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Why does anyone – including you, the former Mormon – never end up in the outer darkness

Why does anyone - including you, the former Mormon - never end up in the outer darkness

Eric Johnson

For a few years, those that have left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints might have discovered that they have been now "Perdonsons" meant for "Out of Darkness". That is an apparent scare tactic, it isn’t true in line with the necessary credible leaders of this spiritual organization.

What is exterior darkness?

The outer darkness is an eternal place of temptation, reserved for many who are referred to as loss. "The tenth President Joseph Fielding Smith – a common authority who spoke extra about this matter than some other said,

Exterior darkness is one that can’t be described, besides we all know that it have to be positioned in the comfort and benevolent influence of God in His presence. . This excessive punishment isn’t given to the sons of destruction (Teachings of Salvation 2: 220. Italics in the unique type).

In line with the doctrine and covenants, this can be a place "even in darkness, where there is weeping, teeth, and tension of the teeth" (Doctrine and Covenants 101: 91; see additionally 133: 73). Smith stated that the state of this existence is nearly indescribable:

The extent of this punishment never knows besides those that participate in it. It’s clear that it’s the most critical punishment that may be given to a human being. The outer darkness is one that can’t be described besides that we all know that it have to be placed outdoors the benevolent and comforting influence of the Spirit of God – utterly expelled from His presence (Teachings of Salvation 2: 220).

There are two kinds of qualifications to turn out to be a son of loss.

The first example can be the spirits that come from existence which, in flip, was with Lucifer as an alternative of Jesus in Lucifer. Heaven where it was decided who would turn out to be the Savior of the world. Smith described these spirits as the first who showed rebellious habits:

Lucifer turned a rebel in insurrection. If Lucifer hadn't felt the results of his riot, how would he ever lose a loss? If he have been ignorant, he couldn't have been destroyed. He was not ignorant, and subsequently he turned a loser, and people who adopted him have been youngsters of loss, because he they usually sinned consciously. They did what they did with their eyes open and rebelled towards God. Nevertheless, Lucifer didn’t know all the Father's functions once we discovered the gems of the Nice Pearl, Moses 4: 6. Subsequently, the Lord used Devil's evil to do his personal purposes. [DS 2:225.] (Joseph Fielding Smith, doctrines of salvation, p. 462. Bold and italicized unique)

Due to their disobedience, these spirits weren’t receiving bodies, which is important in the spirit to advance toward mortality and qualification for considered one of the three kingdoms of glory. Twelfth President Spencer W. Kimball wrote:

Those who adopted Lucifer in their revolt in premature life, and people who in the mortal sin towards the Holy Spirit are the youngsters of loss. The ex-Mortal boys of destruction are rising up like everyone else; however they end up suffering from one other dying, religious dying, for "they are cut again in matters related to righteousness." (Hel. 14:18.) (The Miracle of Forgiveness, p. 125).

Though many Latter-day Saints brush the doctrines of hell (ie, "How could a loving God send his children to such a place?"), They could not have taken under consideration the proven fact that these spirits have never had physical physique as a result of they’re have chosen the mistaken selection. Just one sin. Just one riot. Once I deliver this to Latter-day Saints, I get defensive arguments. "Well, they chose wrong," informed me. One stated, "They deserve what they get." But how many sins and false decisions have each human being – including me and also you carried out? If God would send a few of the Spirit to his spirit, why is it unattainable for Him to ship Him?

One other attainable "son of loss" is mortal. Let's go to those individuals in two classes: 1) never been a Mormon; 2) Have or once been a Mormon

For the first probability, it is unattainable for many who have never joined the LDS Church to turn out to be the sons of loss. So in their lives there’s a a lot worse telestial kingdom. (To see the differences between the three of the kingdom of glory, click on here.) Smith informed the basic conference to the public: [19659005] I feel I am protected to say that nobody can come to Perdition Poikaksi earlier than he has felt mild. Those that have never acquired mild won’t turn into the sons of the ages. (Conference stories, Oct. 1958, p. 21) Ellipsis mine.

The Church Handbook reviews: “To be the son of loss, sin is against the Holy Ghost, but before that it is possible to receive the Holy Spirit” (Doctrine and Covenants Scholar Handbook Faith 324 and 325, 2001, p. 161). If you wish to grow to be a member of the Church, you need baptism and confirmation. The Second Guide,

Baptism is the first saving commandment of the gospel (see Religion 1: four). By way of irrigation and affirmation of priesthood authority, you turned a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Fact to Faith: Gospel Reference, 2004, 21

). sang their songs and even took part in the sacrament, but never baptized and affirmed to this belief, you’ll be able to never turn into a son of loss, which ought to deliver aid to many who learn this text! does not get something lower than a telestial kingdom, because he was never baptized / affirmed, work carried out for him many years ago in London, in the British temple (see his baptism from the lifeless document and different temple works) click right here.)

