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TRANSPORT. Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte. April 21, 2019

TRANSPORT. Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte. April 21, 2019

(Remark by MindaNews: This is President Rodrigo Duterte's speech, formally revealed by the Presidential Workplace of the President's Communications Office

President's Communications Workplace
Presidential Information Desk

[Delivered at Caraga State University Cabadbaran Campus Grandstand, Agusan del Norte | 21 April 2019]
[Delivered at Caraga State University Cabadbaran Campus Grandstand, Agusan del Norte | 21 April 2019]

Harlot [cheers] [cheers] I Love You. ]

(Translation:. There are such a lot of lovely ladies flirt What I really like you..)

They are serve … I'm sorry I can see you, however I do not see you to see you face Angel Angel [cheers and applause]…. I got here here as a result of I needed to see him. [cheers] I don't care when you can't find me as quickly as I find a governor. [cheers and applause]

(We now have a number of … Kindly sit down. You possibly can see via this glass, however I don't see you. Not solely the face I see is Angel Amante.I simply got here here to observe I'm not here to search for consideration, I just need to see your governor.)

You’ve messages right here. At the moment is Dad, Edel Amante, birthday. Political Patriarch in Agusan del Norte. So I can say to Nong Edel and his completely happy birthday to all of us.

(Translations: We’ve got some messages for you. At the moment is Edel Amante's birthday .. He’s the daddy and patriarch of politics on this Agusan delis Norte, so I can inform you Nong Edel and his youngsters a cheerful birthday.)

Another message that he tells us we love Mayor Judy Amantea from Cabadbaran. And what he stated – I name him. [cheers] She was so crazy. Truly-arte g Angel-Angel. [laughter] Iyay. [laughter] It's up to Marian in Visayan. It's identical to telling us that we should always not overlook the mayor of our love, Judy Amante. [cheers]

(Translation: Another message he needs me to provide is our love for Mayor Judy Amman for Cabadbaran City … Iyay stated … I call him Iyay, his identify is Maria, but he needs to return to Angel However it is Iyay, who’s the Maria-Bisaya term. I need to inform you that you will never forget our mayor Judy Amante.)

And the federal government gate will probably be developed during my time. [cheers and applause] We look ahead to it. Attempt Us For many who comply with the monitoring properly, the eyes all the time transfer. [laughter]

(Translation: And the harbor harbor is being developed throughout my time, we’re working arduous, for the one who sees its improvement being tracked shortly is gazing me with bulging eyes.)

I bypassed that rip-off instantly. [laughter] I was here, "Hey, go, Dong." "Where are we?" He stated, "I have a ticket to Baguio." You're additionally indignant. I'm still here. [laughter] You’re just one good. “Additionally they have so much to do, but … [laughter] Once in a row we get married. So wala, no extra. [laughter]

(Translation: He pierced me as soon as … I visited him when he stated, "Dong, we go somewhere." "Where are we going?" "I booked tickets for Baguio." crazy that I have to go house You're not the only one who, in any case, "However he was aware that there have been plenty of them. He acquired actually indignant with me and then acquired married. I not.)

But once I gained in Norte I gained Agusan del Sur, I imply … I'll be alone. I like to fuck. So thanks for the assistance. [applause] And don't turn away from guarantees. [cheers]

(Translation: I gained here Norteissa, however I lost Agusan del Sur, which may solely mean … I came here in all probability felt sorry, so I need to thanks in your help I'm not going to interrupt their promise…)

Rabbit bang – not to point out the household, I just need to be lugara, and up to now I'm solely 23 years mayor of Davao, four years after the congress as a person, vice chairman of the Indayn I’m the mayor, it’s for all of us. Typically landlords use it to leverage. Individuals do not even vote for sure candidates, individuals, or garbage. [cheers] I hope you don't really feel like I was just isolating you

(Translation: With out mentioning the household, we went to this place earlier than and till 23 years in Davao, four years as a congressman yr as Inday's vice-president, issues stay the same. .If individuals refuse to vote ehdokkailleen, they inform them to go, or change them. really feel that I’ve cordoned off just you.)

I have a program that my youngsters moved to different elements of Mindanao, Davao, in our lives. It's all like your opponent as if they weren't even rich. It's even ridiculous, particularly the elite who writes … No animals and no. It's already there.

(Translation: My program, which is the son of an immigrant in Davao, Mindanao … Life was very troublesome once we first arrived there. However the opposition by no means skilled robust occasions. They make it sarcastic jokes, especially those elitist writers who write … They are animals. It already exists, however they still determined to show the story.)

You realize right here, we went to Davao and it was a very lengthy and winding sufferer. What they don't know come to Davao, you must care for it. Now you're coming. Eh t ******* you’re *** (fiend) mo. [laughter]

(Translation: You realize here, we went to Davao and it was a very long and winding sufferer. What they have no idea is that whenever you come to Davao, you can find life very troublesome. y *** Kayo.)

Then they are surely theirs. I even say "p **** i ** you" – the quick which means of that phrase, not … With regards to the son of b ****. But they are, as you read them, the article that has modified, "son of the whore." The whore is just that. Ila gyung – all the worst.

(Translation: They usually really do it deliberately. Once I say, "p ***** i ** you" is of instant importance to being a boy **. ** However in their articles they translate its which means and say: "Whore's Son." Whore is ***. They really are – the worst.)

Thus far we’re Obama. Simply ask Obama that the ICC will handle him. You're indignant. [laughter] Mao … Why should I depart myself in courtroom …? Is it useless, it is troublesome. I don't even know – [laughter] – Don't take me to the gun. It's on the aspect. [laughter] How are you?

(Translation: Like Obama, cursed by Obama, I stated p ***** i ** as a result of he needed to make me imprisoned in the ICC. … Why ought to I depart myself in courtroom? I discover it troublesome to adapt to this in the glass … I'm not used to it … As a result of on this aspect … Don’t shoot me right here, shoot me on my aspect ..

Typically it by no means disappears, you realize, they by no means appreciated me. I discovered it, then, once we met in Luneta, I stated, "allow this election as a referendum." You need to reside as a felony, an applicable course of for a whole lot of years, the rape of the homicide they’ve been killed with out justice. 19659002] (RESULT: This typically does not go I have no idea the right way to do it, but I have no idea find out how to do it. "These of you who want criminals to reside and get the appropriate course of for 20 years till they are guilty or raped, have died without ever having justice …)

You’ll kill me as a riot, kill. P **** i ** for myself. The votes selected have been 16 million. Of these, six million have been the margin between me and the subsequent candidate. So it is rather clear that the individual listened to my message as a result of I was the one who supported me, you don't consider it – Imee Marcos. After the winner, Abet Antonio Bataan was Amigo.

(Translation: But for those of you who need to kill drug abusers, the son of ab **** comes with me and after the election It was 16 million, of which six million was the margin between me and the subsequent candidate, so it was clear that folks actually listened to my message as a result of, truthfully, do you assume it or not, was simply Sucker Marcos. Bataan because she is my good friend.)

Then in San Juan, Manila, Jinggoy raises JV ra. It’s still in the realm. So I'm going to go to Masbate, I'm here. So his father got here. Visay, the place my father was Danao, Cebu. My cousin, my first cousin, I didn't have a bodyguard. Nor is the captain of Barangay. In Mindanao, Zubir. Father and son, Cagayan, Canoy and different PDPs are dyed wool, unique … And so on. I’ve Brod there and his father ran into the house.

(Translation: Then in San Juan, Manila, it was simply Jinggoy – ah JV. In Visay, where my father comes, Danao, Cebu, I by no means had any supporters or Barangay-tanod and Barangay captain, not even my own cousins, Mindanao, Zubir. From the PDP, which is dyed wool, the originals, they’re the only ones to help me.)

So I watched the elections, stepped into the room, locked the room, my servant In truth I advised the Lord that the Lord, let you move the reasons and logic and every part, logic, logistics and every part, I couldn't really do it, not in one million years. Now you could have grow to be your president.

(Translation: After the election, I went into my room, locked the door, sat in the mattress and talked with God. "God, without reason, logic – logistics and everything, I couldn't really do it, not in a million years. But now you made me president What do you want me to do? ")

However keep in mind that with my campaigns, just some guarantees. In reality, through the presidential election I was the last – ah first and last I all the time spoke with my reservation. And just because I don't have a lot. My message is that I stop corruption on this authorities. [applause]

(Translation: Keep in mind, once I was campaigning, I made just a few guarantees. In truth, through the presidential election I used to be the last one – ah first and final once I all the time spoke as a result of I had more time left, and simply because I didn't make much guarantees. Secondly, my well being is a drug drawback because the Philippines are full, nilutaw na. Third, I feel my crime. Fourthly, I converse to the opponents of the federal government, and the fifth is what I need to sit on as a result of I was unsure whether or not China can be pleasant or not.

(Translation: Secondly, I try to remedy the drug drawback as a result of it is everywhere in the Philippines. Third, crime. Fourth, I converse to state enemies and fifth, I do probably the most I can as a result of I wasn't positive whether China can be pleasant or not when Aquino struggled for them

Aquino and del Rosario cope with arbitration. But for those who return in time and the place it began, it began on the Scarborough Islands. It is self-evident and you keep in mind that China sent the ship by sending it.

(Translation: Aquino and del Rosario buried me in arbitration. However when you come again in time when all the things begins, this started in Scarborough Islands. There was a persistent and I keep in mind that China despatched the ship and in addition despatched us.)

Ambassador Aquino, China Rosario was fast. Then the People don’t. America is true. America has a warfare. He's in a very good temper, however he's a bit excuse, not value it. For some cause, they curse and kill America, it might trigger a world struggle. America was stunned they have been all confused.

(Translation: del Rosario was Aquino's Overseas Secretary, he was the only one who negotiated. But America was scared. They knew that struggle on one thing like that isn’t value it. If they hit us and America decides to assist, it could possibly set off the world By no means realize it.No one.)

And the weapon of nuclear and atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs, all of them are nothing left on the planet. We are all all. So America says you're simply two. Del Rosario took our ship. China did not comply with.

(Translation: If these nuclear bombs, atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs explode, nothing shall be left of this world. "Del Rosario ordered our ship to retreat, however China refused to conform, in order that they put it.)

Now, in China, while thing heard there arbitration – arbitration courtroom, they ship. america and … Simply because I have a message. Wa pa nako … [Ikaw gyud. Kani, kani. Kaning… Salamat.]

(Translation: In the meantime, China, when the matter was heard in arbitration – was despatched typically … America and … Wait a moment as a result of I’ve a message I'm not yet … Oh you. This is here. Thanks.)

Gwapa It's my help, it's Captain Sofia Abdurajak. Cats are my help. My protocol. Rise up. The place's my protocol? [applause] The pool is that you’re in the temper for a second, No. [cheers] Selosang y ***. [laughter]

(Translation: She's Lovely s, my helper She is Captain Sofia Abdurajak, her husband is Tausug. It's my help and that is my protocol. Be yours – for those who don't get jealous, Iyay. A jealous lady.)

I'm sorry. [cheers] Take a look at me … I didn't hassle him. I knelt down. [laughter] At residence. However as we did, we management … [cheers] Yeah, you don't should. You’ve gotten control over Space 11 and Caraga. [cheers] Nice Area

(Translation: I was surrendered. He pierced me in my stomach. I fell on my knees. We have been there in their home. But if we have been collectively we might have been controlled … It's your fault because you didn't attempt to convince him But you’d have already got gained management over area 11 and Caraga, it’s a very giant area.)

So mao na (it’s). We misplaced it throughout Scarborough. Now that they have been constructing, through the years when the matter was heard within the arbitral tribunal, they continued to build (they began to construct). Or why did they get there, they parked their ships? (Why did they not go there when China was there?) "What are you doing here? You don't have to build artificial islands on the high seas, in international seas. It's not allowed."

America does. Now it’s prepared, it is going to be a campfire, have weapons, I'm a joke. Oh even. Pwede na. Simply look – boast. However it's over. And troopers and cops are murdered. They don’t have anything to do. So the story is earlier than we say, "Well, I'm going to attack China. Who's mine?"

(RESULT: America did nothing now it's virtually completed. It seems to be a real camp. They want me to go there. nice, it will probably solely be carried out to point out however we might all be destroyed. My soldiers and policemen are murdered and we will't beat them. So we hold on to speaking until you want me to say, "Oh, I'm attacking China. Me?"

Can America be? It's a vagina … [laughter] No matter how onerous they handle Iran and Iraq in the Center East. They have been a struggle for a very long time. Who has gained? The best way to win is for those who don't win individuals, principally lifeless, civilians, younger individuals, lifeless and ladies.

(Translation: Can America Be a part of Us? They will't even remedy their problems in the Middle East in Iraq and Iran, they have been in the warfare for a long time, but who gained it? Nobody. A number of lives have been misplaced, together with civilians, youngsters, the aged and ladies . This is the story.)

I'm still sorry for myself, it’s the mayor, I'm just a physician. You refused to signal permits for a residential constructing on the island. [cheers] Don't. There isn’t a exhausting time. It isn’t good that another individual is there. I’m 23 I did not do it anymore. Each time I win, no one has ever been in Davao.

(Translation: I nonetheless have – before I overlook .. I just need to give advice to the Mayor of You refused to signal the permits to install electrical energy to the houses on the island I have labored in public office for 23 years, but I've by no means carried out something like this, just one election Davao…)

So for 23 years – regardless of how much individuals pay. But I’ve to offer it all. So now’s Davao. Davao is clean, quiet, you possibly can feel at residence. Isn't NPA there? In Kitcharao, no … NPA is raised. NPA, NPA? Or do you assume I actually have oh. [steps outside the podium.] Arms. [returns to the podium]

(Translation: So 23 Years … But I never supported the lust for individuals. I gave everyone the chance. Now there are not any NPAs right here? Kitcharao … Can the NPA increase their palms? NPA, NPA? aside to shoot me. Raise your hand.)

And should you kill me, what are you able to get? [laughter] True conviction. I'm your good friend. You already know that. I'll find you in jail on your prisoners. I'll take you to the border of prisoners CAFGUs. Lastly there in Bukidnon. There are two cops and one in two. We’re toys. – The subsequent time you seize Sebastian, my son.

(Rotate:?. What do you get in case you kill me I'm the only good friend who’s, and you understand it's the one who saved troopers and CAFGU's that you simply you hosted, the last time once we have been Bukidnonissa, 4 police personnel, two a lady and two men who have been our last assembly because you asked my son Sebastian to rescue your hostage.)

Amigo man ta. We are also NPA. They don't even need to kill me. What? I need to die. [laughter] "Who Killed Duterte?" "The NPA." [laughter] And you're glad you're there, proper? Regardless of how many individuals die …

(Translation:. We’re pals I'm associates with the NPA.. With They know that they do not get anything, if they may kill me for the "Who killed DUTERTE" "NPA?. "If it makes you cheerful, nice. I don't … Everyone dies in the long run.)

So I can't just do it. But in your allies, political allies and political opponents, you don’t want to profit as a result of I didn’t need to. Don't push or crush individuals. For those of you who’re poor, please assist. [applause]

(Translation: I can't … But don't let my allies, my political allies and my political opponents do that as a result of I don't like it. Whether or not with you or towards Assist them.)

You possibly can't even vote for your self when You come to heaven, that's proper there. Whenever you come to St. Petersburg, at the gate of heaven, there’s nothing incorrect with it. [laughter] They introduced the hen to heaven. Are you there? [laughter] I don't know. You’re very unhappy.

(Translation: If you do not vote for you here once you come to heaven, you’ll certainly be rewarded. Heaven, but when he isn’t there, then he’s in all probability cockfighting because he introduced this hen with him to heaven. Is there even a cockfighting ring there? I do not know. But you’re positive to go to heaven in the event you do. Let your blessing be.)

