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Tile trends from Gritt to Chic

Tom: Coast to the coast and floorboards for shingles, this is The Money Pit Residence Improvement Show. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

TOM: So glad to be here with you once we roll winter and look forward to the spring to trigger true power and home enchancment around the house. In case you are considering of a undertaking you need to do, this can be a good time for you to decide up the telephone and call us as a result of we are right here to assist. The quantity is 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

At the moment we’ll speak about tile trends within the exhibition. You recognize that if that is the undertaking you are going to do, we’ll spotlight a number of the trends that at the moment are there and which are going sandy in fashion. So it doesn’t matter what you’re in search of, there’s a development to anticipate to occur in your home.

LESLIE: And have you ever dreamed of getting a futuristic toilet, one that practically does the whole lot for you? Properly, we've acquired some recommendations on new know-how that may reduce down on cleaning – I hope they imply rest room and never your self – and extra consolation.

Tom: And in addition ahead, we’ll go to the top of winter. And given that you’ve taken a great take a look at the driveway? Spring is an effective time to plan the alternative of worn surfaces, however it isn’t self-making. That's why in the present day's Pro challenge has gathered some ideas to assist you to rent the most effective professional to do that job.

LESLIE: Plus, this morning we’ll ship Arrow PT Pneumatic Staple Gun and supply rivets, that are actually the right device for a wide range of repair and inside design tasks, akin to physique restore around the deck or probably treads of stairs and even daring and upholstered furnishings. I feel it is one undertaking that is so easy, however individuals are afraid to attempt. So that is lastly a device to enable you to do this. It helps 50 bucks and goes out to one listener.

TOM: To start with, we would like to hear from you about your tasks you’re dealing with, your do-it-yourself dilemma that perhaps you may come throughout to discover out what's next or perhaps you're planning in the spring. Whatever occurs in your home, give us a call now. We wish to assist. The quantity is 1-888-MONEY-PIT, 888-666-3974.

Let's go there. Leslie, who's first?

LESLIE: Daniel in Washington has fallen in love together with his older house home windows, but needs help from them. What can we do for you?

DANIEL: I would like to understand how I can take away them with out destroying them or having to break the weights and let them fall on the wall as a result of I used to be informed that I’ve to do it.

Tom: Nicely, why would you like to maintain the weights, Dan?

DANIEL: Properly, simply – my largest worry is that they’re upstairs home windows and I don't want them to trigger any injury once they reduce them off. And I just want to pull them out, I feel, to see what they’re. They’re used for printing.

Tom: Yeah, you don't have to fear an excessive amount of about it. How previous is your home, Dan?

DANIEL: It was inbuilt 1900.

TOM: OK. Thus, the weights themselves are such spherical, tubular pieces of strong forged metallic. And I wouldn't fear about dropping them. They only fall slightly to the bottom of the wall cavity. They're not likely going to do any hurt. They drop down a couple of ft and stop. However what you do, minimize these wires or remove the chains, let the weights drop, pull the pulleys out, raise the top and backside, and place the alternative window on the other tree, a kind of previous window is left.

It's a sensible business because it's very straightforward. You don't have to tear some other aspect or the like. In principle, just take out helpful home windows and embed new alternative windows inside what you are able to do because all alternative windows are principally constructed to match. That is how the know-how is designed to work. For those who place an order from alternative windows, they place all the numbers on the computer and shut the window at the different finish of the meeting line. And also you simply slip them in and you're achieved. It is extremely straightforward to set up.

Nevertheless, you need to be really cautious when measuring. And I might have an organization that you simply buy home windows to make a measurement to ensure you get it right. However don't fear about weights.

DANIEL: And it's fun to point out. He actually got here out and looked at them, and he advised me he couldn't give me measurements to get the windows myself. Because once they – they get them organized, those who set up them, have to do the jobs which might be mandatory to match them properly. As a result of he just takes a rough measurement.

Tom: So he simply gave you an estimate? Was he measuring the score?


TOM: Yeah. Properly, I mean it is sensible. I have to inform you that every business makes it somewhat totally different. So should you buy it from manufacturer A, they will measure it and manufacturer B can measure it a bit in a different way. So who buys these, they’ve to make accurate measurements. She might have simply measured her to understand how to order a worth. But it might need to be re-measured earlier than you place an order.

LESLIE: Plus, they are – the numbers are really guarded. He may think that if he provides you correct measurements, you are going to flip round and go to one other firm or get them organized yourself and check out to do it yourself.

