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Tom: Coast to the coast and floorboards for shingles, that is The
Cash Pit Home Enchancment Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

TOM: Welcome to the first two or three
virtually spring releases because we've targeted on this era. it’s
when most of us need to get outdoors and intervene in these external tasks or fling
open windows and make nice inside design tasks. Are you going to do a
undertaking; Are you going to repair something; are you going
replay, paint, improve kitchen, rest room, construct deck, build a
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Coming to the present at the moment in case you are like most
We in all probability have at the least one illuminated room in your house. We are going
There are some professional lighting ideas that may assist brighten your day.

LESLIE: Plus when the climate warms up
house enchancment season is approaching. And tens of millions of house owners assume
about their subsequent massive venture. In that case, we emphasize the replay
the improvements that specialists say are most affected by American houses

TOM: Plus, we’re approaching fast
Spring cleansing season. And the strain washer is certainly one of the most handy
instruments to assist it velocity up this course of. Greenworks is now a
brand new 1,800 psi electrical strain washer. And we are going to make a assessment

LESLIE: But to start with we need to know what you're engaged on
this virtually spring weekend. Tom has very wishful considering early
March. I solely say:

Tom: Absolutely.

LESLIE: What are you working on? Tell us. Perhaps

TOM: 888-666-3974.

Let's go there. Many individuals assume early
Spring, Leslie. Take a look at these phones. Let's go to it. Who's First?

LESLIE: Al in New
There’s a roof question in York. What can we do for you?

AL: Questioning
as a result of my soldier blew out what’s the progress of the photo voltaic cell

Tom: You say
disappeared blew away? What happened, Al?

AL: Nicely, that's it
previous. It’s previous. Like 40-year-old asphalt on cedar shingles. Then there was a
somewhat storm here and there. We obtained $ 18 from FEMA.


AL: We’ve got 8000
from a bank-owned insurance firm

TOM: Alright.
Properly, pay attention, a minimum of you’ve gotten one thing in the direction of it. But pay attention in case you are
ask me are solar glasses to the point where I might advocate them now? My
the answer can be no. I feel there are solar panels, which I really feel very snug

But the solar
shingles, I’m apprehensive about their durability and longevity. And everybody
time I have evaluated them and seen them by saying, for instance, building / shop and things
I saw that the guarantees related to this stuff weren’t even the supply
warranty on common roof. So I’m apprehensive about how long they’re going to
it takes and what it will exchange. They’re very, very costly,
as nicely. So I'm not yet a proponent of sun stones, although perhaps it is
can change in the future

roof venture, you mentioned that you’ve asphalt shingles on cedar
shingles. I had a very comparable roof because I’ve a very previous home
constructed in the 19th century. And just about two years ago we took it out
The original layer of Cedar shingles coated with asphalt shingles
Over the years. And it was in amazingly good condition.

However we pulled it out
after which we modified the roof again. So this specific sort of roofing venture
is an costly undertaking because cedar shingles are often on the edge
ribbons and it’s a must to put the plywood down over their rising ribbons
proper. Your selection is in fact just to tug off the asphalt shingles
and put the second layer on the cedar and get more years
out of it. Nevertheless it's not as clean, clear and cozy correctly
proper diaper. Does it make sense?

AL: Yeah, I do know
corresponding to. By local code – it’s a must to go down
sleds, which suggests you have to build your present strip and
There are – you already know, the thicknesses.

Tom: Properly, what I do
would do, would go away the curved strips in place and fasten the plywood
right to it. It's a little less work and an previous home, it
it is mindless to tug them out. Just depart them and put the plywood

Al, good luck
the undertaking in question. Thanks very much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Dot, you’re
received a lot of money. How can we aid you as we speak?

DOT: Pair
years in the past we had a driveway. We’ve a house with a garage hooked up.
They usually had, oh, categorized the driveway, they stated, so the water can be
drain out of the home and on the lawn. And we get standing water from us
the driveway. And I used to be simply wondering about the steps – applicable measures

TOM: OK. That's it
I really feel that if – for those who speak about water that collects
your self in the driveway or driveway?

the driveway and in addition close to the house and where the driveway is. And then
there’s additionally an hooked up garage.

