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Writing Songs, Prom Queen, Idol Tour

Catie Turner made a splash when she introduced her unique track "21st Century Machine" for American Idol experiments in New York final yr. He was removed from the Prime 7 when he forgot the words of "Manic Monday" by Bangles, however he didn't change the factor from a whirlwind filled with learning experiences.

Now 19-year-old Langhorne, Pennsylvania native has taken he's skilled over the previous yr and turned them into new songs. His newest "Prom Queen" has by no means been capable of measure your likeness. Catie says that getting phrases was "therapeutic" and hopes that fans will discover a music from relatable

Lately, I talked to Catie about her songwriters what she has discovered since final yr from the show, final summer time's Idol tour and rather more! "Prom Queen" is accessible for obtain and could be downloaded right now.

I simply obtained on February 14th, Comfortable Birthday!

Thanks very much. I don't know anything. I just really feel so much older!

What did you do in your birthday?

Slept in! I hope I might inform you that I did something wild. I went house for my birthday. He slept until 11. Nobody made me a birthday breakfast, I slept solely. I acquired in the shower. Then I went to see my boyfriend. It was fairly good. It was simple. It was nice, I'm growing previous.

Do you live in Los Angeles

No. What I do is [American Idol Top 50 alum] Noah Davis on the couch! It's like a small Idol municipality here.

You continue to have shut relationships with the individuals you compete with.

It's so strange when individuals remind me that all of us competed. It by no means knew it at all. I am nonetheless very close, I need to proceed [them all to succeed]. Like Gabby Barrett proper now, there’s quantity 16 in the land charts and it's superb. Meaning some season is sweet.

Who are you talking about most of your seasons?

Maddy [Poppe] Caleb [Hutchinson] and Noah in all probability.

You appear to be fairly busy with social media. It's enjoyable to observe the conversations

Someway I'm nonetheless a 3rd wheel and Maddie Caleb social media! I don't know the right way to do it. As a result of it’s digital. But someway I'm all the time a third wheel.

The American Idol season has handed a yr. How did this experience affect your life?

It affected my life in many ways. I've grown a lot. And things at the moment are out there. This sounds so medical. The place I am is a small town. And there's nothing to do with music. I might never describe myself in LA with meetings and interviews… Idol has made my life and my goals attainable.

Are there any drawbacks? Within the meantime, have you ever experienced struggles?

Was extra accustomed to permitting individuals to comment on my life. And you may't assist it! Individuals comment on you once you're on TV. However it was very troublesome. I got here from school and in the future rebelliously stated, "I'm going to listen," and I acquired via a really limited amount of expertise. I used to be just pushed onto the stage. I want to learn the feedback that I stated "untalented!" "Too bad!" "Fake!" "Awful!" Every thing you probably did was underneath the microscope. It was troublesome to get used to it. However I additionally needed to grow it. I feel that I’m a stronger individual due to it.

It may be troublesome. I had to train myself not to answer social media.

When you see me in Might final yr, if somebody as a lot as a tweet "Catie is annoying", I'd go to their jugular. Now I look again and I like why I noticed it? You gave them consideration. ”

You got here to the American Idol as a songwriter. You must sing your personal music whereas listening to the show. Might you speak a bit about how your track has changed since Idol?

I feel more about life [since] Idol has extra to write down. My world isn’t so small. I wrote a "21st Century Machine" that tells individuals in high school that I smoke to smoke weeds. Now I’ve so many subjects in my arms that I can dive. This is how my track is written. I am rising every time I’ve one other experience, I have added one other matter, which I can write arsenal.

The brand new track "Prom Queen" comes out on Friday. It's a bit of a bittersweet music. How do you say details about your personal life?

[The title] "Prom Queen" seems like it might be a bop-pop music. Nevertheless it's truly the other. It's about how I was in a darkish place. It got here from my life in a dark place after the Idol, where I used to be embarrassed about the whole lot as a result of nobody really tells you what to do after Idol. They provide you a briefcase they usually need – go right here! And you like However what do I do now? Bye season 2, here we come! It dealt with these overwhelming feelings concerning the future. What I’m doing? Was it meant to do this? And it looks like I've by no means been a Prom Queen. I'm by no means the perfect. But then once I received it out, it was therapeutic. Now I need to launch it as a result of it is such a relatable concept that I hope I can make someone who looks like alone once they take heed to it.

Have you ever written a variety of songs last yr?

Sure! Principally rubbish. Don't get me flawed. Writing a track is like hiding the piping. I have so many songs that sound like a botched winner! I've written so much, because I have a lot more to say, because I’ve much more in my life.

