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Top 14 Results for All Star Duets 1 (VIDEO)

American Idol 2019 Top 20 sing ALL STAR DUETS for judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. Host Ryan Seacrest and mentor Bobby Bones are also prepared to help rivals prepare this essential spherical. At the end of the episode, SEVEN singers transfer to Top 14. Three are sent house.

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Singers carry out on the historic Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles.

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Walker Burroughs & Jason Mraz – Give it All Jason Mraz – Walker has beloved Mraz because he was a toddler. “It's really great for me.” Jason thinks that Walker brings fashion and authenticity to performances. "He has a huge talent," but he warns him to be "not dressed cool." Be genuine, he says, "Just walker." These are all good points. I’m a cold and hot Walker, and I feel Jason defined why. The more real Walker, the extra I take pleasure in him. Stated it. I don't love this track typically. I simply say I recognize Walker's musicality and originality. Luke congratulates the duos harmonies. “You walk up and we smile automatically,” he says. “You make glasses, sexy,” Lionel says. "It was a perfect performance." Katy is sporting her engagement ring! He liked stage performances and easy singing.

Kate Barnette (Guitar) & Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo – Pat Benatar Heartbreaker – It's the primary music she recorded on the primary album. Kate's spiritual mother and father did not permit him to take heed to pop music. "Come straight behind these words and burn it only," Pat. Neil requested Katea to play guitar solo. He has been enjoying for solely a yr. "Indeed, Kate must be disgusting with her song," Neil says. Kate's voice is just too mild for this music. He's making an attempt the rock head, and he doesn't have an oomph. Pat wants to stay again to satisfy him. I don't assume it might be a great match. His final efficiency was bluesey, jazzy. The balls on the walls aren't his factor. "I thought you grew up with this song," Katie says. However his most furious compliment was Pat. Luke felt the track took him with him. You assume? Lionel urged Katea to remember and study from the experience. Principally from all judges: Nice to attempt, youngster. Be glad you had the expertise.

Riley Thompson & Brett Younger – as I beloved you at Brett Young – at the age of 16, it's his first duet higher. She has been singing for solely two years. NOT a surprise. The lyrics are about mature love. Good luck, child. Brett compares him to Dolly Parton. "I think Riley has something special," he says. Brett is doing all of the emotional heavy lifting, so Riley can consider his clean countryside. He has such a fantastic voice. He's just a few years after it's absolutely baked. "I listen to him every day in my medical terminology class!" Riley shines. "You've grown so much," Lionel says. “You deal with this strain so properly. Actually good performance. “Katie says,“ You gave us a full voice and harmonies. The place did it come from? You had one other gear? “Says Katie. Luke calls it the most effective. “You see real, natural flavored performance.

Uché Ndubizu & Shaggy – I Need Your Love Shaggy, Mohombi, Faydee and Costi – "Personality is Huge," says Shaggy Uche. This music is a problem for Uche. Shaggy suggests that he does it in full sound. "Sing it next to you." Nevertheless, he should drive himself to do so. His voice is interrupted by workouts. Shaggy is a superb singer. He pops. Uche pales in contrast. It doesn't help that he runs on the stage as a maniac. It is entertaining for positive, however he should study to stability movement / singing. Every thing comes down to regulate. Good contact: Uche throws his hat into the audience. "It was such an atmosphere," says Katie. He notes that he has to make acutely aware decisions together with his operating. Luke says he has so much fun on the stage, he can afford to sing.