Tom: If we needed to
Cease the water from amassing the driveway, must be the prime edge
Is the driveway nonetheless flooded?

DOT: I feel so.
Obviously they categorized it…

TOM: Alright.
Because it’s easier to put curtains to drain the driveway
as it’s to chop the driveway and place the sewer. As a result of if you want to attempt
To empty the driveway, you need to minimize the slice
the driveway. It's not one thing you may do; it requires special tools.
After which put the drain, and it's a reasonably slender grate
Like a box, it has fallen into the driveway. The driveway is assessed as the prime
that the water can type and then fill the drain and then

If in reality
this water collects the driveway, it might be simpler
To make a self perspective, improve the curtain drain. Thus
you make a dig mine, which was maybe a large foot, perhaps a foot deep.
You possibly can put the stone on the backside after which put the gap in the PVC
tube. You still fill it around the stone. Add some
filter the material over it after which regrade and you’d – it will be
be utterly invisible when carried out. And naturally it have to be pressured

So the curtain
The drain on the street aspect is simpler than the drain sewer
You must minimize the driveway. Let me say that the curtain flows first
and see how it goes.

Dot, I hope
that will help you out. Thanks very a lot for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Jacob is in Kentucky
line with water heating problem. What can we do for you?

JACOB: Hey. Principally an issue
that I’ve once I'm in the bathe and it – one that’s sinking
nicely in the kitchen – when i start scorching water, you can – i imply you possibly can
prepare dinner macaroni in scorching water.

You might have such a fidget
when you wash your palms for too lengthy or one thing. And a bathe, one
the similar factor. I don't turn it into a full explosion with scorching, however simply regular and it's
cool after just a few minutes. It's simply virtually cold after which
only once you use the shower for five to 10 minutes
going all the time with scorching water. Just one knob. I end up turning

Tom: Let's see what happens
here. How previous is a water heater?

JACOB: It's fairly new. I feel it is
just some years previous. Perhaps three years previous.

Tom: Yeah, electricity or fuel?

JACOB: It's fuel.

TOM: First, let's examine
water heater. It have to be about 110 degrees.
And see if – the valve might have a temperature indicator
line up or you possibly can only measure it with a thermometer.

I recommend putting in what known as "pressure-balanced."
valve. “What a pressure-balanced valve is
that once you set the temperature, it keeps the mix scorching and scorching
chilly to get the similar temperature regardless of what happens
strain on one aspect or the different. So if somebody rinses the rest room or runs
Dishwasher and out of the blue you’re colder or less scorching
Water, it adjusts. Thus, the movement could also be greater or decrease, but
the temperature never modifications. And it makes the bathe pretty much

JACOB: OK. Spectacular. What it was

TOM: Strain-balanced valve. Its
sort bathe valve.

JACOB: Oh, OK. Spectacular. Nicely, I do
value it.

Tom: Hey, ask that plumber.
They know precisely what you're speaking about.

JACOB: Alright. Properly, I'm positive

Tom: That is Cash Pit Home
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LESLIE: Hey, is there a room in your home that's
drab despite the vibrant colors on the wall? It will possibly simply be yours
lights. After that, we've obtained step-by-step lighting tricks to brighten up your day.

TOM: Making good houses better, welcome back
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LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

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LESLIE: Kimberly
There’s an fascinating query in Delaware. I learn your tub
carpets melted on the flooring? How did this occur?

clean homes for dwelling and that i went to wash the house. And the lady asked me
I can get it up and he stated it's been there for 2 years.


TOM: Wow. Jammer
flooring, huh?

– Inside the bathtub. It melted – in the tub

tub. And also you couldn't get it? You couldn't pull it out?

No. I tried to. It's stuck there. It's like cement.

