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American Idol 2019 Top 20 singer soloists Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. Host Ryan Seacrest and mentor Bobby Bones are additionally prepared to help rivals once they put together for this essential round.

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Singers perform at the historic Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. Tonight, Top 20 will appear as solos. Next week, singers mock superstar duet companions. After that, the judges choose Top 14.

Madison VanDenburg – Domino, Jessie J. – Madison performs another sensible quantity. Regardless that his voice sounds tonight a bit tonight, he brings confidence to his efficiency. Very entertaining. Madison beats those excessive notes. For the primary time I see Kelly Clarkson's comparison. Katy loves her story. Madison, apparently, Idol didn't throw him. He seemed like a bus. Katy brings out Kelly. The judges should stop it now. Permit Madison to be judges with out inconceivable comparisons. Katy additionally needs extra "long notes". It’s doubtless that Madison will return to the ballad. Luke thinks it seems to be straightforward. “The presence of the stage is all. Play on the stage, play the audience, ”Lionel says.

Shawn Robinson – The Jealous of Nick Jonas – Shawn refers to himself as the "son of a mother" who has been bullied for his voice. Shawn can sing, he hits the notes, however there's something missing right here. The performance seems insufficient, as he arrests. "The way to keep a note up to this moment," Luke says. "You have a voice." He calls him "shake it." Lionel says, "Lift yourself to the next level." Katy reminds her to not overlook her lovely low notes.

Laine Hardy – Sam Cooke brings it residence – Laine kills this SEASON KILLING IT. If he maintains these insured performances, he might win it. His confidence is noticeable. The problems of the past have lengthy gone. The association of this basic track begins slowly and soulfully, however as a shock, it accelerates the gospel rave. It ends with an incredible New Orleans-style paint. "We're in trouble now," Lionel says. "I'm afraid of you," says Katy. “You’ve got literally ordered on stage. I am so glad that we didn’t get to decide on one of the best 10. Luke is proud of their progress and admires Laineä making an attempt to win.

Uché Ndubizu – Jessie Reyez's figures – Top 40, Uche brought 70's funk. For the Top 20 he brings some Prince reality. For the primary time I see him delivering an ideal music alongside nice performance. Uche can sing a storm whereas engaged on a stage like a boss. She's enchanting. Katy will get up and exhales lifeless. "Who are you?" Lionel says. Luke can't consider they despatched him virtually residence in interrogations.

Eddie Island – Housy, The Lumineers – I've been cold and hot this Eddessä. In the present day, I’m undoubtedly HOT. I'm nonetheless unsure where he has grow to be an artist, however he has a singular, real voice. Not good – but compelling. "I think you're taking this serious," says Lionel. Katy says, "You have it all." Luke says: "You can’t train character, originality … utterly nailed what we needed

Evelyn Cormier – Failure to John Denver airplane – Evelyn & # 39; s strategy is unique, however I'm caught in her expression and wording.. Stylized music works provided that they feel organic. Jobs are being built as a stylist. ”

Alyssa Raghu – Paramore shouldn’t be that enjoyable – It is clear that Alyssa has worked on stage, dance actions and pop stars. a powerful singer, who was never recognized by a random observer from his last couple of performances. Luke calls the track "fun" however agrees with me. Perhaps not a music that looks like his track. Lionel thought he was head in the first half. "Give us your natural self." Katy needs to listen to "the notes I know about Ragu."

Ryan Hammond – Say Lauren Daigle – Ryan's father, in the audience, is literally caught in his coronary heart. Ryan brings power and keenness to the stage. But his presentation begins to mix collectively. Ryan has no lasting power if he does not show versatility. "You have storytelling," Lionel says. “I want you to own a stage. Sell ​​what you have. “Luke says,“ You can raise the room with your voice. ”

Raakel Trinidad – Lovefool, Cardigans – Raquel is hardly seen. We watched him in Hollywood and Showcase, however solely briefly. This performance is karaoke and a bit cheesy aspect. Katy thinks she is an artist. Is this music based mostly on selection? I do not assume so. Luke had difficulties in verses. "I was really alive when I hit the choir." Lionel says, "Don't try to be anything you do." This little weird thing, hold it endlessly.

Logan Johnson – love doesn't stay right here with the free-handed hand of the town and the color-OMG audience members waving the STOPPP. Heh. No great track. Logan has a nice sound, but this performance doesn't go anyplace. Boring. Luke says it began "sleepy". And it stayed like that. Lionel believes she's making an attempt to be "sexy." "We must destroy you with a couple of slits sexy." Several. Katy compares her performance with the train. Ouch. She felt alive on the end. Not likely!