Tom: What might you actually not do because what if he has the incorrect numbers? You determine to pay for home windows that don’t fit.

DANIEL: So if we’ve already completed – I measured the body in the windows, not the window itself. And we just put so as. So I might be here in hassle.

Tom: Are you going to put them your self?

DANIEL: Yeah. Because it is – half of the cost of the windows was labor to put them in.

Tom: Properly, how do you know to measure them? Did you get recommendation on who you obtain the windows?

DANIEL: Yeah. He informed me to measure the frame – no window, no a part of the window that moves – but he stated the frame itself

TOM: Proper.

DANIEL: And he stated that the number they use

TOM: Right.

DANIEL: After which he provided it as a result of it was free and when – to send somebody out. And when the guy turned out, he did that – 'Maintain on. I simply give them tough numbers they usually do what they need to make them match. ”

TOM: What if I normally subscribe to windows, get advice on how to get them organized. I'd like to do – make measurements and get them organized. In that case, and you’ve got adopted their instructions, you ought to be OK. The factor is, in case you're improper, you get a window that doesn't match and you have a problem. But so long as you comply with their instructions, you ought to be OK.

DANIEL: Alright. It simply made me fear when the guy right here confirmed me a unique story than the boy within the store.

TOM: Yep. So, they are all specialists;

LESLIE: They usually're not talking to one another

Tom: Exactly.

DANIEL: Yes. As I stated, this was the part that was afraid of me and why I needed to get recommendation on this.

TOM: Alright. Properly, I hope it helps you, Daniel. Thank you a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Debbie in Texas is on line and offers with a basement undertaking. Tell us what you're doing.

DEBBIE: I’ve a cement flooring that now has an indoor / outside flooring that’s glued. And I would like to peel the carpet after which paint the floor. So my question is: what kind of prep – once I get a mat, what sort of prep packages do I want to do and what sort of painting ought to I exploit?

LESLIE: Now you’ve began making an attempt to remove

DEBBIE: Sure, we have now and it’s glued, so there’s an adhesive, I feel, the underside that’s on the ground. So ought to we by some means scrape it out?


DEBBIE: No, it's indoors – it's indoors.

LESLIE: Oh, it's utterly indoors. ALRIGHT. It makes it somewhat bit of a spike. The rationale I was a bit of excited about the truth that you had lots of recent air as you’re employed, since you're going to use adhesive in case your plan is to paint this layer. As a result of you’ll find yourself with so much residue from this glue, will probably be on a regular basis, and there is a good probability that will probably be uneven and elevated and spotty in some areas. You’ll have carpets and will probably be a multitude.

So you have got to find precisely what sort of adhesive is and what is the greatest remover. Depending on the type of adhesive, it will depend on the kind of adhesive you employ. So it's really making an attempt to see what works nicely.

After which once you discover what actually works nicely by gluing it, you simply have to use heavy scrapers and work on the glue till it’s up. And then even then the painted floor doesn’t look very massive in any case this work.

DEBBIE: So I feel the advice would have returned to the indoor / outside flooring.

LESLIE: In a shallow state, carpets are really not one of the best concept – whether it’s padding or not, whether it’s glued or not – just because you're dealing with a mud defend that sits instantly on a concrete slab to get moist. All of this moisture rises on the mat, regardless of whether or not it is indoor or outside.

Now this moisture is such mud and creates all types of allergens and molds and it’s definitely not the most effective concept. Tile worked fantastically. And when you’ve got this flooring evenly, even with the glue, you possibly can go ahead and do something with it.

You already know, it is determined by what you need the area to seem like. In case you are proper to see an uneven floor and need to paint it, the epoxy coating is ideal for the floor on this state of affairs. However it depends. I spend loads of time in my basement, so I don't need to see such an uneven flooring, whether or not painted in my favorite shade or not.

DEBBIE: And what if I reduce the carpet and scraped the glue – scraped it clean – after which painted it? Wouldn't the paint get caught if there have been all the glue there?

LESLIE: I don't assume so. Techniques similar to epoxy coating techniques are usually bought in packaging. There are a number of steps. The first is the etching or cleaning step. Then there’s your paving, which you combine, I feel, all the totally different processes that heal it and solidify it. And some of them have such a small decorative comma, and it finally ends up being hung there at the end. And you want to work on yourself in a corner, so you gained't get trapped there. Nevertheless it ought to stay pretty good.