Tom: I'm considering
it may be glued in place and not melted. He purchased the house with this tub

had been in the house for 20 years they usually put it – and he put the tub on the mat there
herself. And he stated that her husband simply put it there in order that they didn't fall,
as a result of they are aged. And it's been like two years, she

Tom: Properly, I assume
he knew if it had been glued. I’ll not have a
good answer here. Often if I find something that’s caught up in and
is detachable, I exploit a product like WD-40. But I'm afraid
tell me you employ it in the bathtub as a result of I don't want them to slide. Nevertheless it
strives to interrupt any bond. However it’s also a lubricant.

So you’ll be able to attempt
nicely, very rigorously beneath one nook, see whether it is unfastened. However you’re
Rinse it completely and wash it completely, otherwise
depart a really slippery surface.

The second is
the factor you might attempt can be glue – citrus pulp
deletion. There are orange-based products – citrus-based merchandise that may be

But I have a tough time
believed that this didn’t stick with himself. And
I don't assume it will soften. I feel the chemical response was someway
between the rubber mat and the Tub, which brought about them to connect. Now I
warns that even in case you get this, it is rather attainable that
the tub may be broken. And you’ll have something else you don't have

KIMBERLY: And that's it
what i worry. As a result of I'm his house cleaner, and I do not need to get
blamed for having a shower, so…

TOM: Yeah. Then I
Don't assume it is best to do it – I don't assume it's your duty. I
Would you say you tried, nevertheless it's caught in place and depart it there.


TOM: I agree
you. You don't need to worsen the state of affairs and get them upset and then –
and probably be answerable for finding a solution to an unattainable drawback.

Nicely, thanks very much.

Tom: Yeah, you’re
welcome, Kimberly. Thank you very much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT and you’ve got
nice day

LESLIE: Joe in Ohio is a fan engine
question. What occurs in the money pit?

JOE: I listened to another residence enchancment present
regionally and had an digital residential electrical contractor
there. And he stated you would let your oven fan run constantly. He
stated that as a result of the capacitor absorbs lots of electrical energy to start out
The engine that it – I assume if it cycles and goes out typically that you simply do
saving electricity by allowing it to run constantly.

TOM: I might not agree with this and why: these fans
motors that use most of the electrical energy required to function the oven. Now if
The fan cycle on or off is a totally totally different drawback. It means
The thermostat does not work properly, the measurement of the system isn’t right.
There are other things that trigger it. We call it "short turn".

You’ll not injury the fan motor by operating it, however
I feel you'll find that you’re going to develop your digital costs by doing
that. We know individuals who like to warmth their houses with wood, for instance
stove. However as a result of the wood range is tough to spread heat in all places
in the house, they change on the wood stove after which change on the fan
on-drive – no automated position; turn it to – and use it
The fan system and the ducts principally switch heat around the home.

So that you gained't injury the fan because it has bearings
and it isn’t designed to work indefinitely. But you may run up
electricity costs. Does it make sense?

JOE: I was serious about it because – as you say
For short biking, I’ve had somebody verify the oven and it is biking
each five minutes and when it's really cold. But they stated – they got here
and checked it and stated it was normal or so

TOM: Sure. 5 minutes sounds too quick. I discovered it

JOE: Yes.

Tom: Yeah, I can solely inform you. It sounds too quick
me. It seems like a short episode of the state of affairs. It's in all probability more necessary

JOE: Alright. Properly, perhaps I can examine with another.

TOM: Good luck with the venture and thanks a lot
we invite us to 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: When you like most of us, it's probably that
Some areas of your own home that aren’t just nicely lit. Now good lighting
essential. Not only does it make your own home greater, it could actually also do it

To start with, you want in dwelling and reading areas
loads of flooring lamps and desk lamps. However here is a widespread mistake that leads
you get injured: you might want to make it possible for the bulbs you’re using show

TOM: Yeah. Now one space where direct lighting is very important,
Nevertheless, there’s a kitchen. When you’ve got one primary mild supply you need
contemplate adding accessories above the work surfaces
can see higher there.