Dimitrius Graham – Hey Adele – Uhm. Did he just start his efficiency with the opera? It was loopy. Now you can also make your personal music. After a couple of karaoke exhibits, you returned. This presentation was there in places. However I recognize the danger taking of the singer. “Everytime you open your mouth, we discover another person inside. That is how you must make this presentation. “Katy says,“ You've obtained every thing, simply know when to make use of it. “Luke also urges him to be careful to not overdo it. Reading between the strains, plainly Dimitri's experiment was all over the place.

Dolly Parton Riley Thompson – Jolene – Riley is an genuine and engaging country voice, but on the age of 16 she has to marinate for a number of years. He’s stiff on the stage and his delivery is somewhat unsure. Katy says, “It has numerous sand. I would like a bit of more. “Luke says,“ Don't be afraid to disregard it. Lionel says, "You're growing just in front of you." Yes. He's on the stage. It’s quite uncomfortable to observe.

Walker Burroughs – How Deep is Your Love? The Bee Gees – She sits on the stage and sings a 'cappella start. Walker is just not one of the best singer, however I recognize his artistry. He is one other competitor who needs to take risks. He has modified every deck he has made. He knows who he is and it is engaging. I didn't love a number of the melodic modifications made here, however basically it's impressive efficiency. Luke says he is "an experienced pro." Lionel says, "You're on your way." Katy beloved the track selection. “For those who're sporting Harry Potter and singing. You win this show! "He says.

Bumbly – Mariah Carey – Welp's Imaginative and prescient of Love. Mariah. Congratulations woman. Bumbly shouldn’t be a singer, however he provides his own feeling. The issue is that the track is troublesome to sing and it owns it relatively than vice versa. Too many edges. She doesn't look utterly snug on stage. Like many before him, Bumbly is a little more than he can chew. Lionel recommends her "relax and sing, you've got the goods." Katy didn't just like the track choice, but she still loves her. Luke needs him to "walk out and be free with it."

Ashley Hess – The broken heart of John Mayer – Ashley is back behind the piano to which he belongs. I really like her tone and design. His choice is impressive and easy. Another nice efficiency for Ashley. "I thought I was in the show," Gushes Katy. Luke loves his "middle-fledged trade." He calls it "a world class icon." Lionel says, "It's about as strong a presentation … a delicacy to look at."

Alejandro Aranda – Fall Apart by Submit Malone – I really like Alejandro, but this efficiency is just a little TOO chill, even for me. Deficiency, sometimes based mostly on his delicate preparations, is lacking right here. Limiting his singing can also be a problem. I hope the voice coaches will help her stretch her music to the border. "There has been nothing to you," Lionel says. "So much cooler than me," says Katy. He calls the "next level" arrangement.

Kate Barnette – Maroon 5 Sunday Morning – WELL SHE COOL. The place have you been to Kate? I like soulful jazz in your fashion. Nevertheless, he feels nervous, as if reluctantly the gang is definitely not in his wheelhouse. Katy calls it "all so natural". He finally is aware of who he is. Luke thinks he has developed his own type. Lionel needs to know the place he will get funk.

Jeremiah Harmon – Make you are feeling my love Bob Dylan / Billy Joel – I wasn't positive about Jeremiah when he sang the verse. But when he hit the bridge, his masterful word gained me. He is an impeccable singer-stylist whose undervalued music still manages to provide an emotional stroke. Jeremiah's glory is in his subtlety. Lionel calls it sensible. Katy is "so far gone … I think you're an important contribution to music." Luke says, "Great work."

Laci Kaye Booth – I want you would like me an affordable trick – I used to be questioning how Laci would offend this country basic. He slows it down and plays acoustic guitar. Lyrics lend a remedy. And although he might have escaped his method via the present, he brought the heat to the choir. + Arrangement. Absolutely the correct track at the right time. The judges are on their ft. "You just showed us the level of trust," Katy says. Luke was afraid the show can be cheeky. But no! Lionel says, "You've found your identity."

Wade Cota – All I Need From Kodalale – Wade whispered by way of the verse as if his voice was broken. I need to give a pal a lozenge. He seems like a stronger choir by shifting to an uncomfortable guttural tone. The mileage might range based on his type, however I discover it uncomfortable. "The star is born," Luke says. Lionel says, “The music business must be inspired… that's the voice you have, I know you're my friend.” Katy is grateful for with the ability to develop and help her. Eh. I don't perceive why the judges seem to be all Wade. Ryan brings Wade to her mother's mother and son.