Is it just the software program that you simply steal strictly? Is this your family's Hangout? You have got to think about what this state is and how you need it to look.

DEBBIE: OK. Properly, it provides me ideas. I feel I need to first get the carpet up and see what it seems like and go there. Alright. Thank you a lot.

TOM: You’re very welcome. Thank you a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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TOM: And simply before wood, plaster, resin and metal. They do not essentially belong to the types of tiles, but they’re and belong to the most well liked new designers. We’ve these details after this.

Making good houses higher, this is The Cash Pit Residence Enchancment Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

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And there are a number of things you are able to do with the Arrow PT50 Pneumatic Stapler. I imply, we're moving into the spring season. I am extremely desirable that the climate is warming up. So perhaps you’re outdoor and in some instances the grid work may be repaired across the deck or something with fences wants some upgrading or just seasonal maintenance.

And in case you are in search of step-by-step ideas, recommendation, directions, go to ArrowFastener.com and click Tasks. There you can see all the step-by-step ideas and recommendation you want to get a good deal of every undertaking you’ll be able to handle with a staple gun

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LESLIE: Rich West Virginia, you've obtained a money hour. How can we provide help to as we speak?

RICH: Hey. I have a gypsum board question. My home is just about 9 years previous, however there are a variety of joints between gypsum boards – the place the tape was – the tape is cracked and it’s curled slightly on the edges.

TOM: Yep.

RICH: It is especially dangerous in my garage – unheated garage – on the ceiling, but even some in the home. I have no idea whether or not – I've heard different things: that they could have put it, when it was cold, and it froze before it was set or …

TOM: Inform me what's happening, Rich. Nine years ago, as they do as we speak, builders plaster the storage for one purpose and for one cause: because they need to maintain hearth separation between garages and the rest of the home.

they only do what they absolutely have to do to get the earlier code. I all the time tell these guys: "It's like you who are proud of being – you would get D, not F. Want to get D: home from school and say," Guess what, Dad? I obtained D: n. Not proud? ”The builders only make absolutely the minimum, just one.


TOM: Wealthy, whether it is unfastened and separating, you actually can't put a multitude on it as a result of it doesn't come between the paper tape and the gypsum board beneath it. then I put a second layer of tape on it or as an alternative of it. It actually goes via the tape, it’s greater than a network.


Tom: And you then do it in three layers and sand between it. No hurry; it takes you just a little time to get used to it. However it makes a trick there.

And as in-house areas, it isn’t uncommon for a nine-year-old home to have cracks within the seams or the place the corners come together or above home windows or doors. And you handle them in much the identical means. If the tape is completely unfastened, you need to take it off and exchange it. But when it's just cracking, you’ll be able to truly placed on an analogous plasterboard, three coatings, prime and paint, and you're completed, OK?

RICH: OK. Sounds good.

Tom: Okay. Good luck to the undertaking, Rich. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT

LESLIE: Nicely, tile has all the time been a very fashionable building materials. However proper now, there are some cool trends which were enhanced with fashion and colours that can add to your house decor. Listed here are some highlights here.

Speaking about wood grain. That is an fascinating development, and I am so glad that it sticks around and gets better and higher every year. Wooden product fashions are beautiful and may create a totally new look on the ground and on a flat wall.

And one other development I discover is that many corporations present collections characterised by a fairly random number of fragmented items. These at the moment are mixed with a unfastened pattern. They are gaining reputation. It virtually mimics the puzzle. So in case you are such a free stream design if you put your tile, it's a good way to present your character and emphasize actually lovely tiles.

TOM: And tile corporations proceed to attempt gypsum, concrete, metallic and resin to give a look referred to as "gritty chic." So, numerous cool trends are occurring in tiled mode right now. Assume that in the event you determine to make a small house decor in your house in the spring.

LESLIE: Alright. Now we are heading in the direction of Patty in Illinois, with a always operating rest room. Tell us what occurs.

PATTY: Properly, it doesn't work constantly, nevertheless it takes about five seconds, several occasions per hour. And it has gone to the purpose the place my water bill has risen fairly a bit and I want to know if I want a brand new rest room or if I want new seals or a new handle pump or – what do you assume?

LESLIE: It's really easy to repair and this often happens commonly. Unfortunately, individuals don’t understand that there’s really some rest room upkeep as a result of it is only a system in your house that is there and you employ it and anticipate it to work.

