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TRANSPORTATION: Receiving OFWs from Kuwait. February 13, 2018

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[Delivered at NAIA Terminal 1, Pasay City | 13 February 2018]

Secretary of Labor and Employment Silvestre Bello III and others members of the federal government; Congressman Aniceto Bertiz, a type of who really went out of their approach to help us; my brother returned; my authorities partners;

Good night time to everyone.

I’ve a speech right here, however I learn it, so I didn't go inside the one that did it in my workplace.

Properly, anyway, welcome residence. And I'm glad that you simply come right here to stay – and a minimum of life is harmless and good morale.

Have you learnt I do know it long ago. That's why I am not a president and all the time …

We want to research, but on the similar time there isn’t a result of what simply occurs to open the physique, after which say it's the remaining … Say suicide what you say.

Nicely, anyway, I was really frightened. I went residence the second night time, I noticed the one you sent to your cellphone. There I saw the women who have been treated – where you got here from.

However once I lowered, the assistant's image was given to me from a lady within the freezer, and I assumed this have to be – certainly a Filipino. Once I observed this morning actually – my cabinet assembly, I broke, I stated … It's just another president, since you are, in fact, an honest individual you don't need to waste.

I'm the president, however I'm actually curious i p ***** **** together, because I do not prefer it and I have no idea it nicely, I stated …

I know eh. Have you learnt why? Why have you learnt the state of affairs? I used to be as soon as a congressman, congressman of Davao Metropolis, once I spent three circumstances. And there was a time when three Filipino ladies were given a spiritual police as a result of they gave rosettes.

Each day their household goes house to cry. Earlier than my associate, my spouse, barely endured, she stated, "Do something about it. Have fun with the family."

So I went to Riyadh, was a crowd with King Fahd, and I might attraction to the discharge of three Filipinos. He agreed, however the prime minister next to him stated he had spoken to you as a congressman in regulation and order.

We talked for almost 5 hours. I didn't say what he stated, but I knew. Since I should not have time administration, I do not control the government, and if I cannot even do this, I'm simply the mayor, disguise it, because I don’t need to be the one who listens and you understand that they call a headache.

Until I say to them, "I can't stand it anymore." If they didn't need to shout at it, I used to be actually indignant as a result of we just met for you. We began at 2 pm in the morning, which we finished.

So I decided to say, "You go home." No cash? Let's exit of the aircraft where everyone goes house.

I’ve cash or cash. I informed the federal government to search for money. If there isn’t a airplane, purchase oil there … mkmkmk … [laughter]

In any case, you only have an armpit. The only drawback is half of the body you allow there so you choose. Eh biglaan eh. I say cash or no money.

And that is PAL, Lucio Tan and Cebu Pacific. The Chinese ancestors have two Filipinos, however it’s Filipino.

They usually instantly call them prepared to use the extent. Nevertheless, there are some policies up to now. So we’ve got somewhat frustration, however it's not that massive. But what they’ve carried out in the subsequent occasions of Filipino life

And lots of occasions they have offered a free machine. Lucio Tan, I stated, referred to as another machine yesterday.

I might identical to to say Mr Lucio Tan and the Gokongwei household, Lance, for my own country, thank [applause] and I keep in mind you on a regular basis.

That is Lucio Tan, don't worry, there isn’t any harassment in politics or opposition in my authorities. Just do the suitable thing and do the best thing, and we're superb.

Don't worry about my dangerous feelings, no. That's the coverage. It's the selection of who you need to assist.

That is, and you’ve got already restored it and it has been a couple of occasions. Because of this, Mr. Lucio Tan, I’ll shut down endlessly.

You could have never heard of me saying you haven't – you didn't pay … It's okay for me that it's over.

You paid in your taxes and what you confirmed. And I feel in my mind, I’m prepared to guard every transfer as you do.

There isn’t a corruption in the government. I advised you if someone asks, simply say and ship us to Kuwait, let's kill it. [laughter]

Nicely, anyway, we are right here to ensure that all Filipinos are handled correctly.

This – I swear once I stated, inform … Nicely, anyway. So I feel … I'm so indignant whenever you hear why you’re actually medicine.

