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The Trap of Teaching English Reading Comprehension

Casablanca – For as long as I can keep in mind, I have been educated to undertake a read-and-answer strategy to studying texts. College students additionally, and since main faculty, have developed this unhelpful angle in the direction of reading comprehension.

As a instructor, I found that I was trapped within the read-and-answer strategy, and college students might effortlessly predict the lesson: read and reply . I had by no means observed the barrenness of this strategy. It is a lure.

I have come to comprehend that asking students to learn the textual content, explain the paragraphs, and reply the comprehension questions is just not educating studying. In a reading lesson, students have to study comprehension expertise.

Reading isn’t just about decoding symbols, it consists of several levels with totally different challenges. It’s like climbing a ladder; every step represents a talent that college students should study to allow them to maintain going. Students, of their early faculty years, must be supplied with tons of actions to construct these expertise.

Baccalaureate students, generally, find themselves caught at the first step — studying the written phrases. They seem to focus solely on easy methods to read the phrases. They learn but don’t perceive.

Students typically have the misunderstanding that they should understand a text they should perceive every phrase. Likewise, some academics adopt the same perception. They fall into the lure of explaining each word, pre-teaching vocabulary, taking quite a bit of time, and then asking college students who don't take some time to reply the comprehension questions.

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Reading is means past asking some college students to learn Aloud. Truly, they don't have to learn Aloud until the instructor's goals embrace pronunciation. As an alternative, earlier than answering comprehension questions, students have to discover ways to decode the printed phrases, analyze them, know what the words imply, and recognize them in a context.

Our students have developed a destructive angle in the direction of troublesome words. As an alternative of dealing with them, they have a tendency to keep away from them. Surprisingly, they hold studying with out having the slightest concept of ​​what the text is about; they don't really fear about this half as a result of they know that the instructor will explain every little thing.

College students don't know that they will strategy new phrases positively and, typically, ignore them. It sounds unusual, however it is thought-about a primary word-attack talent, in line with Christine Nuttall, a policy professional on English evaluation in her ebook “Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language.”

But, college students can’t apply this rule each time because ignoring some words could make comprehension troublesome. There are some methods that can be used to cope with new words referred to as "word-attack skills."

One of these expertise is "sight recall," when college students recognize a word as quickly as they read it as a result of they’ve come across it earlier than. Another is “context clues”: Utilizing other sentences within the context, footage, and the reader’s familiarity with the subject of the reading textual content. Lastly, "structural analysis" relies upon mainly on the power of the Reader to recognize prefixes and suffixes.

In "The Basal Reader Approach to Reading," by Robert Aukerman, a Dean at an American academics school wrote, “Learning word-attack skills alone is not enough, since reading involves more than just identifying words that represent graphic symbols. In order to comprehend, the Reader has to relate his or her experiences and knowledge of how the language works to the words that have been decoded. ”

Academics shouldn’t anticipate students to concentrate to subjects they don’t seem to be fascinated with. So academics ought to research their college students' interests by means of a sort of questionnaire earlier than choosing the texts and taking the textbook models into consideration. Reading texts and actions ought to be purposeful. They need to goal students' experiences and interests.

To teach students to assume rationally, academics should use comprehension in educating different expertise even before educating studying. And so as to enhance college students' considering talents, there must be some Reasoning in each process they work on.

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Merely reading and discovering answers to questions just isn’t comprehension. The which means is just not there, in the textual content, waiting for the students to decipher it. The which means is attained by means of the interplay between the textual content and the Reader.

That’s the reason pre-reading activities are of excessive importance as a result of we will set off any experience that is associated to the subject. Students find the texts straightforward once they meet their prior information. Thought-provoking questions are what college students need to improve their comprehension expertise.

Taking reading from a mind-challenging exercise to a mechanical activity must be discouraged because reading is just not about discovering solutions. It’s about creating the power to cause, deduce outcomes, talk about concepts, and understand how and why. That may undoubtedly change students' angle in the direction of reading.

After reading, academics might help students assume by 1) assembly with them individually; 2) having them illustrate favorite occasions by drama or drawing; 3) asking about cause-and-effect relationships; four) tasking oral reviews on subjects of particular curiosity; 5) helping college students construct their very own questions from reading; 6) doing actions to seek out the primary concept of ​​the textual content, listing details related to the primary concept, make and justify inferences, and draw conclusions; and 7) having students put together brief oral or written summaries associated to different subjects.

In her ebook, "Learning to Read," reading Scholar Dina Feitelson says, "The ability to interpret depends not on the Cognitive domain alone but also on the readers' attitudes, his receptivity to new ideas, and his interest in the material read and his motivation. "

The drawback EFL learners face is that they read english using the same technique that they use with arabic or french, languages ​​they already use. However when the textual content is in English, the language they use solely within the classroom, the task becomes harder. Even when they decode written varieties of particular person phrases, readers might discover that words don’t go collectively in any pattern that’s familiar to them, in response to “The Basal Reader Approach to Reading.”

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Tradition is one other essential issue. The relationship between reading and students' culture has a direct influence on studying. The worth of college students' tradition locations on studying and the way they study to study is necessary. College students are likely to transfer their reading Habits from one language to a different.

In line with Ralph Staiger, government director of the Worldwide Affiliation for Reading, studying Habits affect comprehension more than nature's language. It is extremely troublesome for college kids to vary the best way that they have been educated to adopt throughout their faculty life.

The objective of studying texts

There ought to all the time be a purpose for college kids to read a text. College students have to be taught to read the primary concept and for the small print. They should also discover ways to skim, to scan, to read critically, to outline, and to use the dictionary.

To ensure that students to develop studying and comprehension expertise, they need to get so much of follow with straightforward texts. Textbook readings are linguistically troublesome; that’s the reason they resort to translation which slows down the event of most studying expertise.

Reading texts are unsatisfactory especially in the early years.

The textbook readings are virtually adjusted to teach the language. So if the unit is about purchasing and present steady tense, the textual content will include vocabulary and certain buildings. But the want for the textual content to have a message is neglected.

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I Consider This Is One Of The Reasons That Reading Classes Are boring. There is a difference between a language lesson and a studying lesson. A reading lesson should not be completely dedicated to educating language; as an alternative, it ought to be a supply of info and leisure, and it should convey a message as properly.

Unbiased Readers and Unbiased Learners

College students are hardly uncovered to any reading outdoors the textbook. As an alternative of giving texts that students find boring, why not give students the duty for reading comprehension courses by agreeing on an extra set of readings which are associated to the textbook models?

College students have totally different interests; subsequently, they should be allowed to choose what they need to learn. Students may have no excuse if they don’t take part in discussions or get bored throughout studying courses.

On the finish, I need to stress the significance of educating research expertise in early faculty years. Students are extremely in want of figuring out the best way to research. The majority of them have no idea easy methods to be college students. They don't have any concept easy methods to take notes, be organized, design a research area, assume positively, create a research group, and skim actively.

They want these tools and expertise in each topic and throughout their complete lives. Most college students don't have any objectives or any imaginative and prescient for the longer term. Our target, as academics, ought to be creating unbiased learners who can depend on themselves to realize their objectives.

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