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Top 14 Results for All Star Duets 2 (VIDEO)

The remaining American Idol 2019 Top 20 will probably be singing this evening for Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan at ALL STAR DUETS (April eight). American Idol historical past is made when host Ryan Seacrest takes his first sick day ever. Mentor Bobby Bones Steps In

On the end of the episode, SEVEN singers transfer to Top 14. Three are sent residence. Top 14 is COMPLETE.

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Singers perform at the historic Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles.

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Though Ryan Seacrest was too sick for the host, no less than we obtained taped intro and "THIS ON AMERICAN IDOL".

Questions by Alyssa Raghunada & Julia Michaels – Julian Michaels – Alyssa is with OBSESSED Julian songs. A singer who has just lately performed nice pop things is ready to sluggish things down, as the judges recommended. Julia calls Alysa a "powerhouse" but feels she has to give attention to what the music means. OK Alyssa, you showed you had some pop chops. Show now why we beloved you first! Her tone is so lovely and excellent. He is singing Julia truthfully. Katie seems very pleased with her "sauce". He calls it a "fresh take" and "bold to be so free" on stage. Katy says she and Julia are feeding one another. Luke liked not making an attempt to do it. "Raghu brought the sauce," Lionel says. “You're still growing. 16 years old with a lot of talent and confidence. ”

Eddie Island & Lukas Graham – 7 Years Lukas Graham – GHAAA. I hate this music. It's so nervous. Eddie is in her previous tips and brings a stuffed animal to the workouts. Too cute aspect. Lukas wonders whether or not Eddie is hidden behind humor. The singer agrees that it's time to "let it out." Eddie sings less annoying elements and brings recent life to the music. Lukas all the time seems like he has hit an enormous helium before he opened his mouth. Eddie can sing. I look ahead to displaying her a vulnerability. Not but! She is STILL screwed around on stage. It’s onerous to interrupt the Goofball habit. Luke thought the track was good, "good work … you were hitting notes." Lionel says, "You've been able to do every presentation you have in your life." can really sing… take it to the subsequent degree. “Katie needs to bottle her. "Every time you come on stage, I'm on another planet with you," he says.

Wade Cota & LovelytheBand – Pretty Violation Band-Wade's mom has diabetes and her aim is to maintain it financially here. Wade sings principally people and Americana songs, however this time he’s excited about fashionable pop songs. He doesn't match it. I've stated it earlier than, however I came upon the onerous gravel voice. It's like he needs one. Yet, Wade provides the present all the things she has. He's truly pretty showman. Lionel says, "You have a voice you need to consider." He says "choreography". He’s pleased that Wade is snug with himself. "This voice is recognizable." Katie thinks she is going to turn out to be a bonafide rock star. "You've found who you were … you've used some other world of energy." That jacket does he have? Yoinked a random good friend who stood outdoors the studio. Guess that the clothes help hadn't began yet. "The way to flourish right before our eyes," Luke says. "Good job."

Ryan Hammond and Cynthia Erivo – Sam and Dave – Ryan by Iin Comin. She shares her story with weight loss with Cynthia. He asks him if he modifies his voice. An fascinating query. He lives in an entire new life, however continues to be wanting for his voice. Ryan had never heard the music before. “I just listened to Christian music.” Oh boy. That is utterly totally different from Ryan. Often he has a terrific significant ballad. However he's a very soulful man! I take pleasure in this duet. It's nice to see a looser, less critical facet of Ryan's character. And Cynthia is a pearl! Katy says, “I felt a spirit! Was that church, I felt like so much … you really appreciated yours here. “He adds:“ Your voice is superb in any respect levels. "Luke says," Your voice will take you thus far … just add slightly extra swagger, "Katy asks her to point out … and Luke makes her famous hip. Hm. I assumed Ryan gave it. No additional swagger. Lionel is impressed together with her work, especially since she has by no means heard the music.

Evelyn Cormier & Chris Isaak – Chris Isaak's Dangerous Recreation – Speak about gimme whereas Ryan obtained a track he never heard in his life. Duh. Oh my God. I can't come over her voice. As he swallowed his own voice. Nevertheless, this duo is nicely undervalued. The music is robust, however slightly burning. Monitoring might utterly spoil performance. Having stated that, I can't take my eyes on Chris. She's enchanting. Is that so. Evelyn wrote to the American Idol questionnaire that Isaak was her first selection for a star duet companion. “I have a front row position for a very special event,” Luke says. Lionel says: "Chris is a stylist … which makes you unique that you are also a stylist." He calls them both "great excellent treatment." Katy felt that the efficiency was refined, embarrassing and intimate, and that they made the music really feel and really feel. "I believed in every word you were singing," he says, referring to "it".

