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World of Dance Season 3 Cut 1 Recap, Live Blog and Videos

We have now lastly arrived at the next stage of the competitors – surgical procedure! Tonight Derek Hough directs the senior department and former host Jenna Dewan returns as a mentor for junior teams. Solely the three highest scores go to the cut up finals.

The redemptions of judges Jennifer, Ne-Yo and Derek will not be essential. Twelve actions will come, however only six will make it by way of. Do surprises do it or do bizarre greater scores work easily?

Let's start from the upper division tonight, mentor Derek Hough.

Jonathan Y Jorge
Derek advises them to take care of rigidity, especially subsequent to one another. He loves tips, but needs them to ensure the complete routine is simply as thrilling. More of these two have to be trustworthy. They received the credit score that they obtained up in the power, the place I didn't see any shortage in the middle or head of the routine, however I didn't see anything they hadn't finished before. These similar tips and Latin festive furniture have been on show, and when you favored them earlier, you'll take pleasure in this. But I don't assume they did anything by means of the final five acts.

Derek was a bit nervous concerning the tips, however they nailed them. Jennifer thinks they went into it for hassle. She thinks she is a superb dynamic couple, and she saw some improved spool, however nonetheless thinks they want sophistication. Derek disagrees. Ne-Yo loves partnership and tips, however he doesn't consider that he was robust next door.


[19659002] Derion & Madison
They left the tour company they have been dancing to take part in the competition. This presentation is more necessary to them than present work. Derek needs one thing that takes his life away. He needs them to consider of their decisions. It was a lovely routine. I like to push and pull dance. There was chemistry via the roof. They usually not often evaporate from the standard of the seen movement. A wide selection of songs that led to nice musicality.

Derek admires brutality and reality. Jennifer loves how sharp Madison is when she dances. Ne-Yo states how troublesome it is to maneuver, especially by making them sluggish.
Level 94.7
Rating 94.7

All Prepared
a extra strong routine and also includes a cape. Derek works with them on how the headdress works strongly. It was so cool visually. I really like that they did one thing utterly totally different from the last performance. Good use of kapena and saw some great steps by Paso Doble. They’re completely unique and memorable and they still shock you.

They-You liked power. He simply needed somewhat extra assault on the actions. He doesn't assume this is one of the best he has seen of them. Jennifer disagrees and believes it was a very robust routine. Derek loves innovation and how they blur their type. He says he thinks the music is slightly bit greater than the dancing points.
Rating 92

Yikes. Any further, after every present, somebody goes house.

Briar Nolet
He needs to point out the judges that he has earned after the redemption. Derek says he's modifying the top, and he needs to see him – not just actions. With out redemption, Briar is aware of that he has to prove the vulnerability. Wow. So robust. Some outlets are doing jaw dropping. He definitely took Derek's attention and saw him in this dance and he undoubtedly introduced out the weak aspect. The straightforward method she just flies on the stage and even descends on her knees is so nice. He makes it really easy.

Jennifer had tears in her eyes by the top. He calls it a dynamic and highly effective routine. Derek can't consider they misplaced him virtually without redemption. Ne-Yo sees night time and day in several emotional contexts. Ne-Yo says he is usually a complete package deal.

And with this rating, Jonathan Y Jorge has been eliminated.

Angelo Brothers
They are so excited that they are the primary surgical dancers in surgical procedure. Dance is their story. Derek needs them to clarify their story and make it simpler. She needs them to nail the story. Derek didn't have to worry concerning the story. It was as clear because the day. I beloved the battle of showmanship with them. Good solos. Nice back and forth making an attempt one another. And once they have been collectively, sensible synchronization touched the quiet moments of the music to listen to the steps. This level will probably be very fascinating.

Jennifer believes they’re one of the perfect ever touches in the show. Derek beloved the state of music. Ne-Yo thought the idea was great. He calls it technically challenging, however it feels a bit muddy. He believes it may need been too difficult. Jennifer disagrees. He obtained some friction.
Rating 91.7

This score isn’t enough to move All Ready, and D & # 39; Angelo Brothers has been eliminated. I feel that Ne-Yo simply doesn't like genres. He all the time has a problem, and his point was really why they have been just removed.

John Poppin
He has a balloon for this routine. It’s literal and represents the guts. He needs to point out the story of popping. Derek accepts the thought. The efficiency exhibits what would happen if he misplaced his heart (his wife). Derek needs to have more real feelings. Hmm. It was a dangerous selection. However, it was good to see that he did one thing totally different. Nevertheless, routine simplicity is in comparison with what we have now seen tonight. She needed to do something unique or the routine appeared to be a replica of her past, but I don't assume this particular selection made her an enormous favor.