LESLIE: In case you have an area that is troublesome to fill
Pure mild, like perhaps just one window, straightforward repair is ​​to add mirrors
in strategic places. And it will bounce the mild round the room
then make the feeling greater.

Tom: And if somebody you’re keen on has imaginative and prescient problems, you’ll be able to
also good contrast colors. In the event you put a darkish change
on a light-weight wall or select brilliant colours for furnishings and supplies

Hi, if you would like easier lighting ideas, we've received
great news on this matter at MoneyPit.com

LESLIE: Karen Pennsylvania handles some molds
cellar. Tell us what happens.

KAREN: My mother is the home whose cellar is – we put it on
for sale and no one observed this. And one individual came in and tore the wallpaper
from the wall and located that it had a mould from flooring to ceiling and
even inside walls. So I had a gentleman come to see it and stated
it takes $ 30,000. And he got here in, remove all the inside partitions
– All wooden, panels, all off the wall – right down to the naked. He
would have put the chemical on, clear it after which it’s going to never come back.

And then one other man came in and stated he tore
all out as he stated. He’ll cowl it, clean it and guarantee it if
it came back, he fastened it to $ 10,000.

Tom: Yeah, I don't assume you need either of those guys. You
You don't have enough info but, and I don't assume you're speaking to the proper
individuals. I think that each of them are skilled molding presses. That sounds
As they try to just resize you as much cash as they will get

The very first thing you need to do is check the mould
what kind of mould it’s. And it's finished – a few straightforward ways
make. Principally you’re taking the sample and ship it to the laboratory they usually
inform me what you bought. After which you possibly can plan a mitigation plan
round. I’ve to get a way of how a lot the mould is. However if it is
Just a bit mould behind the wallpaper, chances are you’ll not want to tug all
this out; You could possibly treat it appropriately. Nevertheless it doesn't sound

KAREN: If the toilet has an inside wall. And it’s

TOM: OK. I mean how a lot mould we're speaking about here,
square footage? Is it a 4 x 4-foot 4-foot area or…?

KAREN: We're going to say all the exterior walls. As a result of we are
because went around and pulled out some wallpapers right here and moved some panels.
And we also – the first guy who got here in for $ 30,000, which was delivered to mild and
it appeared like black mild. However he introduced mild to it
particular mild and it may inform you what sort of mould it was and the place the mould was.

Tom: It's utterly flawed. Don't name that man again. It
is totally flawed, OK? This man didn't offer you actual info if he did
comes together with his magical mild, which in all probability tells the mould.

LESLIE: Yeah, they will't inform themselves what sort of mould


TOM: Properly, it's a style check. They send it to the laboratory and
they learn it in order that the guy is a snake-oil vendor.

LESLIE: Proper. Right. Nevertheless it truly keeps a bit
That mould and testing it on sure things. And it's carried out in the lab.

TOM: Seems like you may use a basement layer, but
I wouldn't be too loopy. If it is achieved with the proper company
who can take this difference very rigorously and eliminate all this materials –
And perhaps you don't even need to put the walls again. Perhaps you simply need to

KAREN: Oh, good.

Tom: Okay. Properly, good luck with the challenge.
Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Properly, when the weather warms up,
residence enchancment season is approaching. In case you have a undertaking in thoughts, we’re
spotlight the latest innovations that specialists say are most affected
US housing, after that.

TOM: Enhancing an excellent house, that is cash
Pit Home Improvement Present. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

Nicely when the weather warms and journeys
residence improvement season is approaching, hundreds of thousands of house owners assume
their next massive venture. In case you are, you ought to be at the latest
The innovations that specialists say are most affected by American houses.

Tom: We're simply talking about Dan being
HomeCentre.com Home Professional and Intelligent Strategy DiClerico

Welcome, Dan.

TOM: Let's start by talking about sensible house merchandise. That
The market and the know-how behind it are rising by leaps and bounds, isn't it?

