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TRANSPORT. Philippine community in Singapore. April 28, 2018

(Comment by MindaNews: This is President Rodrigo Duterte's & # 39; s speech, revealed by the Presidential Office of the President's Communications Office

Presidential Communications Workplace
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[Delivered at Event Hall, [email protected] 1 Venture Avenue, Singapore | 28 April 2018]

Please sit again and thanks in your compliments.

I solely mention names as a result of they are with me. Philippine Overseas Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano and his good wife, Mayor of Lani Taguig [applause]; Secretary for Labor and Employment Silvestre Bello. Isabela & # 39;, Isabela [applause]; Secretary for Trade and Business Ramon Lopez [applause]; Nationwide Safety Adviser Hermogenes Esperon, Pangasinan [applause]; Secretary Bong Go [applause]; Communications Secretary Jose Ruperto Martin Andanar [applause]; presidential spokesman Harry Roque [applause]; Presidential Lawyer Basic Salvador Panelo [applause] What are her garments? [laughter] Don't hate, Sal, ha. Simply ask. I noticed the newly-registered denims now. [laughter]

Here we are with the congressional Mavadadatu. Perhaps drive to the senator don't overlook. [applause] One of the leaders of Moron who’ve wisdom and clever men. [applause] This is my favorite, Senator Joseph Victor "JV" Eercercito [applause]; Ambassador Yap … [applause]

I’ve one thing to say to you. Good news and dangerous information. We really keep away from the effort of life, however typically we will't stop it, but I'll speak about it later.

Here we are in a excellent news. We labored exhausting to restore the town.

Keep in mind that in the course of the campaign I only multiplied 4. Even in the course of the presidential election, I was very careful that the message I received so precisely because of the time restrict.

Now, what I stated was just that. "The one thing I can do instantly, and this is what I'm doing until now, I began and I do all of it these months that I have been the president.

To begin with, I stated, break it off vomit and corruption [applause] Change and I've shot with the folks that I used to be the mayor of Davao and along the best way eh **** -… l ** **

They thought the whole time that I used to be not likely critical So the final one, he’s työsihteeri Prepare, tell

Have you learnt it is true, that is the rule in the present day.I say to them, all the dangerous guys and you, don't move this little man because of nervousness [applause] no vital confederation, congressmen, mayor, governor or police or So if you got here in and the swallows and also you noticed it was 23 years previous, I was in Davao.

So Davao drew me in. And what I say now’s Davao. So what if we do not understand it, we won’t separate ourselves. Also, people who find themselves close to me, the guy who helped me through the campaign

I am unhappy, harm me, but you understand that the higher interest of the individuals have to be a priority. [applause] So I stated, don't move it because it's not an issue. If it's time to succeed in me then it's

When it's 8888, it's a hotline. Simply say, if you don’t want to say, inform the individual elected: "This is the Juan dela Cruz, I returned to the office to get a permit or study, and I'm back and I still have not been there", so it got here to move labor secretary.

And he freed him as an indication. I don't need to be ashamed anymore.

Say's drawback is he loses the misinform the general public when he asked why he resigned. And we stated we didn't understand the endo formulation. He was not a part of it.

So I stated to him: "You better tell the truth, make a correction or else I leave the complainant's recruiter's statement to work that goes away."

I stated, "You sign a testimony in my presence and I take care of the man."

So when the testimony came out, I referred to as it immediately, say, no, Bebot, his boss. I referred to as, "don't wait, tell me to leave your job."

I'm so. So now my order is: "If not, I stated to you that baggage and luggage didn't come house. [cheers and applause]

You see, in case you have a bomb, when you have one thing, explosive, can by no means get out of Singapore. [applause] Singapore is 10 occasions tighter

So America and all over the place individuals are frightened about safety. But we opened the bag. "So no one bothers there.

So I stated, and when it comes," when you carry your luggage from your luggage, you get there. "When it came to the conveyor, the screening was gone.