Logan Johnson & Julia Michaels – what time Julia Michaels & Niall Horan – Logan could be a little crush on Julia. She's nervous because suggestions from her solo final week was not good. "I really don't want to mess up tonight," he says. Her voice is gorgeous, however too quiet. He's so positive he wants SING OUT. Dynamics is your good friend, Logan. Julia ruled her utterly in this presentation. Logan was a unique individual on stage vs. a workout, he says. Lionel felt handed the check. "You did a good job of listening," he says. "I was hanging up on every word," Katy says. “Always take every opportunity you could to get the song out… pushing a little more,” Luke says. What Luke stated – that is what I say.

Raquel Trinidad & LovelytheBand – The Little Dancer of Elton John – OH MY GOD RAQUEL'S NEVER HOW TO TAKE DANCER. "I get a jist that he is a Tiny Dancer," Raquel tells what he thinks when it comes to words. Uhm. He gets HORRIBLE modifying right here. He advises him to "let the run run wild." It's literally the worst recommendation ever. In any case, the efficiency just isn’t a practice wreck. Just a little weird – however not a disaster. Raquel is a really unusual duck. He’s in all probability an fascinating singer with the proper music. Tiny Dancer isn’t the suitable track. The delightful dude wasn't much assist. "I've never heard singing it well," Katy says. "Whatever you have sleeves, bring them out." Lionel advises her to observe the viewers when she sings. “Your voice could be very recognizable. You actually showed us a brand new dimension to your voice, Luke says.

Alejandro Aranda & Ben Harper – The Mild of Ben Harper – Alejandro and Ben grew aside from one metropolis. So the singer grew up listening to Ben's music. Alejandro used to hold in the Benin household's music store. "I heard the child and I was there," Ben says. It is Alejandro's first duet. She sings excessive harmonies superbly. He might study rather a lot about Ben the way to say the track. Bobby comes on a stage with a beanie. She seems ridiculous! Is that so. Ben heard Alejandro for the first time in his family's store. Luke says, “Welcome to Alejandro's show. You are so stylish with your approach. Lionel says, “You are a rare flight group… you have a career.” Katy says, “I feel you’re creating authenticity. Nothing modifications you. “He provides:“ You’re my mother's homie.

Dimitrius Graham & Lukas Graham – Love Someone's Lukas Graham – "We Are Family!" Lukas claims that, like Dimitrius, he additionally grew up in a "rough" neighborhood. In Sweden, there are rough neighborhoods? Duo sounds blend and harmonize completely. This can be a fantastic match. Literally, the night time's greatest harmonic singing. Dimitrius digs the music, does not cross, as he typically does. "You hit those high notes!", Lukas says. "Everything for her," Dimitrius demures. “It was like a gorgeous duet that was fully executed… such control,” Lionel says. Katy calls it the best-known duet she heard at the moment. "I'm so proud that you took our advice. Luke says: "You’re among the best singers I have ever heard." He calls Dimitriy "Beyonce man".

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon & Cynthia Erivo – Time Since Cyndi Lauper's Time – Jeremiah thinks what individuals have been with him in his life – his associates are on the root of the audience. Time After Time is considered one of my favourite songs EVER. It's additionally onerous to sing. However this handover is SUBLIME. Jeremiah and Cynthia have the identical tones – with high and fast vibrat. They sound unimaginable together. ALRIGHT. This presentation provides me goosebumps. Absolutely beautiful. Jeremiah continues to be one in every of my favorites. "There's something very special about him," Cynthia says. "It was like your friends' souls sang each other," Katy says. The last go to showed the facility of his voice. "The spiritual moment for me," he says. Luke needed to throw the roses on stage. “Incredible… you knocked it out of the park.” Lionel says, “It was great. We've just seen some masterful performance. ”

RESULTS: Coaches take turns calling invitations! Evelyn, Dimitrius, Jeremiah, Alyssa, Wade, Eddie, Alejandro are shifting to Top 14. And again, the entrance staff, Alejandro was final referred to as. So much excitement! And again, the remaining singers needed to endure.

Getting Began 14 Tonight

Evelyn Cormier
Dimitrius Graham
Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon
Alyssa Raghu
Wade Cota
The Eddie Island
Alejandro Aranda

Ryan Hammond
Logan Johnson
Raquel Trinidad

The right TOP 14

  • Alejandro Aranda
  • Alejandro Aranda
  • Laci Kaye Sales space
  • Walker Burroughs
  • Evelyn Cormier 19659025] Wade Cota
  • Dimitrius Graham
  • Laine Hardy
  • Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon
  • Ashley Hess
  • Eddie Island
  • Alyssa Raghu
  • Alyssa Raghu
  • Thompson
  • Uche
  • ] Madison Vandenburg

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