DAN: It's, yes. We find out about 30 million sensible houses
products are bought in 2019. This is an increase of about 23%
final yr. So this know-how is admittedly shifting from the gee-whiz gadget part
mainstream. It really impacts all methods at residence

LESLIE: I really feel that many individuals actually need them
they’re increasingly more friendly at house. But
It appears to me – what have you learnt to start out once you deliver these sensible house
innovation in the house? Do you see a much bigger development in one area

DAN: Positive. Sure, security really continues
know-how. And it was a very long time professional installation. However
Video doorbells like things, it's one thing like that
a home-owner with little self-self-experience is succesful

TOM: And apart from the house owners, we're additionally beginning
See numerous merchants utilizing sensible house methods. Truly
those that won’t do it myself – i had a professional come to my house to offer
I received an estimate and he brought his son so he might feed it on the iPad and

DAN: Sure.

Tom: Hey, however you get there, you realize? Proper?

DAN: Yeah, I do know. Completely. This system is usually
marketed as your self. And as I simply stated, it's typically. However we’re
Let's see why here the on-do-for market is here. Many individuals,
Perhaps they might install cameras anyplace in the residence, however they might be simply the similar
will quickly hire an electrician or even a handyman to return and handle it

LESLIE: I feel there’s one other thing that is lots of householders
have really taken under consideration in 2019 and are ready for the water
possession. I feel everyone seems to be aware of the use of water, its value
financially and in the direction of the planet. The place is such a fall

DAN: Sure. Here again – and we see a variety of know-how
Actually, really driving the interest in water supply: advanced sensors
who use the algorithm and synthetic intelligence to truly measure and monitor
water the entire residence. This enables the proprietor of the house to measure the water
real-time consumption, which was never attainable. So there are some costs
Savings There and Yeah, Your Factors – Yeah, Water Costs Are Actually Rising

Tom: But the massive thing is these sensible house home equipment
You may also see if there’s a really massive pipe break, right? Because you at the moment are
using extreme, unusual water that triggers an alarm
and offer you the alternative to actually do something about it, close the primary water
shut off valve before setting critical injury.

DAN: Completely. And I feel this is actually – this is
real worth right here. It recognizes a small link – leak, forgive – but in addition
these huge burst tubes. And it mechanically closes out of the water, so you’re
intends to get rid of or definitely reduce any catastrophic danger

TOM: I see insurance corporations that provide discounts
individuals with such know-how. I imply what you are able to do to cease
your cat floats from the road is an effective factor

DAN: Yeah.

TOM: Talking about upkeep. It's something that a
Many individuals want to do so much less. So we are all the time
low upkeep products. These units additionally help us scale back
upkeep we need to do at residence?

DAN: They do it. Know-how. But in addition simple
building materials receive much less upkeep.

We hear from the house owners of this residence. Particularly youthful
householders are much less in it – ongoing maintenance and…

LESLIE: It’s a method of presenting it: less .

TOM: Yeah.

LESLIE: Their motivation is in very totally different places. Home
the holding could be very low.

Tom: Yeah, precisely.

DAN: Yes. They usually're staying at house, however that's it
More decoration or identifying areas, not precisely – not so interested
maintenance. So, it's actually a producer of manufacturers to return out with some
wonderful, very low maintenance materials.

Considered one of my favourite examples is quartz countertops. They’re
lovely – I simply put them house – but they are also incredibly small.
They resist scratches and scratches and stains, dents, really nothing. Very
sturdy materials

One other good example is black chrome steel. this is

LESLIE: Oh, it's nice.

Tom: Lovely stuff, yes.

DAN: Yeah. Lovely but very fingerprint resistant
certainly compared to traditional chrome steel.