I stated it was gone. So it's illegal and I stated," When somebody breaks this, he stopped immediately. We don't have any stories yet. I don't need to speak. [applause]

You understand my tongue, I have loads of speeches for the day, utilizing it. [laughter and cheers] Eh kang hanggang Dila lang, eh & hindi hanggang Dila lang [laughter] I exploit probably the most time in my language. Don't give me hassle as a result of it was time to go house, his bag was broken, he was from Singapore he was from Singapore

She cried, she stated, "President Duterte, see the zipper."

All Airport Managers Clark, Subic. I stated p ***** i ** [applause] – it's okay to say that "you're indignant.

Eh was indignant, however I'll inform you that I’ve to say what … I stated, "That's another, you're all looking for another job." [applause]

MIASCOR is a victim, the employees are virtually 2,000. So I'm sorry. So I stated, I stroll with other handlers, and there's a cargo that takes them. However once I end, it's last. I’m sorry. [applause]

I stated this. Simply deal with your buddy. Now, "when it breaks this, plant flags, p ***** i ** [laughter]

You already know – Davaoians know me. [cheers] I stated," You're going to plant a bullet you want to plant **, eat it. "

And that’s ironic. What’s Tagalog iron? Iron. Others find it troublesome to refuse … Study to talk Tagalog, Bisaya is straightforward. [cheers and laughter]

Se it might be, in the event you take it, it gained't come out anymore. It really grows. Men, however – no bullet, abdomen. [laughter] You will have – a joke clogged – it's … Find out how to get out of what manure? Try to pressure it. [laughter]

So what are the little things we now have to do to guard … Don't wait to get me because it involves me, p * * – I'll inform you that we really have a problem.

So this is all I do for corruption, simply to be alone. I'll get again tomorrow, come again tomorrow and then next week, subsequent month

You understand, he's making an attempt six occasions. What is f *** *** i **** – why come again to the individual? [cheers]

There is only one cause for this. Try to cease it, give it to me. So these are my cabinet members, good, brilliant and shiny. [applause]

I informed them, board members, only one month. You're solely a month. Director, 15 days.

“Once I choose you, you will put together for a greater reply if we fail. I don't need to quarrel with you.

I really like you. I really like working with you and dealing with me, so I just don't want what I actually like.

I've been mayor for 23 years. The one thing I needed to kill was simply two in the course of the election: ladies, women, ladies. [laughter]

So I requested the doctor. [laughter] "Dock, why did I increase my heart?" [laughter] The physician stated, "Don't worry, because God really meant that your heart was good to get one or two more, three more love in your life." [applause and cheers]

its right here. Or rose up. Pwede na. Where are you? [laughter] Go residence, take it residence … [laughter] Are you married? Are you married? Any? Don't let my husband die. [laughter] What number of women are you on the lookout for …

That's it. I'll offer you an awesome coronary heart, right here it’s, or I'm actually expanded, I have expanded. The doctor stated, "There is no difference. It's pretty big. Maybe it's the way you can hold more love in your life."

So here you’re right in my heart. [cheers and applause] [crowd chants Duterte! Duterte!]

Do you consider it? [laughter]

Nicely, I do it, I stated there was no corruption. And the other stated, "This drug is it, exit. [cheers] The rule of my medicine is for those who destroy my nation, I'll kill you. That is hope. When you destroy my younger individuals, I'll kill you. [cheers]

however my police order, the soldier is: destroys the drug gadget or infrastructure. [cheers] And in relation to the destruction of organized crime, it may possibly imply the destruction of shabu laboratories and typically it leads to capturing.

So they are saying that lots of my time is lifeless. Why it is the first … I advised you ****. you understand why the police was afraid of the case and the second lazy.

and as I stated, I advised you that I used to be afraid the matter. I'm all for. I take full legal responsibility Solely customs. [applause]

Now, in case you torture the police, you go forward. Sorry, however … Police then … You understand the police "when you get it", the counterattack is towards it. Worry you

Once you say you’ve gotten a case, the day you’re accused or the defendant, you haven’t any job. You're paused, no food on the table, no youngsters lessons. So it's the worry of the police. There are more types, they are. Take an image of your spouse by dropping a automotive or strolling the market

The police actually stated, "Sir, this is my wife, I have a picture of my son." So the federal government is useless. There isn’t any change, as a result of the police are afraid one by one. You see a picture of a person, daughter or wife. It was like he was a personal opponent because he was a nasty man. So it's one other man.