Madison VanDenburg & Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo – We’ve got Pat Benatar – Pat and Neil have been collectively for over 40 years. Two observed that they have been heavy when singing. It took 3 years. “Madison is a great singer. He just trusts himself, ”Pat. "He is a real singer." Neil says, "I think he could win." However Madison "is a little nervous." Nice harmonies. However really, Madison and Kate should have modified songs. The previous might have dealt with an awesome music. Kate might have shined the tender melody. But still! Madison's confidence and powerful high harmonies carry the music. Lively. "You literally go toe toe with him," Luke says. Lionel is impressed by the cool, “We would never have been able to do what you did… you took it to the next level.” Katie says, “You look flawless… the sound is Ferrari. You should never be afraid to look. ”

Shawn Robinson & Elle King – pleased with Mary Creedence Clearwater Revival – It's onerous to consider that former SNL member Rob Schneider is his father. IT IS TRUE. Elle suggests that she "distorts it" if she is nervous. Shawn admits that the track just isn’t what he would have chosen because it is a nice fast tempo music. Yup. He has never heard of the original. Elle exhibits through the stage rehearsal that they sluggish the music's tempo. This is better than I expected. Shawn has a sweet soul voice. Besides OOOPPSSS. He drops the entire line. Yikes. ALRIGHT. This is truly a catastrophe. He's nervous. "Elle has been amazing," Shawn says. Lionel says, “You and Elle did it completely, you managed the enterprise. I really like the best way you recovered. “Katie says,“ I beloved this intro. It was so powerful. "Luke says:" I’ve most of the errors yökategoriassa. It was an excellent music. “It’s too dangerous that the staff did not clarify earlier than the CCR was higher.

Ashley Hess & Jason Mraz – I Jason with Mrazin – Justin is just not nice "plan b" fan in terms of music. He modifies the arrangement somewhat and Jason loves it. "I'm excited to learn that it was invented again," he says. He slows it lots behind the piano. Jason approaches the piano with out singing. Is that so. That is good! In another verse, reggae wins when Ashley joins his stage. Ashley's power is his creative design. And it's a fantastic shade. Katie says, “I really like this environment. Very cool, young hip. So recent. You're utterly locked. “Their harmony was impeccable. Luke felt snug "looking at the whole thing." Lionel agrees that it is troublesome to make selections. He calls Ashley's voice "pristine".

Shaggy & Rayvon – Bumbly & Shaggy – Angel – Bumbly is a subway station in New York. "Negativity will never go away," Shaggy says. He says that one of the simplest ways to cope with it isn’t to concentrate to it. Bumbly has fought with confidence. "The rhythm is in him," Shaggy says. "He wins them." Bumbly's excessive candy tone is the right contrast to Shaggy's baritone. He may properly also act as a singer. Bumbly has not had a lot display time, but he has a stage. Shaggy clearly loved with him. "It was really a really good song," Luke says. “Fun.” Katie says, “So cute. I really like your voice. It's so much fun. You need to sing such songs. “Lionel says,“ You actually seem to have the most effective time for your life. "Shaggy to comfort crying Bumbly (without the context, really!)" You have been born for this, "he says

Laci Kaye Sales space & Brett Younger – Brett Young's grace – Laci is his music obsession." I'm fangirling surely " , she says. Laci all the time plays together with her guitar. However not tonight. "I want to push myself to a limit," Laci says. But Lac's music is beautiful and filled with emotion throughout this lovely ballad I really like his raspy tone Aw. Lac's mother cries in the viewers. "I don't want to play favorites, but …" Luke says, "When you sing, it hits right in your heart."

Laine Hardy hkökitaralla) & Elle King – The band's weight – Laine admits she is a "shy person." The performances are outdoors her comfort degree. He fights with worry. Properly, that is the right track for Laine. He also sounds REAL good. A number of the track is a bit low for Elle. They kicked it to the third verse that I didn't anticipate. It's a good way to close the presentation. "You look at rock stars," Katie says. “You sound like a rock star. You have a taste and you won't let go! “Luke calls his voice“ recognizable ”. Lionel says, “You really really stepped up. You’ve developed into a superb artist. “Laine will get a surprise visit from her brother Kyle. Aw. Tears. "It makes me the proud man in the world, seeing him go so far."

After a break… RESULTS

After a break, the rivals take the stage. KIERAN DIM LIGHTS !!! The judges alternately informed Top 14. Once they have announced, the singers will go in the direction of shiny jackets on the stage. Ha. Laine is the final one.

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