The person is a Filipino poor. Why are we so scorching in different nations? Why is it lifeless? Why do the NPAs go to some of them, then to the militia or armed parties, to the administration they carry? It is due to poverty.

(Translation: The Filipinos are poor. Why are different nations choosing us? Why are so many killings? Why are NPAs in flip with others? Why militia and armed We wrestle and are poor.)

So all within the Philippines The individuals, their needs within the municipality, their master, the captain of Barangay, have broken the captain of Barangay and the captain of Barangay wanted the captain of Barangay and Captain Barangay to fertilize after the captain of the Barangay stated within the mayor, "Mayor, as we are, as we are …"

TRANSLATION: Everywhere in the nation, whatever Barangay or municipality may have, they might ask Barangay's captain for assist if somebody gets sick, they go to the barangay captain, they want water, they go to Barangay capta If they want academics, they go to the captain of the barangay. , they may go to the captain of Barangay, and the captain of Barangay would then strategy the mud grasp and say, "Mayor, please give this and this …" Consists of money or assets to help the schooling of youngsters.)

Mao na. As a result of we exist in feudal – feudal but, because of our weaknesses. We continue to trust the federal government. To convey the federal government when it comes, there’s already power, they want the government to have a blessing from heaven. That's it.

(Translation: Subsequently, because we are within the feudal – until now we are still caught within the feudal system due to poverty, we are too depending on the federal government. The federal government, when he had worked for a long time, began believing that they owned the government that it was despatched to heaven , and subsequently we still have a feudal system.)

. You’re proper. Individuals are in poverty. Virtually all the things they need in life, faculty, national high school, is all the time present in Congressman, Governor and Mayor. It doesn't come naturally as a result of the cash is all the time distributed by politicians

(Translation: You’re communists are proper You’re right Individuals are in poverty Virtually all of them need in life, in faculties, in nationwide excessive faculties, they ask congressman, governor and mayor. It doesn't come naturally because money is all the time distributed amongst politicians.)

And politicians at the moment are in the midst of a challenge, 30 % within the pocket of Congress. It's 30 % in 100, just some hundred. How much does he purchase a handsome cement, a pay bus and a wage? That's why he deserves five individuals all yr spherical. It's your method. 5 years ago. There isn’t a funding for corruption. It is true. Ask who’s. Ask your contractor. There isn’t any such factor. So is feudal

(Translation: Politicians share cash in this means. Thirty % of the finances allocated to a specific venture goes on to the pockets of Congress. How can he purchase high-quality cement and Buses, how can he pay the salaries of staff? So he can solely hire five individuals work on street tasks all year long because of left-wing anti-corruption, it’s the fact Ask someone to, ask the contractor that's actually it, and that is why we are still feudal)

So I'm an enormous undertaking, I do not give it -.. I will, I will. I personally. Nevertheless, I would not have a contract or enterprise with money, public or personal at my desk. No … No signatures, no feedback, no.

(Translating: That's why I don't give it to huge tasks – I'll do it myself. No contracts or transactions involving cash, public or personal have ever reached my desk. Don't … I don't signal the notes, I actually didn't keep away from it. )

It ends – it begins with a board member. When it rains, it is. Let's go. Many board members say simply five, six after my service. There isn’t a such thing. But I didn't even take a look at individuals. I just advised you that I got rid of the best way to resign. The President stated that he didn’t want you, it’s.

(Translation:. It’s going to end – it begins with a member of the Board of Directors I’ve already shot several cupboard members from the time once I took the oath of workplace You’ll be able to say about 5, however not ashamed of the individuals I'm simply saying that I've already accepted the resignation, even in case you are divorced.. Anyway, if the president says he not likes your service, it is.)

Mao Tasks. Now what I imply, there are other politicians that I can sustain with. [cheers] What, do you keep in mind the final day or are you listening to me? [cheers] I'm not going to deny you as long as I’m going to somebody.

(Translations: That's how tasks are executed. Now what's my presence right here and other politicians here? Iyay is backing his face in His arms Why are you dreaming yesterday or are you just listening to me? But we never refuse when individuals ask us for help.) [19659002] We at the moment are asking if he’s an administration. My identify is Diokno, "Share money equally between the regions." The small area is small as a result of the large roads are in the massive province. However I didn't get zero. I don't also have a faculty.

(Translation: You possibly can ask both pro-government or opposition representatives. I informed Diochno: "Share the money equally between the regions." Small areas are given small quantities of huge [hankkeet] street tasks in bigger provinces, but everybody gets something I see. 19659002] and there’s extra money, then I say: "I have about five million more than I do …" "whether to make Boatyard [laughter] All ships are ready for you on [cheers] forget it, just because I take just over"?.. [cheers] I Intermedia "No matter what happened on the media, the home was on, because we have been going to spend the night time lomallamme, our uncle had simply reduce

(Translation:. If in case you have extra cash, Iyay says." Give me five million, because I have … "" What do you do with it? Build a gate? Maybe you own all the ships there .. Do not forget me, because the transferred here .. "I'm on the Media. We have been here in the house, and we met it on holiday once we have been nonetheless young. However my uncle was demolished and built a brand new one as an alternative.)

Ever since I was very much [AM1]. I didn't go there. I know why I'm looking for a home that’s handsome. Approach house. It's nonetheless time to go to Kyrgyzstan. Collapse … How much can we like? I don't even know what to do. That's it. However I don't prefer it. So …

(Translation: It was by no means closed, I never came again. I felt dangerous that the previous home was demolished. It was a stupendous house, an previous home built through the era. The Spaniards It was demolished Since then we disagree However I have never tried to demand it from them. It's already. However I didn't prefer it.)

I turned again understanding it was okay. [cheers] However perhaps every week, four and a half days in battle. Approach – Strengthened. Selosay. [cheers] In fact, one who hears just isn’t already. We're still young. She's all the time in love. [laughter and cheers] She was 10 years previous. [cheers] So so.

(Translation: But I typically got here here when Iyay and I received to know one another. However we fought perhaps four and a half days every week. Right here we fought each time we have been jealous. Days have handed. We have been still young. She & # 39

Karon di nako tas-on Kay… Kanang unsa man guy Akong tuyo ninyo? Nicely, to campaign for my candidates. Og gusto lang ninyo. Paminawa ninyo ilang kalidad, ang ilang nakab-kat sauhabi, ang ilang katarong. Og moy moy leather-based wi ng hiwi ug ng dili angay ninyong botohan, 'di ayaw. Ayaw. 'Di, wa koy pugsanay nga… Ayaw Pag-ingon nga, “Ah candidate na ni Duterte botoha.” Do not do this. Ikaw 'yung magtan-aw og unsay imong nahibaw-an sa Tao.

(TRANSLATION: However I can’t hold this lengthy because… I don't pressure individuals, I don't drive individuals, but don't vote for them. say, "Ah vote for Duterte's candidates."

Pero timan-Ning Ning sulti ko ha. The rabbit tinnod gyud ni. Og ang Pilipinas walay regulation and order, Pilipinas Dili maundang ang corruption, ang Pilipinas basig tagan nimo'g Presidente napulo ka tuig uninterrupted… [Palupara na na, human na na.] Kiss in. [cheers]

(TRANSLATION: However keep in mind what I'll say, if this one is true, uninterrupted… Just let it fly, I'm completed reading it.)

Una diay ko malimot. Mao nay ipadulong nako diha. Og walay kalinaw ang Pilipinas unya ang corruption mao.

(TRANSLATION: However before I do it, I need to do it) remain the same.)

Even when I offer you 10 years to the nation uninterrupted, una sige ang kawat unya sige ang away, gubot, wala gyud.

Timan-i ang sulti ko. Mamatay me what, Mawa me ko sa polit, kamong mahinumdom ra unya, kamong Bata-Bata Pang naminaw Karon, kamong aspiring to grow to be Mayors, Governors, Senators, or President Sometime

(TRANSLATION: Keep in mind what I informed you. Even when I die, even when I retire in politics. Keep in mind what I stated, Mayors, Governors, Senators, or President Sometime. Keep in mind that the presidency is a gift from God.)

Saka pipila lang kataong nitabang nako. Matingala ko usahay sa Ginoo, “Unsa man gyud imong gusto?” Mao na. I’m guided by what I feel it’s good for my nation. Mao na akong giuna ang droga.

(TRANSLATION: Only a few individuals helped me. Typically I might ask God, “What do you really want?” I’m guided by what I feel it’s good for my nation. That is why I prioritized the battle towards unlawful medicine.)

Gani man ang vice mayor sa Jabonga, napreso karon sa droga. Buhi pa man ni si Alunan… [Naa ba Alunan? Sayang.] You already know, Alunan was a DILG Secretary. Mayor ko. Kaming tanang mayor gipatawag.

(TRANSLATION: The vice mayor in Jabonga was just lately imprisoned for his involvement in illegal medicine. Alunan continues to be alive. [Is Alunan around? Too bad.] You recognize, Alunan was a DILG Secretary. I used to be a mayor. All of us mayors have been referred to as for a gathering.)

Panahon to ni Ramos pa. Giingnan siya sa Amerikano, “At the rate that the drug is flooding your country, it would not be a surprise to us if your Philippines will become a narco state in a few years.”

(TRANSLATION: It was through the time of Ramos. He was advised by the People, “At the rate that the drug is flooding your country, it would not be a surprise to us if your Philippines will become a narco state in a few years.”)

Tinuod na si Alunan, wala lang siya — siya’y giingnan. Giingnan ko — kaming mga mayor. Gipatawag mi sa Malacañan. Tuman man. Karon, unsay nahitabo? Panahon ni Ramos, sige na ‘to…

(TRANSLATION: What Alunan stated was true, he just by no means informed anyone. But he informed the mayors in a meeting in Malacañan. Now, what occurred? It was already occurring through the time of Ramos.)

I used to be a prosecutor. Trial prosecutor ko na adto (I used to be a trial prosecutor). And I might see so many instances dismissed because of technicalities. There was no refinement in the procedure, dealing with of proof, and even in the courtroom itself, ang mga ruling was topsy-turvy.

So na-mayor ko. Nakit-an nako nga masama talaga. Karon, paghuman atong recommendation ni Alunan, hinay-hinay na. Buy-bust operation by the hundreds. Panahon ni Aquino, by hundreds of thousands. Pag-abot sa akong panahon, billion na.

(TRANSLATION: So I turned a mayor. I saw that the state of affairs was actually dangerous. Now, after Alunan’s advice, it slowly become reality. Purchase-bust operation by the hundreds. Through the time of Aquino, by tens of millions. In my time, billion na.)

Ngano? Nagkuwang ko? Wala ko magkuwang. Sa duha ka administrasyon niagi, ang tanang buy-bust ginagmay ra due to the corruption. Una, isunod ko na lang na, sa gobyerno.

(TRANSLATION: Why?  The place did I’m going improper? Within the two previous administrations, there were very few buy-bust operations because of corruption within the government.)

Pagka-Presidente nako, pag-abri ni Bato sa document sa intelligence, “Abrihi na.” Siya’y akong gidala sa Manila kay siya ma’y akong chief of police. Siya akong gisaligan. So from one-star, four-star siya. Giingan nako ang ubang pulis, “Pasensya mo, di ta mo kaila.”

(TRANSLATION; Once I turned the President, I informed Bato to open the intelligence data. “Open that.” I introduced him with me in Manila because he was my chief of police and I belief him. So from being a one-star common, he turned a four-star common. I advised the other police, “I’m sorry, I just don’t know you that well.”)

Pag-abot ngadto, giingnan nako si Bato, “Abrihi. Pila na?” Nakita namo. Mutuo mo’g overnight nang mga payat nga ang mga kamot by the hundreds? Unya niingon siya, “As of last count, one million six ang naigo sa Pilipino.”

(TRANSLATION: Once we acquired there, I advised Bato, “Open that. How many are they?” We saw it. Would you consider that the number of individuals whose palms are so skinny grew by the  hundreds overnight? And then he stated, “As of last count, one million six Filipinos are affected.”)

Unya ang naga-supply ana, barangay captain, mayor, governor, ug mga congressman. So niingon ko, “I would be fighting my own government.” Pag-abri ni Bato, nuebe sa p***** i**** mga pulis. Mga heneral naa diha hangtod karon, ugma.

(TRANSLATION: The suppliers are the barangay captains, mayors, governors, and congressmen. So I stated, “I would be fighting my own government.” When Bato opened the data, amongst these involved have been nine policemen. And the generals are nonetheless there till at present and tomorrow.)

Bong, kani ba si [Jurado?] — ah Fajardo, naa pa ba na sa gobyerno? Acierto, Fajardo, wala na? Si Bato namo… Kini si Acierto, mao ning nagpalit og kanang pinaagi og gun — tindahan, palit siya’g AK-47. Tonto ning gobyernoha, unya gihatag — gibaligya niya sa NPA.

(TRANSLATION: Bong, is Fajardo nonetheless in authorities service? Acierto, Fajardo, wala na? Si Bato… Acierto, that silly government employee, was the one who bought several AK-47 in a gun shop and bought it to the NPA. )

Pagkita nako, nasa cabin sa bukid, tan-aw nako mga AK-47. “Sultii ang military ngadto sa ubos nga…” Karong buhi pa na, ingon nako kamong mga army, “Nganong buhi pa man ng mga p***** i** na?”

(TRANSLATION: Once I noticed the AK-47 within the cabin of the camp, I stated, “Tell the military waiting below to…” And in the event that they’re nonetheless alive, I’ll tell the army, “Why are those sons of b****** still alive?”)

That’s excessive treason. Laliman ka, pulis ka muarmas kang kontra. Unya that they had the gall nga kami pay black propaganda ni Bikoy. Hasta ang akong anak nga 14 years previous, drug lord daw.

(TRANSLATION: That is high treason. You are a police however you provided arms to the enemy. They usually had the gall to say that Bikoy and I have been behind the black propaganda. They even accused my 14-year-old baby to be a drug lord.)

Properly, naa ko’y ipakita karong Domingo. Nasalo nako tanan ilang istorya. Dili ang atong intelligence ana. Gihatag na, I consider, og usa ka nasod nga akong amigo. Murag kahibawo man mo’g si kinsa.

(TRANSLATION: But I will reveal one thing this Sunday. I’ve been knowledgeable of all of their stories, but the info did not come from our intelligence group. It was given, I consider, by considered one of our allied nations. However I feel you already know who.)

Pero niabot na sa ako, wa gyud ko kahibaw’g kinsa. Niingon lang nga, “Pwede nimong gamiton ni sa tubag nimo.” Tanan gyung ilang… Nagkuha sila sa technical. Wa ko kahibaw’g kinsa nagdala ato sa Malacañan.

(TRANSLATION: However once I acquired the knowledge, I didn’t even know who it got here from. I was just advised, “You can use these to rebut.” These have been acquired via technical means. I don’t know who sent these to Malacañan.)

Pero kay involving man mga PCIJ, mga media practitioners, buhian ko ni so that the Philippines would understand how media is so corrupt. Ayaw mo’g tuo anang PC — Investigative Journalism.

(TRANSLATION: However as a result of it includes those in PCIJ and media practitioners, I will launch it so that the Philippines would understand how media is so corrupt. Don’t consider the PC — Investigative Journalism.)

Puro na… Tan-awa na o og… [Lunes man ugma no?] Mugawas na. Mugawas na. Akong gibuhian. Wa ko kahibaw’g diin gikan basta niabot lang sa akong lamesa. Pero hibaw ko ang sinuwatan, dili Pilipino. Amo na lang giusab. Gi-translate namo. Dili lingguwahe nato.

(TRANSLATION: It’s filled with… See if it’s… Is it Monday tomorrow? It is going to be released. I’ll launch it. I don’t know the place the knowledge got here from. It just reached my desk. But based mostly on the way it was written, I know it’s not from a Filipino. We just revised and translated it. It wasn’t written in our language.)