Because I do know your youngster is learning, you’re there and also you endure, you find yourself with life's difficulties and it’s at work. I know it.

Now those that have evaded say they are youngsters who know they have common cash. And there they suck the infant, somewhat at a time, until they provide up.

You recognize the wealthy, it's cocaine. It's here within the Philippines.

And you're not too late as a result of they’ve an airplane, it has boats, it has its personal ship. The government actually is preventing.

We will't afford to do it, chase them daily. But this shabu, it is a commodity for the poor. It's simply low cost.

But whenever you turn into addicted, it's gone. Man finds out – in your youngsters, what they call every day till they provide up.

So I stated once I was mayor in Davao: "Don't do it to our kids because I'm going to kill you. And don't ruin my city because I really kill you."

Once I was President, I stated so. My individuals, I really like you. I’ll die here, however I care for me. [laughter and applause]

Then I stated, "Our children, that's why we're all here, we, this room, I can't point out a millionaire."

How much do you save? How a lot do you earn? We're on board, we’re 65 years previous to retire.

“These cops are early, 56, army and police. Our pension is now so far. I'll inform you how much you could have in SSS.

I don't assume the president, I might reach 4 million. Police average around 800-1.2.

”Simply one other employee, I think of you, how a lot, I favored the digital camera, retire, how a lot you get.

In case you are retired at the age of 60 in personal and stay for ten years, the worth is about 800, the very best million.

In case you can survive for an additional 10 years, are you police, army, you, 10 years and 800 pesos, can you buy the drugs for a while?

Right now you’re previous, your youngsters are usually not ready, drug addicts, you’re previous, you could have a household, there’s work, how a lot wage is here? So that you exit

So once you come to 80, who – p ***, who makes you swell? Who sells the drugs for you? Oxygen you? Your Hospital? Pay for funeral, bury you? Will the cash reach 800,000?

One or two years, the worth is dear. Fare I'm not in management. I need to lower it. The issue is that the oil you put on the machine is dear. We deliver that and we will probably be.

The laziness of the Philippines is like this. Not like Indonesia like Malaysia or Brunei with oil.

So they’re free to stage on the oil. Petrol, free. They haven’t any taxes. What are the Philippines piercing you there? You have already got … The wealthy mines are still destroying our nation, the holes right here, the holes there. And also you look from above as a bottle on the sector with a gap. The actual factor …

So I say certainly one of lately stops, they should cease. Now are we financially able to you? So, simply wait. We’d like peace.

The Philippines do not hassle, do not sell medicine and other people, the family.

It's like a monkey in your again, your palms on it … It's a monkey that rides in your again and if itch is there, it’s a must to steal, kill or borrow cash. "This can be a drawback.

Now these are communist rebels, this is another w ***** h *** … They make the house onerous." Don't believe it in the government. "

[19659005] Why do I torture you? I inform you to bind me and I be just right for you.

These are also within the subject and asking for a army soldier also killed the police, nothing to do with out blackmail, it’s good that they, these mines, together with banana plantations.

Leaders are rich, go in all places within the Netherlands, these are those you don't care about, kill somebody, Sison.

“What kind of handicap does the home go to collect mangoes or rice by touching your wives. no …

& # 39; It's a government opponent whose poorest sector is agriculture. I’ve to construct it.

I have to get to the capital as a result of these are communists, you don't haven’t any tar You haven’t any cash yet.

So we have now something to supply, we burned gear, bulldozers. T *******.

The place to plant, there’s additionally a manufacturing unit. When you could have a pineapple, you might have a manufacturing unit, you’ll be able to have canned meals, it's not too expensive.

It's arduous so that you can go to the manufacturing unit province, deliver the pine into it. It makes life exhausting, costlier.

To plant, you encourage the farmer to be agricultural in nature, certainly imitating, planting.

Need a country, see the place you need to go there, give it. An enormous country. You're not losing it.