However there’s a filling and flushing valve inside the tank. They usually don't have to get replaced typically, but every few years. And of course, now that you simply're dealing with this water use – Tom, is it a Fluidmaster?

TOM: So, Fluidmaster is a type of pillar for the alternative valve elements.

They usually just wear out, Patty, over time, so this is pretty straightforward to fix.

LESLIE: And it's in all probability 10 bucks to get each. However for those who go to the Fluidmaster website, the only cause I recommend it is because they have a very nice video on their web site. So you possibly can see what the filling valve is, what the flushing valve, the flap valves – you already know precisely what you are looking at and the way to change it. And it's a very easy project-self-project that allows you to trust and scale back your water bill.

PATTY: Thank you. It sounds fantastic. I recognize it and thanks a lot for calling. Love your present

TOM: You’re very welcome, Patty. Thank you so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Hey, have you ever dreamed of getting a high-tech toilet, one which practically does every part for you? Properly, Kevin O & # 39; Connor from this previous house stops subsequent with some recommendations on new methods that can minimize these cleaning jobs and improve consolation, so keep in place.

TOM: Good Residence Improvement, This is The Cash Pit Residence Improvement Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

Tom: We'd love to hear what you're engaged on. Assist your self first by choosing up the telephone and giving us a call from HomeAdvisor at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

Whats up, is there a brand new flooring in your kitchen or rest room? Is it a part of your spring job listing or are you ready to put together for the deck? HomeAdvisor may help you with these tasks. They’ll immediately match you with the appropriate skilled without spending a dime.

LESLIE: Sandra in North Carolina is on the line. How can we assist you at present?

SANDRA: We're making an attempt to determine which filter to use for our oven filter – turn it off? Ought to we use those which might be cheaper, similar to 4-for- $ 2, or should we use the standard of the HEPA filter, which is like $ 20 for oven filters if you substitute them?

LESLIE: Nicely, with filters, you’ll undoubtedly get what you pay for. And it really will depend on what all of the conditions are in your home.

Now the cheaper filter, the thinner that the movie shall be and of course the wider the strap, if you need, then it's actually not to end very a lot. You recognize, Tom and I all the time joke that they’re referred to as "pebbles" because it's actually the only factor that can't get there.

TOM: Exactly.

LESLIE: So it really relies upon. The less cash you spend, the fewer things you’ll stick to. If in case you have any allergens in the house, you need to spend a bit extra money because you're positive to pay.

SANDRA: OK. So I have to go for a top quality filter as a result of I have a whole lot of allergic reactions. And the people who constructed the house say they’re going with a less expensive filter, so you possibly can let the air circulate.

TOM: So, a very good high quality filter does not cease the air from being higher designed for filtration or one designed for less filtering. None of this stuff forestall air. So when you’ve got an allergy drawback, you could have bronchial asthma issues, you want to use an excellent quality filter.

And if you need filtering to be one of the best you might want sooner or later, set up an electronic air cleaner. This can be a system built into the HVAC system simply near the furnace. And these are extremely efficient in taking 95% plus air pollutants. I imply, these digital air purifiers can take away microscopic particles at the moment

SANDRA: OK. Nicely, I actually recognize your info. You've been very helpful.

TOM: You’re very welcome, Sandra. Thanks a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Nicely, high tech improvements have improved the comfort of just about each residence, and these products have their very own toilet. From these trendy wonders, you’ll be able to assist the unwashed towel dryers save power, save water and make things somewhat more convenient.

Welcome, Kevin.

KEVIN: Hey, guys.

TOM: This previous house has all the time been on the forefront of innovation within the tasks you chose, especially when it comes to loos. We’ve come after an extended, lengthy distance house.

KEVIN: Sure. Is it also a great thing? Does anybody have any fascinating reminiscences of nation homes? Do you know that there’s a museum in a Louisiana home?

TOM: In fact there’s

KEVIN: Yep. I’ve been there.

LESLIE: Oh, geez.

KEVIN: Sure. Yup. Tickets are free

TOM: I guess, proper?

KEVIN: No, it has definitely come a great distance. And I feel one of the things we’ve observed is a few of the innovations we now have in the house, in housing, in shifting from business development. That's why you see things like touchless taps. Think about, whenever you went to public areas, they are in all places.

TOM: Right

LESLIE: In the event you're a germofobe, you is perhaps a germofobe in your toilet.