Mao na ang akong giingon. Mu-take over na gyud ang mga durugista. Tinuod ni. Vice mayor, si Parojinog, si Espinosa, mga Odicta, si Mayor Mabilog, ang bag-o lang ang chief of police sa Bacolod. Tanang pulis naa diha. Dili hinuon tanan.

(TRANSLATION: That’s why I stated the drug lords will actually take over. That’s true. The vice mayor, Parojinog, Espinosa, the Odictas, Mayor Mabilog, and the new Bacolod chief of police. Most policemen are involved, but not all.)

Pero kadaghanang baho sa Pilipinas, pulis. Karon pila ka adlaw, taga-i lang ko’g gamay nga panahon. Kay mao man gyud problema nato ang droga kay mga biay-biay aning media. Huwat lang mo.

(TRANSLATION: A lot of the issues that we have now in the Philippines come from the police. Now, in a number of days — just give me a bit time. Our most important drawback is the illegal medicine. And it’s also being ridiculed by the media. Just wait.)

Naa koy buhaton karong pipila ka adlaw. Igit-igit gyud mong tanang mga durugista. [applause] Ako, paminawa ko ninyo ha. Wa ko magbugal-bugal ba. Wa ko magti-aw. Wa pud ko magpakatawa.

(TRANSLATION: I’ll do something in a couple of days. It’ll make the drug addicts s*** their pants.  Take heed to me. I’m not joking here. I’m not simply making an attempt to make you snicker.)

Kadtong ginahimo na nakong Davao, gubot man niadto gyud. Giingnan nako maninguha ko nga magbuhat ko’g siyudad nga komportable. Ang inyong mga anak, makalakaw sa dalan, unmolested, undisturbed, unbridled ang ilang activity. Walay kabilinggan.

(TRANSLATION: Once I was building Davao, it was really chaotic. I stated I will work very exhausting to build a cushty city the place your youngsters can walk the streets unmolested, undisturbed, unbridled, and unhindered.)

Giingnan nako ang mga pulis, chief of police, ang imong anak nga gwapa ug ang imong asawa palakwa og gabii — kada gabii, og muuli sila sa balay wa makabrasi, wa makumoti ang lawas, mao na’y normal akong gusto para sa tanan.

(TRANSLATION: I advised the police, chief of police to let their lovely daughters and wives go out at night time every night time and in the event that they arrive residence unhurt and unmolested, that’s the standard that I would like for everybody.)

Awa ang Davao. Ngano man ‘to? Kaniadto, mahadlok. Pero karon, taga-Davao, gusto na nila. Alas dose, wala na’y tao sa dalan. Istrikto man pud kaayo nang… Alas dos man na. Akong giubos og alas dose — ah ala una.

(TRANSLATION: Take a look at Davao. Why did it happen? Everyone was scared before. But now, the Davaoeños  favor issues to be this manner. By 12 midnight, no one can be roaming the streets. It’s being strictly carried out. It  was originally set at two o’clock in the morning, then I adjusted it to at least one o’clock within the morning.)

Karon pag-abot aning babae nga manumbag, gi-us-osan gyud na’g maayo. Alas dose. Unya nagreklamo pa ang mga batan-on. Giingnan sila, “Og magsige mo’g reklamo? Ikanaog ko na sa alas-diyes. Kutob ra mo diha.” A minimum of hilom na sila.

(TRANSLATION: And when the lady who punches individuals arrived, she set it at 12 midnight. When the  young ones complained, they have been advised, “If you would keep on complaining, I will make it 10 o’clock in the evening.” At the least they turned quiet after that.)

Pero pagka-alas dose, ang Davao, hilom na gyud. Wa’y hold-up, wa’y droga, wa tanan. Akong gisulti sa ila tung pagkadaog nako, “I will build a city, I will make a comfortable… I will return sa inyo ang dalan ug ang agihanan sa tanan — ang mga sakyanan sa publiko.” Giingnan nako.

(TRANSLATION: By 12 midnight, Davao could be very quiet. There are not any hold-ups, no unlawful medicine, nothing of the type. Once I was elected, I informed them “I will build a city, I will make a comfortable… I will return the streets and the public roads to the public.” That’s what I advised them.)

Ang tanang kriminal hasta durugista… Naa might Human Rights, mga tambaloslos. Giingnan nako, “Do not destroy my city because I will kill you. Do not sell drugs to my children and ruin their lives because I will kill you.”

(TRANSLATION: All of the criminals and the drug addicts… There’s the Human Rights but they’re liars.  I stated, “Do not destroy my city because I will kill you. Do not sell drugs to my children and ruin their lives because I will kill you.”)

Once I turned President, I stated, “Do not destroy my country because I will kill you, and do not destroy the future generation kay sila ‘yang maging tatay, nanay ng mga anak — apo namin. P***** i** mo, og di ka gyud mutuo (if you don’t obey), sabi ko “Pumasok kayo diyan, hihiritan ko kayo.”

Daghang patay. Parojinog. Pangutan-a ng metropolis mayor, naa ma’y city — daghan man sila city mayors diri. ‘Di ba gipatawag ta mo sa Malacañan mga metropolis mayor? O ‘di ba gipalingkod ta mo, gisirhan nako ang Malacañan.

(TRANSLATION: Many people died. Parojinog. Ask the town mayors. Most of the city mayors are present here. Didn’t I have you referred to as in Malacañan for a closed-door assembly?)

Giingnan ta mo, don’t f*** with medicine. Magkasala ka, magkasala, mutabang pa ko labi na’g efficiency of obligation. Pero ayaw gyud og droga kasi talagang yayariin kita. Abi siguro sa mga buang — dili kamo.

(TRANSLATION: I advised you don’t f*** with medicine. I might enable you to even in the event you committed  a criminal offense so long as it was carried out within the efficiency of obligation. However don’t ever be involved with medicine kasi yayariin talaga kita. The crazies in all probability factor — nevertheless it’s not you.)

Siguro tuo ning mga unggoy nagati-aw ko. Nisulti na gud ko publiko. Karon, tan-awa, unsay gisulti ni Alunan? That in a number of years, ingon ang Amerikano, “You’d become a narco state.”

(TRANSLATION: Perhaps these monkeys thought that I was simply joking. I already warned you in public. Now look, what did Alunan say? That in a number of years, the People stated, “You’d become a narco state.”)

Nisulod na ang barangay… [Pila ka barangay captains ba ‘to? Pila ka barangay captain ang contaminated? Thirty?] Ani ni eh, ingon siya 1.6. Sa iya lang ng panahon nanggawas. Wala na nanggawas panahon ni Aquino.

(TRANSLATION: The barangay  captains are in it too.  What number of barangay captains have been involved? How many have been contaminated? Thirty? He stated it was just one point six. That was only revealed during his time.  It was not revealed through the time of Aquino.)

Ginasilhig na beneath the rug. Swept beneath the rug. Dili igawas ang hugaw. Diha lang. Silhigon lang doon. So tan-awa. ‘Di pag-ingon nako, “surrender mo’g 24 oras, patyon ta mo.” Dinaganay sila.

(TRANSLATION: They have been swept underneath the rug. They didn’t need to reveal the country’s problems, so they might simply sweep them beneath the rug. Now look.  Once I stated, “Surrender in 24 hours or else I would kill you.” In order that they surrendered.)

O tan-awa pila’y nag-surrender. Ingon ni Bato, 1.6. Ingon ni Santiago — PDEA niadto, iyang gialisdan. Kay ang ilang gi — naabtan pa gud, gialisdan. Three million. Tama silang duha.

(TRANSLATION: Now take a look at how many individuals surrendered. Bato stated one point six.  But Santiago, the former PDEA Chief, stated three million. Each of them are right.)

Tama si Bato, tama si Santiago. Kahibaw mo’g ngano? Ang bilang adto, Manila lang. Wa ninyo giihap ang Agusan, Cabadbaran, Butuan, Cagayan, Surigao, Ozamiz, Davao, Cebu. P***. Ako? Seven million karon.

(TRANSLATION: Bato is right. Santiago is right. You recognize why? The counting was solely in Manila. They didn’t embrace Agusan, Cabadbaran, Butuan, Cagayan, Surigao, Ozamiz, Davao, and Cebu. P***. However in the event you ask me, it’s about 7 million now.)

Pila ka barangay captains na, mayor na? Pulis. Mga opisyal. Kita mo mga pulis ug mga opisyal nangamatay. P***** i** ninyo, ayaw gyud ko… I’ve been telling you do not f*** with me, Godd*** it. Hiritan ta gyud mo.

(TRANSLATION: How many barangay captains and  mayors are concerned? The police, the federal government officials? You’ve seen policemen and officials that have been killed. You sons of b****** don’t ever check me.  I’ve been telling you do not f*** with me, Godd*** it. I will really go after you.)

P***** i** pulis-pulis ka diyan. You go into foolishness after which… Pati ‘yang PDEA. Mag-chief ka. Lutuon ta gyud ka. Lokoha ng ubang presidente, ayaw ng taga-Cabadbaran. [cheers and applause] Labi na gyud nang mga taga-Cabadbaran nga in despair pirmi. [cheers and applause]

(TRANSLATION: P***** i** pulis-pulis ka diyan. You go into foolishness and then… Pati ‘yang PDEA. Magazine-chief ka. I’ll really kill you. You’ll be able to idiot different presidents, however by no means one from Cabadbaran, and especially those from Cabadbaran who are all the time in despair.)

Kay mura man gyud angay unta gyud kung ako diri ang ma-mayor kung nagkadayon pa. [laughter] Daghan man gyud ka’g uyab. So mao na.

(TRANSLATION: I might have been nicely suited to be your mayor right here if  we simply ended up together, but you could have had a whole lot of boyfriends. So that’s it.)

Kung di mo muundang anang regulation and order, naa man ng komunista however kamong mga komunista, away man gud ni’g prinsipyo. Not necessarily a problem of pocket. Pero tan-awon nato. Pero ako nga…

(TRANSLATION: In the event you don’t stop… The regulation and order. There are communists but with you communists,  it’s a battle in your principle, not necessarily a problem of pocket. But we’ll see about it. Pero ako na…)

Nag-lagot-lagot pa ko ninyong y***. Nagsige mo’g pamatay sa akong pulis ug sundalo. Di na man mo muundang dira. Muistorya na lang ta. Nganong maghuwat pa man mo adtong Sison nga di na man to makauli.

(TRANSLATION: I was indignant at you fools. You stored on killing my police and soldiers. You gained’t stop killing them. Let’s just speak as an alternative. Why look forward to Sison to return? He will never go house anyway.)

Ako na lang buhatan ninyo’g amo. Buhaton ta pa mo’g mga mayor. Tinuod. Sunod eleksyon, ingon nako kapisanan ng mga pilipining — Pilipinong kuwan komunista. Pahimu-a na lang partido. Make it authorized. Communist Social gathering of the Philippines.

(TRANSLATION: Comply with me as an alternative and I might make you mayors. That’s true. In the subsequent elections, it is going to be referred to as the Kapisanan ng mga Pilipinong Komunista. You can also make it a political get together. Make it legal. Communist Social gathering of the Philippines.)

Ang unang miyembro adtong Partido ng Bayan pagkadaog ni Cory, ako ug si Bebot Bello. Mao nang si Bebot Bello sige atong usa sa mga negotiator. Amigo na niya eh. Amigo namo na sila.

(TRANSLATION: The primary members of the Partido ng Bayan when Cory gained within the election have been Bebot Bello and I. That’s the reason Bebot Bello turned a negotiator. They have been his associates. They’re our buddies.)

Ang problema, na-Presidente ko, si Bebot bata-bata lang nako. Siya akong suguon ngadto. Eh lain ang diskarte sa Presidente eh. Because I — gipas-an na nako ang gobyerno mismo. Di man pud ko kasugo ninyo, kamo’y maoy mag-law and order, kinsa man siya?

(TRANSLATION: The problem is I turned the President whereas Bebot is just my follower.  The President has a unique strategy  because I carry the load of the government itself on my shoulders. I can’t order you to supervise the regulation and order. Who are you to try this?)

Naa man ko’y mga sundalo. Naa ko’y pulis. Pero giingnan ta mong mga pulis ha, ayaw gyud mo ana. Mamatay gyud mo. Ingnon ta mo. Mama — ay sus. Basin nagtuo mo nagbinuang ko. Mamatay gyud mo. Ayaw gyud mo’g sulod ana.

(TRANSLATION: I have troopers and police. But I advised the police  to never get yourselves involved in illegal medicine. Don’t ever do it.  You’ll really die, I inform you. Mama — ay sus. Perhaps you assume I’m just joking. But you will really die. Don’t ever enter that commerce.)

Unya kaning — kani bang corruption, ang corruption, dili gud na mutubo og dili pud kamong mga Pilipino. Giingnan ta mo, kanang 8888, abri na sa tanan. Pero og naa kay reklamo nga corruption, ginapangayuan ka pareho sa istorya ni Iyay, pahawa gud dayon nako. Gipahawa nako. Cabinet member.

(TRANSLATION: Then with corruption on corruption, it wouldn’t have fostered if it weren’t for you Filipinos. I informed you that 8888 is open for everybody. So if in case you have complaints about corruption and should you have been requested to pay identical to what Iyay stated… I fired that official instantly, a Cupboard member.)

Unya naay audit karon. Billions na na. Kamo gud, ingnan nag-ingon ko. Kamo ba, mahadlok man gud mo anang naa sa gobyerno unya naay papeles, kamo pa’y magbayad, kamo pa’y biay-biayon, pangayuan.

(TRANSLATION: There’s an audit now that’s value billions. However it’s really as much as you. At the least I advised you. You’re frightened of the federal government. You’d pay for the documents and you’re being extorted from.)

P***** i**, l*****. Pag mangayo na, sagpaa. Ingna ako’y gasugo. [applause] Idemanda ka, pahibaw-a ko ngari kang Iyay. Gisultian nila na’g pangayuan pa sila’g taga-gobyerno. Sagpaa. Ingna ako’y gasugo.

(TRANSLATION: P***** i**. In the event that they’d ask you for cost, slap them. Tell them it’s my order. If they sue you, let me know via Iyay. For those who’re being asked to pay by a authorities worker, slap them. Inform them it’s my order.)

Isipa anang “P***** i** mo, ingon ni Duterte nagabayad na ko’g buwis,” labi na sa Manila mag-follow up mo, “Nganong imo man kong pangayu-an ako may gabayad sa imong sweldo?” [applause]

(TRANSLATION: Kick them. Say, “P**** ** Duterte said I am  paying my taxes.” Particularly in Manila workplaces, once they ask you for cost once you ask in your paperwork, inform them, “Why would you ask me for money when I am paying for your salary?”)

Di man pud gud mo mu… Karon, singkahi, “Ano? Muhatag pa ko nimo?” Kanang pabalik-balikon ka. Butang ngadto 888. “Kana si Alfredo Santos, kanang OIC diha ana, gipabalik-balik ko’g kalima, gipangayuan ko.” Ibutang ang ngalan.

(TRANSLATION: However you don’t assert your self. Now, yell at them, “What? I’ll have to pay you?” If you end up requested to return to their office many times, report it to 8888. “Alfredo Santos, the OIC there, asked me to go back to the office five times and asked for payment too.” Report the identify.)

Walay libel na basta musumbong ka nako. Wala na’y libel. Di ka mademanda’g libel basta musumbong ka sa ako’g binuang sa gobyerno. Kanang tinuod lang pud. Maluoy man pud ko magbinuang ka’g inosenteng tao.

(TRANSLATION: It’s not libel so long as you report back to me. It’s not libel.  You gained’t be sued with libel should you report back to me wrongdoings in authorities. Just make it possible for what you’re saying is true. I might feel sorry for the individual you’re reporting in case you are simply mendacity about it.)

Di gyud ko gusto’g corruption. Maski inganing kadugay nako sa politika, mao gyud ni akong gilikayan. Kay diha ko nakuha, naa ko sa akong papa. Ang akong papa na-gobernador man pud.