So I stated that my time, who it’s, I'll maintain it. I stated to you, don’t destroy the earth, together with that which is true.

You already know right now's funeral in the Philippines. [laughter] They lack the client … [laughter]

This is the only method individuals perceive it. The Philippines are afraid of you. We now have over 1,500,000 drug addicts.

It occurs to me that this goes away – without mentioning any specific nation. They’re being misused. They only get two or three hours of sleep. They’re fed hogwash. What's more is that … And most of them in some nations endure from sexual abuse. I cannot converse, as a result of I am – it’s as follows. So then …

It's good right here as a result of Singapore is a high-civilized country. [applause]

It’s important because moral authority and Singapore are. I cannot actually say anything except that I’m a rich thanking Singapore and Singapore Underground proven fact that I allowed my husband to return right here and work. [applause]

“Others endure from it. To send cash, it’s stated that in his village there are them. He knows that money is cash. Really – till you hand over.

So a Filipino employee he suffers from forgiveness, abuses, and all the things simply earns cash to ship his house so that youngsters can go to high school.

You recognize what hurts me this manner. I didn't go to high school. I'm too arduous on the boy. "When this is a family," when it is all and much more troublesome they usually can do one thing … But that's why many youngsters don't need to go overseas. “When my father got here out, the family is already operating.

The family has a father. Mother got here out, the household is already operating. It hurts me to 2 couples – both couples exit and the youngsters stay with their grandparents or sister or brother. If this can be a youngster sufferer to mom and father, then take what happened, we know they know who it is. Ah, there's cash coming. Then … There I …

You get the worst for me. It actually comes out … I’ve a front door, but there's only Duterte behind me. [applause]

Right here's one thing to do with it, however it's behind Duterte, hold it there … The evil in me comes out. I stated no. Once I say no, no.

If it really works … I'll offer you a ton of shabu. Because shabu … Then you definitely say, "Why is Duterte killing him poor?" As a result of shabu is a product for the poor. Rich in cocaine. However cocaine comes from opium, a pure poppy. Is it torn? This shabu is a mix of chemical compounds. The water you employ is the water of the battery once you start.

So it comes to the mind or mind [laughter] which is g ***. And even the United Nations Drug Management or Management Commission, relying on what they say they produce unusual and insanity.

So kill a toddler, rape a toddler to six months of age. Climb in Bulacan, kill mother, kill her husband, kill 14-year-olds and kill a yr.

It is the human rights concerned. Is there one thing here? P *** I'm going to her. [cheers] Do you’ve something?

Have you learnt they only say 4000 died. And so? And what’s it? Look back in case you are not ***, how many raped youngsters, some families are lifeless at present, take their father … [applause] So where are the criminals dealt with? Effective

Go ahead. I don't care, even the president … I stated **** you, you go to hell. Why? Who gave you the moral authority …

We ask that … if I say that I’m a board precisely what I would like … We are state staff. Hassle to call me officials. We’ve to be an employee. Now you’re our boss. It’s true. Where are the salaries paid? Eh taxpayers. [applause] & # 39; The money you send out circulates. Bibili, you find yourself paying the tax.

Shopping for sugar is a tax. It goes to the federal government. Go to the oil, board.

So who pays? Are. I'm only a army or Barangay Captain or vendor, or an employee or safety guard or what to ask, why are you Filipino?

You’re a Filipino, you have got every right to hate me since you will not be proud of my job. I'm simply an worker.

However for those who say so many ruck that you simply say your nun, priest, speak about it, the insult is seen …

There’s someone who needs to get to the police station – you keep in mind TV standing Police wiped him. The police just shout the demonstration. No one can do something concerning the police. Simply let it down, just wading.

For those who're not a Filipino, p ****** i ** you, [cheers] don't f *** with me. [cheers] You haven’t any right.