Derek acquired emotional. Ne-Yo says that the dance type just isn’t recognized for emotions. Jennifer calls her an skilled performer. She calls it lovely and says she worked amazingly. Derek supplies her with vulnerability provides. Ne-Yo tells him that he has a sensible shot for one million dollars.

clearly paid more than I assumed. Or more than I assumed it deserved. Dance can typically be subjective. And with that time every little thing is ready.

The final three of the upper compartment are:
1. Briar Nolet
2. Poppin John
3. Derion & Madison

We're now going to Jenna Dewan's junior groups.

The routine represents the struggles of life. Jenna points out that some moments were not as full of impression appropriately. He provides them some remarks on how it can be achieved. So good. One to remove, I obtained the one which affected me probably the most was purity. It was actually like a dancer. Every thing was so correct. The slowly shifting half actually elevated the overall aesthetics. Great routine.

Ne-Yo says they only emphasized it. Jennifer says she knows each other's power. Derek looks like they don't understand how good they are. Jennifer says they're breaking it. Ne-Yo questioned how it was executed with out tips or twists.

Damn, I didn't anticipate the factors to be so excessive. They have been incredible, but I assumed the judges would get a decrease grade so they might get others. Properly deserved and it is going to be very troublesome to return near other laws.

Elektro Crew
The theme is bouncing back to the basketball theme. Jenna says the propeller have to be good or they lose factors. He doesn't want them to lose because they mess up the proposal. Unfortunately, we don't see the entire routine. It seemed like this crew that they did great things with a lot of use and no putting issues. I find it troublesome to guage as a result of I had seen all of it from beginning to end

Ne-Yo says he beloved the theme, however adrenaline made them intense.

The work relates to woman power. Jenna needs them to destroy when the music modifications. He loves the thought of ​​dancing and believes that if they unravel, they’ve an enormous shot. Once more, we don't get joy to see the entire routine and suck it as a result of it seemed robust. The half they made showed nice energy and cool movements that undoubtedly gave me the facility of the woman.

Derek thought it was great. Jennifer appeared to be unfastened and she discovered herself confused. Ne-Yo appears to be an excessive amount of going and he missed it.

Damn. They rushed via these two routines. Beginning now after each coming dance, somebody goes residence. Hey present … how a lot much less time with judges and extra with deeds? We get it – they're a household, they have fun, and it's great to be there as a decide.

The Loopy 8
This can be a group of younger woman with selective mutism. The work they do is how the woman grows a lot in the competition. Jenna feels that the remaining felt a bit messed up. He needs them collectively at the end. Pretty fairly. It was undoubtedly an exhibition for somewhat, and he took so much of dance and did properly. Some elements have been a bit messy and I feel that a number of hours might have fastened it. It didn't scale back the overall influence, however it might have helped. All in all, it was relatively dancing and gave a beacon to the deserving individual.

Derek calls them animals. Jennifer can't consider what they do. Derek believes that some transitions need work. Jennifer believes she has a dancing group mentality and they should get out of this. Ne-Yo admires flexibility and control.
Level 92.3


this point, Elektro Crew has been eradicated from the competitors . Ugh. Sucks to see small tiny tears. They should all be so proud of their achievements at this show

Get Down District
Jenna needs more routine. They’re nervous because they’re on the bottom of the table. The exhibition, however, selects a routine minimize and shows solely an element. And even the smaller half of the earlier two custom routines. It's exhausting to say lots, except that they did so much of looting and it appeared that that they had an explosion.

Derek thinks it was too primitive. Ne-Yo agrees and feels it puts them on a party.
Points- 88.7

This score just isn’t ok

Dancetown Divas
These are winner of the redemption spherical. Jenna needs to see the identical hearth she saw through the redemption. They're planning to make the judges shock. Jenna just tells them the correct trend angle. She says she is cautious smiling because this doesn't maintain the ballroom. Jenna actually helps them get their angle down. YEAH. YEAH. YEAH. I mean, come on. They danced to Madonna and didn't disappoint. Love the little social gathering corridor by mixing it with the fashion theme. A lot angle. One, if not, my pal's routine,

Ne-Yo says they watched an element and put up a presentation. Jennifer says, even if they have been a Latin group, it appeared really versatile. She says dancing superbly. He believes it’s the greatest routine up to now. Derek questioned about associate work and choreography. Ne-Yo says it appeared what you’d pay to see. He notes that as they put on white gloves, some seem to be out of sync time. And this which means of excessive score signifies that JDC has been removed.

The final three junior workforce embrace:
1. Vpeepz
2. Dancetown Divas
3. Loopy eight's [19659002] I'm slit, the three teams that made it, have been three particular groups that the exhibition introduced the whole routine. LOL. Sarcasm meant. The exhibition did such an excellent job with modifying duplicates, but I used to be disillusioned that I was modifying this evening in the second hour. We noticed every part in the upper compartment, however they combined up with the junior troops

Next week, the juniors and senior teams take the present. Ne-Yo and Jennifer control. I hope you take pleasure in tonight and I will show you in every week. : D