(TRANSLATION: I really don’t need corruption. I have been in politics for a long time now and that is one factor that  I have all the time prevented. I made up my thoughts about it once I was still with my father. He was a governor.)

Gikan ngari mi pag-adto ngadto sa Davao. You realize it was an extended and winding — pero ang Ginoo naluoy. Mao nang ako di gyud ko — ang akong amahan di gyud gusto ana. Ako di pud ko gusto ana.

(TRANSLATION: We came right here before we went to Davao. You already know it was an extended and winding — however God had mercy on us.  My father never appreciated that, and neither do I.)

Unsay atong trabaho, trabahuon nato. Mangayo — might mangayo pulis, BIR, ingna ko kay ipatawag ko na sa Manila, padad-an taka’g ticket, kumoton ko nang mga nawong anang mga p***** i** na.

(TRANSLATION: We should always do our job properly.  If somebody from the police or BIR ask you for money,  inform me and  I’ll have them referred to as in Manila. I’ll have their ticket booked and then I will crush their face, those sons of b******.)

O tinuod. Kanang mga safe — kanang mga PSG, wala man na silay ilis-ilis maski kinsa man ang presidente pangutan-a na sila. Ako ra’y mayor, ako ra’y — ako ra’y mayor nga mangulata diha sa Malacañan.

(TRANSLATION: That’s true. Ask the PSG. They PSGs aren’t replaced when there’s a new President. Ask them. Amongst all the presidents, I’m the one one who beats individuals up there in Malacañan.)

Sagpa, sipa, sumbag, tinuod bitaw. Kanang mga hangol, director ka unya ipatawag taka? Unya ingnon ko, “Pila’y imong gipangayo?” Unya wa man ko’y kwarta pirme, ‘di man ko mag-da’g kwarta. “Naa imong kwarta?”

(TRANSLATION: I slap, kick, and punch individuals. That’s true. The greedy ones. In case you are a director and I have you referred to as, and then I’ll ask, “How much money did you ask for?” And I don’t have cash with me. “Do you have money with you now?”)

Duha might akong asawa. 2 hundred ang akong sweldo, mao ra na. Ang 100 didto, ang usa ka pamilya 100. Might gani si Iyay kay siya’y mohatag nako. [laughter] Mas dagha’g kwarta, mas dagha’g kalubi-an eh. Sugar mommy na lang. [laughter]

(TRANSLATION: I have two wives. My salary is 200. That’s it. The 100 is goes to at least one family and 100 goes to the other household. It’s a very good factor that Iyay is the one  would give money to me.  She has extra money as a result of she owns a coconut plantation. Sugar mommy na lang.)

Muingon mo ana? Patunto’g p***** i**** klaseng serbisyo, basta corruption. Tan-awa ng airport karon, ang unang bantayan gyud nako niadto kanang mga OFW mga pobre.

(TRANSLATION: Would you do this? What foolishness is that? P***** i**** klaseng serbisyo, basta corruption. Take a look at the airport now. The first that I shield was the poor OFWs.)

Hain na nuon ‘tong mga dato — kami molabay? “Yes, Mayor.” “Sige-sige, oh.” Magazine-salute pa ang unggoy. Mao na ‘tong mga pobre, mao na nuo’y… Mao ‘to, ‘Pag kami ana wala naman, wa’y inspection. Sige lusot mo.

(TRANSLATION: However when the rich ones or once we cross by, “Yes, Mayor.” “Sige, sige.” These monkeys would even  give a salute. But the poor are the ones who are being… However once we are the ones who move by, there isn’t a inspection. Sige lusot kayo.)

Og ‘di — naa kay dad-on, matsambahan ka sa gawas, ah problema nimo na. Pero diha sulod wa na, ang imong passport i-ana lang nimo, i-swipe nimo. Wala na, mao ra na. Dagha’g istorya — dagha’g istorya, dagha’g kawat.

(TRANSLATION: For those who introduced one thing and you bought caught, that’s your drawback.  But inside, there are not any inspections anymore. Just swipe your passport. Wala na, that’s it. The extra you permit the state of affairs to proceed, the extra opportunities you give for stealing.)

Mao na’y atong gipanindugan. Mao nang kaming nakighiusa, kani si Iyay ‘di man ni musugot og tinonto. ‘Di dili ta ingon ana. Kaming mga taga-PDP wala na sa amo. Wala na kang Pimentel, wala na sa ako sukad PDP man ko, walay nasabit sa amoa nga mga bilyon-bilyong iskandalo diha sa Kongreso.

(TRANSLATION: That is our stand. That’s the reason we unite. Iyay gained’t permit such foolishness. We in PDP don’t do this. Pimentel does not do this, I don’t do this. None of us in PDP have ever been involved in corruption scandals value billions in Congress.)

Sila ra man na’y nag-away. Ang finances napirmahan nako five days ago. Gilangan nila’g maayo. Purbida paita, ingon nako ang kanang mga taga gobyerno wa na’y sweldo mga sundalo wa na mo’y sweldo.

(TRANSLATION: They are the only ones preventing. I signed the price range 5 days ago. They delayed it an excessive amount of regardless that I stated that government staff and troopers haven’t acquired their salaries.)

Maayo, mao na sila’y tig-hatag kwarta nako, ipakaon ko gyud na sa imo. Mag-sige ka’g ingon ana — matawag ka? Ga-i ta’g kwarta. Naay uban sundalo hapnig kaayo og pitaka, basin na gud na og ginagmay lang pero hapnig.

(TRANSLATION: Nicely that’s a great factor. They’re those who give me money and I will really make you it. In the event you keep on doing that and you’re referred to as… “Give me money.” There are troopers whose wallets are properly since they’re those giving me money. I will allow you to eat those. That’s the reason you keep on saying — you’ll call? Give me cash. There are different soldiers whose wallets are well-stacked.)

Naa ko’y mga sundalo, ambot og naanad, anaon lang kwarta — kunot-kunot. Ingnon nako, “Ibutang diha. Ikaw gusto ka’g kwarta?” Kanang madakpan. “Kan-a na. Patyon ta kang y**** ka, kan-a na.”

(TRANSLATION: I have troopers who hand over crumpled money. I don’t know if they’re simply used to crumpling it. I might say, “Place it there.” After which I’d ask the person who we caught, “Do you want money? Eat that or I will kill you, you son of a b****. Eat that.”)

Pareho niadtong sa — kita mo atong sa TV? Kadtong gipakaon nakog papel ‘tong taga-Bohol kay namaligya og pekeng titulo. Giingnan nako, “Makit-an ta paka karong Lunes, ipakaon ko nang titulo sa imo.”

(TRANSLATION: Identical to that one incident in… Did you see it on TV? I made the Boholano eat paper because he bought pretend land titles. I advised him, “If I still see you on Monday, I will make you eat your land titles.”)

‘Pag lunes niingon ang pulis, “Sir, ni-a pa namaligya lang gihapon.” Tan-aw nako sa enbe — envelope unya naay plastic. Sus ang kanang titulo — kanang photostatic copy,  gahi man na murag plastic pud. “Kan-a, kan-a p***** i** ka.”

(TRANSLATION: On Monday, the police informed me, “Sir, he’s still here selling them.” Once I opened the envelope, one thing product of plastic was inside it. It was the photostatic copy of the land title. The material is tough, identical to plastic. “Eat that, eat that, you son of a b****.”)

Mao man na ngadto sa Malacañan. Nay mag-ing ana? Ah, usahay makating — kaning guwardiya ba makakita naa pa gyuy coin. Pag-abot sa… “Kan-a na tanan p***** i** ka ilabay taka diha sa…” Naa na Bato oh anad na.

(TRANSLATION: That happened in Malacañan. Has another person did that? Typically the guard will pull out coins. “Eat that, eat all of that or else I’ll throw you there in…” Bato is used to it already.)

Ako kausa ha, naa na silay suspek gipada’a, naglagot ko kay sigeg pangilad. Ay ni-a man ang gwapa ngari ‘di man makit-an diha. Lagot ko sigeg pangilad. Istorya mi ni [Anda?] sige ko’g pangasaba unya naa might cockroach ang ilang opisina hugaw ng p***.

(TRANSLATION: There was this one incident where one suspect was brought in. I received indignant as a result of he stored on deceiving individuals. There’s a wonderful lady here, but I can’t see her there. I obtained indignant because he stored on mendacity. [Anda?] and I have been speaking. I was scolding them. However there was a cockroach of their office that was very dirty. P***.)

“T*** i** usa pa kang y*** ka.” Ang cockroach, ‘di napislat. Kita man ko adtong unsa gani nako, “Ikaw? Punita na.” Baril. Gi-ana gyud nako. Kadungog siya sa gato ng ani-ana — krrrk.

(TRANSLATION: T*** i** isa ka pa ha. And so the cockroach acquired crushed. I saw it. “You get that.” I  took a gun. He heard me cock it. Krrrk.)

Butang nako sa ulo, “Kan-on nimo o ‘di bungkagon ko ng ulo nimo? Kan-a.” Kaon cockroach. “Lami?” “Maayo man sir, parat-parat lang.” [laughter] Ing-ana ka mag-da’g siyudad ‘di ba — ah sus. Og akoy — Cabadbaran? Magkaigit-igit gyud mong tanan. [laughter]

(TRANSLATION: I placed it towards his head and stated, “Eat that or I’ll blow your head up. Eat that.” He ate the cockroach. “Does it taste good?” “Good, sir, just a little salty.” When you deal with your metropolis like that — ah sus. If I have been — Cabadbaran? You’d all s*** your pants.)

Kamong mga durugista, lechonon ta mo diha sa flag pole. Mao na’y panindig — pero ingna, ayaw dayon ninyo buhata. Pero mao na’y — pero mao na’y ‘di namo gusto, kanang corruption.

(TRANSLATION: For the drug addicts, I will roast your physique there by the flag pole. Tell them not to do it. Corruption is one factor that we actually don’t like.)

Mao na nagkasinabot mi. Og naa diri corrupt sa ila, ‘di pud ko makig-uban. Unsa might isulti nako sa mga tawo? Kani siya kandidato nako, corrupt ni pero ugma modaog ni ingon siya naad siya ‘di na daw siya. Lisod na.

(TRANSLATION: And we agree with one another on that. If even one in every of them is corrupt, I can’t be a part of them. What  will I inform the individuals?  That he’s my candidate and  he’s corrupt but when  he’ll win tomorrow, he promises not to do it anymore? That’s troublesome.)


So… [Nagdali ba mo, Iyay?] [Can you give me the list of senatorial.] Diri ko sa… [‘Yung kay Tolentino? Ah alistoha sa pulis oi.] ‘Di nako kay gabii na eh. Muuli pa ko’g Davao. Unsa orasa na? Seven?


(TRANSLATION: So… Are you in a rush, Iyay? Can you give me the listing of the senatorial? Let’s proceed to…’Yung kay Tolentino? Ah, the police could be very quick. I can’t keep lengthy because it’s already night time time. I  need to go residence to Davao. What time is it? Seven?)


Tan-awa ra ni akong [unclear] Bong, mao gihapon. Ay bronze hinatag sa Russian, tinuod Russian… Tan-awa o si — ana gyud ko mo-adjust. Naa koy murag dyslexia. ‘Di, dad-on na man ana. Ay baratuhon ani. Russian made.

(TRANSLATION: Look, Bong. It’s nonetheless the same. It’s bronze and it was given by a Russian. This is how I regulate it. I’ve something like dyslexia. This can be a low cost watch. Russian made.)


Kani bang akong mga kandidato, dili gyud iingon nga mas nabiyaan na’g milya-milyahe ang kontra. Pero ang akong giingon, pareho ra man ni might utok. Akong giingon og unsay ilang nabuhat sa nasod sa pagkakaron — hangtod karon sa ilang kinabuhi.

(TRANSLATION: My candidates are usually not left behind by miles by the opposition. But as I  have stated, all of them have brains. And I am sharing with you what they have achieved of their lifetime.)


Sukad natawo sila o nieskwela sila. What have they accomplished to sa…? Naay giingon… There’s a saying that you should not mention the identify of your opponent especially on an election as a result of least the individuals will keep in mind the names of your opponents and ikaw makalimtan na.

(TRANSLATION: Ever since they have been born, ever since  they graduated.  What have they achieved? There’s a saying that you should not mention the identify of your opponent particularly on an election because least the individuals will keep in mind the names of your opponents and you’d be forgotten.)


Di ko mutuo ana. As a result of I have to inform you og ngano. Kay giingnan ta mo, mauwaw pud ko. Mauwaw ko mamili og mga kandidatong tambaloslos. Tan-awa ha, akong basahon. Ang ilang kandidato sa Otso Diretso — Otso Diretso lukso sa impiyerno. [laughter] Ang ilang number one, Mar Roxas.

(TRANSLATION: I don’t consider that. Because I’ve to inform you why. I advised you I might be embarrassed to decide on  candidates who are liars. Look, I might read the names. The Otso Diretso candidates — Otso Diretso, bounce straight to hell.  The first on their record is Mar Roxas.


Unsa might gihimo ni Mar Roxas? (What has Mar Roxas accomplished?) What vital occasion did Roxas participate in or did a piece or undertook a undertaking that the individuals can keep in mind all the time? Sige daw, dugay man ni siya. He was a everlasting fixture in all the election events in this country kay lukso-lukso’g Partido (party-hopping).




Wala man ni prinsipyo. Ako ang akong partido giingnan nako sila, ingnan ta mo karon (This man has no precept. I advised my social gathering and I’ll inform you now), the get together that I was with once I started in 1988 will probably be my political social gathering once I make my exit.[19659093] 


Pasaligan ta mo ana. Ma r Roxas, Secretary of Trade panahon ni Gloria Arroyo, Secretary of Commerce panahon ni Presidente Aquino, then nahimo siyang DOTC panahon ni Aquino, then nahimo siyang DILG panahon ni Aquino. Unsa might gibuhat niya?



(TRANSLATION: You’ll be able to trust me on that. Mar Roxas was the Secretary of Trade  through the time of Gloria Arroyo. During President Aquino’s time, he was with the DOTC after which the DILG. What did he do?)




Una-una gabalhin-balhin og partido para sa iyang oportunidad. Ikaduha kadtong na-DOTC siya nipalit siya’g mga karwahe nga ang ligid dako ra sa riles. So nabayran na na, naa diha nalata na lang wa na magamit. Wa gyud ko kadungog ni Trillanes ug ni Alejano nireklamo ana.


(TRANSLATION: At first, he  often switches social gathering for his own political alternative. Second, when he was in DOTC, he purchased trains with tires too huge to suit the railway. It was already paid for and but it’s simply rotting there, unused. I by no means heard Trillanes nor Alejano complain about that.)



Wa gyud ko kadungog aning nila Bam Aquino ug kani si Diokno. What’s in a name? Kay sikat imong papa, mosikat ka pud? Perhaps? However not essentially. Si Roxas iya siguro amahan, pero kaning bataa wala. Even the presidential debates gibugal-bugalan ko ni, ‘di man kamao.

(TRANSLATION: Nor have I heard something from Bam Aquino and Diokno. What’s in a name? Just because your father is common, does it imply  you’ll be in style too? His father perhaps good, however that kid? Wala.  Perhaps, but not necessarily. Perhaps Roxas’s father however not him. Even through the presidential debates, I used to be mocking him because he doesn’t know something.)



Sige la’g istorya as a result of kay naka-eskwela man siya og University of Watson. Ako kay 75 man lang ‘di diha ra ta sa Candelaria, didto sa Davao — Candelaria ba diha simbahan. Eskwela man ko diha, kinsay akong classmate?



(TRANSLATION: He talks rather a lot because he studied in the College of Watson. However I solely had a grade of 75 there in Candelaria, in Davao. Candelaria, the church. I studied there. Do I’ve any classmates right here?)