You're not pulling, you're a tourist. Tell me what you mean. Why say? Perhaps you’re God, God? [applause]

I stated earlier that your God has no widespread sense. I’ve that God. I studied once. I passed the Ateneo. I’ve a regulation in San Beda. The place is Medialdea? Ah, that's it. It's a Puro-priest. But when you do not misuse your work – that – compassion with the poor, okay.

However in case you go to the police, you need to know who the federal government is. You wouldn’t have this proper. You behave.

Then there’s the rule that when you will have joined the protests, political races, you will have been expelled. Who's the order? I didn't delete it. My good friend is on the forefront of De Lima. [cheers and applause]

The question was subsequently asked by different parties. I stated, let's go. An enforcement order or vacationers should act in a approach that doesn’t contain them. They don't should exit, expel. Signed, De Lima. [cheers and applause]

I didn't cancel it. Let it’s there. Someday we will use it. [laughter] See you quietly. [laughter and cheers]

Now we are still dangerous. That's right, that's it. I went straight to him – he was. [laughter] The cargo cargo that belonged to the workplace came there. [laughter]

Here is a image of a video that smells like it. [laughter] On the ground, p ***** i **.

True. It’s the irony of life. In case you do positive. If we are dangerous now. So I have to say I gained't – I can’t cancel this order. It stands there. [applause]

So I forgot to have two pages of those individuals … [laughter] Ah Dong Mavadadatu is actually … Last … … I used to be in Maguindanao last week. I'll be there tonight. Margaux Uson. You Uson, if I'm not simply an employee … [laughter] I don't imply if I'm not simply staff till then.

So every part is basically … I don't have much power between local governments. My power underneath the management of local authorities – identical to a superior. But in the administration workforce, president, chief, member of the administration staff, army, police, military, I am. Supervision and management of

But these individuals have in government policy, and they’re elected, I'm just supervision.

So corruption is there, typically permissions … I used to be in massive, three days. I'm not cheering for this Indaya, in the future. "That day you go. What's so important to me, that's right for me." The town hall employee is walking now … You possibly can't rise up, push, spit, spit and so on. [laughter]

Instantly invite you. I was massive once I was on the TV in every office. The state of affairs was that you simply used it throughout a noon break. To ensure that them to observe the news, they keep up to date on the country's improvement.

When Inday was eliminated, every thing was given to the nurseries. [laughter] And then no one needs to work or pedicure. In terms of you, it's stated it's a nail. [laughter]

Inday didn't giggle, but I did. I stated you have been the sheriff he's crushed … Because he's been discharged with out time.

So … I'm making an attempt to regulate corruption. Right here at Customs, BIR, you don't have it … Right here you say, "Come, what do you want me to do?" "And there is paper that is yours." "P ***** i ** you, you're done i. Or else. Duterte says that when it comes to office, you don't have to … Don't …" I stated he stated once you come again, he says, "You are going to go." Take it as an employee. P ***** i ** you. [cheers]

Don't you … Mayor says. Don't name me a president as a result of my mouth and conduct are just nice.

So in Davao, like Davao Metropolis, we're in a rally, just launch it. What is my Tapani? You like, okay, no, endurance.

Corruption, medicine, I ask everyone. Opponent of presidency rebels. So Sison once got here to us. However we’re going to continue the negotiations. I gave a very small window. Simply so little, 60 days. Make or break us right here.

If we agree with peace, I stated I'll go house to Pili … Don't go there. Our conflict is what you need to seize my individuals. So go residence right here, I'm one and I assure you safety. You haven’t any worries.

I pay for the lodge, meals. Then the troopers put you in the camps. When you can't get me, I don't need to. No ceasefire, no one, nothing. I serve meals. As a result of in the event you come out of the camp, don't carry a gun.

Bebot is sort of prepared to be Dureza. You're Dureza, who doesn't come back, it seems like he's in the air in the Communist. Eh not look eh. They might have taken it. Eh di na lang.

So it's my thing. And in one other rebel MI, MN, Nur Misuari has all the time been patient with me. He stated: "It's okay, what the mayor said after BBL's conversation."

"BBL stated I'll let it go. Should you don't, you already know – I just warn you, the only cause I try to battle BBL is warfare in Mindanao.