Have you collaborated with other songwriters?

Yes. They're fascinating. It exhibits that the human mind works differently, however in the absolute best approach. It's like solving a puzzle. I may be stumped for 5 minutes and somebody throw away the right lyric that was straightforward sufficient for me. I should have felt on a regular basis, however it was by no means made up of my brain. But someone else did. It's very teamwork and I like it.

Is there somebody you’re employed with to know?

I wrote the music competitor, who can be in season 2. I cannot say how far this individual has acquired, but I will say that I am very pleased with them and it is best to tune in to see the journey of March three. We simply hit it off! It was two weeks earlier than they heard. They stated, "I don't even know if I should hear." And I'm like, "You should totally go after it!"

You don't need to frown!

It's actually my entire expertise with Idol. I'm not even sorry for "manic Monday." Each choice whether dangerous or good was mine. I did all of it the best way to the top. I went out with out regret, even crashed and burner! Then I can nonetheless look back and snort at it. I acquired a very good Thanksgiving story about this efficiency. I can't be loopy.

Do you’re employed on an album?

I don't know concerning the album, but I undoubtedly work for EP. I hope I can get this all this yr. However more singles come! "Prom Queen" isn’t the top of those singles. I'm simply making an attempt to make this music of the yr.

You’ve gotten played a couple of gigs in Los Angeles. What has it been?

It's been fun. It has been more intimate gigs, so I’ve had less strain. Should you tousled, mess. It has been a very snug cozy surroundings. It has been strange to be back on stage without an Idol model named after my identify. What’s bittersweet as a result of I don't miss an Idol tour. Nevertheless it has been very rewarding.

This has needed to be quite an experience to go to greater locations and play music in entrance of the crowds. Which isn’t finished before the Idol

I discovered so much. The most important thing I've discovered is that the tour shouldn’t be as glamorous as individuals make it. There's crumbs in all places! You will see that your ruble bunk. You're like "How can there be so much food?" You eat rather a lot because your schedule is confused. However you additionally get a lot closer to everyone because these individuals are your stones. They have been at your show as I and Maddie have been already close. But on the tour, simply because of the worrying state of affairs all the time, I simply tied us as I didn't assume attainable. She is my Iowan sister.

Was an Idol tour an expertise the place you’d be susceptible to attend in your personal tour sooner or later

I'd like to go back to the tour. It is so fun to have a brand new audience every night time and feel the power from the general public. It's contagious, and I'd love to do it once more.

What was it on a tour with American Idol winner Kris Allen? (Kris appeared and labored at MC on the tour) Was it good that somebody who had gained an exhibition and had a direct career in the final 10 years

is completely happy to see how your life can change in performance. Music is his job filled with time, and that's something – perhaps it's not like stadium gross sales at Ariana Grande. However he can help his family for the remainder of his life just by doing what he loves – music. For me, this was just "Wow, it's amazing! It's incredible." He's so type and he's badly gifted. I was an enormous American Idol fan.

Yes, and he gave me a bit of a tease for him, which was good .We had an excellent relationship. She is so humble.

Whenever you send a cover to Paul Duck's "Put on your shoulder."

Principally I tried to think about ways to advertise "Prom Que en "and discover ways I might speak about it with out turning into monotonous. I really like vintage-y 50, like jazz. And all the 50's and 60's. I assumed what track I need to slow down the dance? I remembered Paul Anka's "Put my head on my shoulder". I acquired your Harry fashion minimize and went to town.

Didn't you meet Harry just lately?

I hope I had met him! It was a more awkward interaction the place I used to be within the studio, and I see the guy from behind and look. I like "that guy looks a lot like Harry Styles." He turns around and my mouth fell. I had probably the most horrible look I might ever give, and simply stared at him. It was not a unclean take a look at the disgusting, it was "I'm so confused right now, are you real? Is this happening?" And he just stared at me. Then I was given a half confused smile after which walked proper previous. At the least with Nick Jonas I might give to tease! I might be a fan of a woman. [to figure out] what to do.It was my second childhood but this was one of the simplest ways to go about things. 19659003] I hope individuals will tune in to season 2 as a result of this yr's talent is great, this is simply me, which is predicated on the truth that I need to see the exhibition nicely. have given me help, give rivals help this yr. They actually deserve it. As a result of they are so gifted. I hope individuals take heed to my music, I hope they prefer it. If they don't, they assume they will depart a remark on your blog!