TOM: Yeah.

KEVIN: For those who cease at a parking zone or orbit, you in all probability don't need to touch the faucet. But sure, proper? So you’re creating such a sensitivity, and now it is out there in your home where you’ll be able to simply wave your hand or put your elbow in the precise cam and switch it on and off

LESLIE: Yeah, I like it within the kitchen

KEVIN: Fairly good function.

TOM: And it's not just a toilet, but in addition a kitchen. The Delta is the one where you waves your hand up and it comes on once you wave your palms up once more and it goes off. And if the pot is closed with both arms, it is going to proceed so long as the pot is a type of faucet in front.

KEVIN: Who doesn't like it, proper? [19659002] Tom: Yeah, exactly.

KEVIN: In order that they happen with taps, loos or kitchens. Additionally they happen with the bathroom. There are loads of issues now. KOHLER has just introduced a rest room that really has contact know-how. So, you simply have to put your hand over your back and it’ll rinse you. One other thing is that they’ve a very lighted rest room, okay? We just lately showed certainly one of these. Two lights. Considered one of them is a positioning mild so you will discover a rest room if you walk into the toilet.

LESLIE: Oh, not your little boy's concentrating on sensor

KEVIN: It's one other. After which one other mild – they call "task light".

Tom: You're going to land.

KEVIN: However as an alternative of having an evening mild within the toilet, why not have a rest room seat mild, so that you all the time know precisely how to find it?

LESLIE: All of these seem like an invitation to each boys to put their palms on the bathroom.

KEVIN: Hmm, no, perhaps we should always flip off the lights.

LESLIE: Nice innovations. Not just for six or two years.

TOM: Alright. Enough bogs. Now we speak concerning the shower. There are additionally some innovations in showers and baths, including one gadget that basically prevents the shock of a bathe the place you get a warning concerning the temperature of the water.

KEVIN: I feel the bathe is a new luxurious merchandise within the American house.

And once you level out, Tom, there's something the place the shower head truly exhibits the water temperature, even if it modifications, so you’ll be able to see precisely what the temperature is before you cling your head beneath, so that you don't seize your head beneath cold or really scorching water , which causes discomfort.

TOM: And it's a Delta product;

Now you may as well see the sound methods put in in loos

KEVIN: Are you able to think about listening to your favorite tunes in the morning if you end up within the shower? But yes, speakers who’re actually there to play music within the shower so that you simply by no means have to be in a room where you are not…

LESLIE: Entertained?

KEVIN: Entertained, absolutely. And we've even seen chromotherapy, the place the lights change, to allow them to produce totally different moods whenever you're in the tub or bathe. So many inventions come into these spaces.

There are additionally such things – nicely, heated flooring are one thing we've carried out all the time in an exhibition where you set the radiation underneath either an electrical or water-based system with a water-circulating. But in addition towel warmers which might be heated immediately from the gate so that you never have to pull a cold towel out of the rack. As I stated, a new luxury item.

TOM: You possibly can have numerous these options without spending some huge cash. I solely imply that one thing is added at a time.

KEVIN: Yes. I feel for those who make a toilet renewal, it’s your decision to design all of them. We've seen some very cool grip beams that you want to think about where they go and where they’re. However sure, you can distinguish them progressively

LESLIE: Have you learnt that I discover fascinating is the truth that – I'm working with a shopper, and that they’ve paid for some of these Dyson-superkuivureista tub. Don't like the admirer you will get as a result of Dyson really does what’s built-in into the tap. So wash your palms and then step backwards and place your arms another way and the air comes out, which is a superb method. Oh no, they want something you see in your native retailer with an enormous, yellow – water your palms here, do one thing dishonest.

TOM: Blue jet, huge air showers.

LESLIE: Yeah. So individuals actually need these things of their house

KEVIN: And a perfect example of this transition from business to dwelling area, as a result of we’re used to them in these business areas and loos.

LESLIE: Right. God denies you employ a towel.

Tom: It's so dishonest. Different individuals might contact it.

Kevin O Connor, good advice. Thanks very a lot for stopping at The Money Pit

KEVIN: It's a pleasure to be right here, guys.

LESLIE: Okay. Request the current season for this previous house and request this previous house with PBS.