TOM: We're speaking to Dan DiClerico. He’s a home skilled
HomeAdvisor.com's Sensible Home Strategist

Dan, another development in spring 2019 is ageing. We
There are lots of people who need to stay in their houses for so long as attainable. And
it leads to unique enhancements that individuals are asking for. So,
what you hear from professionals who do this job
HomeAdvisor.com?19198102] DAN: Yeah. No, absolutely. That is built for some
time, however it is actually a essential mass. HomeAdvisor does
the annual getting older report and numbers have been just outdoors the maps.
Proportion of house owners – older householders, however even Gen Xers, like me

A lot is the know-how: its clever
Thermostat so you never come house to a chilly home. But then simple issues:
for example, upgrading units, so the dishwasher is a little more

TOM: Right.

DAN: Change kitchen cabinets

LESLIE: One other factor, as a result of individuals actually invest in them
Home and keep there long run, I feel you need to create a home
that creates a fantastic setting for constructive health, constructive
welfare. And there are various sensible residence applied sciences that you need to use
Ensure you stay in a wholesome house, say.

Tom: Like a room that might not have been 10 years ago
The fearless room, proper?

DAN: Completely. Yeah yeah. No, no, it – yeah, after that
– So we see, you recognize, householders who make a Peloton-room or just
merely training mode. So perhaps it's a ending basement.
This has develop into a very fashionable undertaking.

TOM: Alright. Good advice

Dan DiClerico of HomeAdvisor.com meets us
the developments we should always anticipate to see in this house season. If you would like
Study extra, visit our web site HomeAdvisor.com, an ideal place
professionals who might help you with virtually any house enchancment or renewal

Tom: Thank you so much, Dan.

DAN: Thank you.

LESLIE: We're approaching
Spring cleansing season. And the strain washer is one in every of the most handy tools
is ready to velocity up this process. We're reviewing the new 1800 psi
Greenworks Electrical Strain Washer, which is inexpensive and really straightforward to make use of
use when The Money Pit continues

TOM: If Home Options Reside, Welcome Again to Cash
Pit Home Enchancment Show. I'm Tom KRAEUTLER.

LESLIE: And I'm Leslie Segreti.

Tom: Name us proper now as a Lengthy Cash Listener
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LESLIE: Whatever your job sort, HomeAdvisor does it shortly

TOM: 888-666-3974

LESLIE: Mike in Georgia is in line
a query a few dimmer. How can we enable you to?

MIKE: My kitchen is in the center of my house


MIKE: And I tried the LED mild. I’ve 5
60 watt cans there. I had heard mention of a dimmer that might work
LEDs? My query is: is there a specific sort? I want it
operates in a three-way approach

TOM: Yeah. You’ll be able to go to Home Depot and also you
can decide up Lutron Skylark Contour ZZL Dimmer. It is
Lutron Skylark Contour CzL. This can be a dimmer designed particularly
work with energy-efficient lamps. It really works with CFLs and works with LEDs.
And especially, it is adjustable so that you simply get the lowest degree and then
the highest degree of sunshine. And since you move the dimmer up and down
down, it controls it.

Sometimes with commonplace dimmers you will get
flicker as a result of sooner or later, you’re going to be putting enough energy in
to convey that bulb on.

MIKE: Right

TOM: But with this Skylark Contour CzL
line of dimmers, it'll all the time be on
once you turn the change on.

MIKE: Yeah, I was afraid with five cans in the
Yankee Stadium at nighttime

TOM: No, truly – I even have one among these
dimmers in my kitchen and I've acquired 5 cans on this dimmer, so I have exactly
that state of affairs. And I have LEDs in the lights. I’ve the Philips LEDs in
there, the ones which are yellow. They usually turn really super-clean white mild
once you flip them on. And I’ve acquired that Skylark dimmer controlling the entire

And the thing that's cool about Lutron is as you
, they’ve an 800 toll-free,
tech-support quantity. You’re all the time standing by
to type of reply your wiring questions. In the event you can work out the place the
additional wire goes, they'll inform you.

MIKE: OK, nice. Thanks so much

Tom: You're welcome, Mike. Thanks so much for
calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Nicely, we’re shortly approaching the spring-cleaning
season and a strain washer is a useful software to assist velocity that course of alongside.
Greenworks has a new 1,800-psi electrical strain washer on the market now that’s
super convenient to make use of and it has numerous very useful options.