Wa nang — buot pasabot nangamatay na mong tanan? [laughter] Hain na mo? Patay na tanan. [laughter] Bataa — College of Watson. Wha — Watson, Watson ba ‘to? Ah Wharton. [laughter] University of Wharton, wa’y nahimo. Secretary of Commerce, no meaningful vital influence.

(TRANSLATION: Nobody? Does this mean that they have all died? The place are you? They’re all lifeless. This child… College of Watson, I imply Wharton. University of Wharton, however he has not accomplished anything. Secretary of Trade, no meaningful influence.)



Panahon ni Aquino undersecretary of Commerce, DOTC, puro — gibinlan ko’g basura. Might gani karon kay naayo na namo’g dali-dali. Ang ilang gibilin puro basura gyud sa MRT. Nahibaw man mo ana — LRT. Hasta gani’g naa pa ko sa — sige ra’g kapara na. Pero no less than karon by the grace of God we have been capable of repair it.

(TRANSLATION: Throughout Aquino’s term he was the undersecretary of Commerce, DOTC, but he only left me with rubbish. It’s a very good factor that we have been capable of repair it shortly. The one thing that they left us was issues with the MRT and LRT. You understand that. It retains on stopping. However at the least now by the  grace of God, we have been capable of fix it.)



Pagkahuman DILG siya, anak ka ng… DILG, siya’y gagunit sa pulis. Niay Aquino, Purisima, ug si Roxas. Ang Mamasapano six kilometers away — kamoy nahibaw ana, naay brigade diha. And but, nag-import gyud sila intawon og mga pulis. Ang regional kanang SAF, if I’ve to inform you now as your President, it is a particular police unit to satisfy urban terrorism. City, siyudad ba. To not battle within the rural areas and within the mountains.

(TRANSLATION: Then he turned the DILG, anak ka ng…  In DILG, he managed the police. They have been there, Aquino, Purisima, and Roxas. Mamasapano was simply six kilometers away from a brigade there, you realize that. And yet they actually despatched the police there, the regional SAF. If I have to inform you now as your President, it’s a special police unit to satisfy urban terrorism. Urban means city. They are meant to battle in the metropolis, and not in the rural areas and in the mountains.)





Although naa silay (they’ve) training sa pagka-commando. Little question about it, to make them robust, to make them familiar in all the preventing modes.


Pero ilang gipadala ngadto kadlawon. Ang ila lang gusto kadtong tudlo sa — ni Marwan. Nakuha ’to nila pero pagkahuman binakbakay na. Nagsugod ‘to kadlawon, nagabii na lang hurot na ang sundalo wala man lang duha kabuok nga reinforcement o helicopter gipadala didto para motabang. Mao nay misteryo hangtod karon nga ‘di nimo masulbad.

(TRANSLATION: However they despatched the policemen there within the wee hours of the morning. They needed them to  get the finger of Marwan. They have been capable of get it, however that started the struggle. It started in the course of the wee hours of the morning. By night time time, none of  troops have been left alive. And but no reinforcement nor a single helicopter was despatched to assist them. That is the thriller that  you can’t clear up till now.)



Nganong gibiyaan ang sundalo ngadto magpakamatay. Ang akong pulis intawon. Wa gyuy usa ka helicopter, nay daghan sa TOG. TOG is headquarter sa mga choppers. Davao City, Awang, Cotabato, ug Gen San. Pila ra guy pagtawag unta adto. Diba tibuok adlaw, ingnan ta mo, ngano bang — ngano?



(TRANSLATION: Why did you allow the soldiers  — my policemen there to die? They didn’t ship  even a single helicopter. There are many those within the TOG.  TOG is the headquarter of the choppers. Davao Metropolis, Awang, Cotabato, and Gen San. It was just a call away. But you never made the decision for an entire day. Why?)



Kay anang pagkahapon na — pagka-gabii na, ingon aron ng orasa, naa kos Zamboanga. Si Roxas ug si Aquino niadto didto kay nay niboto didto sa palengke nga granada. Ako pud naa koy giadto sa akong mga kinfolk sa — ang asawa ni Pulong, Tausug eh. Ang nanay — ang nanay Tausug, ang lola silbi ni Pulong Maranao.

(TRANSLATION: That afternoon — that night time, in this similar hour, I used to be in Zamboanga. Roxas and Aquino have been there as a result of a grenade exploded in the  market. I used to be there to go to the kinfolk of… Pulong’s spouse is a Tausug. The mother is a Tausug and Pulong’s grandmother is a Maranao.)



So niadto ko ngadto kay magkampanya, wa sila kahibaw og unsa pay akong daganan. Pareho gud adtong nianhe ko, unya gi-blow out ko ni Iyay. Mao ni nahitabo ngari. [Iyay, ayaw paglimod-limod ha? Gakson taka sa daghang tawo diha ‘ron.][laughter]



(TRANSLATION: So I went there to marketing campaign, though they didn’t know but what I used to be operating for. Identical to once I came right here and Iyay handled me.  That’s what occurred here. Don’t deny it, Iyay or I will embrace you right here in front of many individuals.)




Nianhe ko nganhe kay naa koy istoryahang PDP pero agi napud siguro to’g kampanya but I used to be simply checking out factor, getting the heart beat. But I might say I used to be in the hustings already. So diri ko, pagkahuman si Iyay siya’y nagpapaniudto. Diba naniudto ta?



(TRANSLATION: I got here here because I have to talk to PDP and to campaign additionally but I used to be just checking out issues, getting the heart beat. However I might say I used to be within the hustings already. So I came here and Iyay treated us for lunch afterwards. Didn’t we’ve got lunch collectively?)



Unya gitawag ko niya. Ingon siya, “Unsa man Dong, modagan ka?” “Iyay, tan-awon ko, murag dili siguro. Wa man koy kwarta.” Siya, “Dagan, dagan lagi basig modaog ka pa.” Ingon ko, “Ah, naa lagi na imong sulti, basin.” “Di, dagan Dong.” Kanang iyang type ba — kanang iyang type iyang ginabuhat dito, gaana siya sa iyang mata, “Dagan ba.”[laughter]



(TRANSLATION: Then she referred to as me. She asked, “Are you going to run, Dong?” “Iyay, we’ll see about that. But maybe not. I don’t have enough money.”  Then she stated, “Run. Run and maybe you will win.” I stated, “Well, just like what you said, maybe.” “No, run, Dong.” She has a means of taking a look at you together with her eyes like this. “Please run.”)



Ana dayon siya, namuyboy daan. “Dagan, ako ra bay gagasto ani imong paniudto diri.” [laughter] Bagay, usa siya sa naghimo nakog presidente, tinuod na. Pangutan-a anang kauban namo. Di ba naniudto ta? Diin ‘tong ko niya. “Dagan ba.” Kanang ligi — nga lawom murag — murag mamords ang… [laughter]



(TRANSLATION: Then she stated, making an attempt to make me responsible, “You should run because I spent for your lunch here.” [Namuyboy is a Bisaya term for recounting of favors] Nicely, she was one of the people who helped me win the presidency. That’s true. Ask those who have been with us. Didn’t we’ve lunch together? “Please run.” She checked out me. Her eyes have been deep. She was virtually flawless.)



Haay kinabuhi, nakuha nakong presidency. Nakalusot kang y***. Tsk. [laughter] Gwapo unta ‘tong presidency og ikaw. Ingna  imong bana niagi na na  ha, ‘di siya manelos (selos) ha, bata pa ta niadto. I was solely mga 28 si Iyay, 22 pa ko niadto. [laughter]



(TRANSLATION: Oh life. However I gained the presidency. You got away from me though. The Presidency would have been higher if  you have been included. Inform your husband that it was all up to now. He may be jealous. We have been still young again then. Iyay was perhaps 28 and I was 22.)





‘Tong governor siya? Unya magtan-aw mi kay kanang gallery ba, pagkahapon moadto na man na siya molingkod na ngadto. Moingon ang mga congressman, “Dili ba na si Governor Amante?” “Oo.” “Kinsa may gi — kinsa may ginahuwat ana?” Moingon pud ko nga, “Ambot kinsa?” Siyempre ambot-ambot dayon. [lcheers and applause]



(TRANSLATION: She  was nonetheless a governor. After which we might take a look at the gallery. She goes to take a seat there in the afternoon. The congressmen would say, “ “Isn’t that Governor Amante? Who is she waiting for?” I might then say, “I don’t know.” In fact I might deny it.)



Naa gud si Edel. Dihay kausa nay pista diri, ‘tong baha bitaw diri dili maagian ang Bukidnon, diri ko agi sa — diri sa pikas — Surigao. Pag-abot diha nangaon mi ambot og unsa pud nasu’d sa u’o aning bayhana. Ingon siya, “Dy,” Daddy man siya, “… Uhm.” Naniudto ming tulo unya — nangaon mi ba. “Kani ba si Rodrigo…” “O unsa man — unsa man…? “Gusto daw siya mangasawa nako.” [laughter]



(TRANSLATION: Edel was there. There was this one time, it was during your fiesta. The roads have been flooded and you might not move by means of Bukidnon, so it’s a must to cross by means of Surigao. Once we obtained there, we ate, and I do not know what went over her when she stated, “Dy.” She calls him Daddy. We have been consuming when she stated, “Rodrigo here is…” “Yes, what is it?” “He said he wants to marry me.”)



Iya bugal-bugal, kana bang ipasubo gyud ka niya. Kanang — ana man na. Ipasubo ka niya, sige-sige tu’d ana. Pag-abot sa kuwang giingnan niya gusto daw ko niyang — gusto daw siya magpakasal nako. Matay. Wa nako kakaon. [laughter] Kunwari gausap-usap nalang ko sa mumho sa akong… [laughter]



(TRANSLATION: She was just making enjoyable of me. She is going to really throw you out within the open. She likes to try this. She  stored on repeating it and then stated that she needed to marry me too. Patay. I wasn’t capable of eat. I was simply pretending to chew my meals.)



P***** i**. Roxas, unsa might gihimo ani? Gipapatay niyang 44 hangtod karon wa gyuy esplikasyon nganong…? No rationalization at all why they have been fed into the lion’s den.


(TRANSLATION: P**** i**. What has Roxas carried out? He had those 44 troopers die and till now no rationalization has been given.  No rationalization in any respect why they have been fed into the lion’s den.)




Until now ngano ang pulis ang ilang gigamit nga dili man ‘to teritoryo sa pulis. Wa man sila kahibaw sa terrain, wa sila kahibaw og asa ang kanal, wa sila kahibaw og asa ang pagatpatan didto, wa sila kahibaw og asa sila ihawon.

(TRANSLATION: Why did they use the police  for that operation when it’s not police territory? They did not know the terrain, they didn’t even know the place the canals are. They  know the place the mangroves are. They weren’t acquainted with the place the place they may die.)



Mao nay akong lamentations kang… Ako ingnan ta mo ha? ‘Pag moabot si Alunan, pangutan-a siya. Nay tuig nga naay Pilipina giihaw  didto Singapore, ilang gibitay. Pagmata ko anang buntag ang mga helper nako sa balay nag-sige na’g hilak. Siyempre, simpatiya.

(TRANSLATION: Those are my lamentations. I will inform you. When Alunan arrives, you ask him. There was one yr when a Filipina was killed in Singapore by hanging. Once I awakened the subsequent morning, my helpers have been crying. They  sympathized.)



Niingon ko, gipatay gyud nila ‘no? “Gibitay, kanina.” ‘Di naglagot-lagot nako. Pag-abot nako didto sa opisina, giingon nako nga taga-i ko’g flag sa Singapore. “Wa may flag.” “Unsay wa? Kanang likod anang diksyunaryo, kaignorante, naa diha ng mga flag diha nga lain-lain. Pakopya lang mog pareho kadako sa flag nato, ipadali. Niya taga-ig doble.”



(TRANSLATION: I stated, “They really killed her, didn’t they?” “Yes, she was hung earlier.” So I obtained mad. Once I arrived on the workplace, I asked for a flag of Singapore. “There’s no flag.” “Why? Behind the dictionary, there are totally different flags there. How ignorant are you able to be? Make two copies of it, make them as massive as our flag. Hurry.)



So pagka alas-dose, nigawas ko sa metropolis hall. Gipabubu-an nakog fuel, sindihan nako, ‘di gubot na. Suko kaayong Singapore, unya ang sa Manila gipangutana ko og nganong akong gibuhat? Gibuhat nako kay Pilipino man na ilang giihaw. Nganong dili man nako buhaton suko man ko?



(TRANSLATION: By 12 noon, I went outdoors the town corridor. I ordered them to pour fuel on it and  then I set hearth to it. That began the chaos. Sigapore obtained actually mad and people in Manila asked me why I did what I did. I stated, “I did it because they killed a Filipino. Why should I not do it out of my anger?”)



So pagkaugma — kani si Alunan og moanhi ngari pangutan-a. Siya man ang niadto nako sa Davao. Tawgan ko niya, ingon siya, “Mayor, dadating ako diyan mag-usap tayo. May utos ako galing kay presidente.”



(TRANSLATION: So the subsequent day… If Alunan comes here, ask him. He was the one who paid me a go to in Davao. He referred to as me, “Mayor, dadating ako diyan, mag-usap tayo. May utos ako galing kay Presidente.”)



Sabi ko, “Yes, sir.” Pero abi nako kasab-an lang ko niya. Pag-abot ngadto wa man siya nasuko nako. Ingon lang siya nga, “Ano kaya kung ano — para lumamig at ma-appease natin — masahe-on lang ba. Mangayo kog pasaylo na naa na ilang gibuhat.” “Ihatag sa ako.” Si Alunan mismo. Ingon nako, “Sir…” Basa nako. “…kuha ako sandali ng papel sir ha, ibang papel.”



(TRANSLATION:  I stated, “Yes, sir.” I anticipated to get  a lecture from him. But when he acquired there, he was not mad at me. He advised me, “Ano kaya kung ano — para lumamig at ma-appease natin… I would like to apologize for what they did.” “Give it to me.” Si Alunan mismo. “I stated, “Sir…” I read it aloud. “Kuha ako sandal ng papel sir ha, ibang papel.”)



Kuha kog papel sa Insular kanang naay pangalang Insular. I hereby tender my resignation efficient upon receipt of this letter. Ingko “Sir, mo-resign ko. Dili ko mo-surrender.” Mangayo’g pasaylo? P***** i** bahala ka diha, ‘di ko.

(TRANSLATION:  I grabbed a bit of paper. It bore the identify of Insular. “I hereby tender my resignation effective upon receipt of this letter.” I stated, “Sir, I will resign. I will not surrender.” Make an apology? Son of a b***.  I don’t care about you. I gained’t do it.)



Ako’y Roxas, kinabuhi gud ‘to. Ako’y ingnon ni Aquino na — kay ako might una niyang gi-kuan. ‘Di ba ni-hurar siya wa pa siya’y DILG. Kay sige pa mi’g tawganay atong iyang government secretary, si Ochoa. Sige pa siya’g hangyo nga “Rod, pwede ba daw — pwede ba akong tumulong sa kanila.”



(TRANSLATION:  If I have been Roxas… They have been dealing with lives. But Aquino advised me — as a result of I used to be the first one he… Didn’t he surrender as a result of he still has no DILG [chief]. His Government Secretary Ochoa stored on calling me and pleaded with me. “Rod, pwede bad aw — pwede ba akong tumulong sa kanila?”)



Ingko, “Sir, bus — eh ayaw ng mga leader ko eh.” Pero wa gyud koy gusto. Pero og akoy pugson ingon ana, ingnon gyud nako si Aquino na, p***** i** mo, sir. Og moingon kang ibahog nako akong mga pulis didto nga method — wa man gani maka-adto didto maski kausa, mo-resign ko. Ayaw ko pabuhatag ingon ana.

