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Why practically no one, including you, a former Mormon, ever ends up in outer darkness

Why practically no one, including you, a former Mormon, ever ends up in outer darkness

Eric Johnson

For a few years, different Mormons might have advised those that have misplaced their members in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that they have been "sons of darkness" destined for outer darkness. Though this is an obvious intimidation tactic, this accusation isn’t right based on LDS leaders

What’s exterior darkness?

Outer darkness is an everlasting place of suffering reserved for many who are "the children of perdition" Based on the LDS scriptures, that is a place "where there is weeping, weeping, and gnashing of teeth" (Doctrine and Covenants 101: 91 ; see additionally 133: 73.) The Tenth President Joseph Fielding Smith, a common authority who spoke extra on this difficulty than some other leader, said

The extent of this punishment isn’t recognized besides by these involved. it’s the most extreme punishment that can be imposed upon man, and outer darkness is one that can’t be described except that we all know it have to be positioned outdoors the benevolent and comforting influence of the Spirit of God – expelled completely from His presence (Teachings of Salvation 2: 220). .

There are two courses of one that must be thought-about the "Boys of Perdition". The first example can be spirits that may exist, and who sat with Lucifer as an alternative of Jesus in the Council of Jesus, who decided who would turn out to be the Savior of the world. Smith described these spirits as the primary to point out rebellious habits:

Lucifer turned a riot in revolt. If Lucifer had not recognized the consequences of his revolt, how would he ever lose the damnation? If he have been ignorant, he could not have been destroyed. He was not ignorant, and subsequently he turned a defeat, and people who followed him have been the youngsters of damnation as a result of he they usually have been consciously sinning. They did what they did with their eyes open and rebelled towards God. Nevertheless, Lucifer did not know all the Father's functions as we discovered concerning the Pearls of the Nice Pear, Deuteronomy four: 6. Subsequently, the Lord used Satan to do evil for His own functions. [DS 2:225.] (Salvation Decisions, p. 462. Daring and Italics Unique)

Due to their disobedience, these spirits were not the receiving organs, essential components for advancing to mortality and qualifying the three kingdoms of 1 glory. Twelfth President Spencer W. Kimball wrote:

Those that adopted Lucifer in their revolt in adolescence, and people who in mortal sin towards the Holy Spirit are the youngsters of perdition. The ex-Mortal sons of destruction rise up like everybody else; however they finally endure another demise, a religious demise, for "they are cut again for things concerning righteousness." (Hel. 14:18.) (The Miracle of Forgiveness, p. 125).

While many Latter-day Saints apply the doctrines of hell (i.e., "How could a loving God send His children to such a place?"), They could have ignored the truth that these spirits have never had a bodily presence because they are made the improper selection. Just one sin. Just one uprising. Once I convey this drawback up with some Latter-day Saints, I typically get defensive arguments. "They knew better but still chose the wrong one," he advised me. "So get what they deserve." However how many sins and improper decisions do every individual, including myself and also you, have? So why don't we get exterior darkness too?

One other potential "son of loss" is mortal. To look closer at this risk, do individuals break into two teams: 1) Those who have never been Mormon; 2) Those who are or have been once Mormon

For many who have by no means joined the LDS Church, it’s unimaginable to grow to be the boys of damnation. A lot worse in their lives is the telestial kingdom. (To see the variations between the three of the dominion of glory, click on here.) Smith advised the overall convention to the general public: [19659005] I feel I’m protected to say that no one can come to Perdition Poikaksi before he has felt mild. Those that have by no means acquired mild won’t grow to be sons of the age. (Convention Stories, October 1958, p. 21. Ellipse Mine).

Thus, the only mortals who can develop into "children of loss" are Latter-day Saints who fall / fall. The Church Handbook states that "to be a son of perdition, one must sin against the Holy Ghost, but before it is possible one must receive the gift of the Holy Ghost" (Doctrine and Covenants Scholar Guide Faith 324 and 325, 2001, p. 161). Baptism and confirmation are wanted to grow to be a member of the Church. Second Guide Testimony,

Baptism is the primary saving commandment of the gospel (see Faith 1: four). As a result of baptism and the empowerment of the priesthood, you turned a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Fact to Faith: A Gospel Reference, 2004, 21

). , sang songs, and even participated in the weekly sacrament, but you have been by no means baptized and confirmed in religion, you’ll be able to by no means develop into a boy of loss, which ought to convey a sigh of aid to many who learn this article! Nazi dictator Adolph Hitler gets nothing lower than the telestial kingdom because he was never baptized / confirmed to the church, the work was carried out for him in London, the English temple several many years ago (to see his baptism in the lifeless ebook and different temple work for him, click on here.)

For many who have been as soon as baptized and confirmed as Mormonism, what is your position? It’s true that the only mortals who have been members in their time can turn into the youngsters of damnation, a reality which will fear Mormons who marvel in the event that they might be destined for darkness. Nevertheless, based mostly on the teachings of Church leaders, I consider that it’s utterly unattainable for any mortal to turn into this despised son.

First, to develop into the son of loss, it’s a must to be baptized into the church, then converted from faith to struggle it when you know it is true. The final part of the previous sentence is essential. You don't just need to be a Mormon, that you must be "fully aware" that that is God's restored church and can proceed to struggle towards it. This was taught by a number of necessary Church leaders, including Joseph Fielding Smith, who stated that "this class is made up of anyone who has known the power of God in this mortal life and then, knowing fully the power and purpose of God, rebels against him by putting open shame on Jesus Christ." (Doctrine 2: 219-220. Italics in the unique).

