kill.

LESLIE: Really?

ROGER: Yep. So we use arborvitae Leyland cypress

TOM: So again, you actually need to know your area and
Choose a country that fits your country.

ROGER: Yeah, it's an investment. As Leslie simply stated, they
grow and grow.

LESLIE: They actually do.

ROGER: They don't simply drop the sound of untamed animals and birds
and the whole lot else. So choose the correct manufacturing unit in the fitting place.

TOM: Good recommendation. Roger Prepare dinner from the Previous Home of TV, thank you very much for stopping at The Money Pit.

ROGER: Thanks for receiving me.

LESLIE: Alright. Request the present season for this previous house and request this previous house with PBS. Native lists and step-by-step
videos of many widespread residence improvement tasks, go to

Tom: And Ask
Gorilla Glue brings this previous house to you in PBS.

There are nonetheless some step-by-step ideas coming
a simple and inexpensive solution to create an outside kitchen nicely
your back yard. All that is coming after this.

If your house solutions reside, welcome back
Money Pit House Improvement Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

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And hey, now that it's so lovely
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Properly, we now have a great product that may give it assist. It’s referred to as
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LESLIE: Cynthia Referred to as Brooklyn, New York
offers with some moisture-based issues. Inform us what occurs.

CYNTHIA: I’ve a question I need to ask you about
waterproof within the basement. Because I stay here within the flood space and
then we had Hurricane Irene

Tom: OK

CYNTHIA: So I had one company are available and they
have been asking like 21,000 – a bit over 21,000 – to try this waterproofing. makes

TOM: Completely, utterly not affordable.

Now, the water drawback that you simply had

CYNTHIA: Sure, sure

Tom: The purpose the water came in was as a result of it
was sourced on the surface of your home. In different phrases, when you have got heavy
rain like that, your Gutters turn into overwhelmed. They dump a number of water proper
on the foundation and then the earlier the soil can deal with the water and it
drains into the home. And so I’m positive that is what happened.

heavy rain circumstances like that, then you definitely completely, positively do not have to
spend $ 20,000-plus on a system to pump water out of your basement. What you do
have to do regularly
Gutters are – that they exist, that they're clear, that the
downspouts dump the water a minimum of 4 to 6 ft away from the house and even
greater than that or run them by way of. And
then your grading round the home, the angle of the soil slopes away. These
two things will go a great distance in the direction of any additional wet-basement

The drawback with the waterproofers is that this: they
don’t become profitable by selling you gutter-cleaning providers and extending
downspouts; they only generate profits once they are available with their jackhammers and
tear up basement floors and put in drain tile and sump pumps. They usually do it
whether or not you want it or not. And on this case, you don’t need it since you
informed me that this only happened if you had a unprecedented weather occasion
like that. And meaning you absolutely don’t need that service. What you do
want is to ensure your drainage circumstances are set up on the surface of your
home. Does that make sense?

CYNTHIA: OK. Thanks.

TOM: You’re welcome. Good luck with that venture.
Saved another one from the perils of the waterproofing contractor.

When you take a look at our web site, Leslie, and you take a look at all of the
articles I’ve written about this and take a look at all the feedback …

LESLIE: They’re all from waterproofing contractors.

TOM: Oh, they hate me. Oh, they totally hate me as a result of I
take business away from them, because I inform individuals the truth. They don’t – you
don’t want sump pumps, you don’t need drain tile. All you need is clear
gutters. It’s very, very simple.

LESLIE: Properly, in case you’d like to improve your
outside area by including an outside kitchen, a fireplace pit, grill enclosure,
planter or perhaps a bench, there’s a very easy approach that you can do that with a
product referred to as RumbleStone.

Now, RumbleStones, which are made by Pavestone,
are rustic-looking stones that are available challenge kits. And also you simply stack them
together, like Legos, in a predetermined sample to construct all types of well-liked
outside features.

Now, RumbleStones make it fast and straightforward and reasonably priced
to upgrade your yard with amenities like an outside kitchen, a fireplace pit, a
bench. The kits begin at 250 bucks and they can be used for traditional
paver tasks like patios, partitions and even panorama borders.

TOM: And if you want to strengthen that finished
undertaking, you possibly can even use the QUIKRETE Superior Polymer Development Adhesive
between the stones. So, there’s no mortar required.

These RumbleStones are an exquisite addition to your
outside dwelling area. Plus, right now, there’s even a step-by-step video of a
really cool outside kitchen, topped with a QUIKRETE concrete countertop,
obtainable online. Simply head to YouTube and search “methods to construct an outside
kitchen with RumbleStone and QUIKRETE Concrete Combine” and it’s all proper there. Took
a take a look at it immediately. It’s about seven or eight minutes lengthy. Very nicely carried out and
very informative.

In the event you’d wish to
study extra about all the issues you’ll be able to build with Pavestone’s RumbleStone,
go to

LESLIE: Kelly in
Texas, you’ve received The Money Pit. How can we show you how to at the moment?

KELLY: Yeah, I
have a Craftsman-style residence and it has ridge vents. However I had an power audit
just this spring and the power audit stated, “Kelly, you don’t have any soffit
vents in your – round your eaves.”

TOM: Yeah. Hmm.

KELLY: Nicely, I don’t
really have eaves. All of my roof ends in these exposed rafters. It does have
gables and so he stated, “You must vent this house. Your home – your attic is
not correctly ventilated since you don’t have any method for the air to get in
the underside.”

TOM: OK. So you haven’t any soffit. Is that right?
Principally, it terminates?

KELLY: That’s right.