(TRANSLATION:  I stated, “Sir, bus — ayaw ng mga leaders ko eh.” However the fact is I really didn’t prefer it. But when you will drive me to do it, I’ll actually tell Aquino, “P***** i** mo sir.  If you order me to send my police there to a place that they haven’t even been to, not even once, I will resign.” Don’t ever inform me to do such a thing.)



Ah mahina gyud ang buang, mahina gyud. Walay itlog, og naa man usa’g tunga ra. Kay ang ako tulo man. [laughter] Mao nay Roxas sige lag dagan, sige lang — o unsa might…?



(TRANSLATION:  Ah, the fool is admittedly not that sensible.  He’s really sluggish. He does not have balls. If he does, it’s in all probability just one and a half. But I’ve three. That’s the reason  Roxas there  all the time runs for a position, sige lang — however what has he completed?)



Bam Aquino. Tanan balaod mopirma man gyud ang senador. Iya tanan ang nanglusot sa Senado iyang daw’ng trabaho hasta ang trabaho sa iyang kauban nga — iyang kapartido niya iyang agawon.

(TRANSLATION: Bam Aquino. In each regulation that’s passed, every senator has to signal it. However he claims that each one the legal guidelines handed within the Senate are his. He even claimed the work of a member of his social gathering as his personal.)



Wa might gibuhat ni. Kadtong wa maliwat sa amahan ‘di nalang ko moistorya’g unsay utok adto. Kani pung naliwat ni si og ni Aquino unta — mao lagi na, what’s in a name? Just because Aquino ka kasing tigas ka ni Benigno. It does not comply with.

(TRANSLATION: He has not achieved anything. The one who didn’t take after his father, nicely, I can’t say something about his psychological capability. If he had simply taken after his father… Nicely, what’s in a name? Just since you are an Aquino does not imply you might be as touch as Benigno. It doesn’t comply with.)



Gary Alejano. Unsa might gibuhat ana? Sila ni Trillanes nag-mutiny, nagwara-wara’g armas diha sa Makati. Insurrection, pagkahuman gi-adto siya sa mga tigas pud na pulis, gisagpa siya ni Barrios — giapas siya ngadto retreat dayon sila sa Peninsula nga lodge.

(TRANSLATION: Gary Alejano. What has he finished? He and Trillanes dedicated mutiny. They wielded their arms there in Makati. Rebel.  Then afterwards, the  police got here to arrest them. Barrios slapped him they usually retreated immediately within the Peninsula lodge.)



Unsay gibuhat pag-abot ngadto? Nag-order og steak, nagkaon, nag-inom, pagkahuman ni-surrender. Niya nidagan pagka-senador, nidaog kay ang sentimiyento niya sa Pilipino suko kang GMA niadto. Mao ‘tong nidaog ning buang ning Alejano.


(TRANSLATION: What did they do once they obtained there? They ordered steak, ate, drank, and then surrendered. After which he ran for senator. He gained as a result of the Filipinos at the moment have been mad at GMA. That’s the reason he gained as well as Alejano.)



Wa man pud ni nahibaw-an. Patak – kitang mga abogado, have you observed him used the phrase — used the double deck term a number of occasions? Kanang ingon, “Ako si Rody, giingnan ko ni A nga si B, aw si C ang nagpatay kay D.” Para sa ila ni Trillanes ebidensiya na na. Nga kaning magpa-haron ingnon gani simply because they are graduates of the PMA abi nila’g sakto na na, tigas na sila.

(TRANSLATION: He additionally does not know something.  The legal professionals right here, have you ever observed him use the phrase — used the double deck time period a number of occasions? Identical to once I say, “I am Rody. I was told by A that it was B — no, C who killed D.” For him and Trillanes, it’s already enough evidence. They’re being pretentious and boastful. They assume that simply because they’re graduates of the PMA, they are the robust ones around.)



Florin Hilbay, kinsay — ako bayot man ko niadto, ‘tong diri pa ko nag-eskwela bayot man ko. Kinsay akong kaubang mga bayot, taas og kamot. [laughter]



(TRANSLATION: Florin Hilbay, who — I was gay before. Once I was still learning here, I was gay. Where are my fellow gays right here? Increase your  hand.)



Sige na diha, hilas-hilas, kanang mga bayot. Ako niangkon nako bayot ko, kamo diha sister? Ah maayo ngari sa Cabadbaran approach bayot. [laughter]Tomboy. Pangutan-on ta mo kamong mga bayot, ayaw lang mo taas og kamot para ‘di mo ma…



(TRANSLATION: Come on now, don’t be too proud.  I already admitted that I am gay, how about you there, sister? Oh, it’s a very good thing that  right here in Cabadbadran, there are not any gays. Tomboy. I’m asking the homosexual group. Don’t increase your hand so that you simply gained’t be…)


Kani ba si Trillanes, mangutana ko ninyo kamo ra  man gyuy makasulti. Kani si Trillanes, lalaki ni o bayot? [Sulti ka? Tinuod na?] Kamo — kamong mga bayot, ako wa gyud ko kabantay ana. Kausa sa Manila kanang akong asawa ba nagpa — kanang ‘tong sa niabot si Sri Lankan? Ceylon na niadto, known to be Ceylon — Sri Lanka. Nagpa-kuan og bayot, unya nagtan-aw mi’g TV.


(TRANSLATION: I am going to ask you this because only you possibly can tell. Is Trillanes straight or gay? Is it true?  You, the gays. I by no means really observed it. There was one time in Manila, my spouse was…  It was when the Sri Lankan came right here. That was Ceylon earlier than. She was being  attended to by a homosexual beautician while we have been watching TV.)



Ingon dayon siya nga, “’Yan si ano bakla man ‘yan.” “Huh?” “’Yan si… Kami sir, isang tingin lang at malaman.” Ingko, “Siya nga, ako rin eh bakla man ako noon pero nahihirapan kasi nagbago na ako noong nakilala ko si Angel Amante.”[cheers]



(TRANSLATION: He stated, “’Yan si ano bakla man ‘yan.” “Huh?” “’Yan si… Kami sir, isang tingin lang at malaman.”  I stated, “That’s true. I was once  gay before but I changed when I met Angel Amante.”)



Naulian ko. [laughter] Mga bayot maayo kayo mo-kuwan nga — ay sus. Pangutan-a ang amigo ninyong bayot. Ipatan-aw lang ng tawo, moingon — kahibaw na, kahibaw na sila.

(TRANSLATION: I felt higher. The gays are actually good at — ay sus. Go  ask your homosexual associates, allow them to take a look at an individual and they’ll be capable of sense it.)


Kani, Florin Hilbay. Utro pud mao ni bayot, ang kauban ani pirme si Agot Isidro. Sila ng tandem. Unsa might nabuhat aning buang ni solicitor basic.

(TRANSLATION: Florin Hilbay can also be gay. He’s all the time with Agot Isidro. They’re a tandem. What has this crazy solicitor basic achieved?)



Wala man siya’y nadag-ang kaso para sa gobyerno, puro pilde. Erin Tañada, what’s in a name? Father? Oh properly, nationali — saludo ko. Basa mi’g libro niya eh, kami tanan abogado.

(TRANSLATION: He hasn’t gained any case for the government. He lost all those instances. Erin Tañada, what’s in a reputation? Father? Oh properly, nationali — I salute you. We legal professionals have all learn his books.)



Pero kani si Erin na-senador man ni method gibuhat og dili mag-abugar og mga left ug kanang mga NPA na preso. Sabagay bilib na pud ko ana ma — dedicated.

(TRANSLATION: Erin turned a senator regardless that he has not carried out anything aside from defend the left and the NPAs who have been imprisoned. However I like him for his dedication.)



Pero kaning bataa ni nawala sa landas. Didto siya — o dapat didto ka na lang unta, dili ka molingkod og usa ka institusyon sa gobyerno nga ‘di nimo tuhoan.

(TRANSLATION: However this child was led astray. It is best to’ve stayed there as an alternative of selecting to work for a government that you simply don’t consider in.)



Mao nay problema, wa ni gibuhat. Macalintal, si Macalintal pirme man ninyo na makit-an, abogado na og mga politiko nga milyunaryo. Dili na modepensa og kaso og pobre ka. Ayaw mo’g tuo anang buang. Suma’a, mao gihapon — Chel Diokno. Laki man kaha ka nganong Chel man nang imong pangalan?



(TRANSLATION: That’s the issue. He hasn’t achieved anything apart from that. Macalintal, you see him all the time as a result of he’s the lawyer of wealthy politicians. He won’t defend you in case you are poor. Don’t consider that fool. Chel Diokno is just the identical. Why is your identify Chel in case you are a person?)



C-H-E-L Diokno. What’s in a name? Tatay nimo. Kay sikat imong tatay, modagan lang pud mo. Karon, una ko moadto, ang kandidato nako pagka-gobernador sa Agusan del Norte method lain kung dili ang akong…



(TRANSLATION: C-H-E-L Diokno. What’s in a reputation? Your father? Are you operating for a position just because your father is common? But earlier than I’m going, I need to say that my candidate for governor in Agusan del Norte is none aside from my…)



(Hain ticket? O lagi. [Dili kani. Siya na ha? Dili ko, basig ako imong i-endorse. ] Unsa might imong gidaganan diay? [Congress. Congress nako.] Ah magkita ta sa Manila na ani diay. Didto ka na sa Malacañan magpuyo ha? Libre tanan didto hasta…) [laughter]



(TRANSLATION: Where’s the ticket? Okay. Not this one, that one. No, I gained’t do this because I could be the one you’ll endorse. What place are you operating for? Ah we’ll see one another in Manila. You’ll stay there in Malacañan okay? All the things there’s free there, even…)



[Gihatag, imong gikuha — gihatag nako.]  Ang among — ‘di una diri — diri ta magsugod kay nagsugod naman ta ganiha. Ang among mayor, akong gina-suportahan ug ginasiguro mo nga og moduol pud sila nako, motabang pud ko pero dili pareho nila.

(TRANSLATION: It was given, but you took it — I gave it. To begin with, we’ll start here because we already started earlier. I am supporting our mayor and I am ensuring that if they strategy me, I might assist them, however I’m not like the…)



Nisuporta gud sa ako. Pagka-mayor, Mayor Judy Amante. [cheers and applause] [Minyo naka, ma’am? Nganong ‘di man bana nimo ang gipadagan nimo?] ‘Di ngutana lang ko ba. Si Governor Dale — p***** i** tigas kayo ni oh. Amigo ko man na. [applause] Corvera, and the entire slate of PDP Laban in Davao del Norte.

(TRANSLATION: She actually supported me. For mayor, Mayor Judy Amante. Are you married ma’am? Why didn’t you let your husband run? No, I used to be just asking. Governor Dale — p***** i** he is very robust. He’s my pal.  Dale Corvera and the whole slate of PDP Laban in Davao del Norte.)



Karon, ah kami ba ni Iyay, mahidlaw man gyud ko ani niya og — kaning hidlaw kung… Pero’g gusto ninyo nga ang presidente moabot — makatapos sa iyang termino tulo ka tuig. Kay ako ga-konsumisyon gyud ko sa akong trabaho. Gamahay gyud ko sa tinuod, gamahay ko. I ought not to have opted to run. Mao bitaw.

(TRANSLATION: Now, this factor between me and Iyay — I’ll actually miss her when… But if you need the president to succeed in — to complete his time period within the remaining three years… I’ve plenty of heartache with my job. I remorse it to be trustworthy. I ought not to have opted to run. That’s true.)



Mao nang akong anak giingnan nako si Inday, “Day ayaw, undang nako Day, ayaw na.

(TRANSLATION: That’s why I informed my daughter Inday, “Day, I’ll resign. I don’t need to do that anymore.)



Walay mahatag sa imo. Buhaton na nimo tanan, moadto ka na sa kabukiran making-istorya ka na ngadto. Adto kag Marawi… Moadto kog Marawi, mo-landing kog gabii maskig kalubihan. Mao na imong ipasubo imong kinabuhi, wal — until you could have that sense of patriotism nga sobra-sobra.

(TRANSLATION: It has nothing to offer for you. You will do every part, you’ll even go to the mountains to speak, you’ll go to Marawi… Once I go to Marawi, I’m going there at night time and land in a coconut plantation. You will danger your life. Until you’ve that sense of patriotism that’s overflowing.)


Pero kung odd man pareho nako (like me) — I might not — I might not say it was mistaken. But it might have been inappropriate for me to determine to run.


If I’ve given to — within the hindsight, pabalikon ko, dili na. ‘Di nako modagan. Mayor lang, that would be — this would be my last term of… Inday vice mayor. Wala, wa’y … Mao na nga magul-anon kaayo ko sa Malacañan.


(TRANSLATION: If I’ve given to — within the hindsight, if they make me run again, I gained’t. I gained’t run anymore. Perhaps only for mayor,  however that may be — this is able to be my last term of… Inday vice mayor. Wala. That is why I worry so much in Malacañan.)



Og himuon ninyong congressman si Iyay, didto na na siya sa ako. [cheers]



(TRANSLATION: For those who make Iyay your congressman, she will probably be with me there.)



Magbisita-bisita kay mapatyan ta ni… Amigo lang, inamigo na lang. Mawa ra man eh diay uban, wa gyud. Be tan-awag mo — naa bay mo-ring sa imong — does it ring a bell sa imong…? Roxas, Aquino, Alejano, Hilbay, Tañada, Macalintal, Diokno, Gutoc.

(TRANSLATION: But only for a visit because I could be killed by… We’re simply associates, this is just friendly banter. It should simply die down. See if it’ll ring — does it ring a bell to you? Roxas, Aquino, Alejano, Hilbay, Tañada, Macalintal, Diokno, Gutoc.)



Karon, tagaan ta mo’g pattern. What’s in a reputation? Angara. Angara shiny gyud. [applause] Kana moy, the worthy son of a worthy father. Naay mga exception. Kani kay nagtuon unya maayo gyud sa taxation.

(TRANSLATION: Now, I offers you an example. What’s in a name? Angara. Angara is admittedly vibrant. He is a worthy son of a worthy father. There’s are those who are an exception. He studied arduous and he is really good in taxation too.)



And sa mga taxation — tax issues, kani si Angara as you realize he criticizes me and I welcome it, and I prefer it. ‘Di ko gusto’g uto-uto nga akong sakop. ‘Pag sayop ko ingna ko diretso mas morespeto ko nimo.

(TRANSLATION: And for the taxation — tax issues, Angara as you realize, he criticizes me and I welcome it, and I prefer it. I don’t like gullible staff.  If I’m improper, tell me immediately, and you you will earn my respect.)



Mao na akong gusto niya. Pag-ingon niya mag-uban ta, sige approach problema sa ako.

(TRANSLATION: That’s what I like about him. When he informed me that he shall be becoming a member of me, I didn’t have a problem with it.)



Another one, unahon ko lang kanang mo-criticize gyud nako, JV Ejercito. [applause] Dili man mi kauba’g partido. We do not belong to the same events pero karon ingon siya nga… Kay Inday, hangyo siya kang Inday nga  mag-uban sila.

(TRANSLATION: Another one, I will endorse first those who actually criticize me, JV Ejercito.  We do not belong in the identical events however he stated… He asked Inday Inday if they might be a part of us.)



Ingon ni Inday — ingon ko oo, approach problema. Basta sa serbisyo maayo ka — unsa man puy ako? What do I anticipate from him? Presidente na gud ko. Bakit pipigain ko pa ‘yung mga tao na marunong talaga rin?



(TRANSLATION: Inday stated — I stated sure, no drawback. Just as long as your service is sweet.  What is going to I get from this? What do I anticipate from him? I’m already president. Bakit pipigain ko pa ‘yung mga tao na marunong talaga rin?)



In case you are criticized and they are on the appropriate aspect, why must be you — why must be — why do you have to be offended?



‘Di man pud imo ang gobyerno? Not your personal stakes and so I like individuals nahibaw sila og asa sila nakatayo sa buhay na ito, and that is essential.