The issue isn't simply MI, MN and Moro Because their aspirations are an space, Mindanao is aware of Islam in advance for nearly 70 years, I went to the archives in Malaysia, they began, but the Islamic missionaries truly settled, they have been 70 years before the arrival of Magellan [applause]

. and no less than you’re back to what you took in. We’ll conquer Spain, America and share as the Center East.

So they are really indignant, I know them as a result of my roots are Maranao, my grandmother is on the mother aspect. My grandfather is Chinese, mom. So I’ve nothing. I just need to know what's proper.

Because it doesn't break this MI, MN. The problem is, it's simply regional. 19 659002]

The issue is now ISIS. ISIS is mostly a faith. Very corrupt … Don't be indignant with you like Moro. We’ve nothing right here. It’s a corrupt and cruel ideology of killing and destroying.

If warfare and pure Muslims are, they are. So I Board of Directors, the enemy is your pal. It's a battlefield. If you enter that ISIS, it seems.

I know you’re simply telling me and telling my colleague Moro that they have very totally different interpretations in their faith. I didn't even hear that I was just a little boy with my grandmother and grandparents.

I'm going to have family members there – speak … I've by no means heard that he want to develop into a Muslim whenever you're not unimaginable and you need to kill. So if I stated that I have a problem.

Because of this, I agree … I am the mayor, then I agree … It's not proper.

So we are actually shocked. As one of many regions is a very respectable aspiration, they’re Mindanao.

Maranao, Maguindanao, Iranu, Sam, Tausug, they have been first. In case you are not a Muslim when a Christian religion, you are not Mindanao's unique guy. Perhaps you're offspring.

You’re Catholic, Protestant, nothing. But then it was gone – the whole lot modified. Now the issue is – you kill the believers.

Here in Southeast Asia is closest to Indonesia. It is virtually 99% of Muslims. I'm not saying they agree, no.

Malaysia, Brunei, purely Muslim. The place is probably the most lovely battlefield? The place can you discover the unbelievers? Have you learnt where? Mindanao.

There are such a lot of unbelievers because religions are totally different. Then no … They interpreted it in a really corrupt method.

Are you killing someone who isn’t spiritual? when is it? If you kill all Christians, there’s conflict.

And that's why I'm desperate making an attempt to struggle it, I do not converse for many who are riots. It is simply. So I do. Sison, MI, MN. It's the third phrase I do.

I promised you this and I'll do it. Corruption, medicine, it's now. We are thick in conversations.

Then I stated I didn't hassle the government. There all the secretaries are. There isn’t any authorities event that reaches my table.

It's simply Bello's work. When the shop and the shop stated, it's just for Ramon Lopez. The boy is DOTC. All this. I can’t disturb. Kay Alan does. I don't hassle her messenger. Even in the military …

Have you learnt that he has credentials. I ask the police, it's Bato retiring. Who would you like? I knocked out about three names. The police stated, "It's not Albayalde. It's very tight, sir. It's really hard for us … It's joking, sir."

I stated, "Is that true?" go mistaken, sir, "Well, she's so?" "Ah, sir, I'm sorry" "Ah, okay, right …" When the police went away, I informed Bongille:.. "Bong, call Añolle, DILG Secretary . "I stated," Albayalde took over the top PNP. "[laughter and applause]

Watch out what you don’t want the top, you may want it simply that here there isn’t a transaction So some other time, once I'm going to interrupt into the ABS-CBN… To, I tasted all donutin house owners, Rufino

Imagine hanging on Mile Long's property with a sewer in Makati, no agreement for 50 years, we don't have a contract, when it was 50 years previous that each one the government was, they continued to gather as if they have been can be the owner. They by no means considered that …

have you learnt that I say that if something can go improper, it goes incorrect. They don’t really assume that I am a … All of the obligations to which I don't need … I don't want cats.

Anybody with billions of billions, you? t *** i ** you 10 days. You don't need to pay? I'm going to go to the workplace tomorrow. Pay all. [applause]

So we’ve got extra cash for you What we have now is that we don't have the money to throw you into a person. You also haven’t any money.