TOM: Nicely, to start with, it’s received a really substantial motor.
It’s a 13-amp motor, which is going to offer you 1.1 gallons of water a minute.
So take into consideration that; that’s a variety of cleaning energy, over a gallon a minute.
And it additionally comes with 5 quick-connect nozzles, which I like, together with the
Turbo Nozzle. Now, I’ve acquired this product and that’s kind of my go-to nozzle
because it may just about handle just about any sort of cleansing undertaking.

LESLIE: Mm-hmm. I additionally like that they’ve designed this so
every little thing that you simply want stores right on board, like the spray gun, the power
twine and the spray tip. So it retains every little thing you need right within attain. And
it also has an onboard cleaning soap tank, too, which really makes it straightforward to add the

TOM: Oh, it really does, as a result of so lots of the different
strain washers you need to type of grasp the soap bottle off the deal with. And
it’s very awkward. So I really like the incontrovertible fact that it’s obtained that detergent tank constructed

And it’s especially useful for tasks like cleaning your
driveway or your deck, your walkways or your siding and even your automotive. And I used to be
studying the evaluations on this and I’ve obtained to inform you, individuals are loving this
product. You’re going to seek out it for the everyday worth of simply $169 at your
local Lowe’s residence enchancment retailer.

LESLIE: Betty in Texas, you’ve received The Money Pit. How can we
allow you to as we speak?

BETTY: We reside in a ranch-style house and we’ve a number of
bedrooms and loos where the door
frames – up above the door frames on just one aspect – are cracking. And we’ve got
repeatedly had contract staff out right here to repair them and it has not held.

TOM: You are feeling like it’s Groundhog Day? You’re fixing the
similar thing time and again?

Yeah, it’s pretty widespread. Around the door frame and around
home windows, those are the weakest portions of the wall. So when you have some
motion from the normal enlargement and contraction, that’s the place it’s going to
show. Sometimes, what happens is you’ll have a painter or a handyman come out
they usually’ll spackle the crack and paint it and it seems to go away
for some time. But in fact, as soon as the wall moves once more, it exhibits up.

What you actually should do right here is sand down the space round
the crack.


TOM: After which you need to cowl it with a perforated spackle tape. And that
often seems like netting and it’s a bit of sticky. You set it throughout the
crack and you then spackle over the tape. And that does a everlasting repair,
as a result of it truly kind of melds one aspect of the wall with the different and it
shouldn’t separate again the next time the wall moves.

BETTY: OK. Properly, that sounds fantastic. Thank you a lot. I
recognize your assist.

TOM: You’re very welcome. Thanks so much for calling us at

LESLIE: You realize, a brand new vacuum won’t be the most
glamorous thing you buy but this buy could make your life an entire lot simpler.
We’ll share what options make the most sense, after this.

TOM: Making good houses higher, welcome again to The Money Pit
Home Enchancment Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Give us a name, right now, at 1-888-MONEY-PIT introduced
by HomeAdvisor, the fast and straightforward solution to discover the proper pro for any type of
house challenge, whether or not it’s a small repair or a serious rework.

Invoice is up now. He’s from Boston and he’s obtained a query
about his staircase, Leslie.

LESLIE: That’s proper. Now, Invoice writes: “I’ve a
disappearing attic stairway that sags, so there’s air coming in our house from
the attic and vice versa. What can I do to fix or reduce this? It’s doing a
quantity to my heating bills.”

TOM: I guess it’s, as a result of heat rises. And if that door is
not sealed properly, it’s undoubtedly going to let all that warmth up into the

So, I assume the first question is: how saggy is it? Are we
simply talking about just a little little bit of gap that you possibly can, say, perhaps double up the
weather-stripping and that may do it? Or is that spring actually shot, actually
worn out? And if that’s the case, then you definitely need a brand new stair.