(TRANSLATION: You don’t personal government. It’s not your personal stakes and so I like people who know their place in this world and that is very important.)



Anong tawag niyan? Prinsipyo. Bilib ako sa mga tao na might prinsipyo. [applause] Pagkahuman unya —[Hain ra ba ‘tong y***?]



(TRANSLATION: What do you name that? Prinsipyo. I salute individuals who have principle. And then… The place is the…?)



Tan-awa ni iyang achievements ha. I’m speaking about Tolentino. [applause] Napaunlad ang Tagaytay Metropolis bilang city mayor. Tinuod na. Pareho mi ga-motor eh. Nagka amigo mi ani tungod sa motor, kanang saka-saka didto sa… Nagka amigo mi, suroy mi’g Luzon motor lang.

(TRANSLATION: Take a look at his achievements. I’m talking about Tolentino. Napaunlad ang Tagaytay Metropolis bilang mayor. That’s true. We’re each motorbike riders. We turned associates because of it. We roamed Luzon with simply our motorbike.)


Naging  Presidente, City Mayors League of the Philippines. Former Metro Manila Improvement Authority Chairman. Kinsa might ikumparar nimo diri? Roxas, si Bam, Alejano, Hilbay, Tañada, Macalintal?


(TRANSLATION: He was president of the Metropolis Mayors League of the Philippines. He was the former Metro Manila Improvement Authority Chairman. Who will you examine him with? Roxas, Bam, Alejano, Hilbay, Tañada, Macalintal?)


Former political adviser to the President, sa akin. Passed the Philippine Bar and New York State Bar exams. P**** i**. Ako siguro basig sa Hawaii di ko kaabot. Bilib ko. Master of Legal guidelines, University of London specializing in worldwide regulation. So kaya niya ‘yang mga Spratley’s-Spratley’s. Siya nalay kuan diha. With benefit, two honors.

(TRANSLATION: He was the former political adviser to the president — mine. He passed the Philippine Bar and New York State Bar exams. P**** i**. I don’t assume I’ll ever attain even just Hawaii. Grasp of Laws, College of London specializing in worldwide regulation. So he can cope with the Spratley’s-Spratley’s. Let him be the one to take cost of that. With benefit, two honors.)


Took his physician of judicial science studies at Tulane Regulation Faculty in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, environmental regulation. Holds the rank of brigadier common reserve, Philippine Military graduate sa nationwide protection school. Pareho silang Inday. Si Inday colonel — common na. Approach hibaw-i. Ako basig tansan wa gyuy medalya (He’s like Inday. Inday is now a colonel — ageneral. But I don’t know something. I don’t also have a single medal)


He studied on the Army School of South Carolina. Writer of a number of books on public service. Hassle-shooter nako sa disaster sa Albay ug ang atong bagyo sa Ogpong — Ompong (He’s my trouble-shooter during occasions of crisis identical to in Albay and the Hurricane Ompong.)


Karon, unsaon nako? (Now, how will I say this?) Mar Roxas, can he compete with the man? Bam Aquino? Did he ever scramble to seize a credit which is not his? Gary Alejano. Nag-rebelde. Tañada ga samok-samok (was being annoying). Macalintal, soldier of fortune. Chel Diokno.

Francis Tolentino. [applause] Bilib ko. Ako diha sa Candelaria 75. Pag-abot sa Davao 75 lang gihapon. Basta pari lagi. Pari man nang Candelaria. Pag-abot sa Ateneo 75. Pag-abot sa San Beda, 75 lang gihapon. Pero tan-awa ning dumadagan sa ako. Kana si Dominguez kababata ko na. Silingan mi diha sa Matina. Kindergarten to highschool valedictorian. Graduate na Summa cum laude overseas.

(TRANSLATION: Francis Tolentino. I like him. In Candelaria I solely had 75. Once I arrived in Davao, I nonetheless had just 75. Basta pari. Candelaria was run by clergymen. In Ateneo I had 75. In San Beda, it was still 75. But take a look at those that comes operating to answer my command. Dominguez is a childhood pal. We have been neighbors in Matina. From kindergarten to highschool, he was valedictorian. He graduated summa cum laude overseas.)


Tugade, kanang pabuhaton nimo sa imong pier, mao nay among valedictorian sa amongst class ’72 sa San Beda. Si Lorenzana, Protection, valedictorian. PMAer na. Pulos na sila tigas diha. Cum laude si Department of Trade. Tigas na. Cum laude. Piñol basig ana lang na. Linti nga hangin na nga haros-haros. Ara mo crosswind dito, doon. Ana lang na.

(TRANSLATION: Tugade, the one who will construct the pier, was our valedictorian in school ’72 in San Beda. Si Lorenzana, Protection, valedictorian. He’s a PMAer. They are all robust. Department of Commerce was cum laude. He’s  a troublesome one. And Piñol also, even if he’s identical to that. He has a variety of air in his head.)


Ingon siya (He stated,) “Mr. President.” Diba sa kuan man na kanang sa radio, kanang boxing? Gwapo bitaw siya’g tingog. (You understand how they speak in the radio or throughout a boxing recreation? He has a nice voice.) “Mr. President, I assure you that during my term, the Philippines, at the end of this year, will be rice-sufficient and I believe that we may become even a net exporter of rice.” Ah tigasa uy. Tikal gid sang Ilonggo. [laughter] Pag-abot sa tuig, wala gyud. (He seemed so robust. The Ilonggo was mendacity. After a yr, there was nothing.) [laughter]



Nakaadto na mo’g Davao ‘no? Kasakay namo’g eroplano? Diba sa pre-departure might ara diha na mga buta. Te gi-allow na sang gobyerno mag-masahe sa mga pasahero gahulat sang biyahe nila. Di usa ka adlaw adto ko sa airport kay mulupad. I used to be informed sa desk na, “Mayor, ga-suspended man ang ano. Unyang hapon pa, ala una.” Nakakaadto mi ngadto kay 11 o’clock subong ang flight.

(TRANSLATION: You’ve been to Davao, haven’t you? You’ve been on an airplane? In the pre-departure area, there are blind masseurs there. They have been allowed by the government to offer massage providers to people who find themselves waiting for his or her flight. In the future I used to be on the airport for my flight. At the desk I used to be advised, “Mayor, your flight has been suspended to this afternoon at one.”)


Sabi ko, “Sige, matulog na lang ako. Magpamasahe ako.” Te ga abot ni si Piñol. Ana ko, “Gov.” Governor siya sa North Cotabato. “Sin-o na? Mayor?” “Oo.” “Way ka ngari?” “Te ingnan ko nga ala una pa, ari nalang ko maghuwat kay layo sang Cotabato magbalik pa ko.” “O sige, diha, lingkod diha, pamasahe ta.”


(TRANSLATION: Sabi ko, “Sige, matulog na lang ako. Magpamasahe ako.” Then Piñol arrived. I stated, “Gov.” He was a governor in North Cotabato. “Who are you? Is that you, mayor?” “Oo.” “What are you doing here?” “I was told that my flight  was moved to one p.m. later. I can’t go back to Cotabato so I’ll just stay here instead.” “Okay, just sit there. Let’s get a massage.”)


So masahe na. Ingon tong masahista, “Sir, Ilonggo gyud kang tunay?” Ingon siya, “Oo, te sa hinaway nga Iloilo.” “Sir, pero may problema ta, sir. Mao gyud ni…” “Te ngano?” “Te, sir, may problema ka.” “Te ngano? Sulti mo sa akon kung anong problema ko.” “Abaw linti nga ang ulo mo sir damo snag hangin.” [laughter] Ay mo’g saba aning Piñol ha. Kani si Piñol y***. Damo sang hangin eh.

(TRANSLATION: So we have been being massaged. The masseur stated, “Sir, are you a pure Ilonggo?” “Oo, I am Ilonggo.” “Sir, pero may problema ta, sir.” “Why?” “Sir, may problema ka.” “Why? Tell me what the problem is.” “Your head is full of air.” Don’t inform Piñol about this okay. He’s head is filled with air eh.)


Pagkahuman, Bong Go. [applause] Kani ba si Bong Go. Kani man gung taga-Manila, abi nila ni si Bong Go og kana bitawng trabahante sa akong opisina unya akong gihimong aide, tigkarga’g kuan bag, ana. Dili ni.

(TRANSLATION: Next is Bong Go. Individuals in Manila assume that Bong Go is only a simple worker in my office that I employed as my aide. Somebody who carries luggage and other stuff. But he’s removed from that.)


Kani si Bong Go og muadto ka’g Davao, ang likod anang — Davao City — likod anang UM, naay printing press nga dako diha nga nikaon halos katunga na sa dalan, Bolton.

(TRANSLATION: In case you go to Davao Metropolis, there is a printing press behind UM. It occupies almost half a block there in Bolton.)


Iya, sa ilang lolo na. Batangueño ni si Bong Go. Tesoro. Kaning barong. Batangueño ni na niadto’g Davao, nilangyaw pud. Pero kani si Bong, mga tiyo ani’g tiya, halos kadaghanan sa iyang igso — tiyo ay mason. Anak ni’g mason.

(TRANSLATION: They own that. His grandfather owns that. Bong Go is a Batangueño. A Tesoro, the maker of barongs. He’s a Batangueño and he went to Davao. Most of his aunts and uncles are masons. He’s the son of a mason.)


Kaning bataa ni dili gyud ni ingong pantrabaho gobyerno. Graduate ni’g La Salle. Ang akong safety mismo tinyente  nga akong aide. Usa ka gabii, kay maihilig man na sila’g basketball, kani si dela Rosa ug kani si Bong ug kaong aide ug ang anak ni Bong, anak niya ni atong namatay, dula sila’g basketball.

(TRANSLATION: This child isn’t meant for just easy government work. He graduated from La Salle. My security, a lieutenant, was my aide. One night time — they like enjoying basketball. Dela Rosa, my aide, Bong, Bong’s son, and the son of my aide. One night time they have been enjoying basketball.)




Pagpasa ni dela Rosa sa bola, pagsalo ni Jimboy, tong akong aide nga PC, tumba, namatay. So nagkabuang na ko karon kay di gud ko anad na ako ang — ana, ako mismo. Naanad na man ko’g tudlo-tudlo, “Sige, ikay buhat ani.”


(TRANSLATION: When dela Rosa handed the ball, Jimboy which was my aide, a PC, fell and died. So I used to be at a loss at what to do because I wasn’t used to doing issues myself. I had grown used to having someone assist me. “Do this.”)


Siya might naa. Ana ko, “Bong, dad-a sa hospital.” Pero hibaw ko patay na. Dad-a lang sa hospital  for confirmation. So siya na, siya na’y nag-areglo.

(TRANSLATION: But he was the one who was there. “Bong, bring him to the hospital.” I knew that he was already lifeless, however I needed him to be delivered to the hospital for affirmation. So he was the one who made the required arrangements.)


Barkada lang gani na sila. Kana sila. Niingon ni siya nga, “Mayor, kung wala ka pay makuha dayon, ako na lay mu-aide nimo.” Ana ko, “O sige, ikaw.” Amigo man nako ang tatay ani. Amigo pud nako ang lolo ani.

(TRANSLATION: They have been buddies. He stated, “Mayor, if you haven’t yet hired someone new, I volunteer myself as your aide for the meantime.” I stated, “O sige, ikaw.” His father and grandfather are my buddies.)



Ang lolo niani, gipatay sa NPA diha sa golf course sa Davao. Likod sa sabungan sa Davao. Gibaril siya. Sa golf gud. Giagihan la’g NPA. Gibanatan. Mao nang nahibaw ko ang sentimento ani.

(TRANSLATION: His grandfather was killed by an NPA in a golf course in Davao. It’s behind  cockfighting ring in Davao. He was shot lifeless there at the golf area. The NPAs just happened to cross by they usually shot him. That’s the reason I know his sentiment.)




Bilib ko ani niya. Ang dato ani, iyang amahan. Chinese language eh. Dakong kalubihan sa Lupon. Dili gani pangtrabaho ingon nimong aide-aide nga ano. Wa ni maglisod. Mao nang ni…




(TRANSLATION: I like him. His father is wealthy. He’s a Chinese.  They own a large coconut plantation in Lupon. He’s not just a mere worker, a mere aide. They’re not poor.)



Abi pud sa mga tao, gibiay-biay na na nila ni Trillanes. Abi nila ni’g anak lang og kanang — mao lagi, kanang sa opisina. Unya imong himuong aide unya himuong — himuon daw nakong senador.

(TRANSLATION: The individuals thought Trillanes might simply ridicule him. They thought that he’s the son of a mere — that he’s simply an abnormal employee that I hired as my aide and now I would like him to run for senator.)



Mao ning — kani bang judgmental ka, Hinay-hinay lang man na kay kini imong giatbang, mas daghan ni’g kwarta kesa imo. Mao ning tinuod aning Bong.

(TRANSLATION: That’s the reason — you’re being judgmental. You must decelerate as a result of the individual you’re dealing with has much more cash than you do. That’s the truth about Bong.)



Kini si Dela Rosa. Dela Rosa is [applause] a soldier. PMAer ni. Mga NPA, retired na ni ha. ‘Pag ikaw mu-retire ka pagka-NPA, wala na tay hilabtanay. Akong pulis ug army og retired na, ayaw pud ninyo hilabti.

(TRANSLATION: That is Dela Rosa. Dela Rosa is a soldier. He’s a PMAer. To the NPAs, he’s already retired. Should you retire as NPA, we’ll not harm contact you. If my police and army  retire, don’t harm them as properly.)



Wa man ko manghilabot gyud og NPA nga ni-retire nga akong gisamok-samok. Di man pud ko musugot og ingon ana. Retire, retire. Wala na eh. Di na sa lively obligation.

(TRANSLATION: But I never actually harmed NPAs who have already retired. I gained’t permit that either. Retire, retire. Wala na eh because they’re not lively of their obligation.)



Kani si Bato, niabot ni, kakagraduate lang sa PMA eh. Na-assign og Davao. Unya naminyo ni didto og Davaoeña, ako’y ninong. Fiscal pa ko. So kung fiscal ko, ako ma’y ilang paboritong dad-ananan og kanang mga kriminal nga kuwan. Kanang mga kidnapping, basta kanang mga ingon anang kaso, diri gyud na sa ako.

(TRANSLATION: When Bato got here here, he had  simply graduated from PMA. He was assigned in Davao.  Then he married a Davaoeña. I used to be  a principal sponsor. I was still a fiscal again then. I used to be their favourite, they appreciated sending me criminals. For kidnapping instances and the like, they all the time introduced that to me.)



Maila-ila nako ni si Bato. Bato is basically trustworthy. Kay kaning mga pulis, naanad ni’g dawat. Dili pud pangayo. Mao ni akong gibawal gyud nila. Ang tanang chief of police or city police director naagi sa akong siyudad puro tarong hangtod karon.

(TRANSLATION: I know Bato very nicely. Bato is basically trustworthy. The police are used to receiving presents. However they don’t ask for cost. That’s something that I have restricted them from doing. All of the chief of police or city police director who have been assigned in my city are good men even till now.)



Puro naa sa gobyerno. Sa BID, si Colonel Morente. Niagi na pagka chief of police sa ako. Tarong na nga tawo. Si Cuy, undersecretary sa DILG for police matters. Chief of police nako na. Tarong na nga tawo. Si Bato, ambot unya si PDEA hapit na ta.


(TRANSLATION: All of them work in the authorities. In BID, si Colonel Morente. He was my former chief of police. He’s a superb man. Cuy, the undersecretary sa DILG for police matters. He was my chief of police. He’s a very good man. Then there’s Bato, and then PDEA.)



Pero kani sila, mao ning mga tao nako nga gisaligan nako. Usa ra ka kabutang kay tarong. Kay di lang pud ko manghambog kay ikaw bag-o kang chief of police maassign sa Davao, magsabot ta nga ang kaning ato, di ko gusto’g corruption. Di ko gusto mangayo anang mga Intsik, mga sugal ganun.