TOM: And This Previous Home is brought to you on PBS by Marvin Home windows and Doorways

Up next, now that we are shifting in the direction of the top of the winter; Spring is a superb time to substitute the DIY challenge. That’s why, in at the moment’s Professional Challenge, we put together ideas to allow you to hire one of the best pro to get that job executed, introduced by HomeAdvisor.com. That’s all arising, after this.

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Jeff in Pennsylvania is on the road and has a query concerning the order of things when it comes to a roofing undertaking. What can we do for you?

JEFF: Needed to verify with a impartial third social gathering to see if they have any suggestions or for those who’d have any suggestions on placing a heavy, architectural shingle over prime of an present three-tab that’s very skinny, very flat.

TOM: Nicely, to start with, we usually don’t like to put – to advocate you set a second layer of roofing shingles on it nevertheless it comes down to economics. Yeah, we’ll say this: when you put a second layer on, the second layer doesn’t often last so long as the first layer. As a result of the primary layer holds loads of warmth and that may, over the lengthy haul, put on out the second layer because that heat is the enemy of the asphalt shingle. It forces extra oil to evaporate out of it and more of the supplies that make it pliable and watertight. And so, second layers usually don’t final as long as the primary layers.

The other factor to contemplate is how long you’re going to be in the home, since you’ll in all probability have a shortened roof life. If it’s a short-term house for you – perhaps you don’t care or you’re making an attempt to save some money – then perhaps you want to go forward and put a second layer on. But the easiest way to roof a home is to tear off the previous layers and placed on a second layer. Weight isn’t a problem, if that’s what you’re concerned about. Can it deal with it? Yeah, it definitely can deal with a second layer. However it’s just not good building follow.

JEFF: OK. I thank you much.

TOM: Good luck, Jeff. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Nicely, asphalt driveways definitely take a beating from Mom Nature: sun, moisture. And this winter’s freeze/thaw cycles I imply go from -10 to 50 degrees in the middle of two days. And all of that climate can actually combine and cause cracks and deteriorate all that asphalt binders that hold that driveway collectively. This is the reason it’s super essential to repair these driveway cracks or potholes and apply driveway sealing regularly to shield it.

But in the event you’ve carried out that or perhaps you need to have carried out that and now it looks like that driveway is ready for alternative, there are some things to know earlier than you name in a pro.

TOM: That’s proper. Now, first, you want to know what you’re shopping for. Apart from driveway sealing, which is when a really skinny coating of asphalt sealer is utilized, there are actually two methods to redo a driveway. First, a pro can add a layer to what you have already got or they will utterly tear out the driveway and start from scratch.

Now, if the driveway is just worn however it doesn’t have an enormous pothole or cracks, a topcoat is perhaps an choice. But if that driveway is in actually dangerous shape, including a topcoat just isn’t going to change that. And the new asphalt will probably sag and crack pretty shortly.

LESLIE: Now, when you’re in search of a full driveway alternative, crucial thing is the preparation of the bottom. First off, they’re going to take away the previous asphalt. Now, once that previous asphalt is removed, a brand new gravel base, sometimes 6 inches, must be put in after which rolled. Now, assume huge, like a 3,000-pound roller, till it’s virtually as strong as a completed street. If this half’s achieved properly, you’ll be able to anticipate that new driveway to appear to be the day it was put down for therefore many, a few years. That’s why this first prepping step is admittedly an important.

Now, it’s also necessary that the driveway be sloped so that you simply get proper drainage. Nothing is going to wear out that driveway quicker than sitting puddles of water.

TOM: Now, lastly, it’s necessary to select the best sort of asphalt. Some asphalt has extra combination, which is the stone, in it than others. Should you put an asphalt down that’s too sandy, that driveway gained’t be as robust and also you’ll have problems in as little as two years. Should you put one down that has extra combination, it’s going to final at the least a decade or extra.

Now, sandy asphalt may need a smoother appearance however it just doesn’t final. So all the time choose a mixture that’s obtained extra gravel and less sand.

LESLIE: Right now’s Pro Challenge has been introduced by HomeAdvisor.com. With HomeAdvisor, you will get matched with top-rated residence service execs in your space, learn verified critiques and e-book appointments online, all at no cost.

TOM: Regardless of the type of job, HomeAdvisor makes it fast and straightforward to rent the perfect native execs.

LESLIE: Hey, DIY or get a man or woman, whoever’s certified? Simply forward, we’re going to have recommendations on how to know once you want a professional or when you’ll be able to handle that undertaking your self, so stick round.