Only my meeting will come to politics, money and so on. I'll look at it. However "these occasions …

So I'm brave you actually take a look at me. You must look, however … [laughter] Pssstt wrapped it in. G **** going residence. We're collectively. [laughter] Bantay ka ha [laughter] It’s nonetheless a lady with such a apply … [laughter] Nonetheless good.

Ganyan "woman, Bisaya magparide …" Ah Mayor ganun … "You then sit . Some months. [acts like crying] You didn't say rather more than three. [laughter]

Let's not put it there, you already know it. Just tell us. We eat the grill. That's why it's okay

And if I need to open it … Flip it off with my heart to see … Focus the digital camera again. [laughter] Concentrate on what's occurring. [cheers] That's it. Concentrate on it. [laughter]

Madam, what number of months is your contract here? [cheers] Expiration comes house. [laughter] Have you learnt the place Pasig does. [laughter]

The office subsequent to Pasig is small. Hindi man ako natutulog Diya sa opiina i t **** i **** 'Yan nandiyan sa ano' Yung building na Malaki. Mga walang-hiya ang multo Diyan masks araw. [laughter]

The masks of araw umuupo and Harapan mo. This can be a class of angyanya diya eh mga Español, nandiyan by the yung the place the mom of the rizal knelt down the Spanish authorities.

So iyan lang para sa akin ang mahalhal Diyan. Iyong iba wala na… To me it’s the Sacred place sa Malacañan. Iyong iba wala

Pero Alam mo na. Undo si Papa? [cheers and laughter]

Hindi 'Yung Papa, Iba Man' Yung Papa Kay, Alam Mo na. 'Yung Papa.

I-text mo si Mama ha. Sabi mo might, baka magkaroon ka ng son-in-law na… [laughter]

Now, for the dangerous information truly. Kaya ko Kayo pinapatawa kasi Alam mo might problema tayo sa Kuwait.

Pero marami kasi ang nangyayari. Tutor Sabi ko, Alam mo the only sin if in any respect itong mga Kababayan ko nagpunta Diyan sa inyo kas trabaho, Survival.

Ayaw kong… Right now, ayaw kong guluhin 'Yan. Hanggang ngayon tutulong rin sila however medyo might konting gusot.

If not, ang ano sa Kuwait, 'Yung Alam naman ninyo ang nangyayari. So in a very diplomatic approach, I do not need to have an excellent neighbor, a good friend, for all the time, and a very long time.

Pero ang drawback money, Alam mo na, I can not – hindi ko na matanggap 'Yung what's occurring to them. So ang sabihin ko, apparently parang lumalabas na might Galit sila sa mga Pilipino.

Ang sabiin ko na lang sa kanila and I plead na might complete ban na sa Deployment. Ayaw ko na Silang papuntahin as a result of apparently parang ayaw ninyo ang Pilipino. So… O Filipino

Don’t harm them. Just help us. I will look for cash at the rooftops, lahat ng trabahanteng Pilipinong nasa… Bahala na mag-utang ako kung anong Gawain ko. [applause]

You will know, I might be frank with you. China is a very good good friend. Talagang kaibigan

Once I was there final week, ibinigay si President Xi Jinping. Sana gagamitin ko ‘yun sa ibang venture pero nandiyan naman.

Truly I’d inform you it’s about 5 — Four-point one thing, virtually 5 billion.

‘Yung pera na ‘yan gagastuhin ko na lang para kunin ko ang lahat nang gustong umuwi. ‘Yung… [applause]


Just do not harm them. I plead that they’d be given a remedy deserving of a human being.

Maya na lang tayo mag-usap kung makuha ko na lahat. Presently, I’m not in a position to… Wala muna ako. Basta ako, I’d tackle myself to the Kuwait government and the individuals: Salamat sa pagtulong ninyo sa mga kababayan ko all these years. It is with… A debt of gratitude na in any case nakatulong man rin kayo. So wala akong galit, walang hatred, wala lahat.

Pero kung itong, the presence of the Filipino, if it is a burden, nabibigatan kayo sa pagdala sa kanila, permit us to get them out.

I’ve that money which I… It was meant for schooling, gagastuhin ko ‘yan to the last centavo.