For many who have been once baptized and confirmed to the LDS Church, what is your position? It’s true that the solely mortals who might turn out to be "children of loss" had once been members. Perhaps nervous about former Mormons w Ho might marvel: "Am I a boy of darkness meant for external darkness?" The reply just isn’t for a variety of causes.

To start with, to turn out to be a son of loss, you need to be baptized in the church, turned about it and then battle towards the church when you know it’s true. The final part of the earlier sentence is essential. You don't simply need to be a Mormon, you must have "full knowledge" that this can be a restored Church of God. You then struggle towards this church, understanding that it’s the true church of God.

Let me offer you some examples of this educating.

Joseph Fielding Smith wrote:

The boys of loss are those that have recognized the fact, know that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, has had a sworn statement of the Spirit of the Lord, of the Holy Spirit, and all these have been revealed in order that they know that they’re true; after which they turn towards them and struggle them consciously (convention stories, April 1942, p. 27).

Observe that he stated:

  1. You could have had the information of the fact
  2. "You know that Jesus Christ was the Son of God"
  3. You had a sworn statement of the Spirit of the Lord
  4. You had a revelation that may assist you recognize that they are true ”
  5. The true Church is conscious of the undeniable fact that the four preceding passages are true.

What’s fascinating is that there are various former Mormons who nonetheless consider that "Jesus Christ was the Son of God" and that he has "a testimony of the Spirit of the Lord". their faith is not in the Guide of Mormon however in Jesus Christ. As an alternative, their lives have turned the wrong way up!

Smith also declared that this "knowledge" had to be "full." He wrote:

There’s another category of disappearing boys. This class consists of all those that have recognized the power of God in this mortal life, and then, once they absolutely know the power and objective of God, rebelled towards him by putting Jesus Christ in open disgrace (Doctrine 2: 219. The daddy of Smith

Smith's father , sixth President Joseph F. Smith, also spoke of getting this "knowledge of truth" of the fact:

It’s possible that solely those who have acquired the similar full information, who intentionally and intentionally deny the fact once they know it is the fact, can commit to the unforgivable sin and turn into youngsters of loss. They are the youngsters of loss, as a result of: "Because he has refused the Holy Spirit after receiving it and denying the only son of the Father, I crucify him and put him to shame" ( D. & C. 76:35. They need to be full One have to be high to make it fall so low; and few in the history of the world have reached such a peak. It’s questionable whether or not Judas, who would betray Jesus, can be sufficiently enlightened to grow to be a son of loss (Gospel doctrine, p. 545).

These are essential quotes and I don't need you to peel them. What precisely does "perfect knowledge" mean? What a horrible individual can be the one who knew "full" nicely that Mormonism was true – including the historicism of the Ebook of Mormon, the authenticity of the restored Church leadership with Joseph Smith, and the accuracy of the First Vision – after which struggle these truths? Somebody who had this type of details about this stuff and nonetheless rebelled would certainly have earned an everlasting punishment, comparable to external darkness!

Nevertheless, as Joseph F. Smith said, there are very few mortals who fulfill the son of loss. label; he stated that "few in the history of the world have reached such a height" ("height"?). He even doubted that Judas turned a son of destruction! If Judas and Hitler don’t do it in the dark, why do you?

I need to make one other point. I've recognized a number of ex-Mormons and met lots of (probably hundreds) of others. Although they really believed in Mormonism, none of them ever informed me that they still consider Mormonism is true. They left this church as a result of they believed it was not true! This is applicable to each atheists and others. In fact, some may be extra scary once they first left and could even suspect that each one Mormonism was fallacious. Once they have been in this state, they hardly fought towards the church


  1. The spirits that rebelled towards God are the true sons of loss. These spirits never acquired a dying physique that was necessary to advance to the kingdom of glory. No one who has ever lived is in this class.
  2. Those mortals who never joined the LDS Church (by means of baptism) might develop into the son of loss. Even at its worst, as with Adolf Hitler, there’s a place reserved for them in the telestial kingdom.
  3. Mortals who joined the LDS Church should have the following standards to be categorised as the son of loss, whose destiny is the outer darkness.
    1. They’ve to know what they are doing, "with full knowledge"
    2. They are so dangerous that they are preventing towards the LDS Church, figuring out absolutely that it is the true and restored Church of Jesus Christ.

Subsequently, even for those of you who are former Mormons, the worst Latter-day Saint can say that you are meant to be a telestial kingdom. You are not the son of loss.