TOM: Making good houses better, this is The Money Pit Residence Enchancment Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Give us a name, right now, with your property enchancment question, your do-it-yourself dilemma, your décor challenges. The number is 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

Joan from Massachusetts did simply that. She couldn’t get by way of to us at 888-MONEY-PIT so she posted a question to The Cash Pit’s Group web page.

LESLIE: That’s right. Joan from Massachusetts writes: “I do a lot of entertaining and would like to put a second refrigerator in my garage. But I’ve heard that since my garage isn’t insulated that the refrigerator will not work properly. Is this correct?”

TOM: That’s truly true, Joan. That’s proper, as a result of refrigerators are designed to work inside your own home where the temperature vary is somewhere in that, say, 60 to 80 degrees. However in an unheated garage, the temps can vary from under freezing to very, very, very popular. And particularly, when it’s scorching like, say, 100 levels or greater, your fridge is going to have to work additional exhausting to hold every part chilly. That’s going to mean you get additional wear and tear on the compressor and different elements and that would shorten the lifespan.

However what’s much more shocking is that your meals can rot within the wintertime being on the market. And you work, how can that happen? Nicely, when the temperatures go under, say, 38, particularly when the freezing temperature is 32, the fridge might not do any of the work at all as a result of it doesn’t assume it has to come on, proper? However the problem is that that food is definitely stored contained in the freezer, which warms it to the point the place it may well truly decay.

So, not a good idea to use an ordinary refrigerator in a storage. That stated, there are particular refrigerators which might be designed for a storage setting and may deal with that massive temperature swing. So, thanks for posting your question, Joan, to The Money Pit’s Group page.

LESLIE: And Tom and I’ll accept get together invitations and we’ll see you at the next one.

TOM: Yeah.

LESLIE: Alright. Next up, I’ve obtained a submit right here from Bob from North Carolina who writes: “There are smoke marks above one of my electrical outlets in the kitchen.” Ugh. “Do I need to call an electrician? I don’t use the outlet but at some point, flames came out of it, apparently.”

TOM: Yeah, apparently there’s some char happening there. And within the kitchen, we like to see that char limited to the range space where you’ve gotten a nice, massive vent hood above it. But not from an electrical outlet.

Yeah, I undoubtedly assume you need to name an electrician. That’s not a DIY challenge. There’s a purpose that occurred. I mean it might have been no matter was plugged into it was the faulty part. However that outlet ought to be opened up and checked.

I’ll inform you that I’ve had an issue with retailers in my home as soon as once I was truly doing a TV present. And typically, we use our own houses for these homes because it’s exhausting to knock on a neighbor’s door and say, “Hey, can I take your electrical system apart? It won’t take long.” They only don’t respond positively to that type of quest.

So, I used to be taking aside an outlet in my kitchen that was a ground-fault outlet. And to my surprise, it was burned out on the again aspect. And I had no method of figuring out it because it was working simply high quality. So, yeah, when you get any cue like that, there’s a problem. You undoubtedly want to have an electrician verify that out, because that would trigger a fireplace.

LESLIE: Now, I feel it’s so fascinating. You realize, the know-how has allowed us to have ground-fault circuit interrupters constructed into retailers however there are other technologies that we will put in place. And there’s even one for catching arcing, right, Tom?

TOM: Yeah, that’s right. It’s truly referred to as an “arc-fault detector.” And that’s a very good level as a result of that is comparable to the GFCI – the bottom fault – however that’s designed to forestall shocks. The arc fault is designed to stop exactly what Bob described together with his charred electrical outlet. In the event you get any sort of an arc, it’s going to shut down the complete circuit. And I feel you’re going to see increasingly of those in new development. However in case you’re changing retailers and breakers, you ought to benefit from that know-how as we speak.

LESLIE: Yeah. It’s a lot safer and it’s actually designed to do exactly that, which is shield your family and let you know when one thing’s incorrect. In any other case, you’d do not know.

TOM: That is The Money Pit House Enchancment Present. Hey, thank you so much for spending part of today with us. We hope that you simply’ve picked up a number of ideas and concepts on tasks you is perhaps fascinated with taking over in your home. When you’ve acquired questions, you possibly can all the time attain us, 24/7, at 1-888-MONEY-PIT or publish your questions to the Group page at MoneyPit.com.

I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you can do it yourself …

LESLIE: However you don’t have to do it alone.


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