At the moment is a livelihood. When you don’t have a job, you might have a livelihood. You will – each workplace in me – have a livelihood program. DTI has a workforce. Give it. “They name small little ones. & # 39; Yan. You’re taught, you’ll be able to borrow cash

They provide you about 200,000 tig. Even in case you have one thing to do or one thing to reside with. Nicely, you're going, you'll be used later.

So don't go back there. "The problem is that it solely occurs right here and needs to return again, however complains to Bella …

The one who had a nightmare there received higher at residence and in search of … How much.

You owe the financial institution, particularly the federal government, and we owe no debt

Who’s their sheriff? [laughter] True. : "At the time of the computer we paid a lot, much …"

Nicely, okay, simply go to the individual. They say they are paying for the youngsters. They don't pay.

What are you doing, what can I pay? However the want is now.

now it is a drawback that I encountered on today. "Do not say that there is no money, the government is actually money unless money is no" does not fall ". We will borrow.

However we give it, great. "These miles are miles," I don't assume so. Simply clear it out for a shopping center, no more. [laughter] I'm fantastic, it's all of the racket

I'll offer you a mile? T *** i ***** Duterte to [laughter] – what business is … Even up to Max.

There are nonetheless youngsters. "I'm classmate in class six o. [laughter] But it is, "Don't you – you bought caught, do you keep in mind? I don't keep in mind whether it is standing there? [laughter]

To not point out a ban. It did so – it fell two years after, deserted. Where are you, Madam? Auditors? [Isabela] [Kay Sec. Bebot]

Hoy, Bebot. "Don't decide that there are not any socks, p ***** i **. [laughter]

Once you are available … Look, maintain your ft hidden, look, go out. [laughter]

"You don't want to see you," the man is charming – it's an enthralling aspect, and then flashes supposedly to help … Racket's p ** *** i ** eh. [laughter]

"Miss, Do you know how?" You’re also g ***, "Yes, sir, it is, sir." But taking a look at this … [laughter]

It's Paras membership. [laughter] Head of Congress – Secretary Greatest, Iloilo congressman. We have been with the 11th Congress, then Congress. "It was stated that once I went to Riyadh.

So don't hand over hope. You're not hungry. Let's simply say rice, we’ve got rice. Simply go to DSWD, say Duterte, here I purchase a meal. [laughter]


And on the similar time, the Muslim brother, Moroni, reminiscent of a goat, fish … "That's what I say, because I will give you, I'm sorry to give you food. "Don't say," Let me go here just to die of hunger. "[laughter]

It doesn't occur, it doesn't happen. I spend government cash, give it away. In any case, it's not me. [laughter]

I have no intention of stealing. … say that … Congress says, much of it has been given … Or say why you need to …? Do you need to remedy the problem? you need to take over? Oh, then go ahead. When you don’t have an answer, I’m here,

I stated, you go to DSWD solely, I'll offer you an government order, just present it

Anna – you might have food, nicely, I'll inform you that the fried hen is there. per 80 000 individuals. Okay, perhaps it's not jaded.

I've lost Arab money. [laughter] Just as they know that I’ve a sense for them. "it stated that my murskatai actually stubborn, as a result of I really indignant, I don't assume it's the one method to stay quiet

[19659005] It's okay, but when you don't, take it residence. We're hungry collectively. [laughter]

It's okay, just "I don't want to … I said," What's my compatriot's fault? What’s my nation's sin? "

I stated," You know – you – it's just because we're poor. " "So go so that you get – particularly

I inform you, I don't charge you, they know properly, you return there to say, during Bush, that is my dad, this Kuwait – perhaps you've been there – need to snatch Iraq

& # 39; When there’s conflict. So come to the American, Iraqi, back to its territory.

It's a baby's time as a result of they smelled it here to need to be joyful, People came to Iraq So Saddam died, wasn't it?

The purpose was to neutralize – because of the shortage of power and lack of power – in Iraq, Libya and so on

So the USA got here, however America, as a result of America, but actually America, it’s a dangerous concept, they took us, Pi bets.

We despatched about 725 docs and nurses, I’ve three right, not but – we’ve got three rights. I do not query the qualifications of the People. If it's actually the thing, good.