Smith's father, the sixth president, Joseph F. Smith, additionally taught that "perfect knowledge" of the truth is important, adding that even Judas Iscariot, the traitor of Jesus, is directed toward outer darkness:

those that have acquired the identical full information, who willfully and deliberately deny the truth once they comprehend it to be the truth, can commit unforgivable sin and turn into the youngsters of damnation. They are the youngsters of damnation because: "Because he refused the Holy Ghost after he received it and denied the Father's only son, I crucify him and put him to shame" (D&C 76:35). They have to be full of data; a certificate that can’t be destroyed. One needs to be excessive for it to fall so low; and few in the historical past of the world have reached such a peak. It is questionable whether or not Judas, who would deceive Jesus, can be enlightened enough to turn out to be the son of perdition (Gospel Doctrine, p. 545).

The question is, what exactly does "perfect knowledge" mean? The exact details have not been given. However what sort of terrible individual can be who knew "full" nicely that Mormonism was true – including the historicity of the Ebook of Mormon, the authenticity of the restored Church leadership that started with Joseph Smith, and the accuracy of the First Imaginative and prescient – and then battle these truths?

Joseph Fielding Smith explained in a common conference discussion that the sons of loss are those who have recognized the reality, are aware that Jesus Christ had God had the testimony of the Spirit of the Lord, the Holy Spirit, and these are all revealed they know they are true; and then they flip towards them and struggle them consciously (Conference Studies, April 1942, 27).

Observe very intently Smith's sequence:

  1. as we mentioned, "full knowledge" – though Smith didn’t clarify what the adjective "full" meant)
  2. You "know that Jesus Christ was the Son of God"
  3. You had a testimony of the Spirit of the Lord. ”
  4. You had a revelation that lets you“ know that they are true. ”
  5. You’ll be able to continue to wrestle towards the true Church, despite the fact that the 4 previous paragraphs are true.

many former Mormons who nonetheless consider "Jesus Christ was the Son of God" and who’ve "the testimony of the Spirit of the Lord." Nevertheless, their faith is no longer in Jesus of Mormonism, however in Jesus of the Bible. Their theology turned the wrong way up!

As Joseph Fielding Smith stated, these mortals who fit into this devastating class of "lost sons" endure eternally, while the worst of the worst sinners endure solely briefly before they obtain the dominion. glory. He wrote:

Outdoors darkness is one that can’t be described besides to be positioned outdoors the benevolent and comforting affect of the Spirit of God – utterly removed from His presence. This excessive punishment isn’t given to any of the youngsters of the loss. Even the wicked of the earth, who never knew the facility of God, after paying the worth of their sins, for they should endure the unbearable struggling that their sins are about to return out of prison. . . But with blessed boys, this blessing is forbidden, too. They’ve intentionally (sic) made themselves servants of Devil and his servants if they remain ceaselessly. They set themselves outdoors the facility of repentance and transcend God's mercy. (Teachings of Salvation 2: 220-221).

Does this description of God sound like he is simply? Precisely because Hitler, Mao, and Stalin, together with Judas Iscariot (as talked about above), never turned Latter-day Saints, they’re apparently given a lot higher privilege – life for the telestry kingdom – for many who once believed but left true artwork,

. Right here is another factor to consider: I work full-time with a Christian ministry devoted to converting Mormons. So many would say that I "fight" towards the Church. Nevertheless, I used to be never baptized and confirmed to this church. Do I actually have "perfect" information? It doesn't matter as a result of I've by no means joined. Nevertheless, I definitely freed myself from outdoors darkness, no questions asked. However I suppose, deep down, I consider the Church is true. Despite the fact that I’m, I’m not yet entitled to darkness. How unfair is this state of affairs?


  1. The spirits who insurgent towards God are the original boys of damnation. These spirits never acquired the dying body that was essential to advance into the dominion of glory. (You are not one of many religious as a result of you will have a mortal physique.)
  2. These mortals who never be a part of the LDS Church (via baptism) can’t develop into youngsters of loss. Even the worst individuals, including Adolf Hitler and his wickedness, appear to have a place reserved for them only for the telestial kingdom.
  3. These mortals who joined the LDS Church in this life should have the following criteria: to be categorized as a misplaced boy, and a future for outer darkness.
    1. They as soon as held church membership (by means of baptism / confirmation),
    2. That they had "full knowledge" of their renunciation of the true and restored Church of Jesus Christ
    3. They proceed to battle the LDS Church regardless of their feelings

How unimaginable wouldn’t it be for a former Mormon ("full" information, even!) To turn out to be the son of the lost? In the Christian service through the 30 years I’ve met many former Mormons who believed as soon as to Mormonism, but no one has ever acknowledged that they proceed to consider in Mormonism is true. True, some former Mormons have expressed doubts and questioned if the Church could possibly be true, which is a utterly natural answer after leaving "one true church." In the event that they determined that they made a mistake, as a result of they nonetheless believed the Church was true,

At the similar time, I’ve recognized many who might be thought-about "fighters" towards the Church, including those that took half in what could possibly be thought-about "anti – Mormon Motion. Nevertheless, I’ve never suspected that such a individual can be a Mormon believer in the closet. One must be very wicked to know that the Church was true but nonetheless preventing it

Except for many who left the Church and later joined , each different former Mormon left the church because they believed it was not true, so by the definition given by the above leaders, these individuals can’t be thought-about youngsters of perdition, in that case, the worst fate of former Latter-day Saints can predict the telestial kingdom. [19659003Conclusion:You(formerMormon)eventhoughyouhavebeenbaptizedhereyouarenotthesonofdamnation!Youdon'tbelieveitistruewhichisthereasonyouleftNowgotobedandrestwell!

And in case you have not joined Jesus of the Bible, I urge you to do some homework and meet Him. 10 Causes Why a Individual Ought to Think about the Formation of Christians