(TRANSLATION: But these are the individuals whom I belief. I’m not bragging about it. However when a new chief of police is assigned in Davao, I might tell him, “Let’s have an agreement. I don’t want corruption. I don’t want you to extort from the Chinese and in gambling places.”)




Pero ingnan taka. Magsabot ta kay di ta magkasinabot, magpinusilay gyud ta. Mamili ka lang. Wa man gyuy laing tungnan ani nga magsige ka’g kiat diha. Di man pud gyud ko musugot. So mao na diha. Tinarong gyud na.


(TRANSLATION: “But I am telling you. We have to have an agreement now because and if we don’t agree with each other, we would shoot at each other instead. Just choose one. You wouldn’t serve any purpose for me if you would just  fool around. I won’t allow it.” In order that’s why. And I meant what I stated.)




Kani si Bato, nakipag-away ni sa atong bayan. A soldier who commits his life. Maski unsa na la’y mahitabo basta sa serbisyo. Mao ning pinangga nako ning mga pulis ug militar. Sa madugayng panahon, ako ra’y Presidente nga nakapadoble sa ilang sweldo. [applause]


(TRANSLATION: Bato fought for our nation. A soldier who commits his life. He would do anything within the performance of his obligation.  That is why I really like my police and army. I was the only President who doubled their salaries.)



Ngano man? Ngano man? Mao ra ni sila Bato ingnon nako, “P***** i**, diretso ka diha sa likod. Naa ang impiyerno diha. Lukso diha ug pakamatay ka. Awaya tanan.” Di na ingong muingo’g dili.


(TRANSLATION: Why? Because if I inform them, “P***** i** go straight to the back. Hell is there. Jump and kill yourself. Fight with everyone,” Bato and the others will be the only ones who won’t say no.)




Kining mga sundalo, mga pulis, suguon nimo na diha. Kung naay magtalaw-talaw, ang position diha barilon ka eh. Pag-ingong abante, abante ka gyud. Mao nang maningkamot ka. Mao ning pagkatinuod nganong gidoble nako. Kay mao ra ning mga tawhana anytime ingon nimo “Magpakamatay na mo, panahon na.”




(TRANSLATION: When you give orders to the soldiers and police and someone is being cowardly, you’ll be shot. In case you are informed to go ahead, you must go ahead. That is why you must work exhausting. That’s the actual purpose why I doubled their salaries, as a result of these are the one guys whom you’ll be able to order anytime to kill even their very own selves.)



Tan-awa tong sa Mamasapano. Nagtuo ba ‘to nga di na sila kabalik? Katonto aning Roxas oi. Wala man gyuy usa ka helicopter, o uso ka buto lang, o usa — duha ka sundalo gipasulod. Gipasulod pagpanguha na sa patayng lawas.

(TRANSLATION: Take a look at what happened in Mamasapano. Did they even think about that the troops wouldn’t have the ability to return residence? Roxas is such a fool. They didn’t ship a helicopter or even a single gunshot, not even one or two soldiers for help. They solely sent the troopers there to retrieve the lifeless bodies.)



Unsang klaseng sabota to ni Roxas, Aquino, ug Purisima? Mao na ako’y gustong mangutana diha. Unya ko mohawa, maluoy ang Ginoo, ilabas nako og unsa gani nahitabo ani. Ngano? Nganong nahitabo ni?



(TRANSLATION: What kind of transaction was made by Roxas, Aquino, and Purisima? I actually want to ask them that. Earlier than I step down, with God’s grace, I’ll reveal what actually occurred and why. Why did it occur?)



Kani ba si — congressman man ni ron, Mangudadatu. Ikomparar nako ha. Roxas. Pila ka kinabuhi na nalibre kay Roxas? Means nalibre si Roxas. Gibahog niya ang akong pulis nga 44.


(TRANSLATION: Mangudadatu is a congressman now. I will examine him with Roxas. How many lives did Roxas save? He didn’t save anyone. He despatched 44 of my policemen to their deaths.)




Aquino. Pagkamatay ni… Alejano, wa man gani kakita’g giyera aning buang ni. Tañada, Macalintal, Diokno. Ano ang naibigay nila sa bayan para ang Pilipino mabuhay? Usa diha ka grupo sa Cotabato, Maguindanao, ang mga Mangudadatu. [applause]


(TRANSLATION: Aquino. When he died… Alejano hasn’t even been to an actual warfare. Tañada, Macalintal, Diokno. Ano ang naibigay nila sa bayan para ang Pilipino mabuhay? Mangudadatu belongs to a clan in Cotabato, Maguindanao. Ang mga Mangudadatu.)


Baw-a ninyo daghan man na. Dose man na kabuok. Ihatag na lang na sa usa ka Muslim nga nakatabang sa atong nasod. [applause] Kay kaning mga Mangudadatu, in contrast to aning other tribo… Nga iya ganing sister-in-law giihaw, babae pa.


(TRANSLATION: It is best to know that there are numerous tribes there. Twelve to be actual. You must give this to a Muslim who will help our nation, because the Mangudadatu, in contrast to different tribes… His sister-in-law was killed.)



The Mangudadatus, wa gyud ni. They never took arms towards the government or occupied a place immediately confrontational sa gobyerno. They by no means did. Sila pa’y taga-hilot. Pila ka beses nga na-RPOC chairman ako — Regional Peace and Order Council.


(TRANSLATION: The Mangudadatus never took arms towards the

government or occupied a position immediately confrontational with the federal government. They by no means did. They’re truly the ones who would mediate. How many occasions was he elected because the RPOC chairman? Regional Peace and Order Council.)gii



Usahay naay spill over, muadto ko sa Cotabato, ingnon nako’g “Pare, punggi nang inyong mga MI or MN kay gamayng bikil na lang ‘yan.” So kapila ka beses na nga napakalma namo nga means patay, wa’y pinulsilay, ila na nang ginamasahe ilang mga tao. Mga kapwa nila Moro eh.


(TRANSLATION: Typically there are spill overs. I might go to Cotabato and say, “Pare, please help us stop the MI or MN because it’s just a small issue.” In order that they have, for a lot of occasions, helped individuals settle down. They prevented preventing and gunfight from occurring. They all the time try to appease individuals, their fellow Moro.)



Mao ni akong nagustuhan sa ila. Unya gibuhat nila na kada naay gubot sa Cotabato. Muingon ka la’g pila ka kinabuhi ang ilang nalibre sa mga Mangudadatu nga pamilya. Muingon ka’g thousand — 5,000 naa.


(TRANSLATION: That’s what I like about them. They do that every time there’s conflict in Cotabato. You’ll be able to say that the Mangudadatu clan alone has saved perhaps round 5,000 lives by now.)




Had it not for his or her cooperation with the government, things might have been more worse up to now sa tinuod lang (to be trustworthy). Mutuo mo, maayo. Og dili… Pero mas daghan ni’g nalibre nga kinabuhi kesa aning mga Macalintal, si… (For those who consider me, good. For those who don’t… They’ve saved more lives than Macalintal)




‘Yan Roxas, gibahog gyud niya ang p***** i**** pulis. Tsk. Ako kay Aquino? Kay iya kong ginakuha niadto, ingnon gyud nako siya (Roxas  led my policemen to their deaths. If I have been Aquino, or if he had appointed me back then,  I might tell him,) “Mr. President…” Siguro I’d be additional courteous. “Mr. President, if I may, hindi ko kaya ‘yang ipinapagawa mo sa akin. And if you think na there’s a penalty for being timid, pero hindi man ako timid but I would not allow…”




Mao nang kaning sa China, sila man ang — sila man ang arbiter, ilang gipaatras ang Pilipinas. Unya gipaatras nila, wa muatras ang China. Mao nang ginaingon ni Faeldon. After Trillanes took to them there, we misplaced the Scarborough Shoal.

(TRANSLATION: That is why with China, they have been the arbiter, they made the Philippines retreat. But once they requested China to retreat, China refused.  That’s what Faeldon is talking about.  After Trillanes took them there, we misplaced the Scarborough Shoal.)



Scarborough Shoal. Wala pa ko. Di pa ko Presidente ana. Nakaso na man ‘to. Karon muingon siya naay judgment.

(TRANSLATION: Scarborough Shoal. I wasn’t President yet when instances have been filed concerning the Scarborough Shoal. And now he’ll say that there’s a judgment already.)



Kinsa ma’y mo-enforce karon? Wa ma’y international sheriff, mga atypical decide nga… Ang Amerika? O ‘di mauna siya, mosunod ko niya. Pero’g ako’y mauna, hurot akong sundalo’g pulis. Magbilin ko’g mga biyuda og p***** i** kabuang sila. Hurot na.

(TRANSLATION: Who will implement it? There isn’t any worldwide sheriff, atypical judges who are… Is it America? They should go first and I’ll comply with. But if I would be the first to go, all my soldiers and policemen will  die. I’ll  be leaving widows. They have to be crazy. There gained’t be any of them left.)


Mao na’y nakadaot anang opposition. Kung motuo mo sa akong isplikasyon maayo, og dili, man… Pero og ingnan ta mo, unsa ma’y akong — unsa ma’y akong gukdon? Daw, unsa might akong gukdon? Dagan pagka unsa man? Barangay captain usab?


(TRANSLATION: That’s the problem with the opposition. When you consider my rationalization, good. Should you don’t… What’s there for me to chase after? Run as what? A barangay captain?)



Inday? Ingon nako Inday ayaw’g dagan. Magmahay ka gyud. Ako wa ko magmahay, ‘di ko andam nga mo-admitar nga ang inyong boto akong gisayangan. Pero sabi ko had it been, it will have been inappropriate for me to determine to run.


(TRANSLATION: Inday? I advised her, “Inday, don’t run. You will really regret it.”   I don’t remorse it, I’m not ready to admit that I wasted your vote. Pero sabi ko had it been, it will have been inappropriate for me to determine to run.



Ana na lang ako ano. Kapoy ko, sige ko’g sulbad. Unsa — kamong mga — kamong mga mag-uuma, unsa ma’y gisaad nako ninyo — campaign? Pila ra man? Sa mag-uuma, akong tantangon ang irrigation charge. Gibuhat ko na. Wa na ma’y irrigaton charge, wan na man mo magbayad.



(TRANSLATION: That’s my sentiment. I’m uninterested in fixing issues. For the farmers, what did I promise you through the marketing campaign? How many guarantees did I make? I promised to  remove the irrigation payment. I already did that. There isn’t any irrigation charge now.  You aren’t paying for irrigation anymore.)



Giingnan ta mo nga — giilog man pud ni Bam kay ma apil man pu d sila sa balaod. Maldito pud bataa. Giingnan ta mo wala na’y deposito, dili kabalibad ang hospital nga motambal. Free universal care, gibuhat na nako, naa na. [applause]



(TRANSLATION: I already advised you that…  Bam once more took the credit score for that as a result of they have been included in  the regulation. He’s a naughty kid. Then I advised you that deposits on the hospital will not be wanted. The hospital can’t refuse to treat you. Free common care, I already did that. It’s right here.)



Giingnan ta mo akong paninguhaon og naa pa’y kwartang mabilin nga taong ikalabay ani, universal ang studying, libre na ang tuition sa eskwelahan. Gibuhat na nako. [applause] Unsa pa ba’y inyong gusto taga Cabadbaran?



(TRANSLATION: I informed you that I will attempt my greatest if there’s nonetheless money left — studying is common —  to make the schooling charges in class free. I already did that. Tuition is now free.  What more do you want, individuals of Cabadbaran?)



Gusto ninyo kong magpakasal para mamatay ko. Kamo’y hangyo didto sa kuwan. Og mohangyo pa ko nga akong pakaslan si — inyo na kong patyon ana. Binuang na na. Pero lami nga binuang, lami nga kamatayon na. [cheers]



(TRANSLATION: Do you want me to marry so I might die? Then go plead with the…  If I ask to marry — you will kill me. That’s crazy. However that’s a very good joke and a pleasurable dying.)



Hmm, bigaon. So mao na akong ikabilin ninyo. Karon kanang regulation and order, kanang droga, purbida Ginoo. Pirme man ko kabasa ngari. Hasta pulis ninyo, kamo mga pulis ingnan ta mo ha? P***** i** ayaw gyud mo’g kasayop, maabtan ta gyud mo.


(TRANSLATION: What a flirt. In order that’s the message that I can depart you. Now, regulation and order, medicine, my God. I all the time learn stuff like this. Even your policemen. The police, I am telling you now. P**** i** don’t ever make a mistake as a result of I will really catch you.)



Kasabot mo? Patyon ta mo. Patay gani si Parojinog, ikaw pa? Now because lisod. Magazine-away ta, ayaw nang akong nasud nga naka-pusta. ‘Pag ang bayan ko na ang naka-pusta, ah p***** i** magwala gyud ko. Pero kung sayop-sayop lang na ginagmay — duha imong asawa…



(TRANSLATION: Do you understand? I will kill you. Even Parojinog was killed.  How rather more with you? That shall be onerous. Struggle with me, however don’t put our nation at stake because  that may make me very, very indignant. But if it’s just minor errors like having two wives for example…)



Kani si governor kuwan duhay asawa, unya si ana, wala na sa ako, kay ako duha man puy akong asawa. Og mosugot siya ikatulo. Hay manguli nata, utro ka pud diha. So mao na. Ang akong ikabilin is I’m a government worker, number one.

(TRANSLATION: The governor has two wives. It’s no massive deal for me as a result of I’ve two wives as nicely, and three if she permits me to have a third one. Hay, let’s go house. So that’s it. I am a authorities worker, primary.)



Panagsa ra mo kita mogamit kog pangalan presidente, solely to emphasise and to make it clear para masabtan ko ninyo. However doon sa mga akong interview, I only use the phrase “office”. Unya ang ilang tawag nako, “mayor”.


(TRANSLATION: Seldom will you ever hear me use the word president. I exploit it solely  to emphasize and to make it clear so that you’d perceive. But in my interviews, I solely use the word office they usually name me mayor.)



Unya kay daghan na man kaayog mayor, daghan man tawag mayor — kay tawagon ko nimo’g presidente dili taka lingion. Here comes the president, Mr. President, labyan ta gyud ka. Labyan ta ka. Karon kay daghan na mang mayor, tawga nalang ko ninyo’g — ‘di man ko’g barangay captain kay daghan na-involve sa drogang y***.

(TRANSLATION: But there are  a whole lot of mayors, which suggests many are being referred to as mayor. However when you call me president I can’t reply. “Here comes the President; Mr. President.” I’ll simply cross by you. But as a result of there are various mayors, you’ll be able to simply call me — I don’t need to be referred to as barangay captain as a result of lots of them are concerned in medicine.)



Kuwan na lang, Kapatas. O Kap — Kapatas. Tawga na lang ko ninyo’g Kapatas. (You’ll be able to name me Kapatas. Sure,  simply call me Kapatas) Basta I’m an worker of the federal government and I work, one to guard the individuals, second is to protect this nation.

Daghang salamat ug maayong gabii kaninyong tanan. [applause]



(TRANSLATION: Thanks very a lot and good night to you all.)



[President Duterte goes back to the podium]


Inday ako una, nakalimot kog acknowledge ni-a diay sa ato ni si — she joined us nahibaw ko nga she’s coming at present, si nanay ni Koko Pimentel. Si Ma’am Lourdes, [applause] nianhe gyud. [Ma’am, pasayloa ko kay nawala ka man gud nga tupad ta man ka.]


(TRANSLATION: Inday, let me speak first. I forgot to acknowledge that right here with us at the moment is — she joined us. I knew that she can be coming immediately, the mom of Koko Pimentel, ma’am Lourdes. She really got here. Ma’am, forgive me, however you disappeared although earlier we have been just sitting next to each other.)


— END —




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