Now, you might substitute it with the similar sort of stair. They
really haven’t changed an entire lot in the last 20 or 30 years. Just about all
these wood stairs are the similar. I, nevertheless, discovered one which I put in most lately
to my house, which I really like. It was referred to as a “rainbow stair.” And if you
open the rainbow stair, the stair pulls down. It’s all metallic, by the means, and
the stair pulls down. It’s type of like an accordion the approach it unfolds. However
man, if you push it again up, that door seals tight. It’s truly obtained a metallic
body round it and it seals actually tight, so I used to be actually proud of that.

It’s costlier – in all probability twice as expensive as the
wood stair – however I feel like it was really, actually value it.

LESLIE: Alright. Now I’ve obtained a publish here from Kim who asks,
“How should I be storing and maintaining my firewood provide? I heard that storing
it too near the house can invite termites.”

TOM: It undoubtedly can invite termites. That wooden towards
the house, the termites are going to return in and feed on that. And in the future,
they’re going to return in and take a left at the basis and get into your
flooring structure as an alternative of the firewood pile. So, you have to maintain that away
from the house and up off of the floor, as distant as attainable, Kim. Don’t
retailer it up towards the house. You may be feeding a herd of termites, for

LESLIE: I mean termites should eat, too, however it doesn’t
should be your home.

TOM: Nicely, a brand new vacuum won’t be the most glamorous
thing you buy however this buy could make your life an entire lot simpler. Leslie
will share what choices make the most sense, in in the present day’s version of Leslie’s
Last Word.

LESLIE: Yeah. You realize, once I purchased my new vacuum, it was
the neatest thing I purchased in a long time. However second to that, a dishwasher.

So I am all for purchasing sensible presents for your self or your
family members. As a result of heck, when you have someone completely satisfied in the home, then
everyone is glad in the home. Whoever that’s, you’ll be able to really profit from a
great vacuum.

Now, once you’re choosing out the new vacuum, you’ve acquired to
start with the sort of flooring, no less than the majority of flooring that you’ve
in your home. When you’ve received principally wall-to-wall carpets, a basic upright is
in all probability going to do the trick for you. Canister vacuums are good decisions for
houses with a mixture of carpet and hardwood however they can be robust to lug round the
house. And you’ve obtained to think about attachments whenever you’re evaluating vacuum
prices. There’s no level in paying for a material attachment in case you don’t have
drapes or heck, when you have drapes and also you’re not going to make use of it. So only get
the attachments that you simply’re going to make use of.

From there, you must know your filtration. Now, vacuums
that acquire to a bag supply virtually none of it. If preserving particles out of the
air is necessary, you need to search for a high-efficiency particle air filter;
that’s HEPA for brief. Now, it absorbs greater than 99 % of bigger
particles, which is great for household allergic reactions.

Now, speaking of allergic reactions, it’s essential avoid
bagless vacuums should you’re susceptible to them. Emptying that vacuum bin is going to
expose you to all of that collected dust and debris, thus aggravating all of
your allergic reactions. So that you’ve obtained to be sure that no matter vacuum you decide, you
need to test-drive it before you purchase it. You must ensure you look how it
pushes and pulls, that you simply feel snug dragging it around, you could
decide it up comfortably. So many various ways in which you employ a vacuum each time
you employ it, you need to check it out before you purchase it.

Now, when it comes time to take a look at these vacuums, you’re
going to be very stunned by their worth tags, as a result of they’re very high. So,
look around, know what you want. Just be ready. They can be costly.

TOM: This is The Cash Pit Home Enchancment Present. Arising
subsequent time on the program, do you might have an previous, sagging fence that’s bringing
down the look of your whole yard? We’re going to have ideas for a quick fence
makeover you will get carried out in time for spring, on the very subsequent version of The
Money Pit.

I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Keep in mind, you are able to do it your self …

LESLIE: But you don’t need to do it alone.


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portion of this transcript or audio file could also be reproduced in any format
without the categorical written permission of Squeaky Door Productions, Inc.)

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