But we, troopers, want to say to Kuwait, is this a hard job and we did for you? Is that this the best way you pay us again? [applause]

What did we do? What did the Philippines do to you? You serve, you abuse, you …

So don't need to go house … You … You already know, Kuwait, the world is shifting. Typically it's too quick that the so-called Karma comes. When this time comes, you’ll keep in mind us.

However now, I, I'm the president, I say to all of you, by no means, never do it again. For those who not get it.

I'm in search of – China opens, all academics at the moment are choosing up. Billions of Chinese study English. As a result of in English, should you go anyplace in Africa, there's no pants they're there, they know English. So everyone needs to study the language.

Now it’s stated that it happened, I'm not going to – I don't understand how … I don't need to freeze. However I’m going because we’ve got a conference there. So what I do is say, "Don't take another," our Filipino OFWs, that's good.

Then … I’m a Chinese language grandfather. My mom Maranao. His mom Maranao. So Mestiza-Maranao is my mother. I say you solely accept it … Considered one of lately is alibyo. As China grows older, don't be born.

As in Japan, bizarre ladies do not need to give delivery. I feel – there's a magazine, they're their house, you already know they're doing it? They only placed on dolls like a person. There isn’t a one – barangaya, already in inhabitants centers. Nobody. They're just individuals. I learn that magazine.

They usually have been previous, didn’t give start, nor did they care. It's either build up … & those who are rich right here might need to discover the potential for nursing care. Convey them right here and deal with them.

In any case, you understand how to treat. Or perhaps … You don't have a person, Madam? You're not married? Ah, you don't know find out how to care. Perhaps what. Especially what. Household is already a household. Deal with your youngster,

Ageing as a result of they don't need to improve the population. The Philippians do not know that it’s simply 110 million individuals.

If we’re just 50 million, we will manage meals. Sufficient for everyone, then work. Simply 50 million … However I know. Next time … I don't snicker, comply with the board program.

Tablets are free. "Belt condom because it's not good" condom. [laughter] No, true. I'm not laughing. Front of the Republic eh.

I carry it, it’s. Eat it. – You don't have a shop. [laughter] I acquired there within the automotive. Eat it. – It's a condom. [laughter]

Pretend, the information continues to be pretend. Pretend all. I'm simply telling you why biology. I do know you don't need a condom, so both you will put you in for six months. So there isn’t any limit for you. You realize what. [laughter]

You just inject something or drugs. Don't be born. "Do not go too much for me, because I’m sorry

I see that the father not you realize that if a father leaves the household, the household shouldn’t be father youngsters, it’s -…. The household is ineffective

If two, your partner and also you , you allow, the family tree is flounder. It isn’t solely socially unstable, but leaves you together with your brother. Depart it together with your cousin. The kid is in love. You don't understand how you occur to be as a result of what you do is since you're there. [19659005Soyoudon'tbelieveinyourreligionbecauseit'sanobstacleit'snotpossibletopreventitButtheydog***everynight"Youdon'tneedWhocouldgiveyouabetter?

Natata … Eh because of the sin of God, so. Why? Is God's time to return here, "Well, here, here we are."

Storm, it's simply the storm here. Then climate change

So I had many government departments, leaders. More. You love to travel. Climate Change Conference in Africa, Brussels, South America. There’s nothing – up to now there’s a storm. There’s a storm now in Surigao.

I'm going residence. I'm nonetheless going to satisfy the hurricane. I'm going residence because of Valentine's Day. In fact. [laughter] You’re daily (all day). When is it a sunset for the night time? [laughter]

That's it. "When you have a child, do not believe that you do not love the spouse" if you find yourself a toddler. The woman is the place to kiss, it's not all. But if you do, you’ll put it – what's incorrect … [Unsa ba ang Tag…? Ano ba ang Tagalog sa seedling?] & # 39; If you put the seeds within the lady's body, you’ll be able to't say: & # 39; No, & # 39; We're not … "No" P ***.

So go residence tomorrow Valentine's Day. In case you are a toddler, you don’t consider what … … When you’re a toddler as a result of there’s a bond, you actually love your spouse.