TOM: So right here’s the solution, OK? There’s a kind of
vent referred to as a “drip-edge vent.” And what a drip-edge vent does is it
primarily extends the roof line by all of about 2 inches. And that 2 inch
turns into an overhang on the edge that gives the intake air flow for the

So, should you go the website for – it’s
the Air Vent Company – check out the product choice there. Katso
the Drip-Edge Vent and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Now, to do this, you’re going to finish up taking off
the bottom course of shingles and perhaps even putting two shingles as an alternative,
since you’re going to have to truly bodily prolong the roof by a couple
of inches. However carried out proper, you will install that soffit that you simply don’t have and
you gained’t discover it from the surface. So you’re not going to bodily notice
a distinction when it comes to the architectural fashion of your home but you will
provide that all-important area for consumption air flow.

KELLY: OK. Respect it.

LESLIE: Alright. Thanks a lot for calling The
Money Pit.

Are you prepared so as to add air con to your
residence, simply in time for summer time, but you’re wondering what measurement you actually need?
Nicely, going too massive can waste power and going too small simply isn’t going to
handle the heat. We’re going to share recommendations on learn how to decide the right measurement,

TOM: Making good houses higher, this is The Cash
Pit House Improvement Present. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Call us, proper now, with your own home
enchancment query or submit it online at

LESLIE: That’s right. Now, Anita in Illinois
writes: “I’m going to have to put in a brand new central air-conditioning system
Tämä vuosi. How do I know what measurement to get for my 1,800-square-foot,
single-story residence?”

TOM: That’s an awesome question, Anita, because I
have discovered, in the 20 years I spent as a house inspector, that it was very
widespread for the air-conditioning measurement put in within the house to be mistaken.

Now, it’s often too huge, not too small, because
people need to be snug.

LESLIE: However I feel like individuals assume greater is

TOM: Proper. However here’s the problem: when you put a
system in that’s too huge – a central-air system that’s too massive – it
short-cycles. What meaning is it comes on, it cools the air really quick,
then it goes off. And it comes on, it cools all the air really fast and goes

The drawback with short-cycling is, to start with,
you employ a lot more electricity. And second of all, it’s not operating long sufficient
to take the humidity out of the air. And so your home turns into type of chilly and
clammy, which is a very uncomfortable state of affairs. And when it’s damp like
that, you may also grow mould.

So, how have you learnt what measurement? Properly, begin with
the rule of thumb: 600 square ft of house for a ton. So, 1,800-square-foot
house, in all probability a Three-ton. However you don’t stop there. That you must work out what
your heat loss is and this is not one thing that you are able to do. There are calculators
online but an HVAC professional ought to be capable of do it.

Warmth loss, principally, is a measure of how much
air-conditioning power you should compensate for the quantity of heat that may
get into the home on a mean summer time day. And it relies upon lots on issues like
your home windows. Are they single-pane? Are they double-pane? Are they low-E glass?
How much glass do you’ve dealing with the southwest sides of your home? How a lot
insulation do you’ve? All of this stuff go into a heat-loss calculation and
then you possibly can decide exactly what you need.

So, my level to you’d be: make sure that this work
is completed. Don’t simply guess. And if any person says, “Properly, I might put a Three-ton in
however perhaps you must go 4,” I imply perhaps that guy is just making an attempt to sell you a
greater unit than you need. You’re going to curse it from the second it will get
turned on, since you gained’t be snug. Simply buy what you want – not too
a lot and not too little – and you’ll be very snug on those heat days.

LESLIE: Oh and you’ll be so grateful you’ve gotten it.

Alright. Next up, Danielle in New Jersey has
posted: “I refinished my wooden kitchen desk years in the past and had no problems with
se. Just lately, I sanded it and refinished it again. This time, I put on about
4 coats of an oil-based polyurethane and allowed a day of drying in between
each coat. Now it sticks if something warm sits on it: espresso cups, plates,
every little thing. How do I fix it?”

TOM: Ugh. Properly, I feel that although it says
on the label that the polyurethane would dry in a few hours, it’s just
not true. You’ve really acquired to let polyurethane dry a couple of days, at the very least.
And simply placing the four coats on – to start with, you didn’t need four coats.
You really just wanted two, particularly since you have been recoating one thing from
earlier than, although you sanded it. And now you’ve obtained it all built up there and
it’s all gummed up. And I feel that the underlying coats never really dried
correctly. I don’t assume they’re ever going to dry.

I’d inform you to take all of it off. Take it all off
and do it once more. It’s actually the easiest way to go. You’re really not going to be
capable of clear up this some other approach. When you needed to attempt one thing, you can attempt
utilizing a paste wax on it, like a automotive wax, and see if that helps stop the stuff
from sticking. But I think it gained’t. You’re actually going to need to take it
right down to the unique wood and reapply it.

LESLIE: However the good news, Danielle, is now you’re
a pro at it. It shouldn’t be too terrible.

TOM: Precisely. You’re really good at it. Properly, it’s
a apply.

LESLIE: And that – ugh, that basically is the worst.
I’m so sorry, Danielle. I do know exactly how sucky that’s. However good luck. It’s
going to be awesome.

TOM: That is The Money Pit House Enchancment Show.
Thanks a lot for stopping by. Hope we’ve given you some ideas and recommendation on
methods to get these tasks accomplished round your home that have been on your to-do listing.
You possibly can reach us via our social-media channels. Publish your question on or ping us @MoneyPit on Twitter. Or you’ll be able to name us,
24/7, at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you can do it your self …

LESLIE: However you don’t need to do it alone.


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portion of this transcript or audio file could also be reproduced in any format
without the categorical written permission of Squeaky Door Productions, Inc.)

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