Tulong ng China ‘yan. Pero ang tulong ng China, wala pa ‘yung mga insidente na ganito. However sabihin ko na lang, magbigay man sila, gratis. Walang function basta ibinigay nila.

Mabuti’t na lang sabi ko, “ilagay mo lang ‘yang pera diyan para ‘yun ang gagamitin ko.”


Ang karamihan kasi mga staff, mga home helpers. Mukhang mabigat sa kanila. It’s a burden to them. Parang ayaw na nila. O di sige, pasalamat lang ako.

Anyway, nakatulong na rin kayo. So with a number of incidents here and there. But as a President of a nation, it behooves upon me to do something and I’ll… All this diplomatic ruckus concerning the — ‘yung inextricate nila, kinuha nila doon sa mga bahay-bahay para tulungan because there have been cries for help na walang intervention ng pulis nila, properly, our Secretary of Overseas Affairs has apologized.

Ako, I respect your determination. But anyway, let me additionally thanks for all of this stuff.

At kayong mga nandiyan lahat sa Kuwait, for many who aren’t actually household helpers, I now attraction to your sense of patriotism: Come house.

Tutal marami nang trabaho sa Pilipinas. Might delegation nga ng mga Pilipino nandoon ngayon to persuade ‘yung mga engineer, mga… Kasi dito, na-stymie ‘yung mga development natin. Walang master electrician, walangmaster carpenter, walang master plumber.

You can’t all do this thing na magpulot ka lang ng tao diyan, “o sige, ito trabahuhin mo.”


Eh ‘di nasunog tayo… O pag-flush mo sa rest room bowl, pag flush mo ng ganun, as an alternative papunta doon sa [laughter] papunta… I mean, nandoon lahat eh. Nandoon lahat.

The last time that I — na na-ano ko was a woman from Maguindanao. She was a Muslim pero ‘yung — hindi, ayaw ko na lang pag-usapan.

So salamat to the government of Kuwait, to the Emir, thanks in your generosity in the past years.

I’m appealing to my countrymen to return residence. Apparently, plainly you don’t like the best way they are anticipated to serve their employers, I’m sorry for that. Perhaps a few of them really doesn’t know the culture additionally.

So lahat kayong Pilipinong nakikinig, umuwi na lang kayo sa Pilipinas tutal marami nang trabaho. Marami na talagang trabaho ngayon. [applause]


In two years’ time, makikita na ninyo ‘yang inaasahan ninyo — railway… Ang China ang pinaka… At ang America, okay rin. All these years.

Of current siguro hirap sila ngayon ‘di… Wala man kayong pera, dito muna ako sa… [laughter]


Wala man kayong ma-ano sa akin. Lolo ko Lam, Chinese language. So do not thoughts my words but I am just making an attempt to say that above anything, we despatched overseas not slaves however human beings. So… [applause]


But if one way or the other their type of working doesn’t match into your tradition and they’re harm along the best way, please perceive our drawback because I’ve to…


I can’t just stand idly right here. Hindi ako haharap sa inyo kung wala akong gagawin. I’ve to do something.

Ngayon, sabi ko karaming mag-uwian niyan, 5,000. Hindi bale. Maghanap ako ng pera. Ako na mismo ang magnakaw sa mga bangko natin. [laughter and cheers]


I’ll spend the final centavo and I inform you, magkahirap tayo, so be it. Basta alam lang ninyo na kung saan ang pera ninyo pumupunta.

We will make a public accounting of your cash. [applause] It’s never wasted kung ano-ano.

So ‘yan lang ang masasabi ko dito sa problema natin. Magpapasalamat tayo at this may be about my…


I don’t know what number of occasions I’ve been right here. But a number of occasions that I’ve a time, I all the time meet my fellow Filipinos.

Ngayon pag galing dito diretso na ako sa airport, mag-uwi na ako kasi marami ngang problema eh.

And I’ve to be there. I hope that I can do one thing for my country for the time, for the brief time that I’ve been here.