Now, like me, my two husbands are listening. No, there isn’t a such thing as a regulation … Does God have a regulation that you simply can’t love two ladies? There are different clergymen ***. God loves you, not three. [laughter]

I have simply married. Or another, "Love your neighbor." You are not right here, that is your spouse's probably neighborhood. [laughter]

I keep in mind it. I’m 23 years previous. I do know those who cry in front of me. "Mayor, mayor, beat me, mayor." I see what, black and blue. "Here, mayor." Virtually the whole lot is seen. "Yan, that's it."

"Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Who gave birth to you?" "My wife." "What is your wife's job?" "Mayor, police." T *** i **. "Take me to the office." "Are you the first hit?" "Here." P ***** i **, you. "Then kicked me here." Oh, oh, it's okay. "

Or more. What is the which means of Tagalog? Ah dagdag.

My mother, as a result of I used to be crushed then, won’t end. and shout: "Mayor, that's right, it's dead." I stated, "Do you think you're not worth it?" "No, mayor uy. That's not true. I love this. "[laughter] My Life, Life.

So you’ve got at the very least your pocket cash. You … If there’s something mistaken in your life or what’s there, simply give 8888. You name 8888. Put your identify there that makes you dangerous.

then I know that I get a quantity is a nationwide Day by day, open it on TV…. in, PTV-Four. board of Administrators in 8888. Dial parang, 911. Sa Davao, 911. National yan Say what, I’m tortured..

so here I'm gone – it's not your controls have not been open Wouldn’t it’s [Hindi po.] no, He advised me now Each nation within the case of X-ray gear, shows, items, actually opens them [?19659005] However in America you discover that we opened it, but we didn't lose it. In case you get it, you gained't lose it. Izizip (zipper) them just because of terrorism.

Not but "that – the machine goes. Cross canine extra, smelly. Then open it. It happened to me, the journey. It is actually open for terrorism.

But if not, say nothing. I really didn't say it to them, it didn't occur once more – my time.

It's a plant that has nothing. Convey a automotive gun there. Verify-in is accepted.

You’re requested the place you’re going. It's gone and tomorrow. Whether open, there is a odor ”what.

Nevertheless it's not here … No tomorrow. It's on the output port. It's actually open, they're afraid if there's a bullet or a bomb – America, Europe, the whole lot, the whole lot. The evolution of terrorism in the meanwhile

However inform me … I informed them they have been automated, proper here, automated. Find one other job. It's automated.

And then it's not simply you, superior, all. The police assigned here if he has his head, he's his police, you go.

So I've just flown away, because I am in Valentines … You, man? Are you in Isabel? Are you coming house? Crazy, he stated he was going residence. [laughter] "Time, because I'm coming home." "Ah, we're just that."

Bello doesn't mislead. It's type. You can’t purchase it – I'm sorry. Because in case you have a small quantity left, you let your participation, your sock. [laughter] I'm in it. I’m going residence and then I want to say it again, welcome. I really like you Filipino. I really like you all. [applause]

And I don't need to benefit from you. Or if this occurs, you’ll be able to truly catch me

I'm not as mild as anybody else. I'm station. P ***, I'll give them a water channel.

I can't accept it. I stated, "Come home." I stated "there is money or no money."

And so, they’re PAL, Lucio Tan and … Hope they pay attention.

Lucio Tan, ha. You've already paid, and if you point it up several occasions, and you've given many Marawi help. I actually respect you and your family. Now I promise you’ve by no means heard of me but. I'm quiet.

In Gokongwe every time there is a life crisis, "that Cebu Pacific would have always done it on its plane."

So for those who fly, drive to Cebu Pacific or PAL, don't change the airline, you're all the time full

Yeah. Ah, no, I'm comfortable, I'm glad that they're doing business here within the spirit of the Filipino. Chinese "but Filipino" for them. So that you may care.

If there is a totally different message, if it is absent, I will go … [OFWs: We love you Tatay Digong. Salamat po. Happy Valentines, sir.]

& # 39; That lady, that there’s, I all the time, once I'm right here. i really like you, "" it’s.

Ah, every part is ok, it's simply. I’m gone. I’ve to go.

– END –



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