But let me assure you: Sa panahon ko, walang abuso, walang corruption, wala ‘yang… [applause] Ayaw ko ‘yan. Ayaw ko ‘yan. [applause]


Hija? [laughter] Hija de kagang, saan ka? [laughter] Basta alam mo kung saan ka magpunta ha? [laughter]


Hindi totoo. Ambassador, kunin mo nga ang number nito. [laughter] Punta ka doon sa opisina, ibigay mo. Walang sisihan. [laughter]


Ang importante, ‘yung mga long-term, huwag na ‘yun.Mabigyan lang tayo ng pagkakataon ng isang saglit sa mundong ito [cheers] at mayakap lang naman kita sa pag-ibig. [cheers]


Huwag kang magazine… Gusto ko nang pumunta diyan ngayon, l****. [laughter] 


PSG, sabihan ko na lang itong mga sundalo, damputin ninyo ‘yan… [laughter]


Properly anyway, lahat kayo ha. Hindi ako nang-aano. Lahat kayo, ‘pag mag-uwi kayo sa Pilipinas and if you wish to visit your palace, I think about it my workplace. [cheers and applause]


Kung gusto ninyo tumingin, sabihin lang ninyo na mga abroad staff kayo. You’ll have the… Magpasyal kayo doon sa at makita ninyo ang palasyo ninyo. Inyo ‘yan, hindi amin.[applause]

And no one however no one will deprive you of you recognize, viewing the… Ayaw ko ‘yan tawagin na Malacañan Palace, napaka-corny. Kung nakita lang ninyo ang bahay ko, sa totoo lang.

Hindi ako natutulog doon. Sabi ko, maraming multo doon, libre masahe pa. [laughter] T*** i**** ‘yan, ang multo pa ang nagmamasahe sa’yo. Tulog ka baka tulak. [laughter] T*** i** ’to.

Sabi ko, “doon ako sa kabila, doon sa harap ng barracks ng sundalo.”


Alam mo ang kwarto ko, ito ma-uwi man kayo. Ang kwarto ko galing diyan hanggang dito. Ganyan lang kalaki ang kwarto ko. Hindi naman ‘yung — ‘yung magkasya na ang dalawa. [laughter]


Eh kung mat — paano kung hindi ka makahiga eh ‘di magazine ganun ka matulog. [laughter]


Pero you possibly can go to Mala — tingnan mo ‘yung kwarto ko. Tingnan ninyo. Ako, hindi mo talagang… Hindi ako nagbobola, karami nang nagpunta diyan. Maliit lang ang bahay ko. ‘Yung tulugan ko? Dito hanggang doon.

‘Yan lang, okay na ako. Wala akong problema. Problema ko ‘yung bayan. ‘Yung consolation ko, matanda na ako kaya — baka mahulog pa ‘yung eroplano pag-uwi ngayon, wala na, no more. [laughter]


Kasi ‘yung mga adik doon pati drug lords sigeng, “Hay mag-crash sana ‘yung p****** i**.”  [laughter]


But you understand I have the — I have your prayers and… [cheers] It’s all the time Allah who decides the fate of men.


I hope to see you once more. I stated that may be a raincheck invitation. Ibig sabihin, anytime na gusto kayong pumasyal sa Malacañan, just tell us and perhaps 20 at a time.

Might pagkain doon. Ang pagkain sa Malacañan, easy lang ngayon. Isang sabaw — oo, totoo, totoo ‘yun. Magtanong ka maski sino. Isang sabaw, wala na ‘yung steak, steak. Isang sabaw, kanin pati isang ulam. ‘Yung lang. [applause]


Pero kung kuntento na kayo niyan, doon tayo magkain. Tayo hija  [laughter] bakit pa natin pagastusin ang tao dahil sa ating pag-ibig? [cheers]


Hanap tayo ng ibang restaurant diyan. Huwag tayong magpahalata kasi  [laughter] ‘yung tatlong asawa ko nakikinig ngayon sa atin. [laughter] 


So pang apat ka na lang, okay lang. [laughter] Parang tingin ko hindi ako lugi. [laughter]


So see you perhaps at another time. I stated I really like my nation, I really like the Filipino and I really like you all.

Maraming salamat